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Jake Saves Me

Chapter Eight: Away for Work

Jake came back into the room naked carrying two bathrobes. I took one from him and got out of the bed. Jake threw the other to Zack and we started walking out of the room.

We all went downstairs and had a quick swim. The boys had clearly started to improve a lot. I remembered back to when Jake had first got into the pool and how he said he didn't know how to swim.

 When we had finished we went back up to our rooms washed and dressed.

We came down to the kitchen where Lee and Jason were making breakfast.

"Morning guys." Lee said as we came in and sat down.

"Morning, if we keep having breakfasts like this we are all going to get fat." I said sitting down and taking the plate of full English that was offered from Jason.

"Growing boys need to have a proper breakfast. Anyway with all that swimming you guys do you'll soon burn it all off." Lee said putting plates in front of Jake and Zack.

After breakfast Jason and Lee took the boys to school while I went into the office and started some work.

At one o'clock Cam came into the office looking pleased with himself.

"All go well?" I asked as he took his seat at his desk.

"Yep, it's all been agreed all we have to do is email them with a plan as to when we can fit it all." Cam replied.

I looked through the completed proposal and the work diary.

"Well after we get back from America the dairy clears up a lot. Just some smaller projects and meetings. If you get a schedule of works together and offer them some time at the end of October."

Cam spent the rest of the afternoon working on the American project while I tested the custom software we had commissioned for Dr. Charlton.

We finished up work at half four and Cam left to go home. I went back into the house to start some dinner. The house was empty as the boys had a swimming training today and Lee must have gone to pick them up.

When the boys came in their hair was still wet and they looked tired. I was just putting the food on plates when they came and sat down at the breakfast bar.

"Good day?" I asked as they slumped down in the stools.

"Yeah, but the coach worked us really hard. He said there is a competition coming up soon and wants to work out who is going to be competing." Jake replied.

We took the food in front of the TV and ate while watching a film.

"Do you guys have any homework today?" I asked.

"No, the only thing we have is due in for Monday." Zack said.

"OK but make sure you finish it tomorrow. I don't want you rushing to finish it on Sunday night."

The boys both agreed and I could see they were already really tired. After awhile Jason and the boys went through to the den to play some games on the Xbox.

At half nine Lee went to find Jason and the both of them left to go home.

I wasn't feeling tired so I went to the gym and went for a run. At half ten I went up to my room to find both boys asleep in my bed. I had a quick shower in the main bathroom so I didn't wake them then crawled into bed.

I woke the next morning to the sound of Jason's voice.

"Come on guys it's time to wake up. It's eight o'clock already." Jason said.

"Shit, I must have slept through my alarm." I said quickly sitting up.

I looked around the room and saw that Jake and Zack were still asleep and Jason was standing at the end of my bed.

"OK I'll get these two up. We'll be down soon." I said.

Jason left the room closing the door after himself.

"Come on guys, we have to wake up it's already late." I said shaking the boys awake.

They got up sleepily and I put on my boxers and went to get them both a bathrobe.

"Here Zack you better get ready in Jake's room. Jake you get washed in here." I said handing them both a robe.

I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs to wait for the boys. Lee was making some sandwiches and packing up some drinks for the boys. After a around forty minutes the boys came down washed and dressed.

"Here you won't have time to eat breakfast so you can eat these in the car on the way to school. Come on we better hurry." Lee said handing them the food and walking towards to the front door.

"It is a good thing you two were here today. I would have slept through." I said to Jason as the others left.

"Yeah we were here awhile before I came to check on you. Can I ask you a question?"

"Is it about Zack in my bed?"

"Yeah, is that a regular thing?"

"No it has only just started but he just likes to sleep in there. I haven't done anything else."

"Oh ok. But I would still be careful what happens though. If Cam or Kate found out I shouldn't think they would be best pleased."

I just nodded knowing that I was still thinking about Jake's fantasy. I knew I shouldn't think of Zack in that way but I was starting to wonder what I would do if he made a move on me. Would I be able to control my feelings? I knew I didn't love Zack the way I loved Jake but I was certainly lusting after him.

"How is the not smoking going?" I asked.

"Yeah, not having that much of a problem with it." Jason said.

"I am, I am dying to have a fag. It is costing me all of my resolve not to go out and buy a pack now."

We sat and talked for a bit until Lee got back. I then went up to the bedroom and got washed and changed.

When I got into the office Cam was sitting at his desk typing an email.

"Sorry I'm late, slept through my alarm." I said sitting down.

"it's ok you're the boss."

"Doesn't make it look good though does it? Anyway we need to get these flights booked or were never going to get to Seattle.

I was thinking as we are going to be so close to California would you like to spend a few extra days out there? I could book you a flight out on the Friday and I don't think I will need you in the office until the following Thursday. What do you think?" I asked.

"Yeah that sounds great. I could go and meet up with some of my old friends."

I looked on the internet for awhile for the flights.

"The only reasonable ones I can find depart from Heathrow at three pm on the Sunday. Would you be ok with that?"

"Yeah not a problem, I was planning to go back to Cornwall next week but I'll go this week instead."

"Are you taking Zack with you?"

"Nah, he is happy here and mom is working all weekend. I was only going to see my friends anyway."  

We worked until twelve thirty then Cam headed off for the weekend.

I headed back into the house and started preparing a nice dinner for us all. At four o'clock Jake and Zack came in with Lee and Jason.

"Hey guys good day at school?" I asked.

"It was ok." Jake said.

The boys grabbed some drinks and went to the living room to do their homework with Jason. Lee came and sat at the breakfast bar.

"Hey Lee. I have a small favour to ask. Actually it is not that small." I said.

"Go on then let's hear it then." Lee said.

"Well not this week coming but the week after Cam and I are going to America for a business trip. I know the boys are ok on their own here but I don't feel right leaving them for the whole week. Any chance you and Jason can stay here with them?" I asked.

"Yeah shouldn't be problem."

"Cool thanks for this. I don't mind paying you for it. Oh and that reminds me, your card came so if you need to spend anything or go shopping you can take it straight out of the account." I said handing him the envelope from the bank.

After the boys finished their homework we ate dinner in the dining room.

"Do you two have any plans this weekend?" I asked Zack and Jake.

"No I wasn't sure if I was going to be here or not." Zack said.

"Nah aint got nothing planned." Jake said.

"Jake your English is getting worse since you went back to school. What are they teaching you?" I said looking reproachfully at him.

Jake just gave me a cheeky grin. I think he was just saying it to see if I picked up on it or not.

"How about you guys?" I asked Lee and Jason.

"We're busy on Saturday we have some housework to sort out and we were going to go to a flea market. We are free on Sunday if you wanted to do something though." Lee said with Jason nodding.

"We could go to a museum?" I said.

Both boys groaned at this.

"Or we could go paint balling or go karting." Jason said.

"Yeah!" Both the boys said.

"Paint ball would be better if there were more of us. We could save that for the half term holidays but go karting sounds fun. Do you know any tracks?" I said.

