What follows is a fictional story from the imagination of the author. Any resemblance between a character in this story and a real person is purely coincidental. The story contains scenes of sexual interaction between an adult man and a minor boy as well as other adults. The sex acts described are not protected sex. The author encourages you to always use a condom and practice safe sex. If the subject matter offends you, or you are under 18 years of age, or it is illegal to read this in your locality please leave this page, proceed no further.

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Chapter Five

Characters: Jason, 32 -- story is written from his point of view

Brent, 32 -- Jason's partner

Albert, 50's -- neighbor

George, 50's -- Albert's partner

John, 38 -- neighbor

Chris, 21 -- John's partner

Kyle, 17 -- John's son

Conner, 14 -- John's son

Bobby, 9 -- John's son

After a late breakfast Saturday morning as we were finishing our last cups of coffee the conversation turned from Kyle's issues to more general banter. I suggested that personally I intended to do nothing more strenuous than working on my tan. Brent agreed.

"Count me in" said Kyle. Brent told him there were extra swimsuits in his room if his dad failed to include his in the bag he dropped off.

I told Kyle "The hot-tub is a suits optional area. Nobody can see into the gazebo. But you have to wear a suit in the yard and pool. Except sometimes at night we turn off the lights and skinny dip."

Kyle asked "Can't the neighbors see into your pool area from their second floors?"

"Yeah, well... if the lights are off and they are looking they must want to see" I said.

As the day wore on the three of us alternately swam, played, splashed each other and laid in the sun. Late in the afternoon Kyle said he was going to try the hot-tub.

"I've got it set at 104 degrees Kyle, so ease in to it man" I said.

I looked at Brent as Kyle walked toward the gazebo and whispered "Are you going to come in too?"

"Yeah, I think I will. I mean you already got to see him in his glory. I have to see what I missed" Brent said, chuckling.

"I told him suits optional. He might decide to keep his on."

Brent said "Not a chance. He's a kid."

"Yeah, your right" I said... hopefully.

A few minutes later we both headed for the hot-tub and as we entered the gazebo we pushed our suits down and off together. I let Brent go up the steps and enter the tub first, admiring his terrific ass. Kyle's eyes were on him too, getting an up close and personal frontal view of my lover. "Come on in, the water's fine" Kyle parroted the cliché.

I followed Brent up and into the tub with my eyes locked on Kyle's. He was smiling and obviously enjoying the view. "Bud, you have individual controls there where you are sitting. You can control the flow and the bubbles. Just start pushing buttons and you'll figure it out" I told Kyle, secretly hoping he would kill the bubbles at his seat so I could get a better view of him below the water line.

We all soaked quietly just hearing the hum of the pumps and the rushing of the water jets, allowing the hot water massage to do its thing to our muscles.

Then Brent said "What do you two think about going hiking weekend after next?"

I asked "What did you have in mind babe?"

"I was thinking it would be fun to get out of town for a few days, maybe head up to Snowflake or Pinetop-Lakeside, do some hiking. Sleep under the stars, you know, just rough it in the wilderness for a few" Brent said.

I readily agreed "I think that's a great idea. What do you say Kyle?"

"Hey, I'm in. If dad is cool with it."

"He'll be fine with it. I'll talk to him" I told Kyle.

Brent said "Then it's all set."

"We're all going to be prune clones if we don't get out of here soon though" I said as I stood up and stepped up and climbed out of the tub. I grabbed my towel and turned so I could watch Brent and Kyle get out. God that kid is so hot, I thought. It took quite a bit of control to keep from springing a full blown hard-on watching him.

And leave it to a youngster to notice those things: "Damn Jason, our junk has shriveled up to nothing" he said, nodding toward Brent, "But your's sure doesn't look like it has -- unless that thing is normally a foot long" he laughed.

I'm sure I was turning red from embarrassment, but shot back to him "Yeah, Jason Junior is all that and then some."

Kyle said, laughing, "In your dreams man."

