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Jake Saves Me

Chapter Five: All The Way

By the time we had got back it was already seven o'clock. The drive was longer than I had expected. Jake had slept most of the way. We stopped a few times for toilet breaks and a late lunch.

We walked into the house carrying our bags. We dumped them in the living room and went back out to grab the rest of the bags.

"I really need a shower to wake myself up after that drive. Can you order a pizza while I get washed?" I asked Jake.

"Yeah, what toppings?" Jake replied.

"Whatever you want I'm not fussed." I said walking up the stairs with my suitcase. When I got to the bedroom I extracted my toiletries and left the full suitcase on the floor.

I went in and showered, enjoying the hot powerful jets on my body. I spent a good twenty minutes just standing under the torrent of water.

When I finished I wrapped a robe around myself and went downstairs. The pizza was waiting on the coffee table with plates and glasses. We ate while watching TV.

After dinner Jake laid his head in my lap. I took out my laptop and rested it on the arm of the sofa.

I checked my email and there were three important ones I noticed straight away. The first was from the software developer. He had emailed me the details of Dr. Charlton's program and an estimated price.

The second was from Dr. Ross. He had booked Jake in for a urology exam for Wednesday at one. I told Jake about it then replied to the email confirming it.

The third was from Cam. He had sent a message saying that he had talked to his mum and that she had been ok with him moving. Zack was less happy though as he wanted his brother around more. I replied to Cam's email asking him to come up for a formal interview on Friday at the house. I gave him the address and told him that I would arrange all the train tickets and hotel for the night.

I closed up my laptop and we sat watching the TV until I saw Jake drifting off. I tried to rouse him but he was too out of it. I switched off the TV and picked him up and carried him upstairs.

I put him on the bed and removed his shorts and t-shirt. I then tucked him in and got in on the other side.

The next morning I woke up and went to the toilet. As I flushed it I heard Jake waking up and coming into the bathroom.

He rubbed his eyes and started to piss. He let out a huge yawn and almost missed the bowl.

I brushed my teeth and went back into the bedroom.

"Shall we go for a swim? I have quite a bit of work to do today and won't really be about." I said as Jake entered the room.

"Mmm... ok" Jake said sleepily.

We put on robes and went downstairs to the pool house. We did half an hour of swimming around and warming up then did fifteen lengths each. Jake was getting to be quite a good swimmer. After we finished our swim, we put the robes back on then headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

Jake sat down at the breakfast bar while I dug in the fridge for something to eat. There was no milk, or bread so I made some bacon, sausages, eggs and beans. As I was dishing up Lee knocked on the door and came in. 

"Morning! I brought a guest if that's ok?" Lee said walking in to the kitchen followed by Jason.

"You're in a good day today." I said.

"Yep! A whole day and night with just me and my boy." Lee said grabbing Jason by the hips and pulling him close.

"So mum all sorted then?" I asked.

"Yeah, thanks for all your help by the way. Good holiday?"

"Oh! I have something for you." Jake said dropping his knife and fork and running upstairs.

"Yeah it was great thanks. I think Jake had fun, he made some friends while we were there." I replied to Lee's question.

Jake walked back in and handed Jason the bag with the hat in it. Jason carefully opened the bag looking to see what it was.

"Oh this is so cool! Thank you I love it." Jason said grabbing Jake and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

Jake flushed bright red instantly. Lee and I laughed at his embarrassment and the boys disappeared to the living room.

"Lee, I'm going to be really busy with work in the study today. I don't think there is much cleaning to do, just the washing in the suitcases. If you wouldn't mind I have a little project for you today.

There are lots of boxes in the converted stables. The plan was always to turn that into an office for my business. I have pretty much decided that I am going to hire someone to help me with work.

What I need done is if you could clear the boxes out of there and give it a quick clean. Then if you could pop down to the local hardware store and get some paint. You know the drill just any plain cream colour."

"No problems Dan, I'll start with the washing. It might take a couple of days to finish the stables, when did you want to start using them?"

"Oh, just when it's ready. By the way I need another little favour. Tomorrow I have an appointment in the morning and Jake has an appointment at the hospital at one. I won't have time to come back and pick him up. Can you could drop him off at the hospital for me?"

"Not a problem, as long as you leave me the address." Lee said walking into the living room to retrieve Jake's suitcase.

I walked through the living room to get to my study. Jake and Jason were battling on Call of Duty.

I spent most of the morning preparing the proposal for Dr. Charlton. At around half twelve Lee put his head round the door.

"The boxes have all been cleared out and the stable is clean. I have just made some lunch for everyone before we head out to the store. Do you have time to join us?" Lee said.

"That would be lovely. I was getting a bit hungry." I replied following Lee to the kitchen.

 Lee had prepared some chicken legs and a fresh salad. While we sat together and ate, Jake told Jason all about the holiday and the music festival.

After lunch I returned to the study and checked my emails. I had a message from Cam.

"Dear Mr. Wood.

Friday would be fine. My mom and Zack are going to be coming to London as well. My mom wants to visit my uncle he lives about an hour from you. Zack asks if it would be ok for him to come to your house and see Jake.

You don't have to worry about the train tickets were going to drive up. What time did you want to meet?

Thanks again for this opportunity.


Cameron Young"

I sent Cam a reply telling him it was great news that Jake would get to see Zack again so soon. I told him to meet me at the house at one pm. I also invited Cam to bring his mother and Zack to dinner.

I booked a hotel close by for Cam, Zack and his mother and emailed him the details. I booked a twin room for Cam and Zack and a double for their mother. I then got on with more work that I had to finish.

At around four, my eyes were getting tired of staring at the screen for so long. I went to the stable to see how Lee was getting on.

When I walked in the floor had been completely covered in dust sheets. Lee and Jake were painting the walls with rollers while Jason was painting the window frame with a small brush. They were all just wearing their boxer shorts. The room looked almost finished.

"Wow Lee, I thought you said it was going to take a couple of days."

"Nah, these two wanted to help so we are nearly done. Sorry we are so under dressed, I didn't want us to ruin our clothes. Plus it is getting quite hot in here."

"That's cool. Well while we are out tomorrow I wonder if you would mind unpacking those boxes for me? They were things I bought for the office but never got round to getting out."

"Yeah that's cool."

"I'm going to make some dinner, would you and Jason like to join us? Nothing fancy, just something out of the freezer."

"Well me and Jas have a special dinner planned tonight actually, celebrate living together again." Lee said looking doe eyed Jason.

"Cool, well if you are celebrating I have a nice bottle of champagne in the fridge you can have." I said heading back to the house.

I cooked some dinner for me and Jake. While I was in the kitchen all the guys came in.

"The office is finished, is it ok if Jas and I head off now?" Lee said.

"Yeah thanks, you've done a great job. Let me get that bottle for you, just as a thank you for everything." I said going to the fridge and extracting one of the nicer bottles of champagne.

"Thanks Dan, one last piss up before college starts next week sounds just like the ticket." Jason said.

"Oh college starts next week? That must mean that school starts soon too. Do you know what day you are supposed to be back Jake?" I replied.

"Ummm... I think it is something like the 9th of September." Jake said thinking.

"That is next Tuesday! We need to get your stuff sorted before then. I don't want you missing any school." I said putting the food onto plates.

