What follows is a fictional story from the imagination of the author. Any resemblance between a character in this story and a real person is purely coincidental. The story contains scenes of sexual interaction between an adult man and a minor boy as well as other adults. The sex acts described are not protected sex. The author encourages you to always use a condom and practice safe sex. If the subject matter offends you, or you are under 18 years of age, or it is illegal to read this in your locality please leave this page, proceed no further.

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Chapter Four

Characters: Jason, 32 story is written from his point of view

Brent, 32 Jason's partner

Albert, 50's neighbor

George, 50's Albert's partner

John, 38 neighbor

Chris, 21 John's partner

Kyle, 17 John's son

Conner, 14 John's son

Bobby, 9 John's son

Brent and I spent a quiet weekend at home. Kyle stayed with us. He needed time to be separated from his family to try to come to terms with his sexuality. He had just admitted to me, but more importantly to himself, that he was gay.

Friday evening we made up our guest room and put clean towels in the bath for Kyle and allowed him to settle in after we shared a quiet dinner for the three of us. And it was quiet too quiet for me, but I understood that Kyle was sorting through his feelings.

"Excellent dinner babe" I offered to Brent.

"Yeah, it really is" said Kyle.

"Thanks guys. Glad you liked it" Brent said as he stood up and started gathering plates from the table.

"Let me help with that" offered Kyle.

"No young man. You've had one hell of a day and this was pretty late for dinner, so why don't you go settle in your room and see if you can catch a good night's sleep?" asked Brent.

Kyle stood up saying "Thanks", and gave Brent an awkward hug as Brent's hands were full with dirty dishes. Then he stepped over to me and wrapped his arms around me and we hugged tightly. Kyle loosened his grip and then kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks so much Jason. I'm gonna hit the sack."

"Sleep well Bud" I said. Kyle went to the guest room and closed his door. I started helping Brent clear the table and straighten up the kitchen. "It's strange, don't you think, that he's reluctant to talk to his dad? I mean he's known his dad is gay for a while now, he must know John isn't going to have a problem with it. He must know he'll be supportive."

"There's no accounting for what goes on in the mind of a teenager Jason. We just need to be supportive and let him handle this in his own way. For God's sake don't let anything slip when you're talking to John or the other boys." Brent advised.

"I wouldn't do that. I'll be careful." I said.

We finished cleaning up the kitchen, turned out the lights and headed down the hall to our room. Walking down the hall Brent pinched my butt. When he did it the second time I jumped and grabbed his wrist. "What you doing?"

As we stepped into our room I turned around and pulled Brent to me. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. "Ummmm. Damn babe, I'm horny as hell, I need you tonight" I breathed to Brent.

"I'm sure you are, and I know why" he said.

"Cause I love you" I said.

Brent said "I know you do, and I love you very much. But that doesn't change the fact that you have been lusting for Kyle all damn day, not to mention you got to stare at his naked body. My God Jason, you were sniffing his jockey shorts!"

"I know" I said, laughing. Then I thought about it a minute. "Honey, are you upset about that, with me, for that or anything?"

"Jason, come here you damn idiot" he said. I stepped close to him and he pulled me back into a warm hug. He took my hand and we sat on the edge of the bed. "I'm not upset in the least. You told me right up front about your obsession with younger guys, kids really. I am well aware your needs that way. I only ask that you always be careful and always tell me about it no secrets, ever. Right? And I know you would never do anything to hurt anyone."

"I know you trust me honey, I will never let you down. Not ever" I said, leaning over and kissing him again. While kissing me Brent started removing my shirt.

We finished getting undressed and got in bed. I scooted over so I was touching his body, rolled onto my side and started kissing him again and he sucked my tongue into his mouth. My hands were exploring Brent's hard body, eventually reaching lower and encircling his cock, which was about half hard. I was getting hard as well. "Fuck me babe" I whispered, "Fuck me hard I need to feel you in me."

"Oh you're gonna feel me alright" he said as he squeezed my balls. Then his fingers began to explore my ass, running up and down my butt crack pressing harder on my asshole with each pass.

"Damn babe, that feels so good" I murmured. Brent wet his fingers in his mouth and went back to my asshole, pushing one finger into me as he was gently biting my left nipple. "Yeah babe, keep that up more... more" I said as he added another finger to my hole.

He was licking and biting my nipple harder as he began thrusting his fingers more rapidly in and out of my hungry ass. "Oh God man fuck me now. Fuck me hard please..."

Brent repositioned himself, pushed my legs up and back exposing my ass to him. He leaned down and licked my asshole a few times then spit on it. He lined up his hard cock and gently rubbed the head of his cock around on my hole, spreading his spit around. Then as he looked into my eyes he gave a hard and steady push as his cock entered my hole and continued all the way in until his balls were on my butt, him as deep as he could be in my ass.

