Jesse and the Boy Lovers 05


By DannyR (MMM/bb, oral, anal)

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.



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DISCLAIMER: Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. This story is a fantasy. It didn't happen. Never will. And anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in the story needs to be hanged, then drawn and quartered, and then turned over to the cops for the harshest penalties the law allows. After that, well, hopefully everything Law and Order and the news say is true about child molesters in prison, is really true. Now that we're clear on what's what, and what's not, read on.


SPECIAL NOTE: As with Incest Tales 15 (The Velvet Rope), this started life at Mr. Double's Palisade in a story called Girl Lover (Serve and Protect), by Ron's World, copyrighted and posted there by Ron's World in 2002. RW thought that this story might be fun (cum-filled, of course) as a M/b story, instead of the M/g it originally was. I agreed. There are six stories in this series, so I'm retaining the numbering of the originals, even if the M/b versions aren't posted in correct numerical order. You can thank RW, as I do, at ronsworld4200 AT hotmail DOT com. Oh...and RW has just posted the first two chapters of the very first Ron's World M/b story at Mr. Double. If you don't have access to that site, maybe a little groveling will get a copy sent to you by email. It's definitely worth jacking to.





I had been put on administrative duty due to an officer involved shooting. I was the officer, and damn, was I involved. I shot a crack head, apparently out of his mind on his own product, since he was running at an armed police officer, waving a big ass knife, in front of three witnesses. Of course, the witnesses were not of the type generally considered reliable, since two were addicts, at the scene to score a fix or three, depending on the cash they'd managed to earn, beg, borrow or steal. The third was a rival dealer who'd set up what was intended to be a fairly quiet bust of the crack head, a/k/a the piece of street shit the rival wanted the police to scoop up and put away. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't do the roach thing and scuttle out of the light and disappear into the walls. I knew who they were. And they knew it, and knew what would eventually happen to them if they fucked me over.

So three brave citizens came forward to give statements and swear that it had been a righteous shooting. So this time around, it was really a pretty cut and dried thing for me. Not like last time with the howling do-gooders raising questions of police brutality for an officer defending himself. Unfortunately, the department's policy always puts you on two weeks administrative leave, minimum, while they're investigating. That was also enough time for you to get your head shrunk if you killed him. I didn't. One round in the shoulder of the arm wielding the knife; the second round in the other shoulder since I was absolutely, positively, without the slightest shadow of a doubt certain that he started to toss the knife into his left hand to keep on coming at me, internal affairs shit head, sir! So even though he had a big-ass knife, I had a bigger-ass gun, and I don't think he's going to be using either arm for attacking cops anytime soon. Or, actually, doing fucking much of anything except maybe moving his hands real gentle to jack off. No one's told me how much mobility or dexterity his paid-for-by-my-damn-tax-dollars doctors say he will recover in either arm. Not that I give a shit.

I didn't expect any problem with IA, but to add to the hell of working a desk, today I got tapped to be sent into a circle of hell way the fuck further in. An elementary school to tell the little kiddies that drugs and violence are very bad things. Well, they are very bad things, of course, but this was going to be hard for me.

Or rather a hardon for me. Near permanent while I was there, too, unless I controlled myself and kept my dick down with a mental dose of hardon killing images.

I try to avoid elementary and junior high schools because of the high concentration of eye candy there. I love to look at pre-teen and young teen boys. They make me so fucking hot I'm afraid that one day I'm going to blow a gasket and rape one. Just the thought of being in an old-fashioned, private, elementary, all the way through eighth grade, nothing but boys school, surrounded by hotties and not so hotties from five or so all the way up to twelve or thirteen, max, makes my cock throb, my knob leak, and kicks my imagination into overdrive. It was gonna kill me if I had to actually go there. So I begged and whimpered and whined as much as a six-two, hundred and ninety pound, burly dago cop can get away with when asking for a change of assignment.

And got the result I expected. God (Captain Braverman) expects every lowly admin-duty cop to do his duty. And to do it fucking well, though God is a good right wing Christian leader who doesn't proselytize (much!) and always avoids the depravity of the foul language his sinful subordinates so often engage in. His own son, the son of God, a/k/a God, Jr., throughout the precinct--the boy is a twelve year old smug, self-righteous, arrogant little prick--(change the age, change the "little" and you have a portrait of his father) is a student there. Disgracing God in front of His son, or anywhere near his son, such as somewhere in the same building, by engaging in inappropriate behavior and/or "unprofessional" language was the ultimate no-no. Worse than shooting a crack head or three. Go figure.

I stopped by the admin center to pick up a box of supplies for the squad room on my way to the school. After stalling for as long as possible, bullshitting with the civilian employees, bitching with the cops about going around the fucking bend sitting behind a desk instead of being out on the street where I belonged, I finally gave up. I threw the box of supplies into the back passenger seat and drove to the school. I was to speak in a classroom of fourth graders during their last class of the day.

Unless they're marred in some way by the life they've had to lead, kids under the age of about 15 all pretty much love cops. It's nice when they look up at you like you're a god, especially the little boys. Especially the really little ones who first have to look at your bulging crotch on the way to looking up to and at you. I pulled up to the school, or as God refers to it, the effing academy, during recess. I parked the squad car behind the school in a loading zone. The kids could see the car from the playground and they all ran up to the fence and started yelling. I locked the car and went into the school to find Mr. Logan, the teacher of the class I was scheduled to address.

I found Mr. Logan in his office, introduced myself. We made small talk, very small talk since he was kind of harried and distracted. He kept turning his head with a soft "sorry" injected into his words, and looking up at the sky. Okay, so it looked like it might rain, and he was dithering about whether to bring the children in early. I'd already taken in the office the moment I entered. Neat. Fucking proverbial pin fucking neat. I hate neat, organized, everything in its goddamn place, people. What an anal retentive little fuck, and all over the possibility of rain. So what the fuck if it did rain? Those kids weren't going to melt if they got wet. At worst they might get completely soaked, and I might have to take a couple of the boys into a restroom, strip them naked so their clothes could be sent somewhere to be dried, while I dried their little bodies, rubbing them all over with a blanket, or a big towel, especially their little pricklets and little balls, to get them all warmed up. And stiff. And eager to see what that big mound was in Officer Rick's pants. And.... I broke it off. Sighed quietly. It was going to be a long, long, long afternoon.

The recess bell shattered the quiet we'd established, him with his weather worries, me with my hardon inducing fantasies. And the images I was using to try to kill the hardon weren't having a hell of a lot of effect, when my dick knew we were heading for pussy boy eye candyland. I had no choice but to stand when he did, and as he came around his desk I would be willing to swear he took in the half-hard pushing out my uniform trousers, and let his eyes linger there just a bit too long. But I could have been wrong. Mr. Logan led the way to the classroom.

He had me sit in a chair on a little raised dais/platform thing. Not behind his desk, which was off to one side by the windows anyway, but still--I could have given my talk from there. Not behind a podium, either. Out in the open, completely visible to all the little darlings. Comfuckingpletely vulnerable. We watched the children parade in, me seated, Mr. Logan standing to my left and slightly behind me. My paranoia imagined him placing himself where he could discreetly look down at my crotch to see if he could catch my inner pervert making its way out into the open and make a citizen's arrest or something.

There were a few nice little honey boys that caught my attention, but I did my damnedest to ignore them. With no noticeable degree of success as far as I was concerned, but since Mr. Logan wasn't screaming--for some reason I envisioned the fussy little man screaming rather than shouting--perhaps I was doing better at the ignoring than I thought. This particular school was a greater danger to me than most. The children wore uniforms, even down to the shoes. The boys wore those cute very short grey shorts in warm weather, like now, with white button down shirts, a dark red tie, a dark blue blazer, grey knee socks and highly polished black loafers. Definitely the making of any man's schoolboy fantasy, what with the uniform giving it a touch of old-fashioned upper crust English private schools.

And I had plenty of boy fuck fantasies set in a private English boys' school.

And then he sat down. Right in front of me, the little shit. In one of those desk chairs where the desktop wasn't permanently fixed in place so you had to squeeze to get in and sit down. This was the kind where you sat down, reached down the right side (or left side--they actually had chairs designed for kids who wrote left-handed), pulled the top up and forward, and then lowered it the ninety degrees so it was across your lap and you could write. Which is what most of them were doing. Except the little darling shit in front of me. He set his book bag next to the chair, straightened up, crossed his arms over his chest, and then slouched just the tiniest bit. Pushing his shorts-clad bottom a little forward in the seat, pushing his crotch just the tiniest bit up and out.


The boy had long dark hair that he wore in a thick ponytail that reached just past his shoulders in back. Christ but he would look so fucking hot on his back, my cock buried in his boy cunt, and that thick gorgeous hair spread out over the pillows. He had nice slender long legs. (All the better to drape over my shoulders.) He had a cute little button nose (all the better to sniff my musky pubes when my cock was down his throat) and large dark brown eyes (all the better to widen when I shoved my meat into his pussy). He smiled at me when he caught me looking him over. I crossed my legs to hide my burgeoning erection and looked away from him. I heard his soft giggle. I am not a saint, by any means, but I did try.

I was about to start the talk when God, Jr., made an entrance. He must have inherited it from his father, who always posed, quite poised, in the entryway so everyone could look at him, could focus on God's awful power and majesty, had time to remember how he could fuck your career, before walking in, basking in the properly appreciative and subservient looks he was receiving. The noise of the old door opening naturally shifted everyone's attention, and Junior made sure he had it by asking, "Mr. Logan, I heard one of my father's officers was going to speak here today." Little shit. The way he emphasized those two words also made it seem that I was one of his (Junior's) officers. "Do you mind if I sit in?"

It was clear that even though he should have been in some other class with students his own age, Junior was one of those "special" boys who could pretty much do whatever the fuck he wanted, mostly without fear of anything but the most gentle and ineffective retribution. Probably brought on by the combination of captain cop daddy (admired by his wealthy family and friends for his willingness to associate with the "likes" of all of us in order to act out this somewhat odd protect and serve notion he'd taken into his head) and equally wealthy, upper crust Brahmin mummy, who had his back.

There was something in Mr. Logan's eyes, a wince, maybe, as he said, "Of course, Mr. Braverman. I will let Miss Wallace know, later, that your absence from your physics class is excused. Now, there are some seats left b...."

He'd started to gesture towards the back of the room, which was obviously closer to the door, and less disruptive for him to get to. Junior was not interested in that. There was an empty seat one row back and one seat to the left of my nameless fuck angel. To get to it, he had to walk all the way to the front of the classroom, cross in front of the four columns of chairs to the fifth column, and sit in that second seat. Thus giving everyone an equal opportunity to admire him.

I'd heard about mummy but never seen a picture of her, though I'm sure if I were interested in reading the society pages of the newspaper her family owned I'd have had a surfeit of her, but it was damned clear Junior inherited very little of his looks from God, Sr. He was dressed like the boys in the class, with one exception. As an eighth-grader he was allowed to wear grey slacks. Perfectly tailored grey slacks, that reinforced the subtle distinction between what he was wearing, and the mostly off-the-rack uniforms of the other boys. Slacks that hugged his slender boy bottom quite nicely, thank you very much, when he bent over, ass towards me, to frigging dust off the chair before turning and plopping...ah, excuse me, God, Jr., does not fucking "plop" anything...sitting his ass down.

Think twelvish young Draco Malfoy in those Potter movies, double the sleek blond smoothly coifed good looks, quadruple the smug arrogance and surety of his assured place in the world, and there, pretty much, you have God, Jr. A beautiful, cold little boy who could have no real reason to be there other than to report on me to his daddy. Who does not care for me at all, but who can do little to get rid of me--barring a major public fuckup--because in my own way I am quite well protected and regarded.

