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Jake Saves Me

Chapter Three: Wet Fun

I opened my eyes, I could smell Jake's hair. I was spooning him with my hand over his stomach. I gently started stoking his belly while he was snoring softly. I really was falling in love with this boy in every way. I wanted him as a son and my lover, I knew this was wrong but I couldn't help it. 

My cock started to rise and I could feel it pushing into the crack of his arse. I was still lightly rubbing his stomach when I felt the tip of his cock on my hand, I looked round and he was already hard. I slowly started to rub my cock up and down his arse groove.

Jake lifted his leg; I stopped suddenly and lay stock still. He put his hand in-between his legs then grabbed my cock and put it in-between his thighs as he then put his leg down and picked up my hand and wrapped it around his cock. He then slowly started to move his hips backwards and forwards and I started moving my hand and hips in time with him. I started getting faster and he started to groan. I pumped my hand and cock harder and I could feel his cock pulsating in my hand. I knew he was close as I was really close as well. Jake let out a little grunt and his thighs clamped down causing the feeling in my cock to intensify. I started cumming and I slammed my hips hard against his arse and as I continued to wank him faster, he started to cum as well. I loosened my grip on his cock and slowed my strokes milking every last drop from him. When his cock started to shrink I let it flop down and brought my and to my lips and licked the cum off them. 

We lay like that for another half an hour just enjoying the warmth from each others bodies. Jake turned around so his face was next to mine and gently placed a small kiss on my lips.

"Thank you Dan" Jake said in a soft voice.

"What for?" I asked back.

"Everything. I never thought I would meet anyone as kind as you." He said.

"No I need to thank me." I said.

"Why?" Jake replied confused.

"For completing me and for giving me a reason to be," I replied.

Jake gave me another little kiss in the lips.

I turned away from him, if I looked into that face anymore I was going to cry.

I grabbed my fags off the bedside table lit one, handing it to Jake. I then lit one for myself and put the ashtray between us.

When Jake had finished his fag he got out of bed then walked to the bathroom and started to pee. He then walked back to the bedroom and got back on the bed and turned the TV on. 

I looked around and watched the cartoon that Jake had switched on.

"What did you want to do today?" I asked.

"Nothing that needs energy, I'm knackered." Jake said.

"Well we have to get out of bed at some point."

"Why? We could stay here all day and watch porn."

"The way we watch porn we need a lot of energy, plus you might be able to cum twenty times a day but us old timers need a break to make more juice."

"Mmm... I don't know then."

"We could go the cinema if you want."

"Yeah that's a good idea, I really wanted to see that new Will Smith film."

"Shall we get out of bed and get washed then?" I asked.

"Give me another half hour." Jake said snuggling into my chest.

"Come on then let's get up." I said after half an hour then getting out of bed. I walked into the en-suite and sat on the toilet.

After I had finished I started to brush my teeth, Jake walked into the room and sat on the toilet.

"Dan, can you sort out the toilet paper for me." Jake said. 

I finished brushing my teeth rinsed my mouth then folded up some paper for him then washed my hands. Jake flushed the toilet and washed his hands. He took out his toothbrush placing it on the counter and tried to put the toothpaste on to it but missed and just left a blob of toothpaste on the counter. Picked up his toothbrush and took the toothpaste and put some on and handed it back.

Jake brushed his teeth while I filled a glass with water for him to rinse out his mouth. He finished brushing his teeth then turned to me. "I really need to have a shower, I'm covered in cum but how am I going to shower like this?" He asked holding up his bandaged arm.

"Mmm... we need to water proof it some how. Ah!" I said walking out of the room. 

I came back in a couple of minutes later holding a black bin liner and a roll of tape. Jake got the picture then carefully pulled his arm out of the sling and put it in the black bag. I then tied it up at the top near his elbow and wrapped some tape around it.

"OK, its waterproof but I'm still not going to be able to wash myself properly with one hand." Jake said holding up his bin liner/hand.

"OK I'll give you a hand. But we better use the shower in the main bathroom because this one won't be big enough for the both of us."

I walked out of the room and down the landing with Jake following me in. I switched on the shower tested the water temperature then told Jake to get in. He walked in and I followed closing the cubical door after me. We both stood under the torrent of water and got ourselves completely wet.

I leaned over Jake grabbing the shampoo bottle and squirted some onto his hair. I then scrubbed his hair with my fingers working up a good lather. I gently leaned his head forward allowing the stream of water to wash away the shampoo. I then squirted some more on to his hair and scrubbed it for a second time. This time more gently, also cleaning his earlobes and behind them all the way to the back of his neck. I then leaned his head forward again and rinsed off the shampoo, running my finger through his hair making sure it was clean and all the shampoo had been rinsed off. I then turned off the main showerhead and poured some body gel onto my hands. I lathered it up and put my hands on Jake's shoulders and turned him around. I rubbed the lather into his neck and shoulders then worked my way down his back. 

I put more gel on my hands and rubbed them together then kneeled down washing the outside of his round arse and hips, I then ventured into his crack and making sure that his hole was clean, then soaping forward to the back of his balls. I then stood up, re-lathered my hands with more gel and knelt back down and pushed his legs further apart. I washed his legs one at a time starting with the thigh making sure all my cum was off them and worked down towards his beautiful carves. I noticed that there were tiny golden hairs sprouting from his carves. I tapped his foot then he raised it allowing me to clean his foot and all the toes individually and then did the same with the other foot. I got back up and turned him round by his shoulders.

I put more gel on my hands, lathered them up and washed his chest and the front of his neck and face. I then tapped his arms and he lifted them. I paid special attention to his armpits rubbing them thoroughly. I noticed that he had two long wavy brown hairs in each pit. I gently pushed his arms forward and he held them in front of him like a zombie. I washed first his right arm down to the bin liner. Then I did his left starting at the shoulder and working past his small bicep and elbow forearm then hand. I first soaped up his whole hand in both of mine then went back to each digit individually massaging them as I went. I then put more gel on my hands lathed them up and rubbed my hands on his chest and down to his belly, I wash all around it then carefully inserted my little finger a couple of times. 

I put a little more gel on my hands and knelt down and rubbed my hands over his pubic triangle, scrubbing his little bush with my fingers. I then moved down to his balls and soaped up the sack from back to front, cupping his balls in my hand and gently massaged them. I stood back up and put some more gel on my hands then knelt down again. Jake's cock was hard and pointing straight at the ceiling. I used both of my hands and rubbed his cock upwards increasing the size of his already long foreskin. I then let it go back down to it's natural position as I gently held his foreskin up with one hand and with the other worked my way down his cock making sure the whole thing had been soaped. I then let his foreskin go and used one hand to pull it back as far as it would go. I then gently soaped the head and the bit behind and the v shaped bit that connected the piss slit to the shaft, I then gently opened his piss slit a bit and rubbed my finger over the top.

I got back up and grabbed the shampoo bottle and squirted a bit on my hand and rubbed it into my hair. I then used the shower gel and lathered up my whole body quickly. Jake had had his eyes closed since I had stated to shampooing him.

"Are you ready? I'm going to switch on the water now." I said.

