Jamie & Trevor

By: Max the Cat & Hermes


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Part 3: Attack of the Silver Wolves!

Hamilton worked at preparing things for the arrival of the six Silver Wolves, he had over a week, but Hamilton was a stickler for details. Trevor was the first to awake and staggered into the kitchen using a fist to rub the sleep from his blue eyes. Hamilton looked at the naked boi and asked if he was ready for breakfast?

Trevor asked "you don't happen to have a toothbrush, my mouth tastes horrible, I didn't brush before I fell asleep on the floor?" He followed Hamilton to the bathroom and from the storage cabinet he produced two new brushed in their packets. "Thank you Hamilton, good one for Jamie too." Trevor brushed and Hamilton handed him a towel, "you might want to shower also, here's another for Jamie when he awakes."

Taylor was the next to awake. He walked in "morning Uncle Ham." Hamilton looked at his naked nephew "looking hot this morning Taylor.' The boi pulled his penis back and forth and got it to rise half way. "Where's the blond one?" Hamilton was putting bacon in the pan "oh you mean Jamie, still asleep I guess, did you see Trevor?" Taylor poured orange juice "the one with the gorgeous blue eyes?"

Hamilton put frozen waffles in the toaster "How do you know there blue?" Taylor grinned "he was sleeping with his eyes open last night, at first it scared the crap out of me. Trevor walked in behind Taylor "I'm Trevor and you must be Taylor?" Trevor ran a slim fingered hand over Taylor's bum, the hand cupped the ass cheek and squeezed. "Do that any longer and you might get fucked?' Taylor said chuckling. "Promises, promises? Trevor then gave the cheek another squeeze. Taylor turned and was sporting an erection, Trevor squeezed it too!

Taylor and Trevor took their breakfast out back and ate. Jamie finally appeared and Hamilton had kept the food warm in the oven. Jamie was sore and ate standing. "You seen Trevor?" Hamilton told him that he was in the backyard with Taylor. "There is a new toothbrush in the bathroom for you." Jamie thanked him and took a shower and brushed his teeth. He walked out back and found the two already in the sixthy-nine position sucking on each other's cocks.
"Humph" Jamie said and walked back in and flipped on the television. On the table was a DVD. Written with a sharpie was "Taylor and The Duke of Castile!" He shook his head and slid it into the player, what started playing gave Jamie the shock of his life. A naked Taylor was being circled by a very big black and white Great Dane. The boi tried to make a break for it and the canine hit him in the center of his back and knocked him to his hands and knees.

Jamie turned it off, found his was hard and turned it back on to watch Taylor trying to crawl away on all fours and the Great Dane circling him, the circle was getting smaller and smaller. Jamie noticed that Taylor was also hard as he was. Hamilton walked in and surprised Jamie "oh watching Taylor, oh that's the second of the three he did." Jamie stopped it "he had sex with three dogs?" He said in a high pitched and surprised voice.

"Hamilton grinned "yes, he loves dog cock, well he actually just loves cock and more cock, he's been such a little slut since he was seven, I got his cherry and it's been cock after cock for him." Hamilton was so matter of fact in his explanation of his nephew's sexual exploits. He and Jamie walked out on to the deck and was Trevor on his hands and knees and Taylor right behind him, his ass was pumping the younger boi in hard deliberate fuck strokes.

Taylor's mouth was on the other's bois back licking and biting as he fucked Trevor hard and deep. Hamilton had his arms folded as he watched the show, his nephew was going to make a great Pleasure boi this summer at the new B.T.W facility Boi Atlantis in the Virgin Islands, he chuckled and thought wrong name for the place should be called the "Former Virgin Islands."

"Fuck me Taylor, god fuck me, since my first time, all I want more cock." Hamilton and Jamie watched as Taylor pounded Trevor and Trevor's right hand was jacking himself off hard and quick, each hand stroke was with each of Taylor's fuck strokes. Jamie gave them a sour look and walked back into the television room and just sat there sulking, he didn't like another boi with Trevor, a man was alright, but putting out just to put out to that boi was hurting him!

