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Jamie in the morning 9

"Dude you're next," Jamie heard Nat say, as they sat on the bench in the cool evening air.

Jamie was still dazed from servicing his Vice Principal. He'd gone willingly, but he felt pressured by Nat and his circumstances; it wasn't anything he'd have done otherwise. Now he was being urged to take his next customer, a portly old man, grinning as he stood at the entrance to the bathroom. The guy was holding cash in his hand, as though he were offering a dog a treat for a trick.

"You go," Jamie snapped. He was despondent that he'd gotten himself in this mess, and he realised, as he watched Nat take his turn for him, that boys like him just fell into the profession; it wasn't something they'd chosen. Nat snatched the money from the guy's hand and went into the toilets with him. Jamie wondered what Nat's story was; how he'd ended up a self-proclaimed straight boy, sucking cock for cash.

Jamie's musing took him back to where it all started; he just had to get laid. He'd given no thought to the consequences, or even how potentially dangerous it might have been. His mind settled on one thing, however - Duncan. It wasn't as though Duncan was to blame for how things had gone, but still he was involved; he'd told him he loved him. How could Duncan have said that and then not helped him, Jamie wondered? It made no sense, unless the man was lying when he said it. He had difficulty reconciling that thought; they'd seemed so close, so intimate.

`Fuck this,' Jamie thought, as he searched around for where he'd left his bag. He was going to leave before Nat came back, as he had no interest in another customer. Jamie moved swiftly out of the park, walking back toward the shelter. It was late evening, so he knew that the likelihood of a bed being open was pretty much none. There was another place, closer between him and the shelter, but the question was would he be welcomed. Jamie wasn't sure if he could take another rejection, as his legs marched him towards Duncan's place, almost on their own. Jamie's plan was simple: Duncan had put him in this position, and so he'd demand that he help him, even if just for one night.

As he neared Duncan's apartment, Jamie's aggressive determination began to wilt. What if the man wasn't home; what if he refused to let him in? He wished that he had his cell phone, as texting Duncan would be much easier than calling him. Arriving in the entry, Jamie paused as he looked for the code beside Duncan's name. He'd never used this entrance, as the man had always been with him when they arrived by car.

Jamie stood waiting for his fingers to obey him and press the buttons that would dial Duncan. He'd lost his nerve as fear of being rejected swept over him. His mind played images of his replacement getting pleasure from Duncan's cock deep in his ass.

He was startled when a man appeared behind him.

"Do you mind if I go ahead?" the guy asked, as Jamie stared at the terminal. He had no idea how long the man was waiting behind him.

"Yeah, I'm still looking for my friend's number," he lied.

Once the man had made his contact and disappeared through the door, he gave Jamie a suspicious glance, as though he thought the boy might sneak in behind him.

Jamie suddenly found courage. This was it; now or never, he thought, as he pressed the buttons. He counted the rings - one, two, three, four ... Duncan must be out, he figured, but suddenly, on the sixth ring, an answer.

"Hello?" Duncan's voice said in a surprised tone. It was almost eleven at night, so he was unlikely to be expecting a visitor.

Jamie froze; he didn't know what to say as he panicked.

"Hello?" Duncan repeated, now irritated.

"It's Jamie," he blurted, thinking he'd start begging when he caught his breath.

Jamie's heart sank as he heard the phone click and the line went dead. His attention was drawn to a buzzer on the door, and in a half second realised that it was unlocked.

He moved quickly to pull it open, wondering why Duncan hadn't spoken to him. Jamie moved slowly into the lobby, wondering if the man did it by accident. He pressed the button for the elevator, and waited. It seemed to take forever, as Jamie watched the numbers reducing, guessing which of the three doors would open first. Once in the machine, he selected Duncan's floor, and again focused his mind on the numbers. Jamie wondered what he might find. Would Duncan welcome him or reject him? Why didn't he talk to him on the lobby phone? Was there another boy already there, and would he be expected to perform in some threesome?

The door opened and Jamie stepped out. He moved slowly down the hall and then around the corner toward Duncan's apartment. The man was waiting with the door open.

"Hello, Jamie," Duncan greeted evenly.

"Hi," Jamie replied softly, as he was let in.

Duncan closed the door and immediately engulfed the teen in a hug, but Jamie was surprised by the sudden physical contact, putting his arm out to block a complete encirclement.

"Oh ... sorry Jamie," Duncan said sheepishly, as the teen stood against the wall staring at him.

"Come in. Would you like something to eat? Drink?" Duncan offered, as he recovered his composure.

"Yeah, that'd be great," Jamie replied softly, wondering if preventing the hug was a smart thing to do. It was a reaction, more than a decision, really. He hadn't expected that Duncan might do that after their last conversation.

Jamie moved around to the living room and sat on the soft sofa. He was relieved to take a load off and relax a minute, as the man busied himself in the kitchen. Duncan returned with reheated pizza and a cola.

"This ok?" he asked.

