Jesse and Maxim

Written By -- Angyl

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Maxim Samuel tried to be like everyone else. It was just not in the cards for him. He had tried to be straight, but every time he tried sex with a girl, he could not get it up. This was his first notion of being was in gay. The second notion was when he was in a public shower, all the other bois would get him all worked up. Third notion was when he would wrestle with his buddies he would get hard as a rock. The last two had to be the worst of the deal; he had to do everything to hide his increasing erection.

He was 18, even though he looked like he was 14. He had such a baby face. He was about 5'4. Very slender, but he did not look gangly or anything like that Long black hair fell over his shoulders, covering a bit of his sweet face. He put his weight about 120 pounds. He wore black eyeliner. He wore a black shirt, the kind you can see through. It bloody well hugged his slender body. He had piercings, one in his eyebrow, and one on his lip. He also had tight fitting leather pants. They showed his package off quite nicely. For a little guy he had a lot to offer.

    Jesse was sitting in the coffee house, staring at this cute boi. He was so hard he felt like he was going to burst. It was then he realized that the boi was actually looking directly back at him. He has the cutest smile. He melted when he smiled at him. He returned the smile, and tried to distract himself from looking at him. He was very smitten with this boi. He was trying so hard not to stare at the boi that he had not even realized until he sat down with him, that he had come over to the table.

    "Hi there," The boi said, very chipper.

    "Umm hi," Jesse responded.

    Jesse was so nervous, and a bit shy. Hell he had not expected him to come and just sit down at his table. He guessed it was a bit awkward for him. Jesse was usually not in any way as he was with him.

    He leaned in and whispered in Jesse's ear. "Did you like what you saw?"

    Jesse nodded his agreement. He was so into this boi. He had always found bois younger than he to be more attracting, but this was the first time for him to be attracted to someone so different from the way he was.

    They talked for four hours. Jesse found out his name was Maxim. As they talked, Jesse found out they were so compatible. For being such a young age this boi had a lot to offer. He admitted that he like older men, but it was the first time he had actually felt something for a guy almost 20 years older. Jesse told him when he first saw him he thought he was 14. He had to wonder how he was getting into the coffee house at such a young age. Well it was late and Jesse had to get going. Maxim offered to walk with him. Jesse said sure he could. He did not know he had other intentions to go along with this walk. Mind you Jesse was not about to decline his offer for the walk home. Jesse actually invited him into his apartment when they arrived there. You are thinking he was doing this because he wanted a good fuck. He actually did this because H felt something for this boi. He was glad when he accepted without hesitation.

    As for Jesse well he is 37 years old. He was definitely not in the best shape. He was actually in horrible shape actually. He was over 250 pounds. He was losing his hair. His facial hair was scruffy, and unkempt. He always wore larger shirts, as he just did not like shirts that fit too snug. Hmm his orange jacket and hat is the main staple in his wardrobe. He definitely loved orange. He usually wore a pair of jeans, or sweat pants. The only other thing that stands out was his green sneakers. Not much too much to look at really.

    Jesse's place was nothing spectacular, but it suited him. This was the first time in ages he brought someone home. He was worried what Maxim may think of his place. Talk about being stupid. All he wanted to do was get this boi in bed and let him fuck his fat ass. The boi was as horny as he was. Jesse watched him rubbing his crotch as he sat on the couch.

    Jesse was not ready for the sight he got when he came back in the room, after offering to get drinks for them. Maxim was lying on the couch, and completely naked. Well it was a surprise. He almost dropped the Pepsi. He definitely got a good look at him. He skin was smooth and a pale shade. He was hairless, well not completely; he had a nice mound of bush between his legs. He almost dropped to his knees, when he saw his cock. He had been right; the boi had it going on. He had to look again. Even flaccid it was a sight. For a tiny boi, he was roughly about nine or ten inches hard, compared to his 7 1/2 inches.

    Maxim came off the couch and came to him. Jesse took his smoothness to him, running his hands over him. He felt ever inch of his smoothness. Jesse's hands found the roundness of his ass; it was as smooth as he was. Jesse could feel himself waking up. He sure wanted this boi.  He reached down and took Maxim's cock in his hand.  He was hard. He lifted him up to kiss his soft lips. Jesse was a bit rough, but judging from the moan, Maxim was into a bit of the kink. Jesse began to give his smooth ass a gentle smack.

    "Oh spank my bottom please." Maxim moaned.

    Jesse leaned Maxim over the arm of the couch, and spanked the boi. Maxim was right into it as he put his ass in the air. This just made Jesse spank him harder.

    "Oh yeah, spank me daddy."

    Jesse had never been called daddy before. This was strange and new to him. He actually liked it. He had never done anything involving kink before. It was really turning him on. He looked down at the bois ass. It was getting nice and red from being spanked. Jesse rubbed the bois bottom. He kind of felt a guilty pleasure at this. Jesse needed to get Maxim to his bed. It was a better place than bent over the arm of the couch. He picked him up and took him to the bed. He put him on the bed, and began to undress.

    Maxim watched as he undressed. He did not say anything, but as soon as Jesse was naked, Maxim crawled over to him, and took his cock in his mouth.

    "Oh suck that cock boi."