I started out with the standard talk about avoiding drugs and alcohol. I tried to keep my eyes sweeping around the room, not touching on one bright upturned face for too long. The next time I chanced to look my little vixen's way he had cocked his feet up on the little metal bookrack under his chair. He was slowly parting and closing his legs, opening them a bit wider each time. I looked away, but a moment later when I looked back I was sure there was a noticeable bulge. Not really big, of course, since he was, what, all of ten? I looked into his eyes and the little devil winked at me!

Looked away and unfortunately right into the dark blue smug eyes of Junior, whose head was finishing just the tiniest motion of turning back from looking toward the same hottie boy I'd been looking at, or rather looking at me looking at hottie boy. I wondered whether Junior was smart enough to pick up on why I was looking, smart enough to give his father some preliminary ammunition to hoard for future use. Daddy, Officer Rick, was acting so funny in class today. All the time he was talking he kept looking at this cute boy in the glass, a really young boy, daddy, like he couldn't keep his eyes off him. Is Officer Rick one of those bad persons a good boy should avoid like the fucking plague, daddy?

What with the lure of the winking hottie and the danger of the spy, I had a hard time keeping my mind on my speech as I transitioned into talking about violence. Visions of me with my cock buried deep into the guts of that dark haired boy kept intruding on my thoughts. I could almost feel my large hands grasping and parting those slender little thighs, lifting and spreading until his ass was just right as I guided my heat-seeking missile home. My cock was throbbing rhythmically in my pants.


We entered the question and answer period after I finished speaking. The little tease in the front row didn't raise his hand with a question, but he certainly raised his hand nevertheless. To his crotch. Which was indeed distended. He brushed the bulge casually, as if crumbs had landed and he was getting rid of them. I have excellent peripheral vision. Mr. Logan had pulled up a chair for himself, and was almost directly to my left. I saw his gaze straying towards this particular boy more than once. He probably had a yen for him himself. The bastard prick. Able to feast his eyes and maybe even do things, boy fucking things, five fucking days of the week.

Junior the spy-boy, though, gave no sign of paying attention to Mr. Logan's lustful looks (or so I interpreted them, but that was most likely my cock talking, wild with jealousy over anyone watching my boy). Just me.

I did my best to ignore the boy, ignore both of the boys, but my eyes kept tracking toward hottie, straight between his thighs. He had scooted forward even more in his chair and his shorts were now stretched very tight over that juvenile prick mound. I could swear I saw the outline of his young pricklet. And Junior's eyes always seemed to be on mine whenever I looked away from that boy crotch.

I was beginning to sweat by the time the bell finally rang. It was the last class of the day, so the kids were off like a shot. My little tease gave me a backward glance as he sauntered out the door. My little spy gave me a smug, arrogant, I'm going to tell my daddy on you and your ass is going to be well and truly burned look before he left the room, too. I stood, turned quickly so my own thick cock bulge might not be noticed, thanked Mr. Logan for the opportunity (pretty much over my shoulder as I headed toward the door), and with a few, somewhat jumbled, parting words of thanks from the still-distracted teacher, I got the fuck outa Dodge.

My cock was screaming for attention, so I ducked into the faculty men's room. I headed straight into one of the stalls, nearly slamming the door behind me. I lifted the toilet seat, unbuckled my belt, unzipped, shoved my boxers and pants down around my ankles, tucked my shirt up so it wasn't hanging in front of me, leaned forward so I could brace myself on the back wall, and grabbed my dick for a fast and furious jackoff.

The soft "want some help with that?" from behind me did not, of course, scare the shit out of me. I was after all, an experienced police officer, well able to detect someone approaching stealthily, so my jerking upright with a sharp gasp was merely a professional's way of getting into position to act, and getting enough oxygen into my lungs to enable that to happen. Not that the action was going to be going anywhere quickly, except in a pants-at-the-ankles waddle that started me turning around.

My ankles also being where my holster and gun were, it was kind of difficult to shoot the bastard, whoever the...well, shit. Logan. Holding open the door I'd forgotten to lock. Damn but pedo jackoff fantasies fuck with the ordinary parts of your brain, like the part that thinks of your safety, of preventing knowledge of what you are down deep from getting up top, out and about, and keep you from remembering to lock any fucking toilet stall door anywhere if you're going to jack off. And then he was not just holding the door but stepping inside, pulling it shut, and locking it. Putting us in damned tight quarters, what with my leaking hardon standing straight out and almost touching his shirt.

I opened my mouth to rip him a new one, but it's amazing how five little words, quietly spoken ("damn but that's nice meat"), can change your attitude. Especially when the words are accompanied by one soft hand wrapping around that nice meat, rubbing it, smearing your precum around, and another soft hand is playing with your big, loose-hanging balls. Logan had perfected an even better attitude-adjustment technique. Squatting down, bracing his back against the door, putting his hands on my hairy ass and pulling me forward so that my cock was quickly buried to my bush, right down his talented throat.

I spread my legs as wide as my pants would allow, leaned forward so my fists could grab the top of the wooden stall door, and then started face fucking the teacher. It was his fucking job to make sure the back of his head didn't get slammed into and broken against the door, causing his queer brain to leak out. Not my job at all. He quickly realized the danger he might be in (with a mouth and throat that experienced I do not face fuck gently) and with a little judicious wriggling and squirming he was on his knees, giving him better balance and control.

And Christ, but a good part of his legs from the calves down were fucking outside the stall door. Anyone coming into that toilet would see a closed stall door with two white knuckled fists at the top and two trouser clad legs sticking out onto the tile floor, and there'd be no way that observer could not figure out there was a blowjob going on behind that door. But school was over, the kids were gone, and if Logan was willing to take that particular risk, I decided I could, too. Skull-fucking a talented cocksucker like this teacher is fuck all better than jacking myself. And besides, if I shut my eyes and tilted my head up, as if I was looking away from the stall, I could fantasize it wasn't the teacher but the student I was face fucking in a school toilet.

Or better yet, it was the tight pre-teen pussy of the little dark haired boy I was actually fucking, not hot teacher mouth with lips and tongue ratcheting up my lust until just a few minutes, fuck, maybe a few seconds, later I was spewing spooge down his throat. But while I was pumping he pushed me away slightly, not to get rid of me, but as a lot of good cocksuckers do, getting some of that good man seed into his mouth to enjoy the taste. He kept gently working my meat, also as good cocksuckers do, while it softened, being sure to drain and clean it. Fortunately, I'm not one of those men whose dick head gets super sensitive after a cum, so I could enjoy the treatment. When he was done, I let go of the door, straightened, and looked down.

Logan was looking back up with a self-satisfied smile, and a blob of cum at the corner of his mouth, resting on the hair of his oh-so-precisely-shaved and shaped goatee. He put his finger up, scraped it off, and then obscenely, as if advertising his ability, sucked it off. Which left us in a post-cum awkward moment. He'd managed to get into that position (legs out under the stall door) but it would be harder than hell to stand up without knocking me over. I backed up (waddled back) and sat down on the toilet. He nodded politely to acknowledge my graciousness, and then with surprisingly strong hands on my knees, levered himself into a standing position.

And into another awkward post-cum moment. A very good cocksucker has just given a most excellent blowjob to a complete stranger. The cocksucker hasn't cum. The hardon in his pants is obvious. So is the "suckee" just someone who wanted a face to fuck, to just cum and go like the store name, or does he reciprocate, even though he himself is not really horny at the moment, what with that cum and all.

Okay, so besides being a closet pedo, I'm also a closet fag--well, at least so far as the job is concerned. No way am I coming out to the force, not with the precinct serving primarily a wealthy, very conservative part of the city, and most of the guys in the precinct fit in very well with the mentality, if definitely not with the money. Besides, when a blowjob is that good, even though I was so fucking primed for it and blasted quickly, the sucker deserves something in return. Cocksucking is one of the few times I look up at anyone, so I looked up at him, and let my eyes tell him, "Okay, fag, I'll do you in return, but don't expect me to swallow."

That was a lie, of course. The no-swallow part of the look. I love cum. My own and others, when I can get it.

He unzipped and hauled out a nice six inches of uncut cock, hard, leaking. He peeled the skin back to show a thick, red, wet knob. I was opening my mouth and moving my head forward when he asked, "Besides sucking dick, cop, you like to eat out ass, too?"

I snapped my head up and glared at him. He let a surprisingly wicked smile show, a smile that changed pretty much everything about him, like a brand new personality, a confident fag, had emerged or taken over. "Never hurts to ask, does it?"

He put his hands on the back of my head and I...let...him pull my head forward, and sucked him in all the way to his pubes. I've never been able to do that with a dick anywhere near the size of mine, but he was just right. He was also as primed as I was, even without playing with his dick while sucking me off, because in just a few strokes he was holding my head to his crotch, blasting cum down my throat, bent over, his belly on my head while he grunted out a clearly very good cum.

As I also returned the favor of cleaning him off, he took a damned big chance (I did, after all, have his dick in my mouth) and patted me on the cheek, and said with a wicked and smug tone to go with the earlier look, "Knew you were a fag, cop."

I stood up and it was his turn to look way the fuck up since he was at least six or seven inches shorter. I grabbed his balls, tight enough to both make him gasp and let him know I meant business, used my right hand to undo his belt buckle, unsnap his pants and reach around, shove the back of his pants and boxers down under his butt cheeks, squeeze those smooth, soft cheeks while he held very still, and then pushed a dry fuck you finger up his ass. He gasped loudly, grunted. "Knew you were a fag, teach. Maybe next time I come lecture the kiddies I can teach you how to get fucked right?"

Fucking slut just pushed his ass back against my hand. I pulled my finger out and held my hand in front of his face with the appropriate gesture. He gently took my hand, lowered it a bit, and then sucked that finger right in and cleaned it of his end of the day raunch and ass juices.

That done, he fumbled around behind himself, found the lock, opened the door and kind of staggered backwards into the room. We righted ourselves and our clothes, by apparent mutual agreement ignored the wash-your-goddamned-hands-after-they've-been-on-your-dick-and-ass-you-dirty-dumb-shit signs, and left. It was a Friday, and after all this, the halls were empty and echoing as I made my way to the back door, leaving the building by the parking lot where I'd parked the squad car.

I was proud of myself. Hadn't disgraced me or the force by cumming in my uniform while hottie boy was being a prick tease. Technically, I had sort of disgraced the force by cumming down Logan's throat, and then sucking him off, but that was a lot more forgiveable if we'd been caught. I'd been so sure about Logan. But...what the fuck...I can admit it. I was wrong about Logan being a boy lover like me. He was just a damned good dick sucker, and I'd definitely be back, to use this throat again and try his ass out.

I pushed on the escape bar...and saw him the minute the door opened.

My little long haired hottie. Okay, not fucking mine, but a cop can dream. He was standing by my squad car, his hands cupped against the passenger window, trying to get a better look inside. I came up behind him, startling him when I spoke.

"You want to look inside the car?"

"Yeah, Officer. That would be great!"

We walked around to the passenger side; I opened the door for him and he scrambled inside. I leaned into the car, over him as he sat down, his long legs, so very pale white and smooth between the hem of his short shorts and his knee socks, stretched out. He introduced himself as Jesse with a smile that should have parted all the oncoming rain clouds. I inhaled his glorious little boy scent. My cock was getting hard again, but he wasn't looking at me.