"Perfect," Jamie replied, as he consumed the pizza quickly.

"I was so worried about you," Duncan said, as he sat next to the boy, but refrained from touching him, despite his urgent desire to do so.

"Yeah?" Jamie replied doubtfully, as he wolfed down the pizza.

"I texted you; I called you; I waited at the bus stop for hours. Heck, I even drove around your neighbourhood," Duncan explained.

"My mom cut my phone off," Jamie replied, wondering now if not reading the man's texts was a mistake.

"I figured that was the case when I got the `line out of service' message. I tried to find your house, but there were no Daniels listed in that area," Duncan reported.

"Yeah, she goes by her name before she was married," Jamie explained between mouthfuls.

"So where have you been?" Duncan asked, trying to conceal his concern.

"I stayed at a friends `til school was over, but then I had to leave. So last night I was at a shelter," Jamie replied, leaving out his adventure at `Hustlers Hill'.

"I'm glad you're ok," Duncan replied, daring to touch Jamie softly on the back of his neck.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Jamie sighed. "Can I spend the night?" he asked, hoping the good will of the moment would bring a positive response.

"Of course. But you've got to call your father first. Tell him I'll bring you over in the morning," Duncan said, as he reached for the phone.

"My dad doesn't want to help me," Jamie snorted, thinking Duncan was planning to ensure that his stay was just one night.

"Jamie, he's called me five times today; he's very worried," Duncan reported.

"Called you? How'd he get your number?" Jamie quizzed.

"Who's number do you think appears all over your cell phone bill?" Duncan explained.

"Oh," Jamie replied, not having considered that.

"He usually yells at me every second call; so talk to him," Duncan insisted.

Jamie dialled, as Duncan cleared away his dinner plate and went to refill his glass.

"Hey, dad. It's Jamie," he said, upon getting an answer.

"Oh, thank God! Where are you?" his father insisted

"I'm at Duncan's; I'm fine," Jamie replied.

"When did you get there? I'll come get you," Jim said urgently.

"Just now. Duncan will bring me over tomorrow," Jamie replied.

"No he won't; I'm coming to get you right now! What's his address?" Jim snapped.

"Dad, it's ok ...," Jamie began.

"Jamie, give me the fucking address right now, or I'll call the fucking cops!" the man thundered.

Jamie hung up. The last time he'd played brinkmanship with his father, he'd lost out; but this time he had the upper hand. He was in no mood to take crap from anyone, let alone the guy who could have prevented his time on the street.

The phone rang almost immediately, and Jamie answered, getting a puzzled look from Duncan, who returned with Jamie's drink.

"That was rude," Jim announced.

"So were you," Jamie countered.

"Jamie, I just want you safe," his father explained.

"I am," Jamie replied.

"Jamie, you can't imagine what it was like for me to get back from my business trip to hear that you were gone. I thought you were staying with Todd," Jim said, exasperated.

"You were really away?" Jamie quizzed, thinking all these trips were just an excuse.

"Yes, Jamie. You know I travel for work; it was one of your mother's issues with me. Don't you remember how often I was gone?" Jim pleaded

Jamie didn't really think about it that way. It just seemed like his dad was there when he needed him, until the divorce.

"I guess. So I can live with you now?" Jamie asked eagerly.

"Yes, of course; and you'd better get here before your grandfather arrives," Jim pleaded.

"You called grandpa in Florida?" Jamie questioned, knowing that they weren't that friendly since he divorced the man's daughter.

"I had no idea who you'd contacted or where you'd gone. I called everyone. While he's not fond of me these days, he went nuts when I told him your mother kicked you out," Jim advised

"Does he know I'm gay?" Jamie asked, thinking that would change the stolid old man's position.

"Yeah, I had to tell him; he thinks you'll grow out of it," Jim said with a chuckle.

"I'm gay," Jamie said more forcefully

"I know, Jamie. I've known for a long time, son; it's just that we're worried about this Duncan guy" Jim explained.

"He's ok, and I'm sixteen; I can go with anyone I want," Jamie said purposely, not mentioning sex, but they both knew that's what he meant.

"I wouldn't want my sixteen year old daughter going with a guy his age," Jim protested.

"It's different," Jamie retorted in an adolescent whine.

"Fine; it's different, but there's no more sneaking around," Jim snapped, reclaiming his parental prerogative.

"Ok; he'll bring me over tomorrow," Jamie said, in closing.

Jamie was stunned by how the call had gone. He got permission to move in, and at least an implied agreement that he could see Duncan. The teen wondered how he'd gotten it all wrong. The two men he'd thought abandoned him ended up being so worried about him. Jamie felt stupid for not listening to what they both told him that first night; that he should just let things settle. He still had no desire to go back to the bitch, but he knew now that his overreaction was at least partly to blame for his situation.

"So how'd it go?" Duncan asked, as he returned to the living room, having given Jamie some privacy as he puttered around the kitchen.