Hamilton didn't notice Jamie leave as he was taking pictures, he always took pictures, just in case he too that special picture that put him on the porn map and sent him to the pinnacle of the best photographers in the business, plus he did a landmark business in selling pictures to the many collectors in the porn realm.

Trevor was just about to cum, he mumbled to Taylor "fuck me harder I'm there, pppplllleeeeesssseeeeeee!" He began to shoot creamy bolts of boi-honey onto the grass and Taylor humped hard, his boi-cock swelled, the red cock head opened up and his hot sperm shot forth and coated Trevor's inner walls. Trevor and Taylor collapsed in a sweaty heap breathing in short, hard pants. Hamilton smiled as he finished his picture taking, "they are so pretty when their fucking!" He mumbled to himself

He took the boi's to the drop off spot, but Jamie said few words to Trevor. At the front of the bowling alley Jamie just said "see ya." And headed home, it was late and another car was in front. "She's fucking someone else." He said as he walked into the house. He tip toed down the hall way, her door was half open and Jamie almost dropped his teeth. There were two men fucking her at the same time and they were black.

He crawled into his bed and folded himself in a ball. "If I get the chance I'll fuck a hundred of them blacks, she can wait and see, I'll show her." Tears welled in his eyes and after awhile he was asleep, but fitly. He had a dream he was riding a black cock and another came in behind, again he was being double fucked, but this time there was no pain, just everyone, including himself cuming in buckets.

The days went by quickly. Jamie and Trevor were picked up the afternoon before the Silver Wolves were to arrive. Hamilton wanted them well rested. He and Taylor had videos ready and food to make all happy. The watched one of Taylor's videos made for the B.T.W. market. He and Athos named after one of the Three Musketeers. The Golden lab was very big and both Jamie and Trevor watched open mouthed as Taylor was ravaged for forty minutes as the big canine had his way with the boi.

"Taylor were you able to walk after that scene?" Trevor asked. Taylor grinned "sure two days later I did Porthos and two days after him I did Aramis, I made four videos in eight days, if you count the Duke of Castile, I can't wait until René comes again I hear he has another named d'Artagnan, dog cock is much warmer than a man's and he suppose to be bigger. Trevor grinned "I bet I can do four in four days!" he was bragging when Hamilton added "Trevor don't bite off more than you can chew they have up to ten inches of hot, hard cock and they fuck relentlessly!"

Trevor shrugged, he thought "fuck there aren't here, so who cares anyway", besides he didn't have to prove himself. He took a shower and prepped his body for the onslaught of the older men, the other two followed one at a time. Hamilton washing a few glasses saw the white limo pulled up. "Boi's they're here, get ready!"

Hamilton opened the door and let in the six Silver Wolves, four white and two black men. Jamie saw the two black men and quickly walked to them "Hi I'm Jamie and I love black cock, I guess it runs in the family, the other day my mom fucked two black men at the same time." He took them by the hands and led them to the first bedroom. "Can I help you undress, I bet you're hung?" Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Turner were speechless.

The two men looked wide eyed as Jamie had their trousers and underwear around their ankles. Jamie looked a bit astonished at the size of the two limp black cocks. "How big do they get?" Jamie asked his hands wrapped around them both. Jefferson came back to reality. "Mines is nine inches or so when hard and his is about the same, give or take a half inch."

Trevor and Taylor stood in front of the other four, hands on hips and hips cocked to the right. Mr. Harmon and Mr. Bartlett had their eye on Taylor and his puffy pinkish nipples. Mr. Gray and Mr. Lovelace took Trevor, who escorted them to a bedroom and helped them strip. Trevor also ushered them to another bedroom and helped them get as naked as he, Lovelace looked like Santa, long white beard and long white hair, Trevor couldn't get over it, twice he slipped and called him Mr. Santa instead of Mr. Lovelace.

