Jay Jay Ovdoc November 2012

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I met Jay Jay when his family started attending the same church. Jay Jay was just ten at the time. He was already a cute outgoing blond that became very popular with just about every one. His blue eyes and angelic smile were impossible to ignore. Old and young alike took a liking to him. Jay Jay soon had a lot of friends.

It worked out well. Jay jay did not have a dad or any brothers and sisters, so he loved the attention he got at church. He was soon involved in numerous church activities, and was always being chased by girls and boys alike.

Although I took an early interest in him, Jay Jay was a bit young for me. I was a teacher and counselor for the teens at church. We came into contact only when he was involved in church activities, camping, sports, or field trips which turned out to be pretty often. Jay Jay wanted to be involved in everything. And the teens loved having him along. I thought at first they liked him because he was constantly admiring them and tagging along behind them. Any one else would have irritated them, but Jay Jay was hard to ignore. Instead they included him like a pet or mascot that just seemed to belong there.

I became suspicious there was something strange going on when I was coaching the church youth group during rehearsals for a Christmas special. We were doing some of the Christmas carols we would sing for the parents and church members. We were going to wear blue choir gowns over our clothes. We would slip into the gowns just before practice. The kids loved the idea of taking part in the special, and looked really cute in them. The gowns were wrap arounds with a silver sash that tied in front to hold them on.

As I got the children lined up according to age and size, (Jay Jay was eleven at this time), a boy his age anxiously took his place next to Jay Jay. Not realizing I was looking them over for appearance, the boy undid his sash to show Jay Jay that he was not wearing any thing under the gown but a short tee shirt. At first, I thought it was a joke. The boy had been known to play practical jokes on others in his group. But the joke was on him. When he opened his gown to show Jay Jay his privates, he had not turned enough to hide what he was doing. I got a pretty good look at his stiff little three inch shaft. Maybe he forgot I was in front of them. Jay Jay got a good look as well. Then giggled and turned away. The boy hesitated, then tied the sash back just in time to see my stern look. He blushed, but just shrugged. I got the idea that Jay Jay knew more than he wanted to admit.

Jay Jay became very popular with the kids in his age group as he grew older. For some reason, he also chose to start wearing the saggy pants that were so popular when he was twelve. Why he got hooked on that style I have no idea. He started wearing trousers that were so low they hung below his waist. The only thing holding them up was that they were attached to his boxer shorts by safety pins. He took great pride in how low they hung, and wore boxer shorts with bright print designs. Adults at the church were astonished and amazed, but allowed that this was the youth style. Some advised him to dress more appropriately for church, but jay Jay ignored them. He insisted he was being himself.

During a summer church meeting, Jay Jay was about to learn a lesson. He had been joking and teasing several young girls in his class about how they were just jealous of his attraction to girls at school and in church. They responded by teasing that he was going to lose his pants one day and be laughed at. He insisted that wasn’t going to happen; they were just dreaming.

That did it. Two of the girls had decided it was time to teach Jay Jay a lesson. After Sunday School class was over, the kids went outside the church building to play around on the church grounds until church services started. As usual, the kids joked and played tricks on each other passing time. Abby and Linda, two aggressive girls were able to get behind Jay Jay while he was showing off to several kids in front of him. Each of them suddenly grabbed Jay Jay’s pants by the waist band. They yanked them down hard. The pins held tight, but the elastic waist band on the boxer shorts slid quickly and easily over his thin waist and down his legs below the knees. When the girls let go, the trousers and their attached boxer shorts dropped to the ankles of an astonished Jay Jay.

He was totally exposed in front of all his friends. To make thigs worse, he was caught off guard and momentarily froze. Every one near him got a really good look at his soft three inch prize and his small ball sac.

Although it only took Jay Jay a few seconds to realize he had just been placed on display for all to see. Worse yet, he had trouble trying to grab his boxers to pull them back up. His face turned a beet red. His friends made no attempt to hide the fact that they were getting a good look at his privates. His brags of how well he was built and how much the girls wanted him was now exposed.

