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Chapter Three

We arrived in Phoenix late in the afternoon and made our first stop at the storage facility where we unloaded Brent's stuff so we could return the U-Haul truck. Then we headed straight for the hotel the bank was providing for us while we did our house hunting.

After checking-in we walked by the pool on our way to the room. It looked inviting and while most of the folks around and in the pool were older people, there was certainly some eye candy there but we were both exhausted, so as soon as we got in the room we got undressed, climbed in bed.

"So what's the plan for tomorrow?" Brent asked.

"Well, first thing is I have to call my realtor and let him know we are here so he can set up some houses to see. I doubt much else will happen so why don't we just have a nice breakfast here in the room and then enjoy the day, see the sights?"

"Yeah, I kind of noticed a couple of those `sights' by the pool" Brent responded.

"Did you see the kid in the red Speedo?" I inquired.

"Fuck yeah I saw him. You damned near tripped on your tongue. I swear you were actually drooling dude."

"Oh give me a break, I wasn't drooling. But God he was hot, don't you think?" I asked.

"He was that, for sure. But I bet he wasn't 16 yet" Brent said, smiling at me.

"And your point is?" I asked.

Brent replied "Go to sleep Jason." I gave him a kiss and we both quickly fell in to a deep sleep.

The next morning we decided to spend the day just relaxing at the hotel and getting some sun by the pool before we started on our house hunt. After a late breakfast in our room we got ready to go to the pool. I pulled on my every trusty black Speedo and Brent wore a really sexy shiny yellow number that had laces up the very well packed crotch. Damn he is hot.

There were several people in the water and more folks on chaise lounges around the pool. All in all, the scenery wasn't bad at all. We chose a couple chaises and settled in. I asked Brent to put some block on my back. He did, and managed a good feel and quick pinch to my butt. We hadn't been out there more than 30 minutes when the kid in the red Speedo walked by. Then he walked by a second and a third time. Each time going a little slower and looking us over a little closer.

"This is the weather people move here for" I said to him on his third pass.

"Yeah, it's cool. I like it. Kind of fun working on your tan here" he said.

"Where's your home?" I asked.

"Kansas" he offered.

"I'm Jason" I said, and nodding toward Brent I continued "And this is Brent, my partner." I sat up as I was speaking and offered the kid my hand.

Taking my hand he said "Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Kenny."

As Brent shook his hand he asked "So Kenny, you're a long way from home. On vacation?"

"Yeah, sort of a vacation. My dad won a trip here with his job and they told him he could bring the family so my mom and I came too" Kenny said.

"So where are your parents now?"

Kenny answered "They are shopping. I'm on my own for a while."

I looked over at Brent, raising my eyebrows. He knew what the question on my mind was. He smiled at me and gave me the slightest little nod "yes". "Well, it's nice meeting you Kenny. It's getting hot our here. I think I'm going to go back inside and get something cool to drink" I said.

Kenny took the bait. "Mind if I tag along?"

"Not at all. Brent loves these rays, but I've had enough and would like the company" I said. I got up, bent over Brent and gave him a kiss saying "Don't stay out here too long. You'll look like a lobster."

"I'll be in in a half hour or so" Brent said.

Kenny and I walked back to my room. We went in and I asked "What would you like to drink?"

"Oh, umm a Coke would be great."

"Coming right up" I said, and went to the fridge, took out two cokes and offered one to Kenny. We sat in the two chairs by the window.

Kenny took a long drink, then looked at me and said "It's so cool to meet you guys. I've never been able to talk to anyone gay before. I'm pretty sure I'm gay" he said.

"How old are you Kenny?"

"Sixteen. I just got my license two weeks ago."

"That's a big milestone." I said. We sat quietly for a couple minutes. I broke the silence. "So you've never talked to anyone gay before, huh?"

"Never" he said. Then added "How do you know for sure if you are gay or not?"

"Well" I offered, "What I usually do when a guy asks me that is to ask them what they think about when they jack-off. Are you comfortable enough to talk about that?" I asked.