I switched the water on full pressure and switched on all the side jets as well, I rubbed my body to get all the soap off while Jake stood forward and allowed the water to cascade over him. I then started to rub his body as well making sure I had got all the soap off. We stood under the jets for a further five minutes before I switched off the water. Jake then shook his heads like a dog spraying water everywhere.

I opened the door and walked out of the shower, stood the bath mat and grabbed two towels handing one of them to Jake. I started to dry myself and Jake dried what he could before I wrapped the towel around my waist and used his towel to dry him properly. I then wrapped the towel around his waist and used a smaller towel to dry his hair. We then left the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom. I went into the en-suite bathroom and picked up the can of deodorant and sprayed it under my arms. I came back into the bedroom and asked Jake to lift his left arm and sprayed some deodorant into his pit, then handed him the can to do his other arm and went over to the dresser to retrieve some boxers and socks. I put on my boxers and socks then pulled out some of Jake's boxers and knelt down in front of him holding them open. He dropped the towel and stepped into them, I pulled them up covering his still hard cock. He then went over to the bed and held out his feet, I put his socks on for him then went and opened Jake's wardrobe.

"What did you want to wear today?" I asked.

"The dark blue jeans and the light blue t-shirt." He replied.

I picked out the t-shirt and walked over to him. He lifted his arms into the air and I carefully got both arms in the right holes and then pull it down. Jake adjusted his t-shirt while I went to recover his jeans. I knelt down again and opened them up. He stepped into them and I pulled them up and buttoned them at the waist. I went to zip up his fly but his cock was poking through the hole straining his boxers.

"Careful, I'm not sure it's going to fit in like that." Jake said.

I squeezed my hand down the waist of his jeans and cupped his cock in my hand and pulled up the zip making sure that nothing got caught. I pulled my hand out of his jeans and pulled the hem of his t-shirt down.

"There all set." I said standing back up.

I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out my own jeans and t-shirt, putting them on while Jake went into the bathroom to do his hair. He came out with his hair combed and smelling of Joop.

We then headed downstairs where I picked up my keys and wallet and we left the house. When we got into the car I buckled Jake's seatbelt and started the car. I started driving to the cinema which was in a big complex outside of town.

"Everything ok Jake? You have been really quite this morning." I said glancing down at Jake.

"Yeah sorry, I was just trying to save the memory of that shower, it was amazing. I have never felt that clean before and felt that good without cumming. I just feel like getting all dirty again so you have to wash me again." Jake replied perking up.

I laughed at him and switched on the CD player. It took about twenty five minutes to drive to the cinema. I parked near the entrance and we went in. The next showing of the film we wanted to see wasn't for another two hours. It was already twelve o'clock so we bought tickets and went over to the pub opposite to have lunch.

We both ordered a Sunday roast. I ordered the lamb and Jake ordered the chicken. I gave Jake one of his pills and two painkillers which he swallowed with some water.

"We forgot to take your pill this morning." I said

"Yeah we were too busy swallowing other things instead." Jake said quietly with a giggle.

"Cheeky! Like you would rather have had the pills?" I said under my breath playfully kicking him under the table.

"You should probably have one when we have dinner tonight then have one with a glass of milk before bed." I said. 

Our food arrived and we sat eating it slowly chatting about nothing of any importance. When we finished the waitress came over and asked if we would like to order dessert. Jake quickly took a menu before I reminded him that we were about to go to the cinema where we would get sweets, ice cream and other snacks. He gave the menu back and the waitress brought over the bill.

We had about half an hour before the film started so we walked round the back of the cinema where the loading bay was and both had a cigarette. When we had finished we headed into the lobby of the cinema and bought some sweets; ice creams, popcorn and drinks. Jake had asked for a large drink thinking they were the same size as the ones in McDonalds and was handed two 1.2 litre cups which he could barely carry one under his arm the other in hand. *****

We walked over to the man checking tickets. We had a bit of trouble juggling all the food we had bought trying to extract tickets. He told us that the film was playing in screen one first on our right. It was the largest screen in the complex and had the best sound quality. We went into the theatre and sat down in two seats in the middle of the back row. Jake started eating his ice cream and sweets which were gone before the trailers had finished.

After about ten minutes into the movie Jake rested his head on my arm with the straw of his drink in his mouth and spent the rest of the movie in that position. Near the end of the film I could feel that both of his legs were bouncing up and down.   

As soon as the end credits rolled Jake jumped up and pulling my arm and said "QUICK, I really need to piss or I'm going to piss myself."

"OK, you didn't drink all that coke did you?" I said quickly getting up and following Jake out to the isle.

"Yeah, I didn't want to waste it." He said heading out of the theatre, which luckily was fairly easy as the cinema had been nearly empty.

Jake ran towards the toilets and I followed. I walked into the men's room and Jake was standing at a urinal trying to pull down his fly properly with one hand. I ran over to him and I unzipped his jeans and put my hands into his boxers. Just as I grabbed his dick I saw the front of his boxers get wet, I squeezed his dick to stem the flow pulled it out of his boxers. I aimed it at the urinal and released my grip on it. A powerful stream of piss hit the porcelain of the urinal some of it slashing back, Jake brought his left hand down and took control of his dick. I turned and stared to piss in the urinal next to him. When I had finished I zipped back up and turned towards Jake. He was still pissing but the flow had slowed down. He finally finished, shook it off and tucked it back into his shorts. He turned to me and I zipped his jeans back up for him.

"I can't believe I just pissed myself. That was so embarrassing." Jake said.

"Don't worry, the toilet was empty and no one but you and me will ever know. It's not like everyone saw. None even got on your jeans." I said walking over to the wash basins.

"Yeah but you saw, and now you are going to think I am some baby that needs to wear nappies."

"No, I don't think that at all, I told you that no matter how embarrassing it is I will always understand. Embarrassing stuff happens to everyone.

When I was nineteen I got so drunk at a party I passed out on the floor. I had a dream that I was in a toilet and pissed my pants. When I got up in the morning I had to explain the yellow puddle on my friends white carpet and my soaking jeans!" I said washing Jake and my hands.

"That never really happened did it? You're just saying that to make me feel better." Jake said giggling.

"Yeah it did happen, do you think I would make something like that up? It was before I sold my website, so I couldn't even offer to pay for the carpet to be cleaned." I said as we headed out of the toilet.

We left the complex and head straight to the car. We got in buckled up and headed straight back home.

"At least you found reason to have another wash today." I said glancing down at Jake.

As we were leaving the motorway Jake said "I need to go again." I looked down at him and his legs were held tight together bouncing up and down. I put my foot down harder on the accelerator and started speeding home. Within five minutes we were pulling into the driveway. I quickly got out of the car ran to the front door. I opened it and Jake ran in. "DAN!" Jake shouted from the hidden toilet in the living room. I left the front door open ran into the toilet, knelt down unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them with down with is boxers. Jake grunted as they came down. Again we weren't in time. The flow started just after his jeans went past his dick. I got the first blast straight in the face before Jake grabbed it and swung round to the urinal. His piss was burning hot but almost completely clear.