I was making noises, "Ughhhhhhh... oh Fuckkkkkk... You feel so damn good babe. Don't be gentle, just do it!"

"Fuck yeah man, your ass is so tight and hot" Brent said as he established his rhythm, fucking in and out of my ass.

We continued fucking for several minutes, both of us thoroughly enjoying ourselves. I was jacking my cock, trying to keep the same rhythm as Brent. We were both getting close when Brent looked into my eyes and whispered "So how does Kyle's ass smell, huh?"

"Oh fuck babe, his shorts smelled so damn hot just like I had my nose pressed against his asshole... Fuckkkkkk, so good."

Brent kept fucking me, picking up his speed: "Bet you can't wait to get your tongue up his hot asshole, can you?"

"Fuckkkkkk babe, I'm gonna cum" I said as I jacked my cock harder and faster.

"Yeah, just think about your tongue licking his tight little asshole" Brent said. He no sooner had said that than I began to shoot ropes of hot thick cum across my belly and on to Brent's chest.

He thrust himself into my ass two more times as he growled "Breeding your ass babe. Cumming... "And then he collapsed allowing his full weight to press down on me, spreading my cum on both of us.

And we kissed and kissed some more, both of us making gentle noises in our throats. We separated both lying on our backs and pulled the cover up over our naked bodies. Lying there quietly I asked "Why did you do that? You knew talking like that would send me over the edge." Brent just gave a wicked little giggle. "Bastard" I said, then leaned over and kissed him again. "Good night babe."

"Good night" Brent said, and rolled on to his side. I snuggled up behind him, my cock resting in the crack of his butt. We drifted off to sleep.

Saturday morning both Brent and I slept late. Eventually we awoke, pulled on some clothes and wandered in to the kitchen. I started the coffee while Brent went outside to get the newspaper. When he returned he gave me part of the paper. As soon as the coffee was ready I poured us both a cup and we sat quietly reading the paper, enjoying the coffee. Before we finished our first cup Kyle came wandering in to the kitchen looking bleary eyed and scratching his head. He was wearing a tee-shirt, cargo shorts and tennis shoes.

I looked up and asked "Coffee?"

Kyle answered "Not for me. Got any milk?"

"You bet" I said. I got up and poured him a glass and he joined us at the table. "How did you sleep?" I asked.

"Really good. You could get lost in that bed. Mine at home is only a single bed" Kyle said.

"Well, glad you enjoyed it bud. You are welcome here any time. Really" I said. "This weekend we want you to just have all the private, quiet time you need. If you want to talk to either of us or ask us questions, please feel free. Nothing is off limits bud; ask anything you want to know about. We'll help you all we can through this thing. It isn't easy coming to terms with this or coming out if and when you choose to do that, so let us help you."

Kyle started talking, "I really appreciate that guys, I really do. I'm a bit confused about it all right now. I mean I know I'm gay. There's no question about that. And I think I want to come out about it, but I'm kinda scared about that. I mean how are Conner and Bobby going to take that kind of news? I'm sure dad won't have a problem with it, but he's going to be disappointed `cause there is no way I'm gonna give him grandkids."

"Well, I wouldn't be too concerning about the grand kid thing" I said. "I mean, he does have three sons, right?"

Kyle answered, "Yeah, he does. It's gonna be a very long time before Bobby gives him any grandkids, and Conner... Well, Conner is Conner. What can I say?"

Brent asked "What does that mean, Conner is Conner?"

Kyle laughed and said "Don't try to tell me you two haven't noticed. Give me a break! Conner is as queer as a three dollar bill! I don't think he has any idea that he is, but trust me, he's gay with a capital `G'."

Both Brent and I laughed out loud, nodding our heads in agreement. "Yeah, he probably is" I said, "But no one is going to be 100% sure until he says so, you know? I mean, there are effeminate straight men in the world" I said.

Brent chimed in "Well, maybe one or two, but that's only because they never had a cock in their mouth."

Kyle laughed out loud at that one, and we both joined him.

Brent took the sporting section of the paper and offered it to Kyle. As Kyle reached across the table to accept the paper I noticed the hair in his arm pit. It was unusually thick. And just that quick my mind started wandering. I was thinking how hot his pits must smell after two or three days out hiking and camping... Then I wondered about his butt... And I started to chub-up.

Kyle put the paper in front of him and said "Anyways, I know Conner is gay `cause a couple months ago I walked in on him and Bobby in their room and Conner was blowing Bobby. We never talked about it and nobody knows."

Brent said "Well, I wouldn't put too much stock in that Kyle. Almost all young boys experiment at one point or another."

"I haven't experimented" Kyle said, and as he turned his head toward me and made eye contact he continued,"Yet" and he smiled... and my cock got harder.

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