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Jake Saves Me

Chapter Six: Back to School

I woke early the next morning. I reached out and felt the bed next to me. It felt cold. I didn't feel lonely like I had the morning before when I had woken alone. I knew that Jake was happy and that made me happy. I got out of bed and put on a bathrobe. I went and looked in on Jake's room. Both boys were still asleep snoring peacefully.

Jake was hugging the scrunched up duvet and Zack was spooning and hugging Jake. Both boys were naked looking beautiful.

I snuck downstairs and went to the kitchen. I sat on a stool at the breakfast bar and dialled Cam's number.

"Morning, sorry to wake you." I said.

"Is it Monday already?" Cam asked sleepily.

"No, it's still Sunday. I just had a thought though. As this is the last day we will get to be with the boys before they go back to school how about we go out somewhere."

"What did you have in mind?" Cam replied stifling a yawn.

"What about a theme park like Thorpe Park?"

"Yeah that's sounds cool. But Mom wanted to leave and take Zack back at six so we will have to be back before then."

"Yeah that gives us plenty of time. I'll wake the boys, get round as soon as you can. I'll have some breakfast waiting."

"Cool I just have to have a shower and wake up a bit." Cam said.

I hung up the phone then dialled Lee's number.

"Hey Lee did I wake you?"

"No, I was just washing the car. What's up?"

"Not much. Cam and I were going to take the boys to Thorpe Park. I was just calling to find out if you and Jason wanted to join us."

"I can't today. Dad is coming down. He wants us to visit mum together. I don't think Jason had any plans though. Do you want me to ask him?"

"Yeah if he is about."

Lee shouted for Jason then after a few words Jason came on the phone.

"Hi Dan, yeah that sound great. What time were you thinking?"

"As soon as possible, Zack needs to be back before six. If you can get round soon I will have breakfast ready."

Jason agreed and I quickly went up to shower and dress. I knocked on the boy's room door.

When there was no answer I opened the door and looked in. They were both still sleeping in the same position."

"Wake up boys, its time to get ready."

Zack slowly opened his eyes and realised where he was. He quickly got off Jake and dragged the duvet to the other side of the bed covering himself.

"Sorry Zack. I did knock and try and wake you. Could you get Jake up and both come down when you are washed and dressed?" I said leaving the room.

I went downstairs and started cooking a large fry up. There was a knock at the door and I went to answer it.

Both Cam and Jason were standing outside. They had seen each other on the walk over and had met up.

I let them in and we started taking dishes out to the garden.

"Where are the two little monsters?" Cam asked.

"They should be getting washed. I'll go up and check on them."

I walked up the stairs and knocked and looked into Jake's bedroom. The room was empty but I could hear the shower on in the en-suite.

I walked down the hall and could hear the shower on in the main bathroom also.

I went back downstairs and finished dishing everything up. After a few minutes the boys came down and we all went into the garden and ate breakfast.

"Did you have a good night?" Cam asked the boys.

Zack flushed red and started looking down at his breakfast. I grinned at Jake knowingly.

"Yeah it was great. We played loads of different games." Jake said returning my grin.

After we finished breakfast we got packed up and left the house. We arrived at Thorpe Park and I bought us all a ticket. Cam started insisting he pays for him and Zack and Jason wanted to pay for himself.

"Look, this was my idea. I want you all to have fun today so let's forget about money and start queuing for the rides." I said.

We spent most of the morning queuing for the bigger rides. I bought three prints from all the photos of the rides we went on. When were started getting hungry we headed to Burger King for lunch. "Your not buying lunch you know. You have spent enough on us already." Cam said taking out his wallet.

I let him pay for the food and we went and ate lunch outside watching the kids playing on the smaller rides. After lunch we went to the arcade until we had let our food settle. Jake and Zack worked together on a game and won a stuffed lion.

"Here this is for you. His name is Gary, look after him." Jake said handing me the toy.

After we had finished in the arcade we went on the smaller rides. Everyone was having such a good time.

At four o'clock we headed back to the car. Jason, Jake and Zack all sat in the back and chatting happily. It was nice to see that they all got on so well. I thought Jason might get left out a bit because he was older than the other two but they had started treating him like an older brother.

When we got back to the house Lee was waiting for us.

"Hey Dan. Hope you don't mind I let myself in." Lee said sitting at the breakfast bar.

"Not at all, although you really didn't have to do the washing up. It's you day off so why don't you just relax?" I said putting Gary on the counter.

"He never can relax. It's always all work and no play." Jason said kissing Lee.

"You weren't saying that on Friday." Lee said slapping is bum.

"Oh are you two...?" Cam said looking from Lee to Jason.

"Yeah, we should have said. I hope it won't be a problem." Lee said.

"Um... No not really. I had lots of gay friends in Uni. I just didn't realise."

"Well, Zack do you want to go get all your things together so you are ready when your mum comes to pick you up?" I said.

Zack and Jake ran upstairs, leaving Cam, Jason, Lee and me in the kitchen.

"Would you guys like to stay for dinner?" I asked.

They all agreed and we decided to play a board game while we waited for Kate. We were playing in teams, Jake and Zack, Jason and Lee, and Cam and me. Jason won the game without much help from Lee.

Just as we were packing up the game the doorbell rang. It was Kate coming to pick up Zack. I invited her into the house.

"You haven't been causing trouble this weekend have you?" Kate asked Zack stroking his blonde hair.

"No, both boys were really well behaved this weekend." I replied as Zack shook his mother off him.

"If only he was more like that at home." Cam said getting up to get a drink.

"Oh before I forget. And thanks for having Zack all weekend." Kate said to me handing me a bag with Jake's washed clothes.

"It was really no trouble, we had fun. Zack is welcome to stay anytime he likes."

"Don't say that, you'll never get rid of him!" Kate said with a laugh.

"How was Uncle Frank?" Cam asked his mother.

"He's good. The girls have grown a lot. He thinks it is a great idea for us to move closer." Kate replied.

"What about your job?" Zack asked.

"Well it shouldn't be too difficult finding a position near here they usually have lots of jobs. I had one offered to me late last year in London but turned it down."

"What do you do if you don't mind me asking?" I said.

"I'm an anaesthesiologist, I specialise in paediatrics though."

"If you were going to move when were you thinking?" I asked.

"Well if I'm honest in the next few weeks. I really don't want Zack starting a new school half way through the year. We rent our house so the only thing holding us back is my notice at work. I have two weeks holiday saved up although I will have to work the other two." Kate replied.

"Well if I can be of any help, you just need to let me know. If you're definite you're going to move close to here why don't you leave Zack here and we can probably get him into the same school as Jake." I said.

"He doesn't have any of his clothes or anything with him." Kate replied thinking.

"I was planning to come down some time in the week. I could come and pick his stuff up for him." Cam said.

"Anything else he needs I'm sure Jake wouldn't mind lending him." I replied.

"Yeah can I stay Mom?" Zack said.

"Um, let me just make a quick phone call. I'll be back in a minute." Kate said extracting her phone from her bag and walking out to the kitchen. After a few minutes she walked back in with a smile on her face. "Well I called work and there are no major surgeries planned for tomorrow so I have taken the day off. I'll stay at my bother's house tonight and if we can get Zack into a school for this week he can stay. If he is any trouble at all just let Cameron know and he can stay with him." Kate said.

"Woo hoo!" Zack said rising his arms in the air.

"Yes!" Jake said high five-ing Zack.

