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Jesse, John, Jeff and Louis

This story starts when I was ten years old I was in a car accident with my mom, she was driving when a truck pulled out in front of her, she couldn't stop in time we smashed into the side of it and went under the back. I was in a coma for six months when I woke up my dad was setting there waiting for me, I looked around it, I felt really strange my dad saw I was awake and jumped up and hugged me so tight I couldn't breath. I told him "dad, dad I can't breath" he let go of me and looked me in the eyes he was crying, I asked him "what's wrong dad wares mom is she here" he looked at me and said "I'm sorry Jesse put she died in that damn accident, and I almost lost you too" we were both crying and I cried for hours, I fell a sleep crying when I woke up again it was night I don't know how long it was, my dad was gone by then that's when a guy came in he looked at me and said "oh your awake again how do you feel young man" I said "I'm thirsty can I have some water" "you sure can young man all you want here you go take it slow I'm your nurse my name is John" and he handed me a glass of water as I drank it, he said "now lets check you out shall we. They took the cast off your legs and arms just the other day so you will be stiff for a while now lets check and see if that diaper needs changed."

I just stopped breathing and looked at him in shook and said "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY" he said "now young man you don't need to talk that way, I said diaper the doctor will explain every thing to you in the morning" I heard and felt him rip the diaper off then said "oh looks like you have a little bit of a rash there I'll have to go and get some diaper rash cream to put on you I'll be right back. Ok" he walked out and left me lay there naked he didn't even cover me up as I lay there I could feel I was getting a hard on just thinking about being diapered by a stranger. He came back in and shut the door then said "ok now lets take care of you real good oh look at that your such a big boy aren't you, do you want me to help you out with that to sweaty" I looked at him he smiled at me and said "it well be ok sweaty no one has to know it well be our secret" I didn't say any thing for a minute just stared at him finally he asked me "hay do you ever jack off when you're a lone in your bedroom at night" I shook my head and said "yes" he smiled again then laid his hand on my dick a electric shook shoot though my body and I moaned he smiled again and said "I know you would like this do you want me to stop" I shook my head and said "NO please don't stop" he started to move his hand and rub my dick and balls soft at first then he started to press down a little I moaned louder he then put my three inch penis between his finger and thump and started to jack me off, after a few minutes I started to breach hard, I throw my head back and screamed " OH GOD PLEASE DON'T STOP I'M CUMMING OH GOD" I stiffened up and started to shack I came harder then I ever did doing it my self. After I caught my breath and came down I opened my eyes and he was looking at me smiling and said "wow you really came hard how many times a day did you jack off before your accident" I blushed then said "t-two times a day sometimes three" he said "oh that explains it, its been six months since its been done to you. Did you ever have some one suck your dick before" I shook my head no and asked him "you going to suck me now" he smiled and said "oh not tonight sweaty maybe if your good I well tomorrow ok" I smiled real big and said "it's a deal John" he said "now lets get you ready for bet ok" he opened the tube of cream then helped me to roll over on my side he spread it all over my butt and opened and laid the diaper down then rolled me back onto it he then spread it on my penis and ball I got hard again instantly he laugh and said "oh my look at you, sorry I don't have time to do you again babe" he held my leg up and spread the cream in my crack to he put my leg down and pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it up man it felt strange. He said "ok honey there you go I'll see you tomorrow night ok" he said good night and left the room.

The next morning when I woke up a different nurse came in it was a woman this time she seen I was awake and said "well good morning Jesse and how to we feel today," before I could answer her she said "why don't we try to set up this morning ok sweaty" I shook my head yes I was dying to set up again I asked her "can I get out of bed now" "oh no baby not yet sweaty lets wait for the doctor and see what he says ok" she said, I just shook my head then I realized the diaper was wet I peed in it oh god. Tears started to roll down my cheeks she came to me and asked me "what's wrong sweaty its, going to be alright" she held me to her and hugged me I cried for a good ten minutes then I pulled my self together she lied me down and asked "now what was that about?" I sniffled and said "I-I p-peed m-my s-self" she smiled at me and said "oh is that all, sweaty that's why we have you in a diaper so you won't wet the bed its ok really" I told her I'm ten years old I'm not suppose to be in diapers she said "I know sweaty put you were in a very bat accident your body well need time to heal and get better" I settled down and told her ok.

