"Jay", Boy

Story by Richard Barber


This story consists of erotic detail of man-to-man sexual conduct and encounters.

If this type of man love offends you or you are under the legal age in your state or country to read this, then leave now.

Part 3, The Construction Crew goes to Work.

Meanwhile, Tony headed to the back room to go to the toilet to clean up, and take a piss. I heard a slight sound of heavy body movements, then another man's voice, other than Tony's. As I started to get up and grab my clothes, Tony and 4 other men entered the room. They had secured Tony's wrist with duct tape. Tony looked as though someone had knocked the breath out of him during the shuffle and abduction in the back room. Jay and I were shocked, and started to grab our clothes but one of the men quickly stepped in front of us.

They were 4 construction men, dressed in work clothes, booths and safety hardhats. A quick look at the men, and I knew right away they worked here, and knew Tony. All the men were various ages. One man, who seemed to be the leader, was a tall muscular man about 50. One man was of Spanish or Mexican dissent and was about 30 years old. There was a light colored man, probably Negro, about 40, with a large frame and looked liked a football player. The smaller and youngest man in the group was about 24. He was a quiet, but handsome white man with a smooth baby face and a blond mustache. This was a good-looking group of hot masculine and well built men, and under any another circumstances, I would be honored to take all of them on for a good round of sex.

Tony was gaining his composure and started to yell out at the men.

"What the fuck do you think you fuckers are doing? Let me lose, cocksuckers. Get this tape off my wrist cause I'm going to beat the shit out of you." Then Tony tied to swing at the nearest man but was immediately stopped when one of the men grabbed him from behind.

"Oh my." The black man said as he grabbed Tony. " What a nice set of buns you have Tony. Perhaps I might just like to try you out instead of your pussy whore you just fucked. Where did you find that sweet young thing? He looks delightful."

"Oh no you don't Bill, you ass hole. Let me lose and I will tell you what is going on here." Tony tried to explain to Bill and the other me, but before he could say any more the Mexican man, Carlos, slapped a piece of duct tape over Tony's mouth.

"OK, Tony, we watched the 3 of you for the last 15 minutes on the office TV monitor. Did you forget we have security cameras in here? We had come in to check out some small problem and what did we find? You taking care of your big problem...and I might add, you sure have a big cock. How did that young punk take that thing anyway? You are hung like a fucking horse. Is this a young whore pussy ass that Abe was telling us about or is this one of your young punks? Whatever. He looks really cute and I think we should have a chance at him, what do you say men?" The man said as Tony shook his head no in desperation

"I think we should start by having your fluff boy, get us up and ready." He said as he looked at Dick. We saw you preparing Tony for his punk boy. Couldn't hear a damn thing, but Tony sure liked the way you sucked on his cock so what do you say you start on me so I can get my nuts off?" The man, they called Boss, was starting to remove his shoes and clothes. Tony was now forced down on the couch beside us as Jay set close by. I was setting on the coffee table wondering what to do next then I spoke out.

"Sure, Boss. You look like you could use a good young piece of pussy ass, but the price is still the same for the 4 of you as it was for Tony. Jay is trying to get enough money to pay for an operation for his grandmother. The usual price is $100.00 each, but since there are 4 of you, we will give you a discount. How about 75 bucks apiece? But for this time only. If you want repeaters, it will cost you more next time." I said thinking it would discourage them in fucking Jay and it would let them think that Jay was just a boy whore that Tony had hired. He didn't want them to know Jay and Tony were father and son. Tony was getting upset about the men going to fuck Jay, but he realize what I was doing and tried not to show too much concern.

"Seventy five bucks?" the young man spoke out in protest. "I don't have that kind of money for a fuck." He said.

"Hey, Kevin, you paid more for that for that whore last month, and all she gave you is a lousy blowjob and a tooth scrape on your dick, besides, I'll just take it out of your pay and we'll say it was for a drill." Ha, ha, then all the men laughed. "Besides, your girlfriend is a lousy lay. Just ask Bill here. He said she was too lose and he has 10 inches of stud cock." Keith looked at Bill and figured he was just teasing so he seemed to agree and leaned against the table, where we had been fucking earlier. I saw him accidentally place his hand in some of the wet cum still remaining on the table from before. He placed his hand to his nose to sniff it then tasted it with his tongue without much response. I looked back at Tony and he grinned. I continued my bargaining.

"Another thing, you must release Tony. He is a good man and was just getting his nuts off like you dudes want to do. He will not give you any more trouble, besides he might want to get his moneys worth and plant his dick back in his male whore." I said trying to convince them to release Tony and perhaps we could gracefully leave with any more trouble.

