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Jake Saves Me

Chapter Four: The Holiday

Chapter 4

"Morning Little Man, it's time to wake up."

"Uungh... What time is it?" Jake said pulling the duvet over himself and snuggling up.

"Four thirty."

"Errng... It's not even day yet."

"Come on let's get up, the earlier we leave the earlier we start our holiday."

"OK... give me a minute." Jake said sitting up and rubbing his eyes. 

We got up, peed, had a shower and brushed our teeth. Packed our toothbrushes and went downstairs.

Jake sat at the breakfast bar his head drooping.

"Would you like to eat some breakfast before we leave?"

"Nah, I'm cool it's still too early."

"Do you want to pick out a couple of DVD's to watch in the car?" I said picking up the bags and walking to the car.

Jake picked a few out and then came and sat in the car. We drove to a local petrol station where I filled the car. I asked Jake if he would like any magazines. "Yeah can you get me FHM please?"

When I got back into the car I handed Jake his FHM and a bag with sweets and drinks. I pulled out of the petrol station and headed towards the Motorway.

By the time we had reached the motorway Jake was snoring lightly with his head resting in his hands. I reached around took the bag off his lap and reclined his seat.

There wasn't any traffic for the first two hours and Jake was soundly asleep. When he woke up we were sitting in traffic. I had my window rolled down and was smoking a cigarette.

"Can I have one please?" Jake asked rubbing his eyes and putting his seat back up.

I handed him the pack and a lighter. He rolled down the window and smoked it quickly.

"How much further is it?" Jake asked looking around.

"About another two and a half hours depending on the traffic; we have got stuck in the morning rush hour." I replied.

"Where are the drinks?" Jake asked looking for the bag.

I reached round and handed it to him. He sat drinking the bottle of water and reading his magazine for about half an hour while we were sitting in the traffic. I noticed that he seemed to stop on pages that had half naked girls on them and inspect them closely.

When we had cleared the traffic Jake put on one of the DVD's that he had brought with him. He had chosen a stand up act by a comedian famed for their dirty jokes. We sat listening to it and laughing.

After an hour Jake turned to me and said "I need to take a piss".

"OK I'll find stop at the next service station." I replied.

"I really need to go, I can't hold it." He said holding his crotch.

"I can't stop here, the services are five miles away, but if you can't hold it, try pissing in the bottle."

Jake quickly unzipped his shorts and started filling the empty bottle.

We drove until the next service station, parked up and went in. We headed over to the toilet and Jake brought his bottle with him.

"What you still carrying that for. Why don't you just throw it away?" I asked as we entered the toilet.

"I wanted to empty it so if I need to go in the car again I would have a bottle."

We finished in the toilet and went to the café to have some breakfast. I ordered us two English breakfasts. When the food arrived the waitress brought over two large mugs of coffee.  We sat eating and drinking for nearly an hour. When we had finished eating we got back in the car and carried on the journey.

We arrived at the hotel at twelve. We went in carrying the luggage. I showed the receptionist the reservation details and she booked us in.

"Thank you Mr. Wood, if you would just sign in for me. I have a package here for you. If you bear with me a moment I will get a bell boy to take you up to your room. If there is anything we can do for you during your stay if you dial `0' from the phone in your room you will be connected to reception, if you would like concierge dial `1'. Enjoy your stay with us here at the Duchess." The receptionist said.

"Thanks." I replied taking the key.

A young bell boy showed us to our room and showed us where everything in the room was. I tipped the young man then he thanked us and left the room. 

The suite was large with three bedrooms two bathrooms and a large living room in the middle.

"What was that package left for you?" Jake asked looking at the DHL envelope in my hand.

"Just wait and see you'll find out on Saturday." I said giving him a grin.

"Wow this place is bigger than my mum's whole house." Jake said looking around. 

"Yeah it is very nice, one of the nicest I have stayed in."

"Why did you get one with three bedrooms?" Jake asked coming out of the last bedroom.

"Well I did ask for one with two bedrooms but I guess they were all booked."

"Why do we need two bedrooms? We always sleep together."

"Well I don't think the hotel would like it if we were seen to be sleeping in the same bed. I thought if we had two, we could just mess one up in the morning so it looked like we slept in separate beds. Now let's not waste the rest of the day in the hotel. Why don't we get something to eat then we can go down to the beach?" I said picking up my sunglasses, sun screen and some beach towels.

"Here take this money, this is for the holiday so you can buy and do what you want. It has to last you until Sunday so don't spend it all at once." I said giving Jake £100.

We left the room and headed down to the lobby. We walked out onto the beach front and found a nice little Italian restaurant and ate lunch. After lunch we took a walk down the shops on the beach front. Most were selling souvenirs and stuff like that for the tourists but Jake wanted to look in every shop. He was so excited looking at everything and picking up all the toys and games. He was very careful not spend any money though.

We went into a small joke shop where he bought a magic set for £4. He must have looked at it for twenty minutes before actually deciding to buy it.  

We then headed over to the beech, it being Thursday it wasn't too busy. I rented two deck chairs and a parasol.

We took off our shoes and socks and removed our t-shirts.

Jake sat in the deck chair carefully examining all the bits of his new magic trick set. I lay in the sun putting sun screen on my body and watching all the people go by.

"Jake do you want me to put some sun screen on you shoulders for you?" I asked.

"Yeah please." Jake said carefully putting away the magic set and hiding it under my chair.

He came and sat in between my legs. I put a little drop on his shoulders and he shivered and flinched.

"That's really cold."

"Sorry I'll warm it up." I said.

I poured the cream into my hands, rubbed them together then gently massaged his shoulders and down to his back. I then had him lift his arms and massaged some cream into them.

"I think you better do your chest and legs." I said.

Jake got back up and took the bottle; just as I had done he poured some into his hands then rubbed it into his chest and legs.

"Can I go in the sea? I have never been in it before." Jake said looking over to the calm blue sea.

"Yeah but we didn't bring our trunks down. The hotel is only across the road though so if you wait here and look after the stuff, I'll run up and grab them."

Jake nodded and retrieved his magic set. I put my trainers back on and walked over the road to the hotel. I went up to the room, picked up my book and the trunks and went back down to the beach.

I handed Jake the trunks and sat back down on my chair. He put away his magic set and hid it under my chair again.

"How am I supposed to put these on?" Jake said holding up the trunks.

