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Jake Saves Me

Chapter Seven: The Birthday

When I woke the next morning, it was later than I would normally have woken but I wanted to give Jake a lie in. Jake was snoring lightly next to me. I snuck out of bed and went to the cupboard to get him one of the presents I had bought for him.

"Jake... Wake up."

"Unh?..." Jake said waking and rubbing his eyes.

"Happy birthday little man." I said handing him the present.

"What's this?" Jake said holding the small paper wrapped box and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"It's your birthday present num-nuts."

"You already got me a present."

"Well this is another one. Come on don't just look at it, open it!"

Jake sat up in the bed and carefully pulled off the silver wrapping paper. Inside he found a black leather box with the word Rotary in gold across it. He opened it and found a silver wristwatch. He took it out of the box and tried it on. It fit him perfectly.

"Look on the back." I said.

Jake took off the watch and turned it over.

"Yours forever, D." Jake read aloud.

"It's beautiful thank you." Jake said hugging and kissing me.

Just then there was a knock at the door. We both jumped off each other and got back on the right sides of the bed. The door opened slowly and Jason walked in with his eyes closed continuing to knock on the door.

"It's ok Jas. Come in." I said.

"Morning Jake. Happy birthday." Jason said coming further into the room.

"Come and have a look at what Dan got me." Jake said holding out his wrist.

Jason came over and inspected the watch.

"Wow, very posh. Must have cost a pretty penny. I hope you thanked him properly." Jason said releasing Jake's hand with a wink. "Anyway, Lee says if you don't come down soon your breakfast is going to get cold. Zack is already down there so we better hurry or he'll eat it all." Jason said leaving the room and closing the door.

We got up and put on bathrobes before heading downstairs. When we got to the kitchen Jason, Lee and Zack started singing `Happy Birthday' at the top of their voice. I joined in as well as Lee put a large stack of pancakes in front of Jake with a single candle pushed into the middle.

"Blow out the candle and make a wish!" Zack said clapping along with everyone else.

Jake took one deep breath and blew out the candle with his eyes closed.

"Thanks guys. This is the best birthday I have ever had." Jake said.

There was a small tear running down the side of his cheek but he quickly wiped it away with the sleeve of his bathrobe.

"It's only just begun. Now come on and eat this lovely breakfast I made for you!" Lee said handing me and Zack both a stack of pancakes.

We all had breakfast then Lee offered to take the boys to school. When they had finished they went upstairs to the bedroom and got washed and dressed. They took quite a long time but came down in time for Lee to get them to school on time.

"Do you guys still take sweets into school on your birthday?" I asked as they came back into the kitchen.

Jake scoffed and asked "Do we look like we're five?"

"I can't remember that far back! I'm clearly getting too old." I said.

"Yeah you are!" Jake said and ran as I went to spank his bum.

"Hehe, can't catch me!" Jake said all red faced as the others all started laughing.

"Come on you'll both be late." Lee said getting up and walking to the front door.

After they left I sat in the kitchen with Jason and had a fag.

"Lee told me about what you wanted to do for Jake and I think it is a great idea. I spoke to Zack the other day and he has managed to get all the numbers for Jake's friends at school and some of his friends from before. He also got Jake's bothers number but I wasn't sure what you wanted to do with that.

I told Zack to tell them all today that there would be a party tomorrow probably a sleepover and that we would text them all the details." Jason said.

"That's cool. We need to do some serious shopping today. I have never actually thrown a party like this before and have no idea what we need."

While we were waiting for Lee to return I called the department store and got them to arrange delivery of the furniture at three. I then went upstairs and had a shower and got dressed.

When I came back down Jason had just finished the washing up and Lee was drying dishes.

"You two really didn't have to do that you know!" I said.

"But I'm actually working today." Lee said.

"Yeah but Jason's not."

"Yeah but I can help my boo." Jason said kissing Lee on the mouth.

"OK what we doing first?" Lee asked.

"Well I think get all the equipment for the games room or den as it is going to be. Then pick up party stuff and after grocery shopping." I replied.

We headed off to a large electrical store and bought a 50" plasma TV, an AV rack and some separates including a Yamaha receiver, some large speakers and a powerful subwoofer.

We had to load everything up into my car and Jason and Lee followed in his. We dropped everything off at the house and went to get some party supplies from the shopping centre I had found Jake at.

I also picked out some nice reclining chairs and sofas and arranged the delivery for the first thing tomorrow.

After we had done that we went grocery shopping and Lee agreed to keep most of it in his house until tomorrow. We dropped everything off to his house then went back to mine.

We spent a couple of hours attaching the TV to the wall before the doorbell rang. It was the delivery of furniture. Jason helped the delivery people take it all upstairs and Lee went to get Jake from school. I stayed in the den and started wiring everything up.

When Lee got back he took Jake straight upstairs and asked him to help Jason with the other spare bedroom.

After everything had been done and was working I went upstairs to see how the others were getting on.

Jake and Jason had finished and were just clearing up the loose bits of packaging. We went downstairs where Lee had made us an early dinner.

We ate dinner in front of the TV and around seven thirty Cam and Zack came in.

"Hey have you guys eaten dinner yet?" I asked.

"Yeah we stopped for a Burger King earlier." Cam said coming in and sitting down.

"Jason are you guys staying tonight?" Jake asked.

"Sorry little dude. Can't we've got plans tonight. Why don't just the three of us go out tomorrow morning instead?" Jason said.

"Cool. What time?"

"I'll pick you both up at nine so be ready."

"That's a bit early on a Saturday init?" Jake said.

"Nah just be there or be square." Jason said rubbing Jake and Zack's hair and get up.

Thank god I had Jason. I had completely forgotten to find something for Jake to do while we were setting up.

"Anyway we better be off. See you guys tomorrow morning." Jason said taking his plate into the kitchen.

I followed him with my plate.

"Thanks for that I completely forgot. What are you planning on doing with them?"

"I was going to take them ice skating. I know a rink that opens at ten. What time do you want me back?"

