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Jamie in the morning 5

Jamie's chest heaved as his panic attack came on full force. His heart was pounding as though it would come right out of his chest. He rolled away from Duncan on the bed seeking to hide his fear. Duncan gently stroked the soft back, gradually increasing his contact into a full massage. Jamie allowed himself to be pushed onto his belly, and started to relax as the powerful hands pressed into his muscles. He grunted softly as Duncan pressed into his lower back.

"So do you want to go out for dinner again, or maybe we could order in this time," Duncan suggested.

Jamie giggled softly at how stupid his fear was; the guy only wanted to arrange dinner.

"What's so funny?" Duncan quizzed.

"I though you wanted to fuck me," Jamie admitted.

"You ready for that? You clamped down on my finger pretty tight," Duncan noted.

"I've had my finger in there lots of times," Jamie announced. "I guess next time we could try it"

"Jamie, there's no trying. If you're ready, then we'll do it," Duncan said firmly.

"Ok," Jamie replied quietly, worried that he'd upset the man.

"Here, roll over," Duncan instructed.

Jamie flipped over onto his back and allowed Duncan to lift his legs. He wondered what was going on as the man produced a bottle of lube from the night table drawer.

"I'm just going to finger you," Duncan said, reading the boy's confused expression.

Jamie was relieved to hear that, as he was worried that Duncan thought he wanted to be fucked right now. He could feel the cold lube being smeared on his anus, and then the finger pushing in. He tried to relax just like when he did it to himself, but it was a challenge. Jamie had never used lube, so he was surprised when the finger slipped right in. Duncan was moving in and out, checking Jamie for a reaction. The man sucked on the boy's hard cock a few times, as Jamie had quickly returned to full rigidity. He felt the finger slip out and more lube going in. Jamie didn't understand why Duncan did that, as his finger seemed to have no trouble sliding in and out. Suddenly, he got his answer as two fingers went where only one had been before. Jamie grunted at the new thickness stretching him.

"It's ok. Stay relaxed, Jamie; you're doing great," Duncan encouraged, as the boy squeezed his fingers.

As soon as Jamie relaxed a bit, Duncan went back to finger fucking him; but this time slowly, with two fingers in there. He also returned to sucking the boy at the same time. Jamie was quickly unloading again, his body twitching with the sensations. Duncan removed the fingers and let Jamie's legs back down. Jamie felt a bit sore with the position Duncan had him in, but his anus seemed fine, much to his surprise.

"Next time," Duncan said playfully, and he gripped his own flaccid penis.

"Next time," Jamie giggled nervously.

"So how about I order some pizza?" Duncan suggested.

"Ok" Jamie agreed. He didn't care really, but this time he wasn't in a rush to leave. He was relaxed from his two orgasms and felt at ease with Duncan.

"No, leave it; just stay naked; you look so sexy," Duncan said, as Jamie picked up his clothes.

"No, I'm not," Jamie replied quietly.

"Oh yes you are; you're my dream boy," Duncan challenged, before disappearing to order dinner.

Eating naked made Jamie feel awkward. He wondered if it were possible for people to see into Duncan's apartment. The next building was some distance away, but still, some nosy person with binoculars might be in for a shocker if they trained them on this particular unit.

Jamie enjoyed reclining on the couch with Duncan after dinner. Having a naked masculine body next to his own was comforting, as was the gentle stroking he was getting from his man.

"You're hard again!" Duncan noted, as his hand ran down the boy's thigh, brushing against his cock.

"I'm always hard," Jamie countered, as he enjoyed the moment.

"You want me to take care of that before we go?" Duncan asked.

"No, I've had enough," Jamie said softly. He knew their quiet repose wasn't going to last forever, but still it made him sad to have to get up.

"I better get you home before your mother reports you missing," Duncan said, as he playfully slapped the boy's ass.

"Yeah, right. It would take a week for her to notice," Jamie replied.

The car ride back was quiet, as Jamie kept his thoughts to himself.

"So next Saturday?" Duncan said hopefully.

"I'm with my dad. Sorry," Jamie replied, breaking his silence.

"That's ok. We'll do it the week after then," Duncan said, almost covering his disappointment.

"Ok. Thanks for the ride and the pizza," Jamie said, as they neared his bus stop.

"My pleasure, literally!" Duncan said, as he ruffled the boy's hair.

Jamie opened the car door and said "Bye" quietly, before trotting off back home, purposely avoiding the goodbye kiss that Duncan no doubt wanted to give him. It wasn't that Jamie didn't want the kiss; rather he just felt too exposed doing it in the car.


As he came through the door, it wasn't late - just closing in on 8. So Jamie was surprised to hear his mother calling him.


He went up to the living room where he figured she'd be, as he tried to remember on the way what he might be in trouble for.

"Yeah?" he asked quietly.

"Where have you been all day?" she asked, irritated, but not enough to take her eyes off the TV.

"I was here `til four; then I was out with friends," Jamie covered.

"You have an audition tomorrow," she announced, as she handed over a script sheet.

"Tomorrow!" Jamie protested, as he took the paper.

