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Jamie in the morning 4

Duncan lay on the bed beside Jamie as the afternoon light slipped in under the curtains. Jamie knew that he had to return the favour Duncan had performed, however brief that was. He sat up and paused, wondering if all this was such a good idea after all. Jamie moved across the man's leg and positioned himself to suck cock. As the boy gripped the hard man meat, he realised that it was thicker than he thought.

"This is your first time, isn't it?" Duncan asked softly, as he remained passively reclined on the bed.

"No!" Jamie challenged. "It's just that you're bigger than I thought"

"Take your time; I'm in no rush" Duncan replied soothingly.

Jamie lapped at the shaft of the hard cock and then took the head into his mouth. As he pushed down, it became apparent that he wasn't going to be able to get much of it into his mouth. Duncan began to softly moan as the chestnut brown hair bobbed up and down. Jamie could feel the man's hand running through his hair as he sucked.

"Deeper," Duncan urged the boy.

Jamie got about half way down before he gagged. He was angry with himself for not being able to take more; he'd certainly not had any difficulty with Todd's cock. He continued to suck as he tried to keep a rhythm, in the hope that Duncan would soon ejaculate. But would he? The man was clearly enjoying it, but didn't seem to be on the verge of a release. Jamie started to worry how Duncan might react if he couldn't finish the job. His jaw hurt and his neck was getting sore from the movement. Finally, Jamie gave up and stopped sucking. He kept his head down as the hard wet cock bounced in front of his face.

"Just let me rest a minute," he said quietly.

"Here, you lay down" Duncan directed.

Jamie looked up at the man and was relieved that he didn't appear to be angry. He allowed himself to be guided onto his back, where Duncan had just been. The man put a pillow behind the boy's head, and then straddled his chest. The cock was at the boy's face once again, clearly seeking entry into his warm mouth.

Jamie opened his mouth, wondering exactly what Duncan had in mind. The man pushed his hips forward and his cock entered again. The teen got the idea as the man pushed ever-deeper, mouth fucking the boy.

"Just relax," Duncan instructed, as Jamie gagged on the cock filling his mouth. He wanted to comply, but the thing was hitting the back of his throat. The process continued a while longer, until Duncan pulled the cock out of Jamie's mouth. Jamie could taste the man's cum as it left, but was surprised to feel it spraying his face. The thick streams of cum shot as high as his forehead, and he was sure some must have gotten into his hair. That upset him, as he was going to have to wash now before going home.

The cock was back at his lips again, urgently seeking entry. The boy flicked his tongue at the head as Duncan hissed and moaned the finality of his orgasm. The man was spent, and sat back on the boy's belly. As Duncan swung his leg over and stood up, Jamie moved to sit up, but was pushed back.

"You wait there and I'll get you cleaned up; no point in getting it all over the place," Duncan said, before heading for the bathroom.

"I though you did that already," Jamie replied, not sure if the man heard him or not.

Duncan returned with a wet towel and cleaned the cum from the boy's head. He then lay down beside him and returned to passionate tongue wrestling. Jamie started to relax again; the cum facial didn't irritate him as much now. He was cleaned up and he'd pleased the man, his man.

"Was that ok?" He asked in boyish self-doubt.

"That was awesome; you're my dream boy!" Duncan gushed.

Jamie assumed the compliment was exaggerated, but still, he liked the endorsement. Although he wondered how many other boys had heard the same words, likely in this same bed.

"Come on. Let's take a shower," Duncan announced, as he rolled off the bed. He extended his hand and Jamie took it. The boy was pulled to his feet and then scooped up in Duncan's arms. While Jamie wasn't a huge kid, he certainly wasn't lightweight either. So it surprised him that Duncan carried him the short distance to the bathroom.

Jamie returned to his feet after Duncan pushed the door open. The boy stood by while the water was adjusted, then joined the man when he motioned for him to get in. He couldn't remember taking a shower with his dad, so it was a completely new experience for him. Jamie stood still as Duncan intimately washed him, as though he were incapable of doing so himself. He enjoyed the attention and was all too happy to return the favour.

Just when Jamie figured the event was over, Duncan got down on his knees, as though he was looking for something. Jamie was shocked as the man's head went straight for his crotch and enveloped his penis. Jamie was hard by the second stroke, as Duncan sucked him quickly. Having come once already, Jamie was able to enjoy the sensations as he tried to stabilize himself. Being sucked in the standing position was another new thing for the boy. Jamie started to moan in his high-pitched voice as he neared another squirt. Duncan slowed, seeking to extend the boy's pleasure. Jamie was lost as he grunted his fluids into the man's eager mouth. Once swallowed though, Duncan continued to suck on the sensitive cock.

"Ohhhh, ok, ok, ... stop!" Jamie whined, as he tried to pull his cock from the man's mouth.