"At three if possible. Here let me give you some money for it. Actually that reminds me I owe you money for tutoring." I said handing him some money.

Just then Cam walked in and saw us exchanging money.

"That reminds me. Here" Cam said taking out an envelope out of his back pocket and giving it to Jason.

"By the way mum wants to meet you next week when she comes up." Cam said to Jason.

"Yeah about that, make sure you invite her to dinner." I said to Cam.

"Yeah will do. Anyway I got to go. Going out tonight but I'll probably see you tomorrow." Cam said.

Cam, Jason and Lee all left. Jake and Zack were using Zack's laptop on the couch. Mine was still in the office outside.

I cleared up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I then bade the boys goodnight and went up to my room to watch TV.

When I woke the next morning I noticed it was already eight o'clock. I woke the boys and told them to get ready while I made them breakfast. They came down wearing t-shit and shorts.

"You won't be warm enough in those. You better get some jeans and sweatshirts on." I said.

They looked at me confused and went back up to change. When they came down I gave them their breakfast.

Just as they were finishing Jason knocked on the door.

"You all ready to go then?" Jason said as he and Lee came into the room.

Jake had his mouth full of toast and just nodded. Zack tried to say something but choked on the bacon he was eating.

Jason patted him on the back and said "Teach you for trying to talk with your mouth full."

They packed up their stuff and left. The first thing we needed to do was to text everyone. Lee and I sat working our way through the list. I text Jake's brother and said it would mean a lot to Jake if he could make it.

We then got all the shopping out of Lee's car and started putting away the food.

Just as we were about to start putting up some decorations the door bell rang. It was the delivery people with the sofas. I told them where to take them. They brought them all in and unwrapped them.

Just as I was closing the door after the delivery people had left I saw Cam drive up and park. He got out with a large bag.

"What you got there then?" I asked letting him in.

"Jake's presents." Cam said.

"You really didn't have to you know."

"I know but I wanted to."

We took them outside and I put them on a picnic table with the gift I had brought. When Lee saw the small stack of presents he brought over the presents he and Jason had brought.

We spent the rest of the morning decorating the garden, inflating the pool toys and preparing food for the barbeque.

I had told everyone that they should be there at two and it was a surprise party. The first guests started to arrive at quarter past two. By half past we had quite a crowd.

Quite a few had brought small presents and most had brought a card. The table was now full of presents.

At three I got everyone to get a drink and told them the plan. They were all to hide in the pool house and jump out when Jake came out.

At quarter past three I got a text from Jason saying they were just round the corner. At half three I heard a key turn in the lock of the front door and I told everyone to be really quite and went to greet them.

Jake and Zack were completely soaked through and were quite dirty where they had fallen over so often. Jason looked his normal self except looked apologetically at me. 

"Right you two, we are having an early dinner outside. We have a special guest so can you run upstairs and have a really quick shower and change you clothes and meet us outside?"

I went back out and said that Jake would be another five minutes but he was in the house so everyone would have to stay quite.

After ten minutes Jason came running out whispering "He's coming."

"SURPRISE!" we all shouted and jumped out.

Jake almost jumped out of his skin. He started going red at having been surprised. All of Jakes friends started going up to him and talking him.

I heard the door bell go and went to answer it. It was Jason Jakes older brother. He looked exactly like Jake only rougher and bigger. He looked like he was hardened in someway. He was broader and a lot taller and clearly more muscled. He had the same eyes as Jake, grey blue with just a hint of green; although where Jakes were warm and inviting his were colder and almost frightening.

"Hi, are you Dan?" he asked in a deep voice.

"Yes. Jake's just out back. Do you want to see him?"

"Could you call him out please mum wants a quick word."

It was at that point I noticed an old ford parked outside the main gates. I went into the garden and pulled Jake to one side.

"Jake, there is someone outside who wants to see you. It's your mother. You don't have to if you don't want to." I said taking him into the quite kitchen.

"I'll see her." Jake said walking with me to the front door.

"Hey Jake!" Jake's bother said pulling him in to a one arm hug (the other was in a cast).

The boys hugged for a minute before Jason told Jake to go to the car.

"Are you going to stay for the party?" I asked Jason.

"Yeah if you don't mind."

"Well let's not stand out here. Come in and I'll get you a drink. Beer ok?"

We walked into the kitchen and I got him a beer. We mainly stayed quite except for being polite. A few minutes later Jake came in with a card in his hand. He put it in the kitchen drawer and joined us.

"Jason this is Dan by the way. He has been looking after me."

"I can see that." Jason said looking around the house.

"Let's not just stand in here, the party's outside. You might not have noticed by you have quite a few presents to open." I said.

"Yeah that reminds me. Here I got you these. Sorry it's not much but I only heard about the party today." Jason said handing a carrier bag to Jake.

Jake opened the bag and pulled out a four pack of beer.

"Thanks Jas." He said putting them on the side and walking out towards the garden.

We walked up to the table and I called out to get everyone's attention. I started with the biggest gift there handing it to Jake.

"This is from me." I said.

Jake opened it and found the laptop that I had bought him.

"Dan, you really didn't have to. You have already got me enough." Jake said trying to control his voice.

"That's not just for fun. I want you to have it so you can do some school work on it as well. Anyway, you can play with it later. You have more presents to open." I said handing him a smaller present.

"This is from Jason."

He opened it and found two nice t-shirts and a CD.

"This is from me!" Zack said handing him a present from the table.

He opened it and got a couple of CDs and an Xbox game.

"I thought you gave me my present yesterday morning?" Jake said to Zack.

"What was that then?" I asked.

"Nothing!" The boys said in unison and flushed pink.

"These two are from Lee." I said handing him a large rectangular box and a smaller one.

In the large box he got a nice art set and in the smaller box he got a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier.

"This one is from Cam." I said handing him a small box.

He opened it and found an iPod Nano.

"Wow, this is so cool. How come you are getting me such an expensive present?" He asked as Cam walked over.

"Cam you really didn't have to." I said.

