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Jake Saves Me

Chapter Two: Is it love?

I woke the next morning at eight o'clock; I switched off my alarm and rubbed my eyes. Had last night really happened or did I just dream it? Jake was spooning me; his left arm was draped over my chest. It felt so good that I didn't want to get out of bed. I turned over and slowly started rubbing his arm.


"Jake time to get up; Jake come on its morning."

Jake slowly opened his eyes, he was smiling at me. "Morning." He said in a croaky voice.


"Morning little man, shall we go for that swim now?"


"Yeah sounds good, hold on I need to take a piss."


Jake walked in to the bathroom naked, I followed him in and brushed my teeth When he had finished peeing I told him to wash his hands and to brush his teeth. I then peed as well and I watched as Jake stared intently at my dick. I washed my hands and put on a bathrobe. I then handed a spare one to Jake.


"What do I need a bathrobe for? We are only going downstairs." Jake asked.


"There is someone who comes in and cleans the house for a few of hours on a Friday and Monday morning. They probably won't disturb you but it would be rude if you were walking around naked or doing something that you shouldn't be."


We walked into the pool house and I went to get the swimming trunks. It had been a warm night and the trunks had dried out, I handed Jake his pair and put on my shorts. We then hung up the bathrobes and got into the pool. Jake just splashed about getting used to the water again as I started doing lengths. After I had done about five lengths Jake joined me and started swimming lengths as well. I managed another ten before Jake started to look tired. I swam over to him and gave him praise to how well he had swum today.

"That was really good; you seemed to have remembered most of what I told you yesterday. I think we should make this a regular appointment. Shall we get out now and get some breakfast?" I said heading over to the pool ladder.


Jake followed me out of the pool into the changing room where we took off our trunks, dried ourselves and put the bathrobes back on. I picked up the trunks and put them in the washing basket with the wet towels. We then headed to the kitchen where Jake sat at the breakfast bar while I pulled out a couple of boxes of cereal and a bottle of milk.


"Would you like toast; and some tea or coffee?" I asked as Jake started0 to eat some coco pops.


"Yeah please, can I have a slice of toast and a coffee please, white three sugars?"


I put the bread in the toaster and started to make the coffees; I made us both a tall latte and handed Jake the sugar letting him put his own in. I then put the toast on a plate and got the butter and jam out of the fridge and put them on the breakfast bar next to him. I sat down and started to butter a slice of toast.

 "Jake I have an appointment this morning and I have to see a client for work this afternoon, are you going to be ok on your own today?"


"Um... OK, but couldn't I come with you?"


"No I'm sorry, but I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3 you could play with or you can watch any of the DVD's that you want."


"Alright, that's cool." Jake said going back to his breakfast.


"OK I don't mind what you do today but please don't use the pool or the gym while I am not here, and please be respectful to Lee."


"Who's Lee?...Wait you have a gym?" Jake said suddenly realising what I had said.


"Lee is the cleaner, hold on I'll introduce you; maybe that could be what you can do today, explore the house!"


I shouted up the stairs for Lee and he quickly replied and came into the kitchen carrying a basket of laundry.


"Lee this is Jake he will be staying with me for a while. Jake this is Lee, if you get lost in the house just give him a shout, he knows this house better than I do." I said.


"You alright mate?" Lee said in a soft voice to Jake shaking his hand.


"Yeah you?" Jake asked back. Jake's voice seemed to get unnaturally deeper at this point.


"Dan, there is quite a bit of washing to do today but I can't stay late; any chance I can leave it for you to dry when you get back?" Lee said to me.


"Yeah that should be fine. Is your mum no better?"


"No she is still getting worse." Replied Lee quietly.


"I don't know why you don't take up my offer. She would get better treatment and I really don't mind." I said.


"Nah don't worry about it, I can handle it." Lee said turning away.


 "If either of you two want anything to eat or drink help yourself, but Jake remember what I told you yesterday and no cooking please." I said.


With that Lee nodded at both of us and headed over to the utility room.


"OK little man I am going to have a shower, I'll check on you before I leave. Feel free to do what you want."

I went back upstairs and got into the shower in the en-suite bathroom. Afterwards I put on a pair of boxers and socks and picked out a nice black suit and with a pale yellow shirt. When I came back downstairs Jake was sitting and playing Halo on the TV in the living room. It took a moment before he had noticed that I had entered the room. When he did he paused the game, turned and wolf whistled at me.


"Wow, you look good today. What time will you be home?" Jake asked.


"I am going to be out all day; I should be home about five-ish depending on the traffic. Tell you what as it is Friday how about we go out for dinner tonight?"


"Yeah that would be cool" Jake said.


"OK, make sure you're washed and dressed smart for five. If you need to get hold of me during the day here's my number if you have any problems just give me a call." I said handing him one of my business cards with my mobile number on it.


"Cool thanks." Jake replied putting the card in the pocket of the bathrobe and returning to his game.


I packed up my laptop into my work bag and ruffled Jake's hair before leaving the house.


I drove the ten miles of country road to my therapist's office, parked the car and walked into the waiting room. The young receptionist Jane recognised me as I walked in and smiled.


"Dr. Charlton is ready whenever you are Mr. Wood; you know where his study is right?" She said to me.


"Yes thanks Jane. See you in a couple of hours. And enough of the `Mr. Wood' stuff alright?" I replied smiling at her and walking to the study.

I knocked on the door to the study and walked in and took my usual place on the feinting couch opposite the desk.


"Morning Doc, how's life?" I said getting comfortable on the couch.