"I'm not promising anything yet. It all depends on if we can get you into a school." Kate said.

"I shouldn't think there would be too much of a problem." I said.

"I really don't know what you have done to him. I haven't seen him this excited in years." Kate said laughing.

"Well as you're all staying shall we go have some dinner? There is a nice pub round here." I said.

We all agreed and took two cars to the pub. We all had a really nice Sunday roast although it took awhile as the pub wasn't used to serving food for tables of seven.

After the meal Kate paid and we headed back to my house. We arranged to meet in the morning so that I could give her the details of the school and the uniform.

Kate gave Cam a lift back to the hotel. Jason and Lee left saying their goodbyes and I was left with the two boys. While they were watching TV, I put some of Zack's clothes in the washing machine and joined them in the living room.

After about an hour I noticed Jakes head droop onto Zack's shoulder. I looked round and Zack was already asleep with his head resting on the arm of the couch. I switched off the TV and cleared up the living room. "Come on boys. If you are going to sleep, sleep in your bed. We all have a long day tomorrow." I said waking them.

Both boys woke up and trudged up the stairs. It was only nine o'clock so I went into my study and started sorting things that would be moved to the new office. At eleven I went to bed and set my alarm.

I woke the next morning and went to wake the boys. They didn't answer when I knocked so I went in. They were facing each other hugging. It was a beautiful sight. I tried calling to them but they didn't wake. I started shaking Jake and after awhile he woke.

"Morning little man. Last day of the holidays, you don't want to waste it in bed. Let's go for a morning swim."

By this point Zack had woken. "OK but we need to have a shower first." Jake said.

"Have one after. You're going to need one to wash off the chlorine." I said.

"Umm.. we kinda have some stuff dried on us." Jake said.

Zack had gone bright red and tried to hide under the covers.

"Oh, well, I take it you weren't that tried last night then! I'll meet you downstairs when you have had a chance to rise off." I said laughing.

I put Zack's clothes in the tumble dryer and waited watching the TV. After around twenty minutes they hadn't come down yet so I went back up stairs to make sure the boys hadn't gone back to sleep.

The room was empty but I could hear the shower in the en-suite. As I walked back downstairs I noticed that the main bathroom door was open and was empty. Clearly the boys wanted to have some morning fun as well.

I went back down and waited for them to come down. After another ten minutes both came down wearing bathrobes slightly red faced. We went to the changing room in the pool house and I took out some swimming trunks for everyone. The boys turned around again and I noticed both boys today were naked under their robes.

We swam for an hour. Jake was getting to be a really good swimmer. Zack wasn't as fast but his technique was a lot more natural. After we went up to our respective rooms and washed and dressed. When we came down Lee was making breakfast. "Morning chaps!" Lee said.

"Morning. Is Jason here?" Jake asked.

"No, he starts college today. He said that he would pop by after he finishes." Lee said.

After we finished breakfast there was a knock at the door. I went to answer it and it was Cam and Kate.

"I thought I would give Cameron a lift as it is his first day today." Kate said coming in.

I lead them both to the study Kate sat in front of the desk.

"Cam I have sorted all these things to go into the office. I have placed an order for some new computers and appliances which should arrive at mid day, if you wouldn't mind moving them for me?"

Cam got to work and I sat behind the desk looking for the details of the school.

"I have just thought. They won't accept him if they don't know where we live." Kate said.

"Just tell them you live here for the time being." I replied.

"Yeah that will be alright. I have made an appointment with an estate agent for this afternoon anyway."

I looked up the number and handed it to Kate with the phone. I left her in the study and went to the office to see how everything was going with Cam.

After around twenty minutes Kate came and found me.

"Yeah, everything is fine but he needs to get a school uniform before they will let him start." Kate said coming into the office.

"That shouldn't be a problem. I can take him this afternoon, I need to pop out to get some keys cut anyway." I replied.

"Are you sure you don't mind having him here?" Kate asked.

"No really, not at all."    

"Well okay but you must let me help pay towards his upkeep."

"You really don't have to."

"No I really insist."

I didn't want to push it so we went to the study while she wrote me a cheque.

"Do you know how much the uniform will be?" Kate asked.

I dug out the receipt for Jake's uniform and showed it to her.

"OK well if I give you £150 for the uniform, £100 for the week and £10 for his pocket money." Kate said writing out the cheque.

"It really won't cost that much to look after him." I said.

"Well it probably won't but you will have to give him money for lunch everyday and he might need it for the bus and quite frankly the boy eats like a horse."

"If you insist, I'll make sure I take good care of him. I'll leave you my number in case you need anything."

"OK, I should be going soon. I have to look for a new house and I'm meeting with someone I know about a job." Kate said.

"I'll call Zack for you. Are you sure you can't stay for lunch?" I asked.

"No, I want to but I really have a lot to do if we plan to move in the next few weeks."

I called Zack down and both boys came down fully washed and dressed.

"Hey Jake, can I talk to you alone for a few minute?" I asked as the boys came into the study.

I left Zack with his mother and walked upstairs with Jake. We sat in my bedroom and I closed the door.

"There are two reasons I wanted to talk to you. The first was to let Zack have some time alone with his mother. The second is a bit more complicated.

Now I know that you and Zack have been doing things together. Now I don't mind at all what you get up to, with who, or where. What I need to know though is that you are not getting Zack to do things that he isn't comfortable with.

The other thing, you don't tell him any of what we get up to do you?" I said sitting on the bed.

"No I wouldn't make him do anything. We don't do that much actually. I haven't told anyone what we do that's between us." Jake replied.

I gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and a pat on the bum as we left the room and went back downstairs.

We knocked on the study door as we came into the room.

"So just promise me that you will be good for Mr. Wood this week and I will call and let you know when I will be back up to see you. If I hear you have been bad I will get Cameron round here to take you back home so fast your head will spin." Kate said.

"Yes Mom." Zack said looking like a naughty kid.

"Good now give your Mom a hug before I go."

Kate and Zack hugged. Zack was holding on almost as tight as Kate.  When they broke apart she kissed him on the forehead and let him go.

Zack looked round at Jake and blushed. They left the room together and disappeared.

"If he is any trouble at all just let me or Cameron know. Thank you again for everything. I better make a move."

"I'm sure he won't be. I'll see you soon." I said walking her to the door.

I watched as she walked to the office to say bye to Cam.

I went back into the house and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

I made some sandwiches and home made lemonade. I called the boys and Lee down and went out to call Cam in. We took the food and drink outside to the garden and ate out there.

"How has your day been?" I asked Lee.

"Yeah not bad. I have finished all the cleaning and I have pretty much sorted out the other bedroom. You need to order some furniture for it though. "

"Yeah I'll sort that out after lunch. We need to go to the department store anyway. How is your first day going Cam?" I asked.

"Yeah it's great, going through all the papers and sorting things out has given me a better understanding of the business." Cam replied.

"Well, you're going to have to network all the computers to the router in the utility room this afternoon. We should be getting the delivery of computer equipment any time now. Will you be alright with that on your own while I take these two shopping?" I asked Cam.

"Yeah not a problem, I've already found the tools."

"Don't worry I will have some more interesting work for you tomorrow." I said finishing my sandwich.

After lunch I took the two boys with me to the shopping centre. Our first stop was to get Zack his school uniform. The same assistant as the one that served us when we had come in for Jake's uniform came over to us. He measured up Zack and I told him what I wanted. He returned with the items. 

I picked out some nice furniture for the spare room and arranged to have it delivered the next day.

