"Jay", Boy

Story by Richard Barber


This story consists of erotic detail of man-to-man sexual conduct and encounters.

If this type of man love offends you or you are under the legal age in your state or country to read this, then leave now.

Part 1, Getting to know you.

I worked in Miami Beach during the winter months as a waiter at two of the fine hotels on the beach. The summer was now over and most of the `Borsch" crowd were going back to the Catskills for the summer vacations. I had made some good connections and was offered a job at Grossinger's Hotel to work, so I packed up my car to head up the coast to New York State. I had a roommate, Sidney that shared an apartment with me, while working on the beach. He was going to be working in the same area as a hairstylist so we travel together. He had relatives in Brooklyn. New York and we would stay there 2 nights before heading to the Catskill Mountains in upper state New York, where we would be working during the next 3 months of the summer.

When we arrive in Brooklyn, we went directly to Sid's sister's home in one segment of the city. It was an older brownstone 2 story tract home built in the early 20's or so. You could still see the conversion from gaslights to electricity. It had been pretty well maintained but since the family did not have a large income, it was in some need of furbishing up. The family consists of his sister and brother-in-law, and 3 younger nephews. His sister, Sadie was a nice Jewish lady about 35 and her husband, Anthony, was a handsome Italian Catholic man about the same age as Sadie. The 3 boys were Benjamin, the youngest at 12, David 14, and Jason, the oldest at 16. All three boys were good-looking kids but lacked the etiquette or sparkle that young men have and all seemed rather blench and a bit undernourished. I could tell right away that they needed some country air and good cooking.

After the introductions were over and we had taken our overnight bags upstairs, the family made plans to go visit their mother in a near by part of town. I was to say at the home with Tony and Jay the oldest son, while Sadie, Sid and the two youngest kids would go visit Grandma.

The home was not that large, even though they had the three kids, I wondered how and where everyone was to sleep that night. While everyone was gone the 3 of us set and watched a wrestling match on TV and drank some beer. I had a chance to briefly get acquainted with Tony and Jay. Tony was a very handsome Italian man that married Sadie when they were both young. You could tell at a glance that their married life had become routine and boring. Tony seemed very conscious of his appearance and would occasionally check his reflection in the hallway mirror and run his fingers through his thick wavy hair. He was tall, thin but very well built. He wore tight fitting tan pants that emphasized his tight firm ass and his long cock and balls down the right side of his pants. It was obvious he was wearing no underclothes and also had a large cock. I couldn't help trying to catch a glimpse of the impression of his cock and balls when he left and entered the room. He seemed to always have to adjust himself each time he set down on the couch next to me. He was driving me crazy and I was beginning to think he was doing it on purpose. He knew his brother-in-law, Sid was a gay hairstylist, so I he probably assumed I was gay also.

Jay, his 16-year-old son, looked very much like his Dad and probably was hung just as well. Jay was in high school and told me he liked art and wanted to become an architect and go to college. He liked sports but wasn't good enough or rough enough to keep up with the other boys. I watched him with interest and saw a possible gay streak running in the family. Jay was probably gay but was having problems accepting his homosexuality and I was sure with the Jewish/Catholic upbringing, he had no help. Jay was tall for his age and had a good frame considering his city life. He had a handsome face with dark wavy hair and deep brown bedroom eyes, just like his father. He was going to be a heart breaker that was for sure.

We sat around for sometime and talked while watching TV and drinking beer. Soon the four others came home from their visit. The two younger kids, Ben and David were almost asleep and were taken to their rooms the minute they arrived home. Now came the sleeping arrangements.

Sid was to sleep in David's single bed with him; Ben would sleep in his a single bed with his mother. Jay was to sleep in the parent's room in Bed's single bed and I was to sleep with Anthony in the large bed. Jay normally sleeps in the other room but tonight he would sleep in the same room as his father and I.