"Well we'll leave you to it. See you tomorrow." Lee said leaving the room with Jason.

After we had finished eating I convinced Jake to call home and find out if it was ok to come and pick up all his stuff from his mum's house. He was reluctant at first but I he eventually accepted that he would have to go back to school. I handed Jake the phone and left the room to give him some privacy.

After around twenty minutes Jake came and found me in my study. His face was red and his cheeks were wet as if he had been crying.

"Hey little man, what happened?" I said pulling Jake into a hug as he came round the desk.

"Darren's thrown all my stuff out, everything, all my clothes and games all of it. I have nothing left." Jake said with a little sob.

"What and your mum just told you that?" I said incredulously.

"No she's not in. I spoke to my brother Jason and he told me. Jason had a go at Darren about me. Darren got really mad and broke Jason's arm. Then he said I was never coming back and started throwing all my stuff out of the house."

"And your mum just let all this happen?"

"No she wasn't in when it happened but she didn't get my stuff back."

"Don't worry mate. You don't need any of that stuff. We'll get you more stuff for school and you have clothes and things here."

"Yeah I know. It's just I had things that meant something to me. Like the first thing a girl ever bought for me. And you know stuff like that."

"Yeah I understand. Things with memories." I said.

I held Jake for a little while. Jake moved away and wiped his eyes.

"I'm going to take a bath if that's ok." Jake said walking away.

I sat at my desk and contemplated what it must be like to loose everything that had even the smallest bit of sentimental value to me. I realised there was no way to make things right. His trinkets were gone. From that moment I made the decision that I would not loose Jake without a fight. I resolved to help Jake create more memories, happier ones.  

I picked up the phone and called my sister. She works as a barrister and has some experience within the family courts.

"Hey Anna, you busy?" I said when the phone picked up.

"Hey Dan what's up?"

"Well it is a long story but basically I have recently been looking after a fourteen year old boy. He has been living with me for about a month. His mother and step farther threw him out. When I found him he was sleeping on the street. I have made contact with his mother to let her know where he is and try and get him home. She was quite unreasonable. I had him call home again today because he starts school again next week. Apparently things are no better at home and the step dad has thrown all his stuff out. I just need to know where I stand in terms of him living with me and if I am going to have any problems with the school."

"Well this is a complicated issue. Basically as he is fourteen the authorities would take his feelings into account even though he would still be considered a minor. As far as the school goes I doubt they would even know what is happening or where he is living unless you plan to tell them. I would have to advise even though as his parents know where he is and he is not a young child I would get something official. That way there would be no come back if she changes her mind. What I would do is just get her to sign a letter addressed to you allowing you to act in loco parentis. If she really doesn't care where he is living she should sign it."

"Yeah that sounds ok. I think if I can get her to sign I should let the school know though. Do you think you could draft me a letter and email it to me?"

"Yeah, I'm a bit tied down with a case at the moment but I could get a solicitor I know to draft one for you."

I sat talking to Anna. She had lots of questions about Jake and how I had come to be looking after him.

I filled her in until Jake walked into the room wearing a towel.

"Hey Anna, I have to go. Thanks for doing this for me. I'll talk to you later."

"Who was that?" Jake asked.

"Annabelle, my sister."

"Do you want to watch a film or something?" Jake said.

"Yeah, give me a sec." I said shutting down my computer and putting away the papers I was working with.

We spent the rest of the night watching TV. After a couple of hours we were both feeling quite tired and went up to bed.

The next morning I woke up at seven. Jake was sleeping like an angel. I felt bad waking him but I wanted him to develop a sleeping pattern before school started. 

"Morning little man. Instead of going for a swim, shall we go and use the gym?" I said waking Jake.

"Yeah! I've wanted to go in there since I found out you had one!" Jake said suddenly sitting up.

We dressed in t-shirt and shorts and went down to the gym. On the way there I grabbed two bottles of water out of the fridge in pool house.

I taught Jake how to use the fitness equipment. His favourite was the treadmill. Jake was a lot fitter than I thought he would be after eating out so much. Clearly his fourteen year old metabolism could handle it. We spent around an hour in the gym then had a quick swim.

I went up to the bedroom, had a quick shower and changed. Jake was watching TV in the living room when I came down.

"Don't forget you have an appointment with the urologist today. I have an appointment in the morning so Lee is going to give you a lift to the hospital and I'll meet you there. Can you make sure that you have a thorough wash and dress before twelve?"

"OK, I was going to have a shower now anyway. I didn't want to go in before you went out in case I missed you." Jake replied.

I walked up to Jake and kissed his forehead. Every day he seemed to do something or say something that made me love him all the more.

I left the house and drove to Dr. Charlton's office. When I arrived Jane was sitting at the desk writing out some notes.

"Morning Mr. Wood. How are you feeling today?"

"I'm feeling great thanks. Sorry about last week. I was a bit abrupt with you when I left." I replied.

"That's ok. I know sometimes when the patients have had a hard session they get distracted. Don't worry I'm used to it."

"Well I'll try not to make a habit of it. I have something that should cheer you up, I've brought the proposal."

"Oh goodie! I really hope he goes for it. I'm sure he trusts you. Anyway Dr. Charlton is ready for you anytime you are."

"Thanks Jane."

I walked towards the study and knocked before entering. I took my place on the couch facing Dr. Charlton.

"Morning Doc. How you doing?"

"Good thank you Dan. I see you have something to give me?"

I handed the proposal over and he sat looking though it carefully for a few minutes.

"Well, to be honest I don't understand the technical aspects of this but you have laid out the concepts very well. It looks like this system you are proposing would make our lives easier especially Jane's. The figures all seem to add up and I think if I understand this correctly all the data should be secure."

"It would be as secure as it could be on a computer and a lot more secure that it is now."

"Well... Alright then. What sort of time frame are we looking at?"

"A few weeks at least to get the bits together."

"Well I usually have a short break in the first week of October do you think that gives you enough time?"

"Yeah that's plenty."

"Should I pay now?"

"No just if you could pay a fifteen percent deposit. Then I will get everything else sorted out."

"Excellent. Now that is all out of the way, tell me about your week."

I laid back and recounted my week and how I had been feeling. It was a longer session than normal so I could talk about my feelings in more depth.

After I had finished talking Dr. Charlton stopped writing on his pad took a deep breath and spoke.

"Well Daniel, that is a lot to be getting on with. From what you have told me you are already acting as more of a parent to Jake as his own mother is. What worries me is the feelings of abandonment and loss you felt while you were on holiday.

You did the right thing in allowing him to spend time with people his own. He does need time with people closer to his age without you trying to ingratiate yourself with them.

Now it might sound a lot like I am trying to protect Jake here but I am actually saying this as much for you as for him. Even though it looks like this might turn out to be a more permanent arrangement; you have to remember the older he gets the more time he is going to want to spend without you he has to become independent at some point no?

Now it is clear to me that you do feel `love' for him. It is clearly not just lust. Did you think about what I asked you last time? Remember I am not asking you to tell me the answer just if you have thought about it or not."

"Yeah I have done nothing but think about it. I don't mind telling you that recently I have been leaning more towards a farther than anything else. Although I do think of him more as my best friend rather than my son if that makes any sense." I said.

