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Jamie in the morning 3

It wasn't long before Jamie was chatting with seven different guys; at times he'd have almost all of them online at once. He was overjoyed at all the attention he was getting, sometimes giggling or even laughing. A couple of them showed their bodies on webcam and wanted Jamie to do the same. He told them that he didn't have a webcam, which was true, but they seemed suspicious about that. Jamie's mother seemed to care less about what he did online, but didn't want to pay for a camera; and his father seemed more interested in providing practical gifts. Jamie did have some money saved, but until now he really had no need for a webcam; he simply didn't have that many online friends.

At first, Jamie was surprised at how quickly the men wanted to meet him, but as one reminded him, that was the point of the website, and added that they wouldn't be getting together to play checkers. Jamie had a pretty good idea of what that meant: they'd be hooking up for sex, not a date. Jamie decided to narrow his list to just two guys for a potential meeting; chatting with all of them was just getting confusing. He picked one muscular 27 year old and an athletic guy who was 29. Both seemed reasonable in the chats and not as over eager as the rest to meet him. Their profiles both made mention of large cocks, but it seemed everyone claimed to have a big one. Jamie was likely the only guy on the site to select `small' as a choice for penis size. He'd made it clear that he wasn't able to entertain, so the guys would all have to take him back to their place, which did scare him a little. He decided to meet them in a public place to mitigate that risk.

Jamie arrived at the mall food court mid-day on Saturday. He was meeting bandana man, an apt name as he wore bandanas in all his pictures. He found a table where he could sit with a full view of the area, and pulled his cap down low. He didn't have to wait long for the guy to show. Jamie could see the man pacing in the area they'd selected. He seemed different than his pictures: bigger, rougher, and maybe older. It had to be him though, as the bandana was the signal. Suddenly, Jamie's heart raced: this was it; he was going to meet a man for sex.

As he approached the front of the food court, he was supposed to put his hoody up; who else would wear a hoody in the mall, but just then, he chickened out. He wasn't going to meet this man; he was just too rough, and Jamie was too scared. He made for the mall proper, but the man approached him.

"Hey kid," he called.

Jamie turned slightly. As he kept walking, his legs felt wobbly as he awkwardly tried to keep moving away.

"Hey, you Jim?" Bandana man asked in a stern voice.

"No!" Jamie spat, and kept on his way. He'd decided to use the masculine form of his name as his dad had suggested. But now he thought that he likely should have gone for some other fake name instead. After all, he only knew this guy by his code name. Jamie looked back and saw the man still pacing, looking for a Jim that would never arrive.

Jamie moved quickly to put distance between himself and the food court, constantly checking to see if the man was following him. He walked quickly into the crowd, likely appearing over eager to get somewhere, but in fact he had no destination in mind. All he though of was getting away. `Stupid, really stupid, fucking stupid!' Jamie thought, as he beat himself up for his ill-conceived plan. Jamie made an abrupt turn into the GAP clothing store and turned quickly down the jeans isle. He stood in an area where he could see through shelves, yet keep himself concealed, as he caught his breath.

He didn't want to go home as Princess was having a tea party or whatever girls did when they gathered. His loose collection of female friends at school had never invited him to any of their parties. It made him feel a bit left out, but still he knew he was a boy and wouldn't be welcomed at an all girl party.

Jamie busied himself flipping through clothes, trying to seem as though he was buying something as his mind began to settle. He giggled nervously to himself at his panic attack; no one was chasing him, not Bandana man or any bullies. Jamie remembered that he had arranged his second man for later in the afternoon. It seemed like the logical thing to do, as Bandana had suggested that an hour would be enough time for what he had in mind. Figuring that he could meet Max afterward, Jamie hadn't considered the no-show situation. He wasn't sure of whether he should meet the man or not. After all, he'd run away like a little kid after just seeing his first suitor, but his teenage hormones just wanted sex, however illogical that motivation was.

Jamie entered the food court at quarter to four to retake his position checking to see if an angry bandana man was lurking. Jamie moved along the side of the food court, having reassured himself that the coast was clear, but then he saw Max, his next date, was already there. Jamie stopped in his tracks, unsure of how to proceed, what with his plan to take up a watching position thwarted. He could see Max sitting at a table, seemingly more relaxed than Bandana man. He also seemed to be better dressed, and younger - much more like what he wanted. With his heart thumping, Jamie approached the man and, as he smiled, flipped up his hoody.