We went to the key cutters and I got a spare set cut for Jake and a spare key for the office cut for Cam.  On the way back I stopped at the bank to deposit the cheque from Zack's mum and to order a card to my account for Lee.

When we got back to the house Jake and Zack went to the living room to play on the Xbox while I went out to the office.

"You've already finished it all?" I asked Cam.

Cam had already finished putting all the new hardware together and piping in the networking and phone lines.

"I couldn't configure the router as I don't have a password for the network." Cam said.

"Yeah sorry I completely forgot. I'll do that now. Which desk is mine?"

"Either I don't mind."

"Well as you're already sitting at that one. I'll take this one." I said sitting at my desk.

I logged on to the network on my laptop and created an account for Cam.

"I assumed this laptop was for me but what was the other one for?" Cam asked.

"Oh yeah, with everything going on I almost forgot I ordered that. Hide it in here for the time being it's for Jake's birthday."

After Cam had configured the new systems onto the network I sat back and assessed the new office.

"Yeah this looks like a nice place to work. As it is your first day why don't we call it a day?" I said.

"Cool with me!" Cam said packing up.

"Would you like to stay for dinner again?"

"If you don't mind, I was planning to check out the town."

"Yeah not a problem at all. Well I had a key cut for you. I will be in at about quarter past nine after I have dropped the boy's off at school."

"No probs boss." Cam said getting up to leave.

Cam left and I went back into the house. Jake and Zack were still playing on the Xbox.

"Hey guys can you go upstairs and get all your stuff ready for tomorrow please? Jake can you lend Zack some of your spare stuff?" I said.

I started cooking the dinner and the boys went up to sort out their school things. They came down about quarter of an hour later and started playing on the Xbox again. There was a knock at the door and Jake went to answer it.

No one came through to the kitchen but I could hear Jason's voice. When the dinner was ready I took it out to the dining room and called the boys and Lee.

We all sat and ate talking. Jason was telling everyone about his first day back at college and the project that he would be working on for the year. Jake and Zack were excited to be going back to school and Jake told Zack all about the school and his friends.

After dinner Jason and Lee left and the boys and I sat watching the TV. At around half nine, I could see Zack's head starting to droop. He was clearly not used to having early mornings or swimming so often.

"OK boys time for bed." I said.

"Zack I'll meet you up there." Jake said.

After Zack had gone up the stairs Jake came over and kissed me on the lips.

"Night, see you in the morning." Jake said.

"Night little man." I said patting his bum.

After an hour I was starting to get tired so I headed up to bed myself. I got undressed and got ready for bed.

I had been in bed for around ten minutes when I heard the door open and close again. I felt Jake's warm body coming under the covers and hugging me.

"I thought you went to bed." I said.

"Couldn't sleep. Zack's asleep though. I wanted to come and have some fun with you tonight."

"I thought that's what you were doing with Zack?"

"Nah, we mainly just wank each other off. I sometimes suck him but he doesn't want to suck me. He says that I am too big and is scared."

"Oh right we are going to have to fix that then." I said kissing down his body.

I gave Jake a long slow suck. I didn't want to wank him off so I used both of my hands to hold down his. Even though I was only using my mouth it only took a few minutes to make him cum.

Jake returned the favour. I could tell that having fun with Zack had made him better at it.

I came in Jake's mouth and he came up and kissed me deeply sharing both of our cum.

Jake gave me one final kiss and quietly walked out of the room.

The next morning I woke at six thirty. I brushed my teeth and went into the boys' room to wake them.

"Rise and shine! It's a new day and time to get up." I said clapping my hands.

Zack woke first and for the first time didn't try to cover his naked body. Zack shook Jake awake. 

"Enggg... What time is it?" Jake asked trying to shake Zack off him.

"It's six thirty. Thought you might want to go for a swim before you get ready for school." I replied.

Both boys put on bathrobes and followed me down to the pool house.

We swam for nearly an hour before I checked the time. We got out and went upstairs to wash and dress. I had a quick shower and came down to sort out some breakfast.

When Zack and Jake entered the kitchen they looked adorable. It was the first time I had seen them both in there school uniforms. Zack looked like Jake's older brother.

I served them both breakfast. They both seemed to be quiet this morning.

When we had finished eating I left the dishes in the sink. The boys grabbed their bags and we went to the car.

The drive to school was quiet, it didn't take long to drive the four miles to the school. I dropped them off at the main entrance.

"Jake make sure you show Zack round properly. I'll pick you both up three thirty. If you want picking up later just text me." I said.

I drove back to the house and walked into the office. Cam was already waiting for me.

Just as I greeted him and sat down at my desk I got a text message.

I missed my kiss this morning. Missing u alrdy! Luv Jake X

I replied to the message.

Miss you too. All the kisses in the world. XXX

"So Cam how did it all go last night?" I asked turning to Cam.

"Yeah it was a good night. The girls round here are fit!" Cam replied.

"Yeah not as relaxed as Cornwall are they? Anyway I have some work for you today. Something that might interest you a bit more than moving files around."

"All ready boss."

"Well I have just got an email from one of my bigger clients. Basically I have already upgraded the computer systems in the client's UK offices.

All the workstations have already been upgraded in the US offices. What we need to do is upgrade the servers, routers, firewalls and switches.

Luckily the main network wiring is all cat5 so we won't have to touch that. All the routers are currently 10/100 but they want everything upgraded to gigabit to match the UK offices. "

"So big job then?" I Cam asked.

"You haven't heard the hardest part yet. They have a dedicated SSL line to the main UK office. The Seattle office works as a US hub over a private VPN to the other satellite offices in the US.

Most of this shouldn't be too much of an issue. What we need to work on is sorting out the routing configurations and the roll out of the new OS to the all the slave systems. We need to workout how long each system will be down for and present the plan to the IT manager in the US."

"Wow talk about baptism by fire. So we haven't got the job yet?" Cam asked.

"The job has already been approved and the money allocated for the upgrade by the head office in the UK. We need to let the IT manager know how long the systems will be down so he can let his boss know. While the server is being changed over which I am hoping won't take more than a day; the whole staff will be on a training day. When we roll the upgrades out to the workstations each department will go and have a training session on the new systems."

"OK where do we start?"

"Well I think the best thing would be if you looked at the proposal I created and the brief. It has most of the technical systems laid out. Once you have familiarised yourself with that then we can start working on the routing configurations." I said pulling the clients files out of the filling cabinet and handing them to Cam.

After an hour I saw the postman walk past the window so went out to get the mail. Inside one of the envelopes I found the loco parentis that I had mailed to Jake's mum. She had signed it and returned it in the envelope I had sent her.

Although I was happy that she had signed the form, it worried me that this woman would just sign control of her own child over to a man she had never met before. How little could she care about her own son?

I photocopied the letter and went back to the house to put it in my safe. I wrote a cover letter to my solicitor and enclosing the copy posted it to him.

Just as I was coming back out to the office I noticed a low loader backing on to my drive.

"Cam you might want to come out here for this." I said popping my head through the door.

Cam walked out a bit confused. He saw the shinny new BMW on the back of the truck and all became clear.

"Cool I completely forget this was coming today." Cam said.

The truck stopped and the driver got out of the cab. He came out and tilted the back of the truck. He got in the new car and lowered it off, parking it just behind mine.

"Delivery for Mr. Wood or Mr. Young?" The driver said.

"Yep that's me." I said taking the offered clipboard.

