`Jay', Boy

Story by Richard Barber


This story consists of erotic detail of man-to-man sexual conduct and encounters. If this type of man love offends you, or you are under the legal age in your state or country, then leave now. Please take special notice. Even though some of the characters in this story were young at the time, you have to understand, this is a story that was told several years later, and the young men in this story are adults at the present time. No one was forced to do anything he did not want to happen, and no one was harmed in any way. The Author 

Part 9. Meanwhile Back In The City.

Tony continued to go to his weekly construction job, but his mind was on his boys in Upper State New York. He knew they would be home soon, but for the first time in his life he really missed his boys. Especially Jay. That boy had turned into a sexually active boy. He had always fanaticized how interesting it might be to have sex with his son, especially now that Jay, David and Ben were growing into good-looking young men.  

He'd had some good experiences when he was in the Marines, with more than one of his male companions, but nothing had ever been spoken of their sexual contact since that time. When men are away from their girl friends or wives, they needed sexual release, and who else could they turn to except another man. It was a common thing to get a hand or blowjob or even a good ass fucking, when nothing else was available.  

After Tony got married, it was different with him and his wife. They were very sexually happy for quite sometime, but after the last boy, Ben was born, his wife didn't seem to be interested in sex, and that was over 14 years ago. Tony was a very active sexual man and when another woman was ready to service him, he would usually take advantage of it, but he always felt he was cheating on his wife. Then he heard some of the guys at the construction company tell how they would go to the local dirty book store and get a blowjob from some fag in the back room, while they watched a porno movie, or even one of the movie houses where they showed adult films. There was always some queer ready to suck you off in the back row. He finally got desperate and discovered he could get a blowjob at one of the booths when he stuck his dick into the hole in the wall. No personal contact and the feeling of getting a blowjob thru a glory hole without physical contact, or knowing who was blowing him, was awesome sex and unusually satisfying. This was a good sexual relief and. he never felt he was cheating on his wife.

These visits to the glory holes became a weekly routine until he and Jay had their first physical contact when Dick, his brother in law's friend, gave him a blowjob. It was the first time he got a blowjob while his son was in the same room. He found it exciting knowing that his oldest son Jay, was watching him from across the room. Then Dick gave his son a blowjob while he watched. After that night things began to happen. 

Later on that night while he was getting his ass rimmed, his son came over to his bed and sucked on his dick for the first time. He shot one of his best biggest loads ever, into his son's mouth. It was a sensational experience.  

The next day, when they went to his construction job and Dick fucked his son in the vacant office, he was so turned on that he fucked his son for the first time. He was in heaven. He realized then that Jay was a hot sexual boy and couldn't get fucked enough. He was like a male Satyr. That became evident when his construction partners thought Jay was a pussy boy that Tony had hired, and all 4 of his buddies fucked his son right in front of him. At first he didn't know how to take it, but after he realized Jay was actually having a good time, he let his buddies do their thing with him. It was so hot and really turned him on. He enjoyed watching his son get fucked because Jay seemed to enjoy it so much and he wanted to please his son. The men still thought Jay was a male pussy whore and Tony, without planning, was soon pimping his son.  

One day when he came into work, the security guard, Rob reminded Tony that he promised to get together with him sometime at his nearby apartment. Tony finally went to Rob's place and found that Rob was a pretty hot guy and even though he was a black belt, and was trained in the Special Forces, still wanted Tony to be his master and use him in any way he wanted.

It didn't take Tony long to get into the mood to use some of Rob's unusual equipment for kinky sex. One of the things that caught Tony's interest was a thing that was called a `sling'. It was a unit that was secured from the ceiling and set up like a hammock; one person would lie securely in the sling. His arms were tied on one end and his legs on the other. His ass was ready for a quick fuck, and fully accessible to his partners. A guy could stand at one end, use the party's ass and fuck him without any problem. It was quick and easy and the person in the sling could be used many times without being released. It would be a good item for Tony to use at the Beach House party that would be coming up next week. He knew Jay would love being secured in a sling and fucked routinely over and over again without changing positions. Tony used it with Rob a couple times and discovered it to be an exciting sexual toy. 