"It's just four lines; even you can learn that by tomorrow," she chided.

"It's not just the lines," Jamie snapped, as he read through the paper. He needed to get the mood and tone correct. There was a lot more to acting that just reading the lines, but she never really got that. Once his mother realised that Jamie wasn't going to be bringing in lots of money acting, she started losing interest. So this sudden audition was a surprise.

It was his first audition in months, so Jamie was a bit excited. The small part was for a TV show filming locally. He didn't get his hopes up, as he'd never had a speaking part before; just extra roles where he stood in the background or just walked through the shot.

"This is for a twelve year old," Jamie protested.

"So you can play twelve," she snapped.

"I look older than twelve," Jamie retorted.

"Kids don't play their age. Most of the kids on that teen show you watch are all in their twenties. How old was that Malcolm kid when he was playing fourteen? Twenty at least!" his mother thundered.

From his mother's tone, Jamie knew he'd be doing the audition, even if he were the biggest twelve year old there.

"Fine!" Jamie snapped, and stormed off to his room.

He crashed onto his bed, wondering why she bothered. It wasn't like he was going to get the part anyway. After he'd calmed down, Jamie read the lines, and then repeated them aloud several times until he had them memorized. With that, he declared himself ready; he'd done what she asked, and that would be about it as far as he was concerned.


The next day, his mother took him to the auditions. As Jamie stood in line, he saw several other kids his size: maybe big twelve year olds, maybe fourteen year olds. or perhaps young looking sixteens. It didn't matter, but it made him feel better. When the time came, he got up and suddenly panicked.

`Not again' he thought, as his stage fright set in. He fought to control his breathing as the casting director set the scene for him.

Jamie tried to look like he was getting into character, rather than fighting to be able to speak.

"Let me go! I didn't steal anything!" he snapped.

"Get you're hands off me!" he said, as he pulled away from a nonexistent assailant.

"I'll tell my dad; he's a big time lawyer!" Jamie whined, easily conveying fear despite his strong words. He kicked himself mentally, as it was supposed to be `big shot,' not `big time;' but who said `big shot' anyways?

"What are you doing? I'm not going anywhere with you pigs," Jamie completed, and then rushed off the stage. He felt like he was going to puke. His acting ambitions seemed at odds with his fears. It never happened at drama camp, where he was just goofing around. But with anything formal like this, it was a complete ordeal.

"You did ok," his mother consoled, when she found him leaning against a wall back stage.

"Let's just go," Jamie moped.

That evening, he related the day to Duncan online. He didn't really expect the man to provide a solution, but he wanted to bitch at someone about how stupid the audition was in the first place, and how poorly he did.

"You'll get better the more you do it," Duncan typed.

"I've done tons," Jamie countered.

"Go for a naked role next time; you'll get that for sure," Duncan keyed.

"WTF" Jamie responded.

"You're so cute, what you say won't matter," Duncan explained.

"Yeah, right," Jamie dismissed.


Jamie woke up on Saturday to the sound of his cell phone ringing. It was his dad's number, so he answered quickly.

"Yeah, dad," he said groggily, as he checked the time, wondering if he was late.

"Hey, buddy. Sorry, but I have to cancel this weekend. I've got work stuff piled on me," his father advised.

"Yeah, whatever," Jamie snorted, thinking the work excuse was used too often to be true.

"Come on, buddy. We'll get together in a couple of weeks, ok?" Jim advised.

"Yeah ok," Jamie replied, before hanging up. He would rather avoid the feigned emotional closing to the call.

Jamie lay in bed, pissed off at his father, when he realised that he was alone in the house. His mother and sister should have left for the ballet thing by now. He had an excuse to be gone `til Sunday, and he planned to use it.

He dialled Duncan's number, but got a message instead.

"Hey! Dad cancelled. Call me" Jamie said, hoping the man would be available.

Jamie rolled out of bed and turned on his computer. Finding no messages from Duncan, he sent him an e-mail, telling the man to call him right away. Jamie then went to the bathroom. As he began to piss, his cell phone rang. `Shit!' he thought, as he'd left the phone in the bedroom. Thankfully, the caller let it keep ringing, as Jamie didn't have voice mail.

"Hello," he answered breathlessly.

"So I guess you're free today," Duncan responded.

"Yeah, I don't have to be home `til Sunday afternoon," Jamie advised.

"Are you inviting yourself to sleep over?" Duncan asked.

"If you want," Jamie replied, wondering if the man would be interested in keeping him overnight.

"Of course I want. When can I come get you?" Duncan asked.

"I guess two hours. I need to shower and get ready," he said.

"Ok, so noonish then?" Duncan confirmed.

"Yeah. See you at the bus stop," Jamie closed.

"I can't wait," Duncan gushed.

Jamie smiled as he hung up; at least one man wanted to see him this weekend.


As Jamie walked towards the bus stop, he saw Duncan's car sitting there. He looked at his watch and noted that he was early. He sprinted over to the car and jumped in.

"Hello there," Duncan greeted, as he pulled away.

"Hi. Don't be early again," Jamie instructed.