Jay sat by his Dad waiting to see how I was going to handle this situation. He seemed nervous at first, but now seem to take an interest in our conversation. The 4 men started to undress slowly in anticipation of their next sexual encounter with a young boy pussy ass. I had to think fast again because it seemed they had all agreed that Jay was worth the money, but I said once again.

"I'm not too sure of this. Seventy-five is pretty cheap for such a nice looking boy ass. I think we should stick with $100 each." Jay had gotten up from the couch and walked over to the water cooler to get a drink as I was talking. All of the men were taking a good look at his body and ass. Jay's cock was now semi-hard knowing he was on display. I thought to myself. "What the fuck is he doing. Here I am trying to get us out of this and Jay seems to be strutting his hot body before them."

"Oh shit." One of the men said. "Look at that hot looking butt. That looks very inviting but $100 is a bit steep for me this pay day." Then as Jay stood quietly by the water bottle, he said. "Seventy-five is fine but I don't want to insult Tony. What do you say, Tony. Is it alright if I give them a discount this time, after all I need the money this week and another $300 would be good...but it has to be in cash and give it to Tony to hold. What do you say?" I'll give you a discount next week when we do this again?

I was in shock but tried not to let on. I quickly looked over to Tony and he let out a laugh and said.

"Sure, babe. If you think you can take on these 4 ugly studs, then power to you. I will hold the money while you service these horny son of a bitches." Then Tony laughed again and leaned back on the couch to watch.

Oh my god. He was letting his son take on these four construction dudes for money. And Jay was really turning into a male whore slut. So since I'm involved, I might as well enjoy the orgy. I turned my attention back to the Boss man and saw him standing before me with nothing on but his hard had and sock. His masculine hard body towered before me as I met his beautiful cut cock eye to eye. He looked down and me waiting for me to get him even harder than he all ready was. He had a thick muscular cock about 7 inches long and nice and thick. His cock head was a bright red now filled with excitement.

Tony set back on the couch, still naked wearing his hardhat again and his booths on the edge of the coffee table. He started giving instructions again to Jay and me.

"Dick, get that expert cock sucking mouth around the Boss' dick and get it ready to be planted in Jay's pussy ass. Jay, you get back over here on this table on your hands and knees. It is easier to take their dicks in a doggie style, beside you won't have to look at their ugly faces while they fuck you." The he laughed again and padded the table for Jay to position himself. "I don't think he'll need any lube but incase his ass or your dicks get dry, Dick will take care of you. He is a good servant man plus a good cocksucker.

It was still hard for me to believe that Tony had let this situation go forth, yet I could see the way he like to be in control and be the master. I knew he really love Jay, but it seemed that Jay didn't mind not being used. He had developed into a pussy ass punk boy and like to be used. At his point it was kind of kinky and hot to think his Dad was not only fucking the shit out of him, whenever he wished but also now he was pimping Jay out as well. I assumed everyone was happy with this so who was I to interfere besides I loved sex as much as the next guy and this father and son situation was ideal.

I was glad to suck on this hunks cock but didn't want to get greedy and get him off even though I loved the feel of a man using my mouth and shooting a delicious amount of his love juices into my mouth. I love the taste of most men's cum except for those who smoked too much or some heavy beer drinkers. I knew this was not only for the satisfaction of Jay getting fucked, but an opportunity for him to make some money for his family. I know Tony was getting off on it as well. He sat back to watch the show now being put on before him. He now had his Boss and 3 other men thinking they were using some male whore that Tony had arranged for himself. Tony was letting them use his own son to get their nuts off and to let Jay get his pleasure as well, and tonight he was getting paid for it. This might work into a good business if he was careful. He knew a lot of horny men that would love to fuck a young boys ass. They didn't have to worry about getting some chick pregnant or coming to his house with out warning, to mess up his family life. No, this was an idea set up.

While Tony was thinking about the business angle, his son Jay had positioned himself doggie style on the coffee table. The first one to take Jay's ass was the Boss. Dick had already gotten him so hot that he almost cam in his mouth and said he would like to try that out again, perhaps after he finished popping his nut in the boy. Dick helped him get into position and took a lick at Jay's ass to moisten his sweet asshole for the Boss' entry.