"OK sir we just need to walk around the vehicle to make sure there is no damage then if you would sign the form please."

Both Cam and I walked around it a couple of times checking for any imperfections and signed the form. The driver gave us the keys then left.

"Want to go for a little spin?" I asked.

"Totally!" Cam said.

We got into the car and Cam drove round the town for a bit. After a while I was getting hungry so I told Cam to stop at a nice café for lunch.

Just as I sat down I got a message from Jake.

I'm so horny for you. I might sneak out to the loos and have a wank.

I replied.

Stay in class. Save your juice for me tonight. X

Over lunch Cam and I discussed the client's project and what we were going to be doing. After we had finished lunch we went back to the office and carried on with our work.

At quarter past three I left Cam to pick up the boys. They were both standing together outside the main entrance with a couple of other boys.

I pulled up and both boys said bye to the group and got in the car.

"Good day at school?" I asked as they got in.

"Yeah it was great. Much better than my old school." Zack said.

"Yeah and Mr. Wight put Zack in my class because he knew me!" Jake said.

I drove the boys home and just as I was pulling into the drive way I could see Jason and Lee helping to unload the furniture that had been delivered for the spare room.

"Afternoon Jas, been here long?" I asked.

"No literally just walked in and the delivery came. So I thought I would lend a hand." Jason said.

"That's cool. Would you like to stay for dinner?" I replied.

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea. I'll give you hand making it." Lee said.

Zack, Jason, and Jake disappeared to play a on the trampoline and play some football while I gave Lee a hand unpacking the furniture.

At five I went out to the office and checked on Cam. He was just packing up his bag. I invited him to stay for dinner and he accepted.

Cam followed me to the kitchen and took a seat at the breakfast bar. I got him a bottle of beer while I was waiting for Lee.

Lee came down and helped me prepare a nice dinner and dessert for everyone.

When the food was ready I went outside to get the boys but they weren't there anymore. I walked from room to room looking for them and eventually found them all on Jake's bed. I knocked on the door and went in.

The boys were sitting with papers and books in front of them and Jake was using my laptop.

"What you guys up to?" I asked walking in.

"Jason was just helping us with our homework." Jake said.

"Oh right. I thought I was going to have a fight on my hands getting you to do that. How come you got homework on the first day back?" I asked.

"I was supposed to do it over the summer, but I never finished it. I still don't think I will finish it by tomorrow there is just too much of it." Jake said a little down.

"How come you have homework as well?" I asked Zack.

"The teacher thought it would be a good way to get me up to speed on what they are studying. I have until Friday to hand it in." Zack said.

"Did you let your teacher know you had some problems over the summer?" I asked Jake.

"No. I didn't know how to."

"I'll go in and have a word with him if you like?"


"Make sure you have it done by Friday though. And don't copy off each other. Jason thanks for helping. If you guys are hungry the food's ready."

The boys all followed me down to the kitchen. Cam was on the phone when we walked in.

"...yeah hold on. I'll get him." Cam said handing the phone to Zack.

"Mom said that she has found a place and everything has been sorted out. There is a problem though. The place she has got is just round the corner but won't be ready for a month. She also can't get out of work until then.

If you don't mind can Zack stay for an extra couple of weeks? If it's a problem I can just have him with me." Cam said to me.

"No it's fine. He has been an angel so far. I don't mind at all." I replied.

"...I will Mom I promise." Jake said down the phone.

"Cool, I'll let her know." Cam said as Zack handed the phone back.

Cam told his mother everything was fine and that Zack could stay on. I served up the dinner and we took it through to the lounge.

"Is it ok to have the day off tomorrow? I was going to give Jason a hand moving out of his flat." Lee asked after dinner.

"Yeah not a problem at all." I replied.

"Does that mean you want to have Friday off Cam?" I asked.

"No, if it's ok with you I was thinking of taking Zack back to Cornwall for the weekend then we could bring the rest of my stuff and some of his back up." Cam replied.

"Well it seems a bit silly to have you staying at a hotel and driving here everyday why don't you just stay in the other spare bedroom until Friday?"

"Yeah sure, if you're if you don't mind."

We all watched TV until nine o'clock when Lee got up and said that he and Jason had to go. Cam also left saying he would check out of the hotel in the morning and bring his clothes with him.

I watched TV with the boys for another half hour before I Zack started yawning. I told the boys to go up and get ready for bed while I cleared up downstairs.

It was about half an hour before I went to bed. I had just got in when Jake came in naked and slipped under the covers.

"I've been waiting for this all day." He said kissing me.

I returned the kiss and he started kissing down my body. It didn't take long for him to reach my cock. He started sucking and wanking it like a boy possessed. I knew I was close so I gently lifted his head and laid him back down.

I went down on him kissing and sucking his cock. I brought my fingers to my lips and wet them. I licked around his hole and gently pushed my tongue in. I then went back to sucking his cock. I slowly pushed my first finger in and felt little resistance. I gently inserted another and found his prostate. 

I moved my fingers in and out of him in time with his thrusts into my mouth. He started grunting and panting. I had to use my free hand to cover his mouth to stop him making too much noise.

After a few minutes Jake was trashing up and down using his hand to push his cock deeper down my throat. I felt his cock go ridged and start spewing in mouth.

Jake fell back down completely exhausted. He reached over and started to wank me. I pushed his hand back and lay it by his side.

"It's ok, I'll do it, you're tired. Go back to bed and get good nights sleep." I said.

Jake just nodded and sneaked out of the room and back to his room.

I woke the next morning. I thought I was on my own but I was cuddling something. I felt it and it was strange and furry.

I looked down and I was snuggling Gary. Jake must have sneaked back into the room while I was sleeping and left him with me.

I gave him a kiss on his furry nose and got up to wake the boys.

I walked into the room and woke them. Both boys were holding on to each other and when I woke them were wide awake instantly.

We went for a swim then went up to our respective rooms to get ready for the day. I went downstairs and prepared breakfast.

The boys came down and we had a quick breakfast. We left the house and drove to the school. I parked up in the car park.

"What is your form tutors name?" I asked Jake.

"Mr. Wight." Jake replied.

We got out of the car and I wished the boys a good day before they ran off to their friends. I walked into the reception and explained who I was. I asked to see Mr. Wight but was told he is in lessons all morning. I was told if I could wait half an hour I could speak to the head of year ten.

I waited in the reception and after twenty minutes an older lady walked up to me.

"Mr. Wood?" She asked.


"If you would just like to follow me, we can go to my office."

She led me to a very small office which was very cramped and filled with papers.

"So Mr. Wood what can I do for you."

"First of all I just wanted to introduce myself. I am currently looking after Jake Connors. At the   moment Zack Young is staying with us until his mother has moved back to the area."

"OK, that's fine. I know Jake well, he was sent to me quite a few times last year for his bad attendance and poor attitude towards homework. I understood that he had some problems at home. I like him and gave him as much leeway as possible.

Zack Young? I've not actually met him yet but I have seen his entrance forms. Was there something specific you would like to discuss?"

"Yes actually. I doubt that Jake has told you anything about his summer but he had a particularly hard time. He had a few problems at home and ended up moving out. This is the main reason that he has not finished his homework. He was working on it last night with Zack but didn't manage to finish it."

"Don't worry about it. When do you think he will be able to finish it for?"

"I asked him to have it done by Friday."

"That's fine. I'll let Mr. Wight know that he has been having some problems and give him a bit of leeway."

"That would be great thanks." I said getting up to leave.

