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Jamie in the morning 2

Jamie made the dreaded walk of shame into the vice principals office, as it was required for all students that were failing at least one class. He waited his turn in the uncomfortable hard plastic chairs outside of the office. Looking at his black digital watch, the one his father gave him for his birthday, Jamie noted that it was fifteen minutes past his appointed time. He didn't really like waiting where everyone could see him; it was so embarrassing, but worse - he was missing math class. He wondered what Mr. Brown would be wearing today, and if he'd have that lovely cologne smell.

"Daniels!" the vice principal snapped, bringing Jamie out of his daydream.

He followed the man into the office and sat in a slightly more comfortable chair. Mr. Burns was a stern man; Jamie had never seen him smile, or laugh for that matter. Why such a man would get into teaching seemed a mystery.

The man extended his hand and took Jamie's report card from him.

"This your mother's signature?" He asked.

Jamie nodded.

"So if I call her she's not going to be surprised?" the man asked, as he put one hand on his phone.

"She signed it" Jamie said softly.

The man got up and came round the desk. He stood towering over the boy and put his hand on Jamie's shoulder.

"We're here to help Jamie; just ask your teachers; you can still pass the year," the man said softly, in a voice that seemed so out of character it made Jamie shiver. It seemed as though the man was pretending to care. "I'll make an appointment for you to follow up with me in a month. Now way you go," the man concluded, as he opened the door. "Stevens ... why am I not surprised to see you again?" the man snapped, as the next victim was marched in.

Jamie rushed to his math class, as he wanted to see Mr. Brown, even though there was only ten minutes left. He could have easily skipped the class, but that was the last thing he wanted to do. He entered the classroom quietly and walked up to the teacher.

"Jamie, just in time to get the homework assignment," the man greeted, as he took the office slip from the boy. Jamie's body was electrified as the man brushed his hand along the teen's back, guiding him towards an open seat. It was hardly anything more than a `hurry up and sit down' gesture but for Jamie, it was exciting. He gazed with puppy dog eyes as his dream man went over chapters for their homework and then dismissed the class. Jamie lingered, packing his books and making notes, as he always liked to be the last one out of Mr. Brown's class. He looked up and noticed the teacher approaching him. He knelt down and brought his face to Jamie's level.

"So you ok to work on this?" he asked, getting a nod from Jamie. The teen was erect with his dream boyfriend so close to him. The smell and sound of his voice were erotic in themselves, even though the man wasn't touching him. Jamie wished for the man's hand on his back or shoulder, anything.

"Take a look and see me after school if you have any questions," Mr. Brown concluded, as he stood.

The man returned to his desk as Jamie made for the door. He stopped and turned back to see the man organising his papers for the next class.

"Bye," Jamie said softly.

"See you tomorrow Jamie," Mr. Brown fare welled.

Jamie wandered to the bathroom, as he needed to relieve himself, with his erection subsiding. He took a stall, as he always found those safer. He could hear others coming and going as he did his business, his thoughts still focused on the gentle brush he got from Mr. Brown. Jamie zipped up and left the stall, heading for the sinks to wash up, as he was suddenly snapped into reality when one of the boys spoke to him.

"Hey Jamie, is it true fags suck dick better than girls?" the boy taunted.

A second boy blocked his exit and then suggested "That's not really a fair question; he's never had any action with a girl."

"Oh, yeah. Well I guess Jamie here will have to suck me off, and I'll tell you which is better," the first boy countered.

Jamie was revolted by the suggestion that he give oral pleasures to this lard ass, but outwardly he remained passively silent. He'd found that quiet submission was the best way to deal with bullies; making himself easy prey usually got him less trouble than fighting back. His father had tried to make Jamie more aggressive with the weight set and martial arts lessons, but Jamie showed little interest in the latter, giving up after a few sessions. For all his upper body strength, Jamie lacked the mass to actually fight anyone, let alone the skills to do so. The best he had was to threaten to tell a teacher; it was his only real defence.