    Maxim worked Jesse like a pro. He had definitely done this before. The way Maxim was positioned, Jesse had perfect access to his hot ass. Jesse began to rub it, while he was getting sucked off. His finger found the nice little pucker, and began massaging it. Maxim began to moan even with his mouth full of cock. Jesse was really enjoying the blow job. He knew that he was going to give the boi a reward very soon. Maxim was licking his balls and the running his tongue back up the shaft. Maxim took Jesse to the hilt again. Jesse could no longer hold off, he let the boi have his seed. Maxim swallowed every drop.

    Jesse continued to play with Maxim's hole; he found as he worked the pucker he was able to get his finger in. This made Maxim moan. He liked it.

    "Oh fuck my ass daddy."

    It did not take long for Jesse to get hard when he heard that. Maxim had moved on his back, and lifted his legs in the air. Jesse got a nice look of the hot pink pucker. He got on his knees, and began to lick the hole. Maxim moaned. Jesse used his saliva to lube the boi up. His hot ass tasted so good. Jesse ran his tongue around the hole, and then pushed his tongue inside. Hmm this boi was tight, Jesse thought to himself. Maxim's hole was now nice and lubed. Jesse stood and lifted Maxim's legs, holding them. He guided his cock in. The boi was not as tight as he thought. He was able to get his cock in with no trouble.

    "Oh fuck me hard."

    Jesse began slamming Maxim hard. He thrust his cock hard into the bois hole. He held the boi tight, as he slammed him.

    "Fuck yeah give it to me hard daddy."

    Jesse was watching him as he slammed the boi. His was stroking his meat as Jesse slammed him. This was too fucking hot. Jesse began fucking him even harder. Maxim grunted every time Jesse rammed him. Jesse hit his target ever thrust in. It was too much for Maxim. He shot his load all over his chest, and Jesse's bed. This caused Jesse to blow his hot liquid deep into Maxim's fuck canal.

    Jesse lowered Maxim to the bed. He came and lay next to him. He still wanted that monster of a cock inside him. He began touching Maxim's cock, and soon enough the boi was hard again. He leaned over and whispered in his ear.

    "Stick that monster cock in daddy."

    Maxim was all up for that. Jesse grabbed some lube and allowed Maxim to lube him up. He got no all four and let Maxim stick it in him. Fuck it hurt like a bitch. Maxim did not wait; he just slammed right into his ass. Jesse actually screamed. That did not stop Maxim. He just kept pounding his ass. The pain Jesse was feeling gave way to pleasure. Fuck the boi was hitting the pleasure spot every time he slammed in. Jesse felt himself getting hard again. He was able to reach down and stoke his cock while he was getting slammed. Maxim was groaning, and soon Jesse felt warmth inside him as Maxim's love juices fill him. Jesse gave his cock a few more strokes and shot all over the bed.

    Maxim was not done, he began work his cock in and out again. Holy fuck this was wild. Jesse felt his cock growing inside him. This boi was ready to go another round.

    "Fuck yeah give it too daddy again."

    Maxim was fucking him hard and fast. Jesse felt his balls slap his ass every time he thrust in. Maxim leaned forward and really gave it to him. He had braced himself on the headboard. This gave him better leverage to slam his cock his Jesse's fuck canal. It felt good to have that monster cock ramming him. He still could not believe this boi had been ready so quickly for another round. Hell he was not complaining. It had been sometime since he had a cock in him.

    Maxim was running his nails down Jesse's back. Holy fuck this was driving Jesse wild. He had not had that done before. He was almost growling. This was incentive for Maxim to fuck him even harder. Jesse was working up a sweat.

    Jesse was in heaven. It had been nearly 20 minutes for Maxim to blow his load for the second time. Jesse wondered if the boi would go a third time, but Maxim's cock went limp and plopped out of his fuck canal.

    Jesse was satisfied. He pulled Maxim to the bed. They lay there covered in cum, and sweat. Jesse could feel the love juices leaking out of him.  He pulled Maxim close to him, as his cock ran up and down the boi's crack. The two fell asleep, exhausted from the love making.

    Jesse awoke sometime in the early morning. His cock was rock hard. He slowly began thrusting his hips, running his cock up and down Maxim's ass crack. He felt his juices in the boi's crack. The boi was lubed. Jesse repositioned himself, and his cock slipped easily into Maxim's hole. Jesse slowly began working his cock in and out. He held Maxim close as he began thrusting. Maxim was moaning.

    "Oh that feels good." He moaned.

    Jesse slowly fucked him, taking his time. He slowly thrust in, and then out again. He reached around and began stroking Maxim. How hot was this? Jesse was right into a rhythm. He began biting Maxim on the neck, leaving mild bite marks. He was still stroking Maxim, and could feel the boi go rigid. He load shot all over the bed. Jesse began sucking on Maxim's neck as he slowly fucked the boi. He ran his nails down the boi's side as he fucked him. He left marks which were now bleeding. Maxim was really into it, he began growling, and moaning. Jesse went rigid and shot his load in the boi.

    They lay together, Jesse still inside Maxim. They soon fell asleep again.

The End

Wrote this story at 2 am February 14th, 2008. It did not take me a lot most stories do. All comments welcome for you. Email me at: or . Thanks again for reading it. Love to you all.


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