`Jay', Boy

Story by Richard Barber


Part 10, The Bachelor Party,

Section 1.

Everyone arrived at Fire Island early that morning to help get things set up for the party. Kevin and his brother Kyle, had opened the beach house the previous day, and had a cleaning crew come in to clean and prepare the house for guests. It had been used only once this year during a New Years Party so was in pretty good shape except for a bit of dust and sand that had settled around the place.

The beach house was an `A Frame' of redwood construction, with high-beamed ceiling living area. The glass windows extended from the floor to the ceiling, with a desirable view of the ocean and a nearby lighthouse. Sliding glass doors opened to a large deck that projected over the beachfront. Inside the living area, and against one wall, was a large gas and wood-burning fireplace. A small open kitchen, with a divided counter, separated it from the sunken living space. A narrow hall in the center of the beach house, led to the master bedroom in the back of the house, with a shared bathroom. An open stairwell, led up to a loft bedroom overlooking the living room and another unobstructed view of the ocean.

Even though the house was very open, it sat back a good distance from the water, so no one could look directly into the large windows. To one side of the lot was a small clump of trees and low bushes that was used for private gatherings and love making, of people from the nude beach nearby.

Jay recalled the similarity to the small cabin they used in the Catskills this past summer, but this beach house was three times the size, plush furniture and better equipped. It was such a nice place to be used only as a beach house. Kevin's family must have money to let such a nice home remain vacant most of the year, and only used for family events, and a `get away' house. It was nicer and larger than the de Marcus home in Brooklyn.

A small delivery truck had finished unloading the soda, beer and liquor supplies just as we arrived. The caterers were in the kitchen area and were finishing up the last details. The two men caterers, Drew and Dillon, were to remain during the party, and looked as though they could fit right in. Fortunately, they were both very good-looking studs. Tony's two sons, Ben and David, were to help the caterers serve the food and snacks, and Jay and Dick were to help Victor with the bar. Bob was to serve as the security guard and would help Kevin as he hosted the party.

Kevin and Bob had set up the back master bedroom with two mechanical `swings' that were hung securely from the wooden beam ceiling. The bed had been shoved to the other side of the room, and was covered with some of Bob's leather bed covering. Next to the bed were an assortment of sex toys, dildos, vibrators and the like: and a couple large jars of lubricants and an abundant supply of hand towels. A large portable leather covered, crisscross unit, with arm and leg ties, had been place next to the back wall to be used later in the evening in another part of the house.

The room was `off limits' to the guests until the party began to take off. When Jay saw the swing, he immediately examined one, and asked Bob how it was going to be used. He had never seen one of these contraptions before, but after Bob showed him how it was going to be used, he nodded his head and said very seriously. "Okay! That looks exciting. Which one will I be using?"

In the living area, a large screen TV would be showing adult movies while the boys served the food and drinks. Everything was set, and soon the guests would be arriving. Kyle would make his appearance after everyone had arrived and had renewed old friendships.

They began to arrive in groups and soon all 12 of the jocks had arrived, and what a hot sexy looking bunch of men they were too. Kevin realized it was going to be impossible to remember names, so he gave everyone of them numbered hockey shirts as they came in the door and made them remove their shoes and pants. Most didn't object to this, but just laughed and knew this was going to be a hot party. Most of them wore designer shorts or boxers and a few wore jockstraps, except for two. The hockey shirts were large enough to cover most of the lower half, but no one cared one way or the other. They had become familiar with each other's bodies in the locker room or the showers during the games or practice and had no reason for modesty tonight.

The great room had a large circular couch facing the big screen TV, where the guys could relax. A few large cushions had been placed on the floor and could also be used for sitting. In the front center of the couch, was a large solid wood coffee table that could be used for a seating or sex if needed.

The young boys, Ben and David began passing around the snacks and food. It didn't take long for one of the men to comment how cute the boys were and that they should be wearing hockey shirts too. Kevin had anticipated the jock's reaction and tossed the boys 2 large hockey shirts.

As the boys began to strip, a few catcalls and whistles were heard. David being the least shy of the two got upon the wood coffee table and began doing a slow and sensuous strip. Ben, not wanting to be outdone, jumped on the table next to his brother, and started stripping too. This was a real treat for these men as they lustfully watched the two young boys flaunting their solid smooth hairless bodies at them. One or two hands reached out to touch the boys, but the other guys pulled them back. It was too soon for any action to take place. The boys stripped down to their white ass clinging shorts, showed a little butt, clutched their semi-hard dicks, and then quickly jumped off the table, grabbed the oversized shirts, and ran back into the kitchen area leaving the men tantalized and wanting more.

Tony watching all this action from the bar area just shook his head in amazement as his sons teased these horny grown men. He was wondering if he did the right thing to let his younger boys come to this party. He didn't realize they would be the ones to get the men aroused so quickly. He still had an idea to get more excitement going, but he hadn't told Jay yet. He knew that Kevin and Kyle still did not know the 3 boys were his sons but noticed that Kyle had taken an interest in Jay earlier in the evening. Tony had to wait for the right time to make his move.

The men had all drawn their attention to the sex film playing on the TV. Tony gave Jay a tray of sodas, beer and drinks to pass around to the men. The caterers had taken a sudden interest in the boys, and a few love pats on the ass was becoming obvious to Tony. Next time Tony looked at Drew, he had his eyes closed and was enjoying a blowjob from David behind the counter.