"Ok. I guess I could park down the street until it's time. Sorry," Duncan replied honestly. He didn't want to make this difficult for his boy.

"It's ok. We going back to your place?" Jamie asked, hoping it was the case.

"I thought we could have brunch first," Duncan suggested.

"Yeah, ok," Jamie replied, as he hadn't had much to eat before leaving.

Duncan took him to an all day breakfast place and watched the boy stuff himself with pancakes.

"So today's the big day?" Duncan asked.

"Yep," Jamie replied between mouthfuls, as he thought about sleeping beside the man all night.

"You're going to go through with it then?" Duncan repeated.

"What?" Jamie quizzed.

Duncan raised his eyebrows and made a casual gesture with his finger penetrating his fist. He kept it low on the table so no one but Jamie saw it.

It was then clear to the boy what the man was taking about. He chose his words carefully, remembering what he'd said a week ago.

"We can, but you'll have to be gentle," which he hoped translated into `if it doesn't hurt too much.'

"Of course," Duncan reassured, as he gazed on his lovely virgin.

When they got back to Duncan's place, the pair lounged around. Duncan was hot to get things going, but didn't want to rush Jamie, waiting until after three before making a suggestion.

"So we want to do it before dinner? Would likely be best," Duncan said, trying not sound like he was pushing it.

"Yeah, ok," Jamie replied from his reclined position on the couch.

Duncan took the boy by the hand and walked him to the bedroom. Once again, he undressed the boy as he had the first night. Knowing Jamie was nervous, he was very gentle with him as he put the naked boy on the bed. He stripped down himself, before getting the lube ready.

Jamie's chest was pounding again; he knew Duncan would be gentle, but still he was nervous. He wanted to stop it; to wait, but he feared what the man had said. He just couldn't back out now; losing Duncan was too much of a risk.

"Ok, here we go," Duncan said, as he began fingering the boy, lubing him up for the main event. He stroked Jamie's rigid cock a few times to get things going.

"Now, when I put my dick in, it's going to hurt, right?" Duncan advised. "So just try and stay relaxed. It will get better; just don't try and push me out when I'm pushing in."

"Ok," Jamie said softly, as the man fucked him with two fingers. His hole was opening up, and he felt relaxed enough that Jamie thought it might be ok after all. He thought back to the pleasure he saw on the porn vids when guys were getting it, and hoped it was as good as advertised.

Duncan lifted the boy's legs up high and positioned himself behind. Jamie was splayed open, ready for the cock, as Duncan slipped on a condom. With his feet on Duncan's shoulder's, Jamie tried to focus on keeping his breathing steady. He was both nervous and excited. This was it! Duncan was going to fuck him!

Jamie felt the cock at his hole, as Duncan adjusted for entry. There was a sharp pain as he was stretched with the thick cock pushing in. Jamie tried to keep relaxed as he whimpered. Duncan thrust in quickly, pushing in a good part of his cock. Jamie's head snapped back and he let out a low growl. The pain coursed through his body as he gripped Duncan's arms tightly. This wasn't at all what he expected; it hurt a lot. How could anyone enjoy this, he thought?

Duncan began to rock back and forth, pushing in a little more each time, as Jamie kept his vice grip on the man's arms. Duncan noticed Jamie was whimpering, as tears trickled down his face.

"You're doing great, baby," Duncan consoled, as he began to fuck in earnest.

Jamie would have preferred the man to just leave it still, as the fucking was making it worse. He groaned on each push, almost ready to demand the man stop, it hurt so badly.

"Hurts, hurts," he hissed through clenched teeth.

"It's ok, Jamie. Stick with it," Duncan urged.

As the man picked up speed, Jamie gave in and resolved to just let it happen. The feeling of his ass being ripped open faded and was replaced with a numb sensation. Duncan was pumping quickly, as Jamie moaned quietly. Occasionally, he'd yelp when Duncan thrust in particularly hard or shifted positions. Jamie's legs suspended above his head went all tingly, as he seemed to lose feeling in them. Duncan was grunting as he fucked him, adding to the sounds of sex.

"You ok?" Duncan asked.

"Yeah," Jamie whispered, as he seemed to be losing sensation to what Duncan was doing. The fucking was still going on, but now all Jamie felt was a warm, numb feeling, with a bit of pain on each thrust.

Jamie was surprised by a sudden surge of cum out of his dick; he hadn't realised it was even hard yet. Duncan wasn't stroking him; he'd cum all on his own it seemed. Jamie could hear Duncan grunting loudly. It sounded like he was unloading, too, and then he stopped. He allowed Jamie's legs to slip back down to the bed, and rested on his soft chest.

Half the cock was still inside him, as Jamie recovered from his first fuck. His body twitched from an aftershock of his unexpected orgasm. He could feel the man's penis in him; it was still hard and pulsing. Jamie's own cock had wilted some, but it tingled as Duncan's belly rubbed against it.

After lying still for a few minutes, Duncan pulled his cock out, causing Jamie to wince in pain as it exited.

"You did it!" Duncan exclaimed softly, as he kissed Jamie passionately.


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