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Jamie in the morning 1

Jamie woke up happy on the Saturday morning, thinking to himself that today was going to be a good day. There weren't many of those in his sixteen years, so he cherished the ones he got. Today, his Dad was picking him up for a visit, which was becoming a rarity. The teen recalled the happy times when his father took him to music lessons and encouraged him to try anything he wanted, but that all ended when his bitch of a mother pushed the man out of their lives when he was twelve. Jamie was devastated; his father meant so much to him. But the man made the effort to see him on weekends, keeping up regular visits for a couple of years. Then he found another woman, who was taking up a lot of his time of late. The boy had begged several times to be allowed to live with his father, but his mother would never go for it, not that she couldn't live without her darling son, but rather she saw it more as a concession to her ex-husband.

Jamie got out of bed and trotted off to the bathroom; he sighed as a steady stream of piss poured into the toilet.

"Close the door, you barbarian!" his younger sister, shouted as she passed in the hall; the thirteen year old was sounding more like his mother every day.

Jamie ignored her, as usually the princess won every protest to his mother; so there was little point in even engaging her. He looked at his mop of chestnut brown hair, dishevelled from his slumber. He liked it longish and kind of ratty as it made him look older. At sixteen, Jamie was still waiting for his spurt into manhood. He was somewhat embarrassed to be small for his age and underdeveloped. It irritated him that most people assumed him to be two years younger than he was. Jamie examined himself in the mirror, making a pose with his bicep. He had lost his childhood pudginess, but couldn't be considered skinny. His father had bought him a weight set when he entered high school, and that at least had given him some upper body muscle.

Jamie returned to his room and turned on his computer. He logged into his YouTube account and saw the comments on his last video.

"Haters again!" He sighed to himself.

The hurtful comments were getting to be too much; making videos used to be fun, a silly distraction, but now he got as many insults as compliments. It just wasn't a good way to make friends when people left messages like `you're gay; you should just kill yourself'.

It was true; he wasn't the most masculine guy. Many of his mannerisms were effeminate, and his laugh was certainly girlish. Perhaps because of that, he preferred girls as friends. The last of his male friends had become distant of late.

"Dad's going to be here soon," his sister reported, as she appeared in the doorway.

Jamie gave her his annoyed look, and went back to his video watching. He eventually tore himself away from the Internet and took his shower, then got dressed, just before the telltale car horn told him it was time to go.

He went outside and got into the back seat of his father's car; his sister always rode in the front on the way there and he on the way back. His father was better at rules that fostered fairness; as Jamie always rode in the back of his mother's car, he'd long given up arguing the point.

"Alexis isn't coming buddy; she's got that ballet show," his father reminded.

Jamie nodded and moved to the front seat, climbing over the centre console rather than getting out.

"Would have been easier to get out," his father chided, as he watched the teen contort himself over the seat.

Jamie thought what he was doing was easier, and just shrugged. He now knew why Alexis reminded him that his father was to arrive soon; she wanted him long gone before her princess competition.

"No big piano recital for you this year?" His father made conversation as they drove.

"No," Jamie replied flatly, as he looked out the window.

"Sally and I would come," his father encouraged.

"I'm not into it; I just mostly play for fun now," Jamie advised.

"You want to go to drama camp again this summer?" his father asked.

"I guess," Jamie nodded. His father had paid for the camp every summer. He did have a good time working on his acting skills and meeting like-minded teens, although even there he didn't quite fit in. It was his goal to be an actor, which is why he started doing YouTube videos, but, other than a few `extra' roles, those aspirations seemed to be going nowhere.

"Todd doesn't want to go, I take it?" his father asked of his son's best friend.

"He didn't go last year," Jamie reminded.

"I know; you almost didn't go because of that," his father replied, reminding his son of the closeness he and Todd once shared. They'd been best buds since age eleven.

"He's got a girl friend now," Jamie reported despondently.

"Todd?" the man asked. "Really? That's a bit of a shocker"

"Yeah ... why? Did you think he was gay?" Jamie asked, with a nervous giggle.

