"Jay", Boy

Story by Richard Barber


This story consists of erotic detail of man-to-man sexual conduct and encounters.

If this type of man love offends you, or you are under the legal age in your state or country, then leave now. Please take special notice. Even though some of the characters in this story were young at the time, you have to understand, this is a story that was told several years later, and the young men in this story are adults at the present time. No one was forced to do anything they did not want to happen, and no one was harmed in any way. The Author.

Part 4, The Filling Station

It was beginning to get late so Tony, Jay and I started cleaning and straightening up the Construction Trailer where the 3 of us, and 4 hot hunky construction men had a wild sensuous time of man loving and sex. It wasn't long before we were starting to head out the door and head home. Tony had made a call to one of his favorite pizza places and we would stop there to pick up a couple pizzas to take back to his place where we were to meet his wife, the 2 other kids and Sidney, his brother-in-law.

Tony had agreed to set up another session with the men in about 2 weeks where they would all get together for another round of sex, using Jay as the center of attraction. They were really obsessed with the boy, and I couldn't blame them.Jay was a handsome masculine looking boy with a fantastic body. His firm buttocks and big cock were something to be proud of and I could see Jay was not going to have any problem entertaining his men friends. I understand that Jay was quite popular with the girls at high school as well but he never mentioned having sex with any of them.I knew that this weekend Jay had accepted the fact that he liked the presents of men better for sexual partners anyway.

As we said our quick good bye and was heading out the door, Kevin, the good-looking blonde ask Tony if he could talk with him a minute outside.As we were walking to the door, they continued to talk.

"Tony.I am to host a Bachelor Party for my older brother that is getting married this month and I was wondering if you could book Jay for our main event. I know you must know how to contact him and make some arrangements.You and Dick would be invited too because the three of you seem to make a good team. I trust you to keep this a secret from the other co-workers because what I am about to tell you, is very personal. O.K.? My brother Kyle and I have always been very close. We started having sexual contact when we were just teenagers and still we get together for a sexual games whenever we can.Our family has a small beach house on Fire Island that we often go to for a day or night of pleasure.That is where we will be having the party,

We both played professional hockey for a local team for a few seasons.I will be inviting a few hockey players up for the party.It would be very private and could develop into something kind of wild and sexually kinky.What do you say? Do you think you could make the arrangements for Jay to come up and take on a few wild hot men? I promise you no harm would come to him but I could sense Jay was man enough to take on almost anything given to him.If he can take that 12-inch cock of yours up his ass and stand the pounding of you and Bill, I know he would have a good time.Of course he would be paid a substantial amount for his services along with you and Dick.

These studs are pretty well off so I will make arrangements ahead of time about the money. My brother said he wanted something wild and unusual.I think he will be pleasantly pleased.These guys are hot and some are pretty well hung.What do you say? Huh? Please?"Kevin pleaded with Tony as the two of us set in Tony's truck near by. We could only hear bits and parts of the conversation but I knew they were planning something big.

Tony punched Kevin on the shoulder, laughed and told him something before he walked away from Kevin. It must have pleased Kevin because he turned around with a big smile on his face as Tony came back to the truck.

Tony hopped back into the truck and started up the motor.We pulled up to the exit to open the gate but the Guard, came out quickly and unlocked the gate. Then he said to Tony as we started to drive thru the gate.

"Hey, Tony.You take care and invite me to your next party." Tony suddenly stopped the truck as he glared at Rob the security guard and motioned for him to come up to the truck.

"What party?" Tony said

"The next one you have in the Trailer. I have most of it on tape from the TV cameras.I will make you a copy if you like.Pretty hot stuff." Rob commented.

Tony quickly got out of the truck and grabbed Rob by the collar and shoved him against the fence.

Rob was a young man about 25 that worked for a local `Hire-a-Cop".He could take care of himself but Tony made such a quick move that it caught Rob off guard.