"It makes perfect sense to me. As a father you are utmost duty bound to protect him and love him. As a friend you are able to choose to love him and are allowed to not always make decisions that are in his best interests. That is a more helpful position to be in rather than thinking about it in the terms of `lover' verses `farther'. As long as in your mind you are not in conflict in your position.

The only issue with having him as your best friend is that as some one still at school he will probably have someone other than as you as HIS best friend. How would that make you feel?"

"I know you think I am jealous of him spending time with others but I really don't mind as long as I get to see him sometimes. I have no problems him hanging out with Jason or Zack."

"I'm trying very hard not to judge you here but I think that you are feeling like you are actually jealous but don't want to admit it to yourself. From what you have told me you have had contact with both of these people. You have actively helped the friendship. This is some way, no matter how small, make you also apart of their relationships.

The Saturday morning when you said you had your lowest point of the week was the first time recently that he has chosen to spend time with someone he sought out without your help.

Your resolution to this was to, intentional or not, was to allow the relations to continue but to involve yourself with it.

The healthiest thing you have done, seems to have been to allow Jake and Zack to spend time together while you have spent time with his brother I forget the name.

My point is this. You seemed to have found a way of justifying your relationship. This is good. Living in conflict within yourself can never be good. My advice now would be to always make sure that you keep your feelings in check. Allow him to grow and be himself.

The one thing you must really try and avoid now is living through him. I suggest that you start a diary or journal. Write your thoughts everyday in it and see where they take you. Don't show any one but be completely honest. That way it will help you to decipher your own thoughts and feelings.

Well it is time we part for another week I'm afraid. How are you doing for medication? The SSRI's seems to be helping, no?"

"Yeah they make things easier to cope with. I can still feel when I would have been in a depressive mood but instead I sort of feel numb. I have another two weeks worth left."

"OK, I will write a note in your file so we can give you some more next week. Keep up the good work Daniel and I will see you next week."

"Bye Doc, thanks again." I said walking towards the door.

I walked back to the reception desk with no expression on my face.

"Good session Mr. Wood?" Jane asked failing to contain her excitement.

"Yes, Jane you can ask. And yes he went for it. I'm putting it all together and we will be installing it probably in the first week of October." I said breaking into a grin.

I quickly made another appointment for the next week then drove to the hospital.

When I arrived in the car park Jake was waiting in the car with Lee and Jason. He got out as soon he saw me and waved back to Lee and Jason.

I parked the car and met up with Jake at the front entrance of the hospital. 

"Sorry I'm late. We have five minutes before the appointment. Let's hope there are no more forms to fill out." I said walking in.

We walked up the reception desk and told them who we were. The receptionist told us to wait in the waiting room and she would let the doctor know we waiting.

We were only waiting a couple of minutes when a voice over the tannoy called Jake's name and asked him to go to examination room twenty two. It took a couple of minutes to find the right room. The door had a shinny plaque announcing that the room belonged to Dr. G. Adams Head of Urology.

At the door I asked Jake if he would like me to come in with him or wait in the waiting room. Jake asked me to come in with him so I knocked at the door and we entered.

 "Ahh, Mr. Connors I presume? Take a seat, take a seat." Dr. Adams said.

It was a larger room than Dr. Ross's room but felt smaller as it was filled with books and models of different things. On his desk he had lots of stacks of paper and two models. One was a male reproductive system the other was of a females'.

"Dr. Ross has filled me in on some of what has happened. We have also managed to retrieve your medical notes from your previous GP. Now Jake I know it is difficult but if you could tell me in your own words what the problem is." Dr. Adams said looking down at some notes.

"Um... basically... I um keep wetting myself." Jake said. He was very nervous I could see him ringing his hands below the desk.

"OK and does this happen at any specific times of the day, like while you are asleep or when you get up in the morning? Or is it related to any particular feeling, like when you are nervous or upset?"

"It is usually just when I need to go real bad, I can't hold it and it comes out."

"OK. Right and is this something that has started recently or have you always had it?"

"It started a few years ago."

"Is there anything that you can think of that triggered it?"

"I had an infection down there."

"Yep I can see that from your notes."

"Can you tell me what caused the infection, if you know?"

"Um... me and my friend were putting things down there."

"Down your urethra? The hole in your penis." Dr. Adams added seeing the confused look on Jake's face.


"And what happen then? Did you go straight to the doctor?"

"No. Um. I didn't realise that anything was wrong for a few days but then it started really hurting when I pissed."

"Is that when you went to the doctor?"

"No, I was too embarrassed to tell my mum. It was like a week after when it hurt all the time and I couldn't hide it anymore."

"OK that's fine. I can see here that the prescribing doctor gave you a two week course of antibiotics. What we need to do is look to see if the infection is still present lying dormant or if any permanent damage has been caused.

The way we are going to do this is by running a number of tests. The first of these is easy enough. If you would, I would like you to remove your trousers, pants and top and sit on the bed." Dr. Adams said writing some notes on the pad in front of him.

"I'll go and wait in the waiting room for you." I said getting up to leave.

"No, can you stay please?" Jake asked.

"Yeah not a problem." I said sitting back down.

Jake got up and walked over to the bed. He undid his trousers and pulled them down with his pants. He then sat on the bed and waited for the doctor.

Dr. Adams finished what he was writing, went over to the sink in the corner and washed his hands. He then dried them and pulled on some rubber gloves. He walked over to Jake and sat down on small stool on wheels.

"And your t-shirt please." Dr. Adams said.

Jake removed his t-shirt and sat with his hands in his lap.

"OK, I just need to have a quick look. If you could put your hand by you side please." Dr. Adams said putting on some magnifying specs.

He first put his finger underneath the head and lifted it. He then used one hand to pull back the foreskin and used the other to manipulate the head and have a look at the urethra.

"OK that all looks fine. I need to measure the pressure flow of your urine." Dr. Adams said going to a shelf and retrieving urine jar and bringing it over.

"If you could just urinate in this for me please. You need to keep your penis slightly out of it so I can see the flow leaving your urethra. You will also need to keep your foreskin drawn back." The doctor said handing Jake a long bottle.

Jake peed in the bottle and the doctor sat close by and watched.

"OK that's lovely." He said taking the bottle back from Jake and handing him a tissue when Jake had finished.

He then took it over to a bench, placed it carefully down and pulled a large pipette and a small plastic jar out of the drawer. He then removed some of the urine and placed it into the smaller jar. He sealed it and wrote on the label.

He then placed it into an open bag and went to empty the larger bottle in the toilet next door. He then took off his gloves put them in the bin and washed his hands.

"You can put your clothes back on for the time being and wash your hands." Dr. Adams said sitting back behind his desk and writing on his pad.

When Jake had finished washing his hands he came and sat back down next to me.

"OK that all looks ok Jake. We have a few more tests to perform. Now could you rate between one and ten how bad your desire to urinate was? One being not at all and ten being completely full bladder."

"Um... Five."Jake said.

"And what would be the lowest you have ever lost control of your bladder? Again between one and ten."

"Um. Nine or ten I suppose."

"OK lovely." The doctor said continuing to write on his pad.