"No I did. This is just my thank you to you for finding my brother on the beach. If you two hadn't met that day I would never have met Dan and got the Job of my dreams. Just don't expect it every year."

I handed Jake his next present. It was from Kate, Zack and Cam's mum, she had got him a nice sweatshirt and a few bars of chocolate. Most of the presents form his friends contained games or small toys. He got a really nice football from one of his friends.

When we had finished I started helping serve up the food with Lee. Jake and Zack were introducing Jason to all the other boys.

After awhile all the younger ones started playing in the pool Jason started to organise them and brought the football in. He got them all playing a loose game of water polo.

I noticed that Jason, Jake's brother was hanging back and not joining in with anyone or talking to anyone. I took over a drink to him.

"Hey you ok over here on your own?"

"Yeah. He seems really happy here doesn't he? He has really landed on his feet." Jason said watching Jake.

"Come over and I'll introduce you to some of the older people here." I said walking him over to where Cam and Lee were standing.

We were talking for around twenty minutes before Jake ran up to us.

"Hey Jake. Having fun?" I asked.

"Yeah this is the best! Thanks for everything."

"That's ok buddy."

"Dan..." Jake said.

"I know that voice. What do you want?"

"Is it ok if me and my friends have some proper drinks?"

"Yeah that's fine. But once you start drinking I want you all out of the pool. Any of your friends that want to stay tonight can but make sure they let someone know where they are." I said.

Jake ran off and jumped straight back into the pool.

"You have him well trained. Normally he would never ask." Jake's brother said.

"Well he has been really well behaved so far." I replied.

"Do you think we should cut the cake now? You probably want to do it before they all start drinking." Lee said.

"OK you let them know and I'll go get the cake." I said.

I went back into the kitchen leaving Cam and Jason together. I put fifteen candles on the chocolate cake that had the words `Happy Birthday Jake' on it.

I took it out and put it on the table not lighting the candles. The boys were all getting out of the pool and getting dried and dressed.

When they all came over I lit the candles and we all sang `happy birthday'. After we all had cake the crowd started to disperse.

"We're going to go in and play on the Xbox now." Jake said coming up to me.

"OK." I said.

Jake and the boys all went into the living room.

"Uh.. Dan where has the Xbox gone?" Jake said coming back out and looking confused.

"We moved it into the new den. Come on I'll show you." I said leading him back into the house.

"Wow, how big is that TV?" One of the boys asked as I showed them the den.

"Make as much noise as you like boys. We won't disturb you." I said chuckling to my self and walking out of the room.

I went back outside where Lee, Cam and Jake's brother had all started to clear away.

"Hey leave that, we'll sort it out tomorrow. Come on let's have a drink and play some cards."

We went back into the house and started playing poker. Cam, Lee and I were quite good but no match at all for Jason. He ended up winning two whole games.

"Well I'm wiped out again. Time I better be leaving." Cam said passing over his chips and standing up.

"Wanna share a cab back?" Jason asked.

"Only if you are paying! You just took all my cash." Cam said drunkenly.

"Don't worry guy I have an account with them." I said going to the kitchen and ordering the cab.

"I guess you and Jason are staying tonight."

"Yeah if you like." Lee said.

"Yeah, let's go sit in the Jacuzzi for awhile." I said.

We sat in the Jacuzzi for a couple of hours drinking and talking then went back to the living room. At nearly half three in the morning Lee was exhausted and decided to go to bed.

I went to the den to see if the boys were still up. They were all sitting in there but no longer playing on the Xbox. They were just lounging around drinking and talking. From the smell of the room more than one of them had been smoking.

"Come on guys. I think it is late even for you lot." I said.

"Dan... Dan... I love you." Jake said drunkenly stumbling over to me and hugging me.

He only let go when he heard some of the other boys giggling drunkenly. There were only six of his friends left; the others must have left earlier. They all seemed extremely drunk but in a good way. The only one that didn't seem too bad was Jason.

"Jas, give me a hand getting this lot upstairs." I said half dragging Jake out of the room. I lead everyone up to Jakes room.

"Right who wants to sleep where?" I said.

"I want everyone in my room." Jake said propping himself up on a wall.

"You can't there isn't enough space in the bed for eight of you." I said.

"Actually that might be a good idea keeping them all in the same room Dan. If any of them are sick Jake's room has an en-suite and they can all keep an eye on each other. We could just drag the mattress in from the spare room. Four to a king size should be plenty of space." Jason said sobering up. 

"Yeah I suppose." I agreed.

Most of the other boys were sitting on the stairs looking tired waiting to be told where they can sleep. Zack came forward and held up Jake.

"Zack, you and Jake push the bed to one side while we get the other mattress." I said.

Zack nodded and went into the room. Jake just stood outside and trying to stay standing.

Jason and I went into the spare bedroom and brought out the mattress and the spare pillows and quilts I had brought. We dragged them all into Jake's room and made a bed on the floor. The boys all came into the room and Jake got into his own bed.

"Night boys. If any of you need to be sick, try and make the toilet just through there." I said closing the door.

I went downstairs to check that all the lights were off and the doors were locked before going to bed. When I went into the den one of the boys was fast asleep on the couch. I tried to wake him but he was out for the count. I went into the living room and brought in the blanket I had bought after Jake had moved in and covered him with it.  

I switched out the lights and went upstairs. There was shouting coming from Jake's room and a sleepy looking Lee was standing at his bedroom door with Jason just behind.

I went into Jake's room to find out what was going on.

Jake was standing on the bed shouting "It's my birthday and I'm the luckiest person in the world!"

All the other boys were sitting in their beds in just their boxer shorts watching him and laughing.

"Jake, I know you are just having fun but it is four o'clock in the morning. You guys seriously need to get some sleep. Come on get down and get some sleep. And by the way Jake it is Sunday today your birthday was on Friday which was two days ago!" I said and the boys all laughed as Jake got down and took off his jeans.

I closed the door and went to my own bed. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke the next day at twelve with the sun burning my eyes. I had forgotten to close the curtains. I could smell something cooking from downstairs. I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and went down to the kitchen.