"You boys stay here while I have a talk with Rob inside the shack." Rob and Tony walked into the shack. Tony and Rob were talking about the tape as we sat quietly wondering what was happening.

"Ok, Rob.Give me that tape before I bust your ass." Tony yelled at Rob.

Rob cowered back from Tony and said. "I have one request then you will never hear about this again.No, It's not money, if that is what you are thinking.All I want you to do is fuck my ass with that big cock of yours. Not now, but later sometime this week after work when everyone else is gone.I have been hot for you for months, and now I see how great you perform with that young boy, I want you to fuck the shit out me at least once a week." He waited for a response from a surprised and shocked Tony.

"You want me to fuck your punk ass and you will give me the tape?Shit, I should do it right now but I don't have the time." Tony said as he relaxed his hands from around Rob's neck.Then he laughed and moved away from Rob."Give me the tape and we will talk about this Monday when I get off work."

"Yes, Sir.I have it right here hoping you would agree with my request, Sir. I am looking forward to serving you, and think you would be a good master.I really, want your cock up my ass, and will do anything to please you, Sir." Rob humbled himself to Tony as he handed him the VCR tape.

Tony still was in shock from the sudden request from this good-looking young man.He had never paid too much attention him until now. He had a firm trim body and heard he was an expert in the Marshal Arts.Now he realized that Rob could have taken Tony in no time flat, but Rob was more interested in Tony, being his master.Tony took the tape and was scratching his head as he left the shack. He quickly got back into the truck and set next to Jay. Jay put his hands over to his dad's crotch and said."What was that all about Dad?You have a hard-on!" Tony immediately responded. "That punk wants me to fuck him, and for me to be his Master.Man, Oh Man. I can see my dick is going to get some use around here." Then he put his arms around Jay and said. "But I will always have time for my boy.You come first in my life. Babe.Now if you keep squeezing my cock like that, I'll have to stop somewhere along the way and throw another fuck in you." Jay just smiled and kept squeezing his dad's big cock in his pants, hoping he would stop somewhere.Even though he had been royally fucked for the last 3 hours, he felt a twinge in his groin and an itch in his asshole. He had become addicted to sex, especially with his dad.

We drove a few more blocks towards home, when Tony realized he needed some gasoline, so pulled into a filling station. He got out of the truck, went inside to the station attendants and paid for the gas. Jay hopped out of the truck and started the pumps while Tony got the toilet key and went around to the side of the building to the head. I saw Tony motion for Jay to join him and knew right away what he was planning. Jay finished filling the tank and asks if I would pull the truck around to the side by the toilet while he joined his dad.

Tony left the door open for Jay as he quickly joined him.Once inside they locked the door while Tony was taking a piss.Jay waited patiently until Tony motioned for Jay to come to him. Jay walked up to Tony and reached for his cock while the last few drops of piss was dribbling from the semi-hard uncut beauty.He immediately started jacking his dad off, as he unbuttoned his own jeans. He let his pants drop to his ankles.Tony backed against the partition to let Jay jack him off for a few moments until he was completely hard.Jay didn't have any lube but thought he was still moist enough from the last fuck at the Trailer. Bill's warm load still remained in his asshole. He turned around and braced his hands on the nearby sink offering his sweet hot ass to his Daddy again.Tony aimed his cock into Jay's anus and then started to slowly push his cock into the inviting hole.As Jay braced himself for the plunge of his dad's big 12-inch cock, he started to slowly jack himself off.

Tony was hot for another fuck from his hot young son. He was so happy that they finally made contact and were having the best time of their lives sucking and fucking for the first time.It was awesome and Jay hoped his dad never got tired of fucking him and Tony was thinking the same thing.The more he had sex with Jay, the more he wanted him around.They had developed a wonderful father and son relations ship with more than just friendship but a deep love as well.

Tony was in ecstasy. He knew he had a great body and an unusually large dick but now he was beginning to use it more and better than ever before. He loved Jay and got so excited when Jay would make the first movements of contact.Now Tony was going to give his son more loving and more cum up his tight ass.