Jamie held the two black cocks and thought to himself "well mom I got two black cocks too, and I'm gonna suck and fuck them dry just you wait and see, son like mother." As the two men took off their shirts they felt a warm wet tongue circle the coal black heads, while Jamie gripped and wanked them to produce a bead of precum, his tongue licked the creamy essence clean, then sucked the headed back and forth. "yummy, I love precum and yours is the tastiest yet!"

Jamie couldn't get over the large veins on the hard black lengths of dark cock, as he licked and sucked he kept his brown eyes open, the color difference mad him hard, he realized why his mom was turned on and fucking the two with such passion and abandon, yet his distaste for his mom and dad and the marriage break up gave him reason to fuck and suck men more and more. His saliva coated the two cocks and making them shine in the light coming through the bedroom window.

Taylor led Mr. Harmon and Mr. Bartlett into the living room by the erect cocks. "Look what I have Uncle Ham?" he said giggling. Hamilton nodded "take them out back Taylor. His slim white hands held each hard penis, they followed Taylor smiling, but anticipating hot sex with the boi, he with them. He set them on the swing, then knelt before them examining each nook and cranny on the two cocks.

Trevor led "Santa" Lovelace and Mr. Gray past Hamilton. "I'm trying to think of what I want from Santa besides a good fuck?" Hamilton grinned, Trevor was becoming the comical slut of the three. "I'm sure you'll think of something Trevor?" Trevor helped them into the hot tub then climbed in between them, still with a grip of their throbbing pricks.

Hamilton couldn't figure out why Jamie and the two black men hadn't come out of the bedroom. He opened the door to find the boi impaled on Jefferson's cock facing away and sucking Turner to the root. Jamie saw Hamilton from the corner of his eye. "Mumph, mumph mumph" trying to explain with a hard black cock deep down his throat. Hamilton shrugged and closed the door silently.

Turner's black cock rocked back and forth into Jamie warm set mouth, the head could be seen against the boi's slim white throat. Jamie's heart shaped butt scrapped the course kinky pubic hair that surrounded Jefferson's hot black cock. "Damn Turner wait until you fuck him, he milks your cock with his boi-cunt, this is something else." Jefferson said with amazement. Jamie clamped down hard making it even tighter.

Taylor wasted no time with his two Silver Wolves. He knelt between them both and had them in a tight grasp and alternated sucking each one. His red tongue spun around the head of each penis licking the creamy beads that bubbled to the tip. He slowly sucked in Mr. Harmon's to the grey speckled hairy base, then bringing it back up, the rough of his tongue scraping the sensitive underside.

He shook his head, tears welling in his eyes from the cock hitting the back of his throat. Sniffing his nose then bending to the other and repeating the sucking act, his mouth sucking the other cock deep and again his mouth was buried in the almost white haired crotch. His saliva flowed and matted the pubic hair. This cock he swallowed into the tight depths of his slim throat. Bartlett had a big grin on his lips as he murmured "this fuckin' kids mouth is aces in my book!"

Trevor's hands were working the two cocks, the men's heads lay back as the relished the wanking. Trevor whispered to Mr. Lovelace "can I sit on your cock and we can fuck, maybe I can ask for my Christmas wish?" Lovelace picked him up by the hips and centered him on his hard rampant cock and grinned as Trevor slid down the hard length and nestled in the abundant white pubes. "Gee you got a real big one Santa!.

Mr. Gray stood up in front of Trevor's face, took hold of his head and pushed the purple mushroom of his hard and ready cock against the boi's red lips and pushed. Trevor's mouth opened and let the hard penis slide over his red tongue on its way to the boys throat and down the tight inlet. His hips rocked back and forth as he used Trevor's tight throat as his boi-pussy, he fucked it in nice straight strokes. "Damns kid you suck a mean cock, yes indeed you do." he had a very broad grin as he made the declaration!