He decided he would ask Rob to go along to the party and set up the sling and a leather crisscross. He knew if they were going to make the party kinky and fun, these items would be handy to use. When Rob was told about the party he volunteered his body to be used along with Jay. This might be a good thing because even though he knew Jay loved being fucked, he had heard the Hockey Team was a rough bunch of guys and could get a bit un-ruley if they got horny enough. Tony had seen these animals play a few times and knew how they played on the ice and if that was any indication of their sex games, he knew he had to watch to make sure Jay and Rob would not be harmed.

When Tony arrived home from his work, at the construction company, he found that Dick and his sons had arrived home from their mountain retreat. It had only been a few weeks, but it seemed like an eternity. It was good that he had Rob to satisfy him sexually while Jay was gone. Now that they were home, they could plan the Bachelor party for Kevin's brother Kyle at the Fire Island Beach house. Kevin had invited a dozen or so of their fellow teammates from a professional hockey team. This could be a wild event and they knew things had to be done well and unusual for this bunch. Kevin said they were pretty open minded to anything that had to do with sex, so that left them with an open program.  

As soon as Tony came into the apartment, his three boys all jumped on him at once, knocking him onto the couch. He was surprised at the sudden affection they showed him. They all seemed to have grown up and seemed more mature. Each of them had gained weight and had a golden copper suntan. He wondered what they had been up to, but at the present time, he was just so happy they were home and safe.  

They all started talking at once but finally Jay, being the oldest boy, took the floor and told their parents of the place they stayed, some of the people they met at their ball game. All added a few interesting things to one of the most exciting and fun adventures they had ever had. They were very careful not to tell of their sexual adventures but said they all worked at various jobs, and made some good money for clothes and school.  

Dick didn't tell the boys all the details how Mr. Tipton and his company had set up a trust funds and scholarships for the 3 boys to help them out in later life. It was a very generous amount and was an extra payment for the sexual entertainment the boys had done at the `Take Me Out To The Ballgame' performances a couple nights before we left the hotel. Sidney was still not aware of the event that took place that night, and I doubt if any of the boys will ever tell him either. He would be in a state of shock as well as the boys mother Sadie. I know Tony would be a bit surprised too, but would have been proud of his boys that night, just as much as I was. They preformed professionally and because of it, they would be generously paid in the future. I was paid pretty well myself and had made a good impression on Mr. Tipton. We were to keep in contact and would have more personal dealings later on. I had a slight crush on his bodyguard George, and looked forward to our next meeting.  

All in all I would say we did quite well on our Catskills adventure. I was to keep a personal business account for the boys and when Jay graduated from High school this year, I was to buy him a new car, and provide all of the boys supplies and clothing, computers and whatever they needed to make their life happier. Later on a scholarship would be set up to help them continue their education in college or trade school. Mr. Tipton and his company were very generous, this way. All these proceedings were to look as though their `Uncle Dick' was the generous donator. I was proud and honored to do it for the boys. They deserved a better life than what they had now. 

The conversation went on until about 1 am. Finally the boys had run down, Sydney and his sister had gone to bed and Ben fell asleep with his head on my lap. It was time to go to our designated bedrooms. Once again Tony, Jay and myself were to sleep in the same bedroom together. I knew Tony was anxious to render his big cock up Jay's sweet asshole once again. I was tired from driving from the mountains and would gladly let them fuck all night if they pleased, and I assumed they would, too.  

I thought I would drop off to sleep right away, but the soft sounds of moaning and groaning would not let my hard dick sleep. I finally went over to their bed to find Tony slowly fucking Jay in a missionary position. Jays legs were wrapped around his dad's firm hard body and lovingly taking that 12 inch cock into his sweet ass. I had adjusted my eyes to the darkness and the sight of that beautiful cock, and those low hanging balls slapping against Jay's ass crack was just awesome to behold.  

