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Jake Saves Me

Chapter Ten: The Solution

I heard the key turn in the lock and ran to the front day. Just as I stopped in front of it Jason walked in on his own, and closed the door behind him.

"Dan, how ar... Jesus Christ what's happened to you?"

For a moment I didn't realize what he was talking about. I must have looked a right state and obviously my arm was still bandaged up. I looked down at my arm but there was still only one thing on my find.

"Oh erm nothing. Is Jake with you?"

"Err sort of."

"What do you mean sort of?"

"Well he is here but he wanted me to talk to you first before he came in."

"OK about what?"

"Shall we go and sit down in the living room?"

"Yeah fine."

I was starting to get really worried now. Was this Jakes way of telling me he didn't want to live here anymore?

Jason followed me into the living room. I could feel his eyes looking around and spotting the broken T.V, he didn't say anything but just took a seat on the couch opposite me.

"How have you been? You don't look too well." Jason said his eyes resting on my arm.

"Yeah don't worry about me. How has Jake been?"

"Yeah I think he is mostly unscathed but he has had a bit of a week I think."

"What do you mean? Is he ok?" I asked my heart dropping.

"Well, I don't really know much. Like I told you yesterday that I haven't seen him since Monday, well Sunday night really. What I do know though is that it looks like he has been sleeping rough."

"Oh god what have I done?"

"Dan, look don't worry."

"Well clearly I have scared him. He must have been too scared to come back here so he slept rough and now he is too scared to come in and talk to me, he needs you to do it for him.

He's moving out isn't he?"

"No. Dan, listen to me. Yes you scared Jake, but we have all made mistakes here. Lee, Jake and me included. The reason that he hasn't come in isn't because he is scared of you though, it is he is scared that you don't want him anymore."

"Why wouldn't I want him. I love him and I would do anything that would make him happy even if that is to pay for him to live somewhere else if that is what he wanted."

"OK that's great but I do think that we need to talk before bringing Jake back in."

"What about?"

"Well, things can't just go back to how they were before. You need to sit down and sort some things out first then you can move on from here, otherwise you will just end up back in the same situation as before."

"So what do we need to sort out?"

"Well for a start you need to decide do you really want Jake back?"

"Yeah of course I do!"

"Are you sure? I mean well this is kind of difficult to say."

"What Jason, you're scaring me."

"Well ok. Cards on the table. I know we haven't actually talked about any of this before but you and Jake are in an `unconventional relationship'" seeing my quizzical look Jason continued "OK well I know that you and Jake both love each other in more ways than one.

For a start, Jake never really had any positive male role models in his life or any real father figures and you have done a brilliant job of filling those roles.

Next you have your friendship which again is good because you can have a laugh and a joke and things are great.

Then you have your relationship relationship, which as far as I am aware neither of you have really had much experience in a gay relationship, so it is all new to you and you are learning as you go along.

This is all fine but if you don't know what is going on and I know that Jake certainly doesn't the worlds get confused."


"Well for example Jake said that he was going to a party and he told me that you told him and Zack to be careful and to use condoms.

Well that would be the parental figure which is something that a farther might have done. On the other hand would a lover have done that?

By giving him condoms and telling him to use them if he needed them is basically giving him a free pass to have sex with whoever he likes.

Yet when you came back and found him in bed with a girl your lover side of you felt betrayed."

"I over reacted and I shouldn't have. I just want to tell him I'm sorry."

"But did you? I mean if, god forbid, I ever found Lee sleeping with someone else my heart would just break in two."

"But I let him though. Like you said I gave him a free pass."

"And this is exactly my point. You two need to work out what this relationship is to you and set some boundaries."


We sat in silence for a few minutes the thoughts going through my mind.

"OK now to the real reason I am here. We have established that things can't go on the way they have been right?

Well Jake needs to know under which situations you would be happy to take him back under."

"Any."I said quickly.

"Really? So if it was decided that he was going to act as just your son and that he would be only controlled by you as a father would that would be fine with you?"

"Yeah, I mean it when I say I love him and that I would do anything for him."

"And you would be fine if he started to have sexual relationships with people?"

"If that would make him happy."

"OK well why don't you put the kettle on and I will go out and talk to Jake."

I just nodded. I was still scared, this hadn't gone the way I had thought it would. In my fantasy I walked through the front door and Jake jumps into my arms, kisses me and everything was back to normal.

I went through to the kitchen and put on the coffee maker. I was starting to get a headache and my head was swimming. I felt a bit dizzy and nauseous so sat on the bar stool and put my head in my hands.