I too took time to get a good look at Jay Jay, deciding this was probably the best chance I would have to check out this gorgeous young boy.

Jay Jay realized he had to do something fast. He reached for his boxers about the same time he bolted for the church. Not good. His feet got caught up in the pants sending him face down in the grass. He lay sprawled out, then twisted around to get covered up. He had ripped the boxers in the process.

Realizing that he was on the verge of tears in front of those who knew him, I quickly scooped him up and took off inside the church. I carried him to a vacant school room where I let him down. He was both crying openly now as well as asking me to put him down. I closed the door to the room, locked it, and told him he needed some privacy to get dressed, and to get cleaned up. He nodded his approval and looked down at his privates apparently not believing he had just been depantsed publicly. His hands were muddy from the fall. He couldn’t hold back any more. Tears now openly streamed down his cheeks.

I quickly pulled him to me, assuring him he was all right now. He had managed to pull his boxers up to his knees, but they were torn. Even if he got them to stay up, they would not hide his privates.

When he had calmed down a little, I told him we needed to get him cleaned up a little. Then we would worry about fixing his clothes. Jay Jay agreed. Still very much exposed to me, he was now more at ease with it. He looked over the tear in his boxers. We agreed to remove them so he could wear his pants without them. We also agreed I would carry him to the rest room so he could clean up.

Once in the rest room, I could lock the door for privacy. Most of the crowd had moved inside the church for the service. His mother had been informed I was getting him cleaned up after a fall. She had already been informed about the incident. I knew we had time to clean him and get him dressed before any one would come looking for him. I stood him in front of the basin and used paper towels to clean his hands while we both looked at each other, then at his still exposed privates. While he was cleaning some mud from his shirt, I took the time to hold and examine his cut dick and balls. He studied me intently but didn’t stop me from fondling his play toy. He was in no hurry to return to the church or to his friends. He wasn’t sure he wanted to see them again. I reassured him that they knew he had a penis. He watched as I held it up for him to see. Then he giggled.

“It’s not funny.”, he blurted out trying to get serious. “They all stared at me.”

“Of course they did.” I responded. “How often do you get to see such a beautiful boy tool?”

Jay Jay remained quiet for a moment as I gently stroked his cute little cocklet. It was suddenly stiff.

“That feels really good. You really think it’s beautiful.”he whispered as if some one might be listening or watching.

“Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t damaged. If you had poked a hole in it, it wouldn’t get stiff any more.” I told him.

That brought on some more giggling. He watched as I stroked faster and held the small ball bag that had just started to drop. His balls felt like two small marbles. He knew I was playing with it, but was both curious and pleased. He wanted to know what else I might do to him that felt really good. I gave him an answer. I dropped slowly to my knees and cleaned his dicklet with my tongue. He was instantly amazed at how warm and great it felt. For the next few minutes, I was allowed to lick and suck on his dick and balls. I knew I had him hooked. Jay Jay was willing to let me keep on doing this new kind of massage, but I knew we had to finish up soon.

I got him to let me remove the boxers so he could get back into his trousers. I got him looking presentable although a little more dressed than he had been before. We were ready to rejoin society, but he was not anxious to do that. I agreed to get him home, but would let his mother know before we left. He agreed. I went to the service, whispering to her that Jay Jay was ready to go home. She left the service to talk to us. Jay Jay knew better than to say anything about my method of treatment. He assured her that he was all right now, but didn’t want to see the kids any more. We agreed to talk about that later. His mother took him out of the church before anyone noticed. I wondered if he would call or come back again. He now had the girls to face and a school teacher that liked playing with him. Two good reasons not to return. 