"Well..." the man delayed.

"You did think that," Jamie accused softly.

"You two seemed to be joined at the hip," his father explained.

"So you think I'm gay!" Jamie said, offended.

"Well, Jamie, that's for you to decide. It's just that you've shown no interest in girls since the third grade," his father explained.

"I have lots of girls that I'm friends with," Jamie countered

"Yeah, it's like you're one of them," his father replied playfully.

Jamie couldn't believe what he was hearing; his father was practically outing him. It was true, of course. He and Todd had been sexually active since they were twelve, although it never got beyond masturbating each other. It began in Todd's basement, where they found his father's Playboys. They looked at the photos and became aroused; they found it excitingly naughty to look at the forbidden images. Their interaction began when they pretended to fuck. The pair had no idea, other than getting naked and laying on each other. Todd was always a bit bigger, both in height and in endowment. Jamie was mesmerized as his friend humped him until they both reached completion. In Jamie's case, it was just a bit of precum, but Todd was able to expel some creamy juice. Before long, they were jerking each other off while watching videos on the Internet, but that started to trail off when they reached high school. Jamie had made some friends last year at camp when Todd didn't go. It never got sexual, but Jamie did develop a crush on one of the counsellors, a 27 year-old professional actor with longish blond hair. He imagined the young man deflowering him in the bushes. The guy was nice enough about it, he paid attention to Jamie but still the boy wanted more. At the last campfire, he dared to stroke the man's fingers in the darkness, making it clear what he really wanted to stroke, but the man bid the teen goodnight without satisfying him. Jamie was hard, just thinking about the man - his smell and the texture of his fingers seemed so fresh in his mind.

"Is it that obvious?" Jamie asked, his head hung.

"No. I'm sure your mother hasn't a clue, but I'm a guy. When I was your age, I had to have a girl friend; any girl would do," his father replied, in jocular fashion.

"So you're not mad?" Jamie replied

"Mad? Heck, no! I've known for a long time; well suspected at least," his dad said, as he put his hand through the boy's hair. "You can talk to me about it anytime"

"You mean when you're not working or with Sally," Jamie replied, with a bit more edge than he intended.

"Yeah, I'm not available every minute of the day, but I do make time for you," his dad advised

"It's the first time I've seen you in five weeks," Jamie countered


"Well, I explained that; you could have come on vacation with us," his dad suggested

"That's your time with Sally," Jamie returned, thinking that spring break with his dad and his girl friend just wasn't cool.

"She's willing to share me," his father said in a light tone.

Sally had made efforts specifically with Jamie to make him feel included. It wasn't like she was trying to be a stepmom, but rather just accepted him as her boyfriend's son, and guest in their house. The fact that she was only 25, and was more likely to pass for his sister than his dad's girlfriend, was disturbing to him at first. Over time, though, he accepted her and didn't see much issue with the age gap. She certainly made his father happy, much happier than he ever remembered before the break up.

"So I can move in with you then?" Jamie challenged.

"Your mother won't let you; we've been down that road before," his dad reminded.

"Yeah, but I'm sixteen now," Jamie suggested.

"Finish high school and we'll see where you're going from there," his father advised.

"So the answer is no!" Jamie snapped.

"Come on, Jim, don't get into a funk already," his father replied, as he reached out to touch his son affectionately, only to have his hand pushed away. It was true: Jamie did get moody; typically, it meant being negative and quiet.

"Why do you call me that? It's your name; not mine," Jamie snapped.

"Your name, in fact, is James, not Jamie; James Daniel Junior, so it's ok for you to have the same name, Junior," his father said jovially.

"I know what my name is," Jamie replied incredulously.

"As I've said before, buddy, the guys will accept Jim better than Jamie." His father repeated the advice he gave to his son before he entered high school.

"Well, they all know me as Jamie now anyway," Jamie replied.

The rest of the trip was silent, but Jamie did take some satisfaction that his father now shared his secret.