"Why is your hand still hurting?"

"Not as much but I can't put them on with all these people about."

"Right, I see. Um... I'll just hold up this towel for you, face towards the sea there is no one in front of us." I said cottoning on to what he was saying.

I held up the towel so that it made a shield from behind and from the sides. Jake faced away from me and dropped his shorts. He bent down so that my nose was almost in his open crack. It was the best view I had seen of his most sacred of holes. I could smell the slight whiff of his boy musk; I could feel myself getting hard. Jake pulled up his red Speedos then turned and smiled at me.

"Are you going to come as well?" Jake asked.

"Nah, it was a long drive, I'm just going to sit here and relax for a bit. But you go and have fun."

"Can you look after my stuff then?" Jake said pointing to the Magic box.

I nodded and he ran down the beach and stopped at the start of the water. I watched as he took a few steps into the water, stopped and bent down and started looking at something. He then carried on walking slowly into the water until it was up to his waist. He stood there with his arms crossed across his chest shivering for a few minutes.

"Take the plunge, once you get used to it it'll be ok." I whispered to myself.

As if he had heard me, Jake bent his knees and submerged himself in the water. He then started slowly swimming about, never getting too far away from the beach. 

I stopped watching Jake and started reading my book. After a few minutes I looked up to see if Jake was ok but he wasn't in front of me anymore. I looked round for him and saw him further down the beach. There were about five or six boys playing together in the water. Jake was swimming close to them but far enough away that you could see he wasn't with them. I sat watching as Jake swam slowly around them watching them play. Eventually one of the boys called over to him and Jake got up and went over to the group. They all started playing in the water splashing and wrestling one another. I went back to my book, after a few minutes the book hit my chest and I fell asleep.

I woke up seeing a red faced Jake in front of me shaking my arm.

"I met some local boys, is it ok if I play some football with them down the beach?" Jake said trying to catch his breath.

"Yeah that's fine, where are you going to be?" I replied looking over at the group of boys standing a short distance away watching Jake.

"Just over there past the big rock. It makes a good goal."

"Yeah, I'll be here when you get back."

Jake ran off to the boys and they all walked to where he had indicated.

I looked at my watch it was already half five. I needed a drink so I got up and packed Jake's magic box, the clothes and everything else into the bag I had brought with me and walked across the road and down the beach front. I stopped in a shop and bought some cigarettes and couple of bottles of beer. I bought Jake a drink and headed back the deck chairs.

I sat reading my book and drinking my beer for around an hour when Jake walked over and sat down.

"Hey, had a good time with your new friends?" I asked.

"Yeah they are really cool. They had to go in to have their dinners' but we said we would try and meet up tomorrow, if that ok?" Jake said taking the drink I offered him and drinking most of the can in one.

"Yeah that's fine, I don't have anything planned for tomorrow anyway, keep Saturday free though." I said with a wink.

"I'm hungry. Can we get something to eat?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, I was thinking we could eat in the hotel restaurant tonight."

I packed everything up while Jake ran off and put our rubbish in the bin. We then headed to the hotel and up to our room. Jake dropped his bag and started walking back to the suite door.

"Aren't we going to eat now?" Jake asked looking over to me.

"This is a fancy hotel, the restaurants will both be fine dinning so we will have to dress up a bit first. Plus you need to wash off all that sand and salt water off you. "

"OK." Jake said. Walking back into the room and talking off his trunks.

"Do you still need help or do you think you will be ok?" I asked.

"I should be ok." Jake said walking into the bathroom.

I unpacked the toiletries and handed Jake his. I then undressed and went into the other bathroom on the other side of the suite and had a long hot shower. I got out of the shower, dried myself and put on a bathrobe. I walked into the master bedroom and dressed into some trousers and a shirt. I sat in the living room and watched TV while I was waiting for Jake to finish in the shower.

Ten minutes later he came out naked drying his hair with a towel. He came into the living room and sat on the couch next to me.

"You were a long time, fall asleep in there?" I asked.

"No, needed to take a shit real bad, and the shower was really nice and I didn't want to get out." Jake said.

I sat watching the news for a few minutes when Jake asked "Dan, any chance I can pinch a fag please?"

"Yeah but you can't smoke it in here. All hotel rooms in England are no smoking now, just like the restaurants and offices." I replied.

"Oh is that why the teachers all go round the corner now to smoke?"

"Probably. Come on get dressed and we'll have a fag before dinner."

 Jake got dressed and we put on our shoes and socks and went downstairs. We went to the beach front and stood having a fag in an alley next to the hotel.

"Why are we in the ally? Why don't we just stand out on the street?" Jake asked.

"I don't really want you to be seen smoking. You're not old enough and if someone saw you smoking with me I could get into trouble. I don't actually like you smoking at all." I replied.

"Yeah but you smoke." Jake said a bit offended.

"Yeah I know. I started when I had some problems in my life, I need to give up. I think it would be a good idea if we gave up together."

"Yeah, but not this weekend ok?" Jake said stubbing out his fag on the wall.

"OK deal. Come on lets get something to eat, I'm starved."

We went into the hotel and chose which restaurant to go into. One was fine `Anglo-French' and the other was `Taste of the World'. We chose the Anglo-French and were seated at a nice table next to a lobster tank.

Jake was fascinated with the lobsters and kept tapping the tank and trying to get them to follow his finger.

"What shall we eat then?" I asked Jake looking at the menu.

""Uh don't know. How about a steak." Jake said looking at his menu.

"You can have one of those lobsters you know." I said pointing to the tank.

"Ahh, that's horrible. I wouldn't want them killed. How can anyone face eating it after seeing it swimming around?" Jake asked horrified.

"I don't know, I have never liked the way restaurants keep live lobsters but some people won't eat them unless they get to chose them while they are still alive." I explained.

When the waiter came over we both ordered a steak with new potatoes. Jake started telling me about the boys that he had met on the beach today. He had that glow in his eye again, he must have really missed being with people his own age.

After we had finished our dinner we walked down to the beech and had a walk while we digested our food. It was starting to get windy so we headed back to the beach front and went to an amusement arcade. Jake was having so much fun. I didn't really play any games but Jake dragged me onto the a couple to play with him. When Jake had played most of the computer games, told me he wanted to play air hockey.

