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Jake Saves Me

Chapter Twelve: The Calm

The next couple of months went well. Cam and Lee were fitting into their new roles well. Cam had already started a marvellous job of reorganising and reinvigorating the company. With the new found time he had, with Lee doing most of the administrative work, he worked tirelessly on sales, chasing new contacts and contacting old clients and updating them with developments in the industry.

Lee was also enjoying his new role. Between us we had worked out that instead of him working a few days in the office and a few in the house, it would be better for him to work in the house in the morning and in the office in the afternoons. This meant that Lee took the boys to school every day and the house was always clean.

I usually picked up the boys in the evening and if I couldn't Kate would. I was enjoying having more free time around the house.  I had been attending the relaxation and anger management classes that Dr. Charlton had set up for me. They were going well, I was surprised to learn a lot of techniques for dealing with stressful situations and how easy it was to mistake a good time for relaxation.

My arm was healing nicely although after a visit to a plastic surgeon I was told it there would be very little they could do, which means that I would always be left with a fairly large scar down my left arm. This in a way brought me a little comfort, knowing that I would always have a reminder as to how fragile life could be and hard I would always have to work to make sure that I kept on top of my feelings.

Jake was getting on well; on the Friday of the week he had gone back to school, he had handed in all his homework finished, much to the surprise of his teachers as he still had a whole weekend to complete it. Seeing this I was encouraged that I had made the right decision about treating him like a partner and not a child. I made a promise to myself that from now on I would always let him take responsibility for his own actions and not to baby him.

Zack was now spending two to three nights a week sleeping over at the house while Kate was at work. This worked out well for everyone and meant that Kate wasn't as tired and could cope with having a stressful job and having fun bringing up her family. Jake and I enjoyed having him there as he broke up the monotony of daily life and didn't stand in the way of us having time alone together.

Jason was as always great with the boys. He was making strides with them on all of their subjects and always had the boys hand in their homework on time if not early. It was due mainly to this that Jake and Zack had been moved up sets in several subjects including maths and English. Jason was starting to get a bit stressed though with the worry of exams looming.

During the half term break we all went to Scotland for a short break. It was a really good few days with us all having time to unwind and relax. I spent most of the time with Cameron, Kate and Lee while Jason, Zack and Jake did their own thing most of the time. We did have a day together though, Kate wanted to take her boys out for the day so Lee and Jason headed out alone which left me and Jake to explore the wonders of the Scottish countryside by ourselves.

We had started by going for a walk and stopped on a secluded hillock to have a picnic, which inevitability ended up with us having sex until the sky darkened and the stars started twinkling. When Kate asked us why we were both so dirty we had to say that we had fallen over but we could barely contain the grins.

On the Friday of that week I took Jake to London after getting him a haircut and buying him a new suit. At the passport office we waited for our appointment then met with Mary's friend. She looked through our paperwork and approved our application after a few minutes. An hour later we were leaving with Jakes new passport in hand.

That evening I called Mary and arranged the holiday to the states. As the holiday to Scotland was such a success Jake had decided to ask Zack to come with us and I asked Kate, Cam, Lee and Jason, but Kate couldn't get the time off work and Cam had other plans. Jason couldn't come because he was still panicking about his exams and Lee obviously didn't want to leave him.  So I arranged for the three of us to have two weeks in away. We would be spending two weeks in California. Both boys were really excited about it and kept talking about what they were going to do when they got there.

 The home remodelling company had also been in touch and had sent an architect and an interior designer round to have a walk through the house with me and Jake.  As there was no major structural changes going on they said that they would be able to finish all the work within the two weeks we were away. I also wanted to have the garden landscaped at the same time but I was told that it would be too cold and it would be better to leave that over until the beginning of next spring.


"OK lads we only have a few days before we leave on holiday so do you have everything sorted out and all your homework done?" I asked.

Zack was staying with us for the last few days before school ended, then we had a day to ourselves where Zack would be spending the day with Kate before we left on the Sunday afternoon.

"Yeah we're getting there but all the teachers have given us loads of work. They think just because we are on holiday we should be working for all of it! Someone should tell them that some of us have lives outside of school." Jake replied.

"I am sure they do know that, I am sure they have lives outside school too." I replied.