Jamie's school life wasn't tortuous, but neither was it the highlight of his life. Truth be told, he found it all rather dull. On his way to class, he passed Todd in the hall, traveling with his new friends.

"Hi, Todd," Jamie greeted, over cheerfully

"Hey, Jamie," Todd returned, as they passed. Jamie didn't expect him to stop and talk; maybe if he was alone, but certainly not with his masculine friends.

"Why do you talk to that emo loser?" he heard one boy ask Todd

"We used to hang out when we were little kids," Todd replied, just before the group was beyond earshot.

Jamie wasn't surprised by the neutral comment; at least Todd didn't agree that he was a loser. He wondered what Todd's friends would think if they had any idea of what he and Todd did when they hung out in his parent's basement.

Jamie arrived at his math class, the only one he liked, mostly because of his teacher. A rather attractive thirty-something man that Jamie imagined as his secret boyfriend. Both his parents were rather stunned with his sudden improvement in math this year, as it had always been a challenging subject for him. Little did they know that the reason for it was his secret crush on his teacher. During his solo sex, his only form of relief these days, he fantasized that the teacher would take him to his house for private lessons, and he was oh so eager to learn. The teen actually put his fingers into his mouth as he jerked off, imagining that he was performing oral sex on the man, taking the man-sized cock into his mouth and accepting his juices. He didn't dream of the huge cocks that he saw in the porn he downloaded, but thought of something more reasonable lurking between the man's legs.

Jamie joined his loose cluster of girl friends at lunch. Today they weren't chatting about hot athletic guys, but rather their report cards. Jamie wasn't much in the mood, as his wasn't that great, but still they asked.

"So, Jamie, what did you get this term?" one girl asked.

"Sixty six," Jamie replied, hoping the conversation would move on.

"That's not bad," the girl suggested.

"Yeah, but I'm failing English and social studies," Jamie sighed.

"You're doing great in math," the girl offered, as she leaned over and examined his report card.

"Yeah," Jamie dismissed. He was relieved when the girls did change the subject.

When his mother got home that evening, he presented the paper to her and dreaded the response.

"So you want to do grade 10 over again?" She snapped

"I'm doing my best," he protested softly.

"Well you're best isn't good enough; maybe you should quit and get a job," she suggested sternly. "You're not going to hang around here doing nothing with your life; I can kick you out, now that you're sixteen, you know."

"I'll go to dad's, then," Jamie said, without making eye contact.

"Like that little hussy would want a teenager around; you're stuck with me mister. What's it going to take? Should I get out the wooden spoon and spank your bottom?" she mocked, referring to her favourite form of discipline when he was a young child.

"I'll pass; don't worry," Jamie assured softly.

"You'd better, for your sake," she closed.

Jamie went to his room and lay on his bed. He hated his mother so much that he got a bit teary eyed. She was right though; his dad wasn't welcoming him with open arms, but he still figured the man would take him if she kicked him out; he just had to.

Jamie flipped on the computer and went to his porn sites. He watched the free previews and then went to the amateur sites. He found a clip of a movie and watched it, stroking himself. Neither the bitch nor the princess came into his room without permission, thankfully, assuring his privacy. Jamie watched as a young guy went into a locker room and entered the shower. Soon, two endowed hunks joined him, and the younger guy gave them both oral pleasures. They took him back into the locker room and did him, one in each end. The young guy was surprised when two more men showed up, and he ended up taking all four up his ass. The guy seemed to be really enjoying all the action. Jamie had wondered what having a cock up his ass would be like. He'd put his fingers up there, but it didn't seem to be the same as what he was seeing on screen. He thought about putting a broom handle or something up himself, but he figured that would be stupid. His mother would disown him for sure, if he put himself in the hospital.

Jamie closed his eyes, imagining himself as the pale young guy getting pounded by the tanned hunks, as his hand moved furiously over his own cock. He opened his eyes and came, as the clip ended, when the largest cock was just inserted into the young guy. The teen mopped up his ejaculate and pulled his pants back on. He knew he was going to need to get some real action somewhere, but wasn't sure how he was going to go about it.


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