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Jake Saves Me

Chapter One: Finding Jake

I walked through the shopping centre looking for a new pair of jeans, it was a Tuesday evening and the shops were about to close.   I had been wandering around for a couple of hours and was getting bored.  I gave up my search and went to one of the many restaurants to get something to eat. 

I was seated at my table by a young waiter , I saw from the name tag on his chest that his name was David; I sat down at the table and opened my menu,  with a quick glance down at it I decided that I would have the soup and ciabatta bread.  I ordered my food with a coke and thanked David.  

I as I sat waiting for my food to arrive I watched the people wandering around the near empty shopping centre.  They all seemed so happy; well what did they have to feel sad about?

David brought my soup over and I sat and ate it whilst reading the book that I had with me.   I took about 20 minutes to finish my meal, after which I took a slow walk back to my car.   To get there I had to go through a small ally as the main entrance was closed.  In the ally I passed a beggar who called out to me "Hey mister can you spare a pound for some food?"  I normally ignore beggars in the streets as they are usually just looking for drink or drug money.      Something about the voice though made me stop in my tracks.  I looked down and it was just a boy. 

I asked him "How long have you been on the streets?", I was interested as he was clearly young and had been sleeping rough although his clothes weren't as bad as they could have been if he had been there a long time. 

"About three weeks".

He replied

"When was the last time you ate?"  I asked trying to get a good look at him. He was small and clearly thin, but I could see that he had a good looking face.

He told me that he had not eaten a meal since Sunday when more families are around and people give more generously.    I hate giving money to beggars as no matter how bad life gets the welfare state will usually be able to help you before you end up sleeping rough.  Something about this boy was enticing though, I didn't know what it was but I just knew that he had no one to turn to.

 "How much money do you have?" I asked him.

He cleared out his pockets and showed me. "I have 26p and a half eaten polo, not too many people around today." 

"How do you plan to get some thing to eat with 1.26?" I asked. 

"Dunno mister, but are you gonna give me something or not?" he replied getting a bit irritated. 

"I'll do better than that if you'll let me, come on I'll get us something to eat."  

"Cool! I'm starved!" his face lit up as he looked at me smiling, he quickly got up off the floor and started packing his small blanket into the bag that he was using as a pillow. I started walking towards the car park to find my car and the boy was following slightly behind me.  I walked up to my BMW and blipped the car open.  I was watching him as he approached, he looked stunned with awe.  "This your car mister?" he asked, I just chuckled and replied that it was as we got in and buckled up. 

It was a warm august evening so I thought I we could go to a pub I knew with a nice beer garden.  When we had arrived and parked the car we walked though the main entrance and I stopped at the bar to order some drinks for us.  It was a little busy but a barman soon came over to me.  I asked him for two pints of coke, he looked at me and then over to the boy, he asked "is he with you? " I replied that he was, the barman made a face like he was trying to decide something.

"I'm really sorry but he can stay here." He said.

I was appalled I replied "why not? He is only drinking coke."

The barman went a bit red at this point and he leaned closer to the counter and gestured me to do the same.

 "I'm sorry to have to point this out but he looks like he's been sleeping rough and he smells really bad. The other customers are all moving away from him and it would not be fair to them as we serve food here. " 

"Oh right sorry about that" I said and started to walk out the door waving for the boy to follow me.  As we got back to the car I explained what had happened and he looked crestfallen. 

"I knew it was too good to be true. I knew I wasn't going to get something to eat." He said looking at the floor. 

"Who said you weren't going to get a hot meal? Come on get in the car!" I said. 

He looked a bit confused but got back in the car and buckled up. 

"Where are we going to get a meal?  If a pub won't let me in nowhere else will." He said

"Ahh! But where we are going now, I know the owner!" I replied with a smirk on my face. 

As I pulled into the drive way of my house the boy looked even more confused and asked "where are you taking me?"

 "My house. If we can't go to the food, I'll get them to bring some food to us! What do you fancy? Chinese, Indian, pizza or something else?" 

"Erm... Indian if that's ok, although it is really expensive so..."

I looked down at him as I made my way up to the house.  He was still looking sad and was looking at his feet.  I chuckled and told him not to worry about the money.   We went into the house; he sat in the living room as I went to the dig out the menu for the local Indian takeaway.  I gave him the menu and told him not to worry about the price and to order anything he wanted.  He asked if it was ok to have a chicken tikka at which I nodded and called the Indian, I ordered his chicken tikka and lamb rojan josh for myself, I also ordered two portions of rice two, naan breads and some starters.   I hung up the phone and told him that the takeaway would be about an hour. 

"Would you like to have a bath while you're waiting?" I asked. 

"Yeah I was going to ask you if that was ok but I was too embarrassed." He replied.

"There is no need to be embarrassed, you must be really uncomfortable, I felt horrible when I went camping for the weekend and didn't get to have a shower, and that was only two days!"  