"Not Mrs. Smyth!" and both boys collapsed into a fit of giggles.

I left them to their private joke and went back into the kitchen where I was having a drink with Lee and Cam.

"...so yeah, I think we will be looking to hire an engineer next year." Cam was saying to Lee.

"What full time?" Lee replied.

"Yeah I think so; it would be unlikely that we would find a part-time engineer and there is just too much work for just me and Dan to do."

"Is there enough work for a full time person though?"

"Not at first but then Dan and I could go on less site installs, which should fill his time which would free us up to spend more time on the sales side of it."

"Fair enough, you got someone in mind?"

"Well I have a friend from uni I was thinking about but I don't think he wants to move down here. He lives in Manchester so it would be quite a big change for him."

"So what have you got planned for the holidays then?" Lee asked.

"Ellie and I are going to Paris for a few days but other than that just relaxing." Cam replied.

"Oooh Paris!" We cooed in a childish mock voice.

"Shut up guys!" Cam said going red.

"Sorry Cam, so it's getting serious with Ellie then?" I said seeing his obvious embarrassment.

"Don't know, time will tell." Cam replied filling his glass.

"So you all packed for the big trip then?" Cam asked me.

"Mostly, not taking much, but you should see the size of Jake's suitcase, I think he could actually fit the kitchen sink into it!"

"I know what you mean, mom told me that Zack has been packing and repacking his bag for weeks!"

"I think it's sweet, they are both so excited about it and especially as Zack gets to see his dad."

"Well I would expect him to come back from Greg's happy, just so you know" Cam said.

"You call him Greg? I thought he was your dad too?" I said confused.

"Yeah but I was old enough to remember what happen, he stopped being dad a long time ago." Cam said almost bitterly.

We sat in silence for a few minutes none of us wanting to break the uncomfortable silence.

"The man is a pig." Cam said getting up from the seat and walking out of the room leaving Lee and I sitting stunned.

"Do you think we should go after him?" I said.

"No, breakups are always hardest on the children involved. Let him calm down on his own." Lee said wisely.

"So what are your plans then?"

"Well mainly putting plasters on Jason's nose." He continued after a confused look from me "He has had his nose so tight to the grindstone recently studying and revising. He is really stressing about his exams."

"But surely he will breeze through them."

"He will but he always gets like this before his exams, I think smart people have a tenancy to think they have been lucky passing everything and one day it will all just stop."

"Well then he is just nuts, I have never seen anyone as smart as him or anyone work as hard. He needs to relax a bit and I am sure he will be fine."

"Yeah I want to take him on a spa weekend but at the moment he is having none of it."

"Well tell him it's for you then. Tell him you need the weekend."

"Isn't that emotional blackmail?"

"If it works and it is for his own good I say go for it."

Just then Cam came back in and opened another bottle of beer.

"Sorry about that guy, I didn't mean to act like that but, well, I just get angry when I think about HIM."

"It's alright Cam, we understand. We all have a past some of which is still painful to us." Lee said putting a comforting arm around him.

"So is Ellie ok with you spending your first Christmas together here?" I asked changing the subject.

"Yeah she is psyched, she really like you guys."

"That's good; it's horrible when your girlfriend doesn't like your friends."

"So how big a turkey are you getting to feed, what, eight of us?"

"God knows. I just told the butcher I wanted the biggest bird they had. I just hope it fits in the oven."

"Well at least Jason won't be eating turkey so you can cross him off your list, but I dare say that Jake and Zack will eat enough to make up for it though. It is a pity you only have the one oven."

"Well all being well, when we get back we should have our new kitchen installed which will have two ovens, if not it will be Indian take-out for eight!"

"Actually if you will just excuse me I need to make a call." I said.

"What at this hour?" Cam said surprised.

"Yeah just someone in the States, I have to confirm something."

I came back a few minutes later with everything sorted out. We talked a bit more about our plans for the holidays. When Jason came into the kitchen they said goodbye to us before leaving.

"Yeah I better be going too." Cam said getting up and putting on his coat.

"You sure you don't want to stay?"

"Can't sorry, I am meeting Ellie tonight. We could make a night of it tomorrow though. I could bring Ellie round and we could all have a games night, what do you think?"