He looked all around the inside of the squad car as I pointed out all the gizmos and gadgets. He wanted to play with the dashboard computer, but even with the degree of lust blazing through my veins, I wasn't stupid enough to break that particular rule and let him. His jacket was open, and I could see his white shirt was of a thin cotton, almost sheer. The outline of his pointy dark boy tits was just visible if you looked closely. I was looking closely. The wind was picking up and I could hear thunder rolling in the distance. A storm was approaching, and not just one of the meteorological variety. As I was talking to him, I noticed the box in the back seat and I remembered what was inside.

I told Jesse that I had to go. He pulled a long face and protested, but got out of the car. I opened the back door and grabbed the box in the back seat. There were some plastic zip ties that we use during riot control situations or other times when we have to take a group into custody and there aren't enough handcuffs to go around. I asked him, innocently, oh so very fucking innocently, bland-faced friendly neighborhood cop Officer Rick, if he wanted to see how they worked. He did. What little boy could resist?

In moments I had his hands zip tied behind his back and I was pushing him face first into the back passenger compartment. He giggled, a wonderful, high, little boy's giggle that set my just drained cock to leaking again. The kid didn't have a fucking clue how serious his situation was. I grabbed some duct tape out of the box, ripped off a strip and when I looked up he'd managed to turn over onto his back, his hands behind him. He said with a grin that he couldn't turn into solemnity, and a quavering fake-afraid tone, "Oh, officer, what are you doing?" Think of the worst kid actor you've ever heard or seen speaking a line you couldn't believe in the time between now and when the sun goes nova, and that would be "fearful, frightened" Jesse.

I pulled him up by his shirt front and tie, and quickly slapped the tape over his mouth. His eyes got really wide at that. He tried to say something behind the gag, protests probably, maybe some pleading. Yeah, that would be fucking hot to have him plead with me to go easy as I dicked him. The pleading should have stopped me, but I was past the point of caring, way the fuck past. I guess all the stress from being involved in a shooting and being under investigation, and having my head shrunk with all the demands to express my fucking feelings, and not having had a good session with my fuck buddy Josh for quite a while, finally got to me. That's the only explanation I can offer.

The only one I'm willing to offer. The other explanation--pedo cop goes mad, fucks ten year old kid cunt, film at eleven!--was one I preferred to keep to myself, at least until all the shit caught up with me and that type of storm came crashing down on my head.

Since the back doors of the squad car can't be opened from the inside once they're closed, my handy-dandy duct tape roll got used again, this time on the door to keep it from closing. Jesse'd flopped over on his belly and as I got in he got his knees up under him and used them as leverage to get as close to the other door as he could. His head bumped the arm rest, and he stopped moving. Leaving his wonderful, wonderful ass up in the air, like he expected what was coming.

Fuck! If his shorts were down, if my dick was out, all I'd have to do is rest my left knee on the seat, brace myself with my right foot in the floor well, and gently...well, not too fucking gently...pull his boy butt back towards me and impale his pussy.

I reached past him to the floor behind the driver's seat, where I'd tossed the supply box. I opened the lid and got out the item that had pushed me into...doing what I was unquestionably about to do. One of the tubes of lubricant we use for conducting cavity searches. It was the recollection of that item that that had tipped the scales. I had a flash of me slathering my erect cock with the lubricant and pressing my meat into his tight little cavity. I lost it. Despite getting in the back seat, I'd been more than half planning on playing with him, maybe sucking kid cock a bit, but ultimately keeping him bound and taking him to my place. Too late. One boy hole, no waiting. I'd take him right then and there.

I ran my hands over his trembling legs, lifting his blazer to expose his shorts-clad ass. He wasn't squirming away from me. I guess he was too frightened for that. I unbuckled my utility belt and put it on the floor of the passenger side. Got my knife out and opened it.

Slipping the point into the fabric I gently and carefully slit the seam that ran down the center of his slender boy butt. I tugged with my large fingers and it ripped nice and neat. Oh, Christ. The kid was wearing tighty whiteys. I used one finger to push between his little boy cheeks, to push that white cotton cloth into his boy pucker, feeling the hole stretch a little as I rubbed the undies against it, into it just a bit. He whimpered softly, but didn't move. The trembling had almost stopped.

I used my left hand to pull the undies up and away, and the knife sliced easily again. There was more of a ripping sound this time as I tore open a large hole. Fuck, but his perfect tight little ass was thrust up, goddamn begging for my touch. Given my size I didn't have much room to maneuver in the back seat, and in those confines I couldn't see his cunt, couldn't see what was going to be his cunt when his virgin pussy got fucked, but when I ran my fingers over it I found it was smooth and hairless.

"How old are you, boy?" The words were barely out of my mouth when I realized he couldn't very well be interrogated with his mouth taped shut. "Sorry, kid. You eleven?"

He managed to shake his head enough to signal a "no." "Ten?"

He managed a tiny, tiny nod.

I gave a nice big nod. "Oh, yeah. You got a nice tight little ass, don't ya, Jesse? You're gonna find out now what teasing and taunting men with your ass and pricklet and your fuckable mouth will get you. I've wanted to fuck a tight little cunt like you for years. And now I'm going to. I'm going to fuck your little brains out."

I released my cock from its prison, and slathered it with lubricant, taking time to also anoint his bald little cunt. I told myself to go slow; he was a virgin for all his prick teasing ways, the ways that little boys pick up on. Told myself to ease my cock into his ass as gently as I could. But to the other part of me, the part now in control, it didn't matter. My life was already over with what I'd just done. So when this little one gave out a loud but muffled squeal when I breached his cunt, it wouldn't really make a difference. As my idol John Wayne once said in some damned film or other, "A man's gotta fuck what a man's gotta fuck." And I gotta fuck this kid.

The proximity of tight virgin pre-teen boy cunt was fogging my brain. A real British pea-souper. And there were weird voices in that fog, the voices of other men, old and young, big dicked and small, pedos all, chanting "fuck him, fuck him, fuck him," over and over and over again, overriding the last vestiges of my control.

I positioned my cock at the entrance to his love channel and slowly pressed inside. To my surprise, it seemed as if he were pushing back at me, trying to take me in. I could hear his panting through his nose. I heard a high-pitched yelp muffled behind his gag when my cockhead split him open and pushed in, so his ass lips clamped tight around the knob.

I hadn't prepared him for penetration, since there had been no foreplay. The next time...oh...right. No next time. I'd be in prison, getting penetrated without foreplay, too. But despite the lack of preparation except for some external lube that barely parted his pussy lips, I was moving in. His channel was oh so tight and hot. I grabbed his hips, my greasy right hand staining his shorts, began pulling his body toward just like my brief fantasy flash. A little over eight inches of pretty damned fat dago cop cock was invading his hole, reaching that second barrier, breaching it, pushing deep and deep into his boy bowels.

And then I realized that it was too damned easy. There was no violent struggle like I'd expected when the urge took over and I knew I was going to do this. Expected, and, well, shit, fucking hoped for. This little slut wasn't a virgin! It then occurred to me that he might actually want what I was doing to him. He was pushing back at me, after all.

I slowly pressed inside him, feeling his cunt walls stretching to accommodate me. The noises coming from under that gag resembled moans of pleasure, although I couldn't be sure. The rain was beating down on the car as hard as my dick was. The windows were fogging to the point where no one would be able to see inside. We were alone in a little humid cocoon of lust. Pedo lust. Ten year old boy lust. Fucking nirvana.

I grabbed his bound hands and pressed inside to the hilt. When I slowly pulled out I felt his little cunt sucking on me on the way out. Just like a delicious lollipop. As I began to my thrusts in and out of his little body, I felt him begin to respond. His channel expanded a bit and I felt his own ass juices combine with the cock lube and leaking precum to slick his pussy walls. But I couldn't be gentle, couldn't. Had to fuck, fuck his boy pussy hard. I was grunting and sweating, pounding my cock unmercifully into his tight drooling cunt when I felt his pussy walls flutter around me, and then started a frenzied clamp and release, clamp and release. The muffled sounds coming from his gagged mouth rose in tempo and volume as I felt his dry cumming moving over him in vast waves.

I shouted out in release as his cum sent me off the edge of the precipice. "Jesse, Jesse, you fucking ten year old boy pussy whore cunt, fucking your sweet baby boy ass, filling you the fuck with cop cum you shit. Ahhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk!" I jerked my hips forward and flooded his cunt with pulsing jets of cum. I ground my pelvis into his, jerking convulsively like some epileptic spaz with a grand mal seizure as my climax continued to roll through me. Whatever punishment was in store for me, at that moment it was worth it. He had the tightest sexiest little cunt my cock had ever found a home in.

As my orgasm subsided I collapsed back on the seat, panting, the last few drops of cum dripping on my uniform. But considering my situation, so the fuck what if the uniform was stained. The kid was motionless, down on his belly, his left cheek against the leather of the seat; his left leg bent up at the knee and his calve resting against the back, the toe-tip of his socked foot against my shoulder (a loafer lost somewhere)--such a delicious new smell. One that could be bottled and sold instead of Viagra or Cialis for the right kind of pedo, considering what it was starting to do to me. Socked boy feet that had been inside shoes all of a warm spring day.

I inhaled and fondled my meat. I knew this wasn't over. Knew I was going to fuck him again, had to fuck him again. I was going to....

The door next to me opened.

I froze. The cooler air from the slamming down rain sprayed cold drops of water on me, or at least they seemed cold on my sweaty heated hairy arms. I looked to my right.


Fuck shit fuck shit fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!

Junior. Staying mostly dry under a large grey umbrella. Junior who had bent just low enough to see in with the remaining daylight and the roof light. See the still panting cop with his dick and balls out of his uniform, slimy and slick with cum and lube and ass juices. See his classmate's royally fucked pussy just beginning to close, cum still oozing out, surrounded by ripped open shorts and undies.

Junior. Who just had to say, "You are so fucked, Jesse, you faggot shit. And so is your new cop boyfriend. When my father...."

Junior. Who was...what...too stupid? too arrogant? too certain of his father's power? be smart. Who should have just slammed the door and run like hell to where he could call God, Sr., on the high-dollar cell he had somewhere on him, and let him know about the shocking, awful sight he had just seen, the awful trauma of seeing a cop who was sworn to serve and protect molesting a young queer in...oh horror!...a police car in the parking lot of Junior's very own school!

Junior. Who stopped talking...abruptly and with a loud squawk...when I shoved my big hairy paw between his legs, grabbed his cock and balls and squeezed. Not gently.

"Not too fucking bright, are you, Junior?" He opened his mouth for an indignant response, both to what I said and the "junior" sneer. Shut up again when I squeezed some more. "Should've run and called daddy instead of staying to gloat. And I don't really have anything to lose at this moment, do I?"

His face went stark white, the kind of bright almost glossy white of some kinds of copy paper.

Good. Also bad. Good that he was afraid and nervous. Bad because we were at a bit of an impasse. I wasn't sure I could get out of the car quickly and easily enough to retain control over him, and wrestle him into the back seat and lock his ass inside, with his fucked faggot school mate.

The parade from the school to my squad car got longer. Jesse. Then me. Then Junior. Then the man with the renewed smirkish tone who said, "Want some help with that?"

It was Mr. Logan. Also topped by an umbrella. Standing to Junior's left and a little bit behind. But he had a pretty good view of me in the back seat with my big soft dick and balls hanging out, and my hand pretty obviously squeezing this young boy's crotch. Despite the smirking remark, I wasn't sure whether I was well and truly fucked or not.

Junior turned his head towards Mr. Logan, as he didn't dare try to pull away from me and risking being a dick-less, balls-less nine day wonder. "Oh, Mr. Logan, please help me. This cop...."

"Shut the fuck up, Junior!" Logan snarled, and all the recovered color in his face just vanished again. I guess no one, especially not a teacher, had ever dared to talk to him like that.

