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Jamie in the morning 6

Jamie lay still for a while longer after Duncan had left the room. He could hear the man pissing in the nearby toilet. It was an overwhelming experience for the boy; indeed, he'd done it, but it wasn't exactly like he expected. His ass was sore from Duncan's intrusion, and his hole was still twitching as it contracted to its natural size. Jamie wasn't scared anymore, but he felt disappointed, almost sad about the experience. He'd had an orgasm; that much was obvious, but it wasn't pleasurable for him. Jamie came to the conclusion that it always hurt; they just faked liking it on the porn vids, but that made no sense to the teen. Why would anyone do it? he thought.

Jamie could feel Duncan wiping his ass gently. He spread his legs to allow the man better access to the work site. Duncan then lay down on the prone boy, covering his body. Duncan was heavy, but not unbearably so for Jamie. He was ok with the man on top of him and, in fact, enjoyed the closeness. Jamie drifted off into a light sleep, waking several times as Duncan shifted on top of him. At some point, Jamie ended up on top, resting his head on the man's chest. He woke up, having lost any sense of time, and realised that he was alone in bed. Jamie got up, urgently needing to drain his bladder. He pissed with much relief, and then began to fart uncontrollably. He sat down on the toilet as soon as he finished pissing, but nothing except gas came out of his anus.

Jamie made his way into the living room, still naked, and found Duncan sitting in front of the TV, watching baseball. He went over to the man immediately, as he had a sudden longing to be close again. He sat beside the man and cuddled into him. Duncan was wearing just his boxers, thankfully, as Jamie wanted the feeling of the man's skin against his own.

"Hey there, little man," Duncan greeted, as he noticed the boy just before he made contact. "You ok?" he asked softly

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little sore," Jamie confirmed.

"Well, it was your first time," Duncan consoled.

Jamie twisted himself around so that he was kneeling on the couch in front of the man, hugging Duncan tightly. He could feel the powerful arms returning the gesture.

"It'll be better tomorrow," Duncan continued.

Jamie was confused as he processed what the man said. Did he want to fuck him again tomorrow, or did he mean his ass would feel better tomorrow? Jamie didn't really want it again, but he didn't want to disappoint Duncan. He thought about saying he'd try, but he recalled what the man had first said about trying.

"I don't think I can do it again tomorrow; we'll see how I feel," he hedged.

"That's entirely up to you, Jamie," Duncan replied.

The day went lazily by as Duncan watched his baseball and Jamie cuddled, ignoring the TV. They drifted into the evening, with the teen still prancing around naked; Jamie just seemed comfortable enough for that now. Duncan made them dinner, and they returned to the couch afterward. Jamie clung to Duncan the whole day, still dazed by losing his virginity. The man was patient with the boy, cuddling on demand, while still watching TV.

It was a bit anti-climatic when bedtime came around. Jamie thought that would be the highlight of the weekend; not getting his ass ploughed. He'd spent so much time in close contact with the man that he actually felt lonely while in the bathroom preparing for bed. Jamie wondered if Duncan had any expectations of more sex once they went to bed. As he brushed his teeth, Jamie saw Duncan enter the bathroom and cuddle up behind him. He kissed the back of Jamie's neck, and then waited for the boy to finish. Duncan affectionately led the teen by the hand to his bed. Once in under the covers, he spooned in behind. Jamie felt the man's hand slide up against his chest and hold him tightly. He soon felt the hand caressing his body in the semi darkness. As it brushed up against his cock, Jamie went hard instantly. Duncan picked up on that, and started stroking him as he licked at the boy's neck. Jamie was moaning softly at the pleasure when, suddenly, Duncan thrust the covers off and flipped him onto his back. The man dove on the boy's cock and sucked hard. Jamie grunted loudly at the attention, feeling that strong tingly feeling just before unloading.

As Jamie came down from his orgasm, he groped around for Duncan's cock, finding it still flaccid.

"It's ok; you can take care of me in the morning, Jamie," Duncan advised, as they cuddled back in for the night.