I went up to the bathroom and started to fill the tub with warm water. I went to the spare room and picked out a large fluffy towel and a face cloth for him and put them on a chair in the bathroom.  I was about to call him up but then I realised that I didn't know his name.  I walked back down the stairs and sheepishly asked "sorry about this but I didn't catch your name."  He looked puzzled for a moment then a small smile broke out and he replied "My names Jake Conners, I can't believe I forgot to tell you!  Come to think of that I don't actually know your name." 

"My name's Daniel Wood, and now that we have been properly introduced I would just like to say, your bath is ready sir!" and gave him a little mock bow.  He got up off the couch and followed me up to the main bathroom.  I walked in and showed him how to turn on the Jacuzzi jets and where I had put the towels and left him to it.

I went back downstairs and switched on the TV and started to flick through the channels, there was nothing good on so I left it on an old Jim Carrey film that I had seen before.  After about half an hour Jake walked down the stairs, as he came down I had my first good look at him.  He was wearing just the towel I had left out for him. He was a small boy I guessed about 11 or 12 years old, he had a good tan and was quite slender although I could see the start of some muscles on his chest and torso, his hair was a dark blonde and messy.  When I had first seen him I thought his hair was dark brown or black although that must have just been the grease and dirt from not washing.   

Jake walked over and sat down on the couch with me and I asked him if there was anything he wanted to watch, "no I love this film" he replied.  We sat and watched the film until there was a knock on the door.  I went to answer it and paid the delivery driver; I took the food into the kitchen and dished it up.  I brought the food into the living room on a tray then went back out to the kitchen and brought out two cans of coke from the fridge.   When I walked back into the living room Jake was just sitting there looking at the food, "well tuck in then!" I said and he looked at me and said "Thank you for everything" and without further ado set about demolishing his meal.  I sat next to him and started to eat although at a much slower pace.  Within minutes I was starting to feel full, I turned to him and said
 "I'm stuffed! I just ate a small meal but carry on and finish whatever you like.  Would you like me to wash some of those clothes for you?"
"yeaaghh, ifff yum coulkkhn"  
"one more time without your mouth full please!" I said laughing.
He took a big gulp and pushed all the food in his very full mouth down and said,
"yes please, if you could that would be great."
"I would be delighted to, you finish your food and I'll sort out the laundry, if you still have space after that lot I have some cake in the fridge."

I left him to carry on with his dinner and headed back up the stairs to the bathroom.  When I looked into the bath I was a bit shocked at the dirt ring that he had left, he had clearly tried to rinse it away but couldn't and I keep all my cleaning product in my utility room,  he was clearly to embarrassed to ask about them.  I picked up his dirty clothes and noticed that pungent smell of old sweat and piss. I took a look in to his boxers and there was a very distinct skid mark on the grey material.  I then picked up his cloth bag and took out his blanket and a jumper that he had and went back downstairs.

I went into the utility room which was just off the kitchen and put all his clothes, the blanket and the bag all in the washing machine, I loaded it up with extra detergent and some fabric softener and set the machine on a deep wash cycle. 

I went back upstairs with some cleaning products and cleaned out the bath tub.   I then walked back downstairs and joined Jake on the coach.  Jake had finally finished eating and was looking quite tired.  I looked at the clock on the wall and it was already quarter to eleven.    "Um... how long will it be until my clothes are washed?" Jake asked me.

"Well I put them on a deep wash, so they will take a couple of hours, I hadn't realised that it was so late. Plus it is going to take another hour at least to dry them." 

"Oh um, it's getting late, I was thinking of heading off soon. I'm feeling a bit tired and need to get some sleep, do you um... mind if I just um... crashed here tonight?"

Jake was watching me out of the corner of his eye for my reaction but didn't seem to want to look me in the face.  I didn't really know what to say, on the one hand I had this defenceless boy with nowhere else to go and on the other I had a desperate youth who I didn't know from Adam.  He could rob me blind but then London was not the city for a young boy to be walking about in the early hours of the morning. 

"Yeah I don't mind you staying, but please don't abuse my trust in you."

"Oh that's great! I'm sorry I have caused you so much trouble; I won't do any thing bad I promise. Thank you so much!"

"That's fine you haven't caused me any trouble and you really have to stop saying thank you so much!"

We sat and watched some more TV until I noticed that his eyes were starting to drupe.  I cleared away all the plates from dinner and set the dishwasher on.  Then I realised that the sleeping arrangement were going to be difficult. 

"Jake, I'm sorry about this but I have just realised the spare rooms are not made up.  They don't even have beds in them and I don't actually have a blanket or a spare duvet for you.  Its up to you but you could sleep down here but I really have nothing to offer you in the way of bedding, or you could come and share my bed with me, I have a king size and we wouldn't be that close together. "

"umm... I'll share with you if that's ok." He replied sleepily.

"Yeah I wouldn't have offered if it wasn't plus you look like you could do with sleeping in a proper bed. Ok then should we go up? You look like you could drop off here and now and I'm pretty tired as well."