"Hello Jim," Max greeted, as he remained seated

"Hi Max," Jamie said, as he lowered his hoody

"Sit down," Max suggested in a calm disarming tone.

Jamie complied and sat - examining the man, unsure of how things would unfold, but he was feeling more at ease about this one.

"I knew you weren't 18, but man, I never thought you'd be twelve!" Max blurted

"I'm sixteen!" Jamie protested, suddenly offended by the man's comments. It wasn't just what he'd said, but that everyone thought him younger, and it irritated him. Max was just the recipient of his frustrations.

"You don't dress like you're sixteen, and you're certainly not 5'9. What are you 5'5?" Max suggested, unfazed by the boy's protest.

"5'4," Jamie said softly, as he slumped in the seat, disappointed by what appeared to be his second failure.

"Listen, Jim, I figured you were like 17 and hot for wild sex, not a little virgin. You put lies in your profile, and this is what happens. Wait `til you're older, kid," Max instructed, as he stood and walked away without another word.

Jamie was crushed; he'd finally got the courage up and the guy didn't want him. It was the story of his life: his mother didn't want him; his father; Todd; now this guy.

As Jamie wandered home in a daze, he lamented that the day was a complete failure. It seemed he was destined to be alone, he thought.


The teen entered the house through the side door and went directly to his room. He could hear the giggles of the party going on, and recalled his mother's instructions - `make yourself scarce'. He flipped on his computer, figuring that he'd just hide out in his room.

Jamie soon bored of looking at his porn sites, with his headphones on, of course. He logged into papa chase, thinking he'd close his account, as that too seemed to be a dead end for his ambitions. When he got in though, he saw there was a guy he marked as a `buddy' online, making a chat request. The guy must have seen him come in and jumped on him. Jamie accepted; he was bored, and this was one of the older guys - 39 or so, he claimed. Likely the guy was 50 or something, Jamie thought, but maybe he'd be more interested in listening to him complain about life.

They went through some idle chit chat, and Jamie was happy that the guy wasn't pushing for a webcam session or a hook up right away. But as time went by, it seemed that he was just interested in chatting.

"You really 39?" Jamie typed, wanting to know if this was going anywhere.

"Yep. You really 18?" came the reply. Jamie wasn't prepared for that; it seemed a logical come back, but the teen hadn't thought about getting his question back at him.

"No," Jamie replied, as there seemed little point in lying now. The guy would most likely behave just as Max had.

"Older?" Ivan asked.

"Younger," Jamie replied, waiting for a response, with much trepidation.

"Really, officer! Just how young are you?" At first, Jamie didn't get the inference, until it dawned on him: `police officer.' The guy thought he was cop.

"I'm not a cop! I'm 16," Jamie typed, as he thought this was going to turn out badly.

"Really! So I guess you're a virgin then?" Ivan responded quickly.

"Yeah. I've sucked before, but that's about it,' Jamie advised, thinking this would cook him right there. He wasn't the 17 year old sex fiend that Max was looking for, so why would it be any different with this guy.

"Awesome!" I like being the teacher," Ivan replied.

Jamie was surprised by the answer. He wondered if this guy was telling him that he was a teacher. What if he was a teacher at his school? Jamie wasn't sure how to proceed, with visions of Mr. Brown dancing in his head, but he knew it couldn't be him. The vague photos didn't match and the age was wrong.

"Is your real name Ivan?" Jamie pressed

"No. It's Duncan, but Ivan sounds more masculine," Ivan replied.

"Are you a school teacher?" Jamie asked. He knew Mr. Brown's first name was Mike or Mitch or something like that.

"Why don't you meet me and we'll talk all about it," Ivan suggested.

Jamie wasn't shocked at the suggestion; it was after all why they were on the site; but, still, it seemed unusually forward of Ivan, after his initial laid back approach.

"Ok. I'm bored tonight, anyway," Jamie typed, figuring he'd at least get something to do, as his fear of meeting these guys was diminished with his pair of rejections today.

