Jay', Boy

Story by Richard Barber


Part 11, Bachelor Party, Section 2

Kevin entered the room, stepped on the upper level of the sunken great room and blew a whistle. Everyone turned to give Kevin his attention.

"Time out! Time out! We have come here to celebrate my brother's last few days of freedom before he becomes enslaved to marriage. Have a few drinks, help yourselves to more food at the counter, and enjoy another round of hot movies while you cool off. We have another surprise for you and for Kyle but first I want to introduce you to one of our hosts, Tony from Brooklyn and his boy Jay."

From down the hallway walked Tony, dressed completely in leather vest, body halter, boots and chaps. The ass section had no covering but the front had a large leather cup covering his cock and balls. Behind him he pulled a handsome young man in faded torn jeans, tied securely with a leather dog leash, and a studded dog collar around the boy's neck. The 12 men immediately drew their attention to Tony and his slave boy, Jay.

Kevin had carried the leather covered cross into the room while the two boys were getting fucked and sucked on the table. He leaned the structure against one wall and secured it so it wouldn't move. Tony pushed Jay roughly against the cross and strapped his arms and legs into leather gear. Jay was now at Tony's mercy.

He reached for a container of body oil sitting on a nearby table, and motioned for two jocks to help him oil Jay's body. They quickly poured an amount of the body oil on Jay and continued to massage his body from head to toe. A couple fingers eased under the torn jeans to lube his asshole. As soon as Tony was pleased with their service he moved them aside and picked up a large paddle to spank his boy. A slight mumble from the men as Tony gave Jay a hard swat on his jean covered ass. Jay cried out in sudden surprise and pain. He had never had anyone paddle him before, and it stung. Tony swatted him again on the other buttock and once again Jay cried out.

"Please daddy, don't spank me. I've been a good boy. Don't spank me please. I'll do anything you want, just don't spank me again." Jay pleaded


Tony paid no heed, to his son's pleading but swatted him one more time.

"One of you assholes get his jeans off. Let's see what his red ass looks like now that he has been disciplined." One of the men came closer and unbuttoned the jeans and pulled them down over his red buttocks.

"Cut them off. Cut his jeans off. Here's a knife, now cut them off." Tony said to the man as he handed him a large sharp knife.

The jock cut the legs of his jeans until both of Jay's bowling ball butt cheeks were showing.

"Rub some oil over them and let's make them really sting. What do you say, boy? Do you need more discipline, or are you going to continue to be a good boy to your daddy. Who's your daddy? Who is your master?" Tony yelled out to Jay.

"You're my master. Sir. Please don't spank me again sir. You're my daddy and I love you. Please SIR." Jay sobbed out still feeling the sting of the paddle. Streams of tears were running down Jay's handsome young boy face.

The men looked up into Tony's face as if to plead with him not to harm the boy anymore. Tony got closer and rubbed his hands over Jay's firm buttocks, then his fingers ran down his ass crack.

"You!" Tony pointed to one of the jocks. "Get your ass up here and lick his ass crack and wet his ass hole. I'm going to fuck the little bastard. I still need to teach him who is master at my household. And you...get over here and take my leather cup off my cock and kiss it. And you...get my cock wet before I fuck this slut. He needs a good hard fucking. Now let's get this show going. I need to get my nuts." Tony commanded.

Tony did look very commanding in his leather garb. He was a hot looking man anyway, but the leather harness secured around his upper torso emphasized his handsome body structure. The curvature of his buttocks protruding from the back of his leather chaps and the dark hair down his ass crack was hot. He had a good amount of body hair just in the right places. The hair coming down his pectoral and abs formed a `V' to his pubic hairs. His semi hard cock was now being released from his leather cup, and his 11 inches of uncut Italian cock was beginning to rise. One of the jocks immediately knelt before Tony and placed his hands around his manhood, touching his tongue to the tip of Tony's wet penis. Tony stood like a slave master at an auction. He was their master and god. He was enthralled by the unbelievable attention he was receiving from these hot masculine macho jocks. They seem to do every command without qualms or hesitation.

One of the jocks had positioned himself behind Jay's ass and was licking and tongue fucking his puckering aperture. Jay arched back as far as he could to enjoy the penetration.

"Get my cock wet and hard. I need some ass." Tony told one of the jocks as he knelt before him.