I put the money in the machine then Jake started. Before I even knew what was happening Jake had scored. The final score was 10-2, needless to say Jake won. I put more money in the machine and this time I started. The score was more even this time, it was 5-4 Jake in the lead. We were in the middle of a furious volley when Jake tried to hit the puck back, he missed and his arm hit a metal pole on the side of the table. He dropped the plastic paddle grabbing his wrist and wincing in pain. I ran over to him to check he was alright.

"Is it ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, it just hurts. It was hurting earlier when I got out of the sea but not that bad."

"You want to head back to the hotel and take a couple of the pills?"

"Yeah, I'm tried now anyway." Jake said.

We walked back to the hotel. When we got back into the room it was already ten thirty. I gave Jake the pills and a glass of water. We undressed and I got into bed while Jake peed.

Jake leaned over and kissed me on the mouth.

"Thanks for this Dan, I'm having a great time." Jake said kissing down my neck.

"That's ok, it has only just started." I said playing with his nipples.

We carried on kissing down my body. He stopped at my nipples and played with one in his hand while sucking and nibbling on the other. It was driving me crazy. My cock was ridged and leaking pre cum.

After awhile he carried on down my body licking out my belly button and using his left hand to wank my solid cock. He carried on down, kissing my pubic triangle all over then he kissed the top of my cock head. He licked his lips and tasted my pre cum.

"You don't have to do this you know." I said.

"I want to, you like doing it. I like it when you do it to me, I want you to feel that."

He kissed it again then stuck out his tongue and gently flicked the head. I couldn't believe this felt so good. I started slowly moving my hips so that the head of my cock started to go in and out of his mouth. He then rearranged his body so he was laying in between my legs. He opened his mouth and started taking more of my cock in. He started bobbing up and down quickly using his hand to wank the base. I started moving my hips more trying to match his rhythm. I was getting close I could feel it. Jake then stopped bobbing, I thought he was going to get off and finish me by hand but he just kept trying to go down further. He had two thirds of my cock in his mouth and throat when he started coughing. He sat up eyes watering and coughing still. I sat up and rubbed his back.

When he had stopped coughing he pushed my back onto my back and started bobbing up and down my cock again.

"I'm about to cum. You can take it out now." I said bucking and moaning.

Jake didn't get off my cock but instead got faster with his sucking and wanking. I could feel it coming up from my balls; it was in the bottom of my cock. I couldn't stop myself, I held the top of Jake's head stopping him from moving and thrusting my cock in and out of his mouth a few times. I came in extraordinary fashion, I must have shot off six powerful blasts before I let go of his head. Jake didn't stop at this point, he wanted it all. He carried on sucking until it got too sensitive and I had to ask him to stop. Jake then came up and laid next to me on the bed while I tried to recover my breathing.

"It tastes a lot better when it comes straight out of you." Jake said kissing me passionately. I could taste my cum on his tongue.

I went down Jakes body and stated sucking his cock. I knew he wasn't going to take long; his prick was already quivering and pulsating in my mouth.

I moved off his cock and started kissing his balls. Then down to his perineum and towards his hole.  As I licked it I could feel it puckering and trying to draw me in. I circled it a few times and firmed my tongue and entered. I felt him relax almost instantly. I went in and out of his tight hole and kept wiggling my tongue. Jake's hand moved down towards his cock and started pumping away. Within minutes he had cummed on his chest and stomach. I got out of his hole and licked all the cum off his body.

I came up the bed and kissed Jake on the mouth. I could taste both of our cum mixing together.

Jake broke the kiss and put his head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and we fell asleep.

I woke the next morning to hear Jake wanking. After a few moments he came on his stomach.

"Your arm feeling better then?" I said.

"Morning, breakfasts ready!" Jake said, wiping his finger in the cum and putting it in my mouth. 

"Umm, Yummy my favourite. What time is it?" I asked looking around the room. 

"Nearly nine, I said I would meet Zack and the others at ten near the beach. I was just about to get ready."

"Cool. Well before you go to the bathroom could you get my laptop for me? I'll give room service a call and get them to bring some breakfast for you. I don't think you made enough for the both of us." I said sitting up in the bed and switching on the TV.

Jake brought over my laptop. I sat watching the news and catching up on my email. Jake spent about half and hour in the bathroom. When he came out he had carefully done his hair and reeked of Joop.

"Jesus Jake, you're only supposed to use a spray or two! Did you finish the bottle?!" I said as he approached.

"You think it's too much?" Jake said looking panicked.

"Maybe a little bit, but don't worry, when you get you clothes on it wont be so bad. At least you will smell nice for the rest of the day." I said sensing his nervousness.

There was a knock on the suite door. Jake wrapped a towel around his waist and answered it. It was the same bellboy that had shown us up to the room yesterday. He brought in a trolley with a number of plates with silver covers; he placed them on the table and handed Jake a leather folio. Jake thanked the bellboy and went to walk him to the door. The bellboy pointedly cleared his throat and when he realised that Jake had not got the hint opened the folder for Jake and asked him to sign. The bell thanked us and left the room.

I finished the email I was working on then walked into the living room and sat down with Jake and started to eat breakfast with him. 

"So what have you got planned for the day?" I asked Jake taking a bite of my toast.

"Not sure yet, I think they were planning to make it up as they went." Jake said.

"OK well you better take the room key, I'll get a spare from reception. I should be around the hotel or close by for the day; if you need me for anything you've got my number. I don't want you staying out too late tonight though, you don't know the town and I wouldn't want anything to happen to you." I said.

"OK." Jake relied.

After we had finished our breakfast, I went back to the bedroom and sat on the bed with my laptop. Jake came in and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He then took off the t-shirt and put on a shirt instead and looked in the mirror. He then took off the shirt and put on different t-shirt. He stood looking in the mirror; was clearly nervous about trying to fit in with these boys.

"Jake, you look good, don't worry. They liked you when you were wearing practically nothing, they'll like you wearing that." I said as Jake had gone to take off the t-shirt again.

"Are you sure? You don't think I should wear the shirt instead?" Jake replied thumbing the hem of his t-shirt.

"No, seriously, you look fantastic. If you don't stop changing you are going to be late."

"OK, I'll go then. Um... Dan any chance I can ponce a fag?"

I only had two left in my pack so I threw the pack and a lighter over to him. Jake caught them then went over to the draw he had stored his money in and pocketed the money and fags.

"Well, I'll see you later then." Jake said heading over to the door.

