Jay", Boy

Story by Richard Barber


This story consists of erotic detail of man-to-man sexual conduct and encounters.

If this type of man love offends you, or you are under the legal age in your state or country, then leave now. Please take special notice. Even though some of the characters in this story were young at the time, you have to understand, this is a story that was told several years later, and the young men in this story are adults at the present time. No one was forced to do anything they did not want to happen, and no one was harmed in any way. The Author

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

Part 08

The next few days I spent getting the party ready for Mr. Bartholomew Tipton and his business associates and close friends. I had already recruited 12 of the boys and men from the Hotel and the local area to perform and entertain. I had chosen what I considered the `cream of the crop'. The men were good-looking masculine hot clean-cut men that were not only versatile but also hung more than the average man. I was fortunate to get several that had been Chippendale Dancers or performers from various dance groups and strip clubs. Most of the men, were working at various jobs at the hotel or in the local small town around the area. Once the word got out that I was looking for performers they popped up everywhere. I had 2 guys that were going to run the sound equipment and the lighting for the small stage we were going to use in the hotel compound.

Bart's bodyguard and manservant, George, reserved the room for us. It was not a large place but was perfect for our presentation. It had recently been used for a modeling show and still had the ramp leading from the center of the stage into the center of the room. It would be excellent for close up presentations of our men. I hadn't planned for it to be a big production but I had so many hot looking men that had volunteered to perform, that it was hard to refuse any of them.

I gathered the men together in the room and presented my ideas of how I wanted this to go down. I explained to them that I wanted everyone who took part to relax, have fun and a good safe time. Then I presented them with the plans.

"Gentlemen. I am glad to see such a fantastic room full of hot looking men. Perhaps we should all start by introducing ourselves to each other, but keep your clothes on, and your cock in your pants until tomorrow night. I think most of you know each other so lets get to the presentation. If any of you have any questions, wait until the end and we will sort things out.

You have all been presented with baseball uniforms, towels and extra condoms just incase. It is all very simple if you just stay natural and do your thing while on stage. I know when you are back stage it will be hard to keep your hands off of each other, but you should save yourselves for your surprise partner in the audience. I'll explain that as we go along. I have a print out of this for all of you but we will go over it now first.

The stage is a baseball player's locker room. I will be playing the part as the Head Coach of the team, and George will be the much-hated Referee.

First Scene: Locker room strip. You 12 guys in the first presentation are baseball players arriving into the locker room after the game. As you start to talk and undress, music can be heard from the stadium. You will start to undress and strip with the rhythm of the music. On the projected ramp into the audience, there are several benches and on the front of the stage where the stripping will take place. After the stripping presentation, and you are nude, you will head off stage to the showers.

Second Scene. Batboy's Exhibition. After you leave for the showers, attention is drawn to the young 14-year-old batboy, played my Ben. He starts to undress at his locker next to a portable shower that had been placed on the stage. He strips slowly and enters the shower and presents his personal exhibition of masturbation.

Third Scene: The Scuffle and Rape. On stage one of the players is doing an arm exercise in the locker room. The referee makes a comment to him and an argument develops between the ball player, played by Jay. and the referee, played by George. A scuffle develops between the two, and the referee overpowers the baseball player and forces him onto the workout table. There the referee seduces him in a wild rough sexual encounter.

Fourth Scene. The Water Boy. Another young 16-year-old team helper boy, played by David, comes out of the showers to dry himself off. While he admires himself in the mirrors, he proceeds to masturbate on the mirrors and performs a hot scene using a large dildoe on himself. This is the same one he used for me in the Cabin, and it is hot.

Fifth Scene, The Boy/Man Hat Matching You boys will return from the showers, wet and naked and start drying off. Then you go to the benches once again to talk and admire each other's bodies, ass, and dicks. One at a time you take a baseball hat from your lockers. Each of the hats matches one of the 12 men's hats setting in the audience.

The 12 men in the audience are setting in large overstuffed armchairs and are dressed in different baseball uniforms of their choice. You 12 guys have matching hats and will go from the stage to one of the 12 men to find the matching hat/man in the audience, and select a matching hat/man, as your partners for the rest of the evening.

None of you will know until that time whom your partner will be. I am sure no one will be disappointed. Not only are you guys' hunks, but also the 12 men, in the audience, ranging from 22 to 55, are equally as good looking and I might add rich. I might have to change your 2nd entrance because by this time the audience will be so hot and horny, I may have to send you studs to your partners earlier. I don't want them to have self-sex before you get to know them more personally.