"I think there is one near Harlow." Jason said.

We discussed it for awhile then I cleared the plates and we all went to the den to play a game on the Xbox.

At ten Jason and Lee left and I went up to my bedroom to watch a film. After about an hour Jake and Zack came in.

"Is it ok to sleep in here?" Jake asked.

"Yeah course." I said.

The boys both undressed and got in to the bed on either side of me.

"Let's watch a film." Jake said after a few minutes.

"OK." I said.

I watched as Jake got out the bed and went to the cabinet instead of going downstairs.

"No Jake, that's not a good idea. Get something from downstairs." I said pointedly.

Jake looked around confused and I nodded towards Zack my eyes full of meaning.

"Oh don't worry about Zack. He knows and wants to do it as well." Jake said coming back towards the bed with a DVD.

"What?!" I asked.

"Well he was embarrassed about the other morning and he thought you were really angry with him. We were just talking last night when we were waiting for you to come up to bed and it kinda slipped out. But Zack promised he wouldn't tell anyone, didn't you?" Jake said hurriedly.

"Yeah, I promise I won't anything." Zack said.

"Zack what is it Jake has told you?" I asked trying to identify just how much he knew.

"Well he told me that you and him sleep together naked and that you do `other' stuff together." Zack said timidly.

"What kind of stuff?"

"You know stuff." Zack said blushing a deep red.

"Oh Dan, leave him alone. I told him that we started waking each other then we sucked each other off and now we have both fucked each other." Jake said putting the movie on and getting back into the bed.

"And you're ok with this?" I asked Zack."

"Yeah, I wanted to try it." Zack said.

"OK but nothing major. Jake told me that you were too scared to suck him so we are not going to go that far. And if you want to stop at any point you just have to say." I said to him.

"Oh we got over the sucking thing." Jake said with a bright smile.

"Really when?" I asked genuinely intrigued.

"My birthday." Jake said with his cheeky grin.

"That explains a lot." I said with a smile.

Jake started the film. He had chosen another straight one with young teens. We sat in silence as the movie rolled and the girls came on screen.

The first scene involved two girls sucking on a man's considerably sized penis. Jake started slowly jerking himself off. I noticed that Zack wasn't but was had moved on to his side so he was facing me. After a few minutes I noticed that he was moving his hips back and fourth and was gradually moving closer to me.

Suddenly Zack scooted all the way towards me so that is hard cock was lying across my thigh. He slowly continued to move his hips backwards and forwards rubbing his cock onto me. I reached down and tentatively put a hand on it. It was hard as a rock and hot as hell. Zack started to speed up his motions then suddenly stopped.

He grabbed my hand and brought it up to his face. He spat a big glob of spit into it. At first I wondered what he was doing.

"Oh, sorry I'm not used to having circumcised guys." I said.

Zack continued to move his hips, rubbing in between my hand and thigh. After a few minutes though my hand started to dry out again and Zack slowed down again. I knew he wasn't enjoying it but was too scared to do anything else with him.

"That's not what he wants. This is." Jake said when he saw we had stopped again.

He lay over the top of me so that his cock was pressing into my other thigh and his tight young arse was bent over my leg and slowly took Zack's cock in his mouth.

He started by just sucking the dry head and getting as much spit together in his mouth as possible. I lay watching and slowly started working my hand into Jake's crack and around his tight hole.

Zack was soon moaning and thrusting his hips into Jake's mouth. Just as Zack started really getting into it grabbing Jake's head and thrusting harder, Jake pulled off. He came up to my face and gave me a sloppy kiss.

"He doesn't want me to do it he wants you to do it. I told him how good you make it feel, especially when you stick your tongue my bum." Jake said.

I looked over at Zack and he was just laying there nodding in agreement.

"Are you sure about this Zack?" I asked repositioning myself so my face was next to his leaking dick.

He just nodded and used his hand to gently push my head down towards his boy cock.

I gave the head a quick kiss then enveloped it completely. He was already worked up and I started at a fast rhythm just going up and down on his head. When his grunts started getting deeper and more frequent I stopped sucking the head and pushed his cock all the way down my throat.

I held it there for a few moments then came off it completely. I went back down burying my nose deep in his dark blonde bush. Zack started trying to thrust deeper as I started working his head with my throat muscles.

I knew he was close to cumming and didn't want to end it there yet. I took his cock out of my mouth and lifted his legs so they were over my shoulders.

"Ahh, now your going to feel it." Jake said.

He had repositioned himself so he was closer; he had one arm behind Zack and was slowly stoking the side of his head. The other tweaking and playing with Zack's nipples. Zack had Jake's cock in his hand and was wanking it hard. Jake seemed to barely be noticing his own cock but was intently watching me licking up and down Zack's perineum.

I moved closer to his soft tight virgin hole. It was larger and darker than Jake's and had a few hairs just coming through. I circled it with my tongue and felt it quivering with my touch. I smelt musky and of boy sweat. I pushed my tongue in and gave it a little flick. I felt his muscles tense and realised I loved the feeling of a tight young boy butt tightening around me.

His sphincter relaxed and I pushed my tongue all the way in. I started alternating between moving in and out and rapid flicks up and down and round and round.

He was moaning and writhing in ecstasy . Jake had started moving his hips as well and was starting to moan and sweat now too. Jake moved his hand off Zack's nipples and started wanking him instead.

It wasn't long before Zack started shooting all over himself and furiously wanking Jake. It made Jake cum as well.

Both boys lay there panting and exhausted. I started with Zack and licked his chest and stomach clean before licking the last drops of cum from his still dripping cock. I then went over to Jake and did the same for him.

I laid back down and a after a few minutes of resting Jake got up and kneeled in front of my cock. Zack took his lead and both of them started licking up and down my ridged member.

Jake spread my legs apart and sucked on his fingers before rubbing them in between my crack. Zack had started to wank me while Jake was fingering me.

Zack took the head of my dick into his mouth and started to flick his tongue rapidly over the sensitive gland. Jake moved down towards my balls and started to lick and suck each one into his mouth. Zack moved his other hand towards my nipples and started to rub and pinch them.

All the different parts of my body being excited this way was driving me crazy. I wasn't going to last much longer.

"I'm about to cum." I groaned.

Zack took my cock out of his mouth and started wanking it hard with both hands. Jake didn't let up on my balls or arse. Instead he started pushing in harder and deeper into my hole.

I could feel the larva rising up from my balls and shot my load all over my chest and stomach. Jake took his fingers from my back passage and my balls from his mouth. Zack slowed down his wanking but made sure that he had ringed every last drop of cum from my cock before realising it.

I laid there panting and trying to catch my breath as the boys started to lick the warm cum from my body. I winced a bit as Zack pulled back my foreskin and sucked on my cock making sure there was nothing left inside.

When they had finished they both laid their heads on my chest. Jake switched off the TV and I put my arms around both of them before falling asleep.

I woke the next morning in an empty bed. The first thought that ran through my mind was that I had gone too far last night with Zack and had scared him.