Kenny jumped at that opening. "Hell yeah!"

I waited a few seconds and then asked "So tell me about that Kenny. How often do you jack and what do you think about, what makes you hard?" I could feel myself chubbing up already.

"God man, I jack every chance I get. Probably four or five times a day" Kenny laughed nervously. He was now pretty much ignoring his Coke and his right hand had dropped to his lap. I could see he was beginning to chub up also. "There are a couple of hot guys in my gym class. It's all I can do to keep from springing a hard-on when we shower. And as soon as I can get alone I'll jack off thinking about them."

"What exactly do you think about?"

Kenny looked down a bit sheepishly and said "I pretend in my mind that I'm jacking them off. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to suck their cocks and stuff." He was slowly rubbing his cock through the Speedo, and it looked like he was hung pretty well and was certainly hard now. I was openly rubbing myself as well, and was just as hard as Kenny was.

"Kenny, here's the thing man. I'm a bit older than you and you have already told me you've never been with a guy before. So no pressure, you understand? But if you would like to jack off together we could do that" I said, holding my breath praying he would not bolt on me.

"God, I was hoping you would say that, but what about Brent?" Kenny asked.

"Brent knows why we are in here and he's O.K. with it" I said matter-of-fact like. "Let's lay down on the bed, O.K.?" I asked.

We both got up, our hard cocks showing obscenely in our swimsuits. It was only one step to the bed. Kenny stood there for a second and I dropped down in front of him and put my hands on his hips, looked up at him and smiled. He grinned back at me and I slowly pulled his suit down, his cock springing up and smacking his belly. He stepped out of his suit. I pushed my suit down, freeing my cock which was leaking like a faucet at this point. We lay down on the bed. I reached over and took his cock in my hand. He was cut, about 5 inches long. I slowly began stroking him. "Oh my God that feels fantastic" Kenny breathed.

Kenny reached for my cock but I grabbed his hand. "Just enjoy this for a minute bud" I told him. "Damn, it feels so good having you touch me like that" he said.

"Well, then this should feel better" I said, and I repositioned myself and took his cock into my mouth and began sucking his fantastic teen-age cock.

"Fuck... God... please don't stop" he said. I gave him my best blow job, savoring the taste of his cock and pre-cum and enjoying his smell as my nose kept pushing into his bush. All the while I was massaging his balls. In a few short minutes he was getting close so I backed off his cock, moved around a bit so I was directly between his legs, hooked my arms under his legs and raised them up and back exposing his ass to me. I licked and sucked his balls while he moaned. I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass so I slowly worked my way back behind his balls, licking, slurping as I went, until I got to his virgin asshole. I slowly licked across his asshole, enjoying the taste of his beautiful ass again and again, and then pushed my tongue into his hole as far as I could. I was in heaven eating out his fantastic ass. He obviously was too as he groaned one last time and shot rope after rope of cum into the air. His cum landed on his stomach and on my forehead.

"Oh my God Jason" he squeaked. I moved up to him and slowly licked his cum off his belly as he watched. I got closer to his face and his tongue came out and he licked his cum off my face. I looked at him as he tasted his cum, then I kissed him deeply. He was slow to open his mouth and accept my tongue, but when he did he really seemed to enjoy it moaning and pushing his tongue into my mouth as well.

We were quiet for a minute when Kenny looked at me and said "Oh Fuck. I didn't get you off."

I looked down at the bedcover at the puddle of cum I had shot while eating his ass out and laughed "The hell you didn't bud. You just didn't realize it at the time."

Kenny looked at the puddle of cum then back at me. "When did you do that?"

"When my tongue was up your beautiful asshole dude."

"Damn. That was nice, but I didn't know guys would actually push their tongue inside a guy's asshole. You must really like doing that" Kenny said.

"Yeah, you could say that. I guess it's an acquired taste." I joked.

Kenny thought about that, then said "Well, I think I better go now."