Logan took Junior's umbrella, dropped it on the ground, moved in so his umbrella, one of the old-fashioned, huge black kind, covered him and the boy and pretty much the open door. He got a firm grip on Junior's right shoulder. "You just rape that fucking prick tease Jesse?"

I was beginning to think it actually hadn't been rape...willing and all that shit...but a "yes" was what he obviously wanted to hear and I gave it to him. "Tied his hands, ripped open his shorts and fucked his boy cunt right here."

"Damn!" Logan said admiringly. He leaned in for a look and the pressure on Junior's shoulder forced him down as well. Little Jesse was still on his belly, but his wet, cum oozing cunt could be seen, along with the torn shorts and undies and the plastic tie holding his hands tight. And the duct tape on his mouth. "You got any more of those ties?"


"Good." And he pushed Junior down until he was bent over my crotch, his breath warm on my cock and balls. He wasn't going anywhere for the next moment or two, which was plenty of time for me to let go of his package, and grab another plastic tie out of the box. Making sure, of course, as I squirmed around (mostly without necessity) to get the tie to "accidentally" raise my crotch practically to his lips. He inhaled the mixed scents of end of the day cop raunch and cop cum and lube and his school mate's well used cunt.

Junior was just starting to come out of the daze from the combination of all the events and the "betrayal" by a teacher, but we still had enough time. Logan yanked Junior upright, spun him around, and with his right hand on the boy's chest, pressed him against the car. Which made it very easy for me to grab his hands and duplicate Jesse's restraint. Junior started to inhale, big time, preparing for a scream, but Logan cut him off. "Go ahead, kid, scream. With all the land your mummy and daddy and all their rich friends insisted this school needed, you think there's anyone anywhere remotely close on Friday afternoon to hear you? C'mon, kid, shout it out!"

Junior let the breath out. I let out the breath I hadn't quite realized I was holding. But at least there were two of us who were fucked now, although Logan hadn't really done far...child molesting wise.

"Why don't we take this inside and...figure out what we're going to do?"

I agreed as I was tucking my dick and balls back inside and zipping up. No way was I walking around exposed and vulnerable like that. I guess Junior hadn't looked down, but I'd looked pretty much straight out from where I was sitting, and by the bulge in the teacher's groin, I had a fairly good idea what Logan wanted to do. He pulled Junior away from the door, starting toward the school, letting all the rain slam down. I got out, bent over, my back getting soaking wet almost immediately, reached in, flipped Jesse on his back and dragged him across the seat to me. Probably leaving pussy slime and lube and cum stains, but what the fuck. I found his second loafer and put it on his small foot.

He scrambled out of the car, still tied and gagged, the rain plastering that glorious hair to his skull, still not quite looking like a thoroughly raped young boy. One massive hand on his skinny arm to keep him close, I reached in, got the tape, got out, slammed the door, used the remote to lock it and set the alarm, picked up Junior's umbrella to give us a tiny bit of not-really-useful-any-more shelter, grabbed the kid's shoulder and we followed the other pair back to the loading dock, up and into the building. Logan and Junior were waiting inside. I set the umbrella on the floor, still open, to join the other one in draining.

I let Jesse go, my glare telling him not to get any fucking ideas about running, ripped off a large piece of the duct tape. Junior knew what it was for, and twisted his head away, but otherwise didn't try to run. Smart kid...or a reasonable facsimile thereof. I used a thumb and forefinger on his delicate, slightly pointed chin, to pull his face back towards me. I looked him right in the eyes. "We can do this the easy way, Junior...or the hard way. Up to you."

I wonder whether he picked up on the undertone that easy way/hard way had to do with something more than me taping his mouth shut. I think he may have, but I wasn't sure. Still, while Junior was an arrogant self-righteous, self-serving prick, I didn't figure him for really stupid. Stupendously not bright for the way he'd handled the whole car scene, i.e., sticking around to threaten when he should have just run and carried out the threat, but still, not stupid.

With the boys unable to talk, I pulled out my cell and called dispatch. Not technically the right way to do it, but be damned if I was going back out in the rain right then. I was in luck. "Chad. I'm finished with the lecture to the kiddies about being good, and don't go near strangers, and stay away from the bad men who might want to touch you inappropriately, and I'm getting something to eat before heading home. Forgot to radio in before I got out of the car, so mark me off duty, okay?" Since he wasn't a stickler for strict protocol, and God wasn't looking over his shoulder at the moment, he agreed. I flipped the phone shut.

I stood there for a moment, almost in a stupor. Everyone was very quiet around me. I was a cop with a raped cum soaked pre-teen bound and gagged standing next to me. A kid I had just dicked. A bound and gagged twelve year old boy was standing in front of me, not (yet) raped and cum-soaked. A kid I knew I wanted to do.

I looked at Logan, about whom I had been right the first time around, looked at his straining crotch, at his eyes again. Knew what the fuck he wanted to do as well. My eyes asked him if he was really the fuck sure; his eyes said, "Are you a dumb shit or what? Fuck, yeah."

I blinked. Decided. "Faculty lounge."

So fucking strange to walk through the deserted halls of a school, footsteps giving off slight echoes. A cop, a teacher, two cuffed and gagged young boys. Cue the cameras for a close up of the adult men, and the visible hardons and the precum stains leaking through.

We walked into the lounge. No lock, naturally, but yet another what the fuck. The school was empty. I told the boys to sit on the very large leather couch. Junior sat down slowly and carefully. Jesse almost flung himself down, with a little bounce, and a little muffled giggle of delight. Delight? He'd just been raped.

Or had he?

What had he been doing waiting for me at my car? Why had he teased me so unmercifully in the classroom?

I took off my gun belt, put it on a table, reached again for the knife. I squatted in front of him. Told him to shift around and when he did, I slit the bonds at his wrists, releasing him. He turned around again, sprawling back, spreading his legs wide, rubbing his left wrist a little. I reached up and ripped the gag off his mouth, causing him to gasp. He smiled at me.

"That was fun, Officer Rick."

Definitely not a rape. The fucking slut.

"Fun, huh? Take off your clothes and I'll show you some more fun." Logan and Junior were frozen, staring at the two of us.

Jesse undid the knot of his tie, slowly pulled it off and dropped it next to him. Sat up and struggled to get out of his blazer--I didn't help--finally succeeding and tossing it onto the floor. He reached back and undid his pony tail, letting all that wonderful hair ripple down to his shoulders. His shirt was next, revealing his beautiful upper body to me, and hell, to the two others as well, for the first time. Such pale, pale skin. Such dark, pointy nipples. I couldn't resist. I leaned in, bracing my hands on either side of him, starting sucking and nipping at them. His head thrashed from side to side, and he whimpered, "Oh, yesssss. Suck my titties, officer. Feels so good, so fucking good to have a man work my titties."

I lifted my head, leaving them both wet and glistening. Jesse was panting. So was everyone else in the room, though from the expression on Junior's face he sure the fuck didn't want to, didn't like the idea that he was.

I sat back on my haunches, slid the loafers off his slender, socked feet. He undid his shorts, raised his hips, and I slid the ruined shorts and undies down and off and tossed them, leaving him naked but for those grey knee socks.

"You like eating cum out of boy pussy, teach?"

"I like eating cum. Period."

I grinned at him. "Have another taste of mine. It'll be even better this way."

He grinned back and got down on his knees. Jesse, the now obvious cum slut whore boy, scooted down so his butt was on the edge, lifted his legs and held them back. Logan buried his face in the kid's ass, and both of them moaned as he began licking and slurping and sucking my still hot cum out of the boy's hole.

Junior hadn't moved. Stupid/smart again. Stupid because for the moments when his teacher and I were concentrating on Jesse, he might have turned and run. The door opened outward and had a panic bar, too. And if he made it all the way outside, what with the storm, he might have been able to escape. Smart because the odds were still against him being able to escape, and he was clearly afraid of the consequences of making me mad.

I had him stand with his legs backed up to the couch, facing me. Or trying to face me. His head kept swiveling just a little bit to watch the visuals that went with the sounds of a slut boy getting his cunt eaten out by a talented mouth, and then snapping back. Like he was trying to be a brave prisoner, only willing to give out name, rank and serial number...if he'd only been able to speak.

I untied his tie, and let it drop to the floor. Pulled his shirt out of his waistband, unbuttoned it all the way down. Pushed the shirt and blazer off and down, so that his tied wrists were even further trapped by all that cloth. Unbuckled, unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled his grey slacks down to his ankles.

Whoa. He was wearing grey boxers almost the same color and size as Jesse's ruined short shorts, and fucking knee socks as well. So the kid was arrogant about his long-pants status, but missed the little boy feeling of shorts and knee socks. So he was trying to have his fucking cake and fuck it, too.

I pulled the boxers down, too. Nice uncut fat little cock, long damned foreskin, dangling balls. I had him toe off the loafers, then step out of the slacks and boxers. Tossed them carelessly aside. As I played with his dick, watching his resentful eyes turn a little fearful when he began to swell, I heard undressing sounds beside me. I looked over to see Logan kicking off his pants and boxers to join the scattered piles of clothing around the couch. Jesse was seated on the edge, feet on the floor, cunt undoubtedly leaking. I casually wondered if any of the stains on the couch were cum stains from other pedos.

Logan grabbed handfuls of thick boy hair, brought the kid's mouth to the teacher's cock. Jesse sucked him down like a veteran. I could see his cheeks bulge as he used his twirling tongue around the head of Logan's dick. Logan grabbed the sides of the boy's head and thrust his hips, lewdly fucking his mouth, using him like the whore he undoubtedly was.

"God damn boy, who taught you to suck cock like that?" he groaned.

"My Uncle Ron," the boy said as he momentarily let go of his teacher's meat, and then deep throated him again.

I guess it made sense. A boy this young who was so sexually aware was most likely to have been initiated by a family member. His uncle was a lucky man. I would have loved to have been the one to rip his cherry, force his tender boy cunt down on my stiff dago meat. But I guess I couldn't complain, having been the beneficiary of his training already, and planning on it at least once more before the whole arrest/arraignment/guilty/oh goody here's a pedo cop joining us in jail, tra la, tra la, thing.

I felt the teacher dick slide into his throat as he groaned and pumped his hips at the ten year old slut boy's face. But as nice as his mouth was , Logan clearly wanted his cunt. He pulled the whore's sucking mouth away from his cock and ordered him to lie on his back. He pushed those little boy legs up against his chest and slicked his cock deep inside his still well-lubed rear passage.

As the boy got teacher fucked, I asked, "You liked it when I raped you?"

"Mmmm, yes. I like it when Uncle Ron ties me up."

"I thought I was raping a virgin."

He giggled and shook his head. "No, I liked it a lot. You made me cum really hard. Your cock is very nice and really big."

Watching Logan work young Jesse's kid pussy, trying to catch up--I was one cum ahead of him for the afternoon, boy-wise--I decided it was time to turn my attention back to my next boy cunt. Virgin pussy. I grabbed him by the waist, ignoring the flare of panic in his eyes, brought him to his knees, forced him to lay forward on the couch. Used my hands to get his knees spread wide in a nice, pussy fucking vee.

"You absolutely have to have his virgin cunt?"

My head snapped right. I almost snarled at Logan, "You think you're going to get it?"

"Whoa, officer. Back the fuck off. I thought if you didn't mind sloppy seconds he could get his cherry busted and get royally humiliated at the same time."

Okay. I knew I liked multiple fuckers using me at times. Definitely liked the feel of my hardon sliding into a cunt all slicked up with cum and ass juices. Junior's virgin pussy for sloppy seconds and humiliating God's very own son? Damn right. "How?"

"You know his family is Southern Baptist?"

I shook my head.