Even though I'd been caught, so to speak, I still watched Kyle as he dried himself, especially when he bent over to dry his legs and feet, allowing a better view of his ass. Fuck, I want my face in that ass in the worst way I thought.

On Sunday evening they were in the living room, Brent and Jason on the couch and Kyle in the recliner. We put on the movie Later Days, and Kyle moved over to the couch next to me. There was plenty of room as Brent and I were snuggling on the other end of the couch. Brent and I had talked about it earlier and thought the movie might be a one that Kyle would enjoy and it might just help him in coming to terms with his sexuality. We watched in silence up to the scene at the airport where the hustler says to the Mormon boy "What if my whole pathetic life, which I happen to like, led me to this point -- to right here and now, standing here in the snow saying to you `I love you'. I think that's a miracle." At that Kyle began to cry, quietly at first, and then big sobs.

I moved over to him and took him in my arms and just held him, let him cry. In a few minutes he stopped, saying "Sorry."

"Kyle, don't ever be sorry about having deep feelings or about showing them bud. Both Brent and I have cried more than once watching this movie" I said, then added "Ready to see the rest of it?"

Kyle blew his nose, coughed, dried his eyes and said kind of sheepishly "Yeah."

The movie continued. The love scene in the airport motel is one very hot scene. As it was playing I watched Kyle out of the corner of my eye. He kept adjusting his cock in his shorts. In the middle of the love scene Kyle mumbled "Fuck. That's hot" and he was not just adjusting himself, he was now rubbing his cock through his shorts. The scene continued and then Kyle groaned "Oh, oh, shit" and he jumped up and headed to the bathroom.

Brent and I were both stifling our laughs. "He just shot his wad in his pants" I said to Brent.

Brent, laughing, "Yeah he did. O.K. let's be cool when he comes back, do our best not to embarrass him any more than he already will be."

We could hear Kyle leave the bathroom and go into his room. In a couple minutes he returned to the living room wearing different shorts and a very red face. "Sorry guys. My God, I can't believe I did that" he said. "I guess there's not much question about me being gay, is there?"

Brent and I looked at each other and then we all three broke out in loud laughter. When we calmed down I told Kyle "That's happened to all of us at one time or another man, don't worry about it. Let's finish up the movie... but I warn you right now that the tears aren't over bud, so keep the Kleenex handy."

We finished the movie. We were all beat and ready for bed. Kyle gave Brent a hug, then he kissed me on the cheek again and hugged me goodnight. It had been a good weekend. Kyle was going to be O.K.

On the Wednesday before our planned camping trip Brent's grandmother passed away. He left almost immediately for Los Angeles and told me to go ahead with the camping trip as Kyle was so looking forward to it. I'm certain he knew I was also looking forward to it.

Friday morning I packed up the camping gear and got ready to head out as soon as Kyle arrived after school. As soon as he got to the house I told him about Brent's grandmother and that we would be going alone unless he had a friend that he wanted to go with us. Kyle almost shouted "No! Uhh, I mean it will be cool with just the two of us."

"O.K. bud, then we're out of here" I declared.

We drove north out of Phoenix on I-17. I looked over at Kyle and said "Hey buddy, I'm going to head up to the Prescott area. There's a lot of wilderness mountain area there, and I'd rather rough it away from people and campgrounds and such. That O.K. with you?"

"Hell yeah. I'm game. It will be fun" he declared.

And it was fun. We hiked quite a ways into a forested area and found a nice place to make camp. It was almost dark by the time we got everything set up and a fire started. We sat beside each other in the darkness and watched the flames dance. Then Kyle spoke. "Jason, can I talk to you?"

"That's the idea man. We can talk about anything and everything you want to talk about, no limits. And Kyle, nothing said here goes any further. If you don't want me to, I won't even tell Brent. I mean I will always tell him general stuff, but if there is something you don't want mentioned, just say the word. Is that cool?"