"OK well generally I cannot see any damage to the outside of the urethra. Also the pressure and flow of your urine looks good. Unfortunately that leads us to the next test which is a bit unpleasant and a bit invasive. I need to look inside your urethra and bladder. I will do it with this device which is called a cystoscope. We will first numb up your penis and insert this small tube down the shaft. If you could go through into the next room and make sure that your bladder is completely empty."

Jake got up and walked into the toilet while the doctor wrote a few more things on his pad. He then went to the other side of his room and wheeled over a monitor and placed it next to the bed. He washed his hands and put on a fresh pair of gloves.

"If you would be kind enough to remove your clothes again for me and lie on the bed this time." The doctor said going into a cupboard and removing a small tube and some very long thin q-tips.

"OK now this is a lidocaine gel. It will completely numb the area but you may still feel slight discomfort as the tube goes down."

Dr. Adams then opened the tube, squirted some on to his fingers then pulled down Jake's foreskin. He then started rubbing it into the head of Jake's penis.

Jake had started to get hard and his face instantly flushed red. Both Dr. Adams and I noticed his embarrassment.

 "Don't worry, that's quite normal. As soon as the lidocaine starts to work, it will soon go down." He said.

He then squirted some on to one of the q-tips and started inserting it in to the end of his penis. Jake winced as it went in. He the removed the q-tip, put it in a kidney bowl and repeated it again with a fresh q-tip.

"OK we'll just give that a few minutes to get going. If you could tell me when it has started to work." The doctor said gently rolling Jake's penis in his fingers.

After a few minutes Jake's penis had gone soft.

"I can't feel that anymore." Jake said.

"OK good." The doctor said letting go of his penis.

He then went to the shelf and pulled down a large bottle of lube. He squirted it into his palm then ran the tube through is hand. He put the instrument down then wiped his hands on a cloth on the little tray beside him. He plugged the cystoscope into the monitor and held the end of Jake's penis has he carefully inserted the end of the tube which had now got a bright light coming out of it.

Jake winced as the tube entered. Both the doctor and I sat watching the screen as he slowly fed the tube down. The pictures on the screen were very interesting. When the doctor had reached the top of the bladder he pressed a button on the end of the cystoscope before continuing further.

The whole test took about twenty minutes. He then slowly started drawing it out then placed it on the table next to him with the rest of the equipment. He then took a number of tissues and wiped down Jake's penis before getting up and removing his gloves.

He washed his hands then put on a clean pair of gloves.

"OK now Jake if you could put your cloths back on and sit down on the chair for me please." The doctor said. Going back into the draw and pulling out some small vials.

"OK I just need to take some blood." He said sitting next to Jake and wrapping a belt around his arm.

He took three vials then put a large cotton ball on Jake's arm and pulled out the needle. He then taped the cotton ball to his arm and got up removing his gloves and washing his hands.

He then sat down opposite us and wrote on his pad.

"OK. I can see from the cystoscopy that there has been some damage to the sphincter muscle at the top of the urethra more than likely caused by the infection. What this is doing is releasing prematurely when the pressure in your bladder builds.

The treatment I would recommend as the damage is not too serve is giving you a medicine that will help to strengthen the muscle. I will also prescribe you a two week course of antibiotics which should get rid of any lingering infection.

If you could, practice some techniques that will help to strengthen the muscle. When you pass water, if you could stop mid flow, hold for a few seconds then release. Repeat this a couple of times a day. That will do more good than anything I can prescribe you.

To manage this in the short term until the muscle repairs itself, you will just have to empty your bladder regularly and if you have been drinking a lot make sure you urinate more often.

You are young and have a lot of growing and changing to do in this region of your body while you are in puberty. The outlook is good and I think we should be able to get this under control very soon.

I will be sending the blood and urine samples off for further analysis just to check that there is nothing sinister lurking.

The thing that you have to remember is that no matter how embarrassing a medical problem is it is much better to get it sorted out as quickly as possible. We doctors more than likely have seen all of it before and will do whatever we can to help you.

OK Jake unless you have any questions for me I think we are all done here."

Jake shook his head and got up from the chair. The doctor handed me a prescription and we thanked him then left.

"How do you feel?" I asked Jake unlocking the car.

"Yeah that wasn't too bad. It hurt when he put that thing in my dick. Other than that it was ok."

"The worse is over now. We need to get you a school uniform do you know where you school sells them?" I asked.

"Nope. No idea, mum got them last time."

"OK, well we can go to the stationers to go and get some book and pencils and stuff like that today. I'll call the school when we get back so that I can find out where the uniforms are sold from."

We headed down to a shopping centre and bought Jake all the things that he would need for school. While I was out I also bought a double bed and some furniture for one of the spare rooms. We then headed home.

Jason was in so Jake went in to the house and played on the Xbox with him. I went into the study and looked up the number for Jake's school. I called them and found out that they were sold at a local department store.

I went into the kitchen and Lee was loading up the dishwasher. "Hey Lee, how did everything go today?"

"Yeah good. I put all the furniture up in the office. I didn't know where you wanted some of the electronics so I just left them unplugged for you. I was just about to sort out some dinner for you."

"That's great thanks. Tomorrow can you clear one of the bedrooms upstairs for me? I'm having some furniture delivered tomorrow and we need somewhere to put it. By the way how did it go last night?"

"Yeah tomorrow is fine. Last night was great. It is so good to have Jas back in the house."

"Yeah I know the feeling. You and Jason going to join us for dinner then? There isn't anything in the fridge and we are going to have to order out. I really need to go shopping tomorrow."

"Yeah sounds good to me, what we having?" Lee asked getting up and sitting next to me.

"What would the boys like?"

"Let's ask. JAKE! JASON! Come in here."

After a few minutes Jake and Jason walked into the room.

"Took your time didn't you? Anyway we are having takeout again. What would you like?" I asked.

"Sorry we were finishing our game. Um let's have a look at the menus." Jake said.

We finally decided on Thai as it had the biggest selection of vegetarian dishes for Jason and Jake had never had it before.

We ordered the food and decided as there were so many of us that we should eat in the dining room. Lee and I sat in the living room letting Jake and Jason set the table while we waited for the food to be delivered.

After we finished our dinner Jason and Lee left. Jake and I sat watching a film then went up to the bedroom.

I undressed and brushed my teeth. When I had finished Jake went into the bathroom to pee and brush his teeth.

He got undressed and got in to bed next to me.

"So are you going to fuck me then?" Jake asked.

"Um... Are you actually up for it after everything you have been through today?"

"Yeah when that doctor started to rub my dick all I could think about was having you in me."

"Jake are you sure you want this?"

"Yeah, you wouldn't do it last time you said because I was drunk; I'm sober and still asking. It felt so good having your fingers in me."

"If you are really sure you want this, than I will do it."

"I'm sure."

I didn't say another word. I leaned over to my bedside table and took some lube out of the drawer. I placed it on the pillow and started to kiss him. I reached down and felt for his dick. It was already rock solid. I kissed him deeply allowing him to massage my tongue with his.

I moved off his mouth and started nibbling his earlobes, then down his neck. I moved on to his nipples starting with the right kissing it softly, then licking it and nibbling it while I rubbed the left with my hand. I then moved onto the left and gave it the same treatment.