It wasn't long before Tony's cock had grown to a full 11 inches. He stepped behind Jay, aimed his hard cock to the wet ass hole, and eased his cock into Jays tight hole. There was a gasp from the jock, as the master put his 11 inches into his boy. Jay moaned out in pain and pleasure. Tony held his son's body close and whispered in his ear.

" I am sorry if I hurt you son, but something just came over me. I love you son, but you know that. Right" Then Tony licked Jay's ear, turned Jay's face towards him, and kissed away his tears. Jay turned to his dad and said.

"Dad, I know that. Don't feel bad about it. I knew it was all show. Now fuck me and let's put on a damn good show for these asshole jocks. They want to see some action, so let's give it to them. Now fuck me hard and rough like you always do dad. I love you too." Jay reassured his dad.

Tony and Jay put on a good hot show for the other jocks. Even the caterers came closer to observe Tony's large cock as he fucked the muscular ass of Jay. It was amazing to see such a large thick cock going into such a small ass. Soon Tony started to cum and filled Jay's ass with his daddy cum. It was a wild session to say the least. Tony would pull his big cock almost all the way out of Jay's ass hole, then plunge it back in. Jay took it like the obedient son. All of the guys got so hot watching the fucking that some almost came, but Kevin told them there was more to cum so hold off for some other good ass.

After Tony and Jay put on a good exhibit of man/boy love, Tony released Jay from his leather binds. Jay slowly collapsed onto the floor by the cross. Tony lifted Jay in his arms. They caressed, kissed a few times as Tony carried Jay to the backroom. There he laid Jay into one of the halters hanging from the ceiling. He and Kevin secured Jay into the halters to ready him for more action.

Kevin and Rob, the security guard, had abducted Kyle while Tony and Jay were fucking in the other room, placed a blindfold over his eyes, he carried him to the back party room and secured him in the other swing next to Jay.

Kyle thought it was just part of the party fun, and didn't realize he was going to be used and fucked by his buddies from the hockey team. His brother Kevin had fucked him once, when he was a teenager. Kevin remembered how much he seemed to take pleasure in it at the time, so it was about time to make good with his teenage pleasure again.

Kyle had a few drinks of Champagne and smoked some potent marijuana before Kevin and Rob abducted him, so he was almost oblivious to anything around him. He was drunk and stoned, and feeling no pain. He would laugh and talk silly as they tied his feet in the leather halter. He was so relaxed he almost fell asleep. Jay, on the other hand was ready to be fucked by some of the hot jocks in the other room.

Rob was envious of the two guys in the swings about to get fucked, but he knew somehow, he would get in on the fun. Tony moved to Jay and Kyle to check out the gear as Rob placed 2 small plastic containers underneath the swings. It was there to catch the overflowing cum and juices that might flow from their assholes, as they were fucked over and over without time for toilet break. It had to go somewhere otherwise it would be all over the floor. Things seemed ready for the parade of jocks to enter the room.

Kevin went to the other room and told the guys they had a good surprise in the back room and for them to line up for some good fun. The two younger boys, Ben and David, had shower and dressed in clean white boy shorts and very long white t-shirts that just covered their buttocks. They would escort the men into the other room and serve as fluff boys if needed or just suck for fun.

The jocks were pretty well sexed up by now. Most were feeling pretty horny and had stripped down naked. A few joints were being passed around and everyone was relaxed and in a good mood. When a couple of the jocks entered the room, they were amazed and excited at this new adventure. None of them had ever used a swing for fucking. It was going to be interesting and sexually exciting for them to do.

After a few of the jocks entered the room, they immediately knew what to do. It was a good way to fuck their buddy that been one of their teammates. Sometimes Kyle could be a pain in the neck and now it was their turn to give him a good fucking to get even. The first one was the captain of their team. He was a good-looking rugged dude with a hot body and a big cock. It didn't take long before he spread Kyle's ass cheeks to inspect his `almost' virgin asshole. He spit on his hands to lube his cock and eased his cockhead to Kyle's butt crack.