"If you are around later and want to ask anything or experiment more, just let me know" I said. Kenny got up, pulled on his Speedo and promptly left the room. I never saw him again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next six months we were kept very busy. I settled into my job at Wells Fargo and Brent landed a decent position with Verizon. We spent much of our free

time searching for the perfect house, finally finding the one we wanted in Scottsdale. We were learning more about each other and how to live together as a couple. And we were fucking at every opportunity, learning much more about each other that way too.

Our social life was beginning to come together. Among our neighbors we discovered not one but two other gay couples living within a block of our new home. George and Albert had been together since high school and were now in their fifties, and John and Chris had been together for four years. John was in his late thirties, while Chris just celebrated his 21st birthday. We all quickly became good friends. Eventually our get-togethers became a regular weekly poker game, each of us taking turns in providing dinner for the group.

John had been married for several years prior to his divorce and coming-out. He had three sons whom we met and got to know during their regular visits with their dad. The oldest, Kyle, at 17 was developing into quite a nice young man. Blond like his dad, he was a football player in high school and had the build to match. Conner, the sensitive 14 year old, also blond, was simply cute as a button. Blue eyes, silky hair and small framed, he took more after his mother I thought. And his youngest, Bobby, was only nine. And a very precocious kid to be sure, always looking for something to get in to that he shouldn't.

The boys spent every-other weekend with their dad, but most of that time was actually spent in our back yard as we had a pool and John did not. Neither Brent nor I had any objections as the three provided much entertainment as well as terrific eye candy. Kyle preferred spending time with us as he had trouble thinking of Chris as a step-dad figure. He was less than four years older than Kyle and was sharing a bed with his father! That whole idea took some getting used to, and as supportive as he was of his father's sexuality, it was still difficult for him.

Around 2:00 P.M. on a Friday I got a call from Brent while I was at work. "Any chance you can come home early?" he asked.

"Sure I can. Why?"

Brent answered "It's Kyle. He's here and he's been hurt. I think you need to be here."

"I'm on my way" I answered and hung up as I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. I probably drove too fast getting home, but it wasn't like Brent to over-react, so I knew I was needed.

As I walked in the door I saw Kyle sitting on the couch with one hand holding an ice pack up to his cheek and the other holding his side. Brent was sitting nearby and looked at me and back to Kyle, saying nothing.

I gently sat down next to Kyle, asking "What the hell happened bud?"

Kyle looked at me lowering the ice pack and revealing a swollen cheek and his eye nearly swollen shut. He started to answer me, "I, I, I..." his lower lip quivered and tears began to flow. I moved next to him and took him in my arms. "It's O.K. Kyle, let it out man." The tears turned in to sobs as he held on to me and cried.

"The fucking assholes jumped me. Three of them damn cowards. All they kept yelling was `Faggot! Faggot!' as they punched and kicked me. Fuck. I hate them." Kyle was trembling as he spoke.

"What brought all this on?" I asked.

"There were a bunch of guys at lunch that were just making jokes, being very loud and verbally gay-bashing one of the freshman guys. I told them that my dad is gay and they should stop saying those hateful things. They all started razzing me, so I got up, told them they were fucking losers, and left. During the break between the next classes some of them jumped me, pulled me around the corner so no one could see and beat hell out of me."

I hugged him again, perhaps too roughly, because he groaned and pulled away. "Don't squeeze like that, it hurts like hell".

"Sorry. O.K., first things first. Let's take a look at those ribs and get you in a hot bath to soak. Brent, we still have some Percocet don't we?"

"Yes. They are in the drawer in our bath" Brent said as he got up to get them.

"That's O.K., we are headed that way right now. Come on Kyle; let's try to make you a little more comfortable." I said as I helped him up from the couch.

"I'll put together a snack while you too are busy" Brent offered.

"That's great babe" I said as Kyle and I walked toward the master bedroom.

The master bath had a very large, deep jetted tub. Brent and I frequently soaked together in it with the jets giving us a nice massage. It would certainly help Kyle feel better.