"Well, they are. The kind that believes women are subservient to men and must know their place and obey their husbands in all things. In other words, so fucking far south they church might as well be in Antarctica. I heard him spouting that crap off to some of the other boys who were agreeing with him. And you know what else they believe? About who ought to be subservient and know their place?" He paused for effect. And also to rabbit fuck Jesse's hot tight boy pussy for a moment. "Niggers."

"Niggers?" My tone said I didn't care for that very fucking much.

"Yeah. He isn't as careful as he should be when he's talking about the supremacy of whites, and how niggers were just bred to serve whites. So I thought...."

Christ. How fucking perfect. The humiliation of being used as a boy slut, his holes violated, and then to top that off with his first fucker being a despised nigger and his second being a lowly dago cop. And I knew just....

"And there's a nigger right here, too."

"Wha...what?" That sentence broke up my train of thought.

"The janitor. John Henry."

My eyebrows raised at that one. Logan laughed and fucked and laughed some more.

"Real name. Honest, officer, you can fuck me if I'm lying! Well, if I'm telling the truth, too. He's a real tradition around here. Just like his daddy, and I think his granddaddy, too. This school's been around since before the Civil War, and when he was little his daddy used to bring him to work The nice white boys couldn't have sex with genteel young white girls, so they were happy to have a nigger janitor and his little boy provide them with all the sex they needed."

He grinned at my shock. "He's John Henry the however-many, and apparently for the last sixty years the boys and the headmasters have quietly been using him whenever they needed to get off. The headmaster obviously knows what he does for the boys, and helps keep it quiet in exchange for sex, too. The only reason I know is because I caught him getting fucked by the captain of the middle school football team. I stayed out of sight until the kid was gone and wound up fucking him, too. Sometimes he'll let me hide and watch, especially with the younger boys using him. But I think he'd like to turn the tables, and definitely with this prick here."

"Call him. But wait a sec."

I yanked the boy back up, hauled his ass over to a chair and cuffed him to it. My idea was going to double Junior's humiliation. A confuckingsummation devoutly to be wished. I speed-dialed.

My fuck buddy Josh answered on the first ring. My FBI fuck buddy. And really close friend. Actually my best friend. He was the only one, well, at least before today, that knew about my penchant for pre-teen boys. Well, other than the boys I used themselves. I had been relieved when I had admitted my obsession to him because I had found I was not alone. He shared it. And you'd be fucking amazed at the quantity and quality of kid porn you can have access to when one of two best friend pedos is with the FBI. You'd also be amazed, perhaps more so, at the number of "special agents" who have a "special hardon" for kid porn and who surreptitiously (wink wink nod nod) check the magazines or videotapes or DVDs or stacks of pictures out of the evidence area, use them and bring them back. And if the pics or magazines are cum stained, they can always claim that was the way it was when they borrowed it. We'd stained our share. As well as flipped a coin to see who was getting fucked first while watching a DVD of a very young boy getting fucked.

"Hey, guy."

"Hey, asshole. You forget you were supposed to come over and help me tune my Harley after work?"

"Shit! I did. I'm sorry. I got distracted. They sent me to a school today."

I could hear Josh chuckling. "Eye candy galore, huh?"

"Uh, yeah." I'd moved over to the fucking duo, sat down so I could play with the boy's little hardon and feel up Logan's cock sliding in and out of the kid cunt while I talked. "You wouldn't believe what's getting fucked on the couch right next to me, right fucking now."

"No shit! No wonder you forgot about my motorcycle." There was a pause, and I knew what he was thinking. Maybe the two of us were about to lose one kind of pedo virginity. His tone was almost hesitant. "You feel like sharing, buddy?"

"Why I called, bro, why I called." Damned if I couldn't hear that huge fucking grin on his face. I told him where I was, gave him directions. "And, uh, bring that ski mask." There was a what-the-fuck silence.

"Uh, look, I'm royally fucked because of this, but if they...."

"They? You've got more than one?"

"Uh, yeah. Ten and twelve."

"I'm on my way. Ten minutes, max." And with that the signal was gone when he flipped his phone shut.

Logan's eyebrows were lifted, questioning, as I handed him my phone. "Just something to help the humiliation, Logan. Go ahead and call John Henry."

As he dialed, I looked at the boys. Junior was looking scared. Jesse was looking frustrated since he wasn't getting fucked with the full-attention devotion I'm sure he was accustomed to.

"John," said Mr. Logan. "I'm in the lounge with someone who needs your particular expertise. Oh, I understand, but you should really stay. This one has a cherry ass, and he really, really needs your help in changing all that." He sort of snickered and said, "I kind of thought you might. Oh, and stop by the loading dock door and unlock it. We have another...ah...guest joining us shortly."

A few minutes later the door opened. The janitor stopped in shock. To his left was pretty little white supremacist Junior half naked and handcuffed to a chair. Straight ahead was a cop on the biggest couch in the room, slouched, his big hard meat in his hand and jacking. To his right, on the same damned couch, he could see Mr. Logan's hairy ass fucking a kid, a kid whose long slender legs and small boy feet were wrapped around his waist.

John Henry wasn't a pile drivin' man. But he was tall, thin, had a full head of close-cut grey heading to white hair against dark brown skin, a neatly trimmed goatee, large eyes that were undoubtedly larger than normal, thick lips, a wide flat nose, all the stereotypical nigger features. But he wasn't a stereotypical dumb nigger. He'd been servicing the boys and the headmaster at this school for sixty of his sixty-five years. He knew a pedo orgy in the making when he saw it. And picked up immediately on why one arrogant white preteen would be handcuffed.

He looked at the cop on the couch (me, of course), tilted his head toward Junior. "For me?"

"Yeah. He ever use you?"

John Henry nodded as he started stripping.

"Fuck your mouth?" A nod. "Fuck your cunt?" A pause--after all, no man really wants to admit that his asshole is really a pussy that's eager to be filled by dick--and another nod. "Called you a nigger while he did it?" Another, more vigorous nod as he stood up, naked and hard. Not a stereotypical nigger dick of death. Uncut. Not as long and fat as my dago cop meat, I noticed. Bigger than Logan, though.

"I'm Rick," I said.

"John Henry," he said.

I grinned at him. "Think you might like to pile drive some white virgin boy pussy, man?" Nodded toward Junior, who was sitting very, very, very still.

From his expression, I think that was the first time he'd ever enjoyed the play on his name, as it had probably been used by the headmaster and all the boys and their fathers over the years as humiliation. And knowing God as unfortunately well as I did, I was sure that God, Junior, all quivering and shrivel dicked over there, was just as arrogant as his daddy. Maybe more so when it came to using a nigger like John Henry.

I tossed the key to John, who caught it neatly. He walked over to Junior, set the key on the table, tantalizingly out of the kid's reach, then dropped to his knees. His large hands spread the boy's plump thighs wide, and then he lowered his head and, well, fucking inhaled the boy's prick and balls. Damn but he was clearly talented. I wondered if I'd get a chance at that mouth. And, of course, a chance to show him my own cocksucking skills.

Junior just shut his eyes and tilted his head back, a wide, ecstatic smile on his lush boy lips. We'd only been joking. This was just a game. He could play a sex game. Especially if there was a nigger sucking his preteen cop son's pricklet, just like the nigger had been doing most of Junior's life, whenever Junior wanted. He moaned, and began fucking John Henry's mouth, and talking, too. "Oh, yeah, fucking nigger, suck that white boy's cock. Yeah, yeah, feels so fuckin' good, just like daddy says, niggers are bred to be used, hell, fuckin' bred to be bred by white dick."

I'd had sloppy seconds with stupid men. Ditto arrogant men. Ditto a few dumb boys. I'd never had sloppy seconds with a stupid, arrogant preteen white boy. Damn but I was looking forward to that.

The kid just kept digging the hole deeper and deeper and deeper. Especially when John Henry stopped sucking and sat back on his haunches, the boy's prick and balls sloppy wet and shiny with spit and mouth slime. Junior raised his head at that, looked at "his" kneeling nigger, and roughly ordered him to get his fucking nigger mouth on Junior's fucking white prick and start sucking again.

Well, I saw immediately at least part of the reason for Junior's animosity towards Jesse. He was two years older than the little slut, and the son of God, to boot, and his dick was smaller than the ten year old's. I decided to confirm it. "Jesse, baby, Junior over there ever see your dick hard before?"

It was kind of hard to get his attention away from the really good fuck his young pussy was getting from his teacher, but he managed to nod and tell me it was in the locker room after school one day. "You both know that you've got the bigger dick?" He managed another nod while whimpering.

John Henry looked over at that, and Logan graciously paused in his fuck, to lean back, and lower Jesse's legs so we could all see the boy's delicious hard dickie standing straight up. Three men looked back at Junior, who was obviously starting to wilt, but it was still clear Jesse was at least an inch longer than Junior. Hell, Junior might have been only six or seven years old if you went by dick size instead of actual age. I had an actual flicker of sympathy for him, but had no trouble stamping on it.

John Henry stood up, his dripping meat sticking straight out. He stepped forward and Junior obstinately clamped his mouth shut. No way was he going to have vile nigger meat in his pure white Baptist mouth, no sirree God. John Henry used the tried and true method for recalcitrant cocksuckers who are in your power and have nowhere to run or hide, and no way to get there even if they could run. (Handcuffs are such a marvelous law enforcement invention, and so useful for other purposes, too.) He clamped his right thumb and forefinger down tight on Junior's nose, and twisted slightly so besides not being able to breathe through it, his nose fucking hurt. Naturally, he gasped. Or perhaps opened his mouth to object. Either way the result was the same: open mouth, insert cock.

Junior's eyes opened wide at the invasion, and opened wider still when he realized his mouth was full of nigger dick, and he still couldn't breathe. "You gonna suck my nigger meat like a good white cock slut, boy, or are you gonna die from not breathing?" He held his dick deep in the kid's mouth until the boy was really fucking desperate for oxygen and then pulled his dick out and let go of the boy's nose.

The kid gulped, and gasped, and drool ran down the side of his mouth. He looked around in a panic, but realized he'd get no help from his teacher, who was concentrating on fucking the shit out of the younger boy with the bigger dick, and definitely not from the cop, whose guts were royally hated by God, and even more definitely not from the impatient nigger standing in front of him. Junior slumped. "I...I'll suck."

"You'll suck what?"

"I...I'll suck your dick." The boy's face was frightened and confused as he looked up at John Henry's stern face. Right then I think he began learning the meaning of the phrase that payback is a bitch. Or hell. It finally dawned on him what was required. His slump of despair was more internal this time. "I...I'll suck your dick, sir."

"Good boy," John Henry said, and dog-patted Junior on the head. Then he squatted down, and rearranged things so that the boy's right hand was handcuffed to the leg of the heavy table, and his left was free. Of course that put Junior at a kind of odd angle, tilted to his right, but that wasn't John Henry's problem. He grabbed the kid's head and thrust his hips so his meat was touching the plump twelve year old lips. The boy sighed and opened his mouth. John Henry slid all the fuck in, his big nigger balls dangling way below the white slut-in-the-making's chin. The kid choked and gagged but John Henry ignored that. Not his problem. He just started a nice, steady in and out stroking, leaving his piss slit barely inside the boy's mouth before moving in balls deep again. I watched and jacked.

Fuck. Hard again. Beside me, Logan brought little Jesse to a screaming dry cum. I needed a hole. I got up, walked over to John Henry and Junior. I'd never had much of thing for men, and definitely not men older than me. Sure, if I'm arresting some queer in the park and I'm horny, I have no problem forcing him to his knees and getting sucked off, regardless of age. And there are a few men on the force who really got off on my dago meat in their man cunts, though the rest of the time they're fucking female pussy.