Kyle suddenly became aware what was expected of him. He still had the blindfold on his eyes, so he couldn't tell who his first fuck was going to be. He wanted to resist but his mind was foggy from the champagne and marijuana. He had always wanted to get fucked again ever since his brother Kevin used him when they were teenagers. He wanted to repeat his pleasant experience but never had the nerve to tell Kevin how much he enjoyed it. Now it was about to happen to him again, and he was not going to resist. He did want to see who was going to fuck his ass, for the first time in several years, but his hands were secured and he could not reach his mask. He just had to fantasize and enjoy it.

Captain Web had gotten so horny watching the performance of Tony and Jay, that he was already drooling pre-cum juices from his hard cock. He eased into Kyle's ass rim, then slowly eased his cock in deeper until it had opened his aperture, and then he heard Kyle moan out in pain. This excited Web even more. He pushed once more and it went all the way into his anus. Once again Kyle moaned out and gave out a cry of ecstasy and said.

"Oh god. That is so great. Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh yeah man, Fuck me." Kyle called out.

Captain Web didn't need much encouragement. He spread his legs to brace himself, cupped each of Kyle's hard firm buttocks in his strong hands and started to pump his cock deep into Kyle's willing body. Webb had fucked men before but fucking one of his buddies was exciting. He never dreamed he would be fucking this hot young dude.

He began to fuck slower for fear he would cum too quickly. He fucked and fucked until he could not hold back his passion any longer. Web enjoyed cumming, like most men, but the opportunity to fuck some good ass was overwhelming. His cock started to swell and his balls tightened. He could almost feel the sperm coming from his balls, up his cock shaft out the piss slit and into the warm crevices of Kyle's ass.

Gushers of cum filled Kyle's ass as he was receiving his first man load. It was more exciting than he remembered. He wanted to cum but he was still secure. His cock throbbed and bobbed against his hard stomach. His balls were pressed against his assailant's hard abs. He never realized the feeling of another man's hard body pressing against his could be so exciting.

Captain Web let his cock pulsate and enjoy the warm body presented before him. He didn't want to pull out right now, but wanted his teammates to enjoy this warm fuck as much as he did. His cock was covered with his love juices and as he eased out of the asshole, a trickle of his cum ran down the ass crack. He paused and started to move away when he was approached by one of the young boys, David, who caressed his wet cock and licked it with his tongue. He started to clean his cock with short licks until Web's cock was almost clean of love juices. He relaxed as his cock slave was servicing his cock. As soon as all of the wet juices were cleaned from his cock, the boy started licking and cleaning his balls. He had never had such service or attention; even at the whorehouses he had been to. David licked his balls clean and then went back to his semi-hard cock, slurped it all the way into his mouth causing Web to gasp with surprise and delight. If this boy didn't stop, he was going to get hard and shoot another load into this boy's mouth. David eased away from Web to make room for another guy that was about to fuck Kyle.

Jay was not being neglected. One of the jocks had placed his cock into Jay and was fucking him for all he was worth, Jay didn't have a mask over his eyes like Kyle, and so he could see who was using his body. Jay had never been positioned in a swing before and once he got adjusted with the leather straps holding his legs up and apart for his ass to be fucked, he felt great. He hadn't had time to release his dad's load from his body, so this next fuck was easy for him to take. He saw the jock's cock before he plugged him and it was a nice size. He had a big set of hanging balls that popped against his ass while he fucked Jay. This was going to be great for Jay because he loved being fucked over and over and was hoping everyone of the jocks would fuck him before the weekend was over.

The session continued thru the evening as each of the men came into the room to be pleasured by either Kyle or Jay. As one jock would be getting some ass, David and Ben would entertain the men by licking and sucking on their cocks until they were hard and about ready to cum. Both boys were good cocksuckers but didn't get the jocks off right then. They wanted them to enjoy the pleasure of a warm ass hole to fuck. The boys would guide them up to Kyle or Jay's ass, then help them guide it in. This was such a turn on to them, as these hot young boys would direct the cock to the hole.

After a few loads of cum in Jay or Kyle's ass, they were beginning to overflow with the love juices. Now and then one of the guys would lick some of the juices from their ass before they fucked them, but some of the overflow began oozing out and dripping into the buckets under their swings. David and Ben gathered some fresh towels and began wiping and cleaning the area until it was fresh again.

One of the jocks got on his knees and started sucking on Kyle's ass to savor some of his teammate's sperm, and then he got back up and added his sperm into Kyle's ass.