Did I really mean what I had said? Could I bear watching Jake with someone else every day? It was breaking my heart just thinking about it but knew I didn't really have a choice. If Jake chooses to have other relationships and that would make him happy then I would stick by him. I would do anything that would keep him in my life in any context.

I stood up and walked over to the medicine draw and took a couple of headache tablets. I then looked in the fridge and noticed there was nothing much edible. I walked over to the cupboard and found some biscuits so put them on a plate. I made us all strong sweet coffees then took them out to the living room.

 Jason hadn't returned yet so I put the tray down then walked over to where I had left my luggage.  I fished about inside my carry bag and found the pack of fags that I had bought at the airport.

I knew we had both broken our pact to stop smoking but with the stress of everything happening I just couldn't not smoke.

I went back into the kitchen and found an old pot then headed back into the living room. Jake and Jason were sitting next to each other on the couch waiting for me.

As soon as I saw his dirty blonde hair and his beautiful face my heart melted again.

"Jake..." I rasped tears welling up in my eyes.

I could see that Jake was starting to get teary too and that all we wanted to do was to embrace but Jason's presence stopped us.

I took my place in the armchair just sitting and not knowing where to start. I took a cigarette out of the packet and lit one.

"Can I have one please?" Jake said quietly.

"Yeah course." I said handing him the pack and the lighter.

 "You've both started smoking again I see." Jason said with a small smile.

Neither of us said anything but just looked into the others eyes.

"Well shall we start this then?" Jason said looking from one to the other of us.

"Jake I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said any of what I said."

"No I am sorry. It was all a mistake I shouldn't have done it."

"No it's not your fault. You were right, I'm not right in the head. I didn't have time to think." I replied.

"Well first I think that actually Jake you owe Dan an apology for having a party without asking then Dan you can apologies for your reaction." Jason cut in.

"Dan, I am really sorry. I shouldn't have done it. I have had a lot of time to think about it and I know it was wrong of me. When we first met, the first night I slept here I promised you I wouldn't betray your trust and I have. What I did was really wrong and whatever punishment you think is right I will agree with."

"Jake it's fine. When I was your age I had parties at my parent's house, I was never caught mind. It was all just such a shock. It was my fault really, I should have told you that I was coming back early.

I'm sorry for the way I reacted and the things I said to you. I know it's no excuse but I think I should tell you that I have been suffering with depression for quite a few years now. I don't react to situations the way I should do, my mind goes off in strange directions."

"All the more reason to sort everything now. OK past being the past where do you want to go from here?" Jason asked.

"Well I would be happy whatever you decide Jake. If you would like to come back and date other people that would be fine with me. If you decide you want to come back for anything else I would be overjoyed." I said knowing for the first time that I meant it with all my heart.

"Um I want to come back and be with you." Jake said after a moment.

"If you want to get together with other boys or girls I won't stop you and I promise not to overreact again."

"I don't want anyone else. Lauren was a mistake; I didn't even want... even well, I was well thinking of you when I was doing it. I really just want to be yours."

"Good well that is sorted. I won't interfere anymore. Fancy having some dinner? I'm starved." Jason said.

"Yeah that sounds great. I don't think we have anything in though." I said suddenly realizing how hungry I was feeling.

"That's cool, we'll get a pizza, my treat." Jason said walking out of the room.

As soon as he left Jake jumped up and launched himself on me. It was a painful as I was hugging him as tight as I could and my arm was killing me but I didn't want to let go.

After what must have been a few minutes but felt like a life time Jake pulled away so we could look in to each other's eyes. We both had tears in our eyes but this time tears of happiness.

"I love you." Jake whispered.

"I love you too and I never want to let you go again."

We hugged again and just held each other, happy in our closeness.

"Ahh, that's sweet. The pizza should be here in about half an hour and you young man need to have a shower." Jason said pulling us out of our reverie.

"Just like old times eh?" I said with a laugh.

We all laughed at this and I ruffled Jake's hair.

Jake disappeared upstairs and Jason came and sat down on the couch.

"So how did it happen?" Jason asked.

"Would you mind if I didn't tell you right now?" I replied feeling acutely embarrassed.

 "That's ok, but if you ever need to talk just remember that me and Lee are there for you. If you want to tell us something that you don't want Jake to know we wouldn't say anything."

"Cool, thanks."

We sat mainly in silence for awhile before the front door bell went. I got up to answer it and was surprised to see Lee standing there with a large pizza and a bag.

Lee looked almost as bad as I felt. His shoulders were hunched and his eyes were red and puffy.