"Life's ok, you know how it is, having to listen to other peoples troubles all week. By Friday I am shattered and I think you know Mrs Colton? I had her drilling a hole in my brain for two hours yesterday with that voice of hers. However I always look forward to seeing you, how is my favourite patient today? You look awfully chipper. Things looking up?" Dr. Charlton said.


"Yeah actually my life has taken a bit of a turn around since last week. I haven't felt empty or depressed for most of the week."


"And what brings about such a sudden change? Not a young lady is it?"


"No a boy actually, a teenager, no not in that way! Just having him there and having someone that needs caring for, makes me feel useful and wanted." I said.

Over the course of the next hour I told him all about Jake, how I had come to find him, what had happened with his mother and the current situation. I left out all the sexual stuff even though I have known Dr. Charlton for many years and trust him not to tell anyone, I didn't want to risk it. He sat and listened to me his hand making a steeple under his chin and occasionally writing some notes on a pad until I had finished talking.


"OK Daniel, I understand where you are coming from; that you want to help this boy and care for him, but you must be careful not to become too attached to him. This may just be a temporary arrangement. People suffering from your kind of depression with feelings of worthlessness and uselessness have a tendency to cling on to a person or thing, this is not healthy, when the person or thing has gone the patient will feel worse than when he started and it just sets the whole process back. And one other thing, as a parent I would just like to say, you are doing a very kind thing for this boy, he clearly has nowhere else to turn and I wouldn't want him lost in the state care system anymore than you would but you must allow him to grow up as a normal teenager. Be careful not to smother him, he will most likely start to cling to you as much as you will to him but if you allow that to happen, when he gets older he will resent you for it and your relationship will be forever damaged because of it. Make sure you allow him enough time with his friends if he has any and let him get into the trouble we all got into when we were his age."


"Daniel it has been lovely seeing you again, I'm glad that you are feeling better this week and good luck with everything. Shall I book you in for same time again next week?" Dr. Charlton said as I started to get up from the couch.


"Thanks for everything doc, I'll try and remember everything you have said, but like I keep telling you it would be easier if you could write down your thoughts for me so I could keep going back to them. I'll have to check my diary about what time I am free next week but I'm sure I'll see you some time. Bye Doc."


"That's fine Dan just let Jane know when you have checked your diary. See you next week."


I walked back to the main reception and started talking to Jane.


"Hey Dan, good session?" Jane asked.


"Yeah it was good, very insightful. Clive always surprises me with his wisdom and the way he can always understand the way I am thinking. Jane I haven't received the invoice for last month yet any idea what happened?"


"Yeah sorry, I was going to mention it before you left, we have had a bit of a glitch with our computer systems and for some reason none of our accounting software has been working. It has been an absolute nightmare. We did have someone round to fix it but they weren't much use."


"That's fine I'll write you a cheque now and when you can, just post the invoice to me. I need to make an appointment for next week." I said digging my dairy out of my bag. "Is Dr. Charlton free Wednesday morning? I have the whole morning free so if you would like I could also come and have a look at your computer systems."


"Yes that would be great. I see here that he has luckily got a free slot, so we'll see you soon then."


I wrote out a cheque and handed it to Jane, bade her farewell and left the office. I drove the forty miles to my clients offices, which were just south of Milton Keynes. I was about twenty minutes early so I sat in my car, lit a cigarette and called the house. The phone rang out and went to the answering machine. "Hey Jake, If you can hear this pickup, it's Dan."


"Hey Dan, what's up?"


"Hey little man, just checking you were ok, you been exploring yet?"


"Yeah your house is massive, there are so many rooms. Why are most of them empty though?"


"Oh I haven't got round to putting anything in them yet. Anyway what you been up to? Anything fun?"


"Yeah a few things, just playing Call of Duty at the moment. Is it ok to eat one of those ready meals in the fridge?"


"Yeah of course help your self to anything you like, I'll let you get back to your game, see you soon little man."


I hung up the phone, finished my cigarette and went to see my client. I was in there for about four hours. I was very pleased with how it went so called one of my favourite restaurants which was a little expensive so I usually only go there for special occasions, and, made a reservation for two for tonight. I got back in the car and drove home. 


By the time I got back it was nearly half five, I walked into the house and Jake was sitting in the living room playing on the Xbox, he was clean and neatly dressed in trousers, a shirt and a nice sweatshirt. He had even gone to the trouble of trying to wax his hair. He really did look like an angel.

"I hope you haven't just been playing that all day." I said coming in and patting him on the shoulder.


"Erm... no not all day. I played with something else today as well." Jake said not taking his eyes off the screen.


"I bet you did." I said with a smirk on my face. "I am going to go up to have a shower and change, you ok down here?"


"Yeah I'm cool." Jake replied distractedly still not taking his eyes off the screen.


I went upstairs and to the bedroom, I noticed that the bed sheets had been changed but Jake had clearly been in the bed since, I also noticed there were a number of crumpled tissues on the bedside table; I made a mental note to buy a bin for the bedroom. I took off my suit and put it back in the cupboard, took off my shirt, boxers and socks and put them in the laundry hamper in the bathroom.  


I then had a long shower, brushed my teeth and put on some nice aftershave. I went back into the bedroom and put on a nice pair of back trousers, a pale blue shirt and a navy jumper.


I went back downstairs Jake still seemed mesmerised with his game. I sat down and watched him, he was very good. I noticed that he seemed to get really into the game and forget everything else that was going on around him; he was standing up moving the controller with the character on the screen.


"When you finish this level we better make a move. The table is booked for eight and the restaurant is quite far from here." I said.


"Huh? Oh ok, give me a minute... YES!! I have been trying to finish that level for hours. You must be lucky!" Jake said sitting back down on the couch and looking at me for the first time since I had got home.