"That's a great idea. The boys are on a half day tomorrow; I'll text Lee and let him know. That way we can make a night of it, and I will have some time to get some snacks in and make us a nice dinner."

"Yeah and Ellie and I can spend some time with the boys before you leave on holiday. She really likes them you know."

"Ooh, if you're not careful she is going to get broody and you're going to be having your own before long." I mocked.

"I am pretending I didn't hear that. I'll see you tomorrow. And for the love of god don't go putting ideas in her head!"

I laughed as he got his things together a left. I tidied the kitchen then went to the gym to work up a sweat before bed just the way Jake liked me.

The next day I dropped the boys off at school because Lee had already started his annual leave. When I got back to the house was waiting for me as we had arranged to go shopping for food and snacks.

When we got back we decided to prepare fajitas for dinner so that we could prepare most of the ingredients in advance. We picked up the boys then changed into tracksuits so that we could have a quick workout before Cam and Ellie arrived later that evening.

While we were working out Zack and Jake were having a swim. I had relaxed my rules a bit now about the swimming, so they were now allowed to swim on their own.

When we had finished our swim Lee went to the main bathroom to have a shower and Zack to the en-suite bathroom in Jake's room. Jake followed me into the en-suite bathroom in my room.

"Can I have a shower with you?" Jake asked.

"Yeah but for appearances I think it would be best if you stayed with Zack tonight."

"OK, I best make the most of now then!" he said stepping into the shower behind me.

When we were all washed and dressed we were sitting in the living room watching TV and waiting for Cam to arrive.

At around quarter past five the doorbell went and I answered it.

"Hey look who we found wondering the streets." Cam said coming in.

"I was not wondering the streets! I was waiting for a bus." Jason said punching Cam playfully on the arm."

"Jas, Cam come in, we have been waiting for you to start. Ellie, lovely to see you again, had a nice week?" I said leading them all in.

"Dan, don't ask, my boss is a complete pri...nightmare" she said changing track at top speed seeing the boys.

"We know what prick means!" Zack said.

"And you know you're not allowed to say it." Said Cam gently slapping Zack around the back of the head.

The evening was a great success, after dinner we went to the dining room and played a board game. We played teams again and as the odd one out I played on my own.

Luckily for me I won the game much to the annoyance of the boys.

"If we were playing a game invented in this century we would have beat the old people." Jake ribbed.

"Think so do you? I know for a fact this one has never beaten me on any game we have ever played, right Zack?" Cam said.

"Well let's go and find out shall we?" I said getting up.

We were all up until the early hours playing on the consoles in the den. I was only when Ellie, with a yawn got up and said she was going to be that the night ended.

"Yeah I think that would be a good idea for us all. How would your mum feel if she only got to see you sleep the last day she sees you before you go on holiday?"

So with that we all headed upstairs. Lee and Jason insisted that Cam and Ellie share the bigger room while they shared the smaller one. Jake and Zack went straight to Jake's room and I went back to mine.

I set the alarm so that I wouldn't over sleep and would be up and ready when Kate came to pick Zack up in the morning.

Such a precaution was wholly unnecessary though as I was woken by the smell of cooking bacon half an hour before I had set my alarm for. I had a quick shower then headed down to the kitchen to find Jason sitting with Cam and Ellie while Lee cooked.

"Well good morning. Any sign of the boys?" Lee said.

"I heard talking as I passed their room, so I should think they would be down soon." I replied grabbing a coffee and leaning against the sink.

 "So you're all set for the big off then?" Lee said.

"Yeah mainly, I am taking Jake to do some last minute shopping today, just a few odd and ends and something to keep the boys occupied on the flight out."

"I would have thought that flying Virgin Upper-class you would get all the entertainment you could need."

"You're flying first class?" Ellie burst out shocked. "Sorry that was rude."

"No, I never would normally, it was a surprise from my travel agent Mary, she knows people who work at Virgin."

"You must be some customer; I thought the tickets were like a two grand each."

"Well actually they are closer to like seven and a half each but we are only paying nine hundred a ticket. Like I say I normally wouldn't bother, I mean it is only means to an ends after all but I think Mary was feeling a bit guilty about not managing to sort out the holiday for us in the half term and it will be something special for the boys."

"So no waiting for a cab for you then!"