His mother called the next day to thank me for coming to the aid of her little rebel. He had boasted that I had talked to him as a friend. He had thought I didn’t like him because of the way he dressed. Mom had explained that she was proud he wanted to be himself, but that his friends thought he had gone too far. She added that he would have to face them at school even if he wouldn’t go back to church. Jay Jay told her he wanted to be in my teen class at church. She had agreed to ask, but maybe the church would not agree. She also asked if I would come to dinner, and maybe agree to talk to him again. Jay jay had quoted some of the things I had said to him. He had never gotten that friendly with a man since his dad walked out on him and his mom.

I agreed a dinner might be a good excuse to talk to him. I explained I liked Jay Jay, but thought he was trying to hard to impress others. His friends thought he was trying to hard to impress them. They could not compete with his awkward dress and attitude. They thought he got what he deserved, but hoped he would back off a little and be more like them. No one had even mentioned his nudeness. I knew that would soon be history. If he would ignore the jokes, they would find other things to talk about.

At the dinner, Jay Jay was pleased that I had come to his house. He was in a much happier mood. He still did not want to return to church, but listened as I repeated much of what I had told his mom. He defended his right to be himself. He also blamed his dad for their troubles. His mom had to work to provide money for them. Nobody had the right to tell him how he felt or how he should dress. After telling me all this, he quietly asked: “Do you think I dress funny?”

“No. Not funny.” I answered. “But then, I was not the one who depantsed you. Your own age friends did that. They probably didn’t mean to go as far as they did. The girls didn’t think you would wind up exposed, but were surprised to see your privates. They were both embarrassed and surprised to see a boy’s privates. They were later punished by their parents for their inappropriate conduct. “

Jay Jay was glad to hear the girls were punished, but thought they should have to “get exposed in front of me.”

His mother and I both broke into laughter.

“You know thats not going to happen, don’t you?” I asked.

Jay Jay giggled. “Guess not.”

We met regularly after that, usually with his mom. Sometimes, we went out to eat. We got to be good friends. We did not have any private meetings as I wanted to work on getting his trust.

A few months later Jay Jay turned thirteen. We had become much closer. I even went to his birthday party where I openly teased that he was now one of those nasty teens. He was too proud to be one to take me seriously. Besides, he had heard me tease other teens that they were now one of the ‘outer space people’. It was a name I gave to teens because they were now old enough to be held accountable for their actions, but not old enough to be adults. I teased them that they were In betweens- not adults, not children. They knew exactly what I was saying, and agreed. They liked me as a teacher because I accepted them as young adults anxious to learn. Jay Jay had his own reasons, but was beginning to see why all the kids wanted to be in my class. I respected their privacy, but was also willing to share their secrets.


One night at his home, Jay Jay and I were alone. His mother had joined the church choir and was going to practice every Thursday. She would be gone for a couple hours. Shortly after she left, Jay Jay wanted to play. We had wrestled before, both at home and at church, but only as far as touching and sneaking a feel of each other’s privates. This time Jay jay was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and was making sure I got lots of chances to get a feel or a view of his goodies.


When I pinned him down on his back with his knees open wide and his shorts open wide, I discovered he was not wearing undies. His dicklet and his balls were not only exposed, they had grown and changed a little. And there was a little fuzz over the base of his shaft. He lay back as if relaxing with his legs open for me, and smiled when he saw me looking. He made no attempt to close his legs or to hide his goodies. He had that mischievous look in his eyes. He knew exactly what he was doing. And he was hoping I would pick up where he left off.


I made my move. Without saying a word, I slid a hand under the clothing that had his goodies showing, and gently wrapped a few fingers aroundhis stiff little shaft.As he moaned in approval, I warmed and massaged his dicklet and his balls. As I unsnapped the shorts and pulled them down to get a better look at his treasures, he lifted up so they would slide past his waist. I did noy stop until the shorts were completely off. His jewels were once again exposed. Laying between his legs, I lowered my face until I had his shaft completely covered by my lips. Once again, his shaft was mine to bathe and feed on. And now he was a teen - ready to respond to my attentions. And he was ready.