Jake saved his game and switched of the console and TV and put the controller back in the draw that I had kept them.


"OK you all ready?" I asked grabbing my wallet and keys.


"Uh... yeah I just need to piss, hold on." Jake said walking towards the stairs.


"You don't have to go upstairs, see that bookshelf? Pull it forward, it is actually a hidden door." I said showing him the how to open the door.


Jake went in a bit dubiously and left the door open. After a minute he came back out with a huge smile on his face.


"Wow that is so cool! I have never seen a house with a urinal in it. You have everything here don't you?" Jake said in awe.


"Yeah I had that put in specially, my men only room! There are also urinals in the toilets in the changing room of the pool house. I see you still have some more exploring to do." I said laughing.


"Yeah this would be a great house to play hide and seek in!"


We walked over to the front door put on our smart shoes and left the house. We got into the car and I started heading for the heart of London.


I parked the car in the underground car park and we walked to the front doors of the restaurant. There was a concierge who opened the door and tipped his hat at us as we walk in. I walked up to the Maître D stand.

"Wood, table for two." I told the Maître D.

"Very good Mr. Wood, I'll show you to your table." The Maître D said.  


He sat us at a table at the far side of the restaurant. I remained standing as the Maître D pushed Jake's chair in for him and placed a cloth napkin oh his lap. He then came round and did the same for me.


"Your waiter tonight will be Julian and your sommelier will be Claude. If you would like anything please don't hesitate to ask. My name is Dillon." With that Dillon signalled over to Claude and went back to his station.


"Good evening monsieurs, can I interest you in the wine list tonight?" Claude said in a thick French accent.


"No thank you I am driving and I think my friend here would prefer to stick to soft drinks. I'll have an elderflower juice and for Jake..." I said indicating Jake should choose a drink.


"Ummm... Coke please"


"Merci, I will be back in just a moment."


I picked up the menu and look down all of the dishes available, trying to choose which ones to have. Jake followed my lead and did the same. When I had put down my menu Julian came over.


"Are you ready to order Mr. Wood? The chef has an excellent special on tonight, slow roasted duckling. " Julian said.


"Yes, I think I will have the Paté de foie gras to start and the spring lamb for mains." I said.


"And for sir?" Julian asked turning to Jake.


"Err... Can I have the prawn cocktail and the duck thing you just said?" Jake said clearly panicked at having been addressed directly.  


"Very good sirs." Julian said giving a half bow and walking away.


Claude returned with the drinks, bread, butter and olives.


"This place is really posh init?" Jake said tearing some bread and dipping it in the butter.


"It's not really that posh, but they do serve very good food here. Always remember not to feel intimidated in places like this, you're the one eating in the restaurant so just relax and have a good time." I said.


After we sat and chatted for about twenty minutes before our starters arrived. Jake was telling me about his school and about the friends he had there. After another twenty minutes the main courses arrived, Jake had started to tell me a bit about his family and his dad. Even after everything that had happened he really seemed to love them all.


After we had finished our main courses and had time to digest a bit Julian returned.


"Can I offer sirs the dessert menu?"


"None for me thanks but I will have a latte please." I said.


"I'll have a look." Jake said taking the offered menu.

He looked down at all the different items and said to Julian in a confident voice "I'll have the Eaton Mess please."


Julian nodded and left the table. I turned to Jake and said "That was a lot better. I'm going to go out and have a quick cigarette; I'll be back in a minute."


Jake got up from the table and said "I'll come with you."


I went out of the back doors of the restaurant to the small patio area and lit a cigarette. Jake kept watching me but didn't say anything. After I had finished we went back to the table where our dessert and coffee were waiting. I sat drinking my latte as Jake tucked into the Eaton Mess. After we had finished I asked for the bill, when it arrived I paid it leaving a generous tip.


We walked back to the car and I drove home. It was ten thirty by the time we had arrived.


"What would you like to do now? I bet you want to go back on the Xbox right?" I asked Jake opening the front door and walking into the living room.


"Nah, I'm stuffed, I need to lie down. Can we watch some TV upstairs?" Jake asked rubbing his belly.


"Yeah sounds good to me."


"Oh shoot, I forgot to put the washing in the tumble dryer." I said slapping my forehead.


"It's ok I put them in when the washing machine finished earlier. I was going to put them away but they were mainly sheets and I didn't know where they went." Jake said.


"Oh cool, thanks little man you truly are an angel." I said ruffling his hair.


We headed upstairs into the bedroom and I took off my clothes and put them in the laundry hamper in the bathroom. I went back to the bed and sat on top of the covers wearing just my boxers. Jake went into the bathroom and closed the door. I switched on the TV and started to watch the news. After about fifteen minutes I heard the toilet flush, Jake came back into the room wearing just his boxers rubbing his belly. "Ahh, that's better, just need to make some room." He said getting into bed.


Jake got under the covers and pulled off his boxer shorts and dropped them to the floor. I handed him the remote and told him to watch anything he wanted. He flicked through the channels for about twenty minutes, occasionally stopping on a channel for a few minutes. After a while he said, "There is nothing good on" and dropped the remote on the bed.


"We can watch a DVD if you want." I said.


"Yeah that's a great idea."


"Do you want to go and choose one?" I said getting under the covers and making myself more comfortable.


"OK" Jake said with a smile.


Instead of heading downstairs he went over to the cabinet on the far wall, my heart skipped a beat. He must have found my porn collection. He looked inside and picked one out. My heart was racing; did he notice that I had gay porn in there as well? How could he not have? Without saying anything he closed the cabinet loaded the DVD into the side of the TV and got back into bed.