The Boss took his time getting his big tulip shape head into Jay's ass and signed in excited delight. Jay reached back to feel what he was about to take into his body then moved slowly back into him. It went all the way in. Jay wasn't even that sensitive even after this Dad's 12-inch cock had pumped the hell out of him. This position was a bit easier and he didn't have to have a heavy body lying on top of him. He didn't mind his Dad's body, cause it was a beautiful hunk of a body and of course he loved his Dad. This sex with these guys was just for their pleasure as well as the money. Jay didn't look at it, as being a male whore, even though the thought of it was different and more exciting that he had imagined. Jay realized he really like the feeling of cocks going up his ass canal and especially when the cock hit his prostrate and make him cum unexpectedly. It was a feeling that he could not explain. Sure, he love to jack off all when ever he could but now that he experienced the feeling of getting fucked by a man, it was even better.

The Boss man placed his rough calloused hands to Jay's firm boyish buttocks. Jay leaned back into the new feeling and started to enjoy his new man fuck. It didn't take long for the Boss man to start to pump and shove his cock into Jay. Jay could feel this mans low hanging balls slapping against his balls. It was a turn on. Jay reached under to feel the Boss' balls and that caused him to go over the hill and start to release his cum up Jay's ass. Jay let him ride and dump his load into his ass while enjoying the warm feel of the cum shooting up his asshole. The Boss slapped Jay on the ass and slowly pulled out with some remains of cum still at the opening of his piss slot.

"Dick. I need your mouth here to clean my cock off. I wouldn't want to go home to my wife with the taste of boy ass on me. Come over here and lick me clean, cocksucker." The Boss said as I was now starting to get the hot little Mexican, Carlos, in the mood.

I liked his long narrow penis with the uncut skin around his tasty brown cock. He had a nice saucy taste of pre-cum and piss but it was nice. I sucked on his cock and made love to him like he had never had it before. I knew he just wanted to cum any way he could and he didn't care how, when or where. He just needed to get to get off. I aimed him towards Jay as I held onto the Boss and went down on him quickly. Carlos immediately fingered Jay's wet cum filled hole and placed 2 fingers into his ass while jacking on his own long narrow cock. Now that he had felt the pussy boys wet asshole, he guided his cock into the hole and uttered out something in Spanish. It was no doubt a pleasurable sound of sexual joy. Then he started to slow move in and out of Jay. He would rub his buttocks and then once again utter words of excitement.

I left Carlos to enjoy the warm pussy boy hole as he pleasured himself and Jay as well. I was concentrating on the Boss man's sweet tasting semi-hard cock, still covered with his remaining love juices. I know that some of the covering was cum from Jay's Dad and I, from our recent fuck. I got turned on thinking of what I was cleaning and started to get hard again as I diligently serviced his cock. I realized he was getting hard again and knew he was going to cum in my mouth. I was pleased because he had a hot body and a great cock to suck on. He gasps out with a sensuous and tender response. His cock was still tender from his last fucking but he didn't stop me from working his cock over. I liked this man. He not only had a nice body but his cock was so well shaped and strong. I placed my hand under his balls and my fingers slid to his hairy moist ass hole. He lifted one leg to give me better access to his ass. I lapped my tongue down to his balls and got under his body to lick away at his asshole. He gave out a gasps and quickly pushed my head lower to eat him out. "Oh yeah, fucker, lick that ass hole. Taste my funky sweat. Lick that ass, cocksucker." The Boss kept talking to me as I got my tongue deep in his butt cheeks and tongue fucked his hole. He started to jack on himself and I took his hand away for fear he would cum without my mouth being over his shooting sperm. By this time he was so hot, that he turned back to my face where I was eating his musky hole, and grabbed my head to quickly fuck my face. He held my head down on him until he started to cum. I could hardly breath but I let him enjoy the moment of his orgasm, then he released my head so I could come up for air. "Fuck, man. That was good, Shit that was good." He said as he let me work all the remaining cum from his cock. As he stood there, he realize Bill and Carlos were taking it all in. He became either a bit nervous or proud as he laughed nervously and said. "See, you young punks. This 50-year-old still has what it takes to pump a couple of hot juicy loads. I might even try for a 3rd after you men get your nuts off. See if you can keep up. That's why I am the `Boss' around here." Then he laughed again as Bill softly clapped his hands and gave his Boss the `thumbs up' sign.

Carlos got excited watching his Boss and me as we present an exhibit of man sex and cock sucking to all. He was already planting his Latin load into Jay. He leaned over Jay's backside and kissed him on the back, and then as he pulled his wet uncut cock from Jay, he kissed him on his butt. and felt his moist hole where he left a nice deposit of cum, before turning away.

"Do I get the same treatment as my Boss? Is that a fringe benefit of this wonderful afternoon of ecstasy, or do I have to just wipe it off by myself? I would sure like to have your cock sucking mouth on my cock once again. It was so good." Carlos said as he plopped down on the couch besides Tony.