Jake sluggishly got up from the couch turned off the TV and started to follow me up the stairs.  We went over to my bedroom and I picked out a pair of my boxer shorts for him to wear. I went into the en-suite bathroom to relive myself and to give him some privacy while he put on the boxers; when I got back into the room he was just sitting on the bed waiting for me. "Do you want to use the bathroom before you go to bed?" I asked and he just nodded and walked in and without closing the door started to piss in the toilet.  When he returned he was still wearing the towel with the boxers in his hand.  I turned off the lights so that he could put them on.

"Could you put the light back on please?" he asked.

"Yeah but I thought you would want some privacy to change."

"Its ok, I don't mind, I used to change in front of my brother and my mums boyfriend all the time."

I switched on the lights and he turned around and dropped the towel, he truly had a beautiful bum, it was round and firm without even the start of any hairs.  He pulled on the boxers and started walking over to the bed.   They were clearly far too big for him and he had to hold them up as he walked.  He got into bed and snuggled down deep into the covers.  I switched off the lights and wished him good night.  Within minutes he was snoring deeply clearly exhausted having slept on the streets for nearly a month. 

I woke up with a start; Jake had just slapped me in the face.  He was still sound asleep, I looked over at the clock on my bedside cabinet, and it was half past nine.  I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to relive myself and went downstairs.  I put Jake's clothes in the tumble dryer and went back upstairs to get dressed.  I left the house to walk to the nearest shop and pick up some bacon, eggs, orange juice and some cigarettes.  When I got back I cooked a full English breakfast for the both of us and took it up to my bedroom.  Jake was still asleep so I got back into bed and put the tray on my lap.  I slowly tried to rouse him, he was talking in his sleep, "...stop it!" "...it's not my fault" "please, it wasn't me".  I was a bit shocked as these are not the kinds of things that normal happy boys would say in their sleep, something had clearly happened to him and I was curious as to what it was. 

I shook Jake a bit harder and he woke up with a start. He looked round bleary eyed and when he had got his bearings sat up and rubbed his eyes. 

"Sorry I didn't want to wake you up but I think you could do with a good breakfast, you can go back to sleep when you finish if you want." I said

"Thanks" Jake said sleepily picking up the orange juice and drinking most of the glass in one.  He then started to eat the breakfast as did I.  

When we had finished eating and Jake had two more glasses of orange he got up and said "need to piss" and started walking towards the en-suite.   He must have forgotten that he wasn't wearing his own boxers because as he walked they fell to the floor.  I watched as he stopped to pull them back up and winked at me with his small tight arsehole.  He was clearly not embarrassed to be naked or partially dressed around other people.  He went in to the bathroom and pissed with the door open.  I could hear a healthy flow of piss that must have lasted at least a minute. 

"Sounds like you did need to go!" I said smiling at him.

"Yeah, needed to piss like a race horse." He said smiling and scratching his balls as he walked back to the bed.  I noticed that even in my baggy shorts he seem to have a decent size package.  He got back into bed and snuggled down a bit and after a few minutes was asleep again. 

I walked back downstairs to the utility room and took out his tracksuit, jumper and blanket and folded them up.  I then ironed his t-shirt and took his tracksuit, underwear and t-shirt up to the bedroom. 

Jake was still asleep so I decided to go for a swim. I swam about ten lengths of the pool and then got out and sat on one of the armchairs in the pool house checking my email on my laptop.  I had been on my computer for about half an hour when I heard Jake walk into the room.  He had changed into his own boxer shorts but had nothing else on besides.

"Damn how big is this house? I've been looking for you for ages!"  He said looking in awe at the indoor pool.

"Well it is quite big, I get lost myself sometimes." I replied with a chuckle.

"Jesus, you have a pool and everything, do you live here on your own? Did you win the lottery or sumthin'?"

"Yeah I live here on my own, and no I didn't win the lottery although I have been pretty lucky.  I started a website when I was younger and sold up just before the dot com bubble burst so I was pretty sorted financially.  Now days I just work when I want to as a freelance I.T and Web consultant. If you would like to go for a swim feel free"

"Nah, I'm still quite tired. You said you started your website when you where younger but you don't look that old now, how old are you?" Jake replied sitting in the chair opposite me. 

"Well I was about sixteen when I started the site and sold it when I was nineteen, I'm now twenty three.  Which reminds me how old are you?"

"Oh I'm fourteen but I'm small for my age, everyone always thinks that I am younger."

"Yeah to be honest I thought you were a couple of years younger.  Do you want to tell me what happened to you so you ended up on the streets?"

"Um... not really... I'm not sure what to say"

"Well I realise that these things can be difficult to talk about but if there is anyway I can help you out of this situation I will do my best. And if you ever need to talk about anything just come and find me and I'll always try and help you.  Now shall we go and have some lunch?"

"Yeah that sounds good, I'm starved!"

We walked into the kitchen; Jake sat at one of the stools at the breakfast bar as I went to get out some bread and some chicken and mayo.  I started to make the sandwiches when Jake suddenly blurted out "My mum threw me out."   He was clearly upset as his eyes had started to fill with tears; he wiped them away before they fell down his cheeks.

"Why would she throw you out? Did you do something really bad?"