Jamie woke on top of the man again the next morning; he seemed to find his way there automatically. He could see that Duncan was still sleeping, but his cock wasn't, as he had the full on wake up woody. Jamie toyed with the man's thick cock for a while, fascinated by it's rigidity and girth. The teen decided to give the man a treat, and scooted around so that his head faced Duncan's toes. He licked slowly at the end of the cock, moving his tongue in circles around the rim of the head, in what he had originally thought rimming was. Then he started sucking down along the shaft the way Duncan had taught him, taking the cock into his throat.

Duncan stirred, wakened by Jamie's actions.

"Hmmm, what a nice way to wake up," Duncan cooed softly.

Jamie increased his sucking as Duncan toyed with Jamie's cock and balls, which were positioned beside the man's head. Jamie could feel Duncan squeezing his ass and touching his hole. He was beginning to tire from the sucking, and figured that Duncan was sending him a signal that he wanted to fuck him again.

The teen stopped sucking, and turned his head to face the man.

"You want to fuck me again, don't you?" he asked softly.

"I'm ok with what you're doing, Jamie" Duncan answered.

Jamie got out of bed and took the lube from the night table, where he'd seen Duncan get it before. He started fingering and lubing himself as he stared at the man meat. It felt easier getting ready than when Duncan had done it; Jamie assumed it was because he was doing it himself. Once he decided he was ready, he ripped open a condom with his teeth, getting a chuckle out of Duncan, who remained waiting on the bed. Jamie slipped it on the thick cock and lubed that up, also. Jamie then lay back on the bed and hoisted his legs up, splaying himself open for Duncan. The man sat up and rolled the boy over onto his belly.

"Let's try it this way," Duncan said, as Jamie allowed Duncan to position his legs in a sort of `L' shape. Duncan then pressed his cock into the hole and thrust in with one quick motion.

Jamie was able to painfully confirm entry with a high-pitched grunt.

"Oooch," Jamie whined.

Duncan was able to lay down on the boy, while fucking him with just his hip motion. To Jamie, it felt like Duncan was getting deeper than before, thrusting down into the bed. He clutched the bed sheets, grunting with each painful stroke, but it didn't hurt as much as yesterday. Soon, Duncan found a rhythm, and Jamie felt his legs going numb again. He assumed that happened yesterday because they were kept above his head. So he wondered why it was happening in this position. Jamie's grunts turned to moans, as he felt like Duncan was pushing the air out of him on each thrust. Duncan lifted himself up slightly on his elbows, thrusting harder and quicker. Jamie could sense by the man's breathing that he must be nearing a release. He too, felt a milder form of that tingly feeling just before orgasm, but it wasn't going away. He had no idea if he had ejaculated, as his cock was trapped against the bed with the man's hard thrusting.

"I'm close! Oh, god, you're so tight," Duncan hissed.

Jamie felt a sudden surge of pleasure, as he was sure of his orgasm this time. He could literally feel the cock smashing deep inside him as his ass squeezed it. Jamie felt the joy of prostate stimulation wash through his body as he seemingly lost sense of reality. It was a mind-blowing experience for the teen, as this new type of orgasm seemed to involve his whole body and not just his cock. He could vaguely make out Duncan grunting, as he made his own low growling noises. Suddenly, it was over and he was aware that Duncan was resting his full weight on him, panting as he spoke.

"God, I love you, Jamie."

Jamie could feel the hard cock motionless inside of him.

"You going to take it out now?" he managed to whimper, as the feeling of pleasure began to wash away.

"It'll go soft in a minute," Duncan breathed into his ear.

Jamie tried to stay relaxed and wait for Duncan, but it was just too uncomfortable.

"It hurts," Jamie whined.

Duncan pulled out in a slow single motion.

"Fuck!" Jamie grunted, at the sharp pain of exit.

"That's why I wanted to wait," Duncan told him.

"Get off!" Jamie ordered.

Duncan complied, rolling over onto his back. Jamie waited a moment, and then manoeuvred himself over and lay on Duncan. He felt the man's hand roaming over his sweaty back, and felt contentment.

"Do you really love me?" Jamie asked softly.