I looked around the room and suddenly noticed the smell of burning bacon in the air. I was just about to get out of bed and go see what was happening when Jake and Zack came in with a tray of food.

I laid back down as the tray was laid across my lap. On the tray they had put bacon, eggs, sausages and toast. They had also brought up coffees and orange juice. They had even gone to the trouble of putting one of the flowers from the downstairs vase into a small vase.

"Morning guys, what's all this in aid of?" I asked sitting up.

"Your always looking after us, we thought we would look after you today." Jake said getting into the bed next to me.

Both of them were wearing bathrobes and sitting now.

"Sorry we burnt the bacon a bit." Zack said.

"It's lovely thank you. Crispy just as I like it." I said giving both of them a kiss on the cheek.

We all sat and ate breakfast while I switched on the news the TV. After we finished Jake switched the TV onto the kids channels. He put on `The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.' We lay back and watched a couple of episodes.

"Have you got any plans for today then?" I asked.

"I was thinking that me and Zack could go meet up with some of my friends tonight. I think Charlotte is having a party tonight." Jake said.

"Are you going to stay there the night?" I asked.

"Yeah probably." Jake said.

"Do you want to go for a swim?" Zack said sitting up.

I switched off the TV and we went down to the pool house. We changed into our trunks, I was surprised to see that Zack still turned away from me before putting on his.

We swam for about an hour, Jake was defiantly the stronger swimmer of the two boys and he was getting almost faster than me.

After we finished in the pool we decided to go into the Jacuzzi for a bit. I sat in one of the corners and put on the jets. The boys sat on either side of me as I laid back and relaxed.

Jake's trunks had started to stretch and bubble. He was sitting on top of one of the jets and his trunks were filling with air.

"Is that a bubble in your trunks are you just pleased to see me?" I asked poking at it.

"Both" Jake said giggling a giving me a little kiss on the lips.

"That's better." Jake said pulling off the trunks and throwing them to the side of the tub.

He sat there naked as I watched his big semi hard cock bouncing up and down with the bubbles.

Jake started rubbing the front of my Speedos feeling my hard cock. He suddenly stopped and pulled down my trunks and threw them unceremoniously away. He moved round so he was sat on top of me.

He moved up and down letting my cock rub in between his tight arse cheeks. Zack moved round so he was facing us and started to rub his own cock.

I took Jake's now fully hard cock in between both of my hands and started to move them up and down in time with his motions.

Jake started gently moaning. He laid his head on my shoulder and leaned my head down and started gently nuzzling his earlobe.

It was slow and sensual but lead to one of the best orgasms I had ever had. Jake and I both came at almost the same time. Neither of us speeding up too much but enjoying the feeling of full body contact mixed with the warm bubbles.

When we had finished Jake turned around so he was straddling me and started kissing me deeply on the mouth. Zack was still jacking himself off watching although his movements were now a lot faster. I could see he wanted to close his eyes but he was fighting it trying to watch everything in front of him.

I kissed Jake back. His tongue was exploring my mouth and I gently massaged it with mine.

After a few minutes there was a deep grunt from the other side of the tub and Jake get off me as we watched Zack cumming hard. I counted four strong blasts issue from the end of his dick and float off before disappearing in the bubbles.

After Zack had caught his breath he came back over to sit next to me. He leaned over in front of me and kissed Jake full on the mouth. Watching the two of them kissing so close to my face was starting bring my well used cock back to life.

"That was so sexy watching what you two just did. Better than any porn I have ever seen." Zack said breaking the kiss and sitting back.

"Yeah it felt so good." I agreed.

"We definitely need to try that one again." Jake piped up.

"Although I think I need to change the water first!" I said pointing at the cloudy bubbles appearing on the top of the water.

"Err, what is that?" Zack said suddenly noticing.

"That would be the what our love looks like when we mix it together and add water." I replied.

"Looks better when we just lick it up!" Jake said.

"Tastes better too." Zack said removing the finger he had just scooped a little of the liquid with from his mouth.

We got out of the Jacuzzi and put on bathrobes. I pressed a button on it allowing it to empty out.

We headed into the kitchen as I was starting to get peckish and made some sandwiches. Which we ate outside in the garden.

After lunch the boys got on the trampoline as I watched. Their robes kept flying open as they jumped and landed again.

"Why don't you put some shorts on? It would be easier than trying to do that in robes." I said.

"Can't... Be... Bothered..." Jake said in between jumps.

He came to a stop, took off his robe like a model at the end of the catwalk and threw it to the floor. Zack did the same and they both started jumping in the nude.

I just thanked my lucky stars that I didn't have any neighbours close enough to see the two young Adonis's bouncing in my garden. I watched as if I was watching them in slow motion as they giggled and jumped higher free and happy with their beautiful and perfect bodies.

After a while the boys ran over to me out of breath and red in the face.

"Come on you get on as well." Jake said.

"Nah, I'm ok just watching." I said.

"Yeah come on." Zack said grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the trampoline.

Jake started doing the same and before I knew it I was in front of the large blue equipment.

"Alright give me a sec. But you have to go easy on me." I said.

"OK but you can't wear your robe." Jake said undoing the towelling belt around my waist.

I let the robe drop to the floor and climbed up onto the trampoline. I was on all fours about to get up when I felt a sharp poke on my rear hole.

Jake and Zack were giggling as Jake retracted his outstretched finger.

"Oi! I'll get you back for that!" I said getting unsteadily to my feet and walking towards the centre of the trampoline.

The boys gracefully got onto the trampoline and lay around the edges watching as I tentatively bounced lightly. It was the first time in my life I had ever been on a trampoline and it was a bit strange at first.

"Come on just start jumping, you'll get the hang of it in no time!" Jake shouted from his position on the side.

I started taking bigger and bigger jumps and eventually I was starting to get some air time. It wasn't much but it was the greatest feeling. I was starting to feel free and unencumbered. The air rushing through my hair and every other part of my body.

I felt like I was fighting if only for those few short seconds before I hit the trampolines surface and bounced again. I never wanted to stop although after a few minutes I was fighting to catch my breath and had to slow down and stop. I walked over to the side and lowered myself back to the ground.

"That was great!" I said red faced and trying to catch my breath.

"Told you would like it." Jake said getting up on all fours and trying to stand.

I poked lightly at his exposed hole and was surprised that my finger entered all the way to the second knuckle.

"Oh, Dan, I thought you were going to get me back not tease me!" Jake said as I pulled my finger out.

The boys played on the trampoline for a while and I joined them for a bit although I got tired a lot quicker than they did and had to keep sitting down to catch my breath.

Later in the afternoon we all laid out on the grass just sunbathing, Jake had gone into the house to get us some bottles of beer and his laptop so he could put on some music.

At five thirty the boys got up and said that they needed to get ready. I went into the kitchen to start to make a quick dinner and they went upstairs to wash and change.

When the dinner was cooked I walked upstairs and went towards Jake's room. The door was ajar and I could see that the boys were choosing clothes standing there just wearing their boxers.

