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Jamie in the morning 7

After Duncan dropped him off, Jamie practically skipped his way home. He was usually in a good mood after leaving the man, although he was disappointed to be apart from him. It had just been minutes since they last kissed, but still he knew that a whole week would go by before he could see him again.

Jamie arrived at home to find the door locked. It seemed strange for his mother to do so, as it was only just past 9. He got out his key and opened the door, as expected, the security system made a slight chime with the door opening. He figured that she likely went to bed early or something, but just as he was about to head for his bedroom he heard her call.

"Jamie, get up here!"

It was the pissed off tone that she used when he was in trouble for something. He sighed as he complied, heading upstairs. He figured that it was some part of the lawn he didn't do correctly or some other little thing she wanted to nag him about; she was such a bitch.

"So how was your day?" she snapped, as he entered the room.

Jamie saw that the princess was beside her on the couch. Getting yelled at was bad enough, but having his sister present just rubbed salt in the wound. He locked eyes with her as his sister smirked.

"Fine," Jamie replied to his mother.

"So who was the man you were kissing in the car?" she asked.

Jamie was stunned; he felt as though he'd been punched in the gut. His heart pounded and he had no ability to breathe.

"Waa ?" he managed to get out

"Don't lie James Daniels Junior; your terrible at it, you and your father both," she snapped, with a tone of sadness.

"I saw you in the car kissing that ...," the princess joined in.

"I'll handle this Alexis," his mother interrupted.

"You were spying on me," Jamie said weakly; he simply had no power in his voice.

"So Jamie, I guess that mean's you're a faggot," she said, clearly upset about it.

"Yeah, Dad knows I'm gay," Jamie fought back, but kept his tone low. It wasn't that he was ashamed, but rather that he knew raising his voice to his mother just made things worse.

"Oh, does he now? Does he know you're whoring yourself to old men?" she snapped.

"What?" Jamie blurted with some volume. Was she accusing him of prostituting himself, or was she just insulting him, he wondered?

"Oh, come on Jamie; you're not getting into cars with old men for bible studies," she replied sarcastically.

"It's one man, and he's younger than dad," Jamie admitted. Clearly, his mother's imagination was getting the best of her.

"Well, I hope you two will be happy together; I can't have a faggot living here!" she practically shouted.

"You're kicking me out?" Jamie quizzed, as he always thought that was idle threat.

"You're far too much trouble and stress, Jamie; just like your father," she sobbed.

Jamie was getting the idea that she was blaming him for the break up of their marriage. At the very least, she was viewing his actions to be the same as when his father replaced her.

"Fine! Screw you! I'll go to dad's!" Jamie snapped.


"Just get out!" she thundered.

"Hope you're happy, Alexis," Jamie snapped, as he headed for his room.

He was angry and upset as he packed some clothes into a bag, thrusting his stuff in forcefully. Once he got settled in at his father's, he'd come back for the rest of his things. He'd rather be living with his dad anyway. So Jamie wasn't worried, but still he didn't appreciate his mother blaming him for what his dad had done. After all, when his father moved out, it affected him, too, he recalled with some sadness. The man had been everything to him, but ever since they'd drifted further and further apart.

Jamie slammed the door shut as he left into the cool evening air. He called Duncan several times but got no answer. He was angry with him now, too; the guy must have his phone off for some reason, but he couldn't think why.

"Hey. Big problems with my mom! Call me right away," he left on the voice mail with the final call.

His next call was to his father, but he, too, wasn't answering; so he dialled his cell number. When the man answered, it sounded like he was at a party or something, with lots of background noise.

"Dad, it's Jamie!" he practically shouted.

"Jamie, what's up?" he heard, slightly above the noise.

"Mom kicked me out!" he whined.

"What? Just go back and tell her you're sorry," his father dismissed.

"She kicked me out `cuz she found out I'm gay!" he shouted into the phone, and then looked up and down the street, horrified that he might have been overheard. Thankfully, the streets were bare, with just a couple of passing cars.

"Jamie, Sally and I aren't home, and I can't deal with this right now. Can you go to a friend's house, and I'll call her tomorrow?" his father asked.

"Yeah, fine," Jamie sighed.

"We'll work it out, buddy," his dad closed, and then hung up.

Jamie saw that Duncan still hadn't called, so he texted him.

`I got big trouble call me now' Jamie sent.