"This is a good one, I watched some of it earlier." He said scrunching down the bed making himself more comfortable.


I started to relax a bit, I wasn't sure if he had just missed the gay porn of if he just didn't care but he didn't say anything and I wasn't going to either.


The movie that Jake had chosen had a cheerleader theme to it. It started off with a load of cheerleaders on an American football field doing drills. Then a couple of them got on a trampoline and started jumping. The camera started showing close ups of the girls breasts bouncing.


"That looks like so much fun." Jake said watching the film intently.


"What does the girls?" I asked.


"No silly, the trampoline. My friend Aaron had one but I only got to go on it once." He said giggling and punching me playfully in the arm.


Now on the film two guys had entered the scene and were standing on the trampoline making the girls kneel down and give them blow jobs. We both had gone quiet at this point and Jake had started rubbing himself under the covers. Slipped off my boxers and dropped them to the floor I started doing the same.


After a while the scene had started to get a bit boring, the girls were still sucking the guys off. Jake picked up the controller and started fast forwarding it until some hardcore penetration had come on the screen. "Yeah that's what I'm waiting for fuck that bitch hard!" Jake said watching the screen.


He pushed the covers off both sides of the bed so that both our cocks were in the open. He then turned his body so that he could keep one eye on the screen and the other on my cock, his wanking started to get faster and harder. After a few minutes he suddenly let go of his cock.


"Hey Jake what's wrong?" I said suddenly stopping as well.


 "I was about to cum; I want to watch you cum first. I didn't get to see it properly yesterday." Jake said shuffling up the bed and getting closer.


Jake was so close now that it was uncomfortable to put my left arm by my side. He must have seen my discomfort as he put my arm around his shoulders and shuffled into the crook of my arm he put right his arm behind my back. I leaned in a bit closer to him so that he could get a good view. I was really pounding my cock hard, Jake rested his head on my chest, and I could feel his warm breath on my abs.


"Uhh... I'm cumming" I said letting out a low groan and shooting four powerful loads on my chest and stomach. I slowly milked the last drops and let them collect in a puddle on my belly.  


I looked over at Jake he was sitting up and touching something on his cheek.


"Oh god, I'm so sorry, did I get some on you?" I said panicking.


"It's ok. I don't mind, that looked awesome." Jake said.


He wiped my cum off his cheek with his index finger and rubbed it between his finger and thumb looking closely at it. He then held it to his nose and gave it a quick sniff.


"Yours is much thicker than mine. It is more slippery as well." He said.


The then lay back down and pulled back his foreskin and rubbed the glop of cum on to his cock head. He then closed his eyes and started to wank it his cock furiously, after about thirty seconds he started bucking his hips and moaning loudly. At the last second he leaned over and came on my stomach. After he had finished he rested his head back down on my chest.

"Got you too now" he said giggling and trying to regain his breathing.


He carried on lying on my chest and started running his fingers in the pool of cum on my stomach and chest. I just lay back and stroked his hair. After a while his breathing became more rhythmic and his fingers stopped playing. I looked down at his face and he had drifted off to sleep. I grabbed the forgotten remote and switched off the TV. I then hugged Jake and rolled him onto his side. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom and used one of the towels in the laundry basket to wipe the rest of the cum off my body. I then got back into bed switched off the lights and spooned Jake.


When woke up the next morning I could feel Jake wanking again. I opened my eyes and said "morning".


"Morning, sorry to wake you, when I woke up I could feel you hard on pushing me in the back, it made me so hard and I couldn't help myself." Jake said.


I just closed my eyes again and rubbed his chest, a few minutes later he was cumming, this time though he had tissues waiting ready.


The next thing I knew Jake was shaking me awake.

"Come on, don't go back to sleep, we are supposed to be going swimming." Jake said still try wake me.


Jake then tried a different tact, I could feel his finger walking up my sides and up my arm, he then started tickling me under my arm. I am very ticklish and within seconds I was writhing around and begging for mercy. Jake finally stopped. "Good you're awake, let go swimming." He said.


"Not before..." I said crawling up besides him, I then started tickling him mercilessly, he tried to get way so I put one of my legs on either side of his and at on his thighs as I continued to tickle him.


"Please stop... I'm... I'm going to piss myself..." he said giggling and writhing about.


I stopped and we both just sat in the same position getting our breath back. Jake then looked down, I followed his eyes to where he was looking, my balls were sitting on his and my hard cock was pointing straight up. We both just looked at each other for a moment; Jake then reached out to grab it, I quickly got off him and started walking over to the shower.

"I think it best if we rinse off before we get in the pool." I said going into the shower and turning it on.


I quickly rinsed off my body trying to wash away some of the cum that I had missed the night before. I got out of the shower and Jake was standing in front of it waiting for me. He then jumped in and started washing his body. I was trying not to look but I noticed that he had not touched his cock. He hadn't cleaned it at all but I let it go. We both put on bathrobes and headed downstairs to the pool house.


"I need to go for a piss." Jake said heading for the toilet in the changing room.


"Yeah so do I." I said following him in and standing at the urinal next to him.


We then went to the cupboard in the changing room which contained our freshly laundered trunks, and put them on hanging up the bathrobes.


We swam for around and hour before Jake started to get tired. We then went upstairs where Jake went to the bathroom to have a shower while I watched the news. When Jake had finished I went to the bathroom to go to the toilet, shave, brush my teeth and shower.


When I got out Jake was sitting on the bed watching cartoons, the towel still wrapped around his waist. I looked at the clock and it was nine thirty. I then started to get dressed. "Come on get dressed, we can go shopping before the crowds all start." I said.