"Ok; he wants me home tomorrow," Jamie reported.

"Ok." Duncan reassured the boy with a gentle hand on his back.

"It's ok that I stay here tonight, right?" Jamie confirmed.

"Oh, yeah; I'll get you a pillow and a blanket," Duncan said, as he stood up.

Jamie glanced around the apartment, the site of his prior happiness, wondering just how he'd gotten it so wrong. Maybe his dad was right, he thought. He should get another teen for a boyfriend, but that would be more about sex. It wasn't like his father was going to lavish affection on him, or let him cuddle in at night like Duncan used to do.

"Ok, here we go," Duncan announced, as he presented the bedding to the boy. "Well, I guess you're pretty tired, so I'll leave you to it," he continued.

"Yeah, I'm beat," Jamie agreed.

Duncan left the room, turning off the main lights. Jamie yanked off his clothes and crept under the blanket in just his underwear. He found himself drifting off to sleep almost immediately, as he heard the low sound of Duncan's bedroom TV.

Jamie woke in the night, unsure of what time it was. He sat up slowly, gathering his senses. He wasn't sure what woke him, but he decided that a trip to the bathroom was in order. After listening to his own long stream of piss, Jamie paused outside Duncan's bedroom door. His thoughts weren't clear on the subject, but he longed for the safe closeness that he had shared with the man. He eased the door open slowly, and then entered. Standing at the side of the bed, he listened to Duncan's breathing in the darkness. It was a feeling, more than a thought; he wanted to be with Duncan; he wanted the physical contact.

Jamie slipped in under the covers and, ever so slowly, moved his body over so that his back just touched Duncan. For a while, there was no reaction from the man. As Jamie began to get his own sleep back, he felt the man's arm encircle him as he rolled to face the teen. He wasn't sure if it was a reaction to his being there, or a conscious decision. Jamie just enjoyed the peace that being held brought him.

Jamie woke with the light streaming though the break in the curtains. Once again, he'd made his way onto the man's chest in the night. Duncan still seemed to be asleep, as Jamie discovered that the object of his affections was semi hard. He touched it, bringing Duncan's cock to attention as he stroked it. The thing that had given him such pleasure mesmerized Jamie. It wasn't like Mr. Burns' cock; it was somehow different; something he wanted to touch. He made a snap decision to take advantage of the situation. Jamie found the condoms and lube in their usual place. Once Duncan was rubbered and lubed, Jamie eased himself down on it. He opened up instantly, completely comfortable with the thick cock entering him. Rocking his body back and forth as he straddled his man, Jamie soon found himself completely impaled.

"You sure about this?" Duncan asked, as he woke to the feelings of a tight ass riding him. In truth, Duncan was waking up as Jamie pushed the condom down on him, but waited.

"You want me to stop?" Jamie asked, without breaking his rhythm.

"No!" Duncan responded. He thought the kid had broken up with him and, now, here he was right back where they left off. The last thing he wanted was for Jamie to stop, but still, he wondered if Jamie was doing this because he felt obligated.

Jamie was really working himself on the man's pole, pushing right down as he gave himself the anal joy he needed. Duncan's doubts washed away as he saw his boy, if he could still think of Jamie that way, lost in his own rapture. The boy's mouth was slightly open and his eyes glassed over as his heavy breathing sounded like soft moans. Jamie slowed as his orgasm neared. Duncan could tell Jamie was ready to pop, and began thrusting up into the boy, seeking his own release. The past few days had been stressful, and this was exactly what the man needed. Jamie started grunting as Duncan thrust up hard into his constricting hole. The teen was sweaty, as his body tingled with all the good feelings that an orgasm brought; better still, it was the long warm pleasure of a prostate massage. Jamie came all over Duncan's belly, but he still felt the hard thrusting into his ass as Duncan sought his own completion. Jamie welcomed it, pushing down as the man pushed up. The continuation was wonderful; a hard cock rubbing him in that special way deep in inside him. Jamie gasped, as Duncan gave him the final few hard thrusts that led to his own orgasm.

Once Duncan stopped, Jamie slowly eased himself off the cock with a satisfied moan, and then lay down on the man's chest. He had a better understanding of love and desire now, and knew that he desired Duncan more than he loved him, figuring that's the way the man felt, too. He knew it would be complicated, but he wanted to keep Duncan in his life, the affectionate father figure and fuck buddy. Duncan was safe, emotionally, socially, and physically, but Jamie knew that his father was right; he would someday want a younger lover, but right now he was getting everything he needed.

Duncan's whirlwind of emotions had ended where it started; Jamie was back, and back in a big way. There was no need of adult formalities with the boy; he wanted sex, and so he had sex, the shouting about never letting Duncan fuck him all forgotten. Duncan knew that Jamie's father wouldn't be helpful in continuing their relationship, now that it was out in the open, but still he'd make a go of it. For now, he had the perfect moment: Jamie in the morning.

The end.


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