"If you wouldn't mind filling out these forms for me I can update the emergency contact information."

I filled out the forms thanked her and left the office. She walked me out of the office and walked me back to the reception area. 

I got back into the car and drove back home. I met Cam in the office and helped him with the main project.

At lunch time I got a text from Jake asking if I could pick him and Zack up at five.

We carried on with the work progressing well through it. Cam was really starting to impress me.

During the afternoon I went to see Doctor Charlton and had a quick session with him. He seemed to be impressed that I had managed to accept my role within Jake's life so easily.

At half four we finished work and Cam moved his clothes into the bedroom.

I drove to the school and picked up the boys. They were excited when they got back in to the car.

"We both managed to get on the school swim team!" Jake said.

"And I managed to get on to the football team as well." Zack said.

"That's good did you both tryout?"

"Yeah but I only got into the reserves for the football team." Jake said.

"That's good anyway. Come one lets have take out tonight and celebrate." I said driving us home.

I drove back too the house and parked outside the house. The boys got in and dropped their bags in the living room before jumping straight onto the Xbox.

"Take your stuff upstairs and change please." I said.

"Ah but Dan we are meeting some of our mates online!" Jake whinged.

"No boys, get changed then you can do whatever you like. Don't forget you have to finish your homework tonight."

The boys groaned and took their bags upstairs and ran back down five minutes later changed in to shorts and no t-shirts.

I went upstairs and knocked on Cam's door.

"Hey Cam, we are ordering take out for dinner tonight because Jake and Zack got onto the school swimming team and Zack managed to get onto the football team as well."

"Oh that's great but I was planning on going out tonight."

"That's cool."

"I'll go congratulate the guys."

We went downstairs and Cam said congratulations to the boys. They both thanked him distractedly without taking their eyes off the screen.

Cam went back upstairs and I went to the kitchen and ordered us some take out.

When the dinner arrived I had the boys switch off the TV and ate together. After they had finished eating I had them bring down their homework and I helped them finish it.

At half nine I made the boys go to bed. Now they were on the swim team I wanted to make sure they got up in time for a swim.

At ten thirty I went to bed. Jake didn't come to my room that night and I fell into a dreamless sleep.

I woke in the morning and woke the boys. They came down to the pool house and unashamedly stripped off their robes and put on their swimming trunks.

After we had finished our swim and breakfast, we all got washed and dressed before leaving the house.

The working day went well with both Cam and I working well together on the project. At twelve Cam left the office to do a bit of shopping before he drove down to Cornwall that evening.

I picked up the boys and we had an early dinner. When Cam got back Zack was ready to go and was playing with Jake on the Xbox.

"So you all set then?" I asked as Cam came into the kitchen.

"Yep, I just picked up a few things for my new place and some flowers for Mom. I know she would like that not having seen us both for nearly a week."

"Well Zack's all ready. I made sure he packed up everything he needs for the weekend and his homework."

"That's cool. We should be back on Sunday afternoon anyway."

"We have to go out and see some clients next week. You might want to invest in a new suit."

"Yeah I was planning on getting one this weekend. I realise why you gave me that starting bonus now. It is really helping with everything."

"Well there might be more coming your way. If we can pull off the Thompson Medical US project on time there will be quite a lot of money coming in. Some of it coming your way."

"I didn't realise I was working on a performance basis."

"I wouldn't call it that. Think of it more as profit sharing. If the company makes a profit at the bottom line you are due your fair share. You have worked hard this week and if you keep it up I don't see why we shouldn't go from strength to strength."

"I suppose that makes sense. I'm not going to say no to more money!"

We chatted a bit more about what clients we were meeting in the week and what was going to be done there.

After half an hour Cam got up a said it was time for him to leave. I reminded him not to push the car too hard as it was still new and the engine needed breaking in. I followed Cam through to the living room.

"So you ready to go champ?" Cam said to Zack.

"Yep. All packed and ready to head out," Zack replied finishing the game and putting away the controller.

"See you next week Jake. Thanks for having me Dan." Zack said picking up his things and walking to the door.

Jake and I followed the guys out of the house and waved them off as they left. We walked back in and sat on the couch.

"So we are all alone tonight, what do you want to do?" I asked Jake.

Jake looked up at me with a devious grin. "You know what I want to do."

"I thought you would wait until later for that."

"I have been waiting all week. Let go up now." Jake said getting up from the couch.

I followed Jake up to my room. Within seconds he was undressed and looking in the cupboard for porn.

I lay on the bed fully dressed as Jake put the disc into the DVD player and skipped straight to the film.

Jake got on the bed and started kissing me. He was already rock hard. He straddled my chest and started devouring my face.  

I had never felt his sexual energy like this before. It was intoxicating to let him have all the control.

Jake broke the kiss and pulled back. He pulled up my t-shirt and removed it from me throwing it to the floor.

He started kissing and biting at my chest. He seemed to be completely possessed. He stopped at my arm pits and inhaled deeply. The smell of my days sweat seemed to give him more energy and drive.

He continued to ravage my chest and started working down towards my navel. When he got to the top of my jeans he quickly unbuckled my belt and undid my fly. He was struggling a bit to remove the button.

"Do you want me to do that?" I asked reaching for it.

Jake just shook his head and pushed away my hand. I realised he just wanted me to lie there. He knew who had the power and wanted to keep it that way.

I put my hands behind my head and enjoyed being pleasured. Jake finally took off the button and went down the bed and pulled off my jeans by the ankles.

He came back up and started nuzzling my cock through my boxers. I was completely hard and was enjoying this so much.

There was a wet patch on my boxers from my leaking precum and from where Jake had started gently nibbling my cock.

He stopped suddenly and pushed his thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and yanked down hard on them. I lifted my arse slightly allowing them to come down.

Jake threw the shorts to the floor and lifted my legs into the air. I rested them on his shoulders. I expected him to suck my cock but instead he licked down my perineum and down towards my virgin hole.

He licked and fucked my hole with his tongue. I could feel his moist appendage entering me but couldn't prevent the involuntary tightening of my sphincter.

I relaxed and started to enjoy his tongue. He then stopped and started trying to insert a finger. It was dry and it was painful.

"Lick it first Jake."

Jake pushed it in hard, I flinched then he removed it. He sucked on it then reinserted it. He finger fucked me roughly. It felt good but I could feel that he was being rougher than he should.

"I'm going to fuck you Dan."

"I don't know Jake."

"I wasn't asking. I'm going to do it. You'll like, I want you to feel what I felt."

"Only if you are gentle and use some lube."

"Get it for me then."

I reached over and grabbed the lube out of the drawer. I put some on my fingers and rubbed it into my sore hole. I handed Jake the tube. He poured some on his dick and rubbed it in slowly.

Jake slowly lined up his cock to my hole and slowly pushed. I could feel a sharp pain and flinched. Jake pulled back a bit then realigned himself. He then gave one hard thrust and entered me.

The pain was almost unbearable. He stopped when he saw the pain on my face. I could feel his ridged member within me but the pain had started to subside.

"Ok you can go now." I said

Jake gave one hard thrust and entered me fully. It was no longer painful but I could feel a slight burning.

Jake then started moving his hips slowly backwards and forwards. I stopped thinking about the burning and started enjoying the feeling of his cock entering me.

I could feel him touching on my prostate. Every time I felt him rub it I could feel a small bolt of lighting shoot through my spine.