Duncan released him and smiled. "You taste great!"

Jamie hadn't thought of his cum as having a taste; he couldn't discern a difference between Todd's offering and Duncan's. As he stood passively naked in the bathroom, allowing the man to dry his body, Jamie wondered if he should offer to suck Duncan again. After all he got it twice, so it only seemed fair.

"Is there anything else you want me to do?" Jamie asked.

"You're still horny?" Duncan asked with a smirk

"No, but I came twice so I figured ..." Jamie trailed off.

"I'm old; I only need it half as much as you," Duncan offered good-naturedly.

Jamie felt awkward as they dressed and prepared to leave. He wasn't sure what to say or do. He wasn't eager to go rushing home, but he wasn't sure that Duncan wanted to keep him at his place beyond their sexual encounter.

"So you want to get something to eat?" Duncan asked, when he finished dressing.

"I only have five bucks," Jamie reported shamefully, as the meagre allowance his mother gave him rarely lasted the week. At least his father was generous with the cash, when Jamie actually got to see him, that was.

"It's on me, kid," Duncan said in mock bravado.

"Ok," Jamie replied meekly. It seemed rude to refuse, but he wondered if the guy wasn't trying to pay him for the evening's delight. He'd not considered the idea of making money from hooking up with men; he just wanted the sex and well, the attention, Jamie admitted to himself.

Duncan took him to a western themed restaurant, which was packed with families, strangely. Duncan seemed to know where to go, and ploughed his way towards the bar. He motioned Jamie up into a bar chair and sat beside him. Jamie had never sat in a bar, although it was more a sports bar, with TV screens everywhere, but Jamie had no interest in professional sports.

"Order what ever you like," Duncan suggested, when the bartender provided menus.

Jamie didn't go out to eat much with his family. When they did, it was for special occasions. Typically the weekend treat would be take-out food. It was fine with him, as he didn't really want to sit for two hours with his family members anyway. The princess would end up annoying him, and he'd get in trouble for snapping at her; it was always the way.

"I'll get the burger," he announced after examining the menu. He didn't want to upset Duncan by ordering something too expensive.

"If that's what you want," Duncan replied.

When the meal came, Jamie was surprised how big the slab of meat was, and the volume of fries he got.

"It's huge," Jamie blurted.

"Why thank you," Duncan replied jokingly. "Just don't get fat on me," he added, not sure if Jamie got the joke or not.

Jamie loved the meal! It was a different taste from the burger shacks or what his father did on the BBQ. He figured that the back bacon and the sauces made the difference, as well as the superior meat. Jamie wasn't a big eater, but he could put his share of food down like any teenage boy. In the end, he decided to leave half his fries behind; he was full anyway. Jamie noticed that Duncan had a beef sandwich, but really didn't pay much attention to the man during the meal. It was simply too crowded and noisy to have much of a conversation.

Once they were in the car, Duncan reached over and held Jamie's hand. The teen wasn't sure about doing that in public, but then he was shocked as Duncan leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

"I had a great time tonight," the man announced.

"Yeah me too ... thanks for the burger," Jamie replied quietly, still stunned by the semi-public display of affection. He was pretty sure that no one saw them, but what if they did!

"So can I see you again?" Duncan asked, as they drove away. "We can see a movie or something; we don't just have to go back to my place."

"Ok," Jamie replied. He was somewhat confused by the statement. Of course they had to go back to his place; after all he was in this for the sex.

Jamie directed Duncan to drive to a bus stop closer to his house.

"This is it here ... you can pick up me here next time," Jamie advised, thinking it an easy excuse for standing around waiting.

"So ... Saturday then?" Duncan suggested.

"OK," Jamie replied. He was shocked again, by Duncan's lips pressing into his own. "Someone might see us!" He protested.

"There's no one around," Duncan dismissed.

"I gotta go," Jamie said, irritated, as he got out of the car.

Duncan waved as he drove off, so Jamie returned a casual half wave, in case anyone really was watching. As the teen walked home, he felt pretty satisfied with himself. He'd taken a risk and it worked out; he had sex with man! He sighed as he arrived home, licking his lips; he could still taste Duncan. He went in quietly and made for his room. As usual, his mother wasn't watching for him. Jamie crashed down on his bed, and got hard, thinking of Duncan.


Jamie got up late on Sunday, and wandered around in his boxers. He noticed his phone flashing and picked it up on his way to the kitchen. Duncan had texted him: `Can't wait for Saturday.' Jamie chuckled, as he got some cereal for breakfast.

"What are you smiling about?" his sister asked.

"None of your business," Jamie snapped, as the princess thankfully continued on her way through.

Jamie eventually made his way to the shower, where he found himself thinking back to how Duncan had washed him. It seemed silly at the time, but now he longed for the man's hands to be caressing his body. Jamie began stroking himself, and quickly unloaded as he thought about the man.