"Yeah" he answered. He was very quiet for a while, and then said "Until a couple months ago I didn't think I was gay. But things started changing it seems, and I'm not sure why. I mean when I saw Conner sucking on Bobby's cock I threw a rod right there. I had to go in the bathroom and jack off right then, and I shot one hell of a load thinking about that. And then when we were watching that movie the other day and I shot my wad in my pants right there in the room with you guys, jeez.

He continued, talking rapidly "And at school, whenever I go in to the restroom between classes, if another dude walks up beside me at the urinals sometimes he is so close I can smell his BO and it doesn't turn me off. It's like I really like the smell of another dude's pits. And in the locker room the urinals don't have any dividers between them and when another dude is standing there pissing I throw a rod every time watching his piss. You probably think I'm a real weirdo, right?"

I laughed, "On the contrary, you talking like that has made my cock hard. I think you might be what the gay community refers to as a "stink-boy" in the making!"

"You don't think I'm weird?" he asked.

"Fuck no dude. I'm in to all that, I think it's hotter than hell. Damn Kyle, you're making me fuckin horny man."

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is no doubt that I'm 100 percent gay." He was quiet for a second, then said "I don't want to be in the closet dammit. I want to be me. Why do I have to hide who I am? That's just not fucking right."

"Is there a question in there? Because I agree with everything you're saying."

Kyle said "Yeah, there is." He sat very still, thinking. The he said "How do I come out?" Kyle looked at me and I saw in the fire light that he had started to tear up. I whispered "Kyle, come here buddy. Let me hold you." And he did. He sat down with his leg pressed against mine and leaned in to my side and kind of put his head on my chest as I wrapped my arm around him and pulled him even closer. Kyle sniffled. "There is no right way to come out bud. And there is no easy way either. You might lose some friends, but if you do that aren't the kind of friends you want anyway. Sometimes people have to be careful about coming out at their work, but you won't have to deal with that for a while. Are you ready to talk to your mom and dad, and your brothers?"

"Yes, it's time" he said, very resolutely.



"Will you teach me about sex?" he asked. I swallowed hard. My heart quickened. I actually think I began to sweat. I thought about what he was asking.

"Kyle, your 17. I think you already know about sex, gay or otherwise. I don't think that's what you really meant" I answered.

We sat quietly for what seemed an eternity, but was probably less than five minutes. Then I said "Listen bud. I think you are the hottest young man I've ever met. I would absolutely love to have sex with you. And I think that's really what you're asking, isn't it?"

Kyle giggled and said "Yeah. I just didn't know how to say so."

"Well, I knew that's what you were asking. And that's O.K." I said. "But you have to understand a few things first."


"I love you Kyle. I love you for the young man you are, and the man you will become. But I'm not in love with you. I'm in love with Brent." I paused, then continued "Brent knows I like to play around with younger guys, and he's O.K. with that as long as there are no secrets between us. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Sure I do" he responded.

"And one more thing you should know. If we do play around and get our rocks off and enjoy each other, I won't fuck you, and you aren't going to fuck me. That is something very special that only Brent and I share, and you I hope that's O.K. I mean, in my opinion, that's something you share with someone you are in love with, you know?"

Kyle said "I never thought about it like that, but I think you're right. That's a good idea."

We sat still. I was still holding him tight against me. I knew he was horny as hell, as was I, but he didn't have a clue how to proceed. After a few minutes I thought I would lighten things up a bit and said "So are you ready to go play, stud?"

"Uh huh" he said. I took my arm from around him and we both stood up. I took his hand and led him in to our tent. I was trembling, I was so excited.

We got into the tent and I said "Get naked bud." We both stripped as quickly as possible. I pulled Kyle against me, wrapping my arms around him. Both of us were hard and dripping. Our cocks were pressed between our bodies as we ground them back and forth.

Kyle said "Oh fuck man, you feel so damn good. Can I suck your cock?"

"Stop talking Kyle" I said gently. "Just do what feels good man."