"Lee, hi, come in."

"Thanks. You look terrible."

"You can talk! There is a lot of that going around at the moment. No but seriously I am really sorry to hear what happened."

"Yeah thanks, it was for the best anyway, she was in a lot of pain."

"Well come on through. Jake is just having a wash."

"Cor' you've done a number on this place. It is going to take awhile for me to tidy all this up!" Lee said coming into the living room.

"Sorry, I'll try and think of you next time I am in a mad rage!"

Everything just seemed so much funnier now. I could almost physically feel my heart lifting. I knew that moment that everything was going to be ok.

Lee sat next to Jason and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

I walked into the kitchen to get some plates when I realized that all the main dinner plates where broken. I brought out side plates and put them on the table.

Just then Jake came down and sat on the spare seat next to Lee. He was as beautiful as ever. He was wearing a bathrobe and slippers his hair still dripping wet.

"Cool food is here, I'm starved!" Jake said grabbing a slice.

"When are you not?" I replied and we all laughed again.

Most of the evening was spent eating and chatting.

"Well we better leave you two alone for awhile." Jason said getting up.

"Yeah, we better head off it is getting late. I do want you both to know though that if you ever need some time apart or just want someone to talk to, feel free to come round." Lee said getting up and joining Jason.

"Thanks for everything guys."

"That's ok; I'll see you on Monday if that is ok?"

"Yeah sure if you're up to it, you can take as much time as you need on full pay."

"I'm good, I'll see you Monday."

We both said goodbye to Lee and Jason and walked them to the front door. It still wasn't that late but I think we were both tired.

"Shall we have an early night and go to bed?" I asked.

"Yeah sounds good."

We headed upstairs and I walked into my room not knowing if Jake would be following me or not. Without looking back I headed into the en-suite and started to brush my teeth.

When I walked back into the room Jake was standing next to the bed waiting for me.

"Is it ok to sleep here with you?" He asked sheepishly.

"Yeah of course."

He dropped the robe to the floor and got into the bed. I noticed that he was wearing boxers so I took off my clothes and left my boxers on before getting into bed beside him.

It was uncomfortable. I wasn't really sure what was ok anymore. I wanted to touch him and be close to him again but I wasn't sure how he would react.

I suddenly felt him ever so slightly stroke my bandaged arm.

"Does it hurt?"

"Sometimes. Itches mainly."

"It smells funny."

"Yeah they put stuff on it to stop it getting infected."

"What happened?"

I was expecting this but I still wasn't sure if I could answer. Should I lay it all out in the open? Would he be scared off? I know I would have been if I had had to deal with half of the things he has at his age.

I decided that I would make this our fresh start. I wouldn't hide anything from him and would treat him like an adult.

"I did it to myself." I said determinately.


"I don't really know. I think I was just trying to manifest some of my pain into something physical."


We were silent for a few minutes before he spoke again.

"I don't really understand that, but don't. This body is half mine now so I don't want you hurting it." He said putting my arm around his shoulder and resting his head on my chest.

"Where were you this week?" I asked after awhile.

"Mainly in the park."

"How come you didn't go and see your family?"

"You're my family now. You have done more for me than any of them ever have."

"I bent down and kissed him on the top of his head."

"I'm sorry for everything." I said.

"Me too."

That night we just held each other and fell asleep in the same position. I woke a few hours later with bad pains running down my arm. I carefully rolled Jake over so as to not wake him and crept out of bed and went downstairs.

I looked through my bags in the living room for my pain relief pills then took them through to the kitchen.

The pain was getting worse, it felt like my arm was pulsating and with each throb a blade was digging into me.

I took a bottle of water from the fridge and swallowed some of the pills. I sat watching the clock waiting for the pills to take effect. It was nearly 3am. After twenty minutes the sharp pain subsided and my arm was feeling itchy again.

I heard a noise behind me and looked round to see a bleary eyed Jake standing there rubbing his eyes.

"Hey, what you doing out of bed?" I asked pulling him closer to me.

"I was going to ask you that."

"Oh my arm hurt so I came down to take a couple of tablets. What about you?"

"I couldn't feel you next to me anymore so I came to find you."

"It's ok go back to bed."

"Come with me please?"

"Yeah, let me just switch off the lights and I will be up in a second."

Jake nodded then turned to leave. I switched off the lights then followed him up.

Jake got into the bed then switched on the TV. I crawled in beside him and he put his head back on my chest.