"Take care little man."

I finished writing the email to a software developer I knew about a custom program for Dr. Charlton, then packed away my laptop and went over to the other bedroom to mess it up. The bed had already been messed up and Jake had put is dirty clothes on the floor to add authenticity.

I thought I would start my day with some shopping before all the weekend holiday makers arrived. I walked down to a small market town a few miles from the beach. I thought I would buy Jake a mobile, as I was out of the house more and Jake is going to be out with friends it would be easier to keep in touch.   

I went to a mobile phone shop and asked the sales person what the best and most fashionable phone was. She picked out a really nice Samsung, I bought it on pay as you go and put £50 of credit onto it.

I then went for a wander around the other shops and then I found a few bit and bobs to waste some money on and some little things I thought Jake would find funny.

I was down one of the smaller side streets. The road was winding and cobbled. I picked up the smell of leather and look around. It was coming from one of the smallest shops I have ever seen. It looked like a really small house but there was a sign above it saying "Bert's Leather Store'. I wanted to buy a new belt so I went in and started looking around. The shelves were staked high with lots of different items made with different leathers. I chose a belt, then a nice leather wallet caught my eye. I picked it up, it was made of a lovely soft leather. I went to the counter to pay for them when I saw a sign above the shopkeeper, `Have any items custom stitched'.

"What does it mean custom stitched?" I asked.

"Well we have a special type of automated sewing machine, we program it with what you want and it will stitch an emblem or image." The man replied.

"Is that expensive?"

"Depends on what you want done and what on."

"I was thinking of having a nice italic `J' on this wallet."

"Yeah we can do that, It shouldn't be too much. Let's have a look."

He worked out the price and I agreed. As it was a nice chocolate colour wallet, I chose a sand colour for the stitching. I paid for it and was told it would take an hour. I went across the street for a coffee and a sandwich. While I was waiting my phone rang.

"Hi, Dan its Lee. I have a favour to ask."

 "Go on." I replied.

"Well, I sent off the cheque and when they recognised your name on it, the Director of Finance, Sam I think he said his name was started the policy immediately. He said if the cheque bounced he could just stop paying you. Anyway, he said you told him about my mother and has authorised payment for any treatment she might need. They decided that the best thing would be to put her in a specialist cancer treatment centre. They are picking her up on Monday, any chance I can get the day off so I can be there?"

"Yeah sure that's fine, Jake and I won't be there all weekend anyway and I am thinking that we might stay here Sunday night as well. Jake has made friends with some local boys. It would be good to let him have time with people his age."

"Cool, I got to go, loads to sort out before Monday. By the way I can start working daily from Tuesday." Lee said.

I said good bye and finished my sandwich. When the hour was up I went back to the leather store. The shopkeeper greeted me then, went into the backroom and brought out a small black box. He opened it for me and showed me the wallet. The stitching was beautifully done, it really completed the plain wallet.

When I had got bored of walking around the shops, I walked back to the hotel and put my shopping away in our room. I then went down to the hotel's spa.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the spa relaxing, having facials and massages. At six I went back up to the room to see if there was any sign of Jake. The room was exactly as I had left it when I had got back from the shops.

I was starting to get hungry, but I didn't want to eat in the restaurant on my own so I walked down the beach front looking for food. I found a nice looking fish and chip shop and went in. I was just about to order when my phone rang. I looked at the caller id; it wasn't a number that I recognised.

"Daniel Wood." I said answering the phone.

"Your psychic powers have failed you." Jake said with a laugh.

"Hey Jake, how you doing?" I said recognising Jake's Voice.

"I'm good, do you mind if I come back at ten tonight, Zack, Rhys and the other guys are going to the fun fair, I thought I would go with them." Jake said quickly.

"Yeah that's fine. Have you had anything to eat?" I asked a bit disappointed that I wouldn't see him till later.

"Yeah we had some chips. Are you sure that it's ok to stay out?" Jake asked almost whispering the last part into the phone.

"Yeah, don't worry, stay out and have fun. Hey how does it sound if we stay for Sunday night as well?" I said trying to sound happy.

"Yeah that sounds great." He replied.

"OK, I'll sort it out with the hotel then. I'll speak to you later."

I finished the call then ordered some fish and chips and took them back to the hotel. I sat in the living room eating and watching TV. I can't believe how lonely I felt not having Jake around, he had only been in my life a couple of weeks but it felt like my whole life revolved around him.

When I finished eating I called reception and booked us in for another night. I then took my laptop into the bedroom. I lay on the bed and started doing some work.

I woke the next morning in bed. I was still wearing the clothes I had on the night before. I looked round and Jake was sleeping quietly next to me. I got up and found that Jake must have put my laptop on the bedside table. I must have fallen asleep while I was working.

The clock on the wall told me that it was six thirty. I felt completely refreshed so I must have fallen asleep early. I got undressed and went to the bathroom. When I had got showered and dressed I left the room and went downstairs to get some breakfast.

After I had finished eating I took a stroll to the shops, bought a newspaper and some cigarettes. I sat on the beach for about forty five minutes smoking and watching the breaking waves. I realised that this was the first time in the last couple of weeks I had felt depressed.

I walked back to the hotel and entered the suite. Jake was still asleep. I stood in the doorway to the bedroom watching him for a few minutes. He was sleeping like an angel.

I went back into the living room and sat watching the news. About half an hour later I herd the toilet flush and Jake came into the living room wearing a robe. He sat down next to me on the couch.

"Are you annoyed with me for staying out last night?" Jake asked.

I switched off the TV and turned to Jake.

"I'm not annoyed at all. I'm sorry if I made you feel guilty. If I make you feel guilty for wanting to spend time with people your own age you must let me know. As long as you're back when you say your going to be or call and let me know you can spend time with whoever you like." I said.

"OK." Jake said.

"How did everything go yesterday? Did you have fun?"

"Yeah it was great, we played football in the morning and went to the fair in the evening." Jake said.

"What did you do in the afternoon?"

"Oh, not much, just sat around the shopping centre mainly. We were going to hang out again today."

"Oh, um... I thought we were doing something today. But if you have something special planned don't worry." I replied crestfallen.

"Oh shit! Yeah you said to keep Saturday free, I completely forgot what day it was today. No I would rather do something with you. I can I borrow your phone and I will let Zack know."

"You really don't have to Jake. I don't want to keep you away from your friends."