As we entered the bedroom I told Kyle "O.K. bud, let's take a closer look at you and see how bad the damage is, then we'll get you in the tub."

Kyle closed the bedroom door behind him and sat on the foot of the bed. Quietly he asked "Can we talk a minute first?"

"Sure buddy." I said as I sat down beside him.

Kyle just looked at me, his hands clasped in his lap, knuckles nearly white. As he looked it seemed as if he was searching my eyes for something or pleading with me his eyes filled with tears and they began to run down his cheeks. He softly whispered the words that changed his life: "It's true. I think I am gay." Nothing more needed to be said. I wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight as he cried.

After a few minutes I told him "It will be O.K. Kyle. I promise you it really will be. I know how hard it is to finally tell someone. Brent and I are here for you, always. We will help you every step of the way buddy." After a few more minutes I grabbed the box of Kleenex from the nightstand and offered it to Kyle so he could dry his eyes and blow his nose. That done, I said "Let's get you in the tub. It will help you relax. You have had one rough day. You go ahead and get naked in here and I'll fill the tub."

"O.K." was Kyle's only response. I stepped into the bathroom to fill the tub and get a towel and washcloth for him. I left the door open and had a clear view of Kyle who was really only five or six feet from me. And I was watching. I had seen Kyle so many times over the past few months. At first he wore his broad shorts for swimming, but about a month ago he began showing up in royal blue Speedos. I don't suspect he had any idea what the sight of such a good looking young guy in a Speedo did to me in particular or maybe he did.

Kyle took off his shirt then sat down and removed his tennis shoes and socks. Then standing up, he quickly removed his Levy's. Now he was standing at the foot of my bed wearing only his bright white Jockey shorts. My God, he was stunning a very nicely filled out pouch and an ass to die for hiding beneath the stretched cotton.

As soon as the tub was full I turned on the jets then stepped back into the bedroom. I could clearly see the many bruises Kyle had on his back, sides and legs. I moved over to him and gently ran my hands across his rib cage. "Do you think any ribs are broken?" I asked.

"I don't think so, just badly bent." he said as he gave me a bit of a grin.

"O.K. then. Off with the shorts and in to the tub young man." I said. Kyle hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and pushed them down to his ankles, stepping out of them. OMG this boy is just fucking gorgeous. He had a nice happy trail leading to his pubes, somewhat darker than his hair. His cut cock hung straight down over his nut sack which was absolutely symmetrical. His cock looked about five and a half inches long and thicker than I expected, the head being deep pink. He knew I was checking him out hell, I was blatantly staring at him. Kyle slowly bent over and picked up his underwear and socks and laid them down on his Levis on the bed.

He walked past me, into the bathroom, and stuck his hand in the tub testing the water temperature. "My God, his ass is so fucking hot. Damn, I'd love to eat that" I thought. It was the most perfect bubble-butt I had ever seen, bar none. His cheeks were just beginning to get a fine dusting of hair. You really couldn't see the hair, it looked more like his ass was covered in a fine velvet finish. My cock was absolutely rigid and beginning to leak at this point.

"I made it pretty hot but that will be good for you" I said. As Kyle stepped into the tub I could hear him sucking in some air quickly as he tried to get used to the hot water. He slowly lowered himself into the tub while staring at the hard-on I was displaying inside my shorts.

"Fuck, Jason. Are you sure you're not trying to cook me?" he complained. He settled into the bubbling water and as he leaned back he became completely submerged up to his chin. And he smiled.

"Alright bud, you stay in there as long as you are comfortable. It will stay hot quite a while. I'll put some shorts and a robe on the bed for you. Come find us when you're done" I instructed.

"Yes sir" was his only response. I pulled the bathroom door closed as I stepped into the bedroom.