We sat watching some old movie for awhile then drifted off to sleep. I woke an hour later saw Jake still asleep, then switched off the TV then curled into Jake's warm body to sleep.

I woke the next morning to the sound of the toilet flushing. I opened my eyes to see my gorgeous boy coming back to bed.

"Been up long?" I asked as he snuggled back into the warm bed.

"Nah, just woke up, needed to piss real bad."

"I know the feeling." I said sensing my very full bladder.

 I got out of bed and went to relive myself. I came back to the bed to see Jake watching the news.

I got back into bed and looked up at his face. I suddenly realised how much older he looked then we had first met. Not any less good looking just more intriguing, as if he had a lot more depth. I pulled back the covers to get a better look at him; he was really starting to grow into his body. He looked the same size just leaner and more defined.

"What you doing?" Jake said giving me a quizzical look.

"Nothing, just checking you out."

"Well stop it, it's cold!" he said pulling the duvet back up.

We sat and watched the news for half an hour not really wanting to get out of bed.

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked.

"Anything as long as it is with you." Was Jake's simple reply.

"Well why don't we share a bath then go and do some shopping?"

"Cool with me. Do you want to run it or should I?"

"I'll run it. You stay here and relax."

I walked out of the room and went to the main bathroom down the hall. I switched on the taps and found some wash cloths and towels and put them on the side. I then poured in some of the luxury bubble bath that I never use.

I tested the water temperature then went back to the bedroom to call Jake. The room was empty; I was just about walk back down the hall when I saw Jake coming up the stairs.

"Thought you might be hungry, I know I am." He said showing me an arm full of snacks and drinks.

"You plan to spend awhile in there then?!" I asked with a laugh.

I ruffled his hair as he went passed and walked into the bathroom.

I followed him in just as he was pulling down his boxers and getting in the foamy water.

Had I forgotten how big his dick was or had it just grown?

"Sorry but the only drinks we had are warm." He said offering me a can of coke.

"That fine." I said accepting the can then letting my shorts fall to the floor before getting in as well.

We sat in the hot water and quickly devoured the snacks he had brought up. We then laid back and just relaxed in the water.

"Shall we switch on the jets?" I asked.

"Yeah go on then."

I switched on the bubbles and within seconds the bubbles were growing. A minute in and I couldn't even see Jake anymore and the bubbles started to overflow out of the tub.

"Uh, I think I might have put too much bubble bath in." I said laughing and switching off the jets.

Jake blew the bubbles hard and cleared a hole through so I could see his face again.

Jake was giggling and his laughter was infectious. We must have just laid there laughing like that for a good ten minutes before I had to force myself to stop because of the pain in my sides.

I suddenly realised that I could feel something softly stroking my balls and cock. It wasn't getting me hard but it was a really nice feeling.

"Shall we have a fag?" Jake said suddenly pulling my thoughts back to earth.

"Did you bring them?"

"Yeah." He said pulling out the pack and pot I had used as an ashtray from under one of the towels.

Jake put a fag in my mouth then lit it for me before lighting on for himself and sitting back.

I noticed that the ash on the end of my fag was starting to droop but I couldn't reach the ashtray.

"I can't reach the ashtray." I said.

I expected Jake to just pass it to me but instead he stowed his fag in the ashtray and gracefully as he could turned around and leaned back on me so that he was between my legs and his back was resting against my chest.

He then fixed the fag back in his mouth and offered me the ashtray.

We finished our fags then put the ashtray on the side. I took one of the wash cloths and started to wash his back with it. I moved all around his body making sure I got every bit of him from head to toe.

When I had finished he did most of my front for me without turning around. We laid like that until almost all the bubbles had dissipated.

"Come on, we better get out of here or were going to look like prunes!" I said.

Jake reluctantly nodded then got out of the bath shivering and wrapped himself in a towel.

I drained the bath the dried myself and wrapped up in a bathrobe. I walked back to my room then started to dress. Jake went to his room to dress in there.

I was sitting in the kitchen when Jake came down. He was dressed beautifully, much better than he would normally have done just to go shopping. I also noticed the renewed use of his watch.

Jake walked over to me and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. I turned and stroked his face before kissing him on the lips.

We left the house and I drove to one of the larger out of town shopping centres. First we had a look at some new TVs and picked out the biggest and best one they had. We then went to a department store and bought a whole new crockery set.

After we had finished we put the new plates in the car and went to the supermarket. We spent around an hour in there filling our trolley. It was true what they said, shopping on an empty stomach was a bad idea. When we got to the checkout the total was 211 and we had so many bags that they had to call someone to give us a hand out to the car with it all.