Lee was cooking a massive amount of breakfast and Lee was sitting talking to the boy who had slept on the couch. Lee and Jason were both washed and fully dressed and looked no worse off for having such a late night.

"Morning. Only ones up?" I asked croakily.

"Yep, I was thinking we should come and wake you all soon. Here this should make you feel more alive." Lee said handing me a coffee.

I sat at the breakfast bar with Jason and the boy I found out was called Adam. When I finished my coffee we took all the food and some plates, coffee, tea and orange juice into the dining room.

"We better wake them up or they will never get back to bed tonight. They all have to go to school tomorrow." Lee said placing glasses down on the table.

"It's alright I'll do it." I said.

I went upstairs and went into Jake's room. There were three of the boys in Jake's bed. Jake and Zack were spooning facing the other boy. In the other bed two boys were hugging a boy in the centre and there was a boy curled up like a cat at the end of the bed.

"Hey guys. Its afternoon already. There is some food downstairs." I said loudly waking most of the boys.

Jake just moaned and turned over. Zack gave him a sharp poke in the ribs and woke him.

I left them to get up and went to the dining room. After a few minutes the boys all sleepily joined us. They hadn't bothered to get dressed but just came down in their boxer shorts. I handed out some plates and told them to help themselves.

After we started eating the boys all started waking up properly and started talking and reliving the night before.

After a few minutes one of the older looking boys got up and walked to the sideboard to get some more toast. Some of the boys started laughing and pointing and I looked round to see what they were looking at.

The boy that had got up was wearing the type of boxer shorts with the open fly and his small pecker was hanging out. When he noticed that we were all looking him he quickly went red and turned to rearrange himself. We all laughed about it and carried on with our breakfast.

After breakfast Jason and Lee tidied up while we all went upstairs to wash and dress. After I came out of the bathroom in my room, I told some of the boys waiting they could go and use my en-suite.

I went downstairs and found Jason, Lee and the boys that had already got dressed in the garden. We sat and watched as one of the boys showed off his talents on the trampoline.

When all the boys had come down we all joined in some games and played a game of football.

Later in the afternoon Jason suggested we all go in the pool and play some water polo. We divided up into teams Zack and Jake being captains and choosing players for their sides. Lee Jason and I were chosen first although I think that might have just been so they didn't hurt our feelings.

I was on Jake's team and Lee and Jason were on Zack's team. Zack's team won the match although it was very hard fought and a close score.

In the evening we called out for pizzas and drinks and the boys all played on the Xbox. Lee and I watched a film in the living room.

At around nine o'clock all of the boys left. Most lived quite close so just walked home. The ones that lived further away got a lift with the older brother of one of the boys.

At nine thirty Jason and Lee left to go home. I told Lee he could start at twelve the next day so he could catch up on some sleep.

It was hard that night to get the boys to agree to go to bed as they didn't feel tired. I told them that they could take their laptops up to their room but they have to go to sleep soon.

I woke the next morning to my alarm at six thirty and tried to wake the boys. They both grumpily agreed to wake and I went downstairs. Half an hour later they were still not downstairs and when I went up to see what was keeping them. They had gone back to sleep and were curled up in the covers.

I refused to leave the room until they had got out of bed and gone to the bathroom. They both went in together and I went back downstairs. I cooked up some breakfast while I was waiting.

By the time the boys came down fully dressed, they only just had time to have a quick breakfast before leaving for school even though we hadn't gone swimming.

"Do either of you have any sports practice today?" I asked just as we were leaving.

"Yeah I have football." Zack said running back up the stairs.

I drove them to the school and went back to the office. Cam was already there when I walked in doing some work on the American project.

"How did the sleep over go? I bet there was puke everywhere." Cam said.

"No it was great actually, none of the boys drank to excess surprisingly." I replied.

I checked my emails and got on with some work. At around two o'clock I got a text from Jake asking to be picked up at the same time as Zack.

When I picked up the boys Zack was still dressed in his football kit looking quite sweaty and Jake was looking calm and serine.

"So how come you wanted to be picked up late as well Jake. Decided to do football as well?" I asked as they got in the car.

"No there was an art club I thought I would go to."

"Any good?"

"Yeah it was great. I'm going back next week."

"And how did football practice go Zack?" I asked.

"Yeah it was brilliant. The coach picked me for attacking mid fielder." Zack replied.

"Zack you need to have a shower when we get in. Then you can do your homework before dinner."

When we arrived back to the house Zack and Jake went straight upstairs and I went into the office. We were working hard on the American project as the next week we were installing and setting up Dr Charlton's system. The week after that we were going to America to upgrade the servers.

"Did you ask your mum about dinner?" I asked as Cam and I started packing up for the day.

"Yeah but she said she would rather take everyone out for a nice meal if that's ok." Cam said.

"Oh right I don't see a problem with that. Any special occasion?"  

"No I think it is her way of saying thank you for everything."

"She needn't thank us. She already got Jake a birthday present which she didn't have to do."

"I think she is eternally grateful to you for giving me this opportunity and for looking after Zack during the move. It has made her life so much easier."

"I think anyone in the same position would have done the same."

"Not really. I think you are a special type of person and you just don't realise. Could you see if Jason and Lee are free? I know its short notice and they might have plans."

"Sure I will ask them."

We packed up what we were working on and closed up the office. I asked Cam if he was staying for dinner but he said it was student night in the clubs so he was going back to have a quick dinner before going back out.

I went into the house and Jason, Zack and Jake were all sitting in the living room with laptops in front of them doing homework and whatever Jason was teaching them.

I went into the kitchen where Lee was preparing some dinner. I sat at the breakfast bar and talked to Lee while he cooked.

We all ate dinner in front of the TV that night. At half eight Jason and Lee left for home.

"Right you two, it was a nightmare trying to wake you up this morning so early night please."

"But Dan it's only nine! When I was at home I didn't go to bed until twelve or one."

"And how often were you late for school or didn't bother going in at all?" I asked.