I walked over to the sink and rinsed my face and washed my hands before I dried them with the towel hanging on the wall.

I then left the room and locked my car and closed the front door.

I went back into the toilet. Jake had stepped out of the jeans and boxers and was kneeling on the floor trying to mop up the spilt piss with the towel. He was crying; seeing that broke my heart.

"Come on you don't have to do that." I said lifting his chin.

"I'm so sorry, I can't believe I did that, I'm never drinking coke again." He said still weeping.

"Jake stop it, please, seeing you like this is breaking my heart. Come on its ok lets just go upstairs and we can have a nice long bath." I said pulling him into my chest and rubbing his back.

Jake just nodded and followed me into the utility room where I got another black bag and taped it to his arm. We then headed up to the main bathroom. I started running the water with some bubble bath and went to the bedroom to grab an ashtray. I put the ashtray on the side of the bath then put my cigarettes and lighter them next to it.

I then got undressed and helped Jake to take off his t-shirt. When the bath had filled up, we both got in and sat back. I lit a fag and offered the pack to Jake; he pulled one out and lit it. We just relaxed in the bath for around twenty minutes before Jake got out. He walked over to the toilet and pissed into the bowl. When he had finished he got back into the bath.

I told him to slide over to me and turn around so that he was sitting in between my legs. I took a soft sponge, put some soap on it and started washing him with gentle strokes.

After I had finished washing him completely I washed my self and we got out. I knelt on the bath mat and dried Jake first this time as he was shivering slightly. I then got up and wrapped a bathrobe around him. I dried myself and put on a bathrobe also.

We went back downstairs and I went into the kitchen to make a light dinner, Jake was in the living room watching TV when I brought it out. I handed Jake his pills and a glass of water which he took before starting his meal.

We watched some stand up comedy for about and hour before we headed upstairs for an early night.

We had just got into bed and switched on the TV when I realised that I had forgotten Jake's pill again. I went back downstairs and brought up a tall glass of milk and the pill. I got back into bed with Jake, he switched off the TV and took the pill and drained the milk in one. 

"I'm really sorry about today." Jake said putting the glass on the bedside table not looking at me.

"Don't worry about it, just forget it ever happened. I'm a bit glad that it did happen actually, it makes you so much more real to me. I know now, I'm not just dreaming." I replied.

"If I am causing you too much trouble I don't mind leaving. If you don't want me back on the streets I can go to a home." Jake said not looking at me.

"Jake, look at me, I'm only going to tell you this once. I like having you here. I want you to stay with me. There is nothing that you have done that will change that. Please stop worrying so much. There was something I wanted to talk to you about. My diary for the next few days is full and I won't be around during the days. Do you think you can find something to entertain yourself with? I realise you can't use the Xbox or wank to your hearts desire, but I have a computer in my study you can use."

"Yeah I'm sure I'll find something fun to do, I usually just hang out on the estate."

"OK cool, well as I won't be seeing much of you for the next few days, what do you say about going away for the weekend?"

"What really, like a holiday?"

"Yeah, nowhere out of the country though, I don't have your passport."

"That's cool, I don't even have a passport. I have never been out of London forget the country."

"Well that's settled then, I'll organise it all for us. All you have to do is come along and have fun."

Jake really cheered up with the thought of a holiday on his mind. He leaned over and hugged me. I hugged him right back.

Our cocks were touching, I could feel the heat between us, slowly I felt Jake's cock rising. I Leaned down and gave him a light kiss on the forehead. He rolled me onto my back, sat on my stomach, held the side of my face kissing me deeply on the lips. I kissed him back and he opened his mouth and used his tongue to force open my mouth.

His wet and milky tongue went on a full explore of my mouth as my tongue gently massaged it. Jake started bucking his hips forward so that his cock was rubbing the top of my stomach. I put my hands on his arse and helped him move.

Jake then laid his body on top of mine. He grabbed my side and rolled us both so that he was on his back and I was lying on top of him. He broke the kiss and turned his face.

I started kissing his cheek and neck as he used his left arm to push me downwards towards his groin. I kissed his chest and nipples and he was still pushing me down so I shuffled down the bed.

When I had got to his cock he stopped pushing and instead used his hand to guide his solid penis into my mouth. He pushed it in past my lips that were trying to kiss the head. He then grabbed the back of my head and started thrusting really hard into my mouth and down my throat.

After a while he let go of my head and used his hand to pull his cock out of my mouth. He then grabbed his balls and offered them to my lips so I kissed each of them. I then slowly licked them using my hand to push them upwards and I started licking behind them. I grabbed both of his legs and spread them wide and pushed them towards his chest. Jake had lifted his head to see what I was trying to do. I pulled his cheeks wide and started licking around his hole, gently at first just around the outside then I got a bit braver and pushed my tongue in.

As soon as my tongue breached his hole his sphincter clamped down. I quickly started flicking it up and down then wiggling it left and right and I felt it relax. I then started to tongue fuck him so Jake had started trying to grind his arse into my tongue. He was beating his cock furiously with his left hand. After a few minutes Jake's hand came down and pushed me away from his now sopping hole. He then put his legs down and offered his cock to my lips. I lightly kissed the head and swallowed it. I bobbed up and down I could feel his hips jerking and his cock pumping, I heard him grunt loudly and he filled my mouth with his sweet juice. I sucked the last drops from him and kissed him deeply allowing him to taste his own cum on my tongue. 

I held Jake's shoulders and turned him over, then put my ridged cock between his thighs. I lay on him allowing him to take my full body weight. I started moving my hips; I grabbed his arse hard and started roughly pumping his legs. Within minutes I was grunting, Jake tightened his thigh muscles and I could feel myself getting close. I pulled my cock out from between his legs and finished myself off spraying my load on his arse and back.

I collapsed back down, lying next o Jake. He turned round kissed my lips then put his head on my chest. I put my arms around him and fell asleep.

The next morning my alarm went off at seven. I was meeting one of my most important clients today so I got up, showered and dressed in one of my better suits. Jake was still asleep, he looked so peaceful snoring softly.

I went down the stairs had some breakfast and left the house. I drove the sixty miles to my client's offices and went in.

My meeting was going to take all day but around twelve my hosts offered to take me out to lunch. We headed to a small restaurant. I ordered my food with the waitress and glass of wine.

"If you gentlemen can just excuse me for a moment. I need to make a phone call." I said excusing myself.

I stood outside the restaurant and lit a fag and called my travel agent.

"Afternoon Mary, it's Dan Wood, how you doing today?" I said.

"Dan! I'm good, all the better for hearing from you, how have you been?"

"I'm great thanks, I just need you to book a hotel for me."

"And what exotic location can I take you to today then?"

"Ah yes very exotic, Cornwall please."

"Oh right, that's close for you normally you want me to book you on flights to places I have never heard of."

"Yeah just taking a long weekend away, thought I would make the most of the good weather. Could you call the Hilton or the Crown Plaza and book me a two room suite for this Thursday until Sunday?"

"Yep, sure, consider it done. I'll give them a call and email you over the reservation details. 

"Thanks babes, efficient as always. Speak to you soon." I said hanging up the phone. 