Of course, I never told my captain that besides using his cunt as a cum dump, I was doing the same thing with the chief. And the chief's little boy. Nice kid. Goes to a public school even though the chief could probably afford something on the order of this one. I had to stop at the school one day for something to do with the job. I was done, spotted the kid running frantically down the empty hall, late for class, brought him to a skidding stop, and got him to show me where the toilet was...after I reassured him I'd square it with his teacher for being late. After all, it's the duty of every citizen to aid and abet a police officer who is horny, isn't it?

The kid was a damned good aider and abetter in the little boys' toilet. He got his little peepee all stiff as soon as he saw my thick hardon, standing next to each other at the urinals. He loved me dropping to my knees and pulling down his pants and undies, and sucking him to his first-ever dry cum, while I fingered his tight little anus. He was eager to return the favor when I promised him that after he did I'd make him feel even better. He coughed and spit back the first cum I pumped into his tiny mouth, but then he got used to it, and swallowed the rest down. God I love virgin boys.

But one cum isn't enough with a virgin. I stayed hard and slimy with boy spit and cop cum, my really hairy balls dangling outside my uniform. I had him bend over the urinal I'd just pissed in, holding on tight to the white porcelain sides with those little hands, and after eating him out to his delighted squeals, I gave the world, or at least my part of it, a new boy pussy. Sure, there was some crying and wailing, but no one could hear it to enjoy it except me, as I had one big paw over half his face, and by the time I was half way in he was grunting in lust. By the time I was all the way in he was wailing again, this time in near ecstasy accompanied by babbling words and noises that made no sense. Well, none, other than letting me know he liked man cock in his boy cunt.

Once my fat fucking meat gave him his first cunt-fucked cum, and he was agreeing almost deliriously that he was my cum slut cunt boy, I had an idea. I pushed his head down so he was almost touching the unflushed, mostly piss mix in the urinal. Told him that good pussy boys liked everything that came out of a man's dick, and he should really suck up some of my cold piss. And damn if he didn't. The sound of his tongue lapping up the piss, the slapping sound of my balls against his little boy ass cheeks, the feel of his tight, hot pussy walls clamping and unclamping around my dick got me fucking harder and faster and in moments I pumped his bowels full of thick hot cop seed.

He kept right on lapping up cold piss until my gasping came to a halt, and I slowly eased my softening meat out of his bottom. His pussy gaped enough I could easily slide two fingers up, gather some of my cum and boy juices and feed it to him. He loved it, and looked so adorable standing there, half naked, his freckled face shiny with cop piss and cop cum and boy drool, his boy hole leaking cop cum. I'm a good boy lover. After I let him lick my dick clean, and eat a few more loads of ass-transferred cum and juices off my fingers, I washed off his face and patted it dry with a paper towel, and wadded some toilet paper up and put it against his leaking hole before pulling up his undies and pants and getting him ready again for class.

When we were ready to exit the toilet, as I had to walk him back to his class and make sure he didn't get punished for being late because he was getting cop fucked in a toilet, he did one of those young boy out-of-the-fucking-blue-left-field things and blithely looked up at me and smiled and said, "You work for my daddy, doncha?"

My startled "Huh?" was of course the epitome of smooth cop suave.

That's when he told me his daddy was the chief of police. My ultimate boss in the frigging chain of fucking command. I'd just molested my boss's very young son!

Damn, but that felt good to know. Enough to start another hardon. I mean, shit, fucking a little boy's no longer virgin pussy knowing his father is the chief of police? How fucking hot is that? Especially since nothing about the boy indicated he was going to be a tattletale.

I've used the kid a number of times since then. Always during school. Always with the approval of his teachers (a caring cop, after all) excusing him from class, or allowing him to be late, combined with mild disapproval of the chief for misusing his powers by making this really nice cop run personal errands relating to the chief's son. It was all a fucking house of cards, of course. Fucking the chief or having him suck me, him not knowing I was molesting his son. Molesting the kid with him not knowing I was doing daddy.

And all the collapse would take would be one teacher mentioning to the chief something about the very nice cop who was there so often with his son. That's why I'd decided that next week I'd take a sick day, then go to the boy's school in full uniform to bring him to his daddy, take the kid to the chief's office, make sure the door was locked and the cop who was his assistant knew not to interrupt, and then I'd introduce my two fuckees to each other. And fuck the boy cunt while his daddy watched, and then fuck chief daddy's pussy while he had sloppy seconds with his son.

And that little scenario made my dick even stiffer as I stood behind and slightly to John Henry's right. I reached out, slid a couple of fingers between his cheeks. Shit. His hole was greasy. And cummy. He looked over his shoulder. "Headmaster, and his son home from college."

I could do sloppy thirds, I decided, while waiting for sloppy seconds on Junior. Even if it would be the oldest hole I'd ever screwed. "You want some dago dick up there, John Henry?"

His over the shoulder grin was wicked. "Yassuh, boss. Dago dick allus feels good in hot nigga pussy."

But my plan went sideways right then. Though not forever. Josh walked in. Ski mask on. Rain-soaked, ripped tee-shirt stretched taut over muscles for days. Spray on jeans showing off his infamous bulge. Loafers, no socks.

Although he had to have been expecting it, he stopped dead and stared at the beautiful little naked vixen on the couch, getting teacher fucked. At the twelve year old getting face fucked by the naked nigger janitor. At me, my hardon leaking, as I played with the nigger's ass, clearly with an intent to do something more with it.

Josh is only slightly bigger than I am. He's also black as whatever really, really, really black thing you want to compare him to. And his cock is an inch and a half longer than mine, which puts him right at a proud 9.5" fuck stick, and a bit thicker than me as well. I couldn't wait to see him pressing that oversized monster of his inside this tight little white boy Jesse. But first I had to get him up to speed.

"The little slut on the couch with a teacher cock in his cunt is Jesse. Teacher's Logan. That's John Henry by you. The kid sucking his dick is...Junior."

Josh allowed his eyes to widen behind the mask. He knew what the potential problem was and why the ski mask. He'd actually met Junior once, when he had to meet with Captain Braverman on FBI business, and it happened to be bring your kid to work day. Of course while it was entirely possible that to Junior and God all niggers were alike and he couldn't be identified, the wink told me he appreciated my thinking of him.

"Hello darlins'," he almost cooed as he freed his cock. Jesse, who was avidly watching as Logan slowed the fuck down a little, gasped at the size. So did John Henry. Junior just looked scared when John Henry pulled out and moved a little so the twelve year old could see.

Josh peeled the shirt over his head, making sure the mask stayed on. The movement revealed a thick, hairy body, with large nipples and a large silver horseshoe through the left one. He toed off the shoes, and the next peeling was the jeans. Damn but my bud is fine when he's naked. Thick, meaty thighs, large hairy feet, muscular calves. And John Henry, Junior and I were close enough to inhale the fine working man raunch from his crotch and pits.

"Junior, here, is a virgin, bud. He's not gonna be in a little while, of course, but I figured he'd be better off having his arrogant racist lily white KKK boy pussy fucked first by a couple of niggers, before he gets any dago cop dick or white teacher meat. Wadda ya think?"

Josh's brilliantly white teeth spread wide in a grin. "How about we double-fuck the bitch?" he said to John Henry.

John Henry's "Fuck, yeah," was accompanied by the same wide grin.

Then Josh proved what a gentleman pedo he was. He asked John Henry which hole he wanted.

I knew which hole Josh preferred. He'd never had his fantasy come true. Sure, we both fucked little boys when we could, as long as we could do it with a reasonable chance of keeping our jobs. I had the chief's son. Josh had no kids, but his sister Ruth had a large brood, and young Moses just loved uncle meat in his hot little holes, and was willing to keep his mouth shut the rest of the time. But up to now, we'd never shared. Sure, we fantasized about it. Sometimes we'd each have a dildo in our cunts, and we'd jack off talking about the two of us fucking the chief's son, or me dicking little Moses' boi cunt while his uncle dicked mine. But sharing was too fucking risky.

Except...after today...maybe we ought to rethink that. I set that thought aside for later, and concentrated on the present action.

Today, though, it looked like we both hit our fucking jackpot fantasies. I'd picked out a hot little slut to rape, and in a way it was even more exciting when he turned out to be so damned willing. And Josh had never had white boy cunt. But now he was going to get a virgin hole to cum in.

John Henry reached out to fondle Josh's leaking dick. "I wanna see this big ol' nigga prick gettin' into white boy pussy, and then I'm gonna fuck the little slut's mouth and cum direct into his belly." He went over to his clothes, bent, pulled a tube of lube out of his pants and tossed it to Josh.

Josh grabbed it out of the air, quickly went over to the sink and came back with a handful of paper towels. He squeezed a line of lube down the length of his meat, smeared it with his left hand, wiped the hand clean, stepped up and grabbed Junior's left ear. The kid yelped. And yelped again when Josh pulled him up out of the chair. The kid was in an awkward position, all bent over with his right hand still cuffed to the table leg. Which was fine with Josh. He just moved the boy so that he could force him to bend over, his belly on the table, his right arm over the side. He moved up, bent at the knees to get to the right height, put his huge hands on the boy's hips and used his thumbs to spread the cheeks. Nudged that big, squarish knob at the pink hole clamped so tightly shut.

"You ever had anything up this hole `sides shit, boy?"


"Ever thought about it?"

Unfortunately for the kid, there was a noticeable hesitation before he denied it. Not a long delay, but enough. We all heard. Understood.

"You jack, kid?"

His "yes!" was indignant. Sort of how dare this nigger question my manliness.

The "yes!" when asked if he could cum was bragging.

Josh moved his hips back just a little, his big hairy thumbs massaging the hole that had gotten slightly lubed from Josh's dick head. "Some guys would lie to you right now, kid," he said, his voice deeper and rougher than the slick sophistication of the every day world. "Tell you a lie and a truth. Tell you having your first dick in your virgin cunt, busting your cherry and making your shit chute into a fuck hole, is only going to hurt a little, and then you'll enjoy it."

I saw the grin behind his mask. Held up my hand to wait a second. "Logan, you good for another cum...real quick?"


Jesus. Another one with his manhood being attacked. "Well, why don't you give that little kid cunt the cum it wants, and then you can both join us."

I winked at the little slut who gave me a "thank you Jesus" kind of look and the three other adults in the room watched as Logan began pounding the little boy pussy in earnest, sending the kid into a rapid series of heaving dry cums before Logan was obviously blasting a load of seed into the boy's bowels.

He paused for just a moment, bent over the couch, panting, and then he jerked his cock from the kid cunt, and stood up. The butch stud still with a hardon after just cumming routine didn't completely work since his knees had gotten kind of locked up with kneeling that long fucking little Jess and he staggered. Josh didn't bother to hold back a snort of laughter.

I nodded at Josh. Fuck, I was back on the streets directing traffic again...only this was orgy traffic with cocks and balls and male cunts.

He resumed fondling Junior's virgin ass lips. "Gonna hurt, kid. `nless you had a broken leg or something before, this gonna be the biggest hurt o' yo' whole damn life. That's truth. The other truth, though, that you gonna like dick in yo' pussy, thass the bigges' damn truth of all. You a slut, boy. `n you gonna be beggin' me to fuck mah big ol' nigga dick up yo' lily white cunt, `n fuck you rough, too."

Junior was crying, and yelling, "No! No, I won't! I'm not like that, I'm not!"

Josh started the process of proving him wrong. His fingers gripped the boy's twelve year old hips tight, his thumbs spread the cheeks, and he shoved his knob hard. It breached the kid's hole and as the boy screamed, loud and shrill, struggling to get away but with no luck, since John Henry was there to add his hands to Josh's, the boy's ass lips clamped tight on the greasy shaft just below the head.