"I think Charlotte really wants to shag you you know." Jake was saying to Zack as I got closer to the door.

I froze. I didn't want to invade their privacy but I knew I really wanted to hear the end of this conversation.

"How would you know?" Zack replied.

"Well Jane was telling me that Charlotte is really into you. She said that Char really likes your accent and thinks it is sexy. And you know what girls are like. They wouldn't tell a guy something unless they wanted it passed on." Jake said.

"Mmm.. I suppose. What about you? Got your eye on anyone at the party?" Zack said.

I quickly knocked on the door and popped my head round.

"Dinner's ready. It's down in the kitchen when your ready." I said.

"Thanks we'll be down in a minute." Jake said.

I left the room and went back downstairs. I had cooked some toutelle with a sundried tomato sauce. I started dishing it into large bowls and shaving some parmesan over the top.

After a few minutes the boys came down looking a lot older than I was used to. They were both dressed in nice dark coloured jeans. Jake was wearing a light blue shirt and Zack was wearing a white one.

As they entered the room I noticed that Jake was smelled of Joop and Zack smelled of Jean Paul Gaultier. They had both waxed their hair and had clearly spent a lot of time grooming themselves to perfection.

"Before you eat that I would take those shirts off if I was you." I said grabbing a plate and sitting next to them.

They both took off their shirts and Zack hung them on the door. We finished our meal just talking about nothing in particular.

"Do you want a lift anywhere?" I asked when we had finished eating.

"No that's alright, were going to take the bus. Um... Dan... Do you um... mind if we take some drinks? It would be rude to show up with nothing." Jake said after a pause.

I looked round at them. Jake had pasta sauce around his mouth and Zack had some on his chest. They no longer looked like the grown ups they had when they came down the stairs. `Clothes maketh the man.' I laughed inwardly at the thought.

"Yeah sure. Find what you like but can you come and find me before you leave?" I said putting my plate in the sink and leaving the room.

I was in my bedroom when the two boys walked back in wearing their shits again.

"Is it alright to take these?" Jake said walking over to the bed and showing me a bottle of vodka and some beers.

"Yeah that's fine. But not what I wanted to talk to you about. Can you both sit down please?" I said.

They obliged looking confused at each other.

"I'm sorry but I heard some of your conversation that you were having in your bedroom earlier." I said.

Both boys just nodded.

"Well this is the time of your life when you are most likely to have drunken sex at parties." I said bluntly.

I didn't know how I would feel if Jake had sex at the party with someone else. I knew that the right thing to do was talk to them both and allow them to make their own choices though.

The boys looked like they were about to argue and I just held up my hand and stopped them.

"It's fine but if you do want to do anything I just wanted you to both be prepared. I assume that someone has had the birds and bees conversation with you both?"

They just nodded again.

"OK well here. I assume you know how to use them?" I said handing them both some condoms.

"Yeah we were taught at school." Jake said.

"OK well if either of you do get in to a situation where they are needed please remember to use them. And please don't feel the need to pressure anyone into anything just to prove something to your mates." I said.

They both just nodded again.

"Good right well have a good time. If you need me for anything just call me. Here I forgot to give you both your pocket money this week. Why didn't you remind me?" I asked taking out my wallet.

"You already do so much for us it feels wrong asking for money as well." Jake said carefully putting the money in the wallet I had bought for him.

"You don't have to. This is what is normal for people your age. You have the right to ask for it." I said ruffling both of their hair and getting up.

We went downstairs and I sat on the couch.

"Were off now." Jake said giving me a small peck on the cheek.

"Yeah bye." Zack said opening the front door.

After they left I tidied up the house then went into the pool house and cleaned out the Jacuzzi before refilling it.

I spent the rest of the evening watching TV and playing on the internet. I went to bed at eleven thirty with the phone next to my bed in case Jake or Zack rang.

When I woke the next morning the bed was empty. I looked round in a panic thinking that I had slept through the boys call. I checked my phone and had no missed calls. I went and looked in their room and it was empty the bed un-slept in. Even though I knew they were not coming back I still felt uneasy not knowing where they were or if they were ok.

I unloaded the dish washer and had a simple breakfast of cereal and toast. I went up and washed and dressed into t-shirt and jeans. At eleven o' clock Jason and Lee arrived.

"Hey, where are Jake and Zack?" Jason said.

"Not actually sure. They went to a party last night and slept over. I thought they would be home by now." I said trying to hide my rising panic.

"Have you called them yet?" Lee asked.

"No, I didn't think I should hassle them or intrude into what they do when they are not here." I replied biting the nail on my thumb.

"I think you should call or at least text them." Lee said sensing my worry.

I just nodded and texted Jake's mobile and waited. The next few minutes were the longest of my life. Jason and Lee were trying to make conversation but I just ignored them watching the phone.

A few minutes later I got a text back from Zack.

Jake no crdt. On the bus bck. C U haf hour.

The relief flooded through me like a glass being filled with water. I suddenly felt silly having been so worried.

"They are on their way back. They did say they were staying out, I'm not sure why I was getting worked up." I said.

"Dan, do you mind me giving you some advice?" Lee said.

"Yeah sure." I said giving Lee my full attention.

"I know your relationship is complicated but you are still looking after these two boys. That is what they are, boys. As much as you want to give them the freedoms of men they still need to have boundaries and at the moment, at least for Jake you are the only one who can give him those." Lee said.

"But I don't want to smother them."

"You could still ask them to give you a call or a text to let you know they are ok and what time they will be home. I would expect the same from Jason." Lee said.

"And I would expect the same from Lee. You can't leave your partner wondering what has happened to you. I think it is the least you can expect from them."

"I suppose your right but how can I say it without making it sound like I'm telling them off or trying to control their lives?" I said thinking.

"Well I can have a word with them. It would sound less like you were trying to put up barriers then." Jason said.

After twenty minutes Jake and Zack came in looking a bit worse for wear.

"Did you two get any sleep last night?" I asked.

"Not much. We fell asleep on a couch but the other guys kept playing practical jokes then we joined in." Jake said.

"Do you want something to eat?" I asked.

"Nah, need some sleep and a shower." Jake said.

"Go and have a nap for an hour, they still have time don't they?" I asked.

"Yeah I think the place opens late." Jason replied.

They went upstairs and went to have a nap.

"Lee have you ever been on a trampoline?" I asked after they left.

"No why?" Lee asked giving me a wary look.

"Jake and Zack got me on it yesterday and it was great. You really should have a go." I said returning Lee's dubious look with a smile.

"Yeah it is a lot of fun." Jason said.

I lead them outside and climbed up onto the trampoline. Jason got on as well but Lee stood on the side and watched.

I started jumping up and down feeling the free feeling again. I didn't feel as good as I had the previous day although I put that down to the clothes and the fact Lee was still watching me intently.

When I got out of breath I stopped and went to the side.

"Come on. Really it is a lot of fun and it takes all the problems out of your mind." I said.

Lee raised an eyebrow at me.