After sitting on the park bench for twenty minutes, Jamie started walking towards Todd's place. It wasn't far, and seemed like it might be his only option for the night, with Duncan disappearing and his Dad's disinterest in helping.

Jamie arrived at Todd's door, with still no response from Duncan. Todd's mother let him in, and then got Todd.

"Hey, what's up?" Todd asked, surprised to see his old friend.

"My mom kicked me out," Jamie reported.

"Why? There's still a week of school; you haven't failed yet," Todd replied jokingly.

"Could I stay here a couple nights `til I sort it out?" Jamie asked meekly, hoping for a positive response.

"I'd have to ask, but I'm sure it's ok. Put your stuff in my room. I got a few people over downstairs. You could join us; it'd be ok," Todd replied.

Jamie felt like he was intruding. Of course Todd had his friends over; it was Saturday night. In fact, he was lucky the teen was home at all.

"I'm bummed; I'll just hang in your room, if that's ok," Jamie suggested, as it was true. He'd be no fun, with his troubles swirling around his head.

"Yeah, cool. Ok, you know where it is," Todd said, before disappearing.

Jamie lay on Todd's bed, trying to calm himself as he replayed the night's events. Alexis must have been following him to confirm that he had the girl friend that his mother suggested, and saw him get into Duncan's car. He knew that he should have been more careful, and was upset with himself for being so stupid.

Jamie's phone rang, and he answered immediately. It was Duncan, thank god, and so he relayed the events in rapid fire.

"Ok, ok, slow down" the man began. "Your mom saw us in the car?"

"No, my sister, but she told my mom," Jamie repeated.

"So you're at a friend's now, and your Dad is going to call tomorrow, right?" Duncan confirmed that he understood correctly from the boy's rambling story.

"Yeah, but I don't wanna stay here long. Can you come get me?" he asked.

"Did your mother say anything about me? Did your sister get my license plate?" Duncan asked, feeling exposed.

"No!" Jamie snapped, wondering why Duncan was worried about anything, as he was the one in trouble.

"Stay calm, Jamie; let's give your dad time to work it out," Duncan said soothingly.

"Why can't I just live with you?" Jamie replied, and immediately regretted his choice of words. He should have said `stay with you'.

"Jamie, you've got school to finish, and the last thing I want to do is mess things up with your family," Duncan explained.

"I could go to school at your place, and it's already messed up with my mom. I don't wanna go back there," the teen whined.

"Jamie, let's not overreact. Your mom is mad, so let things cool down, and we'll see where we're at," Duncan suggested.

"So you're not coming to get me?" Jamie asked, hoping he'd misunderstood. How could Duncan say he loved him and not come rushing over.

"I don't think so, Jamie. You're ok for tonight. See what your dad says, and we'll go from there," Duncan replied slowly.

"Ok, you can go fuck yourself, `cuz you won't be fucking me anymore!" Jamie snapped angrily, and ended the call. He turned the phone off and started sobbing. Duncan didn't really love him; he was just someone to fuck on the weekends, Jamie thought. He wondered about everything that he'd been through the past few months, seeing Duncan in a new light. It was so stupid and childish of him to think Duncan really loved him. They'd met on a hook up site, after all. Jamie wondered how many other boys Duncan was seeing? Maybe he was with one right now, and that's why he couldn't come get him. He started to understand why his mother was so bitter about his father, but his anger for her overwhelmed any feelings of sympathy.

It was past mid-night when Todd came into his room. Jamie woke when the larger teen climbed over him into bed. Jamie was still in his clothes, laying on top of the covers. He just didn't bother getting undressed.

"I can sleep on the floor," Jamie advised, as he felt for the edge of the bed in the darkness.

"No, it's fine; you were there for me," Todd replied, referring to his drunken visit to Jamie's house.

Jamie drifted off to sleep again, thankful that, at least, someone was willing to help him. He positioned himself slowly, so that his back touched Todd's. Even through the blankets, he welcomed the comforting contact as he drifted off to sleep.


In the morning, Jamie saw that he had three texts from Duncan, but nothing from his father. He went ahead and deleted Duncan's messages without looking at them; he was done with that guy.

Jamie was happy to have a big breakfast with Todd's family. His friend's mother accepted him as though he were part of the family. In the afternoon, Todd went out with his girlfriend, so Jamie sat in the park by himself. He didn't want to disturb Todd's plans or be a pest back at his house, so he spent his day at the park, alone on the sunny Sunday.