I put out clean Jockey shorts and found an extra robe in the closet. I put them on the bed and picked up Kyle's dirty clothes to take them to the laundry room. I stood there for a second thinking, then put the clothes back down. I sat on the side of our bed and reached for Kyle's dirty Jockey shorts. I brought them up to my face and sniffed the pouch. "OMG this is so hot" I thought. Then I opened them up and pressed my nose into the butt area and took in a ragged breath..."Fuckkkkkk these smell so damn good... I can't wait."

As I was headed to the laundry room with the dirty clothes I met Brent. He stood looking at me, waiting for me to put the clothes down. As soon as I did I turned and faced him. "Well love, I don't know what you've been doing, but whatever it was it sure seems to have worked! You're going to have to change shorts, you know. I don't think you want Kyle to see you in these" Brent said as he reached out and poked the pre-cum soaked spot, then raised his finger to his nose and sniffed it, then popped it into his mouth looking at me. "I didn't do anything. I just checked out Kyle's bruises and helped him get in the tub" I said. I leaned in closer to Brent and whispered "And I sniffed his dirty shorts."

Brent smiled. "Yeah, I thought so. Dude am I gonna have to put a chain around you?" he asked.

"No. But we do need to talk." I took Brent's hand and led him to the kitchen table where I sat down. Brent poured us both glasses of iced tea and sat down.

"He told me he's gay."

"I didn't see that one coming" Brent said. "I mean, I kind of expect to hear that from Conner some day, but I really didn't pick up those vibes from Kyle." He sat thoughtfully for a moment, then continued "Jeez Jason, you better be careful with him love he is so vulnerable right now and he obviously trusts you. And I know you Jason... just be careful honey. Do right by him." He paused, and then added "I don't know why I said that, I know you will."

"I will babe. You know I wouldn't do anything to hurt him. I just want to help. But what if he instigates something? He's just told me he is gay. He's a 17 year old bag of hormones right now. What if he makes it plain that he wants to experiment?" I asked.

Brent thought about it then said "Well, he is 17. And Kyle is smart. As long as he initiates it I don't see any harm. In fact, it probably would be good for him. Just don't kid yourself. Make sure you know what you are doing and remember he trusts you. So do the other boys and their dad."

I got up, bent down and kissed Brent on the cheek and walked out to the back yard to think about what had happened and what Brent had said.

A half hour later Kyle came out to the patio wearing the robe I had set out for him. He sat quietly next to me for a few minutes, then reached for my tea and took a sip, returning it to the table. Speaking softly he asked "Did you say anything to Brent?"

I scooted my chair next to his and put my hand on his leg and looked into his blue eyes. "Kyle, my man, you were right to tell me and right to trust me. But you aren't a kid. I'm sure you can understand that Brent and I don't keep secrets from each other. So yes, I did tell him. But that's as far as any of this goes as far as we are concerned. It is up to you who you tell, how much you tell, and when you tell, if ever."

"Thanks Jason. You guys are the best." Kyle waited a moment, then "Can I have another hug?" he asked. We both stood up and I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into a tight hug. His hair was still damp. He smelled good. He smelled like my cologne.

Brent yelled out the door "O.K. guys, food's on the table."

We talked fairly easily about what had happened. Both Brent and I reiterated to Kyle that this was all staying here, that what happens next is up to him. Then Kyle said "You know, I'm not ready to talk about this with dad. Could I crash here for a couple days?"

"Of course you can. You know that. But call John and let him know you are here for the weekend so he doesn't worry"

We heard one side of the call:


Sokay if I spend the weekend with Jason and Brent?....

No, nothing special...

Could you drop it by? I'm sitting here in a robe. I kinda screwed up my clothes...

No. No big deal. Just a scuffle...

I'll tell you about it later...

Thanks dad. You're the greatest...

Love you too."

Kyle looked at both of us and said "I'm kind of hurting. And dog-assed tired. I think I'm going to lie down for a while."

"O.K. bud" I said as we all stood up. Kyle gave Brent a hug and stepped over to me.

He hugged me tightly and whispered to me "You're a life-saver. Thank you." Then he kissed my cheek, turned and walked down the hall.


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