I watched as long as I could, then I had to take a lick on Tony's big balls. My tongue wandered up and down his ass crack to his pink anus. Tony loved the way I tongue fucked his ass and soon I knew he was cumming by the way his buttocks closed on my nose and tongue. I love licking a man's ass when they start to cum. It is very exciting. I didn't want to waste my orgasm by shooting on the sheets, so I moved up to Jay's mouth to offer him my dick. He was still in a deep and passionate kiss with Tony but quickly offered his mouth to me, just as I started to cum. Tony's mouth remained close to Jay's and some of my cum shot on his face and on his lips. He didn't turn away, but continued to kiss Jay as Jay slurped away at my shooting cock. It had to be in a moment of passion, because suddenly Tony took a few swats on my hard shooting cock, then he pulled away and let Jay finish me off. Tony had tasted my cum and he must have liked it. I knew right then, Tony was going to be sucking his sons every chance he could. He didn't know about his younger sons sexual experiences yet, and was going to be surprised. What a lucky man.  

I thought I would remain in Brooklyn a few weeks before heading out for Arizona. Sydney had already lined up a job for himself, and had to be there soon. I was glad he had decided to take a flight to Phoenix the next day. I knew I would not miss having him around. He always seemed to be in the way, when the rest of us wanted to have some fun. He never did figure out our sexual antics. and what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Now that he was going, all we had to do was find someplace to play.  

I didn't know about Tony's sexual buddy Rob until Tony and I were alone the next day, and he explained about Rob's playroom and toys. He also told me about the sling and how we could use it at the party, if we worked it right. 

The next day, everyone did his unpacking and Sydney was making arrangements to go to the airport to catch the plane to Phoenix. His sister, Sadie, was to take him to the airport bus terminal about noon so that would leave the rest of us at home to unpack and do some remaining laundry. 

I was hoping this would be a good time for the other two boys, Ben and David to prepare their dad to their open sexual attitude. Before we left for the Catskills earlier this month, Tony was unaware that the boys were such hot numbers. He was still bursting with joy that Jay was such hot sex, and never in his wildest dreams was aware of his younger sons and their sexual aggression and attitude.  

It all started to take place when David went into the bathroom to take a shower while his dad was shaving. Tony was rapped in only a bath towel when David stripped down and went into the shower. It wasn't long before David was starting to show off his young trim sun tanned body thru the glass shower doors. He started to manipulate his cock and aggressively jack off, while his dad tried carefully not to notice. It was so beautiful and sexy that Tony could not help notice David's sexual movements. It became almost impossible for him to keep his mind on his shaving. His dick hardened and his towel slid to the floor. 

About this time, Ben came into the bathroom, took off his shorts and stood at the toilet to take a piss. As Tony leaned against the cold sink trying to hide his hard on, Ben looked at his dad and said. 

"Dad. It looks like I inherited my large dick from your side of the family. Let me see how big you are while it is hard. I am proud of my big dick. Look at mine and see how nice and big it gets when it is hard." Ben said as he finished his pissing and started to manipulate his cock back and forth.  

This was almost too much for Tony to absorb. He couldn't believe what was happening in the bathroom this morning. He wasn't about to get any softer, and since Ben had already observed his hard cock, he might as well relax and show Ben his hard dick. As Tony stood proudly showing off his big hard dick to Ben, Ben reached over and gripped his dad's hard cock. He gazed at Ben's dick to observe his dick that was growing larger. He was no doubt larger than most boys his age. He didn't seem shy, but was very proud of his large dick, as well he should be. 

Before Tony realized it, Ben had placed his hands around Tony's large 12-inch daddy dick, and started to move it back and forth. It felt good to Tony, yet strange to have his youngest son Ben, playing with his own large dick. Ben was fascinated with Tony's dick. His other hand caressed Tony's low hanging balls. The tip of Tony's dick had started to produce clear pre-cum juices. Ben placed his finger on his dad's piss slot and rubbed the cum around on his cock head and under his foreskin, and then without warning, Ben bent over and licked the pre-cum juices from his cock. Tony twitched at the sensitive sensation of Ben's warm mouth on his dick. David had been listening and watching them and opened the shower door slightly and said to Ben. 