Finally, Jamie's father called.

"Ok, so I spoke to your mother. She says you were dating some old man?" Jim asked, in a `tell me I'm wrong' tone.

"He was younger than you," Jamie defended.

"Jamie, you should have talked to me about it; that could be dangerous," his dad scolded.

"When do I ever see you?" Jamie challenged.

"Ok, but you can't be going out with someone a lot older than you. I thought you were dating someone like Todd," Jim continued.

"You're a lot older than Sally," Jamie said of his Dad's girlfriend.

"Sally was twenty five when I met her; not sixteen. Can't you find someone your age at school?" his father suggested.

"Oh, yeah. Announce I'm gay at school; you can come visit me in the hospital after I get the shit kicked out of me," Jamie snapped, thinking the man totally out of touch.

"Ok, listen. Go home; tell your mother you won't date any men, and apologize for sneaking around," Jim instructed.

"I can't go back. You didn't hear the things she said to me, Dad. I'm coming to live with you," Jamie explained.

"Jamie, that's not going to work. I've got my own issues, and you've got another year of high school to get through," his father avoided.

"I'm not going back! So if I can't live with you, then I guess I'll just whore myself to old men downtown," Jamie challenged, using his mother's phrase.

He hung up on the man, thinking he'd let him stew on that for a while. Brinkmanship was a dangerous game he knew, but after all that had transpired, Jamie would rather jump off a bridge before going back to the bitch.

Jamie went back to Todd's around dinnertime, to find the teen just arriving home himself.

"How'd it go with Suzy?" Jamie asked

"Ok, but she can be a bitch at times," Todd replied.

"Yeah, women," Jamie complained.

"Why did your mom kick you out, anyway?" Todd asked, as he started changing his clothes when the pair entered his room.

"She found out I was gay," Jamie admitted, as he watched the teen dressing.

"That sucks," Todd replied, as he stood in front of Jamie and pulled down his briefs. His cock was semi hard, likely from making out with Suzy.

Jamie figured he didn't get any relief from the girl and was looking for help. He really couldn't refuse, but might just have stroked him off like they used to do. Instead, he gripped Todd's hips and went right down on the cock. It was almost as long as Duncan's, but half as thick; so he got right down to the pubes easily. Jamie used everything Duncan had taught him, to please his old friend, slurping up and down on his shaft, driving him wild; but Todd couldn't last five minutes before he filled Jamie's mouth with creamy cum.

"Dude, you're awesome at that," Todd extolled, as he put his pants on.

"Better than Suzy?" Jamie asked

"She won't even touch my cock. Maybe I should be dating you!" Todd joked.

Jamie chuckled, taking the comment for what it was. He didn't mind helping Todd out, but he wasn't keen on becoming convenient for him.


The last week of school went without incident, with Jamie staying at Todd's. His dad hadn't shown up to collect him, much to his disappointment. He thought for sure he would; he knew where Todd lived, after all. Jamie was beginning to face his grim reality, with all the adults in his life failing him. It had been only a week, but it felt like a lifetime ago that he was so happy.

Todd came up to him in the hall,

"Hey, dude. Bad news. My Dad called your mom," Todd advised

"What'd he do that for?" Jamie asked

"He said he wanted her to know where you were, but he said you gotta move out, now that schools over, Dude," Todd explained.

"Ok," Jamie said softly.

"You going back home?" Todd asked.

"I can't," Jamie mumbled.

"I guess you could go to a youth shelter," Todd suggested.

"I suppose; they're all downtown," Jamie continued.

"You can keep anything valuable at my place," Todd offered.

"Thanks ... for everything, but my phone is the only valuable thing. My mom cut it off, so I'll leave it with you for now," Jamie reported.

When he got back to Todd's, he called his dad again on their phone. As usual, he didn't answer, so Jamie left a message, in his depressingly muted tone.

"Yeah, well, I can't stay at Todd's anymore, so I'm going to a shelter, `cuz you don't want me. Have a nice life, Mr. Daniels," Jamie said, purposely dropping the Dad title. The man hadn't earned it the past few years and, now, Jamie was done with him. If the guy was going to help him out, he would have done so by now.

Jamie packed up his stuff, and headed for the bus stop, but this time to actually take a bus. He'd heard some heated words between Todd's mother and father, assuming it to be about him having to leave. He didn't want to cause any friction in the family, and so made a hasty get away without goodbyes.