As I paid homage to his changing sex organs, he watched and wriggled in ecstacy. I no time at all, he was thrusting upward, trying his best to plunge his shaft to the limit in my mouth. He grabbed te back of my head as his dick throbbed and tried hard to shoot his non-existant load inside. Moaning and praising my efforts, he was feeling a terrific orgasm wrack his entire body. Finally exhausted, he dropped to the floor, panting and breathing hard. His eyes were closed. Jay Jay had just had his most exciting orgasm ever.


We finished up by laying face to face huggin each other. Knowing Jay Jay may not like it, I looked into those glamorous blue eyes, then gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. When he allowed it, I pressed my tongue into his mouth swapping spit and searching for a response. He slowly began to understand the purpose of a French kiss and responded. He also responded well to my kissing and sucking his nipples. I also sucked on his ear lobes which tickled him and drove him wild. I’m sure he did’t understand why, but he once again became stiff and wildly attempted to return the favor. When I pushed him lower so that he was facing my dick, he gave in to impulse and licked the head, then slowly went down on it to return the pleasure. When I let him take his time, he took as much of my shaft as he could without choking on it. In fact, he was doing much better than I expected. He was really getting into it and I was loving it, but I knew he would want to get better acquainted with this new game. I pulled out before orgasm and let him watch as I shot my load. It was the first time he had seen any one shoot off and he was amazed. Jay Jay was anxious to learn more, but it was time to stop. He had already learned a lot this time around. We hugged tightly, and agreed to do it again. 


Actually, we did it again several Thursdays in a row. And both of us loved it. I even showed him how we could lay head to toe, and do each other. At some point, I let him suck on it until it blew my load down his throat. By this time, I had also taught him how to breath through his nose and swallow so that my shaft could enter his throat without causing him to gag. I had also taught him how to enjoy it when I slid a greased finger up his tight little hole and pumped it in and out. He learned to like the feel of tat especially when I found the love spot that caused him to wriggle and squirm because his toes curled up and he got that funny feeling up and down his spine.


One night as I was fingering him, I slid the second finger in, and then the third. Jay Jay was already used to me stretching his tight little hole open as we played this game. He already knew what I wanted, but wasn’t sure he wanted to try that. He had heard guys at school talking about cornholing. Most of the time, they laughed about it. It was something gay guys did to each other. It was also something no one was willing to try or admit to. When I slid the third finger in, he was surprised that he now had three fingers up his butt. it was uncomfortable, but not all that painful. He even stopped sucking long enough to give me a questioning look, then went back to sucking. The decision was mine to make. And I wanted him.


With Jay Jay laying on his stomach, his legs stretched open, and his hole comfortable as I fingered him with two fingers, I slid up into position with my seven inch shaft sliding up and down his crack, stopping at the entrance. He knew it was going to hurt. He grabbed a pillow and hugged it tightly. He knew I wouldn’t do any thing that was going to hurt him, but he also knew what I wanted to do to him. I paused long enough to coat the shaft and his butt with Vaseline, then pushed the head of the shaft inside him until I felt his hole open enough to let me enter. He made a muffled groan as it popped inside and tightened up. I knew enough to hold it in, but paused to let him get used to this new feeling. After a minute or two, he relaxed and even pushed back to let me ease a little more in. We took our time. I slowly eased an inch or so in at a time knowing he was feeling a strange new sensation. Something was sliding into his poop hole instead of sliding out. He continued hugging the pillow probably amazed that the huge shaft was actually sliding inside him, but amazed that he was able to do this. By the time it was almost in, he started to feel less pain. It felt big and warm. He could feel it moving around.


