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Chapter Two


As we awoke from our first night together the air was still very crisp. I pulled on my briefs and shorts and headed out of the tent to take my morning piss. I walked away from the sandy area where we were camped to some bushes, opened my zipper and pulled out my half hard cock and stood there waiting for my stream to start. Just as it did Brent appeared beside me. "Ummm, nice" he said as he stared down at my pissing cock. I turned my head toward him and gave him a kiss. He opened his shorts and began pissing beside me.

We returned to the tent, sat down and I poured two cups of coffee from my thermos. We then tidied up the area and packed everything away in our respective vehicles and got our kayaks ready for the day.

Shooting the rapids on the South Fork is a lot of work. There aren't many other people in kayaks or rafts as we start out as there are several class 5 rapids in this area. We had to spend time on the river bank in a couple locations as we got to the area where there are only class 3 rapids as in that area there are a lot of larger rafts with families aboard. We had to time our runs to avoid them. All in all, it was a really fun day. It's a lot more fun doing this with a friend than doing it alone. And the times we had to pull out and wait gave us time to get to know one another better.

I found out that Brent lived in Los Angeles and was a software engineer. He was my age and had never had a serious relationship the same as me. Also, during these breaks as we sat on the sand with rafts passing by we were able to sneak in some kisses and more than a few carefully timed gropes, getting each other all hot and bothered each time we stopped.

When we ended our run for the day there was a truck and trailer waiting for us to take us back up to our cars. We arrived back at the cars just before sunset, and loaded our kayaks for the trip home.

"Let's take a walk" I suggested.

Brent started down a path toward the trees. I walked up next to him and took his hand in mine as we continued down the path. We walked silently for a ways until I saw a side path that looked like it was pretty much overgrown. I pulled Brent down that path and we found a small clearing.

"Damn, I don't want to let you go now that I've found you." I said as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, pushing my tongue deep into his mouth. Jason returned my kiss and ground his hard cock against the bulge in my pants, dropping his hands down to my ass and pulling me against him. I was leaking like mad.

Brent dropped to his knees and pulled my shorts open and down. He growled as he chewed on my hard cock through cum-soaked briefs. He then pulled the briefs down and sucked my cock into his warm mouth, swallowing repeatedly to get as much down his throat as possible. I grabbed the sides of his head and began to fuck his gorgeous face. I didn't last long, my thrusts becoming more rapid as I croaked out "Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck" shooting multiple ropes of hot cum down his throat.

When he had finished licking the last of the cum from my cock he looked up at me saying "God Damn babe, you are good." He stood up and I started to drop to my knees to return the favor, but he stopped me. "Jason, no, that's not necessary babe. You just think about what we have been doing the last 24 hours and before you know it we will be able to do it again. I plan on seeing you next weekend if that's OK."

"Damn right it's OK. It's more than OK" I said as I leaned in for another kiss.

The week went by fairly quickly. Normally it would have taken forever waiting for Brent's first visit but because we spoke each evening on the phone, time seemed to fly. I'm not one who ever considered phone sex as anything that would interest me. But with Brent our daily calls just always seemed to end that way very naturally. "I'm counting the days until I can fuck that sweet ass of yours babe" he whispered, knowing without being told that I was jacking my cock as he spoke.

Friday afternoon as I pulled into the parking area at my condo I spotted Brent's car. He had taken off work early to avoid the traffic for his drive down to San Diego. By the time I got parked he was standing beside my car. I got out and he immediately pulled me into a tight hug and pressed his eager lips against mine. His tongue slid easily into my mouth. He tasted so sweet. We kissed passionately right there in the parking lot. I took his hand and we walked past the realtor's sign in my yard. There was a "sold" placard attached to it.

As the front door closed behind us I motioned toward the fridge saying "Get us something cold, would you? I'm going to get out of this monkey suit." And I headed down the hall as I was taking off my jacket and tie. I stepped through my bedroom door and Brent came up behind me and pushed me onto the bed. He fell on top of me and said "The drinks will wait". He almost tore my clothes getting them off of me.

When we were both naked I kissed him and said "How about we share a shower first?"

"Well, OK but just because it's you" Brent smiled at me.