"No, its cool, we were only going to go to the arcade but we can do that tomorrow. I was going to see if you wanted to come. Then I could have introduced you."

"Well, look I got tickets to some big music festival that is on today but music isn't really my thing so why don't you take Zack?" I said opening the DHL envelope and letting two VIP passes drop on to the table.

"Really you got tickets to beach party? That is so cool. Zack was telling me about it. He is already going with his big brother but I wouldn't want to go with anyone but you."

"If you're sure, you better get ready."

"Cool. So can I borrow your phone to call him?"

"No." I said getting up.

"Oh, alright right then. I might walk down to the payphone." Jake said.

"You don't have to." I said getting the bag with the new phone out of the cupboard and giving it to Jake.

"What's this? He said.

"Open it and find out"

"Oh, this is so cool! Is this really for me?"

"Yeah course. It's got credit on it so you can always keep in touch. Don't go chatting to your friends for hours though, if you need any more credit you're going to have to pay for it."

Jake opened the box and started playing with the phone, choosing backgrounds and ringtones.

"Come on, if you don't get ready soon, you won't have time to get anything to eat before we go to the music festival."

"OK, hold on I'll just text Zack."

Jake went to the bathroom and got ready. I was sitting on the bed checking that my work had saved properly. When he got out he picked out some shorts and a yellow t-shirt to wear. He picked up his jeans that he was wearing the previous day and pulled the money out of the pocket. All the notes were scrunched up into balls and he had lots of loose coins.

"Oh that reminds me, I got you something else." I said heading over to the draw and pulling out the small box with the wallet in it."

Jake opened the box and looked at the wallet. He turned it over in his hand and rubbed the soft leather against his cheek.

"Oh this is all so cool. Thank you!" He said wrapping his arms around me and giving me a big kiss on the mouth.

He sat on the edge of the bed straightening each note and putting them in the wallet. There was a noise from the living room from Jake's phone.

He carefully put the wallet back in its box and ran into the living room to retrieve his phone.

"Zack say's he is going to be there at two and we should meet up." Jake said walking back into the room and reading his text message.

"That's cool, when we get there text him and let him know where to meet up."

We left the room and went down to the restaurant so Jake could get some breakfast. While he was eating he told me all about what he had done the day before. He talked with such excitement and enthusiasm, telling me every little detail.

After breakfast we took a bus the 5 miles down the road to the festival venue. It was still early but the beach had already started to fill up. We hung our passes around our necks and started queuing up to get in. After a few minutes a man wearing a florescent jacket walked past. He stopped and tapped me on the shoulder.

"You know you're not supposed to be queuing here right?" the man said.

"Really? Where are we supposed to be going?" I asked.

"The VIP entrance is round the back. You go in with the bands. The VIP's get to meet the bands before and after the gig. There is also a VIP `Lounge', although don't be fooled. It's a tent with chairs, food and drinks." The man replied before walking off.

We got out of line and walked around the security fence looking for the other entrance. We eventually found it next to the car park where all the band's tour buses and cars had been parked. There was no queue but a man was standing at the entrance. We walked up to him and he checked our passes and waved us through.

We went through, there were lots of caravans everywhere. This must have been all the bands dressing rooms. We walked aimlessly looking around. After a few minutes a lady saw us and asked to see our passes.

She walked us into a large tent which had about twenty other people in it. There were lots of squashy looking sofas and a number of tables setup with large buckets with drinks floating in ice. Most of the buckets I noticed seemed to contain only alcoholic drinks. She then got everyone's attention and addressed the group.

"Excellent, I'm only waiting on two more VIPs now and they probably won't show anyway. We have everything setup in the VIP lounge. Make yourselves at home and in about half an hour then acts will come out and meet you. You get half an hour with them now, and then you will be taken out so you will be as close to the front of the stage as possible. If you would like to come back after all the acts have finished you may relax in the VIP lounge. Some of the acts will come back here. All the food and drinks here are complementary. Drinks out in the main arena are also complementary during the show. If you just show your pass you won't be charged. Food in the arena is chargeable. Please keep your passes with you as you will need them to get back into the lounge.  If you loose them please let security know as the may be picked up by someone we wouldn't want near the acts."

Jake sat on one of the sofa's while I went to get us some drinks. I sat next to him and he pulled out his phone.

"Where do you think I should tell Zack to meet us?" Jake asked.

"I'm not sure, um... hold on I'll ask that women if there is a good meeting place."

I went over and asked her the best place to meet someone. She asked if I knew what time they would be arriving. I told her and she told me that it was likely that they would be close to the back. They were likely to have cheaper tickets if they were only being let in at two. I went back to Jake.

"She basically says that Zack and his brother are likely to be close to the back. If we go and meet them you will have to stay at the back. There is a break half way though the show for an hour while some comedy acts come on. This gives everyone time to get drinks and food. We could go and meet them near the food stalls in the break. If the other VIP's haven't turned up the lady says she will let them up front with us.  They won't be allowed to come back here though because they would need a pass. So just text him and say that we will meet up in the break near the food stalls." I told Jake.

"What time is the break?" Jake asked.

"Well she says the show starts at three, the break is at six. It might be a late night tonight."

"Cool I'll let him know."

After a while a number of people entered the tent. Most of the VIP's lost there dignity and tried to mob them. I hung back while Jake went forward and tried to meet the members of his favourite band. I went back to the sofa and sat down with a beer.

About twenty minutes later Jake came over and sat by me all flushed.

"I can't believe I spoke to them! They are so cool. I can't wait to tell Jason, they are his favourite band as well." Jake said.

"Who are they supposed to be?" I asked.

"The Evil Rot!" Jake said indignantly.

"Never heard of them." I said.

I had actually heard of them, they sometimes played their records on the radio. They did music I didn't really like. I carried on winding Jake up and laughing.

After another hour, the host came back into the tent and got everyone's attention.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would just like to follow me out I will show you to your reserved area."

We all followed her out to an enclosed bit right in front of the main stage. It was far enough away so that we see could the whole stage properly but close enough so that we could get a great close up view of the bands.

The first band came out and I watched as Jake swayed to the music. When they finished he clapped and hollered.  The next band to come out was more upbeat. Jake jumped up and down, he was really enjoying himself.

After about an hour I was getting a bit bored and tried of standing.