I then licked down his stomach and into his pubic region. It still had the chemically smell of the anesthetic. I missed out his cock completely and instead moved straight onto his balls.

Jake moaned as I slowly licked them and brought one then the other into my mouth. I sucked them gently allowing them to pop out of my mouth. I sucked them back in and massaged them with my tongue. 

I then pushed Jake's legs up towards his body and he held them in place. I carefully licked his perineum and allowing my tongue to brush every so often on his hole. When Jake started moaning and trying to grab his dick, I held his arm down and moved onto his hole.

Carefully I circled his hole allowing the tongue in just that little bit. I slowly started to allow my tongue to venture that bit further in. I started to tongue fuck him proper and it was getting harder to keep his hand away from his dick.

When Jake had started to moan and grind his butt into my tongue I brought my face away from his hole.

I grabbed the lube off the bed and squirted some onto the tips of my fingers. I slowly started circling his tight hole with one of my fingers.

I pushed it in and could feel his muscles clamping down. I let it relax then pushed my finger all the way until the hilt. I started to finger him gently. Every time I brushed his prostate Jake shivered and let out a groan.   

I carefully pushed the second finger in and allowed him to get used to the wideness of it. I then slowly at first started to finger fuck him. I quickly started to speed up the pace until Jake started to writhe around in pleasure.

I still hadn't let him touch his dick and could see it leaking. 

When I could feel he couldn't take anymore I sat up and pulled his arse closer to me. I then pushed his legs closer to his body giving me free access to his hole. I grabbed the lube and made sure that my dick was well lubricated.

I then carefully lined up my ridged cock with his hole.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?"

"Yeah just do it, I can't take it anymore."

"It is going to hurt a little but I will be as gentle as possible, let me know if it is too much and we will stop."

Jake's eye's were closed and he was bracing himself for the worst of it.

I made sure my dick was in the right place then started to push. I felt Jake wince and move off slightly.

"Is it too much? Do you want me to stop?"

"No keep going."

I pushed in further until my whole head was in. I then stopped waiting for his muscles to relax. When I felt it relax completely I pushed it in all the way. Jake groaned and I stopped letting him relax and get used to the feeling.

I moved Jake's legs so they were draping over my shoulders and pulled his hips so he was closer to me.

I worked my cock in and out of him slowly. The look on his face was something like confusion. I carried on gently for a few minutes before Jake's look of confusion turned into one of animal lust.

He was moaning every time my cock entered him. He started to move his hips in time with my thrusts forcing me in deeper within him.

"Go on, go for it." Jake said quietly.

I took this as a sign he was enjoying himself and started thrusting harder and deeper within him. I increased the tempo of my trusts I could hear my balls slapping on his butt and Jake's moans getting louder.

My balls started to pull up towards my body. I knew I was close. I grabbed Jake's dick and started to wank it hard. I could feel it throbbing in my hand as I pumped his butt.

"Ahhhhh..." Jake let out a huge scream and started shooting rope after rope of cum all over himself. His legs tightened around my head and his arse tightened around my dick.

It was all I needed to finish. I thrust hard once to the hilt and shot my load deep within him.

We were both exhausted. I collapsed on top of him letting his cum glue us together.

The next morning I woke up with Jake cuddling me. I kissed his forehead and woke him. We dressed in shorts and t-shirts and went down to the gym. We spent an hour at it before we came back up and showered.

We got ready and drove to the shopping centre. We found the department store and a young sale assistant came over to help us.

"St. James Academy? Hold on let me get my list and tape." He said and dashed off into the backroom.

He came back carrying a folder and a tape measure. He measured Jake up writing his measurements on a blank order form. Jake seemed a bit uncomfortable while the assistant was measuring his inside leg.

"Okay that's all fine. How many would you like of each?" He said writing down the last measurement. 

"Can we have five polo shirts, three trousers, two jumpers a blazer and two sets of the PE kit?" I asked.

The assistant went back into the back room and came back with all the clothes. We then shopped for some black socks and more boxers for Jake and a new school bag. Once we had finished buying everything that Jake would need for school, we had lunch and headed over to the supermarket.

Jake was a lot better at putting things in the trolley this time. I made sure we picked up enough so that there was food for at least the next week. I made sure I picked up some vegetarian food in case Jason was round I would have something to give him. I also picked up some nice ingredients to make a special dinner for the following night.

When we finished in the supermarket we loaded all the bags into the car and headed back home.

When we arrived Jason came out and met us. He helped us bring all the bags into the house.

"Hey where's Lee?" I asked Jason.

"Oh, just finishing off the room upstairs."

I went upstairs and Lee was just vacuuming the floor of the spare bedroom opposite mine. It was the second largest room with an en-suite and the room looked lovely. Lee had done a really good job in making it look like it was home. He had even put up curtains and found lamps.

"Hey Lee, this looks great. Where did you manage to find all this stuff?" I said walking in and picking up a lamp.

"Oh, most of it was in those boxes. What are you planning to do with this room anyway?"

"It's going to be Jake's room."

"Oh really? I thought he slept in your bed."

I froze at this point. My face had gone bright red as I suddenly realised that Lee knew that Jake wasn't sleeping on the couch.

"It's OK Dan. You don't have to look so shocked. Remember that I wash your sheets. I know what is going on. If I had a problem with it I would have said something."

"Thanks Lee, I really didn't realise you knew. I'm sorry to have not told you directly." I replied calming down.

"So how come Jake is getting a room all of a sudden?"

"Well, basically, we are making Jake's staying here more official, which means if any one wanted to check up on us he would at least have a bedroom. Plus I figure that he would want to have some space to be on his own sometimes or if he has friends over."

"Yeah, your own space is really important in a relationship. You don't want to crowd each other."

"Well I just hope he doesn't get the wrong idea. Can you give me a hand moving Jake's wardrobe in here?" I asked.

We moved the wardrobe and were just adjusting it when Jake and Jason came in.

"What you doing with that?" Jake asked slightly angrily.

"Just putting it into your new room, I thought you might like a room of your own."

"What for? Don't you want me in your room anymore?" Jake asked sounding hurt.

"No, it's not that at all. I just thought that it would be better if you had your own room. That way if you ever wanted to have some time to yourself or if you wanted to have friends over you could. You can sleep anywhere you like."

"I can have friends stay over?" Jake asked clearly not hearing another word I had said.

"Yep. As long as you ask first and their parents don't mind." I replied happy that Jake seemed cheered up.

"Cool! Slumber party!" Jake said.

"I know the type of sleep over's you want to have!" Jason said giggling and poking Jake in the ribs.

Both boys laughed and left the room.

"Those two are becoming as thick as thieves." Lee said laughing.

"Yeah I know. We better watch out or we might get dumped! By the way, would you two like to say for dinner? I have actually managed to get some shopping in so it won't be something out of the freezer."

"Yeah that would be lovely." Lee said following me out of the room.

We went back downstairs and lee gave me a hand putting away all the shopping. We then talked as we started preparing fajitas. I made enough chicken for the three of us and some Quorn for Jason.

I had a really good time cooking with Lee. He told me that he had visited his mother the night before and started explaining some of how Jason and he had met. I told him for the first time how I had come by Jake and how he ended up staying.