Kyle dropped down on his knees and took hold of my cock, opened his mouth and sucked the dripping head of my cock into his mouth. I had my hands on his head, fingers running through his hair and gently pulling him closer, watching my cock slide further into his mouth. He was sucking me in and out of his mouth, trying to get more and more in, but gagging as he tried to take too much. I pulled back until my cock dropped from his mouth. "Let's lay down" I said.

We layed down on the air mattress and I rolled over on top of Kyle and started licking his chest and nipples. Kyle moaned. I pushed his left arm up and pushed my nose into his armpit. My God he had the most wonderful thick hair. I licked his pit slowly. I enjoyed the slight smell of his sweat, but he smelled very clean. I licked his other armpit and then worked my way down his chest and stomach, pausing at his belly button, licking and sucking on it. Kyle continued to moan. I lifted his cock and sucked him into my mouth. His teenage sweet precum tasted so damn good. I spent several minutes sucking his hard cock.

Kyle said "I think I'm gonna cum."

I stopped, pulling off his cock. "Not yet my man, not yet" I said. I sniffed and licked his balls, pulling each one into my mouth and rolling them around one at a time with my tongue. "Oh fuck Jason, that feels so damn good" he moaned.

I put my arms under his legs and started to push them up and back to raise and expose his ass to me, but I felt him resisting me. "Uh, I thought we weren't going to fuck" he said.

"I'm not going to fuck you bud, but I've got to smell and taste your sweet asshole dude" I said.

I continued down and did just that. My God he smelled good, clean but sweaty. My tongue worked on down to his butt crack and I swiped my tongue the full length of his butt, then began licking his asshole. Fuck he tasted good. I tried my best to get my tongue inside his hole but he was just too tight. Eventually I let his legs down and moved back up beside him and lay down.

Kyle rolled onto his side and began to copy what I had done to him, licking my pits, nibbling on my nipples and then working his way down until he was sucking on my balls. He paused before he continued to my ass. "Kyle, don't do anything you don't want to do man" I said.

"Oh God man, I want to lick your asshole in the worst way. I just don't know if I can" he said in a trembling voice.

"Only what you want to do man. Come up here" I said.

"No. I want to so bad." He said. Then he pushed my legs back and started licking every so slowly moving closer and closer to my hole. I could feel his arms were trembling and he was moaning loadly as he slurped along my crack. Finally he planted his tongue directly on my asshole and began licking loudly and trying to talk at the same time... "God, God, God" he mumbled. As he licked hard across my hole one last time he started shooting his load everywhere; rope after rope of his young thick cum was shooting down on the mattress, some landing on my balls and ass.

Kyle almost crumpled as he laid down next to me. I rose up on my elbow and looked at him. He was breathing hard, mouth slightly open, and his face glistening, covered in his spit. I leaned down and kissed him, gently pushing my tongue into his mouth. Kyle moaned again and kissed me back deeply.

As I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close he began to cry again, quietly, and he continued to tremble slightly.

"Easy babe, easy" I whispered in his ear and I stroked his head and held him.

After several minutes Kyle said "That was the most fantabulous fucking thing ever."

"Yeah, it was good, wasn't it?" I paused, and then said "Just wait, my little stink-boy. Wait until we have been hiking out here all weekend and try all that again. Ummmm." I murmured.

"God, Jason, I can't even believe how good that will be. I can't wait to do it all again when you are stinky." Then he giggled and said "I even want to lick your stinky butt."

I squeezed him and said "Me too bud, me too. In fact, I'd be lying to you if I didn't admit I've wanted to do that to you for a long time. You're a boy after my heart." They lay together for quite a while like that. Then I said "Let's get in our sleeping bags bud, it's going to get cold up here tonight."

Kyle responded "Jason, can we zip the bags together? I like cuddling with you. It feels, umm, it feels, well, it feels right."

"Sure thing buddy" I said.

We zipped the bags together and both got in, naked. I pulled Kyle's young body against me and settled in for the night. As I drifted off to sleep thinking about what Kyle had just said, my cock remained hard, nestled in the crack of his beautiful butt.