Sixth and Final Scene. The Brothers Three, With Coach and Referee

In the last scene of the show, the helper, David, is lying on the bench resting from his orgasms and dildo experience. One of the baseball players, Jay, is admiring the guy's body from the end of the locker room and starts getting aroused. He starts to masturbate himself, and then comes over to the boy, starts playing with his cock, then leans down to suck on his cock. Eventually he lifts the boy's legs, and places his hard cock to the boy and starts to fuck him. The batboy, Ben, joins in the action.

Meanwhile the coach, Dick, and the referee, George, join in to watch the 3 boys in action. They all climax into the final scene, and the curtain is pulled and the show is over. except in the audience, where the excitement continues with their partners.

Everything was prepared over the next day and the guys were all excited and ready to go. The got together and planned how, and what they would do, what placements they would take on the stage, and some moves they would take with the music. The sound equipment was all ready set up and the lighting, handled by another volunteer. The guys had all arrived and were dressed as hot young baseball players ready to make their entrance. The audience was situated and was being served drinks by some of their caters.

First Scene, The Locker Room Strip

The Guys enter the room in full baseball uniforms, along with the coach, batboy and watering boy. The boys all start to undress slowly, each using their own seductive way of stripping without being vulgar. Two benches were set up on the center ramp where 8 boys would undress, 4 facing one side and 4 facing the other side so all could see. Two smaller benches were set on the stage where the other 4 boys would undress, closer to the lockers. The armchairs of the audience were facing halfway to the stage, and half to the center ramp. Everyone in the audience had a good viewing location and could observe everything going on. The boys did an excellent job undressing, and I knew this would get the show started. Every one of the boys was so perfect and hot during their undressing. They seemed very relaxed and did a bit of boyish horseplay, and grab ass, as they strutted around the stage. I knew right then, I had chosen the right boys.

They completed their stripping and then after a slight pause, left the central stage walking naked or with a towel over their shoulders to go the showers back stage. A few of the guys had their arms around a buddy. When the last two boys were leaving the stage, one of the boys let his hand slip down to the other guy's ass, turned around to the audience, smiled, and winked. Every one laughed and it even surprised me at this humorous gesture

Second Scene, The Bat Boy

A small portable shower stall was placed in the front center of the stage. Ben, the youngest of the boys, now 14, came out in his water-boy baseball uniform and did a slow strip. He took one of the baseball bats and suggestively played with it as though it was a big cock, running his tongue around the head of the bat and between his legs, as though he might use it to fuck his ass. After a few suggestive minutes of boyish teasing, he went to the shower and started to bath. Once his body was dowsed with water, he began manipulating his cock and pinched his nipples. He fondled his balls, rubbed his firm ass, and placed his finger in his asshole. Then he finger fucked himself briefly and moaned out expression of pleasure.

He was a hot looking 14-year-old boy with a well-developed body. He had obtained a nice copper tan this summer, but his untanned round white buttocks glisten under the running water of the shower. His sun bleached hair hung over his forehead like a California surfer. He had one of those firm, round boy-butts that you would just like to spread apart and bury your face and tongue fucked, his sweet virgin ass for hours. As he moved around in the shower, he began to jack himself off. He used different methods and moved to different positions so every one could see every inch of his youthful body.

Much to everyone's surprise, he was very well hung for his age. He had a thick well-developed 8-inch uncut cock with just enough foreskin, and low hanging balls. His cock looked even larger on him, because of his small youthful frame. He was about 5 foot tall and weighed about 125 pounds. This made his young large boy cock look huge.

Ben would pull on his foreskin stretching it down over the cock head, and then slowly pull it back again. He placed his fingers under his foreskin searching for pre-cum, and then placed his fingers in his mouth to taste himself. His hands would wander under his low hanging ball, into his ass crack and ass hole, and then back to his cock.

Ben wasn't shy about his body. I had seen him in the shower several times jacking off before he would shoot his cum onto the glass shower doors. He would wait for me to go to the bathroom to shave, and then he would jump in the shower next to me. I would stand outside the shower watching him jack off inside the shower. He would shoot his boy cum on one side of the shower door as I shot my cum on the other side of the door as we leaned onto the glass. It was frustrating not being able to touch him and drink down his young juices, but I knew better not to touch him physically. I knew right away, that Ben had something special he could offer to the show.