Jamie was being reamed and face fucked, he actually was enjoying it, his tongue rolled over the black crown, saliva flowed in copious amounts, his cleft chin was coated and shinny. Jefferson had all his cocked buried in the boi's tight body, Jamie was clamping, releasing and clamping again, he knew Jefferson was enjoying the feeling he was giving the black Silver Wolf. Jefferson kept pushing up to give Jamie the entire length.

Jamie sucked, licked and gagged on the fat black tube. In and out, back and forth Turner fucked the boi's face. "Fuck kid you look beautiful with my cock in your face, I love fucking a white mouth, fuck I love to fuck any mouth, besides you seem to love my cock, ooooohhhhh god I feel I'ms gonna cum quicker than I's planned, my nuts are so tight." The cock erupted in Jamie's mouth. He swallowed quick, his cheeks puffed as his mouth filled, his red lips were creamy coated, he quickly swallowed again and again.

Hamilton took pictures of each group of three. He had posted four video cameras in strategic places to also capture the hot sex action of all the Silver Wolves and the three ready and very willing young boi's. He would send the group pictures and edited videos of their sexual adventures, of course he kept duplicated for himself and for the purchasers on his lists. He also sold videos and posted them on the Channel 6969 amateur section, he certainly didn't have to work any other job.

Taylor found himself on all fours, his mouth now over Harmon's cock, which he bathed with saliva and sucked up with his wet warm mouth. Behind him Bartlett held his cock at the bois ready pucker. He moved the hard length up and down teasing Taylor, then he plunged the hard cock into the boi and slowly pushed forward until he had his penis buried to the root and covered the lubed hole white his pubic hair. "Damn what a tight hole you have Taylor, can't believe you've been fucking as long as you have been." Taylor turned and flashed a big smile "Come on you can fuck me harder than that, work that hard piece of man meat in me, work it, work it."

Bartlett pushed his hips harder, he was breathing harder too. Taylor pushed back as he sucked the hard cock, he clamped with boi-pussy muscles and his mouth, both cocks trembled in their wet areas. "Suck that cock Taylor, suck it, suck it harder, drain me dry, come ooooooonnnnnnnn, oh fuck you're sucking my cum out of me, nnnnnooooowwww!" He exploded in the boy's hot sucking mouth. Taylor's mouth quickly filled with hot sperm, the boi turned to Hamilton to show him a full mouth of hot man cream, then he swallowed it all and went back to cleaning up the geyser shooting up at him.

Trevor splashed water from the hot tub as he bounced up and down on "Santa" Lovelace's hard Viagra reinforced cock. Mr. Gray had to move up and down also, still the bottom of Trevor's teeth scrapped the sensitive underside of the man's throbbing cock, he loved the feeling, it sent chills up his spine. He still felt the boi's tongue roll over the head and he re-plunged the cock back into the boy's hot suckling mouth.

"Oooohhhh Santa I can feel you swelling in me, you gonna cum, please cum Santa?" Trevor kept egging him on. Mr. Gray grabbed Trevor's head and pushed his cock back in, he too had the feeling of cuming building up in his body. Both men in the water were sweating and panting as their individual cums were now boiling, both were swelling inside of Trevor and he braced himself for the hot creamy blasts that quickly shot forth inside of Trevor's tight channel and filling his mouth, he tightened his inner muscles and swallowed as fast as he could, still two creamy rivers trickled from the corners of his mouth.

Trevor grabbed Mr. Gray's cock tightly and sucked hard drawing out and draining his dry of all his gooey sperm. Gray fell backward and ended up sitting chin high in the bubbling water. "Fuck kid I have a cock left, I know I have no cum left, damn Sam! he was fagged out. "Santa" Lovelace kept spewing his cum until his balls hurt. "Quit clamping, please, I might have the big one, please dear lord!" Trevor had an evil crooked grin on his face!