Jake dressed in one of his new t-shirts and shorts. We then went downstairs had a quick breakfast and left the house.


We parked at the shopping centre and headed towards the shops. We first went to a game store were Jake looked round at lots of the different games available, he picked up a couple and I bought them with a four wireless microphones for the Xbox and two one year Xbox live memberships.


We then went to the sports store and bought a few more pairs of swimming trunks for Jake, I also picked out some spares in other sizes too so that if Jake's friends came round they would be able to go swimming as well.


When we had finished in the sports store we headed over to a department store so that I could get a bin for the bedroom. When we got there though, there was a large trampoline setup outside with a number of kids jumping on it. Jake's eyes lit up and he looked up at me. "Go on then, have fun." I said and he quickly gave me the bags he was carrying and jumped on the trampoline with the other kids.


He looked so energetic on it and he had a huge smile plastered across his face. I went over to the sales person and smiled at her. "Morning sir, would you be interested in purchasing a trampoline? All sports equipment is half price this weekend with free delivery." She said.


"Yeah how much are they?" I replied.


"Well they start at £90 for a 6' one and go up from there."


 "How much would one this size be?"


"Well sir this is a 25' one, we do sell them but I have to warn you that you would need to have a very big garden for one of these."


"That's fine I'm sure it would fit."


"I'll have to ask my manager, the price is not on my list here."


I followed her into the store while she spoke to the manger; he introduced himself and gave me the price. He had also taken a further 10% off the half price. I agreed that it was a good price and offered him and extra £30 if he could deliver it same day. He called the warehouse and agreed that would be possible. We arranged a delivery for between one and three this afternoon. Just then Jake ran up to me red faced and out of breath.


"Did you have fun?" I asked?


"Yeah it was great! I was wondering where you went. Can I go back on it?" Jake said still panting for breath.


"We still have a few bits to buy from here, but don't worry you can go on it when we get home." I said, as Jake gave me a confused look.


"Don't worry you'll find out when we get home." I said, walking to the back of the store towards the home wares department.


While I was picking out a bin and a few other things including a new wardrobe, Jake was having fun smelling all the different men's aftershaves. When I had finished I walked over to him and asked if he had found one he liked.


"Yeah I like this Joop, it is the same one my brother always used to wear, but you don't have to get it; I know that it is really expensive."


"We'll call it an early birthday present then." I said picking up the box and taking it over to the counter.


"My birthday isn't until next month and you don't have to get me a present, you have already done enough for me."


I looked down at him; I really was starting to love this boy. I ruffled his hair again and gave my card to the cashier.


I looked at my watch it was already coming up to twelve, so we headed back to the car and headed back home.


"How about a McDonalds for lunch?" I asked.


"Yeah that sounds good."


"OK, there is a drive-thru not too far out of our way." I said and started heading towards McDonalds instead.


When we got to McDonalds I stopped at the menu and asked Jake what he wanted, he didn't reply and when I looked over to him he was fast asleep resting his head on the seatbelt. All that swimming and jumping must have worn the little guy out. I felt bad waking him so I just ordered him the same as he had last time and McChicken sandwich meal for myself.


When we arrived back to the house I woke Jake and he sleepily looked around then smiled at me. We grabbed the bags out of the car and went into the house. By the time we had got to the living room Jake was wide awake again and had started to rifle through the bags looking for the Xbox games and membership. I sat down next to him and started to eat my lunch. Jake found the card with the membership number on it and entered it into the Xbox. He then sat down and ate his lunch before tearing open his new game and going online with it.


At around one thirty the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. It was the delivery people from the department store. "Yeah that's going round the back and I will show you where the wardrobe is going upstairs." I said loudly to the delivery people as the truck backed up my driveway.


Just as they were taking the trampoline out of the truck Jake appeared at my side. "Oh cool you bought one! I thought you had, wow you bought the same size one they had in the store!" Jake said squeakily following the delivery people putting it in the back garden.


While they were doing that I went up to my bedroom to make space for Jake's new wardrobe. I shuffled mine to the side and left a reasonable gap. I went back downstairs and the delivery people were already unloading the wardrobe, as they came towards me I said " Could you put that on the first bedroom on the right please, just next to the other one."


The delivery people left the wardrobe upstairs and when they came back down I tipped them both £20 before they left.


"Dan, can I go on the trampoline please?" Jake asked all exited.


"Of course you can."


I went to the laundry room and picked up the clean clothes and sheet that had been left there; I also picked up the bags with Jake's new clothes in them and went up to the bedroom. I started packing away the new clothes and the clothes that we had bought the other day when I heard a yell from the garden. I dropped the trousers I was holding and ran as fast as I could to the back garden. Jake was sitting on the trampoline holding his arm. "What happened? I heard you yell." I said crawling onto the trampoline.


"I was trying to do one of those sit drop things and I landed on my arm funny." He said, he was not crying but his eyes were red and wet.


"OK I think it best we put some ice on that." I said crawling off the trampoline Jake following.


We went into the kitchen, where I put some ice in a tea towel and gave it to Jake. He let out a little whimper as he put the icepack on his wrist. After about ten minutes Jake said. "It feels hot and numb, but it still hurts really bad." He took the ice pack off his wrist, the skin had gone all red and his wrist had started swelling.


"I don't like the look of that swelling, I think we better get you to a hospital and make sure nothing is broken. Hold your arm up to your chest and try not to move it." I said grabbing my car keys.


We left the house; I opened the car door for Jake then got in and leaned over him to put on his seatbelt. I decided it would be best to go to a private hospital which was about twenty miles away, rather than wait in the queues in the public one. Jake would be covered under my medical insurance anyway as he was now living with me.  