Jake had started to forget to be gentle and had started to thrust harder and quicker. It felt good and I didn't try to slow him.

After a few minutes Jake had started to slam into me really hard. I could hear his balls slapping against my arse and the sound turned me on even more.

Jake was getting faster and more aggressive with his thrusts. He was grunting and panting.

I suddenly felt his cock get harder. Jake grunted, trusted hard within me and started shaking. Jake collapsed on top of me panting hard. I could still feel him within me getting softer.

I turned him around and lubed his hole. I then put some on my cock. Jake stayed laying flat on his belly. I spread his cheeks and carefully inserted my cock.

I lay on him and started thrusting with just my hips. It didn't take me long before I had started to get faster. I couldn't hold on much longer and started grunting. Within seconds I was starting to fill his bowels with my hot cum.

I got off him and lay back on the pillows. Jake turned to me and kissed me deeply on the mouth.

"Thank you. That was great." Jake said kissing me again.

"I love you Jake. Thank you for everything."

Jake kissed me again then snuggled close to my chest and fell asleep. I kissed him on the top of the head and closed my eyes.

We woke an hour later and I looked at the clock. It was still only half nine.

"Shall we have a shower?" I asked.

"Yeah, I want you to wash me like you did the first time." Jake replied.

We walked into the bathroom and got into the shower.

Jake stood there for the whole shower as I sensually washed him. He was hard again but I didn't want to get him off again just yet.

After the shower we put on bathrobes then went back to the bedroom. We watched TV for a few hours before Jake started falling asleep again. He snuggled into me and fell asleep.

I woke the next morning to the sound of Jake flushing the toilet. He got back in to bed and kissed me on the lips.

"Morning little man."


"What do you want to do today?"

"Nothing, I just want to stay in bed all day." Jake said snuggling back in to my chest.

We spent most of the day in bed just watching TV. I got up to get us some food and to bring in my laptop. After checking my emails I gave Jake the laptop and he spent most of the afternoon talking to his friends on msn.

In the evening we put on bathrobes and went to the kitchen to find some dinner.

Jake sat on the stool at the breakfast bar while I dug in the freezer. We decided to have some steak and chips as it was quick. I started cooking while Jake told me all about his week at school.

We took the dinner into the living room and watched a DVD while we ate.

We went to bed at around ten. Even though we hadn't done anything all day we both felt tired. We didn't do anything that night but kiss and go to sleep.

I woke in the morning to the familiar feeling of Jake sucking on my penis. His legs were on the pillow and his head was under the covers. I reached round and started sucking his dick. The more I started sucking the more he sucked. He started getting faster which made me get faster. It didn't take us long before we were cumming in each others mouths.

Jake came up and we kissed deeply allowing the tasted of the others cum to mix. Jake broke the kiss and laid back gently stroking the light downy hairs on my stomach.

"What should we do today then? We can't stay in bed for another day." I said turning to Jake.

"I was going to see some of my old friends if that's ok?"

"Yeah sure. Do you want a lift?"

"If you don't mind."

We got up and got washed and dressed. I dropped Jake close to where he told me his mum lived. I told him not to be late back as he hadn't finished his homework yet.

I really didn't have anything planned for the day so I went to my sister's house for a few hours. She asked me a lot more about Jake and how he had come to be living with me.

I got back at around two and sat on the sofa with my laptop. At around half two Jason and Lee came over. They didn't have any plans either so we started making some dinner.

I asked Lee if he wouldn't mind taking the boys to and from school for the week as I would be out at meetings.

I also told them about my plans to have a birthday party for Jake. I asked Jason if he could get hold of Jake's list of friends. He told me he would do what he could and would speak to Zack as well.

After a little while Cam and Zack came back. They knocked on the door and Jason went to answer it.

"Hey, is Jake here?" Zack asked coming into the kitchen.

"No he's out with some of his friends." I replied.

"Cam, are you going to be about for dinner?" I asked as Cam came in.

"I was going to drop a few things into the flat but yeah I'll come back as soon as I have finished." Cam replied.

He took his things out of the garage, loaded the already full car and drove off.

Just then Jake called and asked if I could pick him up. We arranged for him to be where I dropped him off in ten minutes.

"Anyone want to come for a ride?" I asked.

Zack and Jason decided that they would and Lee said he would stay and finish the dinner.

We picked up Jake and the boys all sat together telling each other how their week and weekend had gone.

When we got back to the house the boys all went straight for the Xbox.

"Have you done your homework yet Zack?" I asked.

"No, I didn't really have time." Zack replied knowing where this was going.

"Well dinner will be ready in about an hour so you can use that time for both of you to finish your homework."

The boys both groaned and turned off the Xbox.

"Yeah I have some as well that I need to get done." Jason said retrieving his bag.

All three boys sat in the dinning room doing there homework. Jason and Zack were using their own laptops and Jake used mine.

About an hour later Cam came back and was shocked to see the boys doing homework.

"How did you manage to get them doing their homework? Me and Mom have been bugging him to do it all weekend." Cam asked taking a seat in the kitchen.

"Well I think it helps when they are doing it together and Jason is a really good influence on them." I said.

"Yeah Jason is really smart. He always gets top marks." Lee said.

"Actually Mom was thinking of getting Zack a tutor this year as he starts his GCSE's. Do you think Jason would be interested? She is willing to pay." Cam said.

"To be honest I think he would really like that. He hates his current job and he really gets on well with both boys." Lee said.

"That would be a good idea. If we both pay him it would probably work out more than his other job anyway." I said.

We called Jason and the other two boys into the room.

"Jason, how would you feel about becoming Jake and Zack's tutor? You help them with their homework anyway and this way you could quit your other job." I asked.

"Yeah that sounds great. I really like spending time with them." Jason said.

"And how would you guys feel about this?" I asked.

"Yeah that sounds ok." Zack said.

"More time with Jason? Sounds good to me!" Jake said with a cheeky grin.

"Cool well that's settled then. You two back to your homework. Jason will be in a second." I said.

The boys trouped out whispering to each other.

"So Jason while you are tutoring them you have to remember you are the boss. Don't let them take the piss out of you just because you are friends. What is the going rate for a tutor any way?" I asked.

"The ones we were looking at were about £4.50 an hour." Cam said.

"That sounds good to me." Jason said.

"Yeah but you will be tutoring both boys so if Kate pays you for Zack and I pay you the same for Jake you should be making double that." I replied.

"But I will be doing it together." Jake said.

"You have to remember you will be teaching two separate boys with different needs." Cam said.

Jason agreed and went back to the living room with the other boys. After another half an hour the dinner was ready. Lee started plating it while I went to check on the boys.

"Nearly done yet? Dinners ready." I said.

"Yep just saving our work. I'm starved." Jake said closing the laptop.

We took the food to the dinning room and ate in there. I told the boys that Cam and I would be away during the day for most of the week and would be away for Wednesday night as well.

"Do you think you will be ok staying the night on your own? Lee will be about during the day if you need anything and will be talking you to school and picking you back up again. I said.

"We should be ok." Jake said.

"Yeah Mom leaves me on my own all the time. Usually when she has to work at night." Zack said.

"OK but you know the house rules." I said going to get the pudding.

After dinner Cam decided to stay at the house as it was going to be an early start and nothing had been unpacked at the flat. The boys went off to print their homework and to play on the Xbox with Jason.

Cam, Lee and I tidied the dinning room and kitchen before grabbing some beers and sat in the garden.

At half nine Lee said it was time Jason and he left. I told the boys to get ready for bed and go up to their room.