She wiped my face with a wet cloth and tried my eyes then she said " "let get you out of that wet diaper and cleaned up ok" I nodded and she took off the diaper and rolled me on my side washed my butt and the back of my thighs she then said "ok sweaty let get you set up" she rolled me over again I was so embarrassed I had a hard on I was beet red and she saw that I was embarrassed and said "It's ok honey that happens to all boys your age I see it all the time so don't be embarrassed I won't tell a soul ok" I smiled and she helped me to set up and turned me so my legs were hanging off the edge of the bed it felt so good even if I was naked in front of her, she then gave me a sponge bath all over I thought I'd die when she washed my dick and balls before she was done I started to ach all over she notices this and said "ok I think you had enough for now" she laid me down and just covered me up then said "I'll be right back" she came back a few minutes later with a shot in her hand my eyes got real big and I asked her what's that for, she smiled and said "it's for you honey I know your hurting this well make you feel better" she uncovered me and rolled me over again then gave me the shot in my bum. She put the diaper back on and slipped a shirt on that wrapped around my crouch and snapped she patted the front of my diaper and said there you go, now that shots going to make you sleep some" before she even finished the sentence I was gone.

I was awakened by voices it took a minute to focus my eyes then I saw my dad and a guy in a lab coat talking to each other I had to clear my throat then said "daddy, hi daddy" he looked at me I saw a tear running down his cheek and he smiled and said "oh hi baby I didn't mean to wake you up" he look at the doctor and told him thanks I'll tell him every thing, they shook hands and the doctor left. Dad came over to me and sat down on the bed next to me and smiled wiped my hair off my fore head and leaned down and hugged me. He sat up and look me in the eyes and said "well champ I have some bad news and I have good news what do you want first" I studied him then said "I think I'd rather have the good news first dad" He said "ok that sounds good to me, here it is I got a new job that pays me a lot of money and I filed a law suit against the trucking co." I said "that's great dad, can I ask a question before you give me the bad news" he said sure champ hit me "when can I get out of the, and then can I stop wearing these fucking diapers" he looked shocked at me then said "hay since when do you talk like that" I said "since they put these fucking diapers on me that's when" he look at me and the tiers started flowing down his face then said "well babe that's the bad news I was told by the doctor that the accident damaged your back very bad you have a crack vertebra and that damaged the nerves that go to your bladder, I'm really sorry babe put you well never be able to go with out a diaper" I just looked at him with my mouth open and I started to cry and scream at him " FUCK YOU AND FUCK THEM TOO" I reached down and tore the wet diaper off my and throw it at him "FUCK THOSE DAM THINGS TO I'M NOT GOING TO WEAR THOSE FUCKING DIAPERS ALL MY LIFE FUCK YOU" he yelled at me "now that's enough of that young man" he grabbed my wrist and held them down I started to whale around, it hurt really bad he said "now baby please stop your going to hurt your self" I screamed at him again "DON'T FUCKING CALL ME THAT I' NOT A BABY I'M NOT WEARING A DIAPER ETHER" that's when four nurses came running in, my dad and three of the nurses held my arms and turned me over and the other one gave me a shot I was out in a matter of seconds.