"Nope, limo is going to be picking us up at quarter past six then we should be picking up Zack then straight into the lounge to wait for the flight."

"Mom is going to freak when she see's Zack being picked up in a limo!"

"Well it is a onetime deal so I hope they don't think this is what flying is always like."

"Zack has flown before but I think he will like your way better." Cam replied which got us all laughing.

"What you lot laughing about?" Jake said coming into the kitchen with Zack.

"Oh nothing, just a little surprise for the holiday that's all."

"You haven't told them yet?" Cam said.

"No I thought it would be better as a surprise."

"Told us what?!" Both boys suddenly started but we just laughed and held our tongues.

We finished our breakfasts and cleared up with the boys hounding us to tell our secret. Kate came to pick up Zack at nine and Cam and Ellie left at the same time.

Jason and Jake decided to go for a swim which left Lee and I in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"Dan, can I talk to you about something."

"Sure, you know I have always got time for you."

"Well, I didn't really want to say anything yet, not before your holiday, but things are getting a bit desperate."

"What is it, money? You know you only have to ask."

"No, that's ok, it's just. Well... would you mind if Jason and I stayed with you for a bit?"

"Yeah sure, you're coming for Christmas anyway."

"Thanks Dan, I knew I could count on you."

"What's this all about Lee?" I asked worried about the look on Lee's face.

"I really didn't want to say anything that might spoil your holiday."

"Come on Lee, we have known each other for long enough and been through enough to be able to just say what's wrong."

"Well, it's just that they have just read mum's will."

"She left you the house didn't she?"

"Well that is what she said she was going to do, but one of her friends was holding onto another will."

"What did that one say?"

"The bitch left everything to a cat's home just to spite me."

"Oh damn that is bad. You could probably contest it though, you know."

"Is there much point? I mean once we have gone through probate court it would all end up getting spent on lawyers. Besides the house she really didn't have very much."

"Well you're welcome to stay here as long as you like but I really think you should let me see that will. I'll send it to my sister and see what she makes of it."

"Ok thanks Dan."

"It's my pleasure and you have a key, anytime you want to move in feel free."

"Thanks again, I don't think it is a problem at the moment but just being there makes me scared, like someone is going to come and kick us out."

"Well, just bring some stuff round here and stay. Jake and Jason are alright here; we'll go to the shops then pick up some of your stuff on the way back."

"Are you sure Jake would be ok with that? You and he were supposed to be going together."

"He will have enough time to do all the shopping he wants in America. Come on lets tell the boys."

After agreeing with Jason and Jake that we would go and do the shopping we headed out and ended up at Bluewater. This was quite a long drive but I thought it would be nice to go to a bigger shopping mall so close to Christmas. 

We shopped for a couple of hours, then sat down and had a coffee and some cake before hitting the electronics stores.

After we had finished a good day of shopping we headed back and stopped at Lee's house to pick up some of his and Jason's things.  While we were there Lee gave me an envelope with a copy of the will in it.

When we had got back home we found Jason and Jake in the kitchen making dinner for us.

"I thought you would wait until we were in America before scoffing burgers!" I said coming in and putting the bags down.

"Ooh, are those Christmas presents?" Jake said looking through the bags.

"Nope, just stuff for the holiday. Here I got us all matching leather wash bags with some nice toiletries in them and for you and Zack I have got an iPod and a DSlite so you don't get bored on the flight.  Other than that it is just little other bits and bobs we might need. I'll go pack them; you stick those two on charge."

I went upstairs and found my list of things I was taking on holiday. I unpacked my luggage and repacked it checking I had everything. I then went back downstairs and we all ate dinner together in the kitchen.

"Well I think we need to have an early night tonight or we are going to miss our flight." I said clearing up after dinner.

"Ahhh, but it is only eight o'clock, were never going to be able to get to sleep."

"Ok well you can stay down here with Jas and Lee but I am going to have a shower then an early night."

I headed upstairs to the bedroom and took a long hot shower before brushing my teeth and making sure I looked ok. I then went back to the bedroom wrapped in my towel to find Jake posing naked on the bed.

"Ah, my beautiful Adonis. What brings you up so early?" I said.

"Got an early flight tomorrow. Need to get to sleep early."

"I thought you couldn't get to sleep this early?"