After everyone was assigned to their sleeping places, I nervously took off my clothes and crawled under the sheets in the big bed. Jay took off his clothes and lay on the single bed next to the wall. He lay on the bed with nothing on except his boxer shorts. Anthony came into the room, looked us both over and turned out the lights. He crawled into the bed next to me and said quietly as he pulled off his boxers. "I hope you don't mind, but I always sleep naked, and so does Jay. I think it is more comfortable and healthier. So don't be shy, take off your under clothes too." Tony instructed. I slowly pulled off my shorts and placed them under my pillow for quick dressing in the morning.

I lay there trying to relax, but how could I, when I had this naked hunk lying in the same bed with me? Tony adjusted his pillow a few times then turned over on his stomach and curled around the pillow facing away from me. Soon my eyes adjusted to the streetlights and now I could see Jay laying there in his natural way. The glow of the streetlight was just bright enough that I could make out his lean firm body and his trim torso. A small hint of hair surrounded his crotch and I strained my eyes to see his cock. It was hanging down between his legs so I was out of luck, that is, until he reached down to adjust his low hanging balls and pulled his cock up to his stomach. I could see a soft 6 inches of uncut cock. Oh how am I to sleep with all this sexual surrounding? I felt my cock immediately getting hard. I had to quickly pull the sheet over my mound and try to sleep. I had to turn away from Jay as he looked so desirable and delicious. I was now facing Tony's beautiful backside and firm naked ass. Oh shit! I was going berserk!

Everyone else in the house had seemed to settle down and the only noise you could hear was an occasional car or the sound of a subway nearby. I lay there trying to relax and go to sleep. Just when I was about relaxed, Tony turned over towards me and his leg slightly touched mine. I was turned on again and looked up into his eyes to see if he was asleep. My arm was in front of me and my hand was stretched out close to him. He moved once again closer and his semi-hard cock touched my hand. I almost panicked but I remained still.

Tony spoke quietly to me in a soft whisper, like a person talking in his sleep.

" You can't sleep either? I understand." He paused for a second then continued. "I know, you want my cock, so why don't you quietly slide down next to me and let me feel your mouth around my dick. What do you say?" Tony said without even opening his eyes. Then he added.

" Wait, I will turn on the fan and shut the door." He quickly got up and shut the door and turned on the fan to make more noise. I watched him as his tall lean body eased the door shut and locked it. When he returned I saw his huge long soft hanging cock swinging in the air. He was even bigger than I hoped. He got back into bed once again. He took the pillows and set them against the head of the bed and rested his back there while spreading his legs around me.

"Here, get between my legs. It is easier for you this way, besides I like to watch." He said as he arranged himself comfortably.

I was so excited and shocked at the sudden move of this hot good-looking stud. He was offering me his cock to suck off. I was still a bit nervous about Jay sleeping in the bed about 6 feet from us, but his Dad didn't seem to mind, so why should I.

"I trust you can handle it. I love to get head. Take your time and don't worry about Jay. He sleeps like a log, besides he has seen me fuck his mom lots of times. I think it is a good education for a boy his age. But now, I want to be sucked off so get to it, but take your time. It has been a long time for me and I want to enjoy this." Tony said quietly to me.

I got myself into position and caressed his low hanging balls. I leaned over to nuzzled against his inter thigh while wrapping my hand around his hardening cock. I wanted to tongue and explore his cock shaft before it got hard. I quickly placed my tongue to his piss slit to discover a beautiful uncut cock with long soft pink foreskin and a large tulip shaped cock head still hidden beneath the foreskin. I was delighted to lick under his long skin to taste his salty clear pre cum juices and a hint of piss. Tony placed his hand to the back of my head and rubbed his fingers through my hair. One hand wondered down to my mouth, He placed his finger into my mouth as I licked his cock head. He gave out a slight moan. It was growing very fast and I wanted to go down on him before it got so big I couldn't swallow it. I moved down on his cock and took it right to the root. His semi soft cock was already a good 8 inches and was still growing. My hand gripped his cock as I pulled my mouth up to take another forward plunge. He moaned out again and said.

