By Angyl


The story takes place back when I was 25 years old. It involves me and a friend, Jacob. I had known him for about two years. I had net him through my boyfriend at the time, but did not really get to know him too well. Back when I met him I did not get to know anyone too well.

Jacob is native. His full name is Kristin Carl Ridinghorse. When I met him he stood about 5'5, and weighed about 110lbs. He was 14 at that time. His had his hair trimmed to just below the ears. It was dark and streaked with blond. He wore the same dungy leather coat, and black clothes. As far as I could tell he never changed. He had his left ear pierced, and often wore a small silver feather earring, or a skull. I guess he is okay looking, I never really looked too closely though. Not much else can be said.

Jacob was rather shy, and when he hung out with the group he did not say too much. I would try to talk to him but mostly he kind of kept to himself. Then one day he just stopped coming around. I learned through my ex, that he had run away and gone to BC. No big loss really.

I believe it was two years later, when he resurfaced. I was at the bus terminal, about to head home. When I heard my name, I turned to see whom it was that had called me. I was quite surprised to see it was Jacob. Did not think in a million years I would see him again. He still looked the same, nothing had changed there. He did look a little more than skin and bone though. He told me he had just moved back and was looking to see if any of the old gang was still around. When I filled him, he seemed a bit down. He also asked if I was still with my ex. I did not go into too much detail, but just told him we sort of still together. I asked him how things had been for him the past two years.

"It sucked man. I got picked up by the cops, and stuck in some lame ass group home." He told me.

"Shit that must have sucked?" I responded.

"Damn rights it did. Well for the most part."

"I did meet some cool guys, and...umm...even hooked up with one of them for a year."

"What? I thought you were straight?"

"Fuck no, I like both, but did not want any of the group knowing."


"Yeah well that went to shit last year. He turned out to be big into drug and shit, so I ditched."


"Yeah then last month I took off; I had enough of the bullshit. I came back here."

We chatted until my bus showed up, and he seemed down. I suggested him come for a ride. I would drop my shit off quickly and then we could go for a walk. I kind of got another thought in my head. I wanted to give this boy a test drive, but was not sure he was up to it. I brought it up on the bus.

"So have you been with a guy since your ex?" I asked.

"Naw been into pussy for the last little bit." He responded.

"Yeah, cool."

"Yeah it's not bad."

"Ever thought of doing stuff with a guy again?"

"I don't know really; I mean it was okay but I guess not really my scene."

"You should give it a try again; I would be willing to help you out."

"I dunno know man, just seemed so weird."

"Well up to you, I'd love to do something with you."

He seemed to think about it. I was really hoping Jacob would say yes. As the bus got to my stop, I got up and he followed me. I decided to see if I could convince him.

"Look we can try stuff, and if you want me to stop I will."

"I dunno man, I really like my pussy."

"I am not suggesting you do anything; just let me do stuff."

He seemed to think about it more. I think I had him almost convinced. When we got to my house I ran in and dropped off my shit. Then came back and we started to walk around.

"So what do you think?" I asked.

I guess now that I look back it was a bit pushy on my part, but I wanted him bad.

"I guess it would be okay, bit weird, but yeah why not."

"You wanna go back to my place?"

"Not really is there somewhere outside we can go?"

"Sure there is."

It was fucking cold out, but if I got to taste his cock I was all for it. I knew of a wooded area by my place and suggested we go there. I used it often for quickies and shit. As we walked he mentioned the fact that he liked sex outside, it turned him on. This was fine with me. I led him to a secluded area, which was off the path and out of site of anyone walking by.

"How you wanna do this?" He asked.

"Well just stand in front of me and drop your pants." I replied.

He stood in front of me and I got on my knees. He dropped his pants, and I saw for the first time, his uncut cock. He was semi-hard, and I took it in my hand and got him completely hard. He had a nice 8 inch cock. I was impressed. The boy was well endowed for 16.

"You ready for this?" I asked.

"Yeah I guess so." He replied.

I pulled his foreskin back, and gently suck on his mushroom knob. He was very sensitive, and started to moan.

"Keep it down." I warned.

I went back to sucking his knob, and then running my tongue down the shaft, before returning and taking his cock in my mouth. I slowing began working back and forth on him. He placed his hand on the back of my head, and guided me as I sucked his cock. Occasionally, I would run my tongue inside his foreskin as I got to the tip. Then he would guide me back down to his bush. A few time I used my teeth to gently pull the foreskin and then I was back down on him. He seemed to really like what I was doing. I reached around and began to play with his ass. I quickly brought my finger to my mouth and got it wet. Then I returned it, and found his fuck hole. I ran my finger over, and then began to circle in. JACOB reached back and I thought he was gonna stop me, but instead he opened his cheeks, and I was able to push my finger deep inside him. I had not stopped sucking him, as my finger found his prostate each time I plunged in. I was eager to taste his nectar. He continued to guide me on his cock as my finger worked his hole. He did not give mention that he was gonna cum, he just blasted. I swallowed every drop, until he was empty. I pulled my finger out of his hole. I glanced up to see his reaction.

"So how was it?"

"Not too bad I guess."

"Hey can I show you something else?"

I was eager to get a taste of his hot ass. He looked at me questioningly.

"Turn around."

"Why you want me to do that?"

"You'll see."

I smiled as he turned around.

"Bend forward slightly, and use the tree for support."


He did as I said, and then I pushed his legs slightly apart. This opened his ass cheeks, and I reached up and spread them further. His ass was slightly hairy, but I could see what I was aiming for. I leaned in and ran my tongue around his pucker.

"Dude what are you doing?" He exclaimed.

"Relax and you'll see."

"This is weird."

I went back to running my tongue around his hole, and then I buried my face between his cheeks as I pushed my tongue as far as I could inside him.

"Hole shit!!"

He pushed his ass back into my face, as my tongue fucked his hole. My one finger was working him at the same time, opening his hole for what I really wanted to do. His hole tasted good; kind of a musty taste. My tongue and finger work together to open him up. He moaned each time I drove my tongue in.

"Fuck that feels awesome dude!"

I reached down and release my cock. I continued to eat his ass as I stood. I was planning on fucking him. When I stopped he looked back, just as I lined up my cock with his hole. I looked at him and he nodded. Without waiting I drove my cock inside him. He let out a yelp, so I waited until his ass muscles relaxed, and then I slowly worked in and out of him. I pulled him towards me, and held him close as I fuck his hot ass. He turned and kissed me on the lips. He put his arms around my neck. He would push against me each time I pushed into him. He tightened his ass muscle for me. I like that it made his fuck hole nice and tight. I began to pick it up, as I felt myself close.

"Dude I am gonna fill that hot ass!"

He pushed into me as I let my load fill him. I pumped a huge load into his hot ass. I pulled out and he tightened his ass muscle, so that nothing would leak out. He turned and kissed me.

"Wow that was fucking hot man!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah well we can do it again if you'd like to sometime."

"Yeah I liked it maybe we can again."

We got our stuff on and I brought him back to my place and showed him where to clean up. Then he said he had to get going before he got in shit for being late. He kissed me and promised I could have his ass again sometime. I felt satisfied as he headed off.

Sadly I never got a chance to have his ass again. He disappeared shortly after that and word got around that he had been found dead in a back alley. Apparently he had been raped and beaten. No one was arrested for it. I am saddened by this, but I know he gave me something of himself, that he had been unsure of in the beginning. I will miss him. Not for the sex part of it, but because he was a good kid.

The End...



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