The bathroom door opened and three boys entered. The last one in greeted him. "Hey Jamie."

"Hey, Todd," Jamie returned, raising his voice to exude what little confidence he had.

"Let's get out of here," the second tormentor suggested.

Jamie was relieved as the pair left. A simple greeting from his old friend was all it took to save him. Once the odds were no longer stacked in their favour, the cowards had made a swift exit.

Jamie left with a thank you to his friend, "See ya Todd," but didn't wait for a response. He knew the larger teen could only do so much to help him without affecting his own social status. That he came in, just when he needed him, was just blind luck. Jamie had no idea if Todd would really have fought the tormentors for him, but he liked to think so.


Undaunted by the day's events, Jamie went to the local YMCA to put his plan into action. He entered the building, fairly nervous about what might happen. While he was excited at the prospect of having sex with men, he feared that it might get out of control, as he thought back to the video. Jamie found a weight machine he liked and began to work out for an hour. Once he was all sweaty, he made his way to the change room and entered the shower. There were a few men in there. Most were naked, but a couple wore shorts. Jamie bravely washed his underdeveloped naked frame in the warm water. None of the men seemed to be paying much attention to him, so he went to the bathroom, and then returned a quarter hour later. As other men were changing and getting into the shower, Jamie went back in and repeated his show, but still nothing. He was alone in the shower with some old guy, maybe in his fifties, Jamie thought. As the man was finished, he passed Jamie and smiled. Jamie paused, and then figured if he followed the man...he certainly wasn't his dream, maybe he'd be safer. The teen arrived in the change room to see the man getting dressed. Jamie did the same as slowly as he could, but the man zipped up his pants and then was gone.

Jamie was disappointed that this just wasn't working like he'd seen on the Internet. He walked home, wondering what the problem was. Maybe it was him, he figured. He wasn't as hot as the young man on the video, so it seemed he just wasn't what the men wanted. So much for locker room sex, Jamie thought.

When he got home, Jamie was less than thrilled to pass his sister in the doorway.

"I'll get your room when mom kicks you out, loser," she insulted.

Jamie didn't bother to respond; it was an argument he'd never win, as his mother always took her side. Ignoring the princess was the only policy.

Jamie turned on his computer and got out his cock. Today's clip was of some guy hitching and getting picked up by a pair of surfer dudes. He watched intently, stroking himself, as the larger surfer dude pounded the hitcher's ass. Jamie's mind switched to Mr. Brown as he stroked himself, listening to the young hitchhiker getting ploughed. Jamie was shocked as his mind conjured up Mr. Burns, his vice principal. Why he went there was beyond the teen, but, with eyes wide open now, he focused on the cream shooting out of the hot surfer onto the back of the young hitcher, and blew his own load.

After cleaning up, Jamie flipped around to various web sites, and stumbled across `papa chase'. It wasn't a porn site, but had ads for them; rather it was a personals site. As he read through it, he became more excited, as the main purpose was for men looking for `sons' as sexual partners. Jamie began the free sign up process, but had to select his age as 18; there was no lower option. It seemed ok to him, as he was less than two years away from being 18 years old. Once he created a brief profile, he started to search for `papas,' but was surprised to find that he had to pay to be able to do that. Jamie thought it a rip off, luring him in with a free account. Now he'd have to wait for men to find him, and living in suburbia he wondered if anyone would. To improve his chances, Jamie went to the bathroom to take photos of himself. He returned to the computer and uploaded the best ones. One focusing on his flexed bicep, with his face half covered with a cap; the last thing he'd need is to be recognized. His second choice focused on his flat belly, and his third was of his bare ass. He avoided having his whole body in any shot so that he wouldn't be spotted as potentially underage. He'd read about those Internet pervs that lured 12 year olds, but he figured that advertising himself as an adult would avoid guys like that from being interested.

Jamie finished his profile update and then turned his attention to the homework that was assigned, figuring it would be a while before he got any responses. He knew he wasn't a young hunk like on the porn clips, but still he hoped that he'd catch someone's eye.