After all the shopping was done we were famished so we stopped at a pub and had a nice Sunday roast.

When we got home we were just unloading the car when I heard the phone ringing.

"Hello?" I answered.



"Yeah sorry, I was starting to get worried about you. Zack said that his Jake hasn't been in school all week and that both your phones are off. I tried calling a couple of times today but didn't get an answer."

"Oh yeah, I have lost my phone and Jake has been ill. We just went out to get some food in."

"Oh all right then, as long as you're alright." she replied.

I don't think she believed me but was too polite to push the point. We said our goodbyes and I hung up the phone and finished helping Jake in with the shopping.

"Damn I'm knackered and we haven't really done anything today." Jake said flopping onto the couch.

"Well why don't you have a nap while I clear up and put away the food. Then I will make us a nice dinner?"

"OK then." Jake said relaxing back onto the sofa.

I went into the kitchen and loaded all the new crockery into the dish washer and turned it on. I then unloaded all the bags and tidied up the kitchen, making sure that there were no bits of broken plates left on the floor. I then gave all the surfaces a wipe down and started to make us a nice casserole.

Once the casserole was in the oven I went to the living room and saw Jake snoring slightly on the couch.

I grabbed my bags and Jakes bag and went upstairs. I dumped all the dirty clothes into the laundry basket before walking round the house picking up any rubbish or dirty clothes.

While I was bringing all the laundry hampers into the utility room I noticed the small gift rapped package on the floor that Jake had tried to give me. I picked it up and put it on the breakfast bar.

I then put some bread rolls into the oven to warm for a few minutes before taking out some clean plates and dishing out some of the casserole. I went to the living room and tried to gently wake Jake.

He woke with a start and looked around the room blearily before smiling up at me.

"Dinner ready? Smells good."

"Yep all done in the kitchen."

We ate at the breakfast bar in near silence; although this had been one of the first comfortable silences we had had since we had both got back to the house.

After dinner we cleared up our dinner things and went up to the bedroom to watch some TV.

"So what we going to do about your school Jake?" I said turning to him.

"I can't go back there yet."

"Well you can't really have more time off. You have missed enough and you don't want to be thrown off the swim team do you?"

"Yeah but how would I explain to them all?"

"Well you don't have to tell anyone you don't want to. How about this: you stay off tomorrow and I will go up to the school and explain what has happened. Then you can go back on Tuesday and just tell the other kids you were sick."

"Yeah ok." Jake replied resignedly.

We lulled back into silence while we watched the TV. After the film finished Jake switched off the TV leaving us in darkness.

"You can't be tired already?" I said turning on the lamp.

"Nope." He said throwing his boxers across to the room.

 "Oh right." I said going to turn the light back off.

"No, don't leave it on. I want to keep you in my sight."

I left on the light and tried to pull down my boxers but was having trouble due to my injured arm.

"Here let me do that." Jake said.

I lifted my bum up and let him take off my shorts. He then threw them unceremoniously across the room to join his in a heap.

 Jake then wriggled close to me and put his head down on my chest. I kissed his hair and sat back stroking it. Jake was clearly in no rush, he was just gently fondling my cock in his hand watching as my foreskin went up and down over the head.

"Can we go away for a bit? Just you and me?" Jake asked.

"What about school?"

"We get a holiday soon. We could go then."

"Yeah ok. Where did you want to go?"

"Dunno, somewhere far away where no one knows us and we can be together."

"Yeah ok, but I don't think there is anywhere in the world we could go where we would be accepted as boyfriends. Not until you're older at least."

" Yeah but we could pretend to other people I am your son and when we are alone we wouldn't have to hide."

"OK. So where were you thinking?"

"Dunno, but I have never been out of the country."

"What about Spain? It is hot there and there would be lots of things we could do."

"I can't speak Spanish."

"You wouldn't need to, most of the touristy places everyone would speak at least some English. If you would rather somewhere else I wouldn't mind."

"Did you like America?"

"Yeah I thought it was nice."

"Yeah Zack told me it was good there."

"OK but it might take awhile to sort out though. We would need to get you a passport sorted out. I will find out the dates of the school holidays tomorrow and we will take it from there."

"OK, I don't mind as long as I am with you."

We spent most of the night like that. Not having sex just fondling and caressing each other to sleep.

I woke the next morning with a warm wet feeling on my cock. I groaned and looked down to see Jake sucking blood into my rapidly stiffening cock.

"Thought that would wake you up." He said with his cheeky grin.

"Don't stop." I complained.