No sooner had I taken the phone from my ear than it rang in my hand. I looked at the caller ID, it said `Home - Study'. I answered the phone and brought it to my ear.

"Afternoon Jake, let me guess you want the password to the computer?" I said.

"Wow, you've added mind reader to you list of talents." Jake said giggling.

"Elementary, my dear Watson, you called from the study and who else would call me from my own house?" I said laughing.

 "Uhh? Watson? Is that the password?" Jake asked confused.

"No! Crack a book once a while. If you use the username `anyone' and the password `free' the computer will let you log on. It should let you on the net but there will be restrictions on what it will let you do. It won't let you install programs or stuff like that. Remind me when I get home tonight and I will set up your own password."

"Cool, thanks. Just to let you know I ate the chicken in the fridge and Lee made some pasta for us."

"Yeah that's fine. Don't forget to take you pills."

"K, I'll talk to you when you get home then."

"Take care little man." I said hanging up the phone.

I walked back into the restaurant and the starters were just arriving. Just as I sat in my seat my phone rang again. I looked at the caller ID, it was Mary, I apologised and left the table again."

"Hey Mary what's up?"

"Hey sorry Dan, I have just got off the phone to the hotels both the Hilton and the Plaza are booked out Friday and Saturday. There's a music festival going on that weekend and the bands have taken most of the suites. I have managed to find you one though at the Duchess, Jay Z was booked there but he has pulled out of the festival. It is a lot more that the Hilton or Plaza but considering it is a cancellation I have got them to knock down there normal rate so it only works out 60 a night more. Is that any good for you?"

"The Duchess? I have never stayed there is it any good?"

"Well one of the Suadi Princes' stayed there recently and gave it rave reviews. It has a five star rating so has a pool, sauna, gym, spa, and two restaurants."

"Well I trust your judgment; you've never done me wrong so far. Could you also get me two tickets to that music festival?"

"I'm sure I can arrange that, I have a contact with the organisers, they usually hold some tickets in reserve. OK I'm emailing you the reservation details for the hotel now; I'll have the tickets sent to there."

"Great I look forward to it."

I hung up the phone and went back to the table. My clients were waiting for me to return before starting to eat.

"I'm really sorry about that, I am trying to get away for the weekend."

We finished our lunch and headed back to the office. I left around four as I was returning the next day. I drove home and arrived just after five.

I walked into the house expecting to see Jake in the living room. He wasn't there so I walked into the study, it was empty, I went over to the kitchen but he was nowhere to be found.

I was just about to head upstairs when I heard whooping coming from the garden. I walked out of the back doors to see Jake cheering wearing a bathrobe and Lee going to retrieve a football from the bushes. 

"Hey little man you ok? Hey Lee, your mum feeling better today?"

"Nah, but dad's about so I am trying to keep out of the way. There was quite a lot of work to do today and Jake helped me so we just thought we would have some fun."

"That's cool, no Jason today?" I asked.

"He had to go on a trip for his college work, he starts his second year next week and apparently this trip is going to be a major part of some project." Lee replied.

"Oh right, why don't you bring him over and we can all have dinner tonight?" I said.

"Yeah I might do that actually, we haven't had much time together recently with mum and everything."

"Cool I'll put a roast in then, Chicken OK?"

"Err... Jason's a veggie, but don't worry he can just eat the veg."

"Oh I actually think I have a nut roast in the freezer, I'll put that in for him. Shall we say half seven?"

"Yeah that sounds great. I'll go now so I can pick him up from the station." Lee said walking back to the house."

Jake and I walked back into the house just as Lee left.

"Who's Jason?" Jake asked.

"Oh he's, um... Lee's boyfriend" I replied.

"Oh ok then, I didn't know he had a boyfriend."

"Yeah they met last year sometime but only just started going out a couple of months ago. So clearly I have to pay both you and Lee today then?"

"What for?"

"Lee said you helped out."

"Yeah but it was mostly my mess anyway. How was your day today?"

"Yeah not bad, but I might be back a little later tomorrow. I'm going to have a shower before starting dinner." I said.

"Cool, can I have one as well? I still have your cum on my back and I keep thinking people will be able to smell it."

"Oh god sorry, I completely forgot, come on then let's get a bag round you arm. How does it feel by the way?"

"Its better but it hurts when I move my arm."

"Don't worry it should be healed soon."

We walked upstairs, I went to the bedroom and undressed, the room was immaculately clean. I went to the bathroom where Jake was already standing naked testing the temperature of the water. 

After we had finished in the shower I got out and dried Jake with a clean towel. I wrapped it around his waist and dried myself with another one. I wrapped the towel round my waist then we went back into the bedroom. 

"We should get dressed, I don't want Jason and Lee thinking we sit around naked all day. What would you like to wear?" I said opening his wardrobe. 

"Sand colour shorts and green t-shirt." He said.

I took the clothes out the wardrobe walked over to Jake and knelt down and helped him put on his shorts and boxers. I then helped him to put on his t-shirt, and got dressed in shorts and t-shirt.

We went downstairs; Jake followed me to the kitchen and sat on a stool at the breakfast bar. I started to prepare the food. While the food was cooking I sat on the stool next Jake. We sat and talked for around forty minutes before we went to the dining room and set the table.

I heard the timer on the oven go off and went to the get the roasts out of the oven. I then dished up the vegetables, gravy, stuffing and Yorkshire puddings. Just as I was getting some bread rolls out of oven, the front door opened and I heard Lee shout.

"Is it ok to come in?"

"Yeah, make yourselves at home. We are in the kitchen just dishing up." I shouted back.

Lee walked into the kitchen with a young looking teen. He was short with messy black hair. He looked like a grundgy teen. They were both dress in smart black trousers and shirts.

"Ah, you must be Jason, How are you?" I said.

"I'm fine thanks, Mr. Wood."

"OK that's the last time you call me `Mr. Wood'. My name's Dan, and this is Jake."

"Hi" Jake said looking Jason up and down.

"Hey."Jason replied.

"Come on everyone grab a tray, we are eating in the dining room. Jake can you bring out some bottles of wine from the fridge please?" I said grabbing the chicken and the nut roast.

We went to the dining room and put the serving plates on the table; Jake went round and poured some wine in the glasses.

"Dan, is ok if I have some too?" Jake asked holding the wine bottle over the last glass.

"Yeah I don't see why not." I said sitting down.

Jake came and sat down beside me, Lee sat opposite me and Jason sat opposite Jake.

"Come on guys, tuck in no need to wait you must all be starving, oh Jake don't forget to take you pill." I said cutting off some chicken and putting it on my plate.

Jake pushed back his chair and ran into the kitchen and came back with a pill and a tall glass of water. He put the pill in his mouth and drank the glass down in one. 

"Dan you could cut up some chicken for me please?" he asked turning to me and whispering.

"So how is your mother Lee? If she is getting worse you really should think about getting home help or even possibly getting her into a hospice." I said to Lee whilst I cut up jakes chicken.

"Yeah but do you know how much these things cost? I have been trying to get the NHS to pay for it but they assessed her a few weeks ago and said that she needs to reach a more advanced stage before they can fund anything like that." Lee replied.

