Jack and his PE teacher - Part 4

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Jack entered the bathroom and got undressed to have a shower. He was still thinking about what had just happened and it made him wonder if he had been fucking Tyrone then how many other guys from his PE lessons had he fucked in his time teaching at Jack's school. Jack had finished showering when he came out of the shower he noticed a pair of boxers like the ones Tyrone was wearing next to the sink along with a note:

Jack, put these on. I've been using them with the other guys since I first started teaching and they haven't been washed since...smell them if you don't believe me. Meet us in the master bedroom when your done showering OK.

Jack picked up the boxers and smelt them, they smelt of old cum, which Jack found incredibly arousing. He put them on and left the bathroom, he began to search for the master bedroom which he discovered was through the door right at the end of the landing. Jack entered the master bedroom to find Tyrone was sucking Martin's cock, they were both so busy that they didn't even hear Jack come into the room.

"Hi guys!" Shouted Jack.
"Come on in, do you wonna suck my dick?" Asked Martin.
"Sure" Replied Jack.
Tyrone stopped sucking Martin's dick and went downstairs whilst Jack started licking Martin's cock and sucked it like hell. Then Tyrone came back into the room with some lube, he pulled down Jack's boxers and squirted some on his hand and lubed up Jack's asshole then he did the same to his dick.
"Open up the tunnel coz the train's commin in!" Called out Tyrone.
Then the next thing Jack felt was a massive cock just throbbing away inside his hot ass. In and out it went, over and over.
"Oooooh! Yeees! Aaaah!" Moaned Tyrone as he fucked Jacks asshole as hard as he could.

Then Martin started to moan as well to the rythm of Jack's sucking. They were all going full steam in perfect sync when without any warning Martin started to cum into Jack's mouth, the loads just kept on cummin. Well this caused a cascade reaction and Jack started to cum which got his asshole throbbing and that caused Tyrone to cum right in Jacks waiting asshole. For about ten seconds they held this cum streaming together then it just kinda died away gradually.

They all stood up and exchanged Martin's cum in between their mouths whilst they fingered each others assholes for a little while before all going to the bathroom to clean off.

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