"Nah, you're hard enough. I want you in me. We're going to have to hurry though or Lee will be here soon."

Jake got up and squatted over my cock and using his hands to guide himself down gradually lowered himself down. When he was seated on me completely I leaned forward and passionately kissed him.

Just this small movement was enough to make exquisite sensations shoot up my cock. Jake broke the kiss and pushed me back down. Placing his palms flat on my chest he slowly started to ride me.

I could already feel my dick pulsing, it felt like it was on fire wrapped in Jake's tight hole. My balls were already starting to ache wanting release.

It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't cummed in over two weeks. I started bucking my hips and trying to speed Jake up but he moved his arms to my hips and stopped me. Jake made it clear that he was in control here. He continued to ride me slowly, using his full strokes so that his ring was just holding on to my head before starting his decent again, where he carried on until he was pushing his cheeks hard to my pubes.

It was agonising, it was torture.  It couldn't have been long but it felt like a lifetime. The pulsing of my cock was getting stronger now and I knew I was going to cum soon.

I grabbed Jake's chest to mine and thrust into him hard delivering a ball bursting load into his warm velvety chute.

I fell back onto the bed, my body physically shaking with the force of my orgasm. Jake lifted himself up and lowered himself forcefully clenching in butt cheeks making sure he milked every last drop out of me.

I was exhausted and I had only just got up. Jake rolled off me and lay back stroking his cock up and down.

After a minute I had recovered a bit and rolled on to my side. I replaced Jakes hand with my own and watched the soft skin moving backwards and forwards over the hard glistening head. It wasn't just me, Jake had defiantly grown. His cock felt fuller in my hand and if possible even longer.

I could see a steady stream of pre cum leaking from his slit and leaned down and licked it up. I swirled it around my mouth like a fine wine savouring his essence.

I felt Jakes hand gently on the back of my head and got the message. I slowly enveloped the head then stuck my tongue under his foreskin flicking it across his slit. Jake started moaning and writhing beneath me. I started to suck with more pressure taking him down deep.

Jake started to try and buck his hips so he could fuck my mouth but I pushed him back down; he was going to endure the same torture I had just received.

I pushed his legs apart and guided my first two fingers into his hole. It was wet and some of my cum was leaking out. I slowly fingered his hole and rubbed his taint with my thumb.

Jake breathing was getting faster now and I could see his ball pulling up to his body. I felt Jakes hand on the back of my head holding me down and with a violent thrust of his hips he exploded in my mouth.

His cum was hot and salty and there was gallons of it. I was having trouble keeping up with the sheer amount he was cumming and some of it leaked from my mouth down his slippery shaft.

I sensed Jake had finished and was getting to sensitive so I released his cock and joined him up on the pillows. Jake was breathing hard, his eyes closed as if in prayer.  I rested my head on his chest and drifted off into a contented sleep.

 "Wake up you two!"

I opened my eyes and saw Lee standing at the end of the bed.

"You know it is half ten already? Me and Cam have been waiting downstairs for ages."

"Uh, oh shit. Must have fallen back to sleep." I said looking at the clock.

"I made you both some porridge but it has gone cold now. You wake him up and I'll warm it up for you." Lee said with a smile before leaving the room.

"Jake, Jake. Wake up. We feel back to sleep." I said gently rousing Jake.

"Uahh, what time is it?"

"Half ten. Come on I am going to have a quick shower then head down. You better take a shower in your room."

I went to the en-suite to have a shower and made myself decent before heading downstairs to the kitchen to find Cam and Lee chatting happily over coffees.

"Ha, it lives!" Cam said handing me a coffee.

"Sorry guys. Tiring weekend I guess."

I grabbed a bowl of porridge and sat down next to Cam.

"Sorry I haven't started work yet. I would have normally but there is kind of a lot of things I need to talk to you about."

"No that's fine. You have great taking up all the slack when I just left you in the lurch like that."

 "It's cool, I don't mind, it was just I have already done everything I can on my own without talking to you."

"OK cool. Let me just finish my breakfast and we will go out and look it all over. There are a few things I need to sort out today though so I won't be in all day."

Just then Jake came in impeccably dressed in a shirt and jeans. He grabbed a bowl of porridge and some coffee from Lee and sat down tucking in. We spent half an hour eating and chatting about nothing in particular.

"OK Cam I will meet you out in the office in a few minutes. I just have a couple of calls to make." I said getting up.

Cam nodded and left the house towards the office.

"Well I better start work as well." Lee said heading upstairs.