Both boys trudged upstairs to their room. I went into the study to sort out some of the bills and other paperwork I needed to deal with.

At half ten I went to bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

I woke in the morning with the familiar feeling of Jake on my chest. I looked round and was shocked to see behind Jake was Zack. I had to look round and make sure that I was in the right room.

"Jake wake up. Wake up." I whispered trying to wake just Jake to find out what was going on.

Jake slowly opened his eyes and so did Zack.

"Morning guys, bit of a shock seeing both of you in here." I said.

"Sorry, after Jake left I felt lonely and didn't want to sleep on my own." Zack said rubbing his eyes.

Unluckily I had slept naked last night and I had a raging hard on and didn't want to get out of the bed in front of Zack.

"Come on guys, time for a swim. Off you go I will meet you down there." I said.

"Uhh... Can you get me a dressing gown?" Zack asked.

Clearly he was feeling the same embarrassment. I wasn't really sure what to do. I thought about it for a moment and realised that I didn't even have that many bathrobes in my room.

"Sorry about this guys but they are all the way in the bathroom and Jake's bathroom. I realise this is embarrassing but I don't think we have much of a choice. I suppose it's all guys together we just have to do it." I said.

"What are you two so worried about?" Jake said climbing out from between us, naked as the day he was born.

"Not all of us are as lucky as you!" Zack said going pink and looking down at Jake's crotch.

He got out of the bed and went to stand next to Jake. His dick was smaller but he had a lot more hair around his dick than Jake.

I got out of bed and Jake giggled. Zack couldn't stop staring and I noticed both of the boys had started to get hard as well. Zack had started going redder and trying to cover his hardening knob.

"Come on, let not just stand here and stare at each other." I said walking into the bathroom and picking up a bathrobe.   

I handed one to Zack and we quickly covered our bodies. I made Jake stop in his room and pick his robe up just in case Lee was already there. Even though he knew what we did together it would be rude to parade around in front of him.

We went for a swim for around forty five minutes before going back to our rooms and getting washed and dressed. When I came down Lee was in the kitchen with breakfast all ready. The boys came and joined us and we all ate together.

"I'll take these two in today shall I?" Lee said.

"Yeah if you wouldn't mind." I replied.

After breakfast Lee took the boys and I went straight out to the office. We had to get a jump on some of the prep work needed for the project in America and started ordering the rest of the components needed for the other clients. 

When Cam came in he was in a great mood. Almost bouncing on his heels.

"Good night then?" I asked as he took his seat.

"Yeah man, christened the apartment finally. I didn't think it would take this long!" He said as he took out his laptop.

"You have only been there a week!"

"If you weren't my boss I could tell you some stories!" Cam replied with a cheeky grin on his face.

The conversation turned to work and we had an extremely productive day. We even forgot to break for lunch until Lee came in with some sandwiches and drinks. Lee was picking up the boys tonight so I didn't need to leave the office and we worked until there was a knock at the door.

I looked at my watch and it was already six o'clock. I opened the door to the office and it was Jason.

"Zack and Cam's mum is here." Jason said.

"Shit I completely forgot that was tonight. Quick go inside and tell the boys to get washed and dressed and we will be in in a minute." I said.

"They already are. Lee told them to get ready about an hour ago after they finished their homework." Jason said.

"OK cool. We'll just pack up." I replied putting away what I was working on.

"What about the meeting tomorrow. We haven't done the prep yet." Cam said.

"Don't worry about that I will do it when we get back tonight."

We packed up what we were doing and went into the house. Kate was sitting in the living room with Jason, Lee, Jake and Zack talking about the house she had rented. She was dressed really formally in a smart pant suite and white blouse.

The other guys were dressed in jeans and shirts. I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and Cam was dressed in his typical work clothes of shirt and smart trousers.

"Hey Kate, good day?" I asked coming in and sitting down.

"Yeah it was great actually." Kate replied.

"Mom is there a dress code for where we are going tonight?" Cam asked looking her up and down.

"No honey, I just haven't had a chance to change yet."

"From what if you don't mind me asking. You look like you have been to an interview." I said.

"Or a funeral" Zack laughed.

"It was an interview thank you, you little monkey!" Kate said pinching Zack's cheek playfully.

"And?" Cam asked.

"And I will be joining the staff at St. Guy's hospital as soon as I have managed to work out my notice." Kate said happily.

"Really? That's great. How much are they paying?" Zack asked.

"More than I'm on now, although the hours might be worse and the travelling in and out of London might take their toll." Kate replied.

"Well congratulations. If you ever need a babysitter you know where to turn." I said.

"I don't need a babysitter! I'm nearly fifteen." Zack said indigent.

"Well if you ever don't want to be in the house on your own while your mum is working or just want a lift to school you know where to come." I said to Zack.

"You really have been kind and a great help to all of us." Kate said.

"Mom why don't I give you a lift to my place then you can have a look at my apartment and we can both change. It would give Dan time to change as well. We could meet them at the restaurant." Cam said.

"Great idea. What restaurant is it?" I asked.

"Le petit verger. Have you heard of it?" Kate said.

"Yeah it's very nice there but a bit expensive though."

"Well we are celebrating tonight." Kate replied.

Cam took his mum with him and went to get changed. I went upstairs and had a really quick shower and changed my clothes. I put on a pair of jeans and a nice shirt.

I came downstairs and we all left in my car. All the boys sat in the back as usual and I sat upfront with Lee.

When we got to the restaurant Jason, Jake and I had a quick fag before Kate showed up.

"You lot all need to pack that in you know." Lee said.

"Yeah you smell like an ashtray when you are in bed." Zack said to Jake.

"Well you don't have to come so close to my mouth if you don't like it." Jake said playfully kicking Zack's bum.

"I do have to come near you though Jas and I think it is disgusting. And you Dan, you should know better. I have to go round and open all the windows in the house just to stop the house stinking." Lee said.

"I know I have been meaning to give up for years, but I have been smoking since I was Jake's age." I replied.

"All the more reason to quit now. You have others in your house to think of now. If you all give up together you can support each other through it." Lee said.