Actually, in terms of spreading the kid's cunt, the worst was over for him. Josh's knob is the widest part of his cock, not by a lot, true, but still, true is true. "Oh, baby," Josh almost crooned, "yo' pussy gonna suck mah nigger cock honey right outa me. Damn, boy, you got a tight cunt on you."

We were all gathered close as we watched Josh shove a couple of inches into the spread hole. Junior wailed again. Josh stopped. He was probably up against that second ring, the one that has to open to give you full and deep access into a guy's pussy. After only a slight pause, Josh thrust his hips forward and pulled back on the boy's hips. And he was buried balls deep. Junior was collapsed over the desk, panting and gasping and shivering, but no longer yelling.

"You kin unlock the kid, now," Josh said. "He ain't goin' nowhere `nless ah let him." Logan quickly did the honors.

Josh bent over, too, his long arms reaching down to scoop up the boy's knees so he was bent almost in a fetal position as Josh stepped back and straightened up, lifting the boy and keeping him impaled on that fat nigger dick. Nothing else to call it but that. Josh...well, fuck, I'd never seen him like this before. "Nigger" was just not a word you used around him. But this, well, nigger fucking thug side of him was incredibly hot.

He stood up, the veins on his huge biceps standing out, and then carefully sat down in the chair just vacated by Junior. He spread his legs wide, scooted down, leaned back, holding Junior close to his chest. He gently lowered the kid's legs, and they flopped on the outside of Josh's thighs.

"Get yo' mothafuckin' pussyboy heels up on mah knees, boy," he said into the kid's ear, followed by that long talented tongue, and I know from frequent personal experience how talented that FBI tongue is, into his ear. The boy whimpered. Did as he was told.

John Henry moved over to Josh's left, his prick right in line with Junior's head. Junior didn't see it at first because his head was thrown back on Josh's right shoulder, his arms were limp by his side, and his eyes were tightly shut as Josh's wide, fat nigger lips worked the kid's ear, and his big fat nigger meat quietly worked the kid's cunt.

Josh stopped tonguing, and whispered, "You're gonna suck Uncle John's cock, aren't ya, boy? So ya have nigger dick in both your holes?"

Somewhat groggily, Junior lifted his head, opened his eyes, looked left and saw John Henry's leaking prick. Obediently, he shifted so his head was available for use, opening his mouth in a wide "O". John Henry slid his meat in, balls deep, held it there while Junior struggled and finally figured out how to breathe through his nose.

Soooooo fucking hot to see a Draco Malfoy look-alike, a young, young Draco Malfoy look-alike, with large fat nigger meat in his bottom cunt, and old man nigger meat in his mouth, and a fifth grade boy slut lapping and slurping where nigger FBI dick slid in and out of seventh grade cunt. Just above Jesse's bobbing head, we could see Junior's hard little pricklet.

"Hurt yo' titties, boy. Twist `em hard, show yo' niggas what a pain slut you are," Josh whispered, soft and seductive, but still an unquestionable command.

Hesitantly, Junior obeyed. He managed to get his hands into place, put his thumb and forefinger on each erect pink little nipple and squeezed. It clearly wasn't much of a squeeze and the sound of Josh's large palm slapping the boy's narrow hip was like a gunshot fired in a dark room. The boy jumped, the watchers jumped...and slut Jesse went right on licking. The next squeeze was harder and you could see the jolt when the pain went right through his body and down into his boy balls and little boy pricklet. Which began oozing little drops of clear precum.

Even with small, seven-year-old appearing dick and balls, he could leak? And maybe cum? Fucking damn!

My cock was leaking, too. So was Logan's. Jacking is all well and good. Some great cums from that, especially if you're jacking to the FBI's world-class, hell, universe-class collection of man-boy porn, with kids to meet every lewd, crude, rude filthy perverted taste. But Josh and I could do that all the time. I needed my cock in a hole. From the frustrated look Logan was trying to hide, so did he.

Enough was fucking enough.

Or actually, there wasn't fucking enough...fucking, that is. So it was up to the pedo traffic cop to direct the fuck traffic in the right direction. "Okay, guys, hot as fuck as this is, I need my dick in a hole. So does Logan, here."

Reluctantly, the boy pussy fucking stopped. From the adult expressions I could see, John Henry knew I meant dago dick in his nigger cunt; Logan looked puzzled, and Josh's eyes gleamed behind the ski mask. He knew exactly what I meant. Hell, it wasn't as if we hadn't fantasized and jacked over the fantasy. Finding a boy we could share and fucking him at both ends while he was on his puppy hands and knees; if we were really horny, fantasizing about having another couple of men along to molest the boy, but fucking us deep and hard first...while we were fucking the boy.

John Henry helped Junior get uncoupled from the nigger cock in his cunt. The boy's lips were puffy from his dick sucking, his tits were puffy and red from being twisted, his eyes were glazed, and there was a light sheen of sweat all over him. His cocklet, all two inches (being generous with the estimate) was stiff, pointed straight out.

"You want your cunts fucked with nigger meat, slut?"

Junior sort of came to at that. He stared at the four adult male authority figures, men he was, in the normal run of things, supposed to obey--cop, teacher, masked robber, even the janitor--stared at their leaking dicks, especially the two that had just pulled out of his body. Looked at his younger schoolmate, who smiled a wicked slut boy cunt smile, turned around, bent over, spread his cheeks so Junior could see the well-used, thick brownish pussy lips, and then he allowed a little of the seed to seep out.

Jesse straightened, turned back to Junior. "Get fucked, Junior," he said softly. "Let `em put those big old dicks in your pussy holes and cum way up inside you."

Junior looked around again. Nodded. "O...okay."

One stuttered word of assent. One step on that lubed-up, slippery slide to sluthood.

The two naked niggers decided not to make him beg for it. They quickly boy-handled him down to the carpet, onto his hands and knees. The sweaty, no longer perfectly groomed twelve year old rested on his forearms, his head hanging down, but it snapped right back up again when Josh put his big black hands on the kid's hips, held him tight, and shoved that long thick nigger meat into the kid's cunt in one push. Junior wailed, but the sound was cut off by John Henry's dick going for the gullet.

Logan and I didn't take time to admire the beauty of the picture...sleek, prim, ultra-white Draco skewered on nigger dicks. I crouched behind John Henry, began eating his now sweaty, smelly ass crack, but not for long. Just enough to add some juice to his lube. I got in position, started sliding my dago dick into nigger man cunt. Fuck, but it was hot being able to think and use that word. I decided Josh was going to have to get used to hearing it from me, especially if I was topping him as rough as he liked it.

Logan was still happily munching and tonguing Josh's ass, but Joss decided he need cock more than tongue and roughly told him, "C'mon, teach, get that white dick up there and fuck my nigger pussy deep and hard."

I could see Logan's eyes widen at that. This huge nigger with the huge dick liked getting fucked? Liked it rough? Damned but Logan liked that idea. He got in place and rammed his cock in and started fucking. He also reached around Josh, and it was a bit of a stretch, but he managed to get his hands on Josh's nips and start working them. Josh moaned, long and loud. "Oh, yeah, mothafucka, get them mothafuckin' honky hands on mah fuckin' man tits. Hurt them fuckers!"

Logan was good at following orders and I could see from the expressions the two men were enjoying the sensations--Josh with his cock in his first white boy cunt, white teacher meat in his hole, white hands mauling his tits, Logan with his dick in a talented nigger cunt. And me with my dick in...well, fuck, talk about your talented cunts. Sixty years as a cum slut for this school? I couldn't begin to imagine how many cocks had used this nigger pussy, but damn me for a pedophile if he wasn't hot and tight, and his cunt muscles were giving my dick a good working over on every stroke.

Once I got a nice rhythm going, I turned my attention back to the boy slut who started this all today. "Jesse, why don't you suck Junior's dick for him? I know it's practically a baby's pee pee, but later on Junior will learn what a real boy's dick tastes like when he sucks you. Maybe you'd like him to do that when you take his place getting double-dicked by these two niggers?"

"Fuck, yeah," he said and then dropped to the floor, got on his back and wiggled his way under Junior, and sucked in the little cocklet. I sure the fuck wished, as we four men really got into molesting these two young boys, that we had one more guy around...running a damned video camera. Not that he would have used a lot of "film" right then, since we were all so fucking turned on, that it didn't take Jesse very long to suck Junior to what must have been a fantastic cum, considering how the kid went almost berserk, jerking and flopping and completely losing control. Just like Josh and John Henry, who rammed in their respective boy cunts a couple more times and started seeding the holes, which in turn set off Logan and me. We managed not to collapse in a heap on top of Jesse, although I think the little whore would have liked it.

Once the cocks were out of the cunts, the men relaxed a little, while our boy sluts cleaned our messy dicks, and ate out nigger ass. Once we recovered, Jesse begged to have his cum whore holes filled with big nigger cock, and our two niggers gleefully gave him what he wanted, swapping holes repeatedly. It was my turn with Junior, and while Logan waited for his, he went to one of the cabinet drawers, pulled out a long, D-battery flashlight, with a thick, ribbed, rubber handle, brought it back, lubed it, got on his knees, and then sat back on his haunches, forcing the flashlight into his man cunt while he jacked and watched me fuck.

Junior was lost under my large body as I pumped myself into him. His passage wasn't quite as tight from this angle, especially not after the other meat he'd had in it, but I liked looking down at his face while I fucked him. He gasped and moaned as I stroked deep inside, my cock bottoming out, my hairy pubes against his sleek boy bottom flesh, my large balls rhythmically slapping against him with each fuck stroke. He purposely clenched down on me each time I withdrew, making pulling out as tight and pleasurable as pushing in. I leaned down and took his mouth with my own, pressing my tongue inside. He sucked on my tongue and moaned when he started cumming for me again. I followed soon after, pumping another large load of jism into his slutty little channel.

Logan took over for me, keeping Junior on his back, quivering legs raised and draped over the teacher's shoulders, easily getting his dick into the sloppy with cum twelve year old hole. I helped him out by putting the flashlight back into Logan's pussy and fucking him with it, long, deep strokes, until he lost it completely, screaming obscenities as he came. I'm not sure whether Junior did, but what the fuck, his enjoyment wasn't really the main point of this exercise.

Josh and John Henry were still going strong plowing an ecstatic, almost continually cumming Jesse. I asked Logan where the school's video equipment was. He gave me directions while Junior gratefully cleaned his teacher's dick, and I padded naked down the hallways. I brought back a state of the art digital camera and got some great shots of our tiny white ten year old slut getting so full of nigger meat that he eventually passed out after so many dry cums in a row no one could count them. The two niggers were intending to go on fucking both his boi cunts, but when I managed to get their attention and explain my idea, they willingly...okay, half-willingly...pulled their cocks out.

Thank God both of our niggers were good for a lot of cums. I hauled Junior's ass up off the carpet and over to the chair where John Henry was sitting, his glistening, slimy prick standing tall. "Get that nigger cock in your cunt, boy," I somewhat harshly told Junior.

The well-fucked new slut did as he was told. He was even smart enough to figure out that when Josh stood next to him he was going to have to get that horse cock down his throat as he got dicked at both ends again. And then I upset him. Not because he was going to be nigger-molested...fuck, he was enjoying that...but because I explained how he was going to be the star of a very special video, and he even had lines!

He balked...not surprising...but when he realized I was serious about yanking him up and off the nigger dick he was enjoying in his bottom hole, and giving his never-before-spanked little ass a real cherry-buster, he shut the fuck up. Once everyone was in his place, cocks and all, I started recording.