"Fucken yeah! Fucken Yeah! Do that again. Yeah. Again." He sighed out in pleasure. "But don't get me off yet. I want you to lick my balls. Lick them good. I love a good ball bath. Oh, baby, this is Heaven. I love this. Keep it up. I am so horney I might be able to get off a few times before morning. Go to it, Make love to my cock. Oh Yeah." Tony continued on quietly. I had forgotten about Jay but now I was concentrating on this stud cock I was making love to.

I quickly licked my way down to his balls and tried to take them in my mouth. His balls were very large, like his cock, and I could only get one ball at a time in my mouth with out crushing them. He was taking all this in and would sigh and moan out with slight pleasure. Then I wanted to take his first load so I moved back up to this stud cock and went to work to make my move. I continue on doing my best servicing his big cock until I could feel the sperm building up in his balls. I didn't want to miss a stroke or a drop of his cum so I continue on until he let loose a deep moan and shot several squirts of warm cum into my mouth. It was so much cum that some was oozing from my mouth as I desperately swallowed every wonderful precious drop of my studs juices. We gasp and sighed together as he buckled his body up into the air giving me his full manhood. We slowly returned to a normal position as I pulled my legs out from under his arched body. I looked up at his face to see a pleasant satisfied look. His eyes were closed and he was gradually falling asleep as I slowly pulled my legs from under him and my mouth licked off the remaining saliva and sperm.

I took a deep breath and glanced over at Jay. He had been watching me suck his father off and satisfy his sexual needs. He looked away but didn't cover his hard cock bobbing into the air. I thought to my self, `what the hell' and slowly got out of his father's bed and set on the side of Jay's bed. I gently took his 7 in hard cock into my hand. I leaned over to place my warm mouth around his cock, now oozing with juices.

I was afraid he had already shot his load but the minute I placed my mouth around his cock, I knew he had not cum yet. I went all the way down on him about 4 times then he gasps out, and shoved my head down on his cock, shooting a huge load into my welcome mouth. I pulled up from him, then when down on him again so I could get every pulsating move. He came and came then let out one more sigh and relaxed while I licked up and down on his young cock.

I placed my tongue under his foreskin after he started to get soft to taste his sweet cum. It started to get hard again, so I continued to move up and down his shaft. I wanted him again. I crawled between his legs on the bed and started working him up and down while exploring his balls. My fingers wondered down to the warm crevices of his ass to find his virgin anus. I placed one finger into his hole and this caused him to shoot off again very quickly. This time he jerked and shot an even bigger load as I had touched his prostrate. He was just wild for a 16-year-old boy. I finished satisfying him, dried him off completely with his shorts on the side of his bed and then I slowly moved out of his bed and back into bed with his Dad.

I tried not to wake this sleeping stud but he opened his eyes and smiled as he said to me.

"Hot young stud there, huh? Got a cock like his Dad. That was hot watching you blow my son like that. I could use another blowjob but first I would like for you to eat my ass. I had a whore eat my ass once and I really got off on it. Does that turn you off? Will you be my ass eating whore for tonight?" Tony said.

"Fuck yeah. I am not normally into eating ass, but I want to do it to you. You and Jay both turn me on so much, I would do almost anything you want. I bluntly said.

I started to take command as I pulled Tony down from his pillow thrown and lifted his legs into the air. I moved down to an ass eating position and too a good look at his tight buttock and his narrow butt crack. I started slowly kissing and licking his butt cheeks as I lifted his legs up higher. He started to jack on his cock but I told him to hold his ankles and lift his legs.

"I don't want you to get any ideas and stick your shaft in my pussy ass. I am still virgin but perhaps sometime we might try the ass fucking. I just need a good tongue fucking tonight." Tony said in jest.