"You want to meet now? Really?" Ivan replied.

"Yeah. You know the Mills mall? There's a donut shop on the north side" Jamie replied, thinking the mall itself would be closed by the time they got there.

"Yeah, but it'll take me an hour; I'm not ready to go right away," Ivan suggested.

"Where do you live?" Jamie pressed, knowing that if the meeting went well they'd be going back to Duncan's place for some action.

"Downtown," Ivan responded.

"Really? That's a long way" Jamie replied, thinking that he'd rather not go that far from home. If he had to bolt, it would be a journey to get back on his own.

"Not really; half hour by car," Ivan replied

"You'd drive me back to the mall, right?" Jamie asked

"Of course," Ivan reassured.

They exchanged cell numbers and closed the conversation, Jamie was feeling a lot better about this guy as his excitement for the meeting grew.

Jamie walked down to the meeting place, and took a seat where he could see the parking lot. He bought a hot chocolate, as he was sure they'd not appreciate him sitting there without buying anything.

He didn't have to wait long before the silver BMW pulled up and parked. It was the car Ivan had described, but he couldn't be sure, of course. Suddenly, his phone beeped; he got a text from Ivan that he was waiting outside. Jamie didn't expect that; he thought the guy was going to come in. He wasn't sure he liked the idea of meeting the guy in his car; the public place seemed a lot safer. Once he got into the car there'd be no walking away, like in the mall. He found some courage and stood up from the table, leaving his drink behind. As Jamie walked out into the cool evening air, he could see the man through the windshield. He looked older than his teacher, Mr. Brown, but younger than his dad. Jamie flipped up his hoody, and pulled up the zipper; it was chilly out in the open air. Jamie's feeling of panic returned as he neared the vehicle. His heart threatened to pound out of his chest as he gasped for air. Somehow, his legs kept moving and he found himself beside the car. Jamie reached for the door handle, with a sweaty palm, and opened the car door. He paused, looking at the average sized man dressed in jeans and a collared shirt.

"Hello, Jim. I'm Duncan," the man greeted, with an outstretched hand. Jamie shook hands and got in, his chest still pounding.

"So you're sixteen Jim?" The man quizzed, obviously noting the teen's undeveloped appearance.

"Yeah," Jamie said breathlessly, as he pulled out his wallet. He flipped out his drivers license; his dad had paid for him to get his learners license; both, so that he could teach him to drive, and also as a form of identification. Jamie had become accustomed to proving his age to adults. So, in his nervous state, his presentation was an automatic response to Duncan's question.

The man briefly examined the card without taking it from the boy's hand. "So what would you like to do?" Duncan asked.

"I dunno," Jamie replied nervously.

"We can talk here or, if you want, I can take you to my place," Duncan suggested.

"Ok," Jamie replied, still fighting to remain calm.

"So which then?" Duncan confirmed

"Your place," Jamie blurted, not sure if it was really the right thing to do, but now that he'd come this far, it seemed stupid to just sit there.

Duncan turned the car on and drove out of the parking lot. Jamie allowed his mind to drift as he relaxed in the soft leather seats, certainly more comfortable than the one's in his parent's cars. He busied himself looking at all the buttons and dials on the machine, not that he was a car guy, but rather it eased his mind. He knew that Duncan was going to be expecting him to perform when they got back to his place, and that made the teen rather nervous.

"So Jim, what's your story?" Duncan asked

"Huh?" Jamie asked, as he snapped back into reality.

"What's your situation; what's your plan for the future?" Duncan asked.

"I wanna be an actor," Jamie replied.

"Awesome, Jim! My cousin is an acting coach for an agency. She never made it into anything big though," Duncan informed.

"That's cool," Jamie replied, thinking this could be a lie, or perhaps an opportunity to get somewhere with his ambitions. "But everyone calls me Jamie"

"You prefer that?" Duncan asked, as he drove through the downtown streets.

"Yeah. When you call me Jim, it's like you're talking to my dad," Jamie reported.

"Does your dad know you're going out with strange men?" Duncan asked playfully, as he was a bit surprised to hear that the boy had a man in his life. Most of the guys he'd met were with single moms or on their own. Typically they were older than Jamie, though.