"OK, if you two agree I will give up." I said stubbing out my cigarette.

"OK if that's what my boo wants." Jason said stepping on his half smoked fag.

Jake just looked between the two of us and sucked hard on the small white stick in his mouth.

"Only you left now Jake, you can't let the team down." Lee said.

"How about after dinner?" Jake said sucking the fag to the very end before stubbing it out.

We all laughed and I ruffled Jake's hair.

"Deal." We all said as I saw Cam's car pulling into the car park.

Kate got out and was wearing a short blue dress that made me feel very underdressed. I noticed that I was not the only one staring as she got out of the car. Jake's eyes were glued to her long legs.

"OK shall we go in?" Kate said joining us near the entrance.

We walked into the restaurant and were seated at a large round table. We ordered drinks and chatted ideally until they arrived.

When they arrived Kate got up from the table raising her glass in the air.

"To Cameron for getting his dream job and for doing something he is passionate about. And to Daniel for giving both of my boys the opportunities he has." Kate said taking a sip of her drink and sitting back down.

"And not forgetting Mom for getting her new job and to Jake and Zack for their friendship to have lead to all this." Cam added getting up and taking a drink.

"And to Jason and Lee without whom I would never have been able to do any of this." I added also getting up.

We all took another sip of drink and sat back down. Jake, Zack, Jason and even Lee were all blushing.

"Again thank you for helping Cameron and Zackary out." Kate said.

"Honestly I would never have let Zack stay this long if he had been a pain. He has been good as gold and Cam has got everything he has out of his own merit. I take my work seriously and would never have hired him if I didn't think he was up to the job. So far he has exceeded all expectations." I said just as the waiter arrived.

We ordered our starters and mains. While we waited for the food to arrive we all talked about various things. Cam and Lee were talking about something to do with the American presidential race; Jason was telling the boys about one of his college classes and Kate was telling me more about her work and how mentally exhausting it could be. 

The food was truly exquisite. All the ingredients were fresh and nothing was over seasoned or sauced allowing just the flavours of the dish to come alive. We all ordered dessert although we were already getting full.

"So you are the genius tutoring my boy then?" Kate asked Jason.

"I'm really not a genius." Jas said blushing.

"Not from what I hear. You really have a gift with these boys. They were telling me some of the things you have done with them and what they have learnt. When I first came in Zackary wouldn't even talk to me because he was busy researching something for you!" Kate said.

"Well they are both really intelligent." Jason said looking at the two boys watching him.

"None of Zack's teachers have ever managed to get him to be interested in studying. Sure they have always got him to scrape through his exams but never to actually want to learn. I am serious when I say you have a gift, you inspire them. You should think of pursuing a career in it. Even if you don't I am happy you have made such a difference to both boys and you are well worth the money."

"It's really not down to me honestly." Jason said blushing crimson and staring at a spot on the table cloth.

"He is being too modest. He really is so great with the boys. I think it helps he is close to their age but also that he really seems to understand how to make someone interested in a subject he is talking about. I agree with Kate if you ever wanted to follow teaching you would have one hell of a reference from me." I said.

"And me." Kate said.

"And Me!" Both Jake and Zack said at the same time.

We all burst out laughing and even Jason seemed to be less embarrassed now. We ate our desserts and finished with coffees. The boys both had hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

"Where are you staying tonight Kate?" I asked.

"I was going to just find a hotel." Kate replied.

"Well you are welcome to stay with us." I said.

"I really couldn't intrude." Kate said.

"Well why don't you stay at mine? Your stuff is already there and Dan and I have an early meeting in the morning and some work to finish tonight." Cam said.

"But what about you? You only have one bed and a blow up couch." Kate said.

"Well if it's ok with Dan I could stay with him."

"Yeah that would work out." I said.

After dinner we drove Kate back to Cam's where he picked up his suit and some toiletries. Jason and Lee left as soon as we got back.

It was already coming up to nine when we finally got through to the living room.

"Right Jake, this is our last fag then we quit ok?" I said handing him a fag taking one out for myself and crushing the rest of the pack into the ashtray.

"OK" Jake said taking the fag and lighting it with the lighter I offered him.

We sat and smoked them until the very butt and enjoyed the smooth smoke entering and exiting our lungs.

"Right I have some work to complete, it's getting late so can you two make sure you get ready and go to bed at a reasonable time?" I said.

"Yes Dan" the boys chorused.

"Cam, make yourself at home. All the remotes are on the table and you know where the rooms upstairs are."

"No, I would rather give you a hand." Cam said getting up and following me to the front door.

"You really don't have to." I said.

"I want to, I would rather know what I was talking about tomorrow."

We went through to the office and worked on the proposal until nearly eleven o'clock. It was a good thing Cam had worked as well, otherwise I would have been doing it all night. He ended up doing most of the work with me just helping him on some of the more technical points.

After we had finished printing and binding we went back to the house and to our respective rooms. Jake was fast asleep in my bed and I snuggled in next to him and fell asleep.

I woke up at six thirty the next morning and had a shower and dressed before waking Jake.

"Morning little man. Time to get up and get ready for school."

Jake sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"Can you make sure you are washed and ready in time for Lee to take you to school?" I said.

Jake nodded and slowly got out of bed. I left the room and closed the door behind me. I went to wake Zack but Jake's bedroom was empty. I looked for him downstairs but he was no where to be found.

I went back upstairs and knocked on Cam's door. There was no answer so I opened the door and peaked my head round. Both Cam and Zack were still asleep. They had thrown the covers off as it was a hot night. Cam was curled up naked in the foetal position and Zack was spooning him from behind.

I closed the door again and knocked harder. Still no answer.

"Zack time to get up for school. Cam you need to hurry or were going to be late." I said as I banged on the door.

"Sorry I'm getting up now. Let me just have a quick shower and I will be down soon." Cam shouted through the door.

"If you need more time just let me know. I know you worked late yesterday. I can just leave a message with the client saying we are going to be late." I replied through the door.