Ben was doing a fantastic seductive job. He teased the audience by pressing his ass against the glass doors and spread his cheeks where you could see his pink anus. Then he would turn around and do the same with his cock, pressing it against the glass doors. After about 15 minutes of hot sexual moves, he finally shot his load on the glass, letting his clear boy juice slowly run down the doors. It was hot to say the least. The 14-year boy's excellent performance caused the house to moan out in one voice of excitement. When he finished he came out of the shower to dry his body, wrap his towel around his body to leave the stage. His towel fell to the floor and as he bends over to pick it up, he gave the audience one more look at his beautiful boy ass hole.

The audience went wild with applause, a standing ovation, and even a few encores.

They were drooling all over the place, including some of the stage crew standing at the stage wings. The sound and light crew was jacking themselves off as they watched Ben perform. I too was watching from the side wings of the stage and my balls were throbbing for release already.

I was shocked at some of his maneuvers because I told him to just perform as he did for me several times at the cabin, but I think he outdid himself today. This boy was sensational. I finally discovered Ben's special talent, not to mention a big boy cock and beautiful ass.

Ben passed by me as he came off the stage. He looked up at me, smiled and kissed me on the lips, and then gave my hard cock a quick squeeze. I had to control my urges to throw a quick fuck to his beautiful ass but would save that for some other time at a more private place. He went to the dressing room near by to wait for his next entrance. The state crew wanted to just eat him up but continued about their business.

Scene Three. The Scuffle and Rape

The stage darkens and 2 boys immediately removed the portable shower. Jay, playing a baseball player is setting on a workout bench dressed in his white gym shorts and body shirt. He is lifting a small weighed barbell with his right pitching arm.

In walk the Referees, played by George. George is the bodyguard and manservant of Mr. Tipton. Referee George is a handsome well-built man about 25 that has been in Mr. Tipton's service for just a short time. He is physically well developed, has a black belt in karate and an expert marksman. He spent some time in the Special Services of the government and is a good man to have around.

Referee George slowly walks up to Jay and speaks.

"You pitched a good game today, young man." Jay sat silent for a while then he said.

"How the hell would you know? Are you blind or something? You saw that was a strike in the 5th ending, yet you called it wrong."

"Well, I call them, as I see them,... and it was a strike, you little punk! Besides you are lousy pitcher anyway. I was just trying to be nice." George says as he starts to walk away.

"Go fuck yourself, you ass hole." Jay mumbled back.

"What did you say?" George said as he quickly turns back to Jay.

"You heard me! What's the matter, are you deaf as well as blind? I said. Go fuck yourself, asshole." Jay repeated.

This makes the referee real angry. He quickly looks around to see if anyone is watching, then he grabs Jay off the bench and throws him roughly against one of the lockers. Jay looks startled at the aggressive move from the referee but stands firm and, trying not to look frightened, glares back into the referee's eyes.

"Go fuck myself huh? I should fuck your punk ass. Perhaps that would straighten you out. You just need a big dick up your asshole. He said still holding Jay against the locker.

"Oh yeah? If you think you are man enough, I would like to see you try it." Jay said in response.

There was a short pause as the two stood eye to eye. Then with his one hand George grabbed Jay's gym shorts and yanked them down. Another pause then George passionately plants a deep kiss on Jay's mouth. This is all it took to get both of them started into deep, wild tongue sucking and hard passionate lovemaking.

George's hands wander over Jay's firm hard boy body as he is pressed against the locker.

Jay starts feeling and caressing the Referee's body while he returned his wild kisses.

George removes Jay's body shirt as Jay's hands search for the Referee's belt and pant buttons. His hand yanked down the tight black pants off his firm buttocks, exposing the referee's bare ass.

They slowly moved away from each other to rapidly remove their clothes. Jay was unbuttoning George's striped referee shirt, but in his wild enthusiasm he quickly yanked on his shirt causing the buttons to fly in all directions. They were roughly undressing each other in between deep penetrating tongue sucking kisses.

Referee George roughly pushed Jay to the nearby workout bench and pulled his gym shorts off. Jays bell bar dropped to the floor and rolled off the stage. His own pants were now down to his knees as he leaned against Jay's body. He spread Jay's legs and moved between his legs to wildly lick and suck on Jay's big hard dick. He continued this for a few minutes, giving the audience a good chance to see Jay's big cock. George lifted Jay's legs over his shoulders and started licking his balls and ass crack then tongued down to his asshole.