Tony moved in slower this time but Jay backed in seeking the excitement of a good fuck again.Then Tony went all the way in and held onto Jay's hips and started to fuck. Jay let out a sigh of pleasure and started to moan.

"Oh fuck me, Daddy, Fuck your boy as if you meant it. Fuck me hard and deep.I need your dick daddy, I need your cum to fill my itching asshole. Fuck me. Fuck me."Jay said in a loud passionate way as Tony started to lunge in faster and deeper.

"Shit boy.You are a fucking hot little bitch.You are a better fuck than your mom.Man, I love fucking you. Babe.Oh yeah, take your daddy's cock, Oh Yeah.It feels so good up your punk ass.I didn't know sex could be so good.Your daddy is going to fuck you daily from now on.Oh Yeah."Tony kept saying to Jay as he plunged his cock all the way in, then pull it almost all the way out, then made another plunge.They were both into their own world of sexual fantasy and pleasure and did not notice someone was in the booth next to them until he door opened and there was one of the station attendants.

"Yeah, fuck that sweet ass." He said as he opened the door.His cock was out of his dark blue uniform and he was jacking himself off.

The sudden appearance of this young man startled both Tony and Jay as they froze in there present position.

"What the fuck." Tony call out at his sudden appearance.

"Hey dude, I didn't mean to startle you but I have been watching and listening in the booth and couldn't stand it anymore. I want in on this action. Go ahead. Fuck that young bitch's punk ass.Throw the meat to him stud.Give him a good pounding.Man I got so hot watching.How the fuck does he take that huge salami anyway.That would kill me. Now go on dude, I want to watch you slam dunk this punk." The young attendant kept talking as he got in closer and placed his hands to Jays butt cheek then looked up at Tony as said. "Hey, dude, Can I feel your dick as you shove it to him. Shit man. That is a real poker."

"You mean you been watching us all the time? You fucken ass hole.You scared the shit out of me," Tony said in return.

"Sure.Why not? Perhaps you will learn a thing or two. Put your hand down there and feel my cock sliding up that sweet ass, cause I just might use your punk ass next."

"Oh, man.You're not going to get that weapon in my virgin ass. Ohhhh. Nooo!"

"Well if you're going to watch you `shut the fuck up' and enjoy it while you can, but just remember. For my expert teaching you owe me a full tank of gas and maybe a piece of ass.You look pretty hot and might make a nice punk boy. How old are you, Duke? 19?" Tony saw his name on his uniform shirt.

"Yeah, 19. And you can see I got a good size cock here. Perhaps your boy could blow me while his `daddy', fucks him. What do ya say? You want my juicy boy cock in you sweet mouth, boy.I'll give you a nice load.My girl can't suck cock worth a damn.Would ya like it boy, Here. Kiss and lick my balls too. I need to get my nut." Duke said as he places his dick to Jay's mouth.

"Ok, Jay.Blow the fucker while, I finish this up and drop my load. Let him get his nuts off and perhaps we can continue this." Tony said as he continued to fuck Jay.

Duke was an aggressive young punk at 19. He was a hot looking neighborhood tuff kid with nice smooth hairless face. and a nice hard cock about 7 to 8 inches. A nice set of balls was hanging from his tight dark station uniform. Tony was turned on to this kid as he aggressively mouth fucked Jay with his cock. Duke would force Jay's head down on his cock and then pulled Jay's shirt up over his back so he could watch him getting his ass fucked by this unbelievable huge cock.

Tony kept pumping way and was about to dump his load when Duke started talking dirty to Jay, calling him a punk, cum sucking, cocksucker.This was turning Tony on got him excited as this tuff kid pumped his cock into Jay until he started yelling out obscene things at Jay as he got his nut. He came and came into Jay's mouth and shot some of his cum on Jay' face and forehead.This caused Tony to start to cum in Jay, sending a stream of his sperm deep into Jay's ass while his mouth was being filled by Duke, the 19 year old filling station attendant stranger.Just as before when Tony's dick swelled to capacity, it rubbed against Jay's prostate causing him to shoot his loan on the bathroom floor. Everyone paused to enjoy the last few minutes of their orgasm then Duke reached in his pocket to pull out a company business card. He started writing something on the card and handed it to Tony.It was a note to give Tony a free 20 gallons of gasoline next time he was in the area.