"I keep telling you not to worry about the money, what is the point in having money if you can't help your friends?" I asked.

Jake looked a bit lost trying to follow the conversation. Jason looked like he was intruding and kept looking away.

"So how old are you?" Jake asked Jason.

"Sixteen, I will be seventeen in December. How about you?" Jason replied.

"Yeah I understand that Lee but if you wont take money at least let me use my contacts to get you some private health insurance, that why we can get them to pay for it." I said to Lee.

"She is terminally ill, there is no way she would ever be covered. Plus I could never afford to pay for the insurance even if we could get it. Jason said.

"Well one of my largest clients is a medical health insurer so let me talk to them and see what they can offer. I just happen to be there tomorrow. If we can get you some help at home, I think I need you to work more hours here. There is no way that I can pay you for just six hours a week you have already done more than that this week and tomorrow the house will be a mess again." I said.

"So they just let you go to college early? Don't you feel strange being the youngest there?" Jake asked Jason.

 "Yeah it was a bit last year, but I am hoping it won't be this year. I will just be the youngest in the year and not the whole college. It also helps that I have an older boyfriend. I think I have matured a lot since I met Lee." Jason said entwining his fingers with Lee's.

When Jake and I saw that we just looked at each other and stared into the others eyes. We shared the unspoken thought. We understood that the love between them was rock solid.

The dinner conversation turned to general chat. Jake refilled everyone's glasses and got another bottle from the fridge. I went and got everyone a bowl of ice cream. We sat eating and getting know each other better. Although I saw Lee often I hadn't really had the opportunity to talk to him properly for over a year.

When we had finished Lee and I took all the plates to the kitchen and loaded up the dishwasher. We all then sat in the living room and I switched on some music. I went over to the kitchen and poured us all a large brandy. I brought them out with some after dinner mints which went down a treat.

Lee and I happily chatted while Jason and Jake chatted animatedly. They seemed to really be hitting it off.

"I think we should be heading off, some of us have college work to do tomorrow." Lee said standing up and rubbing the back of Jason hair.

"Did you drive over?" I said looking at the clock. It was quarter to twelve.

"No we had a feeling I would be drinking so we got the bus." Lee said.

"I'll call you a cab." I said walking over to the kitchen and dialling for a cab and telling them to put it on my account.

Lee had followed me into the kitchen and was sitting on the stool by the breakfast bar. I refilled our drinks and sat down next to him.

"We'll wait for the cab outside." Jake shouted through to the kitchen.

"OK" Lee and I shouted back in unison.

"You know what they have gone out there to do right?" Lee said.

"Yep, I should imagine it is the same I am about to do, we really should quit, it's a filthy habit." I said bringing over an ashtray and lighting a cigarette.

We sat talking a bit about how the relationship between Lee and Jason was working. He said that at the beginning they had difficulties as Lee kept trying to farther Jason but, when they wanted to be more intimate the relationship dynamic had been too difficult to maintain. I came down to Jason saying that either Lee act as a parent or lover as he couldn't do both. Lee had chosen lover although as a lover he still get to look after and look out for Jason, just in a different way.

I was just about to start telling Lee about how I felt about Jake when Jason walked into the kitchen and told us the cab was here.

I walked them out to the car where Jake was standing leaning against the wall. Lee got in first then Jason turned round to me and said "It was really lovely to finally meet you, Thank you for dinner. I will talk to Lee about his mother and get him to accept your help. Bye Jake see you next week."

Jason got in the car and closed the door. The cab drove away and I turned to Jake. 

"You two seemed to get on well." I said.

"Yeah, Jas is pretty cool. He is really smart as well, although he thinks he can beat me on call of duty so he has some things left to learn." Jake said with a smirk walking back into the house.

I closed the door and we switched off all the lights and went upstairs. We went to the bedroom, I undressed, then undressed Jake. I peed in the toilet then brushed my teeth. Jake came in and peed and brushed his teeth although he needed help putting the toothpaste on. We went to the bed and got under the covers. Jake kissed me on the lips then put his head on my chest and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up early and went down to the study, I logged on to the computer and checked my emails. I had a few from clients and one from Mary with the reservation details for the hotel and confirmation that she had managed to get tickets for the music festival for the Saturday. I printed out the details and set up a new account for Jake.

I went back upstairs and washed and dressed. Jake was still asleep, it was still early and he had gone to sleep late. I wrote him a note.

Morning Little Man,

I will be home from work late tonight, help yourself to any food in the fridge, you don't have to wait for me to eat dinner, I have left some money for you so if you want to order out the menu's are in the first draw in the kitchen.

I have set up a password on the computer for you, your username is `Jake' and the Password is `default'. When you first log on it will ask you to change the password.

Have fun today; if you need anything just call me.


 I left the note on the bedside table with a cigarette, kissed his forehead and left the house.

I drove to my client's offices and arrived at eight thirty. At half twelve I offered to take my clients out to lunch, we headed to an upmarket bistro bar where we ordered food and a couple of bottles of wine.

"Sam, I need to ask you a favour." I said addressing the director of finance.

"What can I do for you? I would be more than happy to help in any way that I can; you have done wonders with our computer systems and charged a lot less then those cowboys calling themselves network engineers did." Sam replied.

"Well it is for a friend of mine actually. His mother has end stage cancer and we need to get him some medical insurance."

"Ah, I understand, well we do have a product available that will cover people with pre existing conditions but the premiums are quite high."

"What kind of money are we talking about?"

 "Well the average family on one of our higher packages is looking at around 120 a month. With pre existing conditions, especially with something like cancer obviously depending on the type and stage, you are looking more into the range of 600 to 700 a month."

"Woah, that is much too high, he is only working pastime."

"What time of cancer is it?"


"Well I think seeing as you have saved the company over a million pounds we could work something out. As its advanced pancreatic cancer, there are not many treatments available and life expectancy is quite short, we could probably offer a policy to your friend and have with a minimum tie in period. That way we could offer a discounted rate on the premium. I would have to do the numbers when I got back to the office but I think we should be able to work something out to help out your friend."

 "That would be great. I'll email him and ask for all his details and his mothers illness details and treatments."

After we had finished lunch we headed back to the office. At around two thirty Jake called me.

"Hi, having a good day at work?" Jake asked.

"Yeah it's working out quite well actually."

"Cool, um is it ok to install MSN Messenger on the computer?"

"Yeah your password should let you install anything you want; all the accounts are encrypted anyway so nothing you do can affect anything else on the system."

"Cool. Thanks for the fag by the way, I really needed one this morning. I ate the left over chicken in the fridge for lunch."

"That ok, did you remember to take your pills?"

"Yep all done".

"Cool then I'll speak to you when I get home, I should be back around seven depending on the traffic." I said.

We said our good byes and hung up the phone.

I worked for another twenty minutes when an email came back from Lee with all the details I had asked for. I forwarded the email to Sam and continued working.

After about an hour Sam walked into the room.