When we arrived at the hospital we went through to the reception area I showed the receptionist my policy card and explained what had happened. She informed us that there would be around a ten to fifteen minute wait to see a doctor and that as Jake wasn't named on my policy and had never been there before there would be a couple of forms to fill in. She handed me the forms and we sat in the waiting room while I started filling out the forms. "Wow this is the nicest hospital I have ever seen; it looks more like a posh office rather than a hospital." Jake said looking around.


The first form was simple for me to fill out. It was mainly my details and about my policy. The second form was more complicated, it was asking for all of Jake's details. "OK first question, name? Connors, Jake. Do you have a middle name?" I asked filling out the form.


"Yeah Michael," He replied.


"Date of birth?"


"19th September 1993."


"You're male right?"


"Yep, you've seen the proof!" he replied giggling.


"Shh... careful where you say stuff like that!" I said.


"Address, ok I can fill that one in"


"NHS number? We better leave that one blank."


"Are you allergic to any medicines?"


"Um like what? I don't think so."


"Well this is really important, do you know if you are allergic to penicillin? Have you ever had antibiotics?"


Jake looked up at the ceiling for a moment then said. "Yeah I had an infection once and the doctor asked my mum if I was allergic and she said no."


"Right ok then. Next question blood type, height and weight."


"Don't know any of those."


"Ok we'll leave those blank. Any existing medical conditions?"


"Um... no, actually I used to have bad asthma when I was young but it has pretty much gone now."


"Previous surgeries?"


"Yeah I had one when I was really young but I can't remember what for."


"OK last question do you know your GP's name?"


"I think his name was Hogarth or something like that."


I looked down at the form and was a bit worried that we had left quite a lot of it blank. I signed the bottom of the form and sat back and waited. After a few minutes a young doctor came into the waiting room and called Jake's name.


"Would you like to go in by yourself or would you like me to come with you?" I asked Jake.


"Can you come with me please?"


We got up and followed the doctor into his office. We sat down opposite him and I handed him the forms.


"Hello Jake my name is Doctor Ross, so what have we done to ourselves today then?" The doctor asked Jake in a friendly voice.


"I was playing on a trampoline and tried to do a sit drop thing but I landed funny on my arm."


"Mmm... I see, well this is a common injury. May I have a look at your arm?"


Jake held out his arm as the doctor examined it, he turned it over and Jake winced.


"OK, can you try and wiggle your fingers for me please?" Dr. Ross asked.


"Ok well it doesn't look broken but I think we should get an x-ray just to be sure."


He typed a few things on his computer then picked up the phone."


"Yes we have a young gentleman here who requires an x-ray of his right arm. Yes that would be fine." He said into the phone.


He then went back to typing on his computer and looking at the forms I had filled out. After about two minutes there was a knock at the door and a nurse walked into the office. "If you would just like to come with me young man we'll take an x-ray of that arm for you." The nurse said to Jake.


Jake followed the nurse out of the room. I sat waiting when suddenly Dr. Ross looked up from his computer and said "I notice that you are registered here for your GP services, would you like to register Jake as well?"


"Yeah if that wouldn't be too much trouble" I replied.


After about ten minutes Jake came back into the room carrying a large brown envelope in his left hand, he handed it to the doctor and sat back down. Dr. Ross then removed the x-ray prints from the envelope, walked over to a light box on the wall, attached them and started to examine them. "It looks like we have had a lucky escape. There's nothing broken just looks like a bad sprain and possibly some ligament bruising. Now Jake, Mr. Wood has asked me to register you here for GP services, when was the last time you went to your doctor for a check up?"


"I haven't been to the doctor since I was about eleven when I had an infection." Jake replied.


"Right, nearly four years is far too long. We are missing some of the details on this form so could you take off your shoes and jump on this scale for me please? Now if you could just stand under this device we can measure your height. Can take off your shirt and sit on the bed for me please."


Jake need some help taking off his shirt, so I helped him with it, he winced as the shirt went over his right arm.


Dr. Ross then started listening to Jake's breathing. "And if you could take a deep breath for me please, and out, and again, ok that sounds good. OK we just need a blood and urine sample so if you could just fill this up for me please before I take your blood, you can use the bathroom just through there."


Jake got up taking the little pot onto the toilet, about a minute later the toilet flushed and Jake came back out carrying the pot full of dark yellow urine.


"And if you could just make sure it is properly sealed and drop it into this bag for me please, that's lovely and if you could just hold out your left arm, no other way up." The doctor said, he then took three small vials of blood and put them into another bag on his desk, he then taped a cotton ball to Jake's arm where the needle had gone in.


"Right now we would normally get a nurse to bandage your arm for you, but I like you so here we go." Dr. Ross said getting some bandages from his cupboard. He wrapped a tight elasticised bandage around Jake's palm, then up to his forearm tying it off neatly to the top. He then used a large triangular bandage as a sling tied it around Jake's neck so that his arm crossed his chest.


Dr. Ross then took off his gloves put them in the bin and washed his hands. He then sat down at his desk and looked over at us.


"Right, results. Well as for the arm you will have to keep it immobilised for at least a week, I will prescribe you an anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling, to be taken three times a day with meals and some pain relief which you can take when your arm hurts, up to two tablets every four hours but not more six tablets in twenty for hours. You're a bit underweight for your height and age. You should be eating three healthily meals a day and make sure you exercise. Anything you can do to keep your body moving at your age is good. We will be running a number of tests on your blood and urine samples, but just looking at the colour of your urine I can see that you are currently dehydrated. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water during the day, when we have good weather like today try and carry a bottle of water with you. If you are playing sports or doing anything physically exerting make sure that you are replacing the fluids lost. When I listened to your breath sounds I heard they sounded a little weak, not enough to worry about, have you had an asthma test? Oh yes I see you have suffered with it when you were younger. I think we should check your breathing.