Jamie had drained Turner, now he had all his attention on Jefferson. He had turned facing Jefferson, he sucked in the left nipple biting it hard, then moved to the other biting it just as hard. "Jamie you have suck a tight boi-pussy, the muscles seemed really developed." Jamie tightened the muscle grip harder almost milking the black stalk, to Jefferson it felt like he was being sucked and fucking at the same stroke, this was amazing, his balls were tight against his body, he just knew he would explode and quickly, he did. A hot recoil hit Jamie in his colon as it filled with a absorbent amount of hot sperm.

Jamie still had the hard black nipple in his mouth. Turner leaning against the wall stroking his half limp cock, he had ideas of replacing Jefferson inside of Jamie's well reamed boi-pussy. Meanwhile the cum could only go so far, it was now leaking out of the boi's hole and making a creamy pool on the brown rug. "Jamie, Jamie, Jamie yous s real good fuck, one of the best I've ever had." Jamie smiled "thank you, now I know why my mom like black cock, it's soooo gooooodddd!"

Hamilton came in with a video camera just in time to see the shrinking black cock slide out of Jamie's well fucked boi-hole. "I wish I had got all of your fuck, damn I bet it was a good one?" Jefferson with a tired smile said "you just don't know how great it was, Turner gets him next, he'll tell you just like I have!'

Hamilton served dinner to all, the boil's showered and dressed in footie pajamas. Jamie put on Sylvester and Tweedy, Trevor donned Charlie Chicken Hawk and Foghorn Leghorn while Taylor put on Sponge Bob Square pants. Each left the back flap unsnapped, this gave the Silver Wolves access to the boi's charms. Each boi walked out into the camera lens.

Three straight chairs were set in a row and on each side were Turner and Jefferson, "Santa" Lovelace in the middle. Jamie knelt before Jefferson, Taylor in front of Turner and Trevor in front of "Santa" Lovelace. The three naked men awaited a sucking of their cocks by the very ready bois. Each boi grabbed hold of the cock in front and holding it straight they ran red tongue tips around the crown.

Wide open mouths sucked in the hard meat in front of their mouths. Each cock quickly disappeared into the deep recesses of the bois mouth and down their throats. The men's eyes seemed to glaze over and they felt the tightness encompassing their throbbing members. Saliva flowed and settled in the pubic hair. Trevor looked up at "Santa" Lovelace "I know what I want for Christmas, besides your cum, I want away from my mom, please?" The room became silent, Hamilton didn't know what to say or do, be had zoomed in to the boi's face and captured the whole wish.

Lovelace looked at the big blue eyes and the full red lips that were just now wrapping around his purple mushroom headed cock. He almost shot off when the red tongue rolled around the pulsing head. "Damn Trevor you suck so good." Trevor pushed his lips tightly around the veined shaft until his red lips were covered by the mostly white pubic hard. "God Trevor you swallowed it whole!" His ball pushed tightly against his body. Trevor's saliva matted the hair and coated the cock and ball sac too!

Jamie started on Jefferson's balls. he sucked in one and then the other. Sloshing them in his warm, wet saliva. Back and forth he sucked and licked the kinky hair covered sac. Jefferson ran his hands first through the dirty blond mop of straight hair, then a hand slid down his back and into the open flap. He pushed his fat middle finger into Jamie's lubed anus, he finger fucked the waiting entrance for man/boi fucking.

Taylor ran his tongue up the underside of Turner's black cock, then spinning his red tongue tip in the slip atop of the black brown. Then he clamped his lips around the cleft under the dark mushroom and polished the head sending a shark electric shock up the black man's spine. "Damn Taylor you know how to suck a cock, keep it up I do love the feeling I get."

Trevor stood up and Lovelace unsnapped the bottoms from the tops and skinned them from the ready boys body. The fell to his feet and he stepped out of them, Lovelace holding the boy's throbbing cock in his calloused hand, he looked into the big blue eyes and watched as Trevor's breath came in short pants. Trevor's red lips kept running over his fell red lips, his hips rocked too and fro as he was slowly wanked "Fuck me Santa, fuck me hard, please?"

