Jack and his PE teacher - Part 5

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After they had all finished cleaning off in the bathroom they went downstairs to the kitchen to eat dinner (they just ordered a pizza) and watch a DVD before going off to bed, but as they were all ascending the stairs Jack realised something:
"Where's my bedroom?" Asked Jack.
"Just follow us" Replied Tyrone.
So Jack followed them both to a door that he didn't notice back when he was searching for the master bedroom, they opened the door and Jacks jaw just dropped. Inside was a massive super kingsize bed and on it was the small bag of shopping that Martin had got on their way to his house (well, more like a small mansion actually).
"So we...we..." Said Jack in a shocked kind of way.
"Yes, we all sleep in the same bed" Martin finished off Jacks sentence.
"Although there are certain rules that we gotta follow though." Stated Tyrone.
"Such as?" Asked Jack, now that he had gotten over the shock of seeing such a large bed.
"Well, the first rule is that no clothes are allowed near the bed, and the second rule is that we have to each sleep with a dildo stuffed up our asses. Think you can handle that Jack?" Asked Tyrone.
"Are you kidding me, they're easy rules!" Jack positively shouted with excitement.
"You're forgetting the third rule, Tyrone. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a raging hardon then you have to take the dildo out of the ass nearest to you and fuck it hard and fast no matter how tired you are." Added Martin with a smile.
Jack had a feeling that Martin just added this rule, but he didn't really care, either way the night was gonna be raging hot.

Next thing jack knew they were all pulling each others clothes off to prepare for bed and Martin walked over to the small drawers next to the bed and removed two dildos and some more lube.
"Where's mine?" Asked Jack.
To reply to this Tyrone walked over to the small shopping bag, removed another dildo that was considerably bigger than Martin's and Tyrone's, and handed it to Jack. He then took the bag and its remaining contents to an old antique wardrobe and locked them inside it.
"What other stuff's in that bag?" Asked Jack.
"Never you mind!!" Shouted Martin, to Jacks great surprise. "Now lube up!"
Martin threw the bottle of lube to Jack and he lubed up his asshole and dildo, Martin and Tyrone did the same. Jack then placed his dildo on the bed like Martin and Tyrone were doing so it was standing vertically and then he, Martin and Tyrone seperated their ass cheeks and slowly pressed their assholes down onto their dildos.
"Aaahhh! Eeehhh!" Jack moaned as he was pushing the dildo further up his asshole, he had never had anything so massive up his ass before. He'd been putting carrots up his ass since he was about 14 but he only used small ones as he had never used lube back then and it hurt somewhat.

Then they all kind of waddled and got into the bed so as to not let the dildos slide out. Tyrone removed the covers off the bed.
"What are you doing?" Asked Jack.
"We don't normally use the covers at night cos it can get a little hot in here, if you know what I mean." Replied Tyrone with a smile.
Jack just smiled back and they all got into the bed, but what seemed like 5 minutes later Jack felt the dildo being removed from his ass and it was replaced with something much nicer, a throbbing cock. By the feel of it it was Tyrones fat hard dick that was fucking him hard and fast, even faster than it was earlier that day.
"Aahh!" Moaned Jack.
"Yeaahh" Groaned Tyrone.
"Now look, you got me hard to from all the moaning." Said Martin.
Next thing Jack saw was Tyrones dildo being thrown onto the bed next to him and a loud moan as Martin penetrated Tyrone.
"Aaahh! Mmmmmm! YES! That feels goood!" Tyrone shouted as he was both fucking Jack and getting fucked by Martin.
Jack being the one at the front had to jerk off as he was passionately fucked by Tyrone, but he didn't mind as he was gonna cum soon anyway.
"Eeeehhh! Aaaahhh! I'm gonna cum soon!" Shouted Martin.
"I can feel you cummin' inside me Martin!" Shouted Tyrone in response.
"This is sooo fuckin' hot, I'm gonna cum as well! AAAHHH!" With that Jack came on the bed sheets.
Then Tyrone and Martin pulled out and started to lick and suck all of the cum out of each others asses and lick the jizz up off the bed sheets. Then they kissed for a bit and re-lubed up and stuffed the dildos back into their asses and just fell asleep there in the same positions with the dildos up their asses.

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