Cam and I stayed out for another hour before going back to our rooms.

I woke at six the next morning and woke the boys for the morning swim. Afterwards we at breakfast together and went back to our rooms to get washed and changed. I was waiting in the office preparing what we needed to take with us to the meeting when Cam came in.

Just as we were leaving, Lee arrived to pick up the boys. Jason was also in the car, he must have an early class this morning.

I drove to the client's building and we generally had a good day. Cam started off not saying much but after lunch got a lot more confident and started making suggestions and helping with the designs.

We got back to the house at five thirty. Both boys were in the study with Jason working on their homework. Jason and Zack were on their own laptops and Jake was using the main computer on my desk.

Lee was just finishing cooking us a nice meal. I asked Cam what he was planning to do and if he wanted to join us for dinner.

"Can't tonight, I was planning on moving into the flat tonight." Cam said.

He went upstairs packed his things before thanking me and saying bye to the boys.

Zack, Jake, Jason, Lee and I all had dinner sitting in front of the TV. After dinner Jason and Lee left and I left the boys alone and went to the office to do some work.

At half nine I came out and went to the living room. The boys weren't there. I went up to look for them and knocked on the door to Jake's room.

"Come in." Zack said.

I went into the room and Zack was undressed in the bed with his laptop open.

"Hey, I was just wondering were you guys had got to." I said.

"Yeah we were tired so are just getting ready for bed. Jake's in the bathroom did you want him to come and find you when he gets out?" Zack said.

"No that's fine. I'm going to bed myself in a minute. It's nice to know that I can trust you guys to know when to go to bed on a school night." I said.

I went to my bedroom and got ready for bed. That night Jake came into my room late. He didn't try to have sex but just cuddled me and went to sleep.

I woke the next morning with Jake snuggling into me.

"Jake... Jake... Go back to your room and I'll come and wake you and Zack in a couple of minutes." I said quietly waking him.

Jake got up sluggishly and walked back to his room. A couple of minutes later I walked down the hall and woke the boys. They got up and followed me down to the pool house.

We swam for about an hour then went and got ready. I left early to pick up Cam while the boys ate breakfast and waited for Lee.

We were at the same client today as yesterday so this time Cam got right into work and immediately I started to see him shine. He seemed to really enjoy what he was doing and was extremely enthusiastic. At lunch even the head of IT services at the client commented on how knowledgeable he was for someone so young. They suggested he should do a professional qualification like a CCNA.

We left early that day and headed back to the office. We prepared what we would need for the next day's meetings then as it was going to be a really early start I let Cam finish early.

I went upstairs had a shower and changed my clothes. I came down and started cooking. A few minutes later Lee came in with all three boys. Jason had them sit down at the table and start doing their homework while he got them some drinks. Lee came into the kitchen and sat at the bar stool.

"Hey, good day?" I asked.

"Yeah not bad. Cleaning got finished. The third bedroom is done and I started on the fourth. I wasn't sure what you wanted done with the games room though."

"Oh, it's mostly empty in there isn't it?"

"Yeah apart from some boxes."

"I was thinking of turning it into a second lounge. Using this one mainly for the TV and DVD and getting another TV and setting up all the games in it. I think we could also fit a pool table in there."

"Cool, I'll just clear it out then. By the way just to let you know I popped out for a couple of hours in the afternoon to see mum."

"That's cool. Technically you have to have a lunch break anyway. If you ever need to go out to do something feel free or if you just want a break. How is your mum anyway?"

"Well I can't say she's getting better but I think in her own way she is happier. Not that she would let the nurses know that though. She treats them worse than she treated me."

"Yeah but I think these things are expected though. She knows she doesn't have long left and she wants to lash out."

"No that's not it. She has always been a miserable bitch and she's just getting worse."

Lee sat and talked to me for about an hour before I had finished cooking the dinner. When it was ready I went into the living room. Jake and Zack were sitting on separate chairs with a book and pen on their laps. Jason was standing with a sheet of paper and was pretending to be a quiz show host. He asked them what the capital of Brazil was. I stood and watched. His next question was what was Pythagoras theorem. I told Jason when they were finished that dinner was ready and to come through to the kitchen.

After another half an hour Jason and the other two came into the kitchen.

"Homework all done?" I asked.

"Yep." Jake said.

"And I won the quiz!" Zack said.

"It's not about wining or losing Zack, it's about remembering the right answers." Jason said.

"Yeah and I was better at the maths questions then you." Jake said.

"If only your mothers could see you now!" I said.

We took our food into the living room and started eating in front of the TV.

"Lee, do you and Jason want to stay here tonight? Save you traipsing all the way home and back. We have the room and I am going to be leaving really early in the morning." I said after dinner.

"What do you think Jas?" Lee asked.

"Yeah sound fine to me. I only have one class tomorrow and that is at twelve anyway."

"Cool you're going to stay over?" Jake asked Jason.

"Yep, that doesn't mean we are going to be up all night though."

"Cool come upstairs with us I have something to show you both." Jake said taking Jason and Zack upstairs.

"So how are things going with you and Jake?" Lee asked when we were on our own.

"Yeah not bad actually. At first it was a bit strange if you know what I mean?"

"What you mean the sex?" Lee said.

I flushed a deep red and just stared at Lee.

"Have you two actually had sex yet?"


"If you don't want to tell me it's ok. Just know that I am here and I'm not judging you. I had sex with Jason when he was fifteen so I do understand. To be honest I had a word with Jake a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to make sure he was happy and that if he ever thought something you two were doing together was wrong he shouldn't do it."

"Yeah, I told him the same thing just after it started, we did other things before but we had sex for the first time last week."

"Was everything ok? I know with me and Jas it was a bit of an issue having sex with him and trying to care for him as well."

"Yeah seems to be. At the moment we have sort of fallen into a position where when we are doing stuff together we are lovers and the other times he recognises me as a parent figure."

"Well if either of you ever need to talk you know you can turn to me or Jason."

We sat and talked until half nine. I decided that I should probably get an early night as I was going to be up early the next day. I went to say goodnight to the boys before bed.

"OK boys time to let Jason and Lee have some time to themselves." I said walking into the boy's bedroom.

They were all sitting on the bed with Zack's laptop in front of them. They closed the lid and Jason wished them goodnight before heading downstairs.

"OK boys, be good tomorrow. If you don't want to be on your own tomorrow night you are welcome to ask Jason and Lee to stay with you.

If you want to have a swim in the morning that's fine as long as Jason or Lee knows where you are. If they want to join you there are spare trunks in the changing room.

Here is your pocket money for the week and I've thrown something extra in for you for both doing so well on the quiz.

Lee has your dinner money for tomorrow and Thursday. Anything else before I go to bed?"  

"No, thanks again for everything Dan." Jake said with a smile.

"Yeah, thanks Mr. Wood." Zack said.

"That's OK boys, you don't have to thank me. Being good is thanks enough. Night, night, don't let the bed bugs bite!" I said walking out of the room.

I heard a groan as I closed the door and could picture Jake rolling his eyes at me.

I went back to my room and packed my bag for the morning. Got into bed and went to sleep.

I woke the next morning at five. The whole house was silent. I quickly had a wash and changed before leaving the house. I stopped in the office to pick up the things that we would need.

I called Cam to make sure he was ready and drove over to pick him up. The client we were meeting today had their offices in Crewe which is a three hour drive. Cam looked sleepy when he got in the car but smelled nice and was dressed well.