When the dinner was ready we took it outside and went to look for Jake and Jason. We found them in the study on the computer together. When we walked in they jumped and switched off what they were looking at.

Lee and I shared a knowing look. I told them that dinner was ready and that we were eating outside. We then left them to it and went back to the kitchen to get some drinks and glasses.

We all sat outside eating and having a good time. After dinner I suggested that we play a game together. Jake and Jason grinned at each other and insisted we play on the Xbox.

We played on it until it was late and Jake started yawning. Lee and Jason left and Jake and I went upstairs.

"Is it OK to sleep with you still?" Jake asked standing at the door to my bedroom.

"Yeah of course, I love having you in my bed." I replied.

Jake walked in and we undressed and went to bed.

The next morning I woke to find Jake snuggling in next to me. I woke him and we went for a morning swim.

After we had finished we went into the kitchen and had breakfast.

"I have a surprise for you today." I said to Jake.

"What's that then?" Jake asked looking confused at me.

"Ah, you will have to wait and see."

"I really hate having to wait. Can't you give me a clue?"

"Alright then. We are having some special dinner guests tonight. So I might need your help setting everything up." I replied smiling.

"Is it Jason and Lee again?" Jake asked.

"Nope, and I'm not going to tell so don't bother asking."

After we finished with breakfast Lee and Jason arrived. Jake and Jason disappeared to the living room and Lee came and sat in the kitchen with me.

"Hey Lee. If you're up for it today could you try starting one of the other bedrooms? You did a really good job on Jake's. Don't worry though there's no rush."

"Cool, you know if you want me to pick up the shopping next time I don't mind. I know now what you normally get."

"I will next time. I was thinking of getting you a card on my account so if you had to pick anything for the house you wouldn't have to pay out of your own pocket."

"Yeah that would be helpful."

I left Lee to his cleaning and went to my study to do some work. I worked until twelve when Jake came in and asked if I would be joining them for lunch. I went into the kitchen and Lee had prepared sandwiches for everyone. As it was a nice day we took them out into the garden and sat and ate at the picnic table.

At around half twelve the doorbell rang. Everyone was still outside finishing their lunch and talking.

"I'll get it." I said jumping up and going back into the house.

I went to the door and a very smartly dressed Cam was standing in front of me. Behind him Zack was just lurking.

"Afternoon Cam, you're early."

"Yeah I thought I would make a good impression."

"Zack, Jake is in the garden so why don't you go surprise him?"

Zack started walking towards the back garden with me and Cam following slightly behind.

Jake had his back to the door so Zack walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. Jake looked round and jumped. He did a double take and shouted.

"Shit, you scared the life out of me. What you doing here?" Jake said startled.

Zack sat down and the boys started talking.

"Have you eaten lunch yet Cam?"

"Yeah, I'm fine thanks."

"Shall we go into the study and talk about this job then?"

We walked into the study and sat down. I sat in front of my computer and pulled up Cam's CV.

"Well first things first. Thanks for coming all the way up here. Secondly, sorry about the mess. This room was supposed to just be for my personal things but I never got round to getting my office sorted out so all my business stuff got mixed in. The office is sorted now so all I need to do is move it all across.

Now the position that I was thinking about would be sort of my assistant. What I really need is someone who, after we have consulted on a system, be able to actually put the thing together.

I have had a look through your CV and have called your references. They have nothing but great things to say about you by the way. Everything on that front is fine.

What this meeting is really about is to make sure you are actually interested in the work you will be doing.

Now I have a little test for you. This is an outline brief of one of my client's requirements. What I would like you to do is to have a look at it and make some recommendations on the system that they will require. You can use this computer if you would like to look anything up." I said handing him the brief.

After ten minutes he stopped.

"I'm done."

"Okay let's have it here then."

At this point I took out my proposal and compared it to what Cam was telling me was needed.

After I had written some notes I gave him another brief and asked him to do the same again. This was a bigger brief and he took about twenty minutes working it out.

"Right Cam. What I would like to say is that generally I am very impressed with your knowledge. You have been able to demonstrate that you know networking systems quite well. The only real criticism I would have is that you may have been a bit overzealous with the client's budgets.

The reason a lot of my clients seek my help is they know that I will always try to work within their budgets no matter how small and I will never spend their money on superfluous devices.

Now basically this is what your job will entail. This and meeting with clients discussing their needs and of course building the systems you have sold them.

What do you think? Are you still interested? If you don't think you will enjoy the work it is best if you tell me now."

"No this is exactly what I wanted to be doing. I just thought you would be giving me a more junior role."

"Well I should always be about. I'm not just going to leave you on your own. If your happy taking on the responsibility I'd be delighted to offer you the position."

"Yes please. This is great. And it is all because my little brother made a friend on the beach!"

"No not really. If I didn't believe in your ability I wouldn't be hiring you. Anyway it's not a done deal yet. We still have to agree a pay package.

I was thinking 30,000 for the first year and as you will have to relocate I can offer you a 5,000 relocation bonus in a lump sum.

You will need a reliable car. My BMW is leased because it works out better tax wise rather than buying. I know the sales person there quite well and I got a really good deal last time so I will be able to sort that out for you.

What are your thoughts about that?"

"I think it is great."

"There is nothing else you specifically wanted?"

"Only weekends off."

"I never work a weekend and neither will you.

If you can start next week it would be great. I will need you to work nine until five thirty Monday until Thursday and as you will be travelling so far to see your family you can have Friday half day. "

"OK. That sounds great but I don't have anywhere round here to stay. It might be difficult to find somewhere because I don't know the area at all. "

"Well I can put you up in the hotel for the first week but after that we are going to have to sort something out. Actually I am not the best person to ask about this. I do know someone who knows the lower end of the market though."

At this point I got up and motioned for Cam to follow me. I went to the kitchen where Lee was washing up.

"Hey Lee this is Cameron, Zack's big brother. He will be working with me in the business from next week. He lives in Cornwall at the moment and needs to get a little flat or something." I said to Lee.

"Well you know with Jas back in with me now we don't need his flat. We were locked into the tenancy agreement otherwise we would have given it up.

I can ask if Jas would be happy with that if you like.

Although it is just a small studio flat, it is very clean and the neighbours are lovely. Jas is paying 450 a month with bill at the moment.

It is only about five minutes drive from here so it would be handy." Lee said.

"Yeah that sounds great." Cam said to Lee.

Lee called Jason. After a few minutes all three boys came downstairs and walked into the kitchen.

"Jas, Cam needs to find somewhere to live round here. What do you think about sub-letting him your flat?"

"Yeah that's cool. I only got the place because of your mum moving in." Jason said.

"Well why don't you guys take a walk and show him the place?" I said.

All the guys agreed and left the house leaving me and Lee in the kitchen.

"That was a turn up out of the blue." Lee said.

"Yeah I know but ever since I have had the money to do what I wanted I have always said that I would only work the hours I wanted to. Recently I have been working more and more so I didn't let down my clients.

We met when we were down in Cornwall. It's thanks to Jake actually."

"Well I hope it all works out alright for you both."

"Yeah he's a bright guy and I trust him. Anyway we were going to have dinner tonight to celebrate. Do you and Jason want to join us?"