{The center part of the stage, where the workout bench was placed, was located on a revolving stage used for the models from a previous time. The stage slowly moved around so the audience could see every angle of the two as they preformed on stage.)

George has Jay's legs up higher and was now tongue searching and licking his ass hole. After he lubricates Jay's ass with his saliva, he pulled gently on his own cock to let the audience see and admire his large 11-inch cock. He manipulated it for a few minutes for show. It was a most manly cock to be proud of. Then he started to guide the head of his cock into Jay's asshole. Jay moaned as if in pain and tries to push the Referee away. George slapped Jay on his buttock and said to him.

"You Fucken little prick teaser. I know you want my cock, and now you are going to get it, whether you like it or not. Relax and enjoy my man prick up your ass while I breed you. Punk." George said as he again slapped Jay's ass.

Jay was startled and flinched in surprise. He and George had never fucked before, even though it had been planned as part of the show. Neither Jay nor myself realized George has such a big cock. He was to be forceful, but I was not prepared for this rough stuff. I could see Jay was all right with it, but was not sure just how forceful, George would become.

They continued as George pulled off his shirt and tossed it to the floor, and then he kicked off his shoes and his pants and yet not once pulling his cock out of Jay's impaled body. Instead he shoved another few inches of his cock deeper to enjoy the warm pleasure of Jay's asshole.

"You fucker, Get that big cock out of me! I'm not your whore, besides it hurts like a bastard." Jay said in response.

"Yes, you are my whore, and I'm going to fuck your boy-pussy ass rough and hard. I know you like it so shut up, whore. You don't deserve my prick, up you punk ass. This a man cock and you're going to pleasure my prick until I pop my fucken nuts into your asshole. I am going to use you like my bitch... not only this time but also every night after the games. You are going to take my prick jizz and make me happy." George said to Jay as he roughly banged his cock into Jay.

Then he grabbed Jay again and started kissing him roughly as he pressed his body hard and forceful against Jay, his cock shoving in deeper and harder with each thrust. Jay eagerly kissed back. I knew Jay was being turned on with this rough treatment and the plunging action of his partner. It became quite a wild scene as George would shove his cock into Jay and look into his face waiting for a response. Jay would look right back into his eyes in defiance but loving every moment and every inch of George's cock.

George lifted Jay completely upon the table and crawled on top of him pushing his legs into the air. Jay locked his legs around George. It was perfect, because now the audience could see George's cock being shoved into Jay's asshole and his balls slapping hard against Jay's butt.

It was getting wilder by the moment. George was a wild fucker. He had such a perfect torso and buttocks. His back muscles glisten from body sweat, and tricked down in small streams to Jay's fuck hole. It was fantastic and could not have been planned any better. As the action continued, it was obvious they were about to preside into their final ecstasy of lovemaking.

"OOOOhhhh, you hot little bitch, I'm going to cum in your punk hole. You're going to feel a gusher my referee cum shooting in your ass? I told you before; I was in control of the game, fucker. Now take my Fucken hot juices. Take that load deep bitch. Awe yeah. Here it comes. Awwwwww yeah, bitch, punk asshole. Awwwwww." George yelled out as he pumped and shoved into Jay's well-used asshole without mercy.

George continued to loudly grunt out obscene sexual things to Jay as he pleasured himself. Just as they were about to cum, the circling stage was in a perfect position. Jay started to shoot his huge boy cock load. George grabbed Jay's cock and guided his uncontrollable shooting cock into the air. Cum shot on Jay's face, onto the bench and floor. After much shaking and sounds of ecstasy filled the air, both George and Jay collapsed in each other's arms. Another gasp was heard from the astounded and horney audience as the lights dimmed on stage and that scene was over.

I could tell by the men in the audience they were going to jack off soon if I didn't send the boys out to take care of them. I went back stage to tell the 12 boys I had another plan and to follow my lead.

Scene 4, The Boy/Man Hat Matching.

After a huge sound of approvals and applause from the men in the audience, I had the stage lights come on slowly so I could talk to the men. I looked around at the men in the audience and then I spoke.

"Hello gentlemen. By the sounds of your applause, I trust you are having a good time." A sound of vocal `hear, hear' echoed from several of the men. Mr. Tipton stood up and gave us another round of standing ovation and a thumbs up."