"No that would look really bad. I'll be down in a few minutes, if you can get my laptop and the proposal ready I will be ready." Cam said coming out of the room in a bathrobe followed by Zack also in a bathrobe.

Zack went to Jake's bedroom and Cam walked down the hall to the main bathroom.

I went downstairs and into the office. I picked up both our laptops and the proposal and went into the kitchen and brewed us both a coffee. I was just pouring them into travel mugs when Cam came in dressed to impress. His blonde hair was still wet but otherwise he looked very professional.

"Is it ok if you take the lead on this project? You know it all back to front anyway and I have an appointment this afternoon I don't want to miss." I asked handing Cam his laptop bag and the travel mug.

"Yeah I suppose." Cam said looking a bit weary.

"Don't worry I'll introduce you and if there are any problems I'm only on the end of a phone. We better take both cars today." I said as we left the house.

Lee was just parking up as we got into our cars. I waved to him and we left heading towards the motorway.

When we met the client, Cam took the lead and I just watched to make sure he didn't get into any trouble. When we braked for lunch I left and headed back towards Dr. Charlton's offices.

When I arrived Jane greeted me.

"Afternoon Dan, how have you been?" Jane asked.

"I've been good thanks. Work has been hectic."

"Your coming to do ours soon aren't you?"

"Next week as I'm sure you know all to well." I replied.

"Yep been counting the days! Going on holiday while it's being done." Jane said smiling.

"Anywhere nice?"

"Spain with my boyfriend."

We chatted a little more before another patient came out of the study.

"You can go through whenever you are ready Dan."

I walked through to the study and took my normal place on the couch.

"Hey Doc, good week?"

"Yes thank you Dan. Why don't you tell me a bit about your week?"

I told him what had happened in the week with Jakes party, the plans and preparations and with work and the other things that happened. After half an hour Dr. Charlton held up his hand.

"Daniel let me stop you there. You are telling be about the facts of your week. This is not an interview. I know something is troubling you and you are avoiding telling be about your feelings."

"Am I?" I asked genuinely shocked at what he had said.

"Yes. You have told me briefly that Jake has had a birthday and that you bought him presents. You have not however told me what you bought him and how his reactions made you feel. You have told me about preparation for the party in great detail but neglected to mention how the party went and again your feelings. And you have now moved on to your safest of subjects, work, and told me in great detail about your new protégé whom you clearly like but have no deeper feelings for."

"I'm sorry I didn't realise I was doing that."

"There is no need to be sorry. Just try and be aware that the mind will often put up barriers trying to prevent our hurt from escaping. You must work around these and be able to accept that you are not in control of your feelings but only the actions that result from them.

Why don't we start with the present that you bought and Jake's reaction to receiving it?"

"Well I bought him two actually. I got him a laptop and a watch."

"Mmm... That is quite interesting. Did he like them?"

"Yes he loves them both. He always wears the watch everywhere he goes and uses his laptop everyday."

"So this made you happy? To see him so proud of the things you have got for him?"

"Yeah I suppose I never really thought of it that way."

"Let me just ask why you felt the need to buy him two presents?"

"Well I suppose it was because his birthday was on the Friday and I had planned for his party on the Saturday. I wanted him to be able to open something on both days."

"OK then. What type of watch was it?"

"A silver Rotary."

"I still feel you are neglecting to mention something here."

"I had it engraved with a personal message."

"Mmm... This is an expensive present just so that he could open something on the day of his birthday."

"You know I don't think of money that way."

"Yes but it was clearly well thought out to have it engraved. You must have planned to do it some time ago."

"Well I have been thinking about a present for Jake since I found out when his birthday was."

"I may be reading to much into this but the laptop seems to me like the kind of thoughtful gift that a parent would want to give to a teenage child, where as the watch is an expensive piece of jewellery, which, when personalised is the kind of present one would buy for a spouse for lover.

Keeping in mind the question I asked you a few weeks ago about you role within the boy's life. Would you say that this is a fair assessment?"

"No not at all. I just wanted him to have some nice stuff on his birthday to make him happy." I replied starting to get agitated.

"Keep calm Daniel, if you do not like my line of thought you may ask me to stop but you must master your emotions.

I notice that you also have a Rotary watch. Similar to the one you described. Would you mind if I asked from where you got it?" Dr. Charlton said calmly.

My hand instinctively went to my wrist holding the watch. I wore the thing everywhere and rarely took it off during the day. It was so instinctive now I forgot I wear it, like it was a part of me.

"My... my ex-fiancée gave it to me on our one year anniversary."

"And did she have it engraved?"

I took off the watch showing the pale skin below. It had been nearly five years since I had looked at the thing properly I could barely remember.

`I will be yours forever, Gemma'

I looked at the watch rubbing the engraved back plate over in my fingers thinking deeply. The text was so similar. But I didn't even remember what it had said. I wasn't thinking about that at all when I got him the watch.

I looked back at Dr. Charlton and he had the fingers of both hands pressing together creating a steeple. He sat watching me with his kind but piercing gaze.

I just nodded.

"I am sorry to have brought attention to this. I can see that at a conscious level you were unaware of the striking resemblance between the two presents.

There is nothing wrong with buying him the gift, don't misunderstand. I have already said that I am not judging your relationship. What I am saying is that you need to be aware of your own feelings.

The last couple sessions you were telling me about how you were moving towards a more fatherly relationship or one of friendship. However something within YOU is trying to say that it is not enough.

OK, let's leave the subject of presents there. How did the party go?"

"Very well. We organised it so that as many of Jake's friends as possible were able to attend. Even his brother came and his mother came and spoke to him. He had a number of boys stay with us that night and they all seemed to have fun."

"And where were you while all of this was going on?"

"I was in the living room with Lee."

"And did you feel lonely or neglected at all?"

"No, I felt protective and happy that he was having fun with his friends."

"Mmmm..." Dr. Charlton said thinking for a moment.

"And what about the next day?" he said.

"No we all had fun together in the afternoon and in the evening Lee and I watched a film while the boys played on the Xbox."