"Dan, I have spoken to Elizabeth Horton's oncologist and the chief medical officer here. They have both agreed that Mrs. Horton's outlook is not good. I have done the calculations and we are able to offer Mr. Horton health cover for a reduced premium of 178.32 per month with a thirty month tie in clause. Having said that I spoke to the risk manager, who has to authorise all new policies. Because Mr. Horton is only twenty and works part time; they are insisting on having a 5000 deposit. This will be refunded in full with interest at 0.5% above the base rate at the end of the thirty months." Sam said.

"I think that should be agreeable. Could you email me the proposal and I will forward it on to Lee and see what he says." I replied.

I worked until six thirty; I was pretty exhausted on the drive home. I got stuck in some traffic on the motorway and arrived home at seven thirty.

When I walked into the living room Jake was watching TV lying on the couch.

"Hey you're home, you've been ages." Jake said perking up and turning the sound down.

"Yeah sorry I got caught behind an accident on the motorway. What did you have for dinner?"

"Nothing yet, I wanted to wait for you to get home before I ordered anything."

"I told you you didn't have to wait."

"Yeah but I wanted to."

"OK, well I'm too tired to cook anything so if grab the take out menus from the kitchen and choose one."

"OK." Jake said jumping off the couch and running into the kitchen.

"Let's have Chinese, I haven't had that in ages." Jake said bringing the menu and phone over to me.

I ordered our food and layback on the couch and watched the TV.

After what felt like minutes, Jake was shaking me awake.

"DAN! Wake up, the delivery guy is here." Jake said shaking my arm.

I sleepily went to the open door and paid the delivery driver. I brought the food back to the living room where Jake had brought out some plates and glasses. 

"Here I don't need this anymore." Jake said pulling the 20 note I had left him out of his robe pocket.

"Keep it. If I get stuck late at work or you need it for something you will have it. I don't want you spending it on fags though ok?" I replied waving away the money.

"OK." Jake said putting the note back into his pocket.

We sat and ate whilst watching the TV. After an hour or so I was so tired I was starting to fall back to sleep.

"Sorry Jake but I need to go to sleep now. I'm completely shattered." I said getting up from the couch.

"OK, do I have to come up as well or can I watch some TV for awhile?"

"You can stay up but try not to wake me when you get in to bed."

I went up to the bedroom, undressed, peed and brushed my teeth before getting into bed and falling straight to sleep.

I woke the next morning to my alarm clock. I switched it off and looked over at Jake. He was curled up in the duvet sleeping soundly. I got washed and dressed into some casual clothes, left a fag by the bedside table for Jake and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

I grabbed my keys and wallet and left the house. I drove to Dr. Charlton's offices, parked the car and went into the reception.

"Morning Mr. Wood." Jane said brightly.

"Morning, I thought we had got over the Mr. Wood thing." I said.

"Sorry Dan, Clive's in with at patient at the moment, would you like to have a look at the computers first then have your session with him after?"

"Yeah, sound good to me."

I looked over there systems and within a few minutes I had found the problem. Some of the setting on the accounting package had been corrupted and the licence had been lost. It took me about an hour to recover the licence and fix the settings as the software was so old the company that made it no longer supported it.

"You know this system is archaic, it is also not very secure."

"I know, I have been telling Clive that since I started. We even have to write patient records down manually and it is very difficult to keep track of the medications we are prescribing." Jane replied.

"You know it wouldn't cost that much to put a new system in. A few thousand probably."

"Yeah, its not the money, Clive doesn't really trust people with computers. I think he had a bad experience buying them once and doesn't want a repeat."

"I'll have a word with him." I said getting up from the desk and going back into the waiting room.

After half and hour a young man walked into the waiting room from the corridor and left the office.

"You can go through and see Dr. Charlton's study now." Jane said looking up from her desk.

I walked into the study and sat on the coach.

"Morning Doc, you do know your computers are ancient don't you?"

"Yep, I tried to buy a new system a few years ago but it was all more trouble than it was worth. The company that did it managed to loose most of my record and well let's just say they weren't good. After that I had them take the whole lot away and just went back to the system we had before."

"But this is not an efferent way of doing things. I could get you a system up and running, have all your data transferred over and have specialist software which would allow you to keep all your patient medical records on it. You might need a couple of temps for a few weeks to put all the hand written records on to the system though."

"I'm still not sure, what would happen if the system were to crash though? All the records would be lost."

"Well no, we would build automated backing up into the system. Plus you would still have paper backups, you would just print them off the system instead of writing them all out by hand. If you give me a budget I could work out what you would need and price it all up for you."

"Well the last system was 6000, do you think you can work to that?"

"Yeah it shouldn't be too difficult. You would only need a server and two work stations. The main cost involved would be from the custom software. I'll put together a proposal and email it to you."

"We don't have email here."

"Well you will soon. I'll post them over to you."

"OK I'll have a look at your proposal. I'm not saying yes mind. Now down to the real business. How have you been since Friday?"

I laid down on the couch and over the next hour spoke about what had happed in the week and how I had felt. Dr. Charlton sat listening and occasionally taking notes. 

When I had finished speaking I lay waiting for Dr. Charlton to give me his normal analysis of what I had said. He didn't speak right away but sat writing notes on his pad.

"Well Daniel, I have to say from what you have told me I would say that you have started developing strong feelings for this boy. I try to refrain from making judgments about what people are doing. However I think I am safe in saying that you have started to develop feelings of strong affection or even love. Now I am not going to tell you the path you should tread here, it is your life and your decision to make.

My remit is your metal health only. From what I am interpreting here I think you are finding it difficult to work out what you are feeling. Let me ask you do you think it is love?"

"I think I am starting to love him." I said.

"And are you sure your not mixing `love' with `lust'?"

"Mmm... I'm not really sure."

"Well I would have to say at this point, I think we really need to explore this relationship more. However I cannot, and would not want, to hear the details of anything you may have done, or are planning to do that would be illegal. We can however explore your feelings and thoughts and fantasies.

OK let me ask you another question, if you found out tomorrow that this boy was actually your biological child how would you feel?"

"Over the moon." I replied quickly.

"Would you? Even though no matter how long you knew him or how old he was you couldn't have any other relationship with him other than that of a father and son without damaging him?"

I laid there thinking about it for a minute.

"Well I think we should leave it there for today. Time is not our friend. We have left the session with a question that we have no answer to. Think about the question again, when you are with him or interacting with him think to yourself, `would I do this as a farther?' and `would I do this as a lover?' You will never have to tell me or anyone else the answer. Without knowing more I couldn't begin to understand the dynamic of your relationship, it is really not my place to. However I think it important that you do. If you can find some other role to play that is neither lover nor father but lets you have best of both worlds, great. As long as you have understood the role and to an extent the boy has.

The point of what I am saying is this, if you don't have a definition, at least in your own mind, the relationship will be confused and everyone will end up hurt at the end of it.

Another thing that jumps to mind, you have said on previous occasions that you are not gay. However you do enjoy sex with men and prefer to think of a man sexually rather than a woman. You put this down to and I quote `not liking labels'. If this is truly the case then OK but if you are just scared of what others will think of you, you need to be honest with yourself at least. "

"OK Doc, you have given me a lot to think about. I think I understand what you are saying but... I don't know doc, you always seem to know what I am thinking without me saying it. I don't remember saying anything about love or lust or anything like that but you seemed to get to it."