Well, we have more special entertainment and something that will give you more pleasure; more personal contact pleasure. I have placed 12 of your identical matching baseball hats in the boy's lockers here on stage. When they come out of the showers and put on a few of their clothes, they will find the 12 hats. After they half dress, they are going to put on the hats, come down into the audience, and find the person that has the matching hat. So put on your hats so they can find you. They will stay with you and be your companion for the rest of the performances on stage and even afterwards if you both agree. Enjoy your boy toys. Now the second part of the show will begin. Give the boys another hand as they come out of the showers for your pleasant viewing and companionship. Gentlemen, I present your baseball team again."

Once again the lights on the stage came on, and the boys returned still wet from their showers. The boys had hosed each other down, back stage, so they looked like they had been in a shower. They took their places at the benches and began drying their naked bodies, then once again put on another seductive presentation.

I did realize it could be so sexy to watch someone dress. These guys really knew how to turn a guy on. None of them made any effort to conceal their semi-hard cocks or the pink buds of their assholes, as they moved and bent over to expose themselves.

The boys put on their baseball shirts, jockstraps, white sox, and their hat. They flashed them for everyone to see, and then they would walk slowly, down the ramp to find their companion with the matching hat. It was fun to watch them find their hunk for the evening. Most would kiss each other and set either beside them or on the floor between their legs. After a few minutes everyone had found their partner and the next part of the entertainment was about to begin... on stage, that is.

Scene 5, The Water boy's Exhibition

David did such a fantastic job at the Cabin that day that I had to share with the men to show them what a hot 16-year-old number he was. He was dressed in his water boy baseball uniform and was setting by the lockers ready to take his clothes off and head to the showers. He started undressing very carefully and seductively until every article of clothing was off his hot young body. He walked by the 3 wrap around mirrors we had placed on the stage. He stops and started admiring his body. He would first rub his body carefully, pinch his nipples then rub his balls and cock. He caressed and made love to himself rubbing and feeling every part of his smooth hairless boy body. His hands fondled his balls and cock as he started jacking off, just as he had done so beautifully at the cabin that day. I knew the men would like this boy, so I had to include David in the show.

David's 7- inch boy cock didn't take long to get hard ad he continued to masturbate. He was an exciting boy to watch, with a solid muscular swimmer type body. His hair had grown fast this summer and he was on the verge of needing a haircut. It looked great at this point so I let him keep it longer than usual.

He had worked up a sweat from the jacking of his cock and it wasn't long before he started to cum on the mirror. Once again, after he shot his big wet boy cum on the mirror, he dropped to his knees and started licking his own cum from the mirror and the floor. He kissed the mirror while savoring the fresh boy cum and made love to himself. I could sense this was a turn on to the men.

He positioned himself on the floor, and put his legs over his head until his feet were touching the floor. He had a large vibrating rubber dildoe and coated it with the remaining cum from his dick. He manipulated the dildoe until it was sliding into his ass hole. This continued for a few minutes, until he had it almost all the way in his ass and then he was started to pull it in and out of his hole. After a very exciting show of self-assfucking he touched his prostate, he shot his own boy cum right into his face in his mouth, drinking and slurping it all down. Once again David did a fantastic job that excited the men to no end. I could hear a few moans from some of the men in the audience and knew the boys were giving them a good time.

David moved back to the bench to rest on the bench. His legs rested on the floor and his exposed naked body looks very seductive to the next man to enter the locker room. The used dildoe rested under the bench, still humming as David slept.

Scent 6, The Brothers Three, With Coach and Referee

Jay came into the locker room, rapped in nothing but a towel, and sees David spread out on the bench and his legs hanging over the side and onto the floor. He watches him rest for a while, and then starts to play with his own cock until his towel drops. Jay continues to jack on himself. as he looks at David's hot body just asking to be molested.

Jay leans over the boy and starts to play with his semi hard cock until it is fully hard. Then Jay positioned himself between David's legs, and slowly lifted them getting ready to fuck him. David looks up, and pulls Jay to him and kisses him. Jay, now getting harder and harder, starts to put his cock head into David. Jay moves in slow and easy until his large cock is deep into David's asshole. Jay pauses to let David get use to his cock before he starts to fuck him. Meanwhile they are kissing and making love.

The 14-year-old water boy Ben, walks into the locker room to see them fucking. He starts playing with his own large 8-inch cock and decides he doesn't want to be left out, so he moves in closer to watch. He straddles David's head on the bench, placing both feet on the floor and places his cock into Jay's mouth as his low hanging balls rest on his brother David's mouth as his other brother, Jay sucks on him. It was undoubtedly an already indescribably passion of sexual gestures, but knowing that the 3 boys were brothers made it even hotter.