"Well I am just going to have to think of a way to tire us out aren't I?" he said with his evil grin.

With that he yanked my towel down so I was standing naked in front of him. He laid stroking my thigh and watching as my flaccid cock slowly inflated.

"Looks like you're ready. Come on get on the bed." He said watching my ridged dick hungrily.

I laid down on the bed and he reached over to his side table and squirted some lube on to his hands. He smeared a large amount onto my dick then worked the rest into his hole.

He then straddled me then lowered himself down gently onto my hard pole. I could feel my head squeezing through his tight sphincter, pulling down my foreskin as it went in.

When he was all the way in he stopped and rested on my pubes enjoying the feeling of fullness.

"So no foreplay tonight then?" I asked looking up into his glowing face.

"No, not tonight." He said simply opening his eyes and looking down at me.

 It was clear who was in charge here and I laid back with my hands behind my head and allowed him to do all the work. He started at a slow pace making sure he used the full length of my shaft so that it was almost out before heading back down and grinding back into my pelvis. He then added a little wiggle or rather a bit of a twist to his hips before starting the next stoke up.

This lasted about ten minutes. Jake had his eyes closed and was clearly enjoying being able to feel everything, lost in his sensations. I could see his sweat shimmering on his chest and abs which were starting to become defined more clearly.

He then started to shorten his strokes and was speeding up. I leaned forwards so that I could hug chest to mine and licked his glistening neck and started to nuzzle his shoulder. We started to move faster and faster our passions driving the pace.

I felt my balls pulling up and my cock start to pulse. I bit down on Jakes shoulder hard as I came violently. Jake let out a loud cry half way between a scream and a grunt and I was fearful I had hurt him.

"Jake I'm sorry, I got carried away. Are you ok?" I asked still holding him to me.

He just nodded and pushed me slightly away from him and looked down at his chest and stomach.

"Wow, I don't think that has happened before." He said looking at his cum soaked chest and dick.

It was still twitching and cum was hanging off the end. He pushed me back into a laying position then leaned down and licked my chest clean.

He then rolled over exhausted and panting staring at the ceiling. I moved over to him and licked his chest then pulled back his foreskin and engulfed the head. I let his softening cock out of my mouth with a slight pop before resting my head on his chest and closing my eyes.

I could vaguely feel him stroking my hair before I was taken away to the land of my dreams.

The irritating buzzing of the alarm clock woke me the next morning. I slammed my hand on the cancel button before trying to recall what I was dreaming about. It was no good, all I remember was that Jake was there and it felt warm.

I grudgingly opened my eyes before sliding out of bed and emptying my bladder. I then put on a dressing gown and opened the bedroom windows. Everything outside was almost completely dark, with only small patches of orange light bathing parts of the street. It was half past four and there was still a long time to go before the sun rose outside.

A shiver ran though my body as I saw the crystallised frost encasing all of the cars and even the leaves on the remaining plants. I shook my head as if to clear my head then went back to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the long day ahead.

When I was fully washed and dressed and I thought I couldn't leave it any longer I woke Jake. He smiled up at me bleary eyed before sitting up and kissing me.


"Morning Dan, thank you."

"For what?"

"For you, for all this, for everything."

"You know you don't need to thank me."

"I know but I want to. You need to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me."

"I love you too and you know you mean the world to me."

"Well, let's get going then, got a holiday to start!" He said suddenly wide awake and jumping out of bed.

I picked up our suitcases then walked out of the room and left them in the entrance hall before heading to the kitchen. I could hear voices in there and quietly poked my head in to see who it was.

"Oh it's you two; I thought we were being burgled." I said coming in and seeing Jason and Lee.

"Good morning, sleep well?" Lee said handing me a coffee.

"Great thanks, how come you're both up so early on a Sunday? It's ungodly; no one should ever be up this early."

"Just wanted to see you off and thought you would appreciate some breakfast before you left. The stuff at the airport usually tastes like rubber and the flight can't be much better." Lee said.

"I don't think lobster is going to be too bad for in flight food." Jas said with a laugh.

"I don't know about that, but I could murder a full English." I replied with a chuckle.

"Coming up, just waiting for the sausages to finish." Lee said putting a stack of toast in front of me.