"Ok then just temporarily." I said reaching down a hand and helping him up.

I sat at the edge and watched as he slowly walked to the centre and tentatively took a few small jumps. He then got the hang of it and started to jump higher. The weary look on his face disappeared and was replaced with one of pure joy. He really did look silly but I figured that is probably how I looked on it as well.

When Lee was worn out he stopped jumping and sat down next to me making way for Jason. Jason was a lot better than the both of us. He was even able to do a few tricks on it.

We spent an hour on the trampoline before Jason volunteered to wake the boys while me and Lee made some lunch.

After half an hour the boys all came down again washed and changed. Jason was at the back of the group and gave me a thumbs up and wink which I took to mean that he had spoken to them.

After lunch we drove over to the race track and bought two hours worth of racing. We were all taught how to use the karts and were told to go round slowly once first before returning to the start line. We all went round slowly not changing positions as we got used to the track and karts.

We all returned to the start line and the pit crews moved the karts so we were all in the same place. The first race was going to be five laps of the track. We were to go into the pits after seeing a yellow or chequered flag.

We started and Lee and I, as the only ones who actually knew how to drive, took an early lead holding it until the end. I won the first race followed by Lee, Jason, Zack, then Jake.

We all went into the pits and had a drink while we were waiting for some others to have a race. Jason, Jake and Zack all went to the toilet while we were waiting.

It was time for our second race. This one was going to be ten laps. We all got into our karts which had been placed back on the start line and got ready. When the flag dropped we all went off at full pelt. The boys were determined to win this time as they had already headed off ahead of us.

After a couple of laps Jason was heading the pack followed by Jake, Zack, Lee then me. On the penultimate lap Jake and Jason were fighting hard for first place. Jason went into a corner fast with Jake right on his tail. Jason had clearly gone in too fast because the back of the kart slipped out and his hole kart was put into a slide. He went off the track and was facing the wrong way. We all passed him and a guy from the pit crew came over turned him the right way and restarted the engine.

Jason drove hard, he hadn't lost too much time but was at the back of the pack now. By the end he had battled back up to third place. Jake won followed by Zack, and at the back was me then Lee.

All in all it was a good day. We went up to the Café dinner above the track and watched the other races making penny bets with each other on who would win while waiting for our food.

When we got back to the house it was already half five. Jason and Lee left to have a quite night in and the boys and I put on a DVD and watched it in the living room. At half seven I noticed their heads drooping. At the end of the film I sent them up to bed. It was still too early for me so I went out to the office and made sure I had everything ready for the next day.

I went up to bed at eleven and checked to see if the boys were asleep. They were both cosily snuggled together under the covers in Jake's room. I went to my own room and made sure to set the alarm before going to bed.

I woke the next morning to find both Jake and Zack sitting up in my bed using their laptops. I looked over at the clock and it was only six twenty.

"Up early this morning." I said rubbing the sleep from my eyes and sitting up.

"Yeah, woke up about three quarters of an hour ago and didn't know what else to do." Jake said.

"You both woke up at the same time?"

"No Jake woke up first but I heard the bathroom flushing and woke up as well. I couldn't have slept much more anyway." Zack said.

I looked over at Jake's computer. He was playing a mini game on a website and taking to Zack on msn. Jake quickly closed the window so I couldn't see the conversation and switched off the computer.

"Shall we have our swim now?" Jake asked.

"Cool. Let me just get up" I said.

Both boys got out of bed and I noticed were already wearing their swimming trunks.

"Had all this planned I see." I said with a smile.

"You talk in your sleep by the way." Jake said.

"Really? What did I say?" I asked shocked.

"Garbage mainly. Something about `balls' and I think you said `Gemma' but I'm not sure." Zack said.

I was even more shocked about this. I hadn't given Gemma second thought since being in Dr. Charlton's office. And before that I couldn't remember thinking about her in years.  

I let the thought go and we went for a swim after which we went up and got washed and dressed. We came down to the kitchen where Lee was making toast and scrabbled eggs.

Lee dropped the boys off at school and I went through to the office. As I sat waiting for Cam I logged onto the internet and put £10 credit on both Jake and Zack's phones. I knew that I had told Jake that he had to pay for his own credit but I thought I would rather him always be able to contact me than not. I thought I would get the boys to do something in exchange for the credit like washing the cars.

When Cam arrived we got everything together we needed and drove over to Dr. Charlton's offices. We spent most of the morning getting the equipment where it was going and planning where we were going to be drilling holes and fitting sockets.

 "By the way mom is moving in to the new house this week. She managed to get the keys early so she is moving in on Thursday. She asked if it was ok for her to come and pick up Zack after school on Friday though, give her some time to unpack before he moves in." Cam said mid way through the afternoon.

"Yeah that's all fine. Are you going to move in as well?" I asked.

"No, she has a spare room so I can stay there whenever I like, but this seems like a good time to move out. You know have some space for my self."

We finished setting up all the equipment and the wiring in the afternoon.

By the evening we had most of the system up and running.

Before we left we set up a soak test on the systems and ran a diagnostics on the new software to make sure it could handle all the database connections required.

We left Dr. Charlton's offices and both headed home. When I came into the living room Jake, Jason and Zack were sitting with their laptops on their laps.

"Hey guys. How was your day?" I asked.

"Yeah it was ok. We have been waiting for you for ages though, were starving." Jake said.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it was already seven o'clock. I went through to the kitchen were Lee was. He had prepared a nice dinner but only set out three plates.

"Not joining us for dinner tonight?" I asked.

"Me and Jas have plans tonight. We're going to the cinema." Lee said.

"By the way, Zack is going to be moving in with his mum on Friday so it will only be Jake next week. If you have plans though I'm sure Kate wouldn't mind having him though."

"No I have next week all free. I'm quite looking forward to it actually, plus I am sure that Jake would be happier here." Lee said.

"That reminds me I better let Zack know."

"Zack, your mum is moving into the new house on Thursday." I said coming back into the living room.

"Yeah I know. She called me earlier. She said if it was ok she would come and pick me up on Friday." Zack said.

I noticed that Jake looked disappointed but didn't say anything. He was really going to miss having Zack around.

I went back to the kitchen and brought out the plates. Lee and Jason left just as we started eating. We sat and watched TV for most of the night. At nine thirty we went to bed.

Jake and Zack went to sleep in their room and I went to mine.

I woke the next morning and woke the boys. We went for a quick swim and got ready for school.

I spent the day at Dr. Charlton's offices making sure the system was working properly and setting up all the software.

In the evening Jason, Lee and Cam all joined us for dinner. That night Jake and Zack decided to sleep in my bed with me. We were all tired and fell asleep watching a film in bed.

The next couple of days past without incident. Cam and I worked in the office making sure that we had everything sorted for the next week. I gave him the Friday off before he left on the Thursday.

On Friday the boys went to school and I spent most of the day shopping. I got back in the afternoon and sat in the living room with my laptop.

At four o'clock the boys came in. Jason and Lee were with them.

"Hey guys good day?" I asked.