"No, he knows I'm gay, but he doesn't live with us," Jamie advised.

Duncan was getting a feel for whom he had in the seat next to him, as he drove into the underground parking of his condominium building. The boy was silent as the elevator ascended the building, staring up at the floor indicator as they went. The man led him to his apartment and allowed Jamie to go in first. It was a decent size corner unit, from what the boy could see, with nice furniture; more like his dad's place than where he lived.

"You want a drink?" Duncan asked, as he made for the kitchen. Jamie rounded the corner and stood by the doorframe. "Coke? Beer?" Duncan offered.

Jamie had never had beer. On the one hand, he liked being treated like an adult, but on the other he wondered if Duncan was seeking to get him drunk. It certainly seemed to lower Todd's inhibitions when he dropped by.

"Maybe later," Jamie deferred.

"Ok, well it's this way," Duncan informed, as he led the boy into his bedroom.

This was it Jamie thought, as his chest pounded again. Duncan was going to have sex with him, right now! His mind was mixed with fear and excitement as he stood looking at the man's bed. He knew Duncan was behind him, but he didn't turn around, as if he was frozen in place. He could feel the man's hands lifting up his shirt. Jamie raised his arms and allowed his T-shirt to be pulled off. He sighed as the man's hands moved slowly down his bare back and then circled around his waist to his belt. Jamie felt his jeans coming down; it felt strange being undressed by someone else. Standing in his underwear, Jamie could hear Duncan's clothing coming off behind him.

"Sexy underwear," Duncan commented.

The boy's breathing became rapid as he realised what was about to happen. `Oh god,' Jamie thought. `This is happening too fast'. He thought about asking to use the bathroom or suggesting that he should check in with his mother.

Duncan turned Jamie around to face him. The man's body was unremarkable, but in decent shape, with a large amount of chest hair. He'd also left his briefs on, but now slid them off for Jamie to get his first look at a man cock in person. It popped out of Duncan's underwear already semi-erect. Big, but not huge, Jamie thought, as he stared, fascinated by the thick penis.

Suddenly, he realised that Duncan was waiting for him, standing there with his hands on the boy's shoulders. He slipped his bikini briefs down and kicked them off as his own cock was revealed. Duncan hugged him, pressing the boy's face into his hairy chest. Jamie returned the hug, and the pair just held each other. Jamie sighed as he began to relax. Duncan seemed ok with his appearance, as there was no comment on his immaturity or small cock.

The man gripped Jamie's head and pulled his face in to press their lips together. Tongues were swapped as Jamie revelled in his first passionate kiss. The texture of another tongue in his mouth and the firm hands gripping his shoulders made Jamie rock hard. Duncan broke the kissing and licked up and down both sides of Jamie's neck. The boy's body tingled all over as he experienced foreplay for the first time.

"Oh, yeah!" Jamie sighed.

The man guided him onto the bed and joined him. The powerful hands moved the boy onto his back and then began to roam all over his body. Jamie enjoyed the sensations of being touched, like he'd never been touched before, giggling when Duncan found his ticklish spots.

"Tickles," he protested, as Duncan stroked his soft inner thighs.

Soon, the man's tongue was back, this time lashing at Jamie's nipples. The erotic, yet ticklish feeling, was overwhelming as Jamie squealed. Duncan moved down his body, licking his belly and then his inner thighs. Jamie felt the tongue lash his balls, and then the man enveloped Jamie's whole cock with his mouth. The teen trembled as he moaned.

"Mmmm. Oh, yeah!" Jamie whimpered

The cock sucking pushing him right to the edge, Jamie was gripping the bed sheets as his chest heaved.

Jamie grunted several times as he unloaded into the man's mouth. The teen's orgasm was intense, as he groaned out his ecstasy; he had no idea feelings like this existed. Jamie contorted and moaned until finally Duncan released his super sensitive cock.

"That was quick!" the man commented, as he stroked the boy's face.

As Jamie recovered from his best orgasm ever, it suddenly hit him; it would be his turn now.

"Oh, snap! What the hell am I supposed to do now!' he thought, as panic set in again.


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