As we were maneuvering to get off the bed I stuck my nose in his armpit and sniffed loudly then announced "Trust me man, you need a shower whether it's with me or someone else." I laughed and Brent playfully pushed me away.

After adjusting the water temperature and setting out towels we both stepped into the oversized shower. I said "I'll do you; then you do me."

Brent replied "I'll be doing you alright" and chuckled.

I punched his shoulder saying "One thing at a time man, let's keep focused."

I took the soap and began washing Brent's body, exploring as I went. Our hard cocks were bumping into each other frequently as we moved about. I scrubbed his chest. He didn't shave it like I did, but wasn't really hairy. Then he raised his arms and I scrubbed his pits. Turning him around I washed his back then moved down to his gorgeous butt. I lathered it up good and then continued washing it long after it was clean, running my hands alternately into his crack, up and down. Jason groaned. I worked my finger over his hole and kept making little circles, pushing a little harder each time. In a minute or two my soapy finger slipped into his asshole and he moaned again. I finger fucked him as I reached around and fondled his cock and balls. It felt so hot and tight inside his slick asshole I loved it and my cock was dripping like mad.

When we returned to the bedroom we made love with total abandon. First we sucked each other nearly to orgasm, but stopped because we both wanted more. Brent fucked me and shot a huge hot load deep in my ass. As soon as he had unloaded he rolled onto his back and pulled his legs back exposing his asshole to me. I didn't need any more invitation than that. I first pulled his cheeks apart and then dived in with my tongue, eating his asshole out. Then I slid my hard cock all the way up his ass in one push as he exhaled saying slowly "Oh fuckkkkk".

Later, as we laid in bed together, Brent said "So tell me about the `For Sale' sign in the yard."

"Well, it's really a "sold" sign. I told you I was working on a transfer. Actually I've been transferred. I leave in three weeks for Phoenix. I can't believe my luck. My old boss here left a couple months ago to head up Wells Fargo in Phoenix. About a month ago I get a call from a head-hunter and he asked me if I knew a Paul Williams. I said yes, I did. The he tells me he wants me to come to Phoenix to talk with him. Well, to make a long story short he offered me a fantastic job heading up one of his divisions at double what I'm making here! And he threw in a complete relo package, so they bought this place."

Brent thought for a minute and then said "So... what does that mean for us?"

"Is there an `us'" I asked?

"I'm hoping so. I know it's quick and all, but Jason I've never felt anything for anyone like I'm feeling for you." As he was speaking his fingers were tracing little circles around my belly button. I could feel that he was trembling a bit. I rose up on my elbow to look at him and could easily see the tears collecting in his eyes before they began to fall.

I took him in my arms saying "Oh babe, don't cry. Yes, there can be an `us'. I was feeling the same way but was afraid to say anything quite yet. I didn't want to scare you off. And to be honest the idea scares me a bit, there is so much we don't know about each other." I paused for a minute to kiss him again. "I mean like for instance you don't know I'm a real slut." I tried so hard not to laugh but that didn't work for a second. I burst into laughter. Brent punched me in the arm.

Smiling he said "Now I'm being serious, dammit."

"Well I was joking... mostly anyway. But there is a lot we need to know about each other before taking such a big step, don't you think?" I asked.

"OK, I'm an open book. What do you want to know?" was his response.

We spent that weekend and the next two making love several times a day and doing a lot of talking and planning. During the weekdays there was a call every evening and several during the day too.

I learned over those days that in Brent I was getting pretty much what I saw. There were no surprises really except that I learned he was prepared to quit his job and move to Phoenix with me, and that he had sufficient savings to allow him to do that. Brent learned all about me too. Among other things, he learned that I had an "eye" for the younger men. He knew that I didn't stop there actually. I told him that I found looking at boys, adolescent boys, very arousing. Not that I had ever acted on those feelings, but probably just because the idea of jail was terrifying to me.

"That's OK babe, we all have our fantasies" was his only response.

So moving day finally arrived. The bank provided a complete moving package for me: packing, moving, storage and eventual unpacking. They took care of everything. So I drove up to LA and helped Brent pack his stuff and load it in a U-Haul truck which he hooked his car behind. Then we were off to Phoenix.



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