We stopped for breakfast on the motorway. Cam had a large mug of coffee which seemed to wake him up a lot. After breakfast we head towards the client's offices. When we arrived we went through to reception and were lead to a private meeting room which had been booked out for us for the two days. After a short while the IT manger came in and we started work. I introduced Cam and let him take the lead on the plans.

The day went really fast. We seemed to get a lot achieved. In the evening we were both tired so just had dinner in the hotel and had a few drinks in the bar.

The next day we got up late as the client was only across the road from the hotel. We arrived at their offices at ten to nine and by three we had finished all our work. Cam had really come through. I was starting to think that he would be ready to meet clients without me sooner than I thought.

We drove back to London and I dropped Cam off at his house. I told him he didn't need to come to work tomorrow as he was only working half day and that I would be busy with Jake's party.

When I arrived home I expected to see the house full but was disappointed to find it completely empty. It was already five thirty, they should be back from school before now.

I went into the kitchen and started to prepare some dinner. About half an hour later Lee walked in with Jason, Zack and Jake. The boys all came into the kitchen and sat down at the breakfast bar.

"We're starving is dinner ready yet?" Jake asked rubbing his belly.

"Not just yet. Probably another ten minutes. How come you're so late home?" I asked fearing they had gotten a detention.

"Had our first swimming practice. I completely forgot and we had to wear the school's spare trunks. You would have thought they would have washed them over the summer!?" Jake said.

"Err. That's gross." Jason said.

"Yeah that is gross. If you tell me what days your practices will be I will make sure I remind both of you. Now please go upstairs and have a good wash with some soap. I don't want either of you catching anything from those trunks and I remember what school showers were like!"

The boys went up and started showering while I finished off the dinner. Jason and Lee gave me a hand taking the plates through to the dining room. I didn't want to eat in front of the TV because this was the longest I had been away from Jake since I had met him and wanted to catch up.

The boys came down the stairs and walked straight into the dining room.

"How did you know we would be in here?" I asked.

"I'm so hungry, I just followed my nose!" Jake replied.

We all laughed at this and the boys quickly sat down and tucked into the meal. When we had finished eating the boys sat back rubbing their full bellies. They were starting to act the same and even started looking like twins.

"So did you get up in time for school this morning?" I asked.

"Yeah, we set an alarm on our phones. We couldn't go swimming though as there was no one else here." Jake said.

"Good thing too. Otherwise you would have been knackered for the swimming practise." Lee said.

"Are you and Cam going back to Cornwall this weekend?" I asked Zack.

"No, Mom's working. She is going to come up and see us in the week though. Cam wanted to take me somewhere tomorrow so he is going to pick me up from school if that's ok?" Zack replied.

"Yeah sure. Not a problem at all. Jason are you busy tomorrow? " I asked.

"No I only have one class on Fridays and it's been cancelled same as today. The lecturer is sick." Jason replied.

"That's good, I could do with a hand from both of you if you don't mind." I said to Lee and Jason.

"Yeah sure. No worries." Jason said.

"You two can stay over if you want. That would give me and Lee some time to talk about things."

Jason looked over at Lee and nodded.

"Have you two got any homework to do?" I asked Jake and Zack.

"Not much, and it is due in for Monday. I was going to do it over the weekend." Jake said.

"I would prefer it if you got it out of the way today please. You can take my laptop and do it with Jason in your bedroom if you like."

The boys groaned and looked sulky.

"Come on guys, your going to hurt my feelings!" Jason said getting up from the table.

They looked a bit happier and followed him upstairs. Lee and I took the plates out and put them in the dishwasher.

We went into the study and I locked the door.

"Covert meeting? Your not going to fire me are you?" Lee asked sitting in front of the desk.

"Not at all, you have been doing a great job. I don't know how I could have done any of this without you.

What I wanted to talk to you about was the party I was planning for Jake. I was thinking that we could invite his friends over and we could have a barbeque and pool party. We could open up all the windows and make it like the pool was outside.

I also thought that I would let his friends stay over and he could have a big sleepover.

What do you think?"

"I think that is a great idea. What do we need to do?"

"Well I was thinking I would never be able to get a pool table in time but if I could get the TV and some sofas sorted out they could just all hang out in games room.

We also need to get the other room sorted out so that we have somewhere to put the other boys. I have already ordered the furniture for that room and could have it delivered tomorrow.

I'm really not sure what to buy in terms of food and stuff like that though. I mean he is too old for jelly and ice cream but is he too young to let him drink? Do you let Jason drink?"

"I don't let Jason do anything. We are beyond that. He chooses what he wants to do and does it. I am his boyfriend, if I tried to stop him doing something I didn't like it would become a very different relationship."

"Sorry that's not what I meant. The problem is I am the only one making any parental decisions for Jake and I'm not sure what is appropriate and what's not."

"Well what I would do is think of it like this. Were you drinking at birthday parties when you were fifteen?"

"Yeah and more often then that."

"Yeah same here. So chances are they are going to do it if you let them or not. If you do let them they won't be stealing or breaking the law to do it and you will be able to keep an eye on them."

"Yeah I suppose."

We talked for a couple hours before I decided to take some cake and drinks up to the boys.

They were all sitting on the bed with laptops out. Lee and I came into the room and sat on the bed with them.

"Got it! The Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919 and consisted of 440 Articles." Jake said looking proud.

"Correct. That is the last question and the end of the game. The points tally up to Zack with one hundred and twelve point and Jake..." Jason said in a mock game show host's voice.

"Come on, just tell me!" Jake said.

"Well ladies and gentlemen, it was very close and I have never seen a competitions fought so hard before. Jake ends the game with..."

Jake punched Jason lightly on the arm.

"Oww! One hundred and fourteen points! Although I should deduct ten points for the physical violence." Jason said pretending to rub his arm.

"Congratulations, and for the winner tonight we have... A piece of cake and a glass of milk. For the runner up we have a piece of cake and a glass of milk. In fact I am feeling generous cake and milk for everyone!" I said handing out the cake and forks.

We ate the cake and I reminded the boys to brush their teeth before bed. We left them to it and Lee and I went downstairs for an hour before I went to bed.

I was in bed restless for an hour before Jake came into my room.

"Can I sleep in here with you tonight?" Jake asked getting under the covers.

"Yeah but you will have to get up early and get into your own bed."

"Don't worry. Zack already knows."

"Knows what!?" I asked getting panicked.

"That I sleep in here. He woke up in the middle of the night the other day and saw I wasn't there. He asked me about it and I tried to lie but he saw through it. He said he knew I was staying in your bed and that it was ok. He told me that he sometime sleeps with his brother when he is feeling lonely or missing his dad."

"OK but you didn't tell him about the other stuff did you?"

"No but I really don't think he would mind. He started stuff with me and we were talking about other boys we would like to do things with as well."

"Yeah but it could still be dangerous. He might let something slip."

"I won't tell him anything. Although I think Jason and Lee know. They both asked me about you. They were just looking out for me making sure I wasn't doing something I didn't want to.

"We carried on talking a bit about the boys that Jake and Zack had talked about. Jake started wanking me and I did the same to him as he described some of his fantasies. One that stuck out in my mind was one with Jake and another boy with me. We both came, the fantasies coming alive in my mind driving me to a hard orgasm with Jake's small hand wrapped around my dick. I rolled over and kissed his forehead before drifting into a sleep filled with dreams of Jake and a number of faceless other boys.

To be continued...

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