"Well what are you going to be doing today?" I asked Jake.

"Err. Dunno."

"Well I want you to sort all your stuff out for school."

Jake just nodded.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have made it sound like I was telling you what to do. But I do think it would be a good idea to get your stuff together."

"It's ok you can still tell me what to do." Jake said surprised.

"No, we are partners. I want us to be able to work things out together. Let's start as we mean to go on.  If you take responsibility for your life then I won't tell you what to do. I will give you advice though like I would to any partner."

"OK I promise. I'm going to make sure all my school stuff is sorted out. What time are the guys coming to sort the TV out?" replied looking a lot happier.

"Some time before one. Are you going to sort it all out for me?"

"Yeah, they are going to set it all up but I will keep an eye on them."

"Cool, well make sure they take the old TV with them."

Jake nodded again and I ruffled his hair and left the room towards my study. First I called the school and asked to make an appointment with the head of Year 10. The earliest I could get would be three thirty.

I then called Dr. Charlton's office.

"Hi Jane, it's Dan."

"Mr. Wood! Dr. Charlton has been wanting to speak to you."

"Yeah I thought he might."

"Hold on a second. He is in a session at the moment but I know he wanted to speak to you urgently so if you could just hold for me I will get him."

"OK." I said and listened to some awful music while I waited.

"Dan. I was hoping you would call. I really need to speak to you. The hospital in Ireland has been in touch and I would like us to have an urgent session."

"OK when?"

"Could you make it in today?"

"No can do Doc. Sorry. I have a couple more appointments today."

"Well it is very important that we talk. Could you make first thing in the morning?"

"Yeah sure."

"Well it is a good sign you got in contact with me today. If you hadn't, I was going to make a house call."

"You must be the only Doctor willing to do that!"

"In forty years as a Doctor I have never made a house call, so make sure you turn up tomorrow so I don't have to break my record."

"Thanks for everything Doc. It means a lot to me."

"You mean a lot to a lot of people Dan. Now I have to get back to my client but I will speak to you in the morning."

"OK, thanks again Doc."

I hung up the phone then went out to the office. Cam had done a great job of keeping the company running while I had been away. In fact the only thing he hadn't done was to approve a new project although he had already done all the prep work for it.

We stopped at around one when Lee came in to say that he had made us all some lunch. We all headed into the kitchen to eat. Jake had already got everything sorted out for school and had been helping Lee with all the house work.

Before we all head our separate ways I took Jake to one side to speak to him privately.

"Jake I have a meeting with your head of year at half three. What do you want me to tell her?"

"Err... you can tell her anything. Mrs Dunns' pretty safe. She knew most of what happened to me before and was really good to me."

"Ok, well I won't tell her anymore than she really needs to know but I'll tell her everything else."

When we were done, Cam and I went back to the office and carried on with work.

"Hey, I better leave now. I have a meeting at the school. Is that alright?" I said at three o'clock.

"Yeah that's fine. I suppose I will see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, well why don't you stay for dinner? Oh and I forgot to tell you that I have an appointment in the morning so I probably won't be in the morning at all."

"Oh ok, yeah I will stay. So do you want me to sort out a meet with McMillan then?"

"Yeah if you could. Oh and could you do me a favour and order me a new mobile?"

"Consider it done."

"Right well I really better be going. See you in a couple of hours."

With that I left the office and drove over to the school. I met with Jake's head of year and told her what had happened. I made out that after the fight Jake had just runaway so that I didn't mention any of my problems. She seemed reasonably satisfied and agreed that it would be fine if Jake came back to school the next day. She also gave me the work that Jake had missed so that he could catch up.

When I got home Cam, Jason, Lee and Jake were all in the Den playing a game on the Xbox.

"Hey Dan. Everything is sorted. McMillan Is scheduled for Friday and your new phone should be here tomorrow. It will be the same number, I managed to get them to do it on an upgrade. Turns out you spend a hell of a lot of money on your phone bill because they gave you the most expensive phone there is for free!"

"Thanks Cam. Jake everything is sorted for you to go back tomorrow. You have a lot of work to catch up on though and you head of year wants it handed in on Monday."

"OK I will do it when I finish this game."

"That's up to you from now on Jake. You have to make your own time to do homework."

"I'm going to go and start dinner. Roast ok with everyone?"

They all quickly said yeah so I headed off to the kitchen to start it. After about half an hour Lee and Cam came and joined me in the Kitchen.

"Where are Jake and Jason?" I asked as they sat at the breakfast bar.

"Oh Jason is helping Jake with his homework in your study."