Duke pulled his cock out of Jay's mouth and rubbed the wetness against Jay's face. He continued to milk down the last few drops of cum from his cock and put it to Jay's lips, to lick off. Then Duke quickly put his dick back into his pants, licked off the remaining cum from his fingers and said.

"Thanks Dudes. That will be an experience I can tell my buddies about.Hope to see you two around again.Got ta go. Later." He opened the door and left the men's room to go back to work.

Jay started to laugh as he thought of the situation he had just experienced.Then Tony started to laugh as he began to see the humor of it too. Jay then said. "Well dad, if you ever need a load of gas we could do this again.We could take a trip to Canada this year and never spend a dime, if we could find another one `dude' like him." Then they both laughed again as Tony pulled his semi-hard dick out of Jay.

Jay immediately turned to quickly down Tony's dick. He was becoming very proficient as a cock sucker and ass hole pussy boy.Tony let Jay lick and clean off his moist dick, still partially covered with cum from both Bill and himself.They cleaned themselves up quickly and headed back out to the truck where Dick remained patiently.

"Did I see what I think I saw? Did that station attendant just come out of there a few minutes ago?Where the fuck was he, while the two of you were fucking?"

Jay spoke up and said. "His cock was in my mouth most of the time. Dude." Then Tony and Jay laughed as if to have a private joke.

We went directly to the pizza parlor where we picked up two pizzas's to take to their home.When we arrived about 5:30 PM, no one had arrived yet. This was good because we all needed to take a shower and change our sweaty cum smelling clothes.I took mine first then Tony and Jay.When Jay was showering, Tony set by me in the living room, wrapped in a large white bath towel.When he set down, his big balls and cock hung over the edge of the couch as he started to tell me what Kevin and he were discussing before we left the construction site.

"Kevin asks me if I could convince Jay and you to be his guest at their Fire Island family cabin, where he was to throw a `Bachelor' party for his older brother.He is going to invite several of their fellow Hockey Team buddies, who wanted a wild and kinky time for the weekend.He asks me if I could arrange for Jay to be the main event, and entertain everyone, perhaps more than once. He also emphasized that you and I come along to get the party started.He wanted me and Jay to put on an exhibit using my 12-inch dick to fuck Jay. You were to serve as a `fluff boy' to get the men more excited by sucking a few of them off.I know it sounds pretty good, but do you think Jay can handle that many, hard fucking men, at once? I have seen how he loves to take it rough, and hard but I don't what anyone to hurt or injury my babe in any way. I do want him to have some fun, and enjoy it as much as they will.They have offered to pay a good price for our entertainment. I guess I should think about it before I ask Jay."Tony was explaining to me more of the detail and we were not aware of Jay standing in the door way as we spoke.

"How much did he say he would pay, Dad? We could sure use the money, and I don't mind if you don't.If you and Dick will be there, there won't be anything to worry about, besides, I think it sounds exciting and fun." Jay said to us as he continued to towel dry his hair.

"Well then, men.A party it will be, at Fire Island.Jay, you and I will have to practice all this week before you go up to camp with your Uncle Sidney and Dick. While you are with Dick, he will keep your asshole in shape and lubed up before you come back. I am not sure if I can be without you for a week, but then your daddy will have a nice big load for you when we go to the Bachelor Party. Everyone agree?

The Construction Party will have to be put off for one week, but that will make the men even more appreciative of my little man, here. Say boy, if this keeps up, you may have enough money to buy your own car before school starts next September.Now we better get dressed before the family comes home.

Story by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@hotmail.com

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