"No! It wasn't my fault!"

"What wasn't? If you're not ready to tell me you don't have to tell me now, I don't want you to feel pressured, just tell me when you are ready."

"It's ok, I'll tell you, I think I can trust you, you have been nothing but kind to me for no reason.  My mum threw me out because of her boyfriend.  She chose him over me."

Jake had calmed down a bit by now and had started eating the sandwiches that I handed him.  I sat down next to him helping my self to a sandwich and just letting him talk and get it all off his chest. 

"It was my little sister, she had done something to Darren's laptop and I got the blame.  I tried to tell him that it was Terri's fault but he wouldn't believe me, he always chooses his own kids over us.  When I was arguing with him I told him that is what he does, he got really angry then and picked me up and pushed me up against the wall really hard.  He said he would always side with his kids rather than a piece of shit like me.  I told my mum what he did but she wouldn't believe me, even though she sees the way he acts around me and how he is always buying them presents and sweets and nothing for us.  Then I told her again in front of him, he called me a liar and told me to get out of HIS house.  I begged my mum not to let him as it is her house, she told me she didn't want a dirty lying shit living under her roof and I should just leave.  I packed my bag with a blanket and some food and left."

"That's terrible how could they let a fourteen year old live on the street like that? Did you not have anywhere else to go? Your grandparents or your father?" I asked sitting in shock.

"No I never knew my grandparents and my Dad died last year. She wouldn't even let me go to the funeral.  They broke up about ten years ago." Jake had started to cry again. I sat watching him but he turned away so I got up and went to get us some drinks. 

"I think someone should have called social services.  It's not right this is child neglect." I said suddenly a little angry that someone would do this to a child.   

"NO! You can't do that.  They would just put me into care. Plus it would just make my brother and sisters lives more difficult."

"Ok I wont do that but you can't go back on to the streets, I don't think you should leave until we have found somewhere for you to go.  You said you have brothers and sisters how many do you have?"

"Well my brother Jason is twenty, but he usually gets on with his own thing and isn't around that much.  I have three sisters Becky's sixteen but lives with her boyfriend, Terri and Rachel are nine and ten.  The last two are Darren's children and are really spoilt; I don't like them most of the time."

"Where does your brother live? Wouldn't he help you out? Or your sister?"

"Jason lives at home; he came out of prison last year and hasn't had a job since and my sister doesn't really talk to me, I went round to stay at her house when I first got kicked out but her boyfriend didn't want me staying there and told me that I could only stay one night."

 "Mmm... you do seem a bit stuck don't you? Well let me think about it for a while and we'll work something out. Come on let's go and do something else take your mind off it. Do you want to watch a DVD or something?"

"Yeah sounds good what do you have?" Wiping his eyes and cheering up a bit. 

We walked over to the living room and I showed Jake my collection of DVDs, he picked out a comedy and I put it in the DVD player and we sat on the couch and started to watch it.  Jake got comfortable and lay down next to me on the couch.  The film was good but I had seen it quite a few times.  After about half an hour I noticed a gentle snoring, when I looked down Jake had fallen back to sleep.  I went upstairs to get my duvet and covered him with it.  I went into the pool house to get my laptop, brought it back into the living room and sat on the armchair checking my emails and getting on with some work. 

After about an hour Jake woke up and rubbed his eyes.  He looked around then realising where he was and layback down.

"Did you turn the film off?"  Jake asked sleepily.

"Yeah you fell asleep so I just thought I would get on with some work. "

"Could you get me a drink please?"

"Yeah sure, what would you like? I have coke, orange, tea or coffee?"

"Um... can I have some orange please?"

I went into the kitchen to get Jake his orange and some jaffa cakes.  I put them on the table in front of him and went to go and sit back on the armchair. 

"Um... Can you come and sit with me please?" Jake asked nervously. 

"Yeah sure" I said grabbing my laptop and sat on the couch with him. 

Jake ate a couple of the jaffa cakes and drank the juice then lay back down and went back to sleep, within minutes he was gently snoring.  About an hour later Jake woke up again and switched on the TV again and started to watch the film again.  When the film finished I got up and put away my laptop.  When I checked the time it was already half five. 

"Well I think we should sort something out for dinner, what would you like? I have some nice steaks in the fridge if you want." I said.

"Yeah that sound great, I never get to eat steak at home!"

I went to the kitchen and made some chips, scampi, peas and onion rings, the steaks and some peppercorn sauce.  I brought them out on a tray with the carton of orange and a couple of glasses.  We sat watching the TV as we ate our dinner. Jake was laughing at some program on the TV and I watched as just for that moment he seemed happier than I have ever seen him.  His smile really made his face glow and light up, he had cute little dimples on both of his cheeks; when he was smiling he had the face of an angel.  We carried on watching TV until about ten thirty when Jake started to drift off again.

"Are you tried? Do you want to go to sleep?" I asked putting my hand on his shoulder. 

"Yeah I didn't get much sleep on the streets, it was too cold and I was scared to sleep, there were always strange noises that woke me up."