"See, Ben? I told you dad had a big cock. You might be as big as dad someday. Come on little brother, get in the shower with me if you want to show dad how we can cum just like the big boys do. Let's show him how his boys are now men and can shoot our jizz like men." David said to Ben.  

"Can I dad? I like to shoot my cum along with David. It feels so good. He is such a good brother. He likes to put his dick in my ass and fuck me like you fuck Jay. Please dad? You can watch if you want to. We are not as shy as we were. I want you to feel good and shoot your cum too, if you want to." Ben continued as he got into the shower with David. David turned down the water to a small trickle then he embraced Ben as he got into the shower stall.  

It was surprising that the boys had become so close, but Tony thought it was great. He was always breaking up fights between Ben and David before, but now things had change for the best.  

Ben grasped his brother's dick, turned his back to him and guided his dick to his backside. Ben had grown accustomed to having his brother's dick in his ass and found it was a satisfying and new sensation. He was looking forward to having Jay fuck him sometime soon, but didn't know if he was ready for his big brother's big dick yet. David and Ben had begun to enjoy nightly sex when they were at the mountain retreat. It was strange at first to feel his brother's body close to him and then when they finally began the fucking, it turned out good. Now they both looked forward to their nightly fuck session.  

Tony was surprised that the boys knew he was fucking Jay and was in the state of sexual shock, yet not once did his hard dick soften. He was about to watch his two younger sons have sex directly in front of him. "This was so hot. Where had these boys learn to love each other so much? It was wonderful", Tony thought to himself. "How could it be any better?" Tony was observing his sons kissing and playing around with each other when Jay entered the bathroom.  

"Oh I wondered where everyone was? I see you have discovered Ben and David like sex as much as the rest of our family. Doesn't that little guy, Ben have a big cock? Like father, like son. Dad, while you are still hard and naked, why don't you lean me over the sink and show the boys how much I like for you to fuck me. They never saw the two of us have sex, and when I told them how big your cock was; they could not believe I could take your cock into my asshole. Let's show then how much fun it is. Please dad?" Jay said to his dad as he remained silent and in awe that his loving handsome sons were enjoying the joys of man sex.  

There was no way that his dick would go down now. Jay had positioned himself over the sink and was ready for his dad to make love to his asshole. Tony turned to place his hard dick into Jay's ready and welcome ass. He spit on the head of his dick and rubbed the moisture of his pre-cum around his cock head. He placed one hand to Jay's butt cheek searching for the tight hole of Jay's anus. He had just been there the night before and had deposited 3 loads deep in Jay. He knew Jay still retained his deposits so his cock would slide in easier. He became aware of Ben and David at the end of the open shower doors. He glanced over just as he slid his big cock into Jay to see the boys almost gasp in amazement, then they looked up into his face to see the pleasure Tony was enjoying. Tony let his cock remain deep in Jay for a few seconds, and then he winked at his boys, and pulled his cock out to the end of his cock, then buried it back into their brother Jay's ass. Jay gasped out and started to talk. 

"Oh yeah, daddy! That always feels so good. Fuck me! Fuck me! Bury your daddy cock up your boy's ass and give me your load. Ohhhh fuck me! Harder! Harder! Work my ass over and pleasure your cock in me. Oh God Daddy, make me cum with your big hard cock up my ass." Jay continued to the surprise but delight of everyone.  

David quickly got Ben into position in the shower and put his dick in Ben's tender boy ass. He was fucking with the same rhythm as his dad, as he fucked his oldest brother. This was very exciting to watch his dad fuck and show off his big tremendous dick.  