"Can't tonight, we are going out. You know what it is like to finally have some time with the one you love. You just can't get enough of them.

I'll help you cook though. I enjoyed that last night."

"OK, I just have a couple of things to sort out then I will be right out with you."

I went back to the study and called the hotel. I told them to extend the reservation for one of the rooms until Wednesday.

I then called the BMW dealership that I knew and ordered another car. I knew I would have to go in and sign the lease but this way at lest most of the paperwork would be out of the way before I got there.

I then went back into the kitchen and Lee and I started cooking.

After around forty five minutes there was a knock at the door. I went to answer it and Cam, Zack, Jason and Jake all came in.

"That reminds me I have to get you a key cut." I said to Jake.

We all went into the kitchen. The boys all sat at the breakfast bar.

"You lot were ages. Did you get lost?" Lee said.

"Nah, the guys were all showing me round. It's a really nice area." Cam said.

"What you going to do now Cam? I was thinking of serving dinner at seven thirty, but you're welcome to stay if you like."

"I'm going to head off. I need to get changed and I think Mom wanted me to do some stuff for her."

"Oh can I stay here?" Zack asked.

"Yeah little buddy, I'll let mom know." Cam said ruffling his brother's hair.

"Cam before you go, we still have a few thing to sort out." I said washing my hands and drying them.

I walked back into the study and Cam followed. "So how did it go in the flat?" I asked sitting down.

"Yeah it was a bit small but all I really need. I am moving in next week when Jason can get his stuff moved out."

"That's good. I have extended your reservation at the hotel until Wednesday, but let me know if you need more time. If you want to start bringing things up here you are welcome to store your stuff in the garage.

Anyway to more important things, I need your bank details to give you your lump sum payment. That should help with the move, then next week if you can bring your P45 from your last employer.

During the week you will be able to wear casual clothes. If we are meeting with a client it would be best if you could wear a suit.

That reminds me I need to get you a laptop." I said writing a note in my diary.

Cam wrote down his details for me and assured me that he would be able to sort everything else out.

I went back into the kitchen and finished cooking with Lee. The boys had already disappeared to the living room and were playing on the Xbox.

After we had finished preparing everything and set the oven to come on at the right time Lee and Jason left to get ready for their night out.

I went upstairs to have a shower and get changed for dinner.

When I came back down Jake and Zack were still happily playing on the Xbox. I called Jake over.

"Hey have you had a shower today?" I asked Jake.

"No not yet."

"Well Zack's mum will be here soon. Why don't you let him play the game then you can get washed and changed. That way you can make a good impression."

"K cool," Jake said sneaking me a quick kiss while Zack wasn't looking.

I went into the living room while Jake went upstairs. Zack sat playing the game and seemed completely mesmerised by it. 

After twenty minutes Jake came back down wearing a nice pair of jeans and a smart shirt. As he walked past I could smell the delicate fragrance of Joop. Jake sat next to Zack and continued to play the game. I went into the kitchen to check on the food. It was already half past six.

"Hey guys, can you come and give me a hand setting the table?" I said to the boys.

They came into the Kitchen and picked up the plates and cutlery that I had laid out. I brought through the glasses and the drinks. I selected a bottle of white wine and a bottle of coke. I thought it best neither Jake nor Zack drink in front of his mother.

Just as we were finishing laying the table the doorbell rang. I went to answer it. It was Cam and his Mother. She was short and a little bit dumpy but I could see she was quite beautiful.

"Hello you must be Daniel. I've heard so much about you from both of my boys, I'm Kate." She said as I let her in.

Her voice was strong but her accent was mixed. It sounded half British half American.

"Hi, come through to the living room. I'll go get the boys." I said showing them through.

I went into the dining room where Jake was lighting the candles.

"Zack your mum and brother are here. Jake, could you get them both a drink for me while I go sort out the food?"

I returned to the kitchen and took the starters out of the fridge. I then put some buns in the oven. They needed to warm up a little so I went back into the living room.

Jake had just finish pouring Kate a drink then gave me a glass and half filled it with wine. Jake then went back into the kitchen and brought back two glasses of coke.

"The food will be a couple of minutes. So Kate, I notice from your accent that you were not born in the states?" I said.

"That's right. I lived in London my whole life then immigrated to California when I meet Greg, my ex-husband."

"How long were you there? You have a very distinct Americanism in your voice."

"Twenty three years. I came back to be closer to my family, although I haven't really seen much of them."

"Yeah, Cam mentioned in the email that you were visiting his uncle. Does he live far from here?"

"No not at all. I was going to go and see him tomorrow."

At that point the buzzer on the oven went off.

"Jake can you show everyone to the dining room please?" I said.

I made my excuses and went back to the kitchen. I took the rolls out and placed them in a bowl. I then took out the lamb out of the oven and left it on a rack to relax.

I put all the starters on a tray with the rolls and went through to the dining room. I gave everyone a starter and left the tray on the sideboard before taking my seat. Jake and Zack were sitting together opposite Kate and Cam. They had left the chair at the head of the table free for me.

"You really shouldn't have gone to all this trouble just for us." Kate said.

"It was really no trouble. Anyway we have something to celebrate. To Cameron's new job!" I said holding up my glass.

Everyone raised a glass to Cam and we started eating. The conversation was going quite smoothly, mostly it was Jake and Zack telling Kate how they had met and become friends.

When everyone had finished eating their starters I refilled their glasses and went out to get the main course. Cam followed me out and gave me a hand bringing everything through.

We sat eating and chatting. The conversation had moved on and now Cam was telling the bit about how we had met.

"Yeah I am really glad I have met Cam. I am only sorry I am taking him so far from his family." I said when the story had been told.

"Well you might not be." Kate said with a smile.

"What do you mean?" I asked worried.

"Well I only came back to England to be closer to my family. The only reason we moved to Cornwall in the first place was because that is where Cameron was going to finish college. Now there is nothing really keeping us there. I have been thinking for awhile now about moving closer to my brother and his family but I didn't want to uproot the boys."

"What about my friend and my school?" Zack said suddenly.

"Well you can make new friends and they have schools here too." Kate said.

"But I won't know anyone." Zack moaned.

"You'll know me." Jake said.

"I suppose." Zack said thoughtfully.

After everyone had finished eating Jake got up and refilled all the glasses. I went out to the kitchen and brought through the champagne jellies I had made for dessert.

"Mom, can I stay with Jake tonight? I was only going to be bored at the hotel and it would save you dropping me off tomorrow." Zack asked with a puppy dog look in his eyes.

"Well only if it is OK with Mr. Wood." Kate said.

"It's Dan and yeah it fine by me." I said.

"Are you sure you can handle these two on your own? This one can be a little monster." Cam said pointing at Zack.

Zack gave Cam an evil look.

"Yeah, they will be good as gold, won't you boys?" I said.

"Yes sir." Said Zack.

"Yeah, you know we will." Said Jake with a grin.

"Do you want me to drop some clothes off for you in the morning?" Cam asked.

"I think I have a spare set of his here actually. We didn't have a chance to give them back." I said.

"Oh that's right I almost forgot. I brought Jake's clothes with me." Kate said.