"That's cool. Hey why don't you open a bottle of wine?"

Lee went to the wine cooler and pulled out a bottle and started to pour the wine. Just as he got to the third glass I put my hand over the top stopping him pouring any in.

"Can't drink. I am on antibiotics."

I went and got some orange and carried on cooking while we chatted. About twenty minutes later the doorbell went and Lee went to answer it.

He returned with Kate and Zack in tow.

"Oh hey Cameron. I didn't know you would still be here." She said giving her son a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah staying for dinner." He said wiping his cheek and looking embarrassed.

"Hey Kate how you doing?" I said.

"Oh I'm good thanks, sorry to drop by unannounced but Zack was desperate to see Jake."

I didn't quite believe her, I had the distinct feeling she was coming to check to see everything was alright but I let it slide just happy someone else cared to make sure we were ok.

"Oh he is in the study with Jason doing homework, he will be back at school tomorrow, do you want to go and join them Zack?" I replied.

"Do you want to stay for dinner Kate? We have plenty here and it should be done soon." I asked after Zack had left the room.

 "Oh no, we couldn't. I was just going to throw something together when we got back."

"Oh come on mom. We haven't seen each other in ages." Cam said.

"Oh well, if you're sure you have enough to go round." Kate said sitting down next to Cam.

"Enough to go round? This one always cooks as if he is trying to feed the whole British army!" Lee said with a smirk.

"Oh you can talk! I think I must have lost a stone just being away for your cooking for two weeks! Now hush up and get Kate a glass!" I said laughing.

We all chatted happily while I cooked, an hour later Lee was just opening another bottle of wine when Jake came in followed by Zack and Jason.

"Dinner ready yet? I'm starved!" Jake said coming in and rubbing his tummy.

"Almost. Shall we eat in the dining room? I think that is the only space big enough for us all to sit down."

"OK, we'll go and set the table then. Come on Zack." Jake said grabbing Zack by the arm and dragging him away.

"Jas would you like a glass of wine?" I asked.

"Yeah please."

Cam went and grabbed a glass then poured a drink and handed it to Jason.

 The boys came back a few minutes later just as I was dishing up.

"These plates are lovely." Commented Kate.

"Yeah they are new. The whole set is. The old ones were getting a bit tired." I replied with a smirk to Jake.

We took all the food out to the dining room, where the boys had laid the table beautifully using the white linen table cloth and the good silver cutlery. 

"Wow you guys really go all out for dinner!" Kate said stopping in her tracks when she saw the table.

"No we really never eat like this." I replied putting down the joint.

"Every time I have eaten here you say that!"

We all laughed and sat down and had a good meal. We ate and sat around talking for nearly two hours before Kate got up and thanked us for the meal and said her and Zack had better be going home.

With that Lee, Jason and Cam made their excuses and left also. Jake and I cleared up and had a relaxing night in front of the new TV.

When I noticed that Jake was snoring with his head in my lap, I woke him and we headed off to bed. Jake crawled into the bed, only slowing to pull off his clothes. The moment his head hit the pillow he was out for the count. I walked round the room and made sure the alarm clock was on and that the curtains were closed before going to the en-suite to brush my teeth and clean myself up.

I got into bed beside Jake and curled up to him. He was snoring loudly but now with his mouth wide open. I noticed his breath was less than fresh and laughed to myself before kissing him lightly on the forehead and going to sleep.

 I woke to the sound of the alarm, quickly switched it off and went to the bathroom to have a shower and get ready.

I woke Jake who groaned and turned over.

"Time to get out of bed young man or you're going to be late for you first day back."

"Give me a kiss then." He replied sitting up.

"Err no you mong, you haven't brushed your teeth!"

"You know you love it!" Jake said grabbing the front of my bathrobe and pulling me into a passionate kiss.

"I'll get you back for that! Now come on. I'm going to put breakfast on."

I got dressed and headed to the kitchen. Just as I was buttering the toast Cam came in and sat at the breakfast bar.

"Oh breakfast, looks like I got here just in time!" He said with a laugh pinching a bit of toast.

"Help yourself. You're early this morning. Wet the bed?"

"Nah, just thought I would get a jump on the day, and score some free food! Any coffee going?" he said taking another slice of toast.

"Yep, here you are just the way you like it." I said handing him the coffee. "I actually wanted to talk to you this morning anyway. I have loads of stuff around here I need to sort out today, and I have that appointment this morning. Would you mind if I took the day off?"

"You're the boss."

"Mmm... We'll see."


To be continued...

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