It was dark when I woke up no one was around my head was fuzzy I reached up and rubbed my eyes to try to clear my head once I got my senses back I reached down and felt they put that dam diaper on me again I saw red I grabbed it with both hands and ripped it off and throw it out the door then yelled "YOU FUCKING BASTERS I TOLD YOU I'M NOT WEARING THOSE FUCKING THINGS" I wasn't lying flat I was at a slight incline so I could see out the door and I saw when John came running in I looked him straight in the eye and said "GET OUT OF THE YOU FUCKING FAGGET AND LEAVE ME ALONE" he came to my bed I started to hit at him I did get him in the face a couple of times he grabbed my arms and wrapped them behind my back and hugged me, another nurse came in with a shot and asked him do you need this, He said "no, no I got him I'll get him calmed down without it, it's ok" She left and closed the door behind her, John let my arms go and I started to hit his back over and over I was screaming the hole time his just kept whispering in my ear "stop Jesse stop Jesse if you don't stop there going to knock you out again so stop please, its going to be ok stop" he just hugged me harder I started to sob in his shoulder I cried for 20 minutes and he held me the hole time rubbing my head and rocking me back and fourth, my crying slowed he laid me back down on the bed he looked at me and said "Jesse if you don't stop this your going to hurt your self really bad now you set still for a minute" he got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a cold wet towel and started to wipe my face it felt good I calmed down and he looked at me and said "now sweaty why are you doing this to your self its not that bad you don't know how close you came from being paralyzed from the waist down that means you could have been in a wheelchair as well as being in diapers for the rest of your life so if you don't stop throwing these temper tamp drums you well be in a wheelchair to, is that what you want" I blinked a few time then said "no I don't want that" he said "ok now lets get you diapered back up before you pee the bed" tiers started to flow again he said "what is it" "I'm really sorry John put its already to late, I already peed oh god why did this happen to my why?" I started to get worked up again he held my head in his hands and said "Jesse stop calm down its ok I'll take care of it so take a deep breath and calm down" I did take a few deep breaths and it did calm me down. He went to get new bedding to change the bed and came back, and another nurse came in behind him and asked him " John do you need help with him" he looked at her and said "no I got it covered he's calmed down now he'll be cool now right Jesse" I nodded my head then John told her "can you cover me for a little while we going to have a little talk" she said "yea no problem" and left. John went to the door and locked it he came back to me and said "lets get you and your bed cleaned up ok" he laid the bed and me down then pulled the covers off then he rolls me to one side and pulls the sheet on that side off and rolls me to the other side and pulls it off of there then he repeats the hole thing to put on the sheet I'm laying there naked watching at him he went to the bathroom came back with a basin of warm water and a wash cloth and soap then said "now its your turn lets clean you up ok baby" I looked at him and said "please don't call me that ever again" he looked at me and asked "call you what?" "baby I'm not a baby" He said "oh of gross your not I'm really sorry I should have realized" he started to wash me, he rolled me over and washed my back, the back of my legs and then dried me and rolled me back he washed my arms and chest he did played with my tits more then was necessary put it did feel good he went lower on my tummy then lower just above me dick then he washed my dick and balls he dried my off and said "I think I promised you something didn't I" I said "but I wasn't good today" he smiled and said "sweaty you had a really good reason for not behaving put I never want to here to you swear like that again and you owe you father a apology big time" a tier rolled down my cheek and I said "yea I know I do and I owe you one to I'm sorry for what I said to you I didn't mean any of it I was just really angry and you where there" he smiled and said "its ok Jesse that's what I'm here for to help you though the rough spots and you had a big one I'm just happy to be here for you, now how about I help you with this other rough spot here" he was rubbing my dick the hole time I was hard as a rock then he leaned over and took my three inch dick in his mouth I took in a sharp breath then moaned "oooohhhh yes" he was sucking my dick then he was licking my balls then back to my dick I screamed "oh ...oh ...oh ...god don't don't stop I'm cumming" he kept going until I came my dick was pulsing in his mouth I was breathing hard, I came down slow, he was rubbing me softly I opened my eyes and looked at him and said "oh John that was amazing I never felt any thing like that before, thank you" he said "your welcome sweaty any time put you can't say any thing to any body about this and your going to have to put the diapers back on and your going to have to start liking them sooner then later besides I think young boys in diapers are really sexy looking and if you stop fighting them about the diapers I'll keep giving you blow jobs all you want ok" I smiled at him and said "ok it's a deal I'll stop fighting them and do what they say" "that's my angle, it well make things go a lot easier on you" he got me diapered and put one of those shirts on that rapped around my crouch and snapped he also got me some pj bottoms to put on, he help me in them he said "there you go sweaty all set how do you feel" I said it hurts, he asked "there dose it hurt sweaty" I told him all over "well we can't have that can we let me go get you some thing for the pain" I grabbed his hand and said "I don't want one of those shot again" he said "no I'm going to get you a different kind it won't knock you out like the other one it well just stop the pain" he covered me up and finished making the bed he left and came back in a few minutes with a shot and said "I'm going to give you this one in your arm ok" I shook my head he gave it to me and in ten minutes the pain was gone he tucked me in and said "there you go now you try to get some sleep sweaty, good night"