Quarter of an hour later Jake came in just as Lee was handing me my plate.

"Looks like I got here just in time, I'm famished."

We sat and chatted about our plans for the holiday while we ate breakfast then cleared up. I went to my study to get mine and Jake's laptops when I saw the two parcels sitting in the corner.

I grabbed the laptops then put them with our language in the entrance hall before sitting back in the kitchen and going over my list with Jake one more time.

"Lee, I completely forgot to send a couple of parcels in my study? Would you mind sending them for me?"

"Sure. No problems do you want them sent by royal mail or a courier?"

"They are Christmas presents and they need to go to Ireland so I think an overnight courier would be best."

"OK I'll sort that out first thing in the morning."

Just then the door bell rang and Jake jumped and ran for the door.

When he came back his mouth was open as if his jaw had dropped to the floor.

"Dan, you didn't tell me we were getting a limo to the airport!"

"Ah yes that was just a little surprise." I said as he hugged me then kissed me.

"Well fellas, looks like we will be seeing you in two weeks." I said holding out my hand to Jason.

"Don't be silly Dan." He said pulling me into a hug.

When he let me go, Lee and I hugged then Jake hugged Jas then Lee. Jake was actually getting a bit teary.

"Come on or the driver will leave without you! And I want you to keep sending me emails telling me all the exciting things you're doing." Jason said walking with us to the front door.

The driver was just closing the boot after putting in our luggage. He then opened the rear door for us and nodded as Jake got in.

Due to the fact there was no traffic at all on the roads we were at Zack's house in no time. When we pulled up outside Jake called Zack.

"Hey Zack, we're outside.

Yeah that's us.

I know he never told me either.

Is she?

Well hurry up and get in here it is wicked!"

We watched out the window as Zack and his mother came to the door. The driver strode up the path doffed his cap at them both then relived Zack of his bags before putting them in the boot.

Kate was standing outside wrapped in a towelling dressing gown hugging her son to her bosom. She was clearly saying something to Zack before he kissed her on the cheek and ran to the limo.  

She waved at us and was clearly close to tears. Jake opened the sunroof and the two boys stood and waved at her through the roof. I rolled down the window and waved. She blew some kisses towards us and waved more franticly as the engine started and the limousine crawled to a move.

When we arrived at the airport lounge we went in and found some comfortable sofa's to sit on when I gave the boys some packages.

"I want you guys to keep these on you at all times. Inside you have a copy of your ID, a mobile phone that will work in America, contact telephone numbers, $100 for emergencies only and a digital camera. So if you get lost or anything happens you should be able to get hold of one of us. Remember that the legal age to drink in the states is 21 and they are strict about it so don't even try and get any alcohol or cigarettes."

We didn't have to wait very long before we were told that we could board. When I told the flight concierge that we were just finishing our drinks we were told that we were allowed to take them on board glasses and all.

We were seated together in beautiful leather seats that reclined into full beds. Both boys were practically bouncing up and down in their seats. After takeoff they calmed down a bit; they got out their laptops so that they could swap music and put it on the iPod.

I took out my book and read for most of the flight. A few hours into the flight I was getting hungry so asked the boys if they wanted to order anything.

After we had finished eating we all felt a bit sleepy, so I put on my headphones and watched the film on the in flight TV.

I woke up a couple of hours later and looked around disorientated.  Jake and Zack were both asleep and my throat was dry so I got up and had a drink at the bar.

When I returned from the bar I sat in my seat and watch Jake sleeping. It reminded me of the first time I watched him sleep, I never thought I would have what we have now. He is all mine and I would do anything for him.

Jake and Zack woke up about an hour before we were due to land and played with their games. A hostess came over to us and served us some drinks and some hot towels.

When we landed at LAX we were the first allowed to disembark from the plane. We headed through to immigration control and had a bit of trouble passing through. Luckily a senior officer decided that the boys were old enough to be able to say if they were in trouble and I had brought Jake's loco parentis and a letter from Kate which covered us.

We walked through the massive terminal building and found our driver who led us to his waiting car.  All our baggage had already been brought out and had been loaded into the boot.

"Four Seasons Beverly Hills right?" The driver said.

"Yes thank you." I replied.