"Yeah it was ok." Zack said.

"Do you know what time your mum is picking you up?" I asked Zack.

"Yeah, she will be here at six." Zack said.

"OK well make sure you have all your things ready and you should have time to finish your homework before she gets here then. I'm sure your going to have a busy weekend sorting out the new house." I said going into the kitchen with Lee.

All three boys went upstairs and Lee and I sat in the kitchen talking. After half an hour they came down and sat in the living room doing their homework on their laptops.

At six o'clock Kate knocked on the door and Zack answered it.

"Hey guys, what's all this?" Kate said coming into the living room.

"Homework." Zack said.

"Really? Maybe I should just leave you here then! You never do your homework when you are at home." She said stroking his hair and looking down at the screen.

"Are you ready to go?" She asked straitening up.

"Yeah just give me a sec to save this." Zack said.

"Take your time; I wanted to have a word with Dan anyway." Kate said following me back into the kitchen.

"You guys have really done wonders with him. I can see he really likes it here and he is so well behaved." She said.

"Yeah he is a great kid and I think Jake and I are really going to miss having him around. He is welcome round any time." I replied.

"Did you have to pay for anything else for Zack while he was here?" Kate asked.

"Nah nothing I can think of." I said vaguely dismissing the question.

"How are we going to sort out the tutoring with Jason?" She asked.

"Well Lee usually picks the boys up from school so if you like Zack can come round here after school. Or if Lees not about then they could always go back to your place." I replied.

We chatted for awhile then we all went back to the living room. Kate took a cheque out her bag and handed it to Jason.

"This is for the next month. I can see you have really been working wonders with them." She said thanking Jason.

Zack hugged Jake while his mother looked on in wonder. Jake helped Zack with taking his bags to the car. Lee Jason and I watched knowing how they must be feeling. When Zack and Kate had left Jason and Lee made their excuse and also left the house.

The house felt oddly empty now as if it had just lost some of its sprit. It felt oddly cold, I couldn't explain it. I looked down at Jake sitting on the couch, into his beautiful warm eyes and it seemed to warm the house again.

"Do you want to watch a film tonight?" I said.

"Yeah but can we watch upstairs?" Jake replied.

We went upstairs and we put on a film. It was a typical teen movie, a rom com about a boy and a girl flirting with each other. We were watching a scene where the boy is in swimming practice and the girl is sitting and watching him from the side lines when Jake suddenly started.

"Ooh, I forgot to tell you! I made the swim team. I will be starting as a lead swimmer!" Jake said with an amazing glow in his blue eyes.

"Lead swimmer what does that mean?" I asked happily.

"It means that I am going to be the first choice for any swimming competitions then if I can't swim for any reason the coach will choose someone else." Jake said.

I was so proud at that moment. I couldn't contain my joy.

"That... is ... so ... wonderful..." I said kissing every bit of his face I could.

Jake started to kiss me back and within seconds the movie was forgotten and we were locked in a tight embrace.

Jake started to run his hands down my body and trying to draw me closer to him. I couldn't be any closer though as our naked bodies were already pressed tight together.

I moved my head and broke the kiss. I started kissing Jake's neck and adams apple gently. My soft kisses were getting him hot. He was moaning already. After ten minutes I started to move down to his chest. I delicately kiss his nipples and took each into my mouth and played with them in turn.

I took me a long time to move down his body. I wanted this moment to last forever. When I got to his crotch I missed it completely and started kissing down his legs instead. I kissed the soles of his feet taking each of his toes in my mouth and letting them pop out as I sucked on them.

Jake wriggled and giggled as I ran my tongue up and down the bridge of his foot. I brought my mouth away and sat up kneeling on my bed with this beautiful boy staring back at me. I sat marvelling at him for a few minutes before he tickled me with his toes and brought me out of my trance.

I took his foot into my hand and slowly and firmly massaged it. I reached over to the side table and pulled some lotion out of the drawer. I squirted some into my hand and rubbed it into his soft feet.

Jake's cock was twitching and he was clearly getting a lot of pleasure from this. I don't think that anyone had ever treated his body like this before. He had clearly had fun with his friends but no one had every shown this much attention to just making him feel good.

I must have been rubbing his feet for a good twenty minutes before I moved up and started rubbing his calves and thighs. Jake was practically quivering with bliss before I stopped and sat next to him.

"Are you going to do it then?" Jake asked.

"Do what?" I asked leadingly.

"Do me?"

"If you want me to."

"I do. I want to feel you in me. I want to remember the feeling so that I have something to remember you by while you're away."

"OK do you trust me Jake?"

"Yeah, completely."

"I love you Jake. But I'm not going to fuck you tonight."

"Why?" Jake said putting a soft hand on my cheek.

"I want to show you something. Something I don't think you have ever done before." I replied laying my head on his chest and drawing in his scent.

"Will it hurt?" Jake asked a little scared.

"No Jake, just trust me."

Jake nodded and I kissed his the soft skin covering the firming muscles on is stomach. I turned him over and made sure he was lying comfortably. I slowly spread his arse cheeks and inserted a middle finger. It went in without resistance and I gently inserted and withdrew it a few times.

I then spread his legs and positioned myself so I was lying with my body on top of his with my cock pressed against his hole. I didn't use any lubrication but the lotion that I had on my hands which I had rubbed in his hole and on my dick. I lined myself up and slowly inserted it. I kept all of my movements slow and purposeful. I hugged Jake and slowly withdrew and reinstated my solid cock deeply within him. I knew Jake was enjoying it, with each slow thrust I could hear him moan and feel the deep vibrations from his body lying below mine. Jake was starting to really enjoy himself and started to move his hips up and down faster. I used my weight to prevent this.

I was really getting hot but used all of my restraint to not speed up my motions. I made it last a long time. The sweat was pouring down both of us and Jake's voice was getting slightly horse with the deepness of his grunting.

Our bodies had been joined for nearly an hour and I knew I was about to cum. I tried to distract myself by kissing and licking the neck of the stunning boy below me. It was no good. I was too far gone. I was at the point of no return and knew it.

I thrusted once more deeply within him and allowed my throbbing cock to take care of the rest.

I remained in position kissing Jake and hugging him tight allowing our bodies to be one. When my cock was completely soft again and had started to fall out of his bum I rolled off him a lay panting.

Jake rolled over and I noticed that he had also cummed. There was a large wet patch on the bed where his cock had been.  He turned and placed his head on my chest, playing with the hairs connecting my navel to my pubes.

"I thought you didn't want to fuck me." Jake said in a quite voice not looking at me.

"That wasn't fucking. That was making love. Did you like it?" I asked.

"Yeah, I have never felt that good before. I love you Dan, I want you to know that." Jake said.

"I know, I love you too." I said stroking the over long hairs on his head.

I woke in the morning with Jake still on my chest and with my hand still on the top of his head. I didn't want to wake him so just lay there for the next hour drinking in his beauty. I realised for the first time in years I was completely content. Not just content but happy. I had everything I wanted and could ask for no more.

