Jesse and Maxim


Written By -- Angyl

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    Five years had passed since Jesse met Maxim in the café. Unbelievable as it was to Jesse. Sure they had a bit of a rough patch and he almost lost Maxim, but they had gotten through it all. Jesse relived the horrid night in nightmares, only to wake up and find his beloved sleeping next to him.

Flashback 3 years prior, Jesse had been going through a serious bout of depression and anger. He was taking it out on everyone. The fateful night in question had been the worse and to top it all off Jesse had been drinking, something rare. Maxim laid into him when he stumbled into the house, and Jesse snapped. He grabbed Maxim and threw him to the floor. He began kicking and punching the poor boi. Maxim had screamed for him to stop, but his mind had gone blank and all he saw was red. You could hear bones break as he kick him in the side. Then it was over. Maxim lay in a ball on the floor. Blood everywhere. Jesse looked down and growled at him.

"Fuck now look what you have gone and stupid kid!!"

He is not entirely sure, but somehow the cops had been called. Maxim was rushed to the hospital, with seriously life threatening injuries. Jesse was beside himself when he awoke in jail the next day. As if haunted by the night before, everything came back to him. No charges were laid. Jesse decided to go see Maxim in the hospital, but upon arrival he was refused entry to see him. Well he had done it now. He went home and cried something he had not done in a long time. He lost his only joy in life because of stupidity.

Weeks began to pass with no word from Maxim. Jesse had gotten wind he had been released from the hospital. He had not even come to collect anything. Jesse had resigned himself. Locked away in his empty house he had thoughts of suicide. He snapped out of that eventual.

Another month went by. Jesse had finally gotten up the nerve to venture out. He went to the store to get food. As he was walking back he went right by the café he'd met Maxim. He hurried by. Too many memories and he was sure he would not be able to handle the overload. He almost ran home, shutting his door from the world outside.

Late one night as rain was coming down in torrents. Jesse sat alone in his living room. His mind was a complete blank. He jumped when there was a knock at the door. It was a bit late and he really was not expecting anyone.

"Fuck Sake!!" He Muttered

Crawling his ass of the couch, he went to the door. Looking through the peek hole, he was surprised by who it was. He unlocked and opened the door. He stood aside and let a very wet and Maxim into the house. Whoa the boy had a stick to him. As much as he wanted to take him in his arms, he could not. Maxim stood in the foyer.

"Look I am only here cause I have no one else to turn to...does not mean we are going jump right back into it...I do not trust you." He stated

"I know...but I am really sorry about what happened." Jesse replied.

Maxim grunted some sort of reply. Jesse's heart was in his throat.

"Well you know where the bathroom is. Your stuff is in the spare room."

"Yeah thanks."

He watched Maxim climb the stairs. He sat on the couch and cried for the first time since Maxim had gone from his life. Now he was back and it still felt as if he was gone. Jesse sighed as he curled up on the couch, crying himself to sleep. When he awoke in the morning he had been covered up. His mind raced. Had it been a dream? He heard noise from the kitchen. Slowly making his way, he found Maxim cooking.

"Morning." He said.

"Yeah...morning." Maxim replied jumping.

Jesse left him in the kitchen and went up and cleaned himself up. He found Maxims wet clothes on the floor. He picked them up and threw them in the wash, then headed back downstairs. He walked back into the kitchen and found Maxim sitting on the floor crying. Not sure if he should go hold him or just leave him, Jesse followed his heart; slowly he sat down beside Maxim and put his arm around him. It was pushed away.

"I told you not to fucking touch me!" Maxim said through tears.

Maxim's sobs increased. Slowly Jesse placed his arm around him again. It got pushed away again, but this time Jesse put it back and pulled the boi to him. Maxim tried to fight, but finally gave in and melted into him. Jesse just held onto him. They stayed that way for an hour. When he had stopped crying, Maxim did not pull away. He looked up at Jesse.

"I never stopped loving you...I was too scared I would get hurt again." He said.

"God Maxim I was so stupid for what I did not deserve it...please believe me when I say how sorry and idiotic I feel."

"In time." Maxim whispered.

From there things slowly changed. Although for the first couple months Maxim was back, a few times Jesse would wake up and find him curled up next to him. He would wrap his arm around the boi and drift off to sleep again.