One of the men wanted to fuck Ben, Tony's youngest son, so he picked him up and placed him on the mattress and positioned him for entry. Tony had been supervising and watching all the sexual activity and when he saw Ben about to receive his first cock, he stopped the man and said.

"My son is still virgin, so I have the right as his father, to take his cherry. Please move aside and let me open his ass but before I do, get between his legs and rim his ass hole, get it nice and wet before I break his cherry.

The jock was surprised that Tony had admitted Ben was his son. It was the first time that anyone, except for the security cop, Rob, knew the boys were all Tony's sons.

"Hey dude, this is hot stuff." The jock replied. "I've never eaten a young boy's ass before, but since you are going to fuck your own son, it would be my pleasure: and I might add, a sweet little ass it is too. But do you think he can take that 11-inch cock up his virgin hole? I only have 8 inches. Perhaps you should let me do it first. "He continued.

Tony shook his head, and directed the jock to rim Ben's asshole until it was wet and ready for his daddy's cock. Tony knew Ben was willing, but Tony was going to use some special cream to put on his cock, to help Ben endure the first painful entry. The jock got on the bed with Ben, lifted his legs and took a nice look at the small pink hole he was about to rim. He first kissed Ben's legs and moved swiftly to his ass cheeks, then his asshole. It was sweet and tender to the taste. It was exuberating, and soon his tongue was licking, and fucking the sweet virgin asshole.

David had been busy cleaning and licking cum from the other jocks, that were fucking Lyle, and his older brother Jay, but when he saw the man pick Ben up and carry him to the bed, he wondered how his dad, Tony, would react. He realized his dad had everything under control, but he moved to the bed to see if he could be helpful. He saw Tony watching the jock eat Ben's virgin asshole, but thought he would suck on his dad to make him ready to fuck Ben. He dropped to his knees in front of Tony, took his big cock into his hands and kissed it. He had to admit his dad had one of the most perfect and beautiful cocks he had ever seen or had. Tony looked lovingly down at David and rubbed the back of his head as David started sucking on his cock. The oozing pre-cum from his dad's cock was sweet and clear. David thought to himself; this beautiful cock that gave him his life, and now this same sperm was about to plant more sperm into his younger brother. He wasn't jealous that his dad was fucking Ben before he got fucked, because he loved his brother, and enjoyed their sexual sessions together. Ben was going to be hung like his dad, big and beautiful, and now he was going to experience a good fuck. It would be exciting to watch.

Jay was still enjoying the lineup of hot stud jock cocks fucking his willing ass. Then he saw the action on the bed and motioned for Rob to release him and take his place in the halter, while he joined his dad and two brothers. Rob had been waiting for this opportunity, and soon he had released Jay and was in turn strapped to the swing, ready to be gang fucked. This was not a new experience for Rob because once a week or so, he volunteered his services at one of the local leather s/m clubs where he would be tied to the swing and fucked for hours at a time. He never got tired of hot shooting cocks up his ass.

As Jay moved to the bed, several of the men in the room saw the action that was about to take place, and quickly surrounded the bed to either watch or participate in some more hot sexual activity.

Ben looked up to see his dad was looking down at him while he was getting his ass rimmed and ready to accept the entry of his dad's big 11-inch dick. He loved his dad very much, and would do anything for him. In the past 6 months since he and his brothers had become sexually active with each other, and their dad, the boys had grown much closer. It was a marvelous thing that had happened to them ever since Dick had arrived. They had all learned how to enjoy sex and all that was associated with it. He really felt sorry for other boys he knew that were not close to the other male members of their family as he was. Now he was about to be fucked by his wonderful, handsome dad. It was exciting. He had fantasized about this moment for sometime now, but to share his experience with his other two brothers was even more satisfying.

The time had come. His dad was getting into position to enter Ben's asshole. Jay and David where close by to help in the procedures and pleasures of the ritual. It had become a family affair, but with several onlookers. Tony looked into his youngest son's beautiful face and could see how much Ben looked like him when he was that same age. What a great honor to seed his own son with the seed that had given him life 14 years ago today. Tony leaned over to kiss his son before he fucked him.

"Happy Birthday, Son!"

Story by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@hotmail.com

11/11/2004 Word Count, 3,909