I had his legs up so I could penetrate his ass hole. I slowly found his tight virgin butt hole and placed one finger to the edge of his tender ass. I wet my finger and placed the tip of my finger into his hole before he knew it. Then I went for the treasure spot and started licking down his butt crack until my tongue found his warm musky butt hole. In and around his ass crack my tongue went with fast movements exploring until my tongue was right to his asshole. In my tongue went with perfect precision. I was tongue fucking his hole so deep that I could almost feel the edges of his butt cheeks against my face. It was very exciting tongue fucking this hot virgin stud ass while his son was probably watching again from his own bed.

We had all adjusted to the light in the room so everything was clearer. I could see Jay resting his head on his hands while playing with his hard cock again. I was wondering if he knew what I was doing to his Dad. I took a quick peek to Jay and motioned for him to come over to our bed. Jay didn't hesitate and slowly got up from his bed and set on the edge of our bed. Jay was afraid his Dad would not like him there but when Tony saw his son watching so closely he too his hand and pulled Jay closer to him. I took Jay's hand and placed it on his Dad's cock as I rimmed him. He got closer and leaned down to watch me tongue fuck Tony. I took a breather and pulled Jay down to let him explore the ass hole with his finger. It was turning Tony on as he started to jack off again. I was now jacking off as I watched Jay jack on his Dads cock and play with his ass.

"Tony, turn over and get into a doggie position. I'm going to eat your ass that way." Tony understood and got up on his knees. I positioned my face into Tony's ass again and pulled Jay under his Dad's body so he could watch my tongue lick his Dad's ass. Tony's cock was hanging down close to his son's mouth, and without hesitation, he pulled Jay up, forcing his hard cock into his sons mouth.

It was just as I had hoped. I was getting Jay and his Dad so hot, that Jay gulped down his Dad's big dick into his mouth, trying to suck it the best he knew how. I went for Jay's cock again while he sucked on his Dad. Tony was getting so hot that he started to mouth fuck Jay as I sucked Jay's cock. It was so exciting and hot that we were started to cum at the same time. Jay was gagging and gasping for air as a gusher of his Dad's sperm was being emptied into his young teen-age mouth. Tony seems to have no mercy as he held Jay as he came. Jay was doing a good job of cumming also. I took his cock into my mouth and took his 3rd load in the last 2 hours. I kneeled behind Tony and over Jay as my cock shot out several spurts of cum over Tony's ass and on Jay's body as he continued to sucked off his Dad. It was so fucking hot.

It all came to a slow end as Jay continued to lick and drink down all the cum from his Dad's semi soft cock. He was milking down the foreskin to savor the man sperm: the same sperm that had produced him 16 years ago. Tony was trying to reposition himself but didn't want to pull his cock from his son's mouth. He took a deep breath to gather his composure. I licked my own cum from Tony's ass and back and then down to Jay's body. Some of my cum had settled into Jay belly button so I licked it out, and gave his dick one more sucking kiss. He flinched and gave out a slight giggle. Tony pulled his body off Jay and collapsed to the side of the bed. I moved to the other side of the bed while Jay moved into the middle next to his Dad. Tony lovingly pulled Jay's naked body against his and wrapped his arms around him. One hand went down to Jay's dick and cupped his balls in his fatherly hands. It wasn't long before the three of us were fast to sleep with a satisfying smile on our faces.

The night went fast as the 3 of us slept curled into each other arms. I had move next to Jay and Tony's arm had extended around me, as well as Jay. I could feel a hard cock pressing against my buttock, as Jay's teenage cock was hard again. I thought this would be a good chance to get him off again before the morning woke everyone, and my wonderful night of sex would be over. It might be my last opportunity. I slowly pulled away from Tony's arm and slid down to the hard moist cock of Jay. I didn't even have to get him hard, so carefully reached under his big balls to adjust them from between his legs. When I did this, he slightly lifted his leg.