Then he felt my balls and the pubes resting against his tender buns. I was in. All the way inside him. There was something pleasing knowing he had taken all of that big long shaft up his butt. I told him he had done it. He now had me as far inside him as I could get. We would let it rest until he was comfortable with it. Then I would move it around so he could accept it without pain. As I did that, I had no trouble finding his prostate. That caused those funny feelings that tingled just about every thing in his body. He giggled and wriggled his butt showing me he liked what ever it was that caused the funny feelings. He was all right as I started my slow short rhythm slowly increasing the length and speed. His dick which had softened as I entered him was now more hard and sensitive than it had ever been. Shortly after I had started my humping causing him to rock back and forth on the bed, he announced he was going to get that funny feeling. As his butt jumped and squeezed my shaft, I knew I was going to cum. I pumped my load deep inside claim his cherry. He squealed that he had just shot something out of his dick. He had just shot his first load. And he had just taken my first anal load.


We were both exhausted when we came back down to earth. As my dick softened, I eased out. Jay Jay turned over to see the watery spots on the sheet. Then we hugged and kissed, excited that we had just caused his first ever real cum. We rested holding each other for a long time. He knew he was soon going to jerk off to see if he could shoot off again. Both of us knew we had just added another game to our play time. He agreed we could do that again. I knew he was hooked on it. And I explained it would not hurt so much next time, but we would need to practice. He could not believe he had let me get away with cornholing him. We could not let any one know. I agreed.


Thursdays were never the same after that. I taught Jay Jay how to crawl up on the bed on his hands and knees while I knet behind him and slowly sank my greased shaft inside him. Sometimes I would roll him over on his back and raise his legs so I could ease my tool into him while playing with his nipples or sucking on his ear lobes. There were few positions we did not use. He became at ease with any of them. Of course, we still loved playing sixty nine, or maybe just jerking each other off. What ever we did was fun.


Jay Jay was still popular at church. His friend, Robert, was also his best friend. Robert invited him to sleep over at his house. Jay Jay woke up one night to find Robert sucking on his dick. After that, Jay Jay taught Robert how to take his small slender dick up his hole. He taught him every thing else as well. Robert was a natural. He loved being Jay Jay’s best friend. And he had wanted to please him.


One Thursday, I arrived at Jay Jay’s home to find Robert there. I wasn’t all that surprised because Jay Jay had told me about Robert. He had wanted to include Robert in our games. Shortly after I arrived, Jay Jay stripped. I followed close behind. Robert looked a little worried, then slowly undressed.


Jay Jay started things off by sitting on the sofa, spreading his legs, and motioning for Robert to kneel in front of him to service him. Robert knew exactly what he wanted. He only glanced over at me, then dd as he was asked, easily taking Jay Jay’s shaft in his mouth for some loving and petting. He was good. Not long after he started, Jay Jay was humping away. He didn’t quit until he was grunting and holding Robert’s head tightly as he shot his small load in his mouth.


I had sat down next to them on the sofa slowly stroking my own dick and watching them. As soon as Jay Jay pulled out, he nudged Robert to move over in front of me and blow me. Robert was shy at first, but soon settled down. He was doing his first adult dick. He liked it, and was soon learning how to deep throat. He knew Jay Jay did it. Although he gagged at times, he stuck with it. His reward came when I blew my load down his throat. Robert had never swallowed so much cum before, but promised to work on that.


Jay Jay and I also taught Robert how to lay across a bed with his legs draped over the edge. He took Jay Jay first, then once again I shared my adult dick with him. It wasn’t easy for him to take one that large, but once again he did it.


We would do it again a few times, but it became longer and longer between times. Jay Jay’s popularity soon included girls. Eventually his friends included the girls who depantsed him. They had also joined our teen group. They were also anxious to see how much Jay Jay had grown. They had even asked him. He had agreed toshow them, and I’m sure he did - in more ways than one.


Word got around that Jay Jay was more than cute. He was also a great date. All in all, Jay jay and I lasted a few years. It is my policy to stand aside when a boy is ready to move on. Jay Jay was ready. Sure, I felt kind of hurt. Giving up some one as cute as Jay Jay hurts, but becomes easier as he grows older and more confident in himself. The one who was hurt most had to be Robert, but he too moved on.