After dinner I called Cam and Kate a cab back to the hotel. It was only ten minutes away but we had all had too much to drink.

I was quite tired by this point and Jake and Zack had started to play the Xbox again. I bade them goodnight and went up to my room.

The next morning I woke up early. I looked over and the other side of the bed was empty. It was the first time in over a month that I had woken up without Jake next to me.

I washed and dressed then put my head round the door to Jake's room. Both Zack and Jake were still asleep. Jake had his arm around Zack. It was beautiful to watch. They were like two little angels.

I went downstairs and had some breakfast in front of the TV. I sat watching it for an hour before Jake and Zack walked down the stairs sleepily. They were both wearing bathrobes.

"W...What time is it?" Jake said stifling a yawn.

"Ten to ten. Were you two up all night playing on the Xbox?" I said.

"We didn't play it all night." Jake said.

"Well I know what will wake you two up. Why don't we go for a swim?" I asked.

"I didn't bring any trunks." Zack said rubbing his eyes.

 "That's fine we should have some that will fit you." I said.

We all walked into the pool house changing room. I went into the cupboard and got out my trunks and handed Jake his. I then handed Zack a selection and let him pick one that would fit.

They walked a little way off and turned so they had their backs to me. Both Zack and Jake dropped their bathrobes at the same time. Jake was naked underneath and Zack had on some tight boxer shorts.

Zack was tanned all over, even his cute little bubble butt. Seeing both adorable boys was starting to get me hard, so I quickly put on my trunks and dived into the water.  

We swam for about forty five minutes before Jake and Zack got tired. We got out and I made them both breakfast.

"So what are you two going to do today?" I asked dishing up their food.

"Dunno, hang out here probably." Jake said.

Just he was saying that my mobile rang. I didn't recognise the number but answered it anyway.

"Hey, is that Dan?" Cam's distinct voice said.

"Hey Cam, What's up?"

"Not much, just checking in on Zack. Has he been alright?"

"Yeah, they have both been great. Do you want to talk to him?"

"No not really. Anyway what you doing today? I didn't figure you wanted to babysit a couple of kids all day."

"I didn't have much planned. What about you?"

"Well mom is going to stay at my uncles tonight and go home again tomorrow. She has already left. I thought if you weren't busy we could do something."

"I have an idea. You need to get some stuff before you start work on Monday so why don't we drive down and pick some stuff up?"

"That's a great idea. I can come round in about half an hour. Do you know where Zack is staying tonight?"

"Zack, it's your brother on the phone. He is on his way over. Where are you staying tonight?" I asked.

"Is it ok to stay here again?" Zack asked finishing the toast he was eating.

"Cam he wants to stay here again. Is that alright?"

"Yeah, I'll bring him some clothes."

We said goodbye and I hung up the phone. "So, Cam and I are going to drive down to Cornwall and pick up some of his things. Are you two going to be alright alone?"

"Yep, we'll find something to do. Is it ok if I call Jason, and get him to come over?" Jake said.

"Yeah that's fine. But remember you're not allowed in the pool or the gym while I'm not here but the Jacuzzi is fine. If Jason is here you can go on the trampoline.

You have my number if you need anything and if there is an emergency Lee's number is on the fridge."

The boys finished their breakfasts and went back upstairs. I cleared the kitchen and waited for Cam to arrive. When the doorbell rang, I answered the door.

Cam walked in wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

"Zack, Cameron is here." I shouted up the stairs.

"While were waiting for those two to come down, do you want to see where you will be working?" I asked Cam.

"Yeah that would be good."

Cam followed me out of the house towards the stables. I unlocked them and let him in. Lee had done a great job with this room too. I could smell the fresh paint on the walls and windows. The floor had recently been cleaned and all the furniture had been setup. He had even taken the trouble to put toilet paper and towels in the little wash room.

After a few minutes Jake and Zack walked in looking all fresh faced. They both had wet hair and they changed their clothes.

"Hey little bud, did you have a good night?" Cam said to Zack.

"Yeah it was great." Zack said.

We all went back into the house while Cam and Zack talked for a bit. After Cam warned Zack for the fifth time that he was to be good we got ready to leave.

"OK boys, now you know the drill. Any problems call. We probably won't be home in time for dinner so warm something up for lunch and have take out for dinner." I said handing Jake a 20 note.

Cam and I got in to my car while the boys waved us off. I stopped at the petrol pump and filled the car and bought drinks and snacks for the journey. I then set off.

"What we doing here?" Cam asked after twenty minutes.

"You'll see."

I parked the car in the car park of the BMW dealership and walked into the building.

I walked up to the salesman and greeted him.

"Dan! How's the new five series working out?" He asked.

"Yeah it's great. This is Cam, we're here to see the car I called you about yesterday." I said.

"Well your one is not here. It's new so it will be delivered on Tuesday. I can however show you the showroom model."

He took us over to a nice looking sliver five door series.

"Yours will be almost exactly like this except that it will be fully loaded as requested. The only one we had ready fully loaded is black is that ok?"

"Yeah, black is fine." I said.

Cam got in the car and started fiddling with all the buttons. I left him to it and went over to the salesman's desk so that I could sign all the lease documents.

I called Cam over while we were sorting out the insurance. Once everything was done we left the showroom and headed back to the car.

"Well as you're insured to drive this car as well now, you drive there and I'll drive on the way back." I said throwing him the keys and getting in on the passenger side.

I set the sat nav up and we were on our way. It felt really strange sitting in the passengers' seat of my own car. After awhile I got used to it and relaxed watching a DVD for the first time ever in my car.

The trip took us just under three and a half hours. There was no traffic on the roads. We pulled up outside a small semi detached house.

We got out and stretched our legs. Cam opened the front door and led me up to his room. I sat on the chair by his desk as he packed some clothes, books and other belongings into his bags. I took them down to the car while Cam carried on packing.

By the time we had finished we had his computer, most of his clothes and books in the boot. We were both getting hungry so we drove to a local pub and we had a good meal. We stayed there for around an hour before getting back in the car and heading back.

The trip on the way back was quicker as I was driving and broke more than one speed limit. We arrived back at nine o'clock. We were both shattered so I dropped Cam off with his clothes at the hotel and drove home.

When I walked in to the house I expected to see Jake and Zack playing on the Xbox still. The sight that greeted me was far more interesting. 

Both Jake and Zack were slouching back on the couch. Neither had a top on and they each had their shorts around their knees and were gently stroking each others cocks.

Zack was watching the screen intently; Jake seemed more interested in Zack's five inch cut penis.

I tried to close the door as quietly as I could and sneak upstairs. Unfortunately Zack heard me and quickly turned round. His face flushed instantly and he quickly tried to pull up his shorts.

"Sorry, don't mind me. I'm just going to bed." I said trying not to look and heading upstairs.

I got undressed and got into bed. I switched on the TV and started watching the news.

After a few minutes Jake walked into my room, Zack was hanging back at the door red faced.

"Dan can you please tell Zack that you are not mad with him and you aren't going to tell is mum?" Jake said loudly.

"Zack, what you were doing is perfectly natural. I won't tell anyone unless you want me to. I really don't mind." I said. 

With that Zack nodded and they both left the room.

I went to sleep with the image of the two angels together in my mind.

To be continued...


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