Jake slowly opened his eyes then turned his head so he was facing me but his head was still laying on my chest.

"Morning little man." I said.

"Morning." Jake said looking at me with a goofy smile on his face.

"What is it?" I asked stroking the hair away from his face.

" I meant it you know, what I said last night."

"What was that then?" I asked.

"I love you Dan, I really do. I don't know what I would do without you."

"I meant it too. I love you too. You won't have to know what you would do. I'm not going anywhere. I am here for you and am yours forever no matter what happens."

We lay just looking at each other for a while before Jake had to get up to go to the loo. I followed him in and put on a bathrobe before heading downstairs.

When I got into the kitchen I noticed from the clock on the wall that it was nearly mid day. I started to make some pasta and salad. In the afternoon Jake and I went for a swim then relaxed sunbathing in the garden.

That evening we watched the rest of the film from the night before and another one before finally getting to sleep.

I woke early the next day. Jake was snoring so quietly I could barely hear him. I walked quietly down the hall and had a shower in the main bathroom and started to pack for the trip.

Jake woke at around ten when I was just making sure that I had everything. We went downstairs and had some breakfast. Jake didn't seem to want to leave my side and I knew how he felt. This would be the longest we had been apart since we met that fateful Tuesday in August.

At twelve Cam arrived and we sat in the living room making sure that we had everything we needed and knew what we were going to be doing. Jake sat on the couch just watching us.

When we were sure we were ready Cam started packing everything into the car. Just then Lee and Jason arrived.

"Hey Lee what you doing here so early? I didn't think you were coming until the evening." I said as they came in.

"We thought that Jake would like to see you off at the airport." Lee said sitting down.

"Yeah that's so cool! I have always wanted to go to the airport." Jake said.

"Well you better hurry if you're coming. We have to leave soon." I said.

Jake jumped off the couch and ran upstairs to get ready.

"Hey Cam, have you left someone with a key to the flat?" Jason said.

"No why do I need to?" Cam asked confused.

"Well, the circuit breaker in the flat is the circuit breaker for the whole building. It goes out sometimes. I didn't realise until I was staying with Lee one night and the power went out. They ended up breaking into the flat. I used to leave a key with one of my friends but I took it back when I moved out." Jason said.

"Oh right, I'll leave my key here then and get another one cut when I get back. Would you mind resetting it if it trips?" Cam asked.

"Yeah not a problem. I know the people there quite well and they still have my number. I'll leave the key here though so you can pick it up from here when you get back from the states." Jason said.

Jake came down a few minutes later. He had had a shower and put on some clean clothes.

"OK, if were all ready let make a move then." I said getting up.

Cam, Jake and I left in my car and Jason and Lee came in theirs. We arrived at Heathrow airport with half an hour before check in. We parked in different car parks and met up in the departures level. We went to a restaurant and had a meal. Jake was quiet from the drive to the airport.

At the end of the meal Jason got up to go to the toilet. Jake jumped up and followed him. A few minutes later Jason came back but Jake wasn't with him.

"Jake needs to speak to you." Jason said coming to me and whispering.

Lee and Cam were in the middle of a conversation and they didn't notice me leaving the table. I walked into the toilets. I thought that Jake had had another accident.

When I got in the toilet I had barely opened the door when Jake launched himself at me drawing me into a tight hug.

"Hey little man, what's up?" I asked concerned.

"I'm... I'm going to miss you." Jake said emotionally.

"Hey, Hey come on little man. I'm only going to be gone for a few days." I said rubbing his back.

"I know I'm just being stupid." Jake said pulling away.

"No your not. I know exactly how you feel." I said drawing him close again.

Jake leaned in and kissed me deeply on the mouth. My back was leaning against the door preventing anyone entering. We held each other and embraced.

 We broke apart and went back to the table. Jake seemed a lot happier and was a lot more animated.

After we finished we went to the check in desk and checked in. The other guys walked us to the security check before leaving us. Just before we lost sight of each other I saw Jake waving to me.

We went through and within the next few hours were touching down in Seattle. We took a cab to the hotel then had a shower before meeting up in the hotel bar.

We spent an hour in the bar relaxing and having a drink before heading back to our rooms for an early night.

I woke the next morning and had a long hot shower before getting dressed and going down to have some breakfast.

I was seated at a small comfortable table I had just been served my large stack of pancakes and bacon when Cam came in and sat opposite me. He ordered just an orange juice from a passing waitress and watched me in wonder as I tucked into my breakfast.

After breakfast we walked the short distance to the client's offices. We were asked to wait in reception for the IT manager. A short time later a young smartly dressed man appeared and greeted us.

"Dan, great to meet you finally, and you must be Cam a fellow American I hear? I'm Steve. I thought we would start with a quick tour of the facility so you know where you will be working. We just need to get you some security passes. The building is open 24/7 and you will have full access passes so there will be no restrictions on you movements. If you would like to just follow me." Steve said.

We followed him to the front desk again where a young receptionist took our pictures on a digital camera then printed us passes and gave us each a card allowing us to get through all the internal doors.

Steve walked us through all the different departments stopping every now and again to introduce us to various people. He ended the tour at the server rooms.

The room was larger than I was expecting it to be and also had two guys in there waiting for something.

"And finally, this is Derrick and Chris who work on my staff. They are here to help you in any way they can." Steve said introducing us.

"I wasn't aware that we were going to have help this week." I said.

"It is as much for them as it is for you. They are both on a network training program and it would be nice for them to get some hands on experience." Steve said.

"If you need anything you can reach me on my extension 5543. I'll leave you to get started then." Steve said.

We thanked him and he left the room. We started working on the servers. During the morning Derrick and Chris were both hanging around watching our every move. It was a little annoying as if they were checking up on us.

At one o'clock Steve knocked on the door and took us down to lunch at the campus canteen. I sat chatting to Steve while Cam chatted to Derrick and Chris and seemed to get on well.

After lunch the atmosphere was a lot friendlier as Cam had started showing them different things they were interested in. Our time was a lot more productive and by eight pm we had the new servers and routers installed. We were already running ahead of schedule with Derrick and Chris doing all the running around for us and helping where ever they could.

That evening the two guys invited us both out to a club they knew. I declined the offer as I was a little tired but Cam decided to join them.  I went back to the hotel and had a light dinner before going back to my room to watch some TV. I went to sleep in early thinking about how Jake was.

I woke the next morning and was surprised to find Cam already in the dining room tucking in to a large breakfast.

"Morning, though I would have to drag you out of bed this morning! Good night?" I asked sitting opposite him.

"Yeah it was a lot of fun. Those guys are just like the guys I knew when I was in high school." Cam said.

I noticed that Cam's American accent seemed to have got a little more pronounced. We finished our breakfasts and headed into the office.

We spent the morning setting up all the routing for all the secure connections to the UK head office and the satellite offices in the US. By lunch time we were so ahead of schedule that we were already ready to start upgrading the workstations. I called Steve who decided to come to the server room to talk.