It was only a short drive to the hotel but Jake was almost bouncing out of his seat with excitement. Zack and I were just sitting back on our seats; I was listening to the radio and Zack was silently looking out of the window.

We pulled up outside a large white imposing building.

After we were checked into our large suite Jake and I went to our bedroom and dumped flopped down on to the bed.

I moved so I was in relaxed sitting position against the pillows, Jake wriggled up the bed and laid his head on my chest.

"How you feeling?" I asked putting my arms around him and stroking his hair.

"I'm good you?"

"I'm happy here with you."

"I love you too."

"This is perfect, you're perfect." I said.

"No, I'm not." Jake said moving round and pulling my arm over his chest and stroked my long jagged scar.

"We got over that, it is just a testament to how much we love each other, we can get through anything."

Jake didn't reply and we lay quietly together just happy to be here together.


"Are you two going to sleep all day and night?!"

I started awake and looked around the room dazed. Zack was standing at the end of the bed with a sly grin on his face. Jake was stirring and rubbing his eyes.

"What time is it?" Jake said as I got up and crossed the room.

"Its six, I have had to entertain myself all day."

"So what did you do?" I asked.

"Oh not much, little of this and a little of that. Chatted to Charlie for awhile then came up to send Jas an email."

"Who's Charlie?" Jake asked getting up with a groan.

"Oh, the receptionist that checked us in. He saw me on my own and when he finished his shift he came over and sat with me for awhile. He is kinda cool. I charged a couple of cokes to the room; I hope that is ok Dan?"

"Of course that's fine. If you guys want to anything to eat or drink just charge it to the room. How about we get changed and go down for some dinner, I'm starved."

After a shower and a change we went down to the hotel restaurant and had lovely dinner. We talked about our plans for the next couple of weeks and what we were going to do together. The boys had lots of plans to go shopping and we planned to see some of the sights.


On the Wednesday before we left was the day that Greg was supposed to be picking up Zack for their day together. He called in the morning and asked if it was ok for Zack to get a cab over as he couldn't come out and get Zack. I didn't like the idea of Zack riding all that way on his own and as I had a rented car I offered to drive him out.

We all piled into the car and we started the hour journey to Greg's house. When we got there I was surprised to see it was a large house in the suburbs with a neatly manicured lawn. I wasn't really sure what I was expecting to see although from what Cam and Kate had said I had an image of the devil incarnate in my mind.

As Zack walked up the front path, the front door opened and a man came out of the house and met Zack half way. It was like looking at Cam but as if someone had made some subtle changes, he was obviously older but the years had treated him well, he was broader and his hair was deep chestnut colour.

They walked back down the path and towards the car.

"Hi, I'm Greg, you must be Daniel." He said extending a hand.

"Hi nice to meet you." I said shaking the proffered hand.

"Sorry about making you have to drive all the way out here. I would have come out but I couldn't leave the girls."

"Thanks ok. It was no trouble at all."

Although I didn't want to say anything I did think that it was a bit unkind of him not to be devoting his day to Zack considering how often they got to see each other.

I said my goodbyes and told Zack to give me a call when he wanted picking up before getting back into the car.

"So what do you want to do today then?" I said turning to Jake.

"Let's go back to the hotel." He replied with a smile.

"You're sure you don't want to go exploring?" I said.

"Nope. I want to spend the whole day just the two of us locked in the hotel." He said with a grin and a squeeze of my leg.


I must have been deaf during my orgasm. Rolling off Jake I heard the phone just as it stopped ringing.

I grabbed it up and looked at the missed calls. It was Zack, I was a little surprised as we had only dropped him off a few hours ago. Catching my breath I called him back.

"Hi Zack, sorry I missed your call."

"Hey Dan, is it ok if you come and pick me up please?"

By the sound of his voice I could tell that Zack wasn't very happy. I didn't ask any questions as it was unlikely that he could answer and I was pretty much expecting something like this to happen from what Cam had told me.

"OK, I'll just grab a shower and come straight over."

"Could you come now instead please?"

"Sure thing. We're leave now then."

I really didn't know what to do, I need to get over there as soon as possible but we both must have stunk of sex. My heart was breaking for Zack, how could someone treat their own child so badly?

I told Jake what was happening and we threw some clothes on and got in the car and drove. When we arrived Zack was sitting on the kerb with a small gift wrapped parcel by his side. He got in the car and slumped back on the seats.