Tony moved Jay closer to the shower, not only to let the boys watch their dad fuck, but so he could watch David fuck Ben. David was really banging his younger brother with deep and hard movements. Tony and David could almost touch. The sexual tension in the bathroom was building to a wild climatic crescendo. David wanted desperately to place his hands on his dad's tight muscular stomach and feel his cock go into Jay's ass but he was about to drop a load into Ben's body. The excitement had never been this tense.  

Tony suddenly pulled his dick out of Jay and turned him around, lifted his legs and repositioned himself on the sink, so Jay was now facing him. Jay wrapped his legs around his dad's waist and pulled him closer. Tony put his dick back into Jay's asshole and shoved it back in one fast hard plunge. Jay gasped and came, shooting his sudden orgasm over his head and onto the mirror. Tony waited only a few seconds and began to pump his cock back into the depths of Jay's warm cum filled hole. The pleasure was sensational and he was just too hot to hold out much longer. He continued to deep fuck Jay and after a few good deep plunges; he could feel himself starting to cum. As many times as he had had sex as a younger man, never had felt such love and sexual enjoyment as he did with Jay.  

Tony looked at David about the same time as he started to shoot his hot load into Ben's ass. David was moaning out in pleasure as his boy sperm shot deep into Ben's warm young body. Ben was frantically jacking his big cock and cried out as though in pain, as he shot several big squirts of cum into the air. Much of it splattered against the shower glass door and on the bathroom floor. Some even landed on his dad's leg and ran down to his foot. Tony desperately wanted to place his mouth over Ben's big young cock and drink down his sweet young load. He looked forward to the time when he would be able to do this. Now he understood his sons had grown into hot sexual males that wanted and needed man sex. God, he was blessed with 3 young handsome male studs.  

The sound of the shower started once again as David and Ben continued to shower after their sexual performance in the shower stall. Jay was still gasping and enjoying the wonderful sensation firmness and tight grip of his dad's strong arms. Tony looked into the mirror at himself and had to smile at himself. He had been shaving before all this had started and one side of his face was still covered with shaving cream. Some was on him and some on Jay. They looked like two foaming dogs in heat. Jay realized what his dad was smiling about and they both started laughing together. Tony looked into his handsome son's face and gave him a quick kiss just before he let his dick slide from Jays cum filled asshole.  

Jay quickly sat on the bathroom stool to release the 3 or 4 loads of his dad's remaining cum from his body. When Jay flushed the stool. it caused the hot water to turn cold in the shower. The 2 boys in the shower yelled out from the shock of the cold water, and then everyone laughed. It had been an interesting way to start the morning and everyone was in a good mood. 

Dick knocked on the bathroom door and peeked in to see all the naked Antonio de Marcus men having a ball. The steam had filled the bathroom and it looked like a scene from a Roman Bath house. Dick started to leave but Jay pulled him inside to join the party. Soon the boys were out of the shower and Jay had taken their place and encouraged Dick to join him while Tony finished shaving. Soon Jay had backed his ass up to Dick and was letting Dick fuck his welcome hole and shoot his morning load into Jay's ass. What a nice way to start the day.  

Soon everyone had showered, shaved and fucked and was sitting down together at the kitchen table to eat some late breakfast. This would be a day to start planning the bachelor party to take place at Fire Island this weekend. Tony had made sure that Sadie was spending her weekend away from the apartment in Brooklyn and would be helping her mother settle in her new apartment in the Queens. This way they could all make the arrangements and prepare the party without any interference.  

One thing Tony hadn't planned on was using his two youngest sons at the party. Now they were to serve and prepare the food, while Jay and Dick were to serve drinks then later all of them would become part of the night's sexual entertainment. Tony would act as the host and Rob would act as head of security in his sexy uniform. Rob and Tony would have a chance to arrive early set up the equipment, lighting, rack, crisscross and sling to be used later in the sexual entertainment. Things were going smoothly so far and everyone was excited about the coming weekend of sexual entertainment with the marriage party and their hot and wild guest, 12 members of the Professional Hockey Team.  

Story by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@hotmail.com.

Part 10 to follow soon.


Edited by Ernie