That evening, the doorbell rang just as Jamie was expecting the Bitch and the princess home from some ballet thing. He assumed she forgot a key or something, and trotted off to the door, dressed only in his night shorts, lest he keep her waiting. As he flung the door open, he was surprised to see Todd standing there.

"Hi, Todd," Jamie greeted cheerfully.

"Hey, Buddy," Todd returned, as hugged the smaller teen.

It was then that Jamie smelt the alcohol reeking from his friend. The larger teen stumbled in and Jamie closed the door.

"Man, I had a lil to drink and I can't go home. Can I stay here?" Todd asked.

Jamie was conflicted; if he got caught, the bitch would be all over him. Yet Todd had stood by him, so how could he mess him up now?

"Ok, but you'll have to be quiet, or my mom will freak," Jamie said, as he quickly led the drunk teen to his bedroom.

Jamie helped Todd out of his stinky clothes as he enjoyed the close contact.

"I gotta piss," Todd announced.

Jamie assisted his friend to the bathroom and watched as he pulled down his underwear and urinated. When he was done, Todd turned and sat on the toilet, apparently exhausted. Jamie looked at his cock; it was certainly more developed than when he'd last seen it thicker, with a lush pubic bush.

"You're ... bigger," Jamie said, as he was caught looking. His old friend excited him a lot, now that he was more masculine.

"Yeah, you'll grow too; don't worry," Todd said reassuringly.

Jamie stood there, looking at Todd, looking at him, unsure what to do. He wanted to grip the cock, but was afraid that the teen would react badly to such a move. Finally, after several minutes, Jamie found his strength and gripped the boy's meat firmly. Not getting a negative reaction, Jamie began to stroke it slowly.

"Oh, yeah!" Todd sighed. "Suck it."

Jamie looked at his friend, wondering if he should. It would be his first time, and Todd was a bit drunk. How would he feel about it in the morning.

"If you want," Todd added, thinking Jamie was insulted by his command.

Jamie took the plunge and knelt down in front of his childhood friend. He copied the actions he'd seen in all the clips, bobbing his head and taking the cock into his mouth. It was more difficult than he imagined, as he gagged right away. Soon, he found a rhythm and, with Todd's hand on his head, he felt a flood of cum in his mouth. Jamie swallowed what he could before he pulled his head off, coughing to clear his throat.

Todd was practically passed out from the effort, yet was clearly satisfied. Jamie cleaned him up and helped him into bed. It was the first time since they were 12 that they'd slept in the same bed, and Jamie was happy to have another body close to him, even though he knew Todd wasn't going to be his boyfriend.

Jamie woke in the morning to see Todd standing over him.

"Hey man, I gotta go; I'm in trouble if I don't sneak in before my dad wakes up," Todd announced.

Jamie nodded, as he came to his senses. It was early, the sun just barely up.

"I stole a pair of your undies; a bit tight, but will do," Todd informed.

"Ok," Jamie replied, as he sat up.

"I'll be quiet when I go ... our secret," Todd said in parting, meaning more than just his being drunk the night before.

"Yeah," Jamie confirmed.

After he heard Todd go, Jamie got up to piss. He wasn't expecting much from Todd, but still he wondered if he'd get more night visits after his performance. Jamie turned on the computer, as there seemed little point in trying to get back to sleep. He opened his email and was stunned to find he had 23 messages on `pappa chase.' He eagerly logged in, but then suddenly checked his expectations. They could just be more haters like on YouTube; there was certainly no guarantee that he was about to get any serious interest in himself.

He cautiously opened the messages and scanned through them; they were mostly positive, and a couple of spam, but nothing negative. He giggled at the ones that just said `you're cute'. He took his time going back through them and checking out the men's profiles. He chose a half dozen to reply to, making comments on their pictures, avoiding guys that didn't bother to post a photo. Jamie sighed and smiled to himself. Even though he'd provided just a limited view of himself, they all found him attractive. This could work out, he thought; maybe he'd actually get a boyfriend after all.


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