When I woke the other nurse came in and asked me "are you going to fight me about changing your diapers or am I going to have to give you a shot to knock you out to do it" I looked at her and said "no I won,t fight you any more I promise" she looked surprised then said "well I don't know what John talked to you about but I'm glad you decided to corroborate with us all you were doing was hurting your self" I said "yea, John talked to me for a long time and explained it all to me I'm really sorry for what I did I was really upset about the hole thing" "I know honey we all under stand and we really don't blame you, so I well let all the other nurses know you going to be a good boy from now on" She took the diaper off and cleaned me up and got me dressed, my dad was very late coming to see me that day, he didn't come until around four o'clock when he did come in he had this big smile on his face I thought they told him I was going to be good from now on but then he told me that he was in court all day for the law suit he filed against the trucking co. and the truck driver on my behalf and for him for the lost of his wife and my mom he said "Jesse we won and the trucking co. said they well not fight it, after the legal fees I well get 10 million dollars and because of your injuries and all your doctors testimony's you well receive 20 million dollars you'll be taken care of the rest of your life.

We celebrated with a party for all the doctors and nurses and every one else on the pediatric floor John and I had are own celebration that night he showed me how to kiss with tongue and we kissed passionately he sucked on my tits and then brought me to a huge orgasm, I fell in love with him so much that night. I was there for another month doing rehab every day the guy doing the rehab said he is a friend of John's and he told him about me so every time he could when no one was looking he'd rub my dick and my butt though my diapers and whisper in my ear "your so hot in those diapers you know that" he was great fun I liked him. About two weeks before I was to go home dad came in and said "I hired a finical adviser to help with managing your money and I bought a new house for us its so big and very privet and now we have to start interviewing for a live in nurse for you and a tutor" in the next two weeks we talked to a lot of nurses I didn't like any of them then two days before I was going to be released I got this great ideal and asked dad "can we hire John his the only one I like well enough to let him change me I don't know any of those other people I'm not going to let them see me naked, I really don't care how much he cost" dad looked at me them said "well that's a pretty good idle why don't you talk to him tonight I'll write you a letter so he well know I'll agree too any price you two agree to, and see if he knows a teacher that would like the same deal"

I was so excided, I couldn't wait for John to came in that night, when he did I jumped up and hugged him he had to pry me off of him he said "oh Jesse wait some one well see you" I smiled at him and said "It doesn't mater any more my dad said I can hire you as my personal nurse" he looked at me for a minute then said "I don't know sport I worked very hard to get were I'm at today I'm going to have to think about it a little" I was hart broken the tears started to well up and roll down my cheeks then I asked him "put I thought you loved me, I love you and I need you, I don't trust any one else" he said "Jesse let me think about it tonight it's a really big decision to make all of a sudden can you under stand that" we didn't even have are usual sex play that night he just changed me and cleaned me up kissed me on my fore head said good night and left, oh god what did I do, what am I going to do? I called my dad hysterical and told him what happen he said he'll come in early and talk to him and not to worry about it he'll take care of it he promised.