"Remember Daniel I am not here to judge you or to tell you what to do or think. What you do in your life is your business.

My role is only to guide you into understanding what you are feeling or coming to terms with the decisions that you are making.

`To thine own self be true'. If you are comfortable in what you do and you are true to yourself you will achieve happiness. The other option is to lie to yourself and beat yourself up which is unhealthy and counter productive."

I got up from the couch, thanked Doctor Charlton and left the office.

"Did he go for it? You were ages." Jane asked excited.

"He agreed to see a proposal." I replied a bit distracted.

"You've got it then Dan, if he will see the proposal he will go for it. I know what he's like, if he was going to dig his heels in he wouldn't have even entertained the thought."

"mmmm... I better make another appointment. What days can you fit me in next week? I think I will need a whole morning." I said.

"Well I can book you in for Wednesday, if that works, that is the only half day I have free next week." Jane said sitting up and going back to being professional.

"Yeah that's fine." I said writing it in my diary.

"OK Mr. Wood we'll see you next week." Jane said formally.

"Mmm..." I mumbled walking out of the office.

I went and sat in my car and lit a cigarette. I couldn't stop the questions Dr. Charlton's words raised from swimming around my head. Was I damaging Jake? Was the damage already done? Did I start it? Was I pushing him into something he didn't want to do but was just trying to please me? Is he gay? Am I gay? Would I really be happy just being his farther? Or just his lover? Was I being selfish?

I finished my cigarette and drove to my next appointment. I was meeting with my accountant to sort out some legal forms I needed to sign and to prepare my end of year accounts.

I was in with the accountant for a few hours. The whole time feeling distracted and as if I was in a haze. I then drove home. When I opened the door I heard a number of voices, one of which was shouting happily.

I walked into the living room to see Jason standing with his arms up in celebration, Jake was sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table and Lee was sitting on the couch. They had a monopoly board out and a number of pates and glasses on the table.

"Hey guys, weren't expecting to see you guys here today." I said.

"Yeah sorry, I wanted to talk to you about something and Jason wanted to see Jake so we thought we would come over and keep him company for a few hours." Lee said getting up from the couch.

"That's fine, you guys can come over anytime, feel free." I said, walking into the kitchen with Lee following.

I went over to the cupboard took out a bottle of scotch and poured a small amount into a glass. Although all the thoughts I had been thinking had disappeared as soon as I had got into the house, I still felt a bit hazy.

"Want one?" I asked Lee.

"No, I'm driving. Rough day?"

"You could say that." I said draining my glass in one and putting the scotch back in the cupboard.

"Everything OK Dan? It looks like something is troubling you."

"No it's nothing, don't worry. By the way did you get my email?"

"Yeah that is kinda what I wanted to speak to you about. I really can't afford it; you know how much I earn.

Do you think that you could speak to the medical officer there for me though? She called me yesterday and seemed really nice and sympathetic. She seemed to think I could get a second opinion to get the NHS to change their minds. Although she didn't want to do it. I was just thinking if you knew her you might be able to twist her arm a bit."

"No sorry, I only deal with I.T. people and the people who pay for it all.

I do think you are getting a good deal though; they basically knocked the premium down from nearly 700. I have already said that we need more help round here, which would mean we could work out a way of you being able to pay the premium each month." I replied completely focused on Lee for the first time this evening.

"Even if I could pay the monthly payments, they want a 5000 deposit, which I could never raise." Jason said sounding defeated.

"I'll give you the money."

"I can't take your money Dan, I know you just want to help but I can't get back into a situation where I take without giving again."

"Well then I'll lend you the money. It is only a deposit after the 30 months are up, just give it back to me. They are even paying interest so it would be just like I left it in the bank. The only difference is that when it is in the bank it is helping out the bank's share holders, when it is with you it is helping you and your mum."

I hadn't noticed until that point that Jake and Jason had both come into the room.

"Lee listen to him. You know how I feel about you mum but this really is the right thing to do. She needs proper care and if the only way to get that is to accept someone's help then that is what we have to do." Jason said trying to hold Lee's hand.

"I know my mother, she wouldn't want it, she doesn't deserve it!" Lee said angrily shaking off Jason's hand and walking out of the kitchen and out to the garden.

"Don't worry he gets like this sometimes." Jason said quietly. He walked out of the house and looked for Lee.

Jake and I sat at the breakfast bar. I rested my head in my hands. Jake leaned his head on my shoulder and put his arm around my back.

"Don't worry, Jason will sort it out. If Lee doesn't want your help, don't force him. He will only resent you for it." Jake said in a serious voice.

I looked down at Jake, it was the wisest thing he had ever said to me. I for the first time could see him as an adult capable a making his own decisions.

"Sorry little man, I haven't even said hello to you yet. Did you have a good day?"

"Yeah it was cool, Jas and Lee came over around twelve and we have been talking and playing games since." Jake said in a happier voice.

"That's good; did you have time to pack?" I asked.

"Pack? Pack what?" Jake asked confused.

"Oh that's right I completely forgot to tell you. I meant to last night but fell asleep instead. I booked the holiday for us. I was thinking we could leave early tomorrow morning and try and beat the traffic."

"Cool! Where are we going?" Jake said jumping down from the stool getting excited and bobbing up and down on his feet.

"Cornwall, I thought it would be nice to go to the beach while the weather is still good."

"Cool! I'll go pack now!" Jake said starting to run out of the room.

"No, not now, we'll have some dinner and we can do it together later." I said smiling at Jake.

 He was so excited his face was all aglow. He looked younger than I had ever seen him.

Jason and Lee walked into the room. Jason came over to the breakfast bar; Lee was hanging back near the back door.

"Dan do you mind if I borrow Jake for a bit?" Jason asked me.

"Sure." I said.

Jason and Jake walked into the living room and I could hear them walking up the stairs.

Lee walked over to me and sat down.

"Dan I'm really sorry..." Jason said before I cut him off.

"No Lee, I'm sorry. It took a fourteen year old to make me realise that I am trying to push you into doing something that you don't want to do." I said.

"I understand though, you are only trying to help. I shouldn't be so pig headed."

"Look from now on if I am being an arse just let me know ok?"

"Yeah ok. But if the offer is still good I would like to get your help.

Jason helped me to realise that it is best for everyone. Keeping mum at home I am just punishing myself and trying to punish her for what she did to me all those years ago.

I need to let go and get on with my life. No matter what she did she is still my mother. If she hadn't looked after me when I was young I wouldn't be here today."

"Lee, you have a right to be upset, but I do agree with Jason. You don't need to punish her anymore. You are just hurting yourself now. If you're sure you want me to help you I will write a cheque for you tonight." I said.

"That would be really kind of you. I really appreciate it."

We went into the study. Lee sat opposite me at the desk. I took my cheque book out of the draw and began to write.

"I'll make the cheque out directly to the insurer, that way you can get covered right away. It will also make it simpler when my accountant tries to go through my books.

I have made the cheque out for 5178.32 that way it covers the first month as well."

"I can't let you pay for the first month." Lee said.

"Well then we'll call it an advance on your wages. When you can I would really like you to be able to start working five days a week here. I am getting busier at work and with Jake here I am unable to get much done in the evenings. I also think I should increase your wages, I think an extra 50% on your daily rate should work." I said.

"I'll start working the extra days as soon as I have mum sorted out but I can't take the pay rise."

"Believe me you deserve it, I was going to give you a raise anyway, you have worked really hard over the last year. Since Jake has been here you have had to do so much more. Also I think there are probably going to be a few other things I would like you to do around here other than just clean up."

"Like what?"

"Well I have lived here for nearly two years now and most of the rooms are still empty. I need to start getting stuff in them and getting the boxes I moved in with unpacked. Just stuff like that plus if you could help me out with some stuff for Jake I would be really grateful."

"OK if you promise that this is not just another way of giving me money I don't deserve than I think that would be OK."

"I think we did this negotiation the wrong way round." I said.

We both started laughing and the serious mood was broken. Lee folded the cheque carefully and put it in his pocket. We then headed off to find the boys.

We found them in the bedroom sitting on the bed facing each other. They were sat crossed legged with an ashtray between them smoking and talking.

"Hey guys, what you up to?" Lee said.

"Not much, Jake was just telling me about his old science teacher at school." Jason said.

"Hey I'm getting pretty hungry, have you guys eaten dinner yet?" I asked.

"No not yet, we were to busy playing monopoly." Jake said.

"Which I won, and you now owe me a pound for." Jason said to Jake holding out his hand.

"Well I think dinner is on Jason tonight then." Lee said.

We all laughed at this. Jason jumped off the bed, playfully punched Lee in the chest then kissed him passionately on the mouth.

"When you two love bird have finished, we have dinner plans to make!" is said.

Jason and Lee broke the kiss and blushed.

"There isn't much in the fridge. We ate the lamb chops for lunch." Jake said.

"Well, I wasn't thinking of cooking anyway. How about we go out to the pub?" I said.

"Great idea, lets get pissed!" Jason said.

"Well that's up to you. I need to have a shower and get the smell of this day off me. Do you mind waiting for me?" I asked.

"No not at all." Lee said walking to the door with Jason following.

I got out of my clothes, threw them in the corner and walked into the main bathroom. Jake followed me into the room.

"I think I should take this bandage off." He said.

"Does it feel better then?" I asked.

"Yeah a bit better, I didn't take any painkillers today but it hurts if I move it. I really need to wash my arm though this bandage is starting to smell."

"OK, if you're sure it'll be ok. Hold out your arm."

Jake held out is arm and I gently undid the knot and unwrapped the bandages. The swelling had all but gone but there was a nasty looking bruise covering his wrist and some of his hand.

We got into the shower and I helped Jake wash himself. Now he could do more, it was a lot quicker. I washed as well and we got out of the shower and I dried Jake then myself. I wrapped towels around our waists and we left the bathroom to go back to the bedroom. 

We picked out some clothes and put them on. We then headed back downstairs where Lee and Jason had tidied the living room.

"You didn't have to do that you know." I said.

"After all you have done for me it was the least we could do." Lee said.

"Lee you really don't owe me anything, please stop thinking you do."

"You still owe me a pound though." Jason said to Jake playfully.

"I'll hold on to it. Wait till my arm is better and I will thrash you on Call of Duty." Jake said.

"In your dreams." Jason said.

"We'll see who is smiling next week and who gets the pound." Jake replied smiling.

"I think you better drive Lee, I've already had a drink today. We can take my car, there should be room for all of us in it." I said.

We all headed out of the house and into the car. Jake and Jason sat in the back and I joined Lee upfront. The boys talked the whole way to the pub.

When we got there Lee parked near the entrance to the beer garden. Everyone sat down and I went to the bar to get us all drinks. I bought Jake and Jason both a shandy, an orange juice for Lee and a beer for myself. We sat down at the table and choose what we were going to order.

When we had finished eating Lee drove us home, changed back into his car and went home with Jason.

"We need to pack and have an early night tonight. I want us up for five ready to leave for six. It is at least a four hour drive." I said to Jake as we got into the house.

We went upstairs and I extracted a couple of small suitcases from one of the spare rooms. We started packing everything we needed including clothes, underwear, chargers, sunglasses and toiletries. The only thing left to pack was our toothbrushes. 

We left the suitcases on the floor at end of the bed then got undressed and got into bed.

Jake cuddled up to me then started rubbing his hand down my body. Before he got to my crotch I held his hand and stopped him.

"Jake we need to talk." I said moving his hand back over to him.

"Do you really want to do stuff like this? If you are just doing it because you want somewhere to live and think this is the only way you can repay me then you shouldn't do it. I will always let you stay here; I don't need any kind of repayment." I said looking Jake in the eye.

"What are you talking about? We do this because it's fun and I thought we both enjoyed it." Jake said seriously.

"I just don't want you to feel pressured into anything. That's all. If I ever want you to do anything you don't want to, all you have to say is no."

"I still don't get where all this is coming from. I started this remember. You were the one who didn't really want to do anything."

"Well as long as you're sure and you know you can stop anytime you want." I said.

"Well now you have got that all off your chest. I haven't cummed in two days and I don't think you have either. It must be a world record. If I don't cum soon my balls are going to be the size of melons." Jake said.

"I think they already are!" I said reaching down and giving them a playful tug.

Jake giggled then pushed back the cover and wagged his cock at me.

"You going to give it a little suck for me then'?" he asked.

I went down his body kissing first his nipples then his chest. I got to his cock and swallowed as much of it as I could. As soon as his cock hit my throat Jake moaned.

"That feels so good. I really love it."

I sucked his cock for a few minutes using my hand to rub up and down the base.

Jake started grunting and I could feel him getting harder in my mouth. He suddenly said "stop now." and used his hand to push my face off his cock.

He rolled over onto his side and said "put it in between my legs."

I came up behind him and did as he asked.

I stared pumping my hips back and forth and Jake started grinding his buttocks up and down making the feeling all the more intense. After a few minutes I could feel I was close.

Jake reached round and held my arm by the wrist and guided it to his quivering cock. I started pumping his cock in time with my thrusts. After a moment Jake came, closing is eyes and tensing all the muscles in his legs and arse. It was all I needed. I came pulling out slightly and letting the cum squirt in between his thighs. I carried on moving my cock back and forth using the slippery liquid to help the motion and intensify the sensations.

 Jake rolled over so he was facing me and said "I love you Dan." and kissed me on the lips.

"I love you too Jake." I said kissing him back.

He rolled my body down so I was on my back then put his head on my chest and fell asleep.

To be continued...


Notes from the Author:  

I hope you liked the story! If so please email me at JamiePope@live.co.uk if not please let me know why. So Jake and Dan have some fun in this chapter and it gets a bit wet. What was your favourite scene? Dan and Jake are getting closer and but Dan doesn't know how to feel about what he is feeling towards Jake.  Turns out it is love after all, the question now is what type?

Thanks Miguel for proof reading and all your advice.