Jack and his PE teacher - Part 3

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They both arrived at Jack's house and Jack went inside to ask his parents for permission. They said yes...although rather reluctantly, Jack went to his room packed and some things.
"Bye mum, dad, see you on Monday after school!" Shouted Jack as he left the house and headed back to the car.
"K, bye dear" replied Jack's mum.
Jack got into Martin's car and they drove off, they must have been driving for about 10 minutes when Martin said he had to stop off and meet someone before they got too his house.
"Wait here" said Martin, in a commanding tone.
So Jack waited in the car and watched Martin walk around the corner and disappear from view. About five minutes later he could see Martin walking back around the corner with what looked like a bag of shopping.
"Just had to buy one or two things for later" said Martin
"What did you buy?" Asked Jack.
"Oh, this and that really...nothing important, yet" answered Martin.

They must have been driving for at least another 20 minutes when they came to a stop inside the driveway of a rather large house. Martin got his shopping together and walked to the large, white front door with Jack, he put the key into the lock and turned it and the door just swung right open.
"The kitchen is just down the end of the hallway, go and wait in there whilst I go and do some things upstairs, OK?" said Martin
"OK" replied Jack.
Jack walked through the door into the kitchen and to his surprise there was someone already in there sat down in just a pair of tight, white calvin klein boxers eating a sandwich.
"Hi!" Said Jack.
The guy sat on the stool jumped and turned round and Jack was shocked to find that he knew him. His name was Tyrone, he was a supposedly straight guy on the swim team at his school.
"Hi Jack" replied Tyrone. "So do you want a sandwich?"
"No thanks, i'm not hungry."
"Well you might not be hungry for sandwiches but I just know you'll be hungry for something else."
With that Tyrone got up off the stool and turned around to reveal a massive boner perfectly outlined in his boxers. Jack and Tyrone both smiled at each other, then Tyrone removed his boxers and Jack got onto his knees and began to eat Tyrone's cock like it was his favorite piece of candy.

"Ooohh yes! Aaahhh! Don't stop! Keep doin' that!" Groaned Tyrone.
Jack had Tyrone's cock in his mouth as far as he could swallow it, which was only about half way.
"Take all of it...Aaahhh...Deep throat it Jack...Oohhhh...YES!"
To Jack's utter surprise Tyrone suddenly thrust his hips forward and forced his massive, pulsating cock further into Jack's awaiting mouth.
"Aaaahhhh...Mmmmmm...YES...AAAHHH...KEEP IT GOIN'...I'M GONNA CUM...AAAAHHHH!"
Then Tyrone blew his load, one after another, so quickly that Jack couldn't swallow it all and it was beginning to seep out through the edges of his mouth and drip down his chin.
"Finish cleaning my cock off!" Commanded Tyrone.
Jack began licking the last of the cum from his chin and Tyrone's pubes. Then Tyrone put his cock back into his boxers and sat back down to finish his sandwich. Jack looked down and realized that he had came inside his underwear, there was a massive wet patch round his cock.

Just then Martin came through the door and into the kitchen.
"By the sounds of it you two have been having lots of fun down here?" said Martin in a questioning tone.
Jack just smiled at Martin and tried to disguise the wet patch on his jeans.
"Well were gonna have even more fun later on tonight, you just wait and see"
Martin smiled and left the room.
"Oh, and you might want to go to the bathroom first though and clean up that cum stain of yours Jack!" Martin shouted back. "It's just up the stairs, second door on the left!"

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