George, the Referee and myself as the coach, walked into the room and saw the boys fucking and sucking. We quietly positioned ourselves on each side of the bench. We pull down our gym shorts and start to masturbate. The boys continued to pleasure each other in wild yet loving moves of passion and desire.

The stage continued to rotate around for better viewing for the audience. After a few rotations of the platform, the boys were getting ready to have their sexual climax. You could feel the sexual tension from the audience as well. The boys were beginning to make moaning and sexual grunts. Jay did not hold back his passion as he fucked his brother David and sucked on his other brother Ben. Ben threw his head back and closed his eyes. He let Jay services his cock as he had done before. He finally started to tremble and almost cried out with pleasure. His body shook and gushes of boy cum shot into his brothers welcome mouth. Overflowing juices from his cock, dripped down onto David's face. He lapped away passionately, savoring the taste of his blood kin's love juices. Jay could not hold back his passion either. He still had his mouth and one had around Ben's 8-inch cock taking it down his throat as far as he could, drinking down the sweet love juices. Jay moaned out in another pleasure of sexual ecstasy and he continued to pound deeply into his brother David's ass, spilling his boy seed deep into his body. He grasps Ben's firm buttocks, pulling him into his face not wanting to loose any of his brother's sperm. Jay started to unload his cum in the depths of the warmth of David's body.

When Jay dumped his hot passionate boy cum in his brother David, he rubbed against David's prostrate causing his cock to shoot into the air and into Jay's face. Then it ran down into David's own face. Jay continued to pound away at David and with each gush of his cum, he moaned out. As his cock was pulling in and out of David's asshole, his creamy white sperm oozed out and down David's butt crack and onto the bench.

It was such a wild hot scene that everyone forgot they were being watched from the audience. The only reminder was the sounds of groaning and the obvious pounding of body contact as they were fucking and a the moans of men cumming into their partners


Both George and I moved in closer during all this mad lovemaking, and we ejaculated all over the already hot sweaty cum covered bodies of the 3 brothers. David came at the same time and cum was everywhere. Sounds of the boy's moans added more excitement to the already overwhelming scene. The boys gasp and sighed with delight as the lights dimmed once again, and the curtain closed on the stage.

I had to get my composure because with all this excitement I hadn't cum once tonight. I know I shot clear over the boys and saw some of it land on George. He didn't seem to mind a bit. I went over to him as the boys were getting out of their fucking and sucking position, and dropped to my knees to lick on his beautiful 11-inch cock. He looked down and then closed his eyes to let me enjoy the taste of his oozing cock as it dripped from his piss slot.


"Suck me off again and make me cum. I am still so hot seeing all the action here tonight. I need to cum again. Suck it man." George said as I gladly started to do him again. He was a hunk and really put on a hot show, tonight when he fucked Jay on stage. Jay saw me sucking on George's cock and moved beside him and started kissing him. It heightened his orgasm and he shot another great load of cum into my mouth. He gave out a few gasp as I licked and cleaned his cock. He pulled me up to his lips and Jay, George and I kissed all at the same time. It was a great night and I think everyone was pleased and had a good time.

I peeked thru the curtains to see a room of 12 men and 12 of my hired boys, having a good time. Some of the boys were sucking their men off or getting fucked over the ends of the chairs. I kept the lights low but added some background music to make the mood better and to muffle the sounds of pleasurable sound of fucking and sucking by everyone. The room resembled a Roman orgy that even a Roman Cesar would be pleased. The men were paired off and putting on their clothes to go to their apartments for a more private session. I had sent out the boy's pants just before the curtain had closed.

Everyone back stage started straightening up things and would come back tomorrow to remove the backdrops and other things that had to be done. It was a successful evening. I got the 3 boys back in their street clothes and we headed back to the Cabin. We had already told we were going to a baseball game in the next town and might be home late so their Uncle Sid would not suspect anything.

I would contact Mr. Tipton tomorrow and pick up the check to pay off the crew and entertainers. I was sure the 12 boys that left with the other men would also receive a special tip from their partners of the night.

All had another night of pleasure and fun. Tomorrow we were planning for our trip back to New York City to take the boys back to a normal life of the city. I am sure none of them will forget these 2 weeks at Camp, nor will they be the same.

Continued; Story by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@hotmail.com