"Of course I do," Duncan replied. He'd said it; there was no way of taking it back, he thought. Besides, this kid was the best thing to come along; finding someone better was highly unlikely. Thank God for the internet, Duncan thought, as he squeezed Jamie in a one armed hug.

"I love you too," Jamie said, to someone he wasn't related to, for the first time.

Duncan knew it was an emotional moment for one so young, but the young were fickle. So he didn't assign much meaning to their respective proclamations of love. He knew that, in a couple of years, Jamie would likely appear on the radar of young gay men, and then the teen would have a lot more options open to him.

Jamie reluctantly went home that morning, arriving before his Mother and sister, so that they were none the wiser that he had been anywhere else but home.


As the days grew warmer, the end of school was nearing, and Jamie was more than happy to see the end of grade 11. He had no specific plan for his post high school years. University or community college would be options, as he knew his dad would foot the bill. He just hoped that they would be more enlightened places, where a smaller guy like him wouldn't be picked on. He couldn't imagine coming out at school.

What they did to him now would seem playful compared to what would happen if he were openly gay.

Jamie's time with Duncan had become a regular occurrence most weekends, but sleepovers remained a rarity. The pair had developed a routine of afternoon sex, starting with an oral release for Jamie, who was always so horny when they came in the door, followed by fucking before dinner. Jamie wished Duncan could fuck him more than once in a day, but he was still satisfied by what he got. Jamie had really gotten into anal sex, and eagerly explored new positions with the man. The best, so far, seemed to be the doggy style, where he could push back against Duncan's thick meat as it slammed into him. The downside was that Duncan usually finished quicker with this more active position.


"Where are you going in such a hurry?" his mother asked, as Jamie made for the door, dressed in shorts and a colourful tight fitting T-shirt. It was the shirt that Duncan had bought him; it highlighted his tight tummy and biceps with it's very short sleeves.

"I cut the grass," Jamie snorted.

"That doesn't answer my question," his mother snapped back.

"I'm going to a baseball game with friends," Jamie informed. It was true. Duncan had convinced him to go, and he was his friend.

"Friends eh? Don't think I don't know what's going on here," she replied deviously.

"What'd you mean?" Jamie answered, as evenly as he could.

"You're smiling when you text on that phone all the time, and you're never home anymore," she explained

"So?" Jamie spat, thinking his time was none of her damn business.

"So, I guess it has nothing to do with a girl?" his mother continued.

"A girl?" Jamie was honestly confused.

"Who else would get you to a sports event? You hate sports," she reminded.

"That's cuz I'm no good at them," Jamie snapped, as he looked at his watch. The damn bitch was making him late.

"Well, you could bring her home to meet your mother, you know," she pressed.

"Who's he bringing home?" his sister said, as she appeared.

"No one," Jamie snapped.

"Jamie's going to a baseball game with a girl," his mother explained.

"Jamie's got a girl friend," his sister sang, but he didn't let the tease bother him. Neither of them had a clue as to what was really going on; and that was the important part.

"Aren't you with your dad this afternoon?" his mother asked, suddenly recalling.

"I told him I had other plans," Jamie advised. He really enjoyed turning the tables on his father with that phone call. Not that he was punishing the man, but he made it clear that he, too, had his own life and wasn't waiting around for his dad.

"You should've got a hair cut; that mop's a mess," she complained.

"It's fine," Jamie snorted. After all, Duncan preferred his hair long.

"Ok. Go have a good time." His mother finally released him.

Jamie bolted from the house and ran toward the bus stop. He was reasonably athletic; he could run; he just didn't see the point of doing it in competition. Jamie arrived just a few minutes late and bounced around the shelter, waiting for Duncan. Just as Jamie was about to get his phone out, Duncan arrived and collected him.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," the man said in greeting.

"It's ok; I thought I'd be late. The bitch was giving me the third degree," Jamie complained, as he leaned in for a kiss. Jamie was more comfortable with kissing Duncan now, although he was discrete about it.

"Everything ok?" Duncan asked, as he drove away.

"Yeah. She thinks I have a girl friend," Jamie laughed.

"Well, that's no so bad. She still has no idea you're gay?" Duncan asked.

"Nah. Only Dad knows, and he's never told her," Jamie dismissed.