"Jake, JAKE! I'm going into the lounge. Do you want me to bring you out a drink?" I shouted in jakes ear.

He nodded so I went back into the lounge and brought out a bottle of coke for Jake. I handed it to him then went back into the lounge and sat down with a beer. There was a large plasma TV that I hadn't noticed before. It was playing the whole concert from different angles. I spent the next hour watching on the TV.

I went back out to the enclosure in time to watch the last band and the comedian come on.

"Quick, lets get to the food stalls before they all get rammed." He said grabbing my hand and guiding me through the people towards the back.

By the time we had got to the back the queues to all the food stalls were massive. Jake text Zack. Within a few seconds he had a reply.

"They are at near the front of the queue for the burger stand." Jake told me.

"Why don't you take some money and go find them and get us some burgers?" I said.

"OK where will you be?"

"I need to pee; I'll be back before you will so I will meet you here."

Jake ran off to find Zack and his brother and I went to find the toilets. There was a large number of chemical port-a-loos but there was a huge queue. Most of the guys were just pissing up against a sea breaker. I went over peed then went back to where I was meeting Jake.

Around ten minutes later Jake came back with two guys following him. The smaller one was one of the boy's I had seen on the beach. He was taller than Jake and broader in the shoulders also. He had light blonde hair, beautiful green/blue eyes and deep tan. His brother looked almost identical only older. Jake introduced the boys.

"This is Zack, and his brother Cameron. This is Dan." Jake said.

"Hey." I said.

I felt a bit uncomfortable not really knowing these people but they seemed completely relaxed."

"Hey man, how you doing? It's Cam by the way. Only my mom calls me Cameron."  Cam said in an American accent.

"What do you think of the gig Dan?" Zack said to me in an identical accent.

"Well, to be honest, it is a bit to rock and grundge for me. I'm more into hip hop and R&B." I said.

"Oh there is going to be some hip hop tonight, apparently Jay-Z is going to be here." Zack said.

"Um, I think he cancelled actually." I said.

The boys started talking franticly about the first half of the concert.

I noticed the time and told the guys we better get back up to the front. Jake had already told them that we were going to try and get them upfront with us.

We walked back to the enclosure, the lady we had meet earlier was checking everyone's passes before letting them come in. I went up to her. She recognised me instantly and told me everything was fine and that we should just come through.

We all went up front. After a few minutes the comedian announced that he had finished his set and out next was The Evil Rot. Jake and Zack went wild stomping their feet and cheering.

"Hey dude, wanna go get a drink?" Cam said to me.

"Yeah that sounds like an idea. Grab the pass off Jake and come back with me." I said.

We went back to the lounge, grabbed a couple of beers and sat on a couch.

"Not into this music either huh?" I said taking a drink.

"Nah, I'm with you. I like something with a good beat and singing not shouting. I only came because my mom wouldn't let Zack go unless I came."

"Shall we just hang out here for the rest of the concert then? The boys are having the time of their lives and they are safe enough in the VIP enclosure. "

"Man, you got the idea! I'm gonna take some drinks out to them." Cam said.

He picked up a couple of beers.

"Is Jake drinking?" he asked holding up a bottle of beer.

"Are you letting Zack?"

"Yeah, he's cool."

"OK but tell them not to get caught drinking it or they will get thrown out."

Cam went with four bottles of beer. When he came back he said "They hadn't even noticed we had gone, or that I was back until I told them I had beer."

We sat down and talked, it turned out that Cam, Zack and their mum had all come over from the states a couple of years ago. They used to live in southern California but came to the UK when there parents split up.   

After a few hours and a few more beers; we had taken more out to Jake and Zack, we got out of the lounge and went and joined the boys.

After the last act had come on Cam turned to me and said "fancy going to a bar?"

"Jake, me and Cam are going to head to a bar, why don't you and Zack take the passes and hang out in the lounge for a while?" I said.

"That's a great idea. Where are you going to be?" Jake said taking the pass I handed him.

After a quick discussion with Cam we decided that it was best if we went to the hotel bar, that way the boys would know where to meet us.

"When you have finished here, just take a cab to the hotel. I don't want you taking the bus late at night." I said handing Jake a £20 note.

Cam gave his pass to Zack and we headed out of the enclosure and towards the main road. We took a short cab ride back to the hotel. We sat drinking for another hour and a half when Jake and Zack came in.

"Hey guys, have fun tonight?" I asked as they sat at our table.

"Yeah it was so great. I can't believe how good it was." Jake said.

"Cam you're not going to believe this, we meet The Evil Rot. We even got to have a few drinks with them!"

"Cool, sounds like you had a blast. We better make a move soon or mom will do her nut. Don't let her know I let you drink." Cam said looking at his watch.

"OK. Jake am I going to see you tomorrow before you leave?" Zack asked.

"Yeah, but were not leaving until Monday now." Jake replied.

After promising they would text each other in the morning the boys had a final drink each. We ordered two cokes but let them drink our beers.

Cam and Zack left the bar and we headed back up to the suite.

I went into the bathroom to pee. When I had got out Jake was naked on the top of the bed.

"Dan." Jake said sitting up.

"What's up little man?" I asked walking over to the bed and getting undressed.

"Dan, I want you to fuck me, like the guys in that movie." Jake replied as I got into bed.

"I don't think that a good idea." I replied.

"I really want it." Jake said straddling me.

"Not tonight, you have had too much to drink and I can't be sure you really want it."

"I do want it, I wanted it last light as well but you were asleep when I got home."

"I'll do it another night. Tonight we can just have some fun." I replied rolling Jake onto his back.

I kissed down his body. The drink was making me feel reckless, but I wasn't going to fuck him. Not tonight.

I kissed his rigid cock. The deep red almost purple cock head was large and engorged. I kissed his balls licking them slightly. I then went to work on his rear hole with my tongue. Jake reached down and started stroking his cock. I used my hand to take his hand away from it.

His arse tasted musky and sweaty, he hadn't washed after the concert. I loved it. I cleaned all around his hole and crack with my tongue. Jake started moaning and trying to put his hand back on his cock. I used my hand to hold his down. I wanted to make him cum with nothing but my mouth.

I entered his hole with my tongue and went in as deep as I could. My nose was pushed hard into his ball sack, moving his balls to either side. I kept flicking my tongue and cleaning deep inside him.

"Please, I can't take it any more, finish me off." Jake said with a moan.