I didn't want Carlos to feel left out, but I needed to get that cute little blond dude, Kevin, ready for his fuck. I looked around and saw him already touching Jay's body and softly saying something to Jay. Jay turned to him and nodded, and then repositioned himself so he was once again on his backside. Kevin wanted to fuck and use him like a girl. Kevin was slowly manipulating his cock, as he looked Jay over then lifted his legs so he could place them over his shoulders, and place his hard cock into the wet cum filled asshole.

I wondered if Jay needed to go to the bathroom to release the last four loads of cum that were deposited into him over the last two hours. I was going to wipe Jay's ass area, when all of a sudden Bill, the big black guy, came over to Kevin and said.

"I think this needs an expert pussy eating mouth to suck out the overflowing pussy boys juices from his ass. Stand aside, and I'll show you how to eat some pussy, men. " Then Bill fell to his knees, positioned his hands to Jay and lifted his legs up into the air. He then buried his long pink tongue into Jay, sucking and slurping out the four loads of cum that have been planted in Jay.

"Right on, Bill. Let's see how an expert eats some pussy. Eat that pussy until you get all that pussy juice." Came a sudden response from Tony, who had been watching all his co-workers use his son for their pleasure. Tony had been setting quietly on the couch, slowly jacking himself off and closely watching with care and a protective eye of a loving Dad. He positioned himself closer to Bill and Jay to watch Bill's expert pussy eating routine.

Bill would carefully observe and gaze lustfully at the sweet wet hole he tasted. Then he would kiss and lick around Jay's wet butt cheeks. He would kiss and make love to his firm buttocks and once again kiss his butt hole then he lunged into Jay's well used wet butt and wiggle his rough unshaven face against his tender ass. Jay was gasping and seemed to enjoying this new experience of tongue licking and fucking as much as Bill. He would toss his head from one side to the other as he sighed with pleasure. He grabbed his own cock again and started to jack off.

Kevin was all enthralled at his co-worker `gobbling' this young boy up just like he would a pussy. Tony loved the scene and went over to Jay to place his cock into Jay's mouth. Jay readily and happily caressed his Dad's 12-inch cock. Kevin moved to the other side of Jay to watch him suck the cock.

The four men were still not aware that Jay and Tony were father and son. Kevin was fascinated watching Tony's huge cock being sucked and loved by this handsome young boy slut. Kevin had never been in this type of surroundings and wondered what his girlfriend would think if she only knew. This was just a man thing, and he would never tell anyone about this. It was even hard for him to imagine.

Meanwhile, Dick went over to Carlos, who was now standing by the couch and coffee table, as he watches the scene of wild sexual orgy taking place before him. Dick dropped to the floor and started licking and savoring the remaining juices that was still clinging to his cock. His uncut cock still had some of his remaining juices buried under his lacy foreskin from fucking Jay. It was a delight for both men, as Dick continued suck Carlos until he started to get off again, shooting another big load into his cocksucker's mouth.

The Boss was observing from the other side of the table, next to Kevin; and he too was jacking off while he watched Bill wildly sucking and making love to this young boys ass. It was a hot scene of hot men.

Kevin had placed his hands to Jay's chest and was pinching his nipples. Then his hand wondered up to Jay's mouth to feel Tony's cock going into Jay. He caressed Tony's cock and balls, while Jay licked, kissed and caressed his magnificent cock. Kevin moved closer to Jay's mouth as Jay took his cock into his mouth. Kevin felt the warmth of the young boy's warm sensuous mouth. Kevin could feel Tony's warm piece of meat touching and rubbing against his hard cock, as they shared Jay's mouth. Tony pulled Kevin closer to Jay,and as he was cupping his firm butt cheeks, placed his large finger into his tender moist butt hole. Kevin didn't flinch or pull away so Tony shoved two fingers into Kevin's virgin tight asshole and buried two fingers deep into Kevin. He must have hit Kevin's prostate, because it caused Kevin to almost yell out as he shot his load into Jay's mouth. It overflowed and ran out of his mouth and down his face. He shot so quickly that some of his cum landed on Tony's pubic hairs and ran down his balls. Tony just laughed softly and grabbed Kevin's tender cock to milk out the last few squirts into Jay's mouth.