"Everything ok?" I asked turning to see his face. It looked red and puffy like he had been crying.

"Mmm... Can we just go please?" He said turning away and looking out the window.

The journey back was a sombre one. About twenty minutes into the journey when we were stopped at some lights, Jake got out of the front seat and climbed into the back with Zack. They didn't say anything to each other; they didn't even seem to be looking at each other but I did notice that Jake kept rubbing Zack's arm or squeezing his leg.

We got back to the hotel and as soon as I parked Zack jumped out and went into the hotel. Jake and I followed at a slower pace.

I went into Jake and my bedroom and started to get ready to have a shower. Just as I was sitting down taking off my shoes and socks Jake walked into the room and sat on the end of the bed.

"How is he?" I asked.

"Not good I am guessing. He has locked himself into his room and won't let me in."

"He probably needs some time to himself." I said. "I'm going to have a quick shower before dinner."

Jake nodded and went through to the living room and switched on the TV.

After I had got ready Jake went into the bathroom to get washed and changed. I knocked on Zack's bedroom door.

"Zack, Jake and I are going to go out and get something to eat, would you like to join us?"


"OK well if you want to order something from room service feel free."


"If you need someone to talk to just give us a call or you can use the hotel phone and call your brother if you like."


I had done everything I could so I started up my computer and sent off a quick email to Cam letting him know what had happened while I was waiting for Jake to finish getting ready.


The next day we had planned to go to the Universal Studios Tour. I knocked on the door to Zack's room but there was no answer. I tried to go in but it was locked.

"What do you think we should do? He is still not answering the door." I asked Jake coming back into our room.

"Dunno, like you said he probably just wants to be alone."

"I know but I am worried about him."

"Yeah so am I but there is no point waiting outside his room, if it was me it would just make me want to stay inside all the more."

"I suppose your right. Well let's just get ready and go then."

When we went down for breakfast I stopped at the front desk and asked if any room service had been ordered the night before. The receptionist informed as that none had been.

The tour of Universal was really good although neither of us seem to have our mind on it much. At about two in the afternoon we called it a day and went back to the hotel.

Outside our room was a tray with an empty plate and glass sitting on it.

"Do you think we should check on him?" I whispered as we walked past Zack's room.

"No let me." Jake whispered back.

I went through to the bedroom with my laptop listening to what was going on.

"Zack its me, open up." I heard Jake say.

After a few moments I heard the door open and close again.

On my computer was an email from Cam.

Hey Dan,

Hope your enjoying yourself. Thanks for letting me know about Zack, I thought something like this was going to happen. I called him and we talked, I think he should be alright now.

See you in a few days.


I was relieved to see that Cam had spoken to him but was still concerned that Zack hadn't left the room at all.

Jake didn't re-emerge for a couple of hours. I was just sitting and watching TV and surfing the internet when both Jake and Zack came and sat on the couch with me.

"Hey bud, how you doing?" I said looking at Zack.

"I'm alright. Sorry for spazzing out like that."

"That's alight. We all `spazz out sometimes" I said with a wink. "I am just glad you decided not to spend the last day of your holiday hulled up in your room."

"Nope. So what's the plan for tomorrow then?"  Jake asked.

"Well I have some presents to buy. What about you guys?" I asked.

"Yeah I have one person to shop for." Jake replied with a cheesy grin.

"Ok well that sounds like a plan then. I'll give you two some money and then you can go shopping to your heart's content."

The next day when I woke up both boys were in the living room eating breakfast they had ordered from room service.

"Morning chaps" I said groggily.

"Morning!" They both replied boisterously.

I handed them both some money and told them they could go whenever they wanted and that I was going to have a slow morning.

They both thanked me and after breakfast trouped out letting me have a quite breakfast and a long shower.

I spent the most of the day shopping on Rodeo Drive before heading across town to the jeweller that I had found on the internet to pick up a package.

We all met back in the hotel with large bags of shopping. The boys had clearly enjoyed themselves and Zack was back to his old self.

We decided that as it was our last night that after packing we would get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant for dinner.

The holiday was over far too quickly for any of our liking but we were eager to get back to London for what was sure to be a great Christmas.

To be continued...

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