"And your dad won't figure out that your imaginary girlfriend is actually a boyfriend?" Duncan asked, out of concern. Complicating the kid's life wouldn't be a good thing for either of them.

"They never talk," Jamie advised, as Duncan made it onto the main road after waiting a while for a break in the traffic.

Duncan drove a different route today as they headed directly for the ballpark. Jamie looked out at a park with a bunch of teens sitting around.

"Hustler hill," Duncan said, when he saw Jamie looking as they were held by the stoplight.

"What?" Jamie quizzed.

"Boys have sex in the bathrooms with men in that park," Duncan explained. "Or so I'm told," he added quickly, as he regretted even mentioning it.

"For money?" Jamie confirmed.

"Yeah," Duncan replied. After a short silence, he felt compelled to clear the air on the issue, lest Jamie get the wrong idea. "I thought about going a few times, but I was always worried about picking up a disease."

"So you never went?" Jamie asked directly.

"No, and now I've got no reason to even think about it, with a cute boyfriend like you," Duncan gushed, as he squeezed Jamie's thigh.


They arrived at Duncan's place around dinnertime after the ball game. The game was just as boring as Jamie expected, but Duncan enjoyed it. Jamie asked a few questions about it, and Duncan went on and on. It seemed a strangely statistical game, with averages and totals for everything.

Jamie rushed Duncan into the bedroom, as he knew their time was limited. They'd just have time for a fuck and then a quick meal, likely fast food, and then he'd have to be home.

Jamie was naked before Duncan, as usual, and then went straight for the equipment. They were doing it so often, that Duncan had gotten a big box of condoms. Whereas, before, the small box lasted him months. The man had started thinking of his life in terms of `before Jamie' and `after Jamie', as he admitted he was getting fairly attached to the kid.

Jamie's latest favourite position was to sit on Duncan's cock, and fuck himself, in effect. It gave him a more active role in love making, and allowed him to control the depth and speed. Duncan played with his cock as he did it, but was careful not to push the boy into an early orgasm. Jamie was sweaty and panting as he started slowing down. He'd had Duncan's thickness in him for over fifteen minutes, and his legs ached from their folded position. Duncan began to thrust up into him, keeping up the pace of penetration.

"I'm gonna cum," Jamie growled, as he gripped his own hard cock and pulled furiously. His whole body was awash in the pleasure of anal sex as he brought himself to orgasm, shooting thick streams of cum onto Duncan's chest. The man slowed, trying to survive the tight teen hole that squeezed his cock so firmly. Jamie leaned his body forward, releasing the pressure off his knees as they both panted. The teen eased off the man's cock with a slight grunt, and then rested himself on the hairy chest.

Duncan rolled the boy off and onto his belly before lubing him up again. He was happy that he'd not cum and would be able to give Jamie another go. The teen had become insatiable in bed, and his quest for a double orgasm was just his latest demand.

Jamie was waiting in the doggy position as Duncan re-entered. The teen grunted and moaned,

"Oh yeah ... fuck me."

It wasn't as though he was acting out a porn film, but rather he felt the lust and the passion.

Duncan complied, now able to pound deeper, in longer strokes in this position. It wasn't long before his hard ass slapping was bringing him close to release.

"Getting close," Duncan hissed, as he tried to keep an even pace for the boy's sake.

Jamie reached around and gripped his own cock, pulling on it to get his second orgasm. Duncan knew he'd gotten his wish, as the boy's ass tightened and he moaned loudly. Duncan pushed through, giving his satyr what he wanted, until, finally, he had his own blissful experience, adding to the symphony of sex with his orgasm moans.

Another successful night of passion would end with a gentle cuddle. Duncan had to admit that Jamie was now the dominant partner in the bedroom. They'd surpassed parity when satisfying the teen's needs became his focus. Long gone were the days when he needed any encouragement.

Jamie couldn't recall a happier time in his life. It wasn't just the sex itself, but rather the connection he had with Duncan. He shared his secret homosexuality and accepted him for who he was. Jamie couldn't imagine life without Duncan as he lay on his chest, receiving the man's loving caress.


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