"Do you want to sleep down here? I have washed your blanket for you."

"Would you mind if I slept in your bed again? I don't like sleeping on my own.  When I was at home I always slept in the same bed as Jason.  When he went to prison, it was the first time in my life that I had to sleep on his own. I hated it, it was only two months but it felt like a lifetime." He replied. 

"OK that's cool, shall we go up then?" I replied.

Jake switched off the TV and picked up the plates and glasses and followed me over to the kitchen, he loaded them in the dishwasher while cleared the other plates from the kitchen and the pot and pans that I had used.  I switched on the dishwasher while Jake grabbed the duvet from the couch and we went upstairs to my bedroom. 

"I'm going to have a shower before bed; did you want to have one as well?" I asked as we entered the bedroom. 

"Yeah if you don't mind."

"OK I will have a quick shower and you can watch TV while you're waiting if you want." I said handing him the remote to the TV.

I went into the en-suite and stripped and started to have a shower.  I had been washing for about five minutes when there was a knock on the door.

"Yeah what's up?" I shouted through the shower.

"I really need to take a shit" Jake replied.

"Oh right I'll be out in a minute. Or you can use the one down the hall."

"Can't wait!" Jake opened the door, ran in and sat down on the toilet.

I had finished my shower but didn't really want to come out while Jake was still in the room. 

"It's ok to come out you know, I don't mind." Jake surprised me saying. He had clearly been watching me and knew that I had finished.

I got out of the shower and quickly put a towel around me.  I used another towel to dry myself then brushed my teeth quickly and went back into the bedroom.  After drying my hair I put on a pair of boxer shorts and got into bed and switched on the news.  I then heard the toilet flush.

"There are fresh towels in the cupboard, help yourself to any thing you need." I shouted over to Jake. 

I watched the news for about half an hour before I started to get worried that Jake had fallen asleep in the shower.  I called in to him "You ok in there?"

"Yeah I'll be out in a minute." He replied.

I heard the shower switch off and Jake walked into the room still dripping wet with a towel around his waist.  He turned around so his back was towards me and dropped his towel and started to dry himself.  I asked him weather he wanted some clean boxers.

 "Nah, I don't really like sleeping in boxers, is that ok?"

"Yeah, did you want something else to sleep in?" I asked.

"No, normally just sleep in the buff, although I haven't been able to for a few weeks!"

With that he dropped the towel and got into bed backwards and slipped into the covers. I sat and watched the news for about half an hour, I looked down and Jake was already asleep, poor little guy must have been exhausted. I switched off the TV and snuggled down in the bed and fell asleep.

I woke up in the night, the lights were all off but I could hear something rustling, then I realised there was a rhythmic movement beside me; I just lay there unable to get back to sleep listening to him tossing off.  His thrashing became faster and then he suddenly stopped got out of bed and walked over to the en-suite. He was in there for a couple of minutes when I heard a groan and then a minute later the toilet flushing.  He walked back into the room and got back into bed.  A few minutes later he was snoring again soundly, leaving me wide awake with a raging hard-on.  I thought about it for a moment and then sneaked out of the room and went downstairs to the living room and put  some porn on my laptop jerked myself off and then cleaned myself up with the tissues on the table. I then sneaked back into the bedroom and got back in to bed and fell back to sleep.  

I woke up in the morning and made some breakfast, I brought it up to the bedroom where Jake was still asleep.  I roused him and he woke up gently.

"Morning" Jake said stretching.

"Morning little man, good night sleep?"

"Yeah it was the best night I have had in a long time, what time is it?"

"It's nearly eleven; I think we have some things to do today. Lets have breakfast and we can talk about it downstairs."

We sat having breakfast and watching some cartoon that Jake had put on the TV. When we had finished we got out of bed and got dressed, Jake picked up the tray as we left the room, when we got to the kitchen he sat at the breakfast bar waiting for me. 

"I think you should let me call your mother."  I said when we had sat down with some drinks.

"Do you have to? She doesn't want me! I already told you." Jake said panicking.

"I know what you said but please try not to get upset.  I think we should at least call her to let her know that you are safe. And see if things have calmed down at home.  What do you think? Will you give me the number?"

"OK but if you didn't want me here you could have just said, I would have left." Jake said as he wrote the number down on the pad I kept on the breakfast bar by the phone. 

"I said not to get upset. I didn't say that I didn't want you here, if I didn't I would have asked you to leave wouldn't I?" I replied trying to sound as soothing as possible."

I dialled the number and waited for the phone to be answered.  "Hello is this Mrs. Conners?"

"No, who is this?" The women who had answered the phone replied angrily.  I looked over to Jake and he was waving his arms at me.

"Err. Could you hold on a second for me please?" I said and put the phone on mute. 

"My mum's name is Mrs Worthing, she hates people calling her Connors that was my dad's name." Jake said quickly.

I nodded at Jake and took the phone off mute.  "Sorry about that, is that Mrs. Worthing?"

"Yeah who the hell are you? Calling me and putting me on hold!?"

"My name's Daniel Wood, I have your son Jake here, I found him sleeping on the street."