"Hey Steve. Thanks to these two guys we have finished all the server side work already." I said.

 "That's cool. I emailed all the department heads to see if it would be ok to start to upgrade the workstations, I am just waiting for them to get back to me. You guys could finish up early or otherwise it looks like you will be playing the waiting game" Steve said.

After discussing it with the other guys we decided that we would have some lunch and see if any of the department heads had got back to us by then.

We headed down to lunch at the canteen and ate slowly as we talked. Derrick and Chris were filling me in on what I had missed the night before.

"Dan why don't you head off for the afternoon and look around Seattle a bit? Me and the guys have it all covered." Cam said as we were finishing our meals.

"Yeah I might, but I think I want to be here to see the roll outs start first. I want to make sure that nothing happens that we didn't plan for." I said.

After lunch we headed back to the server room and called Steve. He confirmed that one of the sales department were all in meetings all afternoon and that we could go ahead and start the roll out there.

I sent Derrick and Chris out to the sales department and told them to call me. I set up the install packages onto the server and when they had called I allocated the machines they were sitting at. They reset the computers and the machines started to rebuild with all the new OS and software.

It took just over forty minutes to finish the install completely on the two machines and we encountered no unexpected problems. I made sure that Cam was happy with everything before leaving him and the guys to finish off all the other systems in the sales department. As they could now do more than two systems at a time they should have time to finish the whole sales department before going home.

I headed back the hotel and showered and changed before going out to find the main shopping district.

Everywhere that I went and everything I looked at reminded me of Jake. I kept picking things up and going to buy them for Jake. After awhile I realised I would have to stop shopping as I was starting to get too much and would not be able to take it all back in my luggage.

That evening I headed back to the hotel and after dropping my purchases off at my room went to find Cam to see if he would like to grab some dinner.

I couldn't find him so I went down the street from the hotel and ate at an outside table of a nice restaurant. After I finished my meal I was sitting drinking some coffee when I noticed Chris crossing the street.

"Hey Chris!" I shouted.

"Hey Dan." He said coming over.

"Have you seen Cam? I went to look for him but couldn't find him anywhere." I said.

"He's still in the server room."

"Still? It's already half ten." I said looking at my watch.

"Yeah we decided to stay and get a few more departments done while there was no one else there."

"Did you check with Steve before you did that?"

"Yeah he's cool with it."

Chris informed me he was just popping out of the office to get some decent coffee for the guys before going back to the office.

I followed him back to the office. Cam and the guys had already managed to get most of the workstations rollouts done. The only ones that remained were the ones that had people manning them twenty four hours a day.

I helped as they finished the department they were working on then helped them pack up and leave. I took everyone out to dinner at a nice restaurant. I didn't eat but just joined in on the conversation. It suddenly occurred to me that we were likely to finish early even with the constraints of having to work around the staff training.

"Cam instead of going to California on Friday do you want to go tomorrow instead?" I asked.

"Don't you want me to help with the rest of the roll outs?" Cam asked.

"To be honest with all the work you guys have put in, I think you have already done enough. The rest I can finish up with the boys. I think there will be a lot of waiting around. I'll speak to Steve tomorrow and see if he can arrange the training so that the departments that are left get the training first."

"Well if you're sure. I'll head over to the airport tomorrow and try and get an earlier flight." Cam said.

We finished our late dinner and headed back to the hotel. I told Derrick and Chris that I was planning to come in late the next day so if Steve wouldn't mind they should do the same.

I woke the next morning to a knock on my room door. I answered it and found Cam standing in front of me with his bags packed beside him.

"I just thought I would let you know I was heading over to the airport now. I called the airline and they have me booked on a ten am flight."

"Cool, well enjoy your holiday. I'll see you when we get back to London then." I said.

Cam waved as he walked down the hall towards the elevators. I closed the door and got washed and dressed before going into work.

I started by tracking down Steve's office. I let him know what the guys had done on the previous day and informed him what was left to do. He made some calls and managed to get most of the departments to rearrange their training schedules.

When Derrick and Chris came in we started working on the other departments. This was a little harder than the day before as we now had to work within the time allocated for the training.

In the afternoon I got a call from the house phone back in London. I looked at the time and it must have been about nine thirty in the morning there.

 "Hi Dan, it's Lee." He said his voice broken and quivering.

Instantly all the bad things that might have happened to Jake started to run through my mind.

"Lee what's happened? Is it Jake?" I asked franticly.

"No, Jake's fine. It's my mum. The... the hospital rang. She's getting worse. She has delirium and tried to attack one of the nurses. They have sedated her but they don't think she has long left." Lee said his voice breaking in places.

I felt a sudden relief spread over me as he said this. I realised what I was feeling and felt ashamed.

"I'm sorry to hear that. What are you going to do?" I asked.

"Do you mind if I..."

"Yeah sure, it's only right. You should be with her. Don't worry about Jake he'll be fine on his own." I replied.

We spoke a bit more before Lee said that he had to go. I sat in a daze for a few minutes before Derrick called on the phone and shook me out of it.

The rest of the afternoon went well. With the slight exception of a printer in one of the departments not working the whole project had been completed and well ahead of schedule.

I thanked Steve, Derrick and Chris before leaving and heading back to the hotel. I called the airline and booked myself on to the next free flight back to London.

I was supposed to be leaving on Friday night and arriving back in London Saturday but managed to get on to a flight that would get me back for Friday evening instead.

I spent the next day in the airport in case there was any cancellations that could get me on an earlier flight. I caught a flight late on Thursday night which had a short stop over in Germany.

I arrived back at Heathrow and picked up my luggage and got in my car and drove home.

The moment I pulled into the driveway I knew that something was wrong. The lights were all dimmed in the house and I could see a number of people moving around inside.

As I approached the house I could hear loud music coming from the living room. I open the door, leaving my bags in the hallway I looked into the living room.

There were loads of teenagers hanging around dancing drinking and generally having a good time. None of them had noticed me enter the room. There was a pungent smell of smoke in the room.

I looked on the table and there was a boy rolling a joint. There was a dinner plate being used as an ashtray as I had thrown out all the ashtrays when we had given up smoking.

I couldn't see Jake in the room but recognised some of the boys as being here for Jake's party. I left the living room and headed upstairs.

All the bedroom doors were closed. I opened Jake's room door and walked in. There was a girl and a boy that looked around sixteen or seventeen on the bed kissing. I didn't recognise either of them. They looked up at me startled and I just turned and walked out.

I knew where Jake would be. I went to my bedroom and quietly opened the door.

The sight that greeted me froze me to the spot. Jake was lying on his back naked with a naked girl straddling him.

Jake had a goofy smile on his face and he had his eyes closed. On the bedside table there was a plate with a number of cigarette butts in it. There was also an empty condom wrapper lying next to the plate.

As I turned to leave the room I knocked my shoulder into the door. I ran down the stairs. I could feel my eyes burning as I left the house.

I could hear Jake following me out of the house and could see him in the drive shouting at me to come back as I drove away at top speed.


To be continued...


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