He then handed Jake a cylindrical instrument and asked him to blow into it as hard as he could. He then reset it and asked him to do it again, then a third time.

"Mmm... That is not too bad but it is a little weak so I am going to prescribe you an inhaler which you can use if you feel your chest tightening up. You should carry it with you especially if you are playing sports.


"Jake can I ask you, do you smoke?" he said writing the results down.


Jake looked over to me at this point and made an anxious face. "It's ok Jake just tell the truth, your health is more important than worrying about what I think." I said.


"Yeah I do but I haven't smoked that much for the last month." Jake said.


"Well I'm sure that I don't need to lecture you on the dangers of smoking, needless to say you really should try and quit. How long have you been smoking now?" Dr. Ross said.


"I first tried one when I was ten but I didn't start until I was twelve." Jake said.


"Right well that is bad, but as an ex-smoker I can understand the peer pressure that might have got you to start and the difficulties of trying to quit, that said it is possible no matter how hard you find it. If you would like any help or advise on quitting just let me know, we have an excellent program here and a support group that can be very useful and that goes for both of you. Right I think we are all done here, I just need you to sign here Mr. Wood authorising payment from your medical insurance and if you just take these to the pharmacy, we have one onsite so you can get your medicines."


He handed me Jake's prescription and a leaflet on quitting smoking. We thanked the doctor and left the room. We headed down the hall to the pharmacy and collected the medicines. "Are you in pain now? Would you like to have one of the painkillers now?" I asked Jake.


"Yes please, it doesn't hurt as much now that he has put the bandage on but it has started to throb." Jake said softly.


We went over to the canteen where I bought a bottle of water, opened it for him and placed two of the small pills in his left hand. He placed them in his mouth and drank some of the water to wash them down. I then closed the bottle for him and we walked back to the car park.


"Looks like you won't be able to play Xbox for a week, or swim for that matter." I said getting into the car and putting Jake's seatbelt on for him.


We drove home and Jake sat in the living room watching a film while I went upstairs to finish putting away Jake's clothes and sheets. When I had finished I came back downstairs, it was already seven o'clock. "Shall we have the chicken and pasta for dinner tonight?" I asked Jake.


"Yeah ok."


I went to the kitchen and cooked the dinner. I brought the plates to the living room where Jake was watching TV. I handed Jake one of his pills and his plate then went back to the kitchen and brought out two glasses of water. We had just started eating when Jake asked "Dan could you cut up my chicken for me please?" I cut up his chicken for him and we both sat and ate watching the TV. After we had finished eating Jake turned to me and said, "Can we watch a DVD upstairs now?"


"Sure why don't you pick one out while I clear these plates up."


When I finished clearing up, I walked back into the living room where Jake was sitting with his chosen DVD on his lap. We went upstairs and I sat on the bed and waited for Jake to put the DVD on. Jake put the DVD on the bed "I need to go for a shit." Then walked into the bathroom.


He put his head round the door and said "Dan can you give me a hand? I can't get my shorts off properly."


I walked into the bathroom where Jake was standing in front of the toilet. I knelt down in front of him, unzipped his shorts and pulled them down. I then pulled down his boxers and he then sat down and said, "Thanks Dan".


"That's ok little man; if you need anything else just give me a shout."


I went back into the bedroom undressed and sat watching the news on the bed in just my boxers. "Dan!" Jake shouted through the door.


I went back into the bathroom Jake was still sitting on the toilet.

"Can you sort out some toilet paper for me please?" He asked.


I took some off and folded it up and handed it to him. I then turned around and let him sort himself out. When I herd the toilet flush I turned around. "Do you want help putting your boxers back on?" I asked.


"Nah, I'm not going to bother, I'm getting into bed now anyway. Could you wash my hand for me please? I really don't know how people can live with just one hand." He said.


I turned on the tap soaped up my hands then washed his left hand for him. I then dried it with the hand towel before I put his dirty cloths in the laundry basket and we both went to the bedroom.


I got back onto the bed and Jake opened the DVD case, put the disc in the TV and came back and sat on the bed. He had chosen an old action film; we sat and watched it for about twenty minutes before Jake said "This film is shit."


"You can go pick another film if you want." I said.


"OK" Jake said smiling.


He went to the cupboard and looked through some of the films. He picked one out and put it in the DVD player. He then came over to the bed handing me the DVD case and asked, "Is this a good one?"


My heart skipped, Jake had picked out one of my gay films. "I don't really know, uhhh... Do you know what this is?" I asked.


"Yeah I thought we would watch something a bit different."


My heart was still pounding as Jake navigated the DVD menu and let the film start. Did he really know what type of film this was? He had picked out one which was about big dicked twinks.


The first scene started with a good looking guy in overalls fixing a car in a garage. After about a minute another young mechanic came into the scene. He was walking with a can of oil then just before he reached the other guy he tripped and poured the oil down the first guy's crouch. He quickly ran off to grab a towel and knelt down and started to rub his crouch. Soon the first mechanic was hard and was rubbing the second mechanics head. The first mechanic dropped his overalls to the floor and was completely naked underneath. The second mechanic then started wanking him.


I looked over at Jake and he was lying back watching the TV and rubbing his hard cock with the flat palm of his left hand. I started to relax and took off my boxers and dropped them to the floor. I started slowly wanking my self. "Shit, I just can't do it properly with my left hand." Jake said suddenly.