When he was done with the showering, Jamie decided to respond to Duncan's text.

`Me2 showered by myself today :( ' He keyed.

Jamie started getting dressed, when his phone went off again. It seemed as if Duncan was waiting for him to reply.

`Id more than wash you LOL! what time on Sat?' Duncan had texted

`IDK 4?' Jamie replied

`K 4 it is can't wait' Duncan sent back immediately.


Saturday came early, or so it seemed to Jamie. All he thought about during the week was Duncan, replaying their sexual encounter in his mind. He stood at the bus stop, in the shelter actually, as it was raining. He was again nervous about going out with the man, but his excitement overwhelmed that feeling.

He called the man on his cell. "Hey, I'm in the bus shelter."

"Ok. I'm running a bit late, with the rain. Sorry. Traffic is just stupid," Duncan replied, in a tone that communicated his frustration.

"Ok, I'll wait," Jamie replied, before ending the call.

It was twenty after four when Duncan did show up, as Jamie watched the silver car approach. He went out into the rain and leapt into the machine.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, buddy," Duncan said, as he pulled away.

"It's ok," Jamie consoled.

"So what would you like to do today?" Duncan asked.

"Go to your place and ... you know," Jamie replied coyly.

"Ok, then ... I suppose we'll find something to do," Duncan joked.

It took almost an hour to get back to Duncan's, with the traffic issues. Jamie kicked off his shoes and headed straight for the bedroom. He was horny and wanted the action to begin. Duncan followed him and stood in the doorway watching Jamie strip down. Only when the boy was naked and reclined on the bed, did he start undressing himself. Jamie lay on his side in an unknowingly sexy pose.

Duncan climbed on top of the teen and enveloped his body. Jamie wrapped his arms around the man's back, as the foreplay began. Duncan licked the sides of the boy's neck, driving him crazy with ticklish, yet erotic sensations. Then came the tongue wrestling, Jamie was certainly a more active kisser in the privacy of the man's bedroom.

Duncan rolled them both over, leaving Jamie on top.

"Suck Me!" he demanded

Jamie giggled, "Say please," he mocked, in his naturally high voice. He always tried to speak quietly or force a deeper tone at school, but now that he was relaxed, his effeminate side came out.

"Please suck me," Duncan said softly. " Swing around and we'll 69".

"Ok," Jamie replied eagerly, as he rotated his body so both could access each other's crotches.

Jamie allowed Duncan to guide his body in motions that allowed him to take more of the man's dick into his mouth. Once the boy was slurping up and down on his own, Duncan left him to it and started teasing Jamie's hard rod. He certainly didn't want the boy to cum as quickly as last time, so he was taking it easy on him. Jamie seemed well motivated by the dual stimulation, as he was easily twice as good as their last encounter.

He could sense the boy was slowing down, perhaps tiring from the continuous up and down motion. Instead of urging him on, Duncan pulled the boy's hips down slightly and lifted his own head up into Jamie's ass. Jamie moaned instantly as Duncan's tongue lapped at his anus. The vibrations from the moans were marvellous. The man lifted his hips, as Jamie seemed to be taking less cock on the way down.

"Suck hard; I'm close," Duncan announced, as he quickly returned to rimming the boy.

Jamie complied and, sure enough, started getting mouthfuls of creamy cum as his man grunted. Jamie didn't care for the cum and so, spit it out onto the man's belly.

"Keep sucking it slowly; it's really sensitive right now," Duncan instructed.

Jamie went back down on the thick cock as he was asked, giving Duncan fits of pleasure, until finally the man was spent.

"I liked what you were doing with my ass," Jamie advised.

"Rimming. You liked that, eh?" Duncan asked, as the boy rested his full weight on him.

"I thought rimming was something else," Jamie admitted.

"What?" Duncan asked.

"Never mind," Jamie replied, embarrassed.

Duncan rolled the boy onto his side and then dove his face back into the boy's ass. Jamie made incoherent noises as the man really worked his hole. Finally, Duncan switched to sucking the boy's cock; it was already dripping precum, and the kid was clearly ready for a release.

Jamie was in heaven with the things Duncan was doing to him; he wanted it to last forever, but he knew an orgasm was building quickly. As Duncan sucked him, he could feel something else at his anus. A finger was massaging the entrance to his hole and, then, suddenly it was pushing in! He'd put his own fingers up there before, but this seemed different somehow. Jamie squeezed tight and blasted his cum into Duncan's mouth. As Jamie lay panting, Duncan caressed his sensitive body, giving the boy time to catch his breath.

"So what do you want to do now?" Duncan asked, in a sultry voice.

`Oh snap! He wants to fuck me!' Jamie thought, as panic set in again.


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