"What has the little shit done now? Are you from the social services? If you are you can keep him, he's not coming back here, he causes too much trouble." Mrs. Worthing said.

I looked over at Jake; he was watching me intently.  I couldn't say what I wanted to in front of him so I placed my hand over the receiver and said to Jake "Jake can you go watch TV upstairs please?"

He just nodded with a defeated look in his eyes and walked out of the room.

"Mrs. Worthing, please don't refer to Jake like that. I'm not from Social Services but like I have said before I found your son sleeping rough, he hasn't done anything wrong and has been very well behaved.  I just wanted to call you and let you know that no harm had come to your son.  I was hoping that you might want to try and sort out the problems that you and your son have been having recently so that he might be able to come home, although I see we are unlikely to achieve that today." I said in a more business like tone. I was not going to have this woman trying to push me around.

"Who do you think you are? He's my son and I will `refer' to him in anyway I want; secondly that little shit has been nothing but problems since the day I gave birth to him.  It's high time he found out what life is really like." She replied in a snappy voice. 

"OK well I can see this is getting us nowhere. If you decide that you do want to act like the mother you claim to be I will leave you my number so that you can call and check that your son is still ok."

"Don't talk to me like that you stuck up little fuck."

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that, it was extremely rude of me, this isn't going at all how I planned. Would you like me to give you the number?"

"Fine what is it?"

I read out my telephone number to her, as soon as I had given her all the digits she hung up the phone.

I put the phone back in the cradle and walked back upstairs to the bedroom where Jake was lying on his stomach on the bed watching a cartoon.  I sat on the bed next to him and switched off the TV.

"That didn't go very well." I said looking down at Jake.

"I knew it wouldn't, she doesn't want me to come back does she?"

"Not at the moment, I think she is still a bit angry, although what about I'm not sure."

"That's ok, if you tell me where my bag is I will get out of your hair."

"I told you already that you are not leaving here until you have somewhere else to go.  I won't see you back on the street.  Although I think if you are going to stay here we need to get you some stuff and get some food in."

"What stuff? What from my mum's house?" Jake replied.

"Um... No I think not, I doubt your mother would let either of us near the house at the moment. No we will have to get you a few bits from the shops.  Do you want to get showered and dressed and we can go pick some stuff up for you?"

Jake quickly jumped off the bed, stripped and walked to the en-suite bathroom to have a shower.  I left the room and went to have a shower in the main bathroom down the landing.   When I finished in the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back to my bedroom to get dressed. 

Just as I entered the room Jake walked in, I went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of boxer shorts, socks, kaki shorts and a t-shirt. I dressed with my back to Jake. When I turned around Jake was almost dressed, he was just pulling on his socks.  We went downstairs where I grabbed my sunglasses, keys and wallet.  I told Jake to wait outside while I put on the alarm and locked the front door.  I opened the car and we both got in and put on our seatbelts. 

"What kind of stuff do we need to get?" Jake asked.

"Well I think as we can't get any of your things that you are going to need to get some clothes and some toiletries. Also we need to get you a toothbrush as you can't have brushed your teeth in nearly a month.  I also need to pick up some food, there isn't much in the fridge and I don't know what you like."

Jake looked a bit embarrassed, clearly because I had mentioned his teeth.

"Hey little man, don't worry about it, you shouldn't be embarrassed around me, remember that everyone will go through a hard time at some point in their lives, just some peoples hard time is harder than others. If you ever need anything just ask, I have never looked after a teenager before so I am not really sure what you guys need now days so just let me know."

We went to a different shopping centre than the one I found Jake at, it was further away but it was much bigger and was nicer, I also didn't want to take Jake back to the same centre again as he might see someone he recognised and might get embarrassed. 

When we got to the shopping centre I park the car and we went inside, the first shop I took him to was a store to find some clothes.  We spent nearly half an hour picking out some shorts, t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, shirts and trousers.  Just before we went to the checkout I realised that we had forgotten to pick up any underwear. I took Jake over to kids underwear and asked him to pick out the kind he liked, he picked out mostly tight boxer shorts, he also picked out some white sport socks, I told him to also pick out some black socks as he would need them when he wore shoes.  We went to the till and a young girl scanned the items the total was over 350.

"Daniel are you sure about this? I honestly don't need this much, I don't mind putting some of it back."  Jake said looking at the total on the till display.

"Don't worry about the money, you need clothes, you can't wear the same thing everyday."

We next went to a shoe shop to get him some smart shoes and then to a sports shop to get him some new trainers as his were fifthly and badly damaged.  He was so happy with his new Nike Shox he had the sales assistant re-lace them so he could wear them out of the store, while we were in the sports store I also had him pick out some swimming trunks, he picked out some tight red Speedo ones and some goggles.  After we had finished in the sports store I took him to Boots and picked up a toothbrush, some shower gel and some deodorant. 

"Daniel I'm a bit hungry, can we get something to eat please?" Jake said.

I looked at my watch it was already half five and we still hadn't bought any food yet.