Bill was still eating away at Jay's ass and had probably cleaned out the last few loads of cum. Bill decided it was his turn to get off, so he quickly shoved his 10 inch black cock right into Jay's hole. There was no waiting for Jay to reject or respond to his sudden entry. It went all the way with the quick shove. He waited only a second and to enjoy the feel of the young tight ass wrapped around his big thick cock. This was good white boy ass, and he was going to enjoy it. Not that it was the first time he had fucked a white boy, because when he played football professionally, he had a few good `tight ends' to take his load any time he wanted. It was just difficult to get away from the wife when he wanted. He would make up excuses to stay after the games so he could pleasure himself with a few willing subjects. His favorite ass was one of the young batboys. He remembered taking his cherry and this Jay, boy, reminded him of that good ass. Now he was going to enjoy another young hot pussy ass and hoped it wouldn't be the last time with him. It had been too long since he had fucked a nice ass and he wanted more of this young pup.

Carlos moaned out once again as Dick drained another load of hot Latin Sperm from his cock. He drank it down while holding his mouth completely down on his will orgasm. This cock fit so nice, and when he came, Dick let it go all the way in and shoot his man juices right down his throat and into his stomach. It must have been a new experience for Carlos, because he loved it. Dick liked the manly musky scent of his pubic hairs and his warm hairy balls. He never got around to eating his Latino ass, but hope in the near future he would have the opportunity.

Bill was now moving his 10-inch manly cock in and out of Jay's willing ass. The Boss came over closer to watch and continued to jack off by Kevin and Tony. Bill was a wild fucker, just like Jay's Dad and the constant plunging and rubbing of Jay's prostate would cause him to cum soon. Bills balls where like those of a bull and each time Bill plunged into Jay, you could hear them slap against Jay's bare bottom.

Tony sensed the sexual crescendo in the room, and motioned for me to suck his cock again. I immediately dropped between his legs and wrapped my hand around his thick cock. It was still covered with Kevin's load and tasted wonderful. I started making love to this hunk of a man, and his huge cock. I liked the cum from his moist cock. I continued down to lick off Kevin's cum from Tony's balls. For a little guy, that Kevin sure dumped a big load but I loved the taste of manly cum.

The wild antics of Bill fucking the hell out of Jay, and the sound of his balls popping again his ass, started to get everyone into another sexual frenzy. Bill was going wild, as he unmerciful pounded his body against Jay's ass. Jay really liked it rough and no complaints were heard from him as Bill and his 10 inches of stud cock were using him.

Jay didn't realize how exciting it was to be the center of attention and being used and loved by his dad and all these hunky hot studs. He was starting to feel the tension in the room and regretfully knew it would be over any time. What a way to spend the afternoon, getting fucked and fucked and fucked. Hes was becoming exhausted, but was still in complete heavenly bliss. It was like he was on drugs.

Kevin was jacking off again and started to cum at the same time as the Boss. They started to shoot their cum all over Jay and Bill. Then Bill let out a jungle cry and dumped load after load of his big load into Jay. This set Jay into another sexual orgasm and he came on himself and anyone within shooting distance. He could feel warm cum of the other men dripping from Bill's hot as sweaty muscular body. Some rolled down his body and onto Jay's stomach.

Tony let lose his load, and starting to cum in my mouth. Carlos had crawled over to me while I was sucking off Tony, and was jacking me off as well as himself. I couldn't hold it either and started shooting into Carlos's hand as he shot his juices on my cock hanging between my legs.

The sexual sounds of seven men cumming, and the heavy odors of man, sex, and cum filled the room of the construction trailer. The temperature of the room must have raised 10 degrees because the man sweat rolled from our bodies. Hands were still touching, caressing and feeling each other's body crevices and parts. Gasping and moaning of sexual release and experience still sounded as we all relaxed on the couch, the floor and the coffee table. Then a pause as everyone settled in.

The Boss was the first one to reluctantly move and go to the other room, where he had a case of cold beer saved for a special occasions. When he returned he started passing out the cool beer, but when he started to give one to Jay, he said. "Sorry son, you are too young for a beer." Then he laughed and teased him by setting a cold beer on his wet cum covered stomach. Jay looked over at his Dad as if to ask him if it was all right. Tony just smiled and winked at his son in approval.

"Men! This is a special occasion. Let's toast to our `pussy boy' of the year, Jay, to the fluff boy, Dick, the best cock sucker I ever experienced, and to Tony, the biggest cock stud I have ever seen; who put this all together." Hear, Hear". Was heard from all the construction crew.

" Now I will tell you it was worth the money and I will make up the difference of $75.00, but, only if we can do this again in two weeks, Sunday, after payday. Who wants to join me?" The Boss continued, " and if you are not going to come, you're fired!" he said as everyone laughed. " Do you think we can arrange it again, Tony, Jay, Dick?"

Written by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@hotmail.com

Watch for more of Jay, Boy, soon.