I brought my fingers to my lips, took my tongue out of his hole and sucked on them.

I brought my mouth to his cock and started slowly sucking the head. I used one of my fingers to gradually circle his tight entrance.

When I could feel him more relaxed, I inserted the very top of my finger. I felt the now familiar feeling of his hole clamping down. I let the finger sit until I felt the hole relax. When it had I slowly pushed in more. I was now knuckle deep in his tight boy hole.

Slowly my mouth sucked his head and my finger fucked his rear. Jake was in ecstasy. He was thrashing about pushing himself deeper on to my finger and into my mouth. I started speeding up the pace.

I could feel him getting close, he was moaning loudly, almost crying in pleasure. He was really close now, I could feel is hard cock pumping. Just before the first shot of cum hit my mouth, I retracted my finger and inserted two deeply thrusting straight at his prostate. Jake grunted deeply and wave after wave of cum entered my waiting mouth.

I didn't let his cock go. I wanted him to really experience it. I pushed hard on his prostate again Jake grunted loudly. Suddenly I could feel hot liquid filling my mouth. It was too much to be cum and it was too wet and salty.

"Oh shit!" Jake said trying to take his cock out of my mouth.

I couldn't reply so I held him down. He hadn't finished yet and I didn't want him pissing on the hotel's bed. My mouth was full and I didn't know what to do. Jake was still pissing, stretching my cheeks. I swallowed all the piss and let Jake finish.

Jake was crying. I held him close to my body.

"Hey little man, don't worry."

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to. I thought I was cumming again." Jake said sobbing into my chest.

"Shh, don't worry. It was just unexpected and you have had a lot to drink."

Jake quietened down and I laid him on my chest as he continued to sob silently. After while Jake was asleep.

I woke the next morning to the sound of the toilet flushing. It was early. Jake walked back into the bedroom and got back under the covers.

"Sorry about last night." Jake said not looking at me.

"Don't worry little man. I was just shocked that's all. Can I ask you question though?"

"I suppose."

"Do you have trouble holding it when you need to pee?"

"Yeah, when I feel I need to go, I really have to go."

"So do you wet often?"

"Not often. Sometimes, but I usually go before it gets bad."

"Has it always been like that?"

"No, it started a few years ago."

"Mmm...  Would you like to speak to a doctor about it? It might be something we can get rid of."

"I don't know. I don't really like doctors and I would have to show him my dick."

"Yeah but if you have something treatable we should at least speak to them."

"I suppose."

"Hey, shall we have a picnic on the beach today?" I said trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah that would be cool, can I invite Zack?"

"OK. I'll call down to the hotel and get some food packed up."

"OK I'm going to get washed then."

Jake got in the shower while I called down to the restaurant and had them pack up some food and drinks. I then picked up my laptop and emailed Dr. Ross explaining Jakes problem and asking him to email me.

When Jake got out of the shower, he dressed in t-shirt and shorts. I went into the bathroom to get washed and brush my teeth. When I got out I dressed and went into the living room to find Jake.

"Hey is it ok if some of the other guys come as well?" Jake asked.

"Yeah sure, I'll get the hotel to make some more food for us then. How many will be there?"

"Well there is Zack, Rhys, Toby, Aaron, Lewis and Steve. So including us two it will be eight."

"OK that's cool, what time will they be down? I wanted to look around at the shops before the picnic."

"I told them to meet us at twelve. Is that alright?"

"Yeah that gives me a couple of hours."

I called the hotel and made sure they knew it would be food for eight. Seven of which would be hungry boys. Jake decided that he want to have another look around the shops so we headed out.

We looked in the shops for around an hour. Jake was doing his usual, looking but not buying. I bought a football and a portable radio. I also bought Jake a nice pair of Police sunglasses. While we shopping we found a store that sold inflatable's. We picked out a load including several lie lows for the pool at home.

We stopped at a coffee shop and had a drink. The weather was hot and dry. We sat outside and drank milkshakes. When we finished our drinks Jake asked if it was ok to go back to one of the first shops we had visited.

We went back to the shop and Jake bought a hat with the name of a band that I had never heard of on it.

"I didn't think you wore hats." I said as we walked out of the store.

"It's for Jason, I know he likes this band and I wanted to get him something."

We walked back to the hotel and dropped off some of the stuff we had bought. We then took off our shorts and put our trunks on underneath. I packed up a bag with some towels, a couple of blankets, the football, my book and some sun cream.

We then headed downstairs to the restaurant to pick up the food. I spoke to the manager and he went into the kitchen and brought out four large bags of food and drink.

"Wow this is a lot." I said taking the bags from him.

"This is only some of it. Hold on." He replied going back into the kitchen.

He came back out with two large foil trays covered in cling film. I could see lots of sandwiches and pastries, sausage rolls, scotch eggs and other picnic type foods.

"We didn't have time to make it all so we have bought some of it in. I hope you don't mind." The manager said.

"No not at all. I'm just happy that you were able to do it at all. We'll be able to feed an army with this lot."

"You will be surprised how much boys can eat!" The manager said chuckling.

We headed out of the hotel laden with bags and headed over to the beach. It was still early so it wasn't too busy. I left Jake with the bags and went and rented some deck chairs and parasols. The attendant had to help me carry them all back to Jake. We set everything up and put the food under the blankets in the shade so they wouldn't get warm.

We sat down and I put on some sun block. I then handed Jake the bottle. He was just finishing his legs when Zack walked up to us with Cam and some other guys around Cam's age.

"We heard you were having a picnic, you don't mind if we join you for awhile do you?" Cam said sitting next to me.

"Yeah that's cool, we have so much food it would have gone to waste otherwise."

"Cool, you sorted the food we sorted the beer!" Cam said taking a cooler box from one of the friends and opening it.

We sat talking for awhile, Cam introduced me to his friends. They were all twenty one like him and had all gone to uni together.

After around fifteen minutes the rest of guys turned up and Jake and Zack excitedly told them all about the concert last night. The boys all sat talking amongst themselves. Cam, his friends and I talked about various things until the conversation turned to computers.

It turned out that Cam had just finished his degree in Computer Sciences and was looking for work experience. I asked him the field he would like to get into and he told me that he was looking at networking.

The boys had all got up and started having a kick around. I kept asking Cam questions about different computing problems and how he would solve them. He answered most with cleaver and inventive solutions. I was quite impressed.