Ben had bravely ventured back into the midst of horny men as they watched the film. One of the guys sitting on the end of the couch grabbed Ben and sat him on his lap and started nibbling on his ear.

Jay was still nearby serving drinks when he noticed Ben pulling up his shirt to expose his large dick. The men were amazed at the size and beautiful perfection of this young boy's big dick, and soon Ben was the center of attention.

Ben was sitting on Jock #3 lap, and soon his hard cock was out of his jockstrap and rubbing between Ben's warm thighs while he jacked on Ben's hard boy cock. The #3 jock lost control of his needs and reached a quick orgasm within a few minutes. Ben quickly scooped up the jock's cum in his hand and then rubbed it on his own cock, and stepped back on the table to give the men a show.

He pulled off his jock shirt and started jacking his cock off to the pleasure of the watching men. It was awesome watching this hot young stud jacking off his large cock in front of 12 hunky men. After a good showing, Ben began cumming and shot his wet cum into the faces of several nearby hungry men.

They almost fought to see who could catch his gushing sperm as they eagerly lapped at the spurting steams of cum projected from his big young boy cock. After a wild crowd-pleasing exhibition, he slowly finished his wet and wild orgasm; he eased his naked body backwards and rested on the table. One nearby jock, slurped down his semi-soft cock to taste the remaining, sweet boy cum while another proceeded to lick on Ben's low hanging balls. One man was licking and sucking on his tender toes and sucking most of his foot in his mouth. Another jock, # 8 started jacking himself off and shot his cum onto Ben face. This started a rush of jacking of cocks and soon several other men joined in the circle jerk. Within a few minutes of heavy breathing and moaning, Ben's young body was covered with loads of juicy man cum.

David had managed to slither his body into the maze of hot half naked men, to find his brother's body delightfully flooded with juicy man cum. David delighted in lapping and licking the cum from Ben's body, As David knelt over Ben savoring the steady flow of sperm, someone started licking David's asshole, and then the sensation of a finger sliding into his ass to open his tight puckering boy asshole, then another. The fingers withdrew and the head of a big cock soon penetrated his tight asshole.

David waited for the painful entry, but continued licking Ben's wet body before another load of cum could soon be deposited on Ben. Ben's young body responded to the sexual orgy around him causing his dick to stiffen. He began jacking himself off before another warm mouth could engulf him again.

David felt the dickhead easing past his sphincter and deep into his needful body. He could tell at once he was about to take a large dick, and braced himself for the deep entry. David moved his ass back into the man causing him to sigh out in pleasure. The man gripped David's hips, and wasted no time to fuck David unmercifully to lustfully pleasure himself into the boy's warm moist hole.

Ben was enjoying the constant gushers of love juices that were shooting on his body. His brother David was having a joyous time savoring all the man sperm, but could hardly keep up with all the cum that was being deposited on his body, He knew by David's movements, that he was being used by someone and he must be fucking the hell out of him.

David was enjoying the ass fucking he was receiving. He had always enjoyed a rough fuck and now he was being rough fucked by some anonymous jock stud, with a rather large cock. Fuck, it was a great sensation. Now he understood why his older brother Jay, liked their dad to `rough fuck' him.

If this jock didn't stop massaging his prostate, as he plowed his ass, David feared he was going to pop his nuts. He didn't want to cum yet, because he wanted a few more jocks to fuck him while he was in the mood.

He saw Dick and Jay down on their knees sucking off first one cock then another. It was beautiful sight seeing the entire gang of jocks getting off.

David was enjoying the exhilarating fuck his partner was giving him, and when he began to cum it was deep and hard. He could actually feel the shooting streams of cum gushing deep into his body. Following the pleasure moment of body spasms, the jock paused and slowly pulled his semi-hard cock from David's well-used asshole.

A small trickle of cum eased from David's asshole and down his balls. His warm cum-filled ass made it easier for the next jock to guide his cock into David's hole. This jock was not as rough during the entry but his steady fucking and massaging of his prostate was encouraging David to cum.

Just as he started to cum, his ass muscles tightened and enhanced the already sensuous feeling of the jock's cock. He willingly released his cum deep into David at the identical instant. Together, David and the jock sighed and moaned out in pleasure throughout the orgasms. It was an immense emotion of gratification for both.

David was pulled backwards into the strong masculine arms of his assailant, hugged tightly and amiably kissed on the nape of the neck. The jock whispered into his ear.

"Thank you David. I want you again later." And gave him a love nibble on his neck as his soft cock eased from David's cum filled hole.

David gasped as another jock suddenly went down on David's sensitive cock, savoring the remaining boy juices from his spent cock. David was thinking, "That last fuck was awesome!" He turned quickly to see who his last lover was. The jock gave him a quick smile, winked and gave him the `thumbs up' sign, then sat on the couch with some of his other jock friends.

Everyone had settled down from their first spontaneous sex orgy. David pulled his brother Ben, up from the wet sticky table. As they looked at each other, a big grin came over their happy faces. David gave his little brother a loving kiss and the boys scampered down the hall, arm in arm, to the bathroom to clean themselves off. The sounds of boyish giggles continued momentarily as they hugged each other before closing the door.

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Story by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@hotmail.com