"H...hi, daddy! G...guess what! I'm a pussy boy now." He winced as John Henry started an in and out stroke, and the camera zoomed in on Josh's big black hand, so fucking dark against the boy's sweaty pale white skin, grabbing and twisting Junior's right tit. "I...oh God...I like having my tits played with, and...and twisted, oh Jesus yes you fucker!"

The poor boy blushed all over at the obscenity. Probably the first time he ever said anything bad, much less that word, to or in front of his daddy. My fucking boss. Christ I loved this.

"I gave up my cherries to these niggers, daddy. They fucked my ass cunt and my mouth cunt, and I swallowed all their cum. I like nigger cum, daddy. A lot. But not as much as nigger cock in my bottom. See, daddy?" I zoomed in on that joining of nigger meat and cum dump twelve year old pussy, and then moved up to Junior's tiny hardon. Proof enough for anyone with a brain in his head that the kid was enjoying being fucked. But then God a/k/a Captain Braverman didn't have much in the way of brains, so we had to make it really clear for the dumb shit.

Junior shut up then, since his mouth was being fucked by Josh's cock, and his pussy was getting fucked by John Henry, and hands from one or both of the men were working his boy tits good and hard, and he was frantically jacking until he finally spurted a few drops of boy cream. But he stayed hard as Josh pulled out of his mouth and jacked off to another big cum that sprayed the boy's face with thick, thick blobs and globs of nigger seed, while John Henry speeded up the fucking, and Junior started babbling as he kept on jacking.

"Oh God, yeah, fuck my pussy boy cum slut ho bottom, nigger! Gimme that nigger dick in my kid cunt. Oh, yeah...yeah, yeah, yeah!...hurt my little titties, hurt `em good, nigger, fuck my white pussy! Oh shit fuck I'm cuuuuuummmmmiinnnng." It was a dry cum this time, his boy balls empty for at least a bit, and as he shook and screamed, the camera captured John Henry's cum leaking out of the boy's hole.

The boy was dazed but as he came back while Josh was smearing his own cum over the boy's face, and forcing it into his mouth, making the boy suck those big fingers like he was sucking dick again, he looked at me, and caught my expression. I nodded.

"D...daddy? You remember John Henry, don't you? The janitor here? You made him suck your dick last week when you came for the parent-teacher meeting? He...he's the one who just fucked me in my bottom pussy."

Up to that point I'd kept John Henry's face away from the camera, but changed the angle so that he was clearly visible. "Hey, `massa' Braverman," he said with a vicious smile, and deliberately talking thug-speak, "you fuckwad shit. Me `n mah nigga here been fuckin' yo' pussy boy son, `n now we gonna let some otha mens fuck him. They gonna molest his holes and fill `em up so fulla cum he be leakin' while he be walkin'. Only we ain't be filmin' dat.

"What we gone be filmin', though, next time, is you, you shit head cop mothafucka. Ain't that right, boy? You want yo' daddy's dick in yo' boy cunt, doncha?"

Junior nodded. Hesitantly, at first, then vigorously. "W...would you, daddy? Please. I want daddy cock in my kiddy cunt. I wanna suck you off while John Henry fucks my daddy's pussy. PLEASE? , daddy?"

And then Junior wasn't able to talk any more. Not with Josh fucking his face, and John Henry his cunt. They were so into it, I decided to get back to the kid cunt that started it all. Slut Jesse.

I took him from behind, his little cunt grudgingly giving up inches as he grunted and sweated in strain. My own cock, after cumming so many times already, was slow to respond to the tight kiddy cunt clutching it in a hot slimy sheath. I fucked little Jesse, though, to within an inch of his life. I made him scream in ecstasy. I'd handed off the camera to Logan, who finished up shooting the Oreo kid fuck with Junior, and he began to record us. I knew he was getting some close-ups of Jesse's of that tight little white cunt swallowing my thick dago dick. My cock was glistening with the boy's juices, and all the cum already up there. The veins on my shaft were so thick I thought they would split open.

"Damn this little ho's cunt is tight as a drum, Logan, even after the dick that's been up inside it. Yeah, fuck me back, you little slut. You think you got what it takes to hang with me and my nigger friends, do you?"

I thrust inside the ten year old pussy and rolled my hips, making him scream again. I could feel him cumming over and over as his boy cunt walls squeezed and relaxed as his dry cums rolled through him. I fucking heard his precious boy cums as he screamed out in obscene ecstasy. Logan finally couldn't take it any more, dropped the camera, and shoved teacher dick into pussy boy throat. We were rough, almost brutal, and the boy was loving every second of it. We finally deep-fucked him with a final stroke and began pumping what was clearly going to be our final cum loads of the day up into his bowels and down his throat and deep into his belly.

We pulled out of the kid holes and the three of us collapsed on the somewhat messy carpet.

"Damn, that was the best pussy I ever had," Logan said.

I picked the camera up, set it on a table, and went to the fridge. It had some juice and water and soda. I grabbed a bunch of cans and brought them back to the mess in the middle where four fucked-out men and two fucked-out, fucked-up pussy boys lay panting and recovering. The boys gulped some of theirs down, and then I got some damned good shots of Junior eagerly cleaning up both the nigger dicks that had used him. And Jesse...well, fuck, he looked so adorable slobbering my dick clean and looking up at me wide-eyed as I photographed him.

And then Jesse sort of shoved Junior out of the way and sucked Josh off while the rest of us watched. He moaned and sipped his drink, gently thrusting his hips as he fucked the little boy's face. He was a trooper. I wouldn't have believed a child that young would be able to satisfy as many grown men as he had today. Josh's second orgasm was slower to come, but he didn't disappoint. He pulled out and came all over Jesse's sweaty, shiny face, huge, thick globs of cum splashing in his mouth, on his cheeks, his forehead, his chin. More great pics.

And still more pics when Junior voluntarily cleaned Jesse up...with his bright pink tongue. Swallowing all that cooling nigger juice. Eating out his slut ten year old schoolmate's used cunt.

I smiled at the sight, and immediately stopped smiling when I glanced down at my watch. Well, shit. Time does fucking fly when you're fucking kid cunt. I needed to get something to eat, unwind, and figure out if I was going to be able to get it up again for a cop fuck tonight. Les told me yesterday in the locker room that his wife was going to some church meeting or other and he wanted me to come over and power fuck him. He really gets off on the idea of being used by another guy in the marital bed. Me, I don't give a shit where it happens as long as the guy's cunt is tight.

But even more important was what to do with the video and the pics I'd just shot. "You think anyone will notice, or care, if I borrow the camera? Have it back on Monday? I don't think you want the rest of the faculty getting a look at these."

"I can take care of it!" lovely little Jesse piped up. He stood up and held out his hand for the camera. I handed it over. Christ, the little pussy was still hard! "C'mon," he said over his shoulder as he turned and walked to the door. Still naked, Logan and I padded along behind him down the hall and around a corner to the door marked "Computer Lab," admiring that well-fucked little ass.

In a few moments, Jesse had the camera hooked up to a computer with an enormous screen, and a few seconds later, there we all were. I couldn't believe it. I was sure my balls were drained, but even a minute of watching a kid porn video I'd made myself had me twitching and thickening. I glanced over to Logan, standing to the boy's right behind the chair. Him, too.

Jesse looked up at me over his left shoulder. "If you want, I can send these to Uncle Ron. He can keep `em safe, and that way you won't have them on your computer at home."

Smart little fucker. Neither Josh nor I kept any of the kid cunt stuff on our computers, in case we got busted or something else happened. I wasn't sure why I trusted Jesse, but I nodded anyway. He accessed a Hotmail account, and signed on to an IM. The pics and vid were gone in an instant, and damn didn't I wish I had the kind of high speed service this fucking school did. As he was starting to wipe the camera, a message popped up from Uncle Ron, asking where his little slut was on a rainy Friday afternoon.

With a wicked grin, Jesse typed: after school fuck with a cop and my teacher

Ron: holy shit cunt. you still there?

Jesse: yep

Ron: cam?

Jesse looked at each of us and got our...somewhat reluctant...nods. But when we got a look at Ron, I know I fervently thanked Jesus I'd said yes, and promised him a whole bunch of candles and shit. I wasn't really looking at his face or his body. Mostly his cock and what it was plugged into. A little boy, naturally. Younger than Jesse. Kind of an oh fuck I can't believe he's really doing that kind of thing. My balls must have agreed about the hot sight because they must have gone into overtime sperm making mode when my eight inches got achingly hard again, pointed right over Jesse's shoulder. Logan was in the same condition. No one needed to look at Jesse's smooth pricklet and balls to know what condition he was in.

Ron: ur men r HOT fuckers. fuck u good?

Jesse smiled, stood, got up onto the chair so his ass was facing the camera. I reached over to spread his cheeks so his uncle could see how well fucked he was indeed. The boy's bruised pussy lips opened and cum and juices oozed out. I caught it on two fingers, and sucked them clean. Jesse twisted and sat down.

Jesse: yea. & 2 black fucked me 2

Ron: taught u good, huh

Jesse: yea. u want them 2

Ron: k with u men

I leaned over to type "fuck yeah huge fucking dicks. u got more boy pussy?"

Ron: fuck yeah. i'll get more dzert.

Jesse: k. c u

Ron and Jesse closed the connection. We went back to the faculty lounge and began getting dressed while I filled in Josh and John Henry on what was going on. More boy pussy, some of it younger than Jesse? They signed on for the program. Once Junior understood what was happening...he was still a little dazed from his first gang molesting...he pouted because he wasn't invited. But before he could shift back into his usual threat mode to get what he wanted, I made sure he understood: (a) he wasn't invited; (b) he might be invited another time if he was a good slut pussy whore boy in the meantime; (c) being a good slut pussy whore boy meant offering his cunts to the principal on Monday and then let the man molest him wherever and whenever he wanted; (d) ditto John Henry and (e) if he was a really good slut pussy whore boy I'd reward him by getting his daddy's dick in his twelve year old cunt sometime next week.

We left Junior in the lounge, calling his dad to explain that he'd stayed after school to earn extra credit, by making a younger kid do the work for him, and to hint that he'd followed in God's footsteps and used John Henry's mouth and ass, just like his daddy, so would daddy please come get him. Or send one of the cops over.

Out in the hallway as we headed toward our cars--John Henry was staying behind to lock up after Junior was gone, but Jesse gave him Uncle Ron's address, phone and directions--I called Les to cancel his fuck. Of course I couldn't exactly tell him the actual reason he was getting dumped, but I told him if he really wanted dago dick he could just meet me at the park tomorrow, at the toilets where he'd arrested two cocksuckers last week, and I'd fuck him in one of the stinky stalls or out in the bushes, his choice. He was offended, of course, since he was doing this on the down low and his home was oddly enough pretty safe. I hung up on his sputtering, and figured he'd be there.

So would the two cocksuckers he'd arrested. Just by chance, of course, as far as Les would know. But when I was finished fucking him, I'd make sure those two got their dicks into both his holes before he knew who they were. Les was a bottom pig and it was time he came to grips with that.

Josh peeled off the mask at the back door. Not much point in it given all that had happened. And all that was going to happen.

Josh and Logan headed to their cars. I tied Jesse up in the back seat of the squad car, much to his delight...and obvious hardon through his shorts.

As I put the car in gear, I thought to myself that beer and pizza on a Friday night was not all that unusual for me. But three or perhaps more young boys for "dzert," to molest, well, hell, gangbang, with the boys' eager assistance, was just a little unusual. A fucking lot unusual. Maybe all this serving and protecting I was doing was more rewarding than I thought. My dick agreed and spurted precum, staining my uniform. I made a right turn out of the parking lot and headed toward the highway.