"Yeah sure, lets go and drop these off in the car and we can go pick up some dinner, what did you want to eat?"

"Um... can we get a McDonalds?"

"Yeah that's cool, actually that works out quite well, McDonalds will be quick and we still have to go shopping for food."

We went to the car and dropped the shopping in the boot and went back into the shopping centre to go to McDonalds.  After eating we left McDonalds and walked back through the shopping centre towards the supermarket.  On the way there I turned to Jake and said "I just need to pee, won't be a minute."

"Yeah so do I." Jake said following me in.

I walked up the urinal which was one of those long troughs and started to pee; Jake walked in and stood next to me and also started to pee.  I could feel his eyes on me, I glanced over and he was looking intently at my 5" soft uncut dick.  I looked down at his dick; it was thick and must have been at least 4" soft with a long foreskin.  I shook off the last drops and walked over to the sinks to wash my hands. 

I met Jake outside the toilets and we walked over to the supermarket, I got a large trolley and asked Jake to pickup anything he would like.  We wandered around the shops for about an hour and a half.  At the beginning Jake didn't want to put anything in the trolley but I kept seeing him eyeing things on the shelf, I had to keep telling him that it was ok and that he could pick anything he wanted.  By the time we had got to the checkout we had filled the trolley.  Jake bagged it all up while I paid for it all.  We put the bags in the trolley as there were too many for just the two of us to carry.  We headed back to the car and loaded all the bags into the boot.  Jake took the trolley back while I started the car.  He came back and handed me the pound from the trolley.

"Keep it, after all if you hadn't asked me for a pound you might still be sleeping in that stinking alley!" I said with a smile.

"Cool thanks Daniel; you have done so much for me, I... Um... Dunno what to say... Well thanks" Jake said pocketing the pound coin.

I pulled out of the car park and we head home.  When we got there I opened the front door and deactivated the alarm; Jake had already got his hands full of bags and walked through to the kitchen to put them down.  I picked up some of the bags and did the same.  It took us both another trip to get all the bags into the house.  Jake sat at the breakfast bar drinking some juice while I started to unpack the bags and put the food away.  I handed Jake the bags with his clothes in them and a box of tissues.

"Here take your clothes up to the bedroom and put these tissues on your bedside table." I told Jake. 

He flushed a bit because he must have just realised I had probably heard him last night.  He ran up the stairs and put away the clothes and came back down. 

After putting away the clothes I suggested we go for a swim, Jake looked at me a bit dubiously and said "I don't really know how to swim properly."

"That's ok little man that is one problem that won't be too hard to solve. Go get your trunks and I'll meet you in the pool house."

I walked into the pool house and switched on the lights and some music and got undressed and put on my swimming shorts.  After about five minutes Jake walked in wearing his boxer shorts carrying his trunks and goggles. 

"Dan, can you get the tag off for me please?" he asked handing me his trunks.

I pulled off the tag and handed them back to him, I turned and put the tag in the bin on the other side of the pool.  When I walked back he was wearing the trunks and the boxers were on the floor.

"I think those trunks are a bit small for you." I said pointing to the bulge that was coming out of the side of the trunks.

"These are the size I wear, and they fit perfectly around the waist!" Jake replied.

"Yeah but I think you are grown in some area's quicker than others! You might need to wear shorts instead like me." I said with a laugh.

"Nah don't like wearing shorts in the pool. They just weigh me down."

"Well each to their own. Shall we get in now and see what you can do?" I said walking into the shallow end of the pool.

Jake followed me into the pool and walked the pool until he got to the bit that was deep enough to get up to his chin. He then turned around and swam back to the shallow end.  He wasn't too bad but he was splashing about too franticly and was wasting his energy.

We spent about an hour in the pool while I taught him better techniques and by the end had shown some real improvement. 

"Shall we sit in the Jacuzzi for a while and relax a bit? You look like you are getting a bit tired; we can go for a swim in the morning before breakfast and by next week you'll be up to Olympic standard!"

"Yeah that sounds good!" Jake said laughing at my joke.

"Ok I'll go get some drinks, I'm going to have a beer, what would you like?"

"Umm... Can I have a beer as well?" Jake asked watching me out of the corner of his eye. 

"Have you ever drunk before?" I asked him watching to see if he was lying.

"Yeah my mum didn't care, she always let us drink as long as we paid for it ourselves." He said with a straight face.

"All right but I don't want you drinking anytime you want ok? You are only allowed if you have asked me first." I said as I started to walk out of the room.  I went into the little changing room off to the side of the pool house and pulled out two beers from the fridge that I kept in there stocked with drinks. I went back to the Jacuzzi, handed Jake a bottle and switched on the bubbles and got in. We sat there for about forty minutes while Jake told me about a time his friends Tim, Barry and Justin and he had all gone swimming together.

"Shall we get ready for bed now?" I asked Jake. 

"Arr... but it's not even ten yet. Can't we stay up a little longer?" pleaded Jake.

"Well we both need to have a shower and then we can watch a little TV before going to sleep." I compromised.