Trevor's blue eyes were at half mast as he rose up and straddled Lovelace's midsection. The old man had released his hold on Trevor's erect penis and had his in hand aiming it at the boi's ready and lubed hole. Trevor centered himself and felt the mushroom knob in place, he sat down and felt the hard appendage slip into place and drive into the warm wet depths of his slim young and very nubile body. Trevor's red tongue first licked the side of the man's hairy face then into the ear, Lovelace shuddered, it was so erotic.

Jamie and Taylor straddled the black cocks, facing away with pajama bottoms in three bunches, the three boi's were now impaled on the three adult male cocks. Hamilton zoomed in with the video camera and caught the hot action of the three bois bouncing up and down on the three cocks. The other three Silver Wolves jacked off as they watched the hot scene.

Jamie smiled broadly into the camera lens, his dirty blond hair in messy array and his big brown eyes sparkling mouthed out "oooohhhh fuck me, ooohhhh fuck me harder, I love your hard black cock. Taylor seemed to be mouthing the same words as he too rode a hard black cock like his blond friend. Trevor's head lay on Lovelace's shoulder, his mouth sucked on the skin as he rode the old man's hard cock and could be heard "cum in me, i want to feel the hot jizz coat my insides of my boi-pussy." the words could just be made out.

"Santa" Lovelace couldn't hold back any longer, the boi's inner muscles were clamping and releasing and re-clamping, the feeling was more than he could take, his cock swelled, the mushroom head opened wide at the piss slit and hot gooey cup belched out in hot creamy shots and coated the bois colon. Trevor's head moved to Lovelace', face and his red lips found the old mans, his tongue entwined with "Santa's!"

Taylor ground down an Turner's hot black rod and smiled broadly into the camera lens. "Good Taylor show us how much you love to fuck." Hamilton egged his nephew on, which didn't take much prodding. Taylor began to moan out loud then said "jab it in harder, you can do it, I know you can, give me all those black baby makers you have stored in those big black balls." Hamilton nodded in approval. Turner gritted his big white teeth and exploded deep inside of the hot white boi.

That left Jamie riding Jefferson's big black cock. "you gonna cum soon, let me know when you're gonna cum, I want to eat the creamy cum, I just love the taste. A low mumble came from within Jefferson "ooohhh fuck, ooohhhh fuck Jamie." Nothing more needed to be said. Jamie jumped up and knelt before Jefferson, grabbing the big ebony cock he wrapped his mouth around the back of the corona and using the rough of his tongue he rapidly scrapped the black head.

Jefferson's eyes were tight, Jamie's lips were even tighter. His big brown eyes were wild with desire, he sucked and licked with a ferocity until he felt a rumble coming from deep within Jefferson's body. He cock head swelled even bigger in his sucking mouth and the blast hit him harder than he expected, but he clamped his red lips tighter, they started to turn white. his pink cheeks puffed out as his mouth over flowed with hot creamy sperm, some oozed from the corners of his pursed lips. he swallowed as fast as he could, only to have his cheeks puff out again.

Jamie had to swallow three times, the forth took some time to fill and he caught his breath. The three Silver Wolf observers were wanking at light speed and sperm flew everywhere, some landing on Jamie's pajama top and in his blond hair. Slowly everything stopped and the boi's and men caught their breath. Trevor was still attached to "Santa" Lovelace's shrinking cock, cum dripped onto the carpet. Hamilton beamed, this was truly going to be a big money maker!

Part 4: René, Marcel and recruiting duty!

Thanks to Hermes and his editing jobs! Thanks to the artists and their drawings!

Look for Part 12 of The Wild Time of Timothy Church (have to stsart all over, lost it!) Also look for Part 5 of "Gilly's land!