"Mmmm..." I said a bit distractedly.


"Dan can you do it for me please?"


"What sorry?" I said turning to Jake.


"Can you wank me?"


"Um... I'm not sure I should."


"Oh go on please. I really need to cum and can't do it on my own."


I thought about it for a moment, I really wanted to but he was under age and I knew I shouldn't, he looked at me desperately and my hornyness won out.


"Alright then come and get a bit closer then."


Jake scooted closer towards me and I slowly touched his cock for the first time, it was rock solid but had velvety soft smooth skin. I could feel every one of the veins on his dick and could feel it twitching as I touched it. I started to wank him slowly.


I was leaning on my left arm and wanking Jake with my right. After a few minutes my left arm had started to get tired so I put it behind his back and put my head on his stomach, the top of his pubes were just touching my nose. I could smell his cock, it was lovely, it smelt of piss, boy sweat and an undertone of the body wash he had used in the morning. Jake started moaning and moving his hips with the rhythm of my strokes. "That's what I need." He said indicating the screen.


The two guys were now naked and the first one was giving the second one a blow job. "Don't worry one day you will find some one to love you and to do that for you." I said.


"You love me don't you Dan, I see it in your eyes."


"I think I am starting to." I said lifting my head and looking him in the eye.


I then turned my head and looked back at the screen, I suddenly felt Jake's hand on the back of my head, and he forcefully guided my head onto his dick. I gave the head a quick suck before lifting my head off his dick and giving the head a little kiss. Jake put his hand behind his head and sat back and relaxed. He then reached over me picked up the remote and fast forwarded the disc to the bit when the first twink starts to fuck the second's arse. I pulled back Jake's foreskin and gave his head a few more light kisses. I loved the taste of his dick and precum, it was salty and smooth with just a hint of his boy musk. I then started quickly flicking my tongue over his piss slit.

"Oh that feels so good keep doing that." Jake moaned thrusting his hips so his cock went in out of my mouth. 


After while I moved round to get more comfortable never letting his cock leave my mouth. I could feel his cock getting harder and pulsing in my mouth, I didn't want him to cum yet so I let go of his cock and moved down to his balls. I first spread his legs and licked all around his hairless sack, then taking first one then the other, then both balls into my mouth. I let them sit in my mouth and just massaged them with my tongue. I had been playing with his hard nipples with my free hand, tweaking one then the other.


I moved my hand to his perineum and slowly started to rub it, I took his balls out of my mouth and sucked my first two fingers; then went back to rubbing the hard mound behind his balls all the way to his tight puckering hole. I took his cock back into my mouth and started to go down as far as I could go. The first time I tried I could only get two thirds of the way down before I had to come back up but on the second time I tried I could feel his cock going all the way down my throat until my nose was buried deep in his pubic bush. I started humming and could hear him moaning and groaning. I came back up for air and started sucking just his cock head, flicking his piss slit with my tongue, my bobbing got faster as did my hand working his perineum. Jake started grunting and thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth, when suddenly I felt his hand pushing my head down hard. His cock entered my throat and he was still thrusting hard into my throat. Moments later he lifted his hips up, grunted loudly and used all his force to push my head as far down as it would go.


I could taste his cum in my throat as he lay back down panting and releasing my head. I came back up his cock and sucked the last few dribbles from the head before getting off his cock and giving it a little kiss.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand as I moved back up the bed and lay next Jake trying to catch my breath; I had felt so good it was almost as if I had cum.


"That was so good, it felt awesome, you were so good,  I haven't ever felt anything like it." Jake said still panting and trying to catch his breath.


I leaned over to the side table and picked up my cigarettes took one out of the packet, lit it and inhaled deeply, I exhaled and layback down. "Can I have one please Dan?" Jake asked me timidly.


I handed him a fag and lit it for him. We both lay back and enjoyed the post colitis smoke. We put out or cigarettes and I started watching the film again. I started stoking my leaking cock. Jake tried to lean over and wank me but couldn't reach over properly with his left hand. 


"I want to make you cum but I can't wank you properly." Jake said.


"Don't worry, I can do it." I said.


"No I really want to make you cum."


"If you're sure. Roll over and close your legs."


I shuffled up behind him so that I was spooning him, I then opened his legs and put my cock in between his thighs and closed them again. I then started thrusting him backwards and forwards. I could hear the sound of my balls slapping against the back of his legs. Jake suddenly understood and started tensing and relaxing his thigh muscles and bucking his hips in time with mine. I was getting close soI grabbed his firm arse and started pounding my cock in-between his legs hard and fast.


I grunted and started shooting my cum in-between his legs. I thought that it would go straight though and onto the bed in front of Jake but he had purposely put his hand in the way and had caught most of it. I was panting and I leaned my head on Jake's shoulder my cock shrinking in-between his legs.


Jake brought his palm up to his face and gave my spunk a sniff before dipping his tongue into it. He smacked his lips a bit then brought out his tongue again and took a bigger lick. He then turned over so that he was facing me and wiped my cum on his nipple. He grabbed my head and gently led my mouth to his nipple. I licked him clean giving his nipple a little nibble then rested my head on his chest and fell asleep.


To be continued...



Notes from the Author:  

I hope you liked the story! If so please email me at JamiePope@live.co.uk if not please let me know why. So Jake and Dan have some fun in this chapter. We find out that Jake smokes and is not as much of the angel he first appeared. We also discovered that Dan is in therapy for depression. Have you work out which of them is the sexually dominate one yet? Let me know your thoughts, email me!

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