The next morning dad was there before John left for the day I was up all night worrying so I was setting there watching from a distends they talk for a hour then they stood up and shook hands. They both looked at me and dad held his thump up and John just smiled at me dad said he had to go he'll be back later I hugged him so tight he laugh and said "your chocking my Jess, your so very welcome champ I know how important this was to you I'm glad I could help" I kissed him good bye and he left John came in a few minutes later to talk to me and said "I'm not on the clock any more, you are a little monster aren't you? Your dad was very convincing and he must love you very much because he's paying me a insane amount of money to be your full time nurse and I excepted his offer" I jumped up and hugged him and told him how happy I has, then I had to ask him what he was offered he said "I guess you have the right to know since your paying me to, He doubled my yearly salary and gave me my own wing in your new house rent free, that well have a call button from your room to mine so you can call me when ever you need me" I smiled at him then said "wow that's really good huh" he laugh and said "yes it is, so your dad told me you well let me know what else your going to need" I asked him "do you know a teacher that would want the same deal to be my tutor, and we'll need a list of stuff I'll need for my rehab and care that's every thing dad wrote on the list of thing to ask you so what do you think"

He studied for few minutes and then smiled and said "well I do know a teacher that might be interested in a deal like that and guess what he likes, boys like I do just think of the fun we can have with him," I gave him a devilish smile and said "cool sounds good to me" he then said "well I have to go home and get some sleep then I guess I have to get some boxes and start packing then I'll make some calls one to my friend and then to get the supplies you well need I'll have to get them delivered by the day after tomorrow so they can be set up in time for you." I looked at him and said "that's my birthday" he said "yes I know and what a birthday present that's going to be," he then said good bye then looked around and kissed me on my lips then left. The next two days went by so slow especially since Johns not there at night any more. When the day did finely come my shrink came in to say good bye and told me I have a appointment in two week with him in his office, then my doctor came in and said good bye and released me from the hospital he also told me " you know you stolen your best nurse your very lucky you know that" I just smiled at him and said "yea I know I like John a lot he's the only one I trust" he shook my hand and left all the nurses came and said good bye even the ones that were off that days came in I think we all cried a little but I was so happy to be going.

John came in with a wheelchair and said "you ready to go sport" I grind from ear to ear and said "oh yea, but can't I walk instead" he laugh and said "sorry hospital rules and besides its to far for you right now" We got out side and there was a limo there waiting for us I looked at John and said "wow is that for us" he said "no that's for you, you have to get used to the fact that you and your dad are very rich now so get used to it kiddo" I smiled and we got in the limo then I asked "ware's dad I thought he'd be here" John said "well he's getting your welcome home/birthday party ready for you but you have to act surprised so he won't know I told you" We pulled in the driveway of this enormous house it's the biggest thing I ever saw dad was standing in front of the house with some other guy in a suit and tie he even had white gloves on I got out and John handed me my crutches and dad said "welcome home champ this is Charles his our butler, now lets go in side I have a surprise for you we went in and there was all my friends from school they all yelled surprise I looked up at John with a worried look on my face, He know what I was thinking he bent over and whispered in my ear " don't worry sweaty they can't tell your in a diaper your sweets are to baggy that's why I brought them today" I smiled at him and walked in they was patting me on my back that was making it hurt John saw I was in pain and brought out a wheelchair and gave me a pain pill after a while I started to fell better the party was starting to wined down after a hour or so that's when the worst thing that could happen, happened, its been almost five hours since I was changed, the diaper I had on was so satiated it just couldn't hold any more and it licked, best friend came up to me and throws his jacket on my lap then he bend down and whispered "dude you wet your self" I just blurted out "what!!" and reached under the jacket he was right I was wet. He whispered again "its ok dude I under stand I won't say a word I promise" I smiled and celled John over, I slightly lifted the jacket to show him he said "ok I'll take care of it" he went to dad and told him then John announced to everyone " ok everyone I'm afraid Jesse had more then enough his tired and his back is hurting a lot so I'm going to have to call it quits for him because he's not going to do it himself, it was nice meeting all of you and I hope to see you all here a lot more, he's going to need he's friends around him. Ok champ say thank you and good bye" I did and John started to wheel me out when I said "John stop I'd like Louis to come with me" John looked at me very strange then asked me "you sure Jess I mean everything is still out in the open if you know what I mean" I looked at Louis then at John and said "Louis is my best friend we did a lot of things together if he can't handle it then I'll go with out any friends put you" John smiled at me and he said "well Louis lets go I hope your ready for this and don't hold it against him" Louis was walking beside me we both were wide eyed and mouth gapping open at what we were seeing this place was amazing John saw us and said "yea its something isn't it, so Jesse what kind of stuff did you and Louis do together" Louis snapped his head towards Jesse and said "dude don't tell him" I looked at him and smiled then said "its ok man you should see the stuff John and I do together" Louis looked at John and John shook his head and smiled, I told John we had a fort at my old house and we jacked each other off all the time I even suck Louis once but he never got a chance before the accident happen.