"And you didn't try to ingratiate yourself or intrude on their time together?"

"No they spent time together and left of their own accord."

"Then the whole weekend sound like you both had a good time? No resentment at all?"

"It was good and I am happy Jake and his friends had fun."

"This sounds like you acted as nothing more than a father and was happy.

Tell me, and I remind you at this point that if anything `inappropriate' has happened I do not wish to know.

However tell me if you have had sexual thoughts and feelings for Jake and the other boy who is with you, I forget the name." Dr. Charlton said looking through his notes.

"Zack. Well yes. Jake was telling me about one of his fantasies the other day. It turned me on no end and when I woke on Monday I thought it had come true."

"It hadn't" I said quickly seeing the look on Dr. Charlton's face.

"I think I understand but this is a very dangerous line we have started to walk. I would not want either of us to fall into any traps here. So I think the best thing to do would be to leave it there for today.

My final thought I leave you with is this. You and the boy and in fact boys have seemingly come to a workable relationship. Things look like they are working out great, but cracks are appearing.

What you seem to be doing is following both paths further down the line. You seem to have come to a fork in the road between fatherly love and sexual love, you have decided not to choose and to walk both paths. This will work for a short time but is unsustainable. The more in love you become the further away these paths are from one another. They are leading you further into conflict.

You demonstrate that you are truly thinking of the boy as your own child by allowing him to have these wonderful times with people he considers friends.

And on the other hand you still have sexual fantasies about him and go as far as to replicate a present that a past lover once bought you.

If you do not sort out your own feelings there will be a breakdown. Both in your own mind and within the relationship."

I sat thinking for a few minutes and just nodded.

"Well are you all set for next week?" Dr. Charlton asked.

"Yes, everything will be arriving later this week and I should be getting the program later today."

"Excellent. I have hired some temps as you have suggested for a few weeks. I will leave you some keys to the office as neither Jane nor I will be here to let you in. The patient records will have to be kept locked up I'm sure you will understand."

"That's fine. I won't need any of them. I will test the system with some test data on a workbench system at the office before bringing it here anyway."

"OK so can I pay you the balance now?"

"If you would like to. I don't normally take it until the job is complete though."

"I would like to pay for it now. That way I can go away with a clear mind.

Keeping your paperwork and work things in order helps to keep the mind relaxed." He said writing out another cheque.

"Thanks. I'm sure there won't be any problems. I'll come back when you are here for a morning and give you and Jane some training on the system."

"OK and obviously we will be unable to have a session next week, are you able to make anytime the week after?"

"No, I am in America that week."

"Right ok. Then the week after?"

"I don't think I have much planned yet."

"Well if you could make an appointment with Jane and if you don't mind let's make it a half day. Three weeks worth of sessions is just not going to fit into a two hour slot."

"Will do doc." I replied putting the cheque into my bag and leaving the study.

I walked to the reception desk and made an appointment with Jane for the week I was back in the country. I then went back home and started some work in the office.

"Hey Dan still working?" Cam asked coming into the office at around six o'clock.

"Yeah, I didn't realise the time. How did the meeting go?"

"It went well. Should be out of there by lunch tomorrow." Cam replied.

"Are you going to be ok on your own again?"

"Yeah it's cool."

"I think Lee has just finished dinner. You don't mind if I stay do you?" Cam said.

"No not at all. I am just finishing this off and I will be ready in a minute. Go ahead I will meet you in there."

We all had dinner together in front of the TV. We played along to a quiz show on the TV and Jason demonstrated just how much he knew about every subject.

At nine o'clock Cam got up and went to the bedroom to get his things before leaving the house. Jason and Lee left at the same time. I was exhausted and kept yawning.

"Come on young man, no point hiding it, you're tired and need an early night." Jake said in a very good impression of my mother.

Zack was rolling around in giggles and I stifled a yawn and laughed too.

"Right then guys, I'll see you in the morning. Don't stay up too late." I said walking past and ruffling both of their hair.

I went up to my bedroom and got into bed. It took me awhile to get to sleep because of all the thoughts going round my head. I was worried I wasn't going to be ready for the trip to America and all of the things Dr. Charlton had said.

I was being chased past the Seattle Space Needle by a giant watch that was trying to strangle me. I heard my room door opening and woke up with a start.    

"Sorry to wake you, do you mind if we sleep in here tonight?" Jake asked.

I just nodded and fell back to sleep.

I woke the next morning to find Jake on one side of me and Zack on the other. It was strange the way they had mirrored each others positions. I was lying in the centre with an arm over each of their backs and Jake and Zack were both sleeping on their sides with their heads rested on my chest. They both also had one leg straight and the top leg bent at the knee and on top of my legs.

I rubbed their backs and woke them.

"Morning guys. Time to get up and get ready for school." I said.

"Morning." Jake said croakily.

He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom naked.

"Hey Jake grab me a bathrobe."  Zack said.

Jake nodded and started to piss with the door open.

"So how come you both ended up in here last night?" I asked Zack.

"Jake wanted to sleep with you and I was feeling lonely."

"And how did you end up on that side of the bed? I would have thought you would be sleeping with Jake."

"Your body reminds me of my brother's." Zack said.

"Did you sleep with him a lot?"

"It started out because when my mom and dad would fight, dad would sleep in my room. Then after he left I started staying with Cam when I got upset. I just like sleeping with him sometimes though." Zack said getting a bit upset.

Jake had closed the door to the bathroom. I wasn't sure if that was to give us privacy or he was doing something else in there.

"It's Ok Zack you don't have to talk about it now." I said stroking his hair.

We lay there for a few minutes waiting for Jake to return. All the time Zack had his head on my chest and I stroked his light golden hair.

I noticed that there was something warm on my leg. At first I wasn't sure what it was. Then I felt it stiffen and realised that Zack was starting to get a hard on. I stopped stoking his hair and he quickly got off me and turned the other way going bright red.

"It's ok Zack. I was a fourteen year old once you know. I know that you guys get stiffys all the time."

Zack just nodded but didn't turn to face me.

To be continued...


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