As I carefully pulled his low hanging balls, I found his Dad's cock had found its way between Jay's legs too. Tony's cock was already fully hard. He moved in closer causing his long cock to move under Jay's balls and to the other side. About another few inches was right at my mouth. While I tried to concentrate on Jay's cock, Tony started to slowly fuck Jay between his legs. I took Tony's cock head into my mouth as my nose rested under Jay's soft hairless balls. Jay's cock rubbed against my forehead, still oozing steams of wet pre-cum. I would go to Jay's cock for a few strokes, then back to his Dad's cock. It was a rather novel and stimulating experience.

I was enjoying this as much as the father and son. I was careful not to get Jay off too soon so his Dad could enjoy the sensation of fucking his son underneath his balls. Perhaps it would be an introduction for a good ass fucking for Jay by his Dad. I'm sure that would take awhile, because of the size of Tony's big thick cock. I knew it could happen, and I would like to be there when it did happened. How exciting watching this big stud Tony, fucking his hot young 16 year old son up the ass for the first time.

I had to control my sucking because I was getting close to cumming myself. Then I thought I would swing myself around in a 69 position and offer my hard cock to Jay. I would not force him to do anything but give him a chance to experiment and suck on my cock. He seemed to enjoy taking his Dad's load earlier.

I moved around quickly then continued to suck first Jay, then Tony. I had hardly positioned myself when I felt Jay's hand wrap around my cock and started to jack me off slowly. I moved in closer and he softly took my cock head into his mouth as if to taste it. Then he started to go down on me with slow and loving moves. I knew he was enjoying the experience and now he was hooked on sucking cock. Once you experience the feeling of a warm man's hard cock, savoring of the juices and the excitement of the nectar of the sperm being released into your body, you were there. You just had to experience it yourself to know the feeling. Now Jay was starting to experiment and he seems to enjoy the cock so I left him to enjoy, as I enjoyed his tender mouth. I was curious what he would do when I started to cum in his mouth, but time would tell. I had to admit that Jay was doing a good job of giving me a blowjob and I knew if he keeps this up, I would cum.

I was so engrossed in sucking the two cock before me as I took first Jay's cock, then placed my cock over the first few inches of Tony's cock as it slid between Jay's legs. Tony was moving faster and faster and then his body tensed up and he started shooting his cum. I quickly placed my mouth over it to drink it down. Meanwhile Jay's cock was rubbing against my chest and he too started to cum. His Dad was holding Jay close and had been exploring and pinching his nipples. That didn't bother Jay in fact it turned him on even more. His Dad did not want to yell out in a pleasurable call but because of our location in the house, I could tell he was holding back. Jay too gasps and moaned in a muffled sound. His head was turned to his Dad face and the two of them were trying to kiss as they enjoyed their orgasms. Jay pulled away from his Dad's lips and immediately took my cumming cock back into his warm tender mouth, sucking and drinking my warm juices. I wanted to yell out too but held back to a soft moan. The 3 of us seemed to always get off at the same few moments. It was well timed once again.

After a nice sensuous and delightful session we all became aware that the family was starting to move around in the other room. I moved over to Jay's bed after quickly cleaning all the cum from between his legs and off my chest. Jay took his shorts and wiped up the bed cum stains and quickly adjusted the pillows and bed sheet so everything looked normal again. We all quieted down and pretended to sleep when one of the boys knocked at the door and told us coffee was ready. Then Tony's wife, Sadie came to the door and knocked quietly and opened the door where Jay had quickly unlocked it before jumping back into bed by his Dad.

"Tony. We have to take Grandma over to her doctor today and I am going to drop the boys by your sisters until we get back. Sid is going with me so you men have a good day and we will be back about 5 PM or so... unless Jay wants to go with us." She continued.

Tony suddenly spoke out. "No. Jay is going to stay here with the rest of us men. I am going to take them over to my construction site today and show them around."

Jay nodded to his Dad and gave out a delightful smile of approval. I sensed they were never close before, but now that they had man-to-man physical love and contact, I knew things were going to be different. Jay looked so proud and happy that his Dad had included him in the `men' category. Tony seemed pleased with Jay's enthusiasm and gave him a punch on his arm and tickled his ribs as Jay tried to defend himself from his Dad's advances.