It took another couple months before Maxim moved back fulltime into Jesse's bed. It had been a really stormy night, and Maxim had been terrified. He came to Jesse and asked if he could crawl into bed. Jesse lifted the covers and Maxim crawled in next to him. Jesse put a comforting arm around him. The lay in silence, and then Maxim turned to him.

"I really do love you...and I want to be with you...but will you do what you did to me again?" He said.

"I cannot promise anything, but I will try never to hurt you ever again." Jesse reply.

The sincerity in his voice was all Maxim needed. He leaned over and kissed Jesse. He was hard and Jesse felt it. His hand reached down and took hold of Maxim's cock and slowly began stroking it. A small moan escaped his lips as Jesse stroked him. His own cock was growing and ready to be serviced. He lay back, and Maxim was down on his cock. It had been a long time since they had been together.

"Oh babe it feels so good!!" Jesse moaned.

Maxim brought him to an orgasm to beat all orgasms in no time.

"Ugghh...her it comes!!" He grunted.

He squirted his load in Maxim's mouth, which eager swallowed the entire load. Emptied and satisfied Jesse wanted to reciprocate the deed. Maxim moved beside him, and before he could move Maxim whispered to him.

"Tonight was for you babe."

Life went back into a regular routine for the two. It should be pointed out that during the time they were apart neither was with another guy. Even though Maxim had stayed with a friend until he refused to suck the guy off and got kicked out. Amazingly with all the damage Maxim had little scarring on his face and body. Jesse had not gotten violent towards him at all.

Now Maxim is about to celebrate his 24th birthday. How time has flown. Jesse knew what Maxim wanted for his birthday. The boi wanted a hot tub party. Jesse was gonna give it to him. He had already rented the tub. Now he began inviting some of Maxim's friends over. Now he had to figure out to arrange a surprise party for Maxim. A few phone calls solved that. Maxim was totally unaware that Jesse knew what he wanted.

On the day of Maxim's birthday it was business as usual. They woke, ate breakfast. Jesse wished him a happy birthday, and gave him the gift he had gotten him. A gold necklace with two hearts entwined. Maxim adored it, and proudly put it on. They spent the day lounging about the house, cuddling. In the early evening Jesse took Maxim to the place they had first met. This was all part of the plan. They spent a couple hours enjoying themselves before heading back to the house. Jesse opened the door and let Maxim go in first.

"Hey go out on the deck and pull hey chairs out...I will make some drinks for us."

Maxim head for the deck and opened the doors. Jesse was not far behind him.

"SURPRISE!!" Several voices chorused.

Maxim was both shocked and amazed. He turned to Jesse and hugged him.

"Oh thank you...thank you."

"You are welcome babe."

The party was a success. Booze flowed freely and well guys were doing guys. Maxim and Jesse watch it all and enjoyed themselves. Towards the end Maxim managed to get everyone's attention.

"Thanks to all of you for this party it was fun and well yeah sicko's...Jesse again thank you a million times for this." He said.

Everyone chuckled, and Jesse nodded.

"There is one other thing I want to do before the party is over..."

He turned and stood in front of Jesse, getting down on one knee. Jesse was unsure what was goin on but he had an idea. The group cheered, and then got quiet as Maxim spoke.

"Jesse we had a rough patch there for a bit, but I never stopped loving you, and we eventually got through we have become better lovers and friends I have to ask you one thing...will you be my husband?"

Tears formed in Jesse's eyes. He love Maxim and yes he wanted to be with him now and forever.

"Yes I will be your husband."

Standing he took Maxim in his arms and kissed him. Cheers came from the group. Jesse and Maxim broke the kiss, and smile at the group. Maxim pulled a small box out of his pocket. Turning again to face Jesse he opened the box.

"Let's make it official." He said and took a ring from the box.

Jesse put his hand out, and Maxim placed the ring on his hand. Jesse was beaming from ear to ear and the group cheered and came up to the two. Congrats were handed out. Eventually the party ended and it was just the two of them.

Jesse and Maxim got married in the winter. A small wedding and reception of family and friends gather for the joyous occasion. The future was theirs and no one knows what that will hold for the two.

The End


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