"Another shower? I've already had one today."  Jake whinged.

"I know but you have to have a shower before you go to bed when you have been swimming because of all the chlorine in the water." I explained.

"Yeah I suppose."

We got up out of the Jacuzzi, switched it off and walked into the changing room.  I handed Jake a towel and told him to take off his trunks, I wrapped a towel around my waist and took off my shorts.  I then rinsed them under the tap and hung them both up on the pegs on the wall.  We then headed Up the stairs and headed towards the bedroom. 

"Go on you go shower first and I will wait here for you.  I sat on the end of the bed and switched on the TV; I watched the news for around ten minutes before Jake came out of the shower, he still had the towel wrapped around his waist, I handed him the remote and walked into the shower.  I took my time in the shower making sure that I had got all of the chlorine off my body and out of my hair as I hated the smell.  I was in the shower for around twenty to twenty five minutes, I got out and dried myself and brushed my teeth.

When I walked back into the bedroom I heard sex sounds coming from the TV Jake quickly scrambled to change the channel.  I went over to my dresser and put on a fresh pair of boxers. I then came and sat on the bed next to Jake.  He had changed the channel to some French program with no subtitles.  

"What were you watching?" I asked Jake looking at him.

"Um... Nothing." He replied not looking at me.

"Please don't lie to me Jake, you're not in trouble but I can't stand it when people aren't honest with me."

"I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to watch it I'm really sorry." He said starting to sound panicked. 

"Look Jake, I understand that you are a teenager and that you will see stuff like that, when I was fourteen I was probably watching a lot more than what you can get off satellite TV. Just next time please don't lie."

"I'm sorry" Jake said sounding deflated.

"That's ok, why don't you put it back on?" I said smiling back at him and ruffling his hair. 

Jake switched the TV back to the channel he was watching when I came into the room.  It was one of the soft-core porn films that the men's channels put on at night.  We sat and watch it for a little while and Jake started to relax again.  I watched as he really slowly started to rub himself trying to be discreet. I turned to Jake.

"You know you can have a wank if you want right? That is why I bought the tissues for you so you didn't have to go to the bathroom when you finish." I said.

"Yeah cool I will, thanks Dan. You know you can as well right? You look like you need to." He said pointing at the tent in my boxers.

" Err... I'm not sure that would be appropriate." I said.

"Don't worry; my bother always did it with me in the bed. When he got out of prison he was doing it like five times a night, he said there was nothing else to do in there."

"Alright if you're sure" I said getting under the covers.

I slowly slipped off my boxers and started to rub myself gently, Jake started to get faster and so did I.  After a few minutes Jake threw down the duvet exposing his hard cock to me for the first time.  It was beautiful it was about 7" long and really thick with veins all over it.  There was one big vein that ran all the way up from the base to the bulbous head at the top.  His foreskin was long enough to cover the head of his dick completely and only the top of the gland could be seen when he was on a down stoke.  He was still watching the TV and had started to jerk his hips up and down as well, he was moaning loudly and there was precum dripping from the end of his cock. His stokes started getting more frantic and I followed him, I was leaking precum as well and pushed back the covers to stop them getting stained.  After an another minute Jake let out a loud grunt and collapsed back down on the bed he was still jerking his cock as he shot six full powered ropes of cum onto himself, the first hitting him on the chin the rest landing on his chest and stomach.  He slowly milked out the last dribbles which ran in a thick goo down his clenched fist and into his small thick bush of pubes.

Watching Jake cum sent me over the edge.  I couldn't stand it anymore and pumped my cock harder until I started shooting rope after rope of cum on myself.  It was such an intense orgasm that even after I had finished milking the last drops of cum out I was still shaking from head to toe.  It took me a minute to recover.  Jake handed me a few tissues and I started cleaning myself up, Jake took some more tissues and wiped the cum off his chest and stomach. 

"Wow that was amazing." Jake said.

"I know what you mean; I have never felt anything like that before. I can't believe your cock is so big, looking at the size of you I would never have thought it." I said leaning over him to get another tissue to wipe the cum from his chin that he had missed.

"It's not that big is it?" Jake asked looking at my shrinking penis.

"Well it is bigger and thicker than mine and I am a fully grown adult, you are still fourteen and are still growing, you haven't even hit your growth spurt yet."

"But when my friends and I compared sizes most of them were either the same size or bigger."

"Were you hard when you compared?" I asked.

"No soft."

"Well that is probably why, some grow more than others and you clearly grow a lot. I am 5" when soft and just over 6" when hard but you are smaller when soft but get bigger than mine when hard." I explained. 

"Mmm... cool."

"I think we should get some sleep now." I said rolling over and pulling the duvet over me. 

Jake pulled his side of the duvet up and snuggled in beside me.  I could feel his still moist semi hard cock pressing on the back of my naked thigh. 


Notes from the Author:  

I hope you liked the story! If so please email me at JamiePope@live.co.uk if not please let me know why.  Sorry there was not much sex in this chapter, it was purely to set the scene.  Believe me the next chapter has a lot more sex in it.