We walked thought my bedroom door and Louis and I looked and both said at the same time "oh my god look at this place" it was so big and I had everything in here I looked at John in shook he said "your dad told my to fill your room with every thing that I thought you would need and like so how'd I do" I just said "dude" I looked around then I saw the packs of diapers and Louis saw them to I looked at him, he looked at me, he studied me a few minutes then said "dude you have to wear them to bed" I looked at him and shook me head "no dude I have to wear them all the time now" he asked "how come" the tears were welling up in my eyes so John explained every thing that happen to me, Louis came over to me and knelt down in front of me so we can see each others face and said "hay its ok dude I under stand, but you out did me I only have to wear them to bed" I looked at him in shock my eyes wide, tears rolling down my cheeks he shook his head and then we hugged each other I pulled away a little and looked at him I then kissed him on his mouth hard after a little pressing with my tongue on his lips he got the idle and opened his mouth we French kissed for a few minutes passionately then John said "ok you two that's enough of that I have to get this kid changed and cleaned up" we pulled a part and looked at each other Louis said "WOW dude were did you learn that at" I just looked at John and smiled. Louis looked at all the different kinds of diapers John had delivered and asked "which one are you planning to use" John went over and said "I'm not sure were going to try each one to see what he likes and which one works the best why do you ask" he said "because I tried some of these and they don't work very well if you wet a lot and there not very comfy ether" John studied them then said "which ones would those be?" he told John "well like these here the slim cloth like day ones there nice because no one can here them when you walk put if you pee to much they well lick, and those pull ups they suck really bad I tried a hole bag of them they all licked at night, any ways, the ones that I found that work the best at night are these here, the all through the night ones I use them for bed time and I never had a lick yet" I listened to him and finally asked he "dude how long have you been wearing them and why didn't you tell me" I could see he wanted to cry it took him a few minutes to answer my but he did finally say "I always wore then at night my hole life that's why I would never stay over night when you asked me to, I never told you because I didn't want to lose you as a friend like my other friends I had at my old house when they found out they just made fun of me and called me names, please don`t be mad at me" he was crying by then I went up to him and told him "I would never do that to you because I never told you but I love you and I always did I was just sacred to tell you that, I didn't want to loss you" we hugged again and started kissing John yelled "hay you two I said I have to change Jesse so stop that right now" we looked at him and I went to the bed and laid down, Louis said "I change my self all the time why don't you" I smiled and winked at him and said "because its more fun to have John do it just watch" John got one of the night time diaper and the powder and came over to me and said "ok birthday boy since Louis is the you want the full treatment or not" I said "oh the full treatment lets give him a show he wont forget" He smiled at me and took off my diaper I was laying with my legs bent dangling over the edge of the bed, John knelt down and started to lick my balls then took my dick in his mouth and suck me hard and fast then he did something he never did before he grabbed my ankles and brought my feet up then he held my thighs at the knees and pushed them to my chest, then he lick down farther just below my balls then he made contact with my hole I jumped a little then relaxed and let him continue what he was doing, it was feeling good he lick all around then he pushed in I screamed "OH GOD OH GOD DON'T STOP" he tongue fuck me until I came without even touching my dick it pulsed five or six times I was breathing so hard I couldn't even see strait, when I could focus I looked at Louis he was just staring at us with his mouth gapping open and drool was running out and down his chin. As I was catching my breath I yelled at him "Louis...wake...up" he shook his head and closed his mouth then wiped off the drool and said "DUDE YOUR SO LUCKY" John and I just started laughing we laugh so hard we were crying, after we composed are self's John finished cleaning me up and diapering me he helped me get dressed then he went in the bathroom to wash his hands, I sat up and looked at Louis, he came over and sat next to me then said "wow dude that was awesome do you think he well let me join in to" "I'm sure he well let you but you haven't herd any thing yet the tutor he got me is a friend of his and his gay to and he likes young boys just like John he said there going to teach me how to take his dick in my butt hole at the same time his friend puts his dick down my throat and there going to fuck me like that" he said "man I'll wear diapers all the time for someone like that any day" I asked him "do you really mean that Louis because I have a plan" he said "yea man any day" I grind at him then asked "do you think your mom would let you be home schooled here with me" Louis said "man how bad I'm doing this year with out you there to help me she'll jump at the chance for me to do better if she even cares she hasn't been around to much lately.