"Oh, this conversation is so boring. Not all of us are nerds you know!" One of the other guys said.

"Sorry. If you are interested in a job Cam, based in London mind, give me a call. Now shall we go play some ball with the boys?" I said handing my card to Cam.

"Yeah I'll do that. Let's show these kids how to play soccer, sorry `football'." Cam said getting up from the chair and walking over to the boys.

We played football with them for twenty minutes before we were all exhausted and dying for drinks. The older ones were the first to head back to the deck chairs followed by the younger ones.

I laid out the blankets and opened up the trays. I started unpacking the bags. The restaurant seemed to have gone all out on the food. There were pies, cakes, sandwiches, pastries, pasties, chicken legs, mini pizzas, home made crisps, baked potatoes, scotch eggs, sausages and fresh salad. They had also packed up some disposable plates and cutlery.

I handed the last bag to Jake, it contained all the cans of soft drink.

We started eating and drinking. I went back to chatting to Cam about his plans for the future. I explained a bit about what I did and how I did it.

After we had all had our fill, I packed up all the empty dishes and Jake and Zack took all the rubbish to the bin. We sat around sunbathing and chatting for another hour.

"Let's go swimming!" Jake said jumping up.

All the boys thought it was a great idea, Cam and his friends just wanted to hang out on the deck chairs.

The boys ran to the sea and started playing and wrestling. I swam out further enjoying the feeling of the cool water. After awhile I was getting tired so headed back to the deck chairs.

When I got back Cam was sitting alone in the sun relaxing.

"Where have your friends all gone?" I asked sitting next to him.

"They had to head off. Most are meeting their girlfriends. Dave and Bill have to get to work." Cam replied.

"You not meeting your girlfriend then? I don't mind."

"Don't have one. More trouble than they are worth. Plus I like hanging out with you. You talk sense. That lot are great friends but are a bunch of piss heads."

"Why don't we leave this lot to it and go to the hotel? We could go to the spa and we can talk a bit more about what you could do for me." I said.

"OK." Cam replied getting up.

I called over to Jake and told him we were going back to the hotel. He told me that they were all going to the arcade and that he would be in at seven.

Cam helped me pack up all the things we had brought down to the beach. We headed over to the hotel. I walked up to the reception.

"Good afternoon sir, how can I help?" The receptionist said.

"Hi, my name's Dan Wood. I'm staying in the royal suite. The restaurant manager was kind enough to sort out a picnic for me earlier, would you be kind enough to thank him for me? They went to a lot of trouble and I would like to buy all the chefs and the manager a drink, if you could just charge it to my room."

"Thank you Mr. Wood, I'll sort that out for you now. I'm sure it would be appreciated."

"Thanks. Is it ok if I my friend and I go to the spa?" I asked.

"I'm so sorry sir but the spa is closed now. It is only opened until four on a Sunday."

"Damn. I forgot it was Sunday today."

As we couldn't get into the spa we decided we would go to the sauna instead. We headed up to my room where we dropped the bags and I changed into a bathrobe.

"Cam you're better off changing up here. We have a spare robe." I said coming back into the living room where cam was waiting.

"Cool dude." Cam said going into the main bathroom and coming back wearing the robe. 

I grabbed us two towels and we went down to the sauna. We spent about an hour in there talking about the networking experience he had and what he still had to learn. I told him I was thinking of hiring someone to help me run my business as the work was too much for me alone and I wanted to spend more time at home.

He was excited about being given the opportunity to apply for such a high position so early in his career. I told him not to rush into anything as it would mean that if it worked out he would have to move to London.

"Go home and talk to your family about it. If you are still serious about it, email me your CV and I will arrange a day when you can come up to London and we can see if we can arrange something." I said.

Cam nodded thoughtfully. I was starting to get tired so we headed back up to the suite.

"I'm going to grab a quick shower. Feel free to have one as well." I said walking back to the bathroom in the bedroom.

After we had finished showering, we were both getting hungry. Cam text Zack to find out if the boys wanted to have dinner somewhere.

After a few minutes Zack replied that they would, but it would just be Jake and him as the other boys had gone home. We arranged to meet back at the hotel were we would get a cab to a restaurant Cam knew.

When Jake got back to the room, both he and Zack were soaking wet and covered in sand. Apparently when the other guys had gone, they had gone back into the sea, on the way back out they wrestled on the beach. I told them they both needed to have a shower before we went out otherwise we were never going to get into a restaurant.

Jake went to the bathroom in the bedroom and Zack went to the main bathroom. After Jake had finished he came out of the bathroom and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He came and sat in the living room with us waiting for Zack.

Zack came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Uh, my clothes are really dirty. Do you have some I could borrow?" Zack asked shivering slightly.

Jake took Zack into the bedroom. A few minutes later Zack came back in wearing a pair of Jake's jeans and one of my t-shirts.

"We had to borrow one of your t-shirts, mine wouldn't fit. Is that ok Dan?"

"Yeah that's cool. I called for a cab. It should be here in about five minutes so if you're ready lets wait out the front." I said.

When the cab arrived we all got in and Cam told the driver where to go. It took about twenty minutes to get there. We pulled up outside a small old building. It must have been a pub once upon a time. Cam paid the driver and arranged with him to pick us up in two hours.

We went in and were seated in a booth in one of the corners. I ordered a bottle of wine and we sat and talked as we looked through the menu. The food was all traditional English dishes. We all picked what we wanted and we ordered.

The food was excellent. We all ordered dessert and Irish coffee's. When we finished our meal Cam offered to pay the bill but I wouldn't let his as he had paid for the cab. The cab picked us up and dropped me and Jake at the hotel. Zack and Cam stayed in the cab and went home.

When Jake and I had got back to the suite we undressed and went to bed.

The next morning we woke at nine to my alarm. We washed and dressed and packed up our stuff. I called bell service and had them take the bags to my car.

"I can't believe I won't be seeing Zack again, at least not for awhile." Jake said as we went downstairs to the lobby.

"You might be seeing him more often than you think." I said with a wink.

While I was checking out of the hotel and paying the bill, Jake sent a text to Zack to say goodbye and find out what I meant.

We got in the car and headed for home. Jake got a reply from Zack saying he had no idea.

Jake put a DVD on and sat back getting comfortable as it was a long drive to get home.


To be Continued...



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