Louis left a little later, I told him I'll talk to John about my plan, he said "cool I'll call you tomorrow ok" I told him yea tomorrow, later that night after John showed me how to suck a grown mans dick and he suck mine we were laying there I asked him "John do you think your friend well tutor Louis too," He looked at me and asked "just what are you two devils up to any way" I smiled and said "Louis said he well wear diapers all the time like me if he can join us in your sex ed lessons his doing really bad in school this year because I'm not there to help him like I was last year" he thought for a few minutes then said "I think he may do it put Louis was to have permission from his mother by a letter or face to face and you well probably well have to pay him more for two of you" I said I'll give him double John laugh and said "that should do it sport well see he'll be here tomorrow mourning. I was so tied it was a long day I fell asleep just as he finished talking.

In the mourning when I woke up and John was all ready to help me in to the shower we took one together it really felt good we got dressed and John said "Jeff should be here any time now so why don't we go and get something to eat, we went to the dinning room, dad was already there and Charles was serving him breakfast we sat down and he served us to boy did dad ever adjust well to having money, I asked dad if it well be alright if Louis can get tutored by Jeff with me I told him his having a hard time with out me being there to help him dad said the same thing John said I told him sure thanks dad I love you he said "I love you to champ" he kissed me on my fore head then the door bell rang the butler went to answer the door a few secants later he came back and said "master Jesse your new tutor has arrived Jeff came in and I looked at him and though how hot he looks.

Jeff came over to my dad and shook his hand then said "nice to meet you sir my name is Jeff" my dad said "well its nice to meet you to Jeff you can call me Jim" he look at John and said "nice to see you again John and thanks for lining me up with this, I really had to get out of that school the dame system really sucks those kids don't have a chance, so any way you must be Jesse my new student" he held out his hand and I held out mine we shook them. He looked back at my dad and asked "so Jim how long do you think he's going to be out of school and need me to teach him" Dad looked at John and said "you didn't tell him" "I thought I did Jim" said John my dad laugh and said to Jeff " well he's going to need you until he graduates or how ever long he wants you here and I'm not your boss so there's no need to suck up to me you see those tow over there their your boss and I think my son would like to ask you something right Jesse" Jeff looked at me in shook with his mouth open I smiled and said "I'd like to know if you can tutor my friend Louis with me" that snapped him back he looked at me and said "wow I don't know" before he said another word I said "I'll pay you double what John told you" he just looked at me then at John and back at me then said "your kidding me, right kid" I said "nope, I'm the one that pays every one that helps me and my friend so what do you say Jeff" he looked at John and John winked at him and shook his head Jeff said "you got a deal kid" my dad said he well have his lawyer print up a contract and have it here by Sunday.

John and I took Jeff to his room it was like a small apartment, he looked around then at me and said "wow kid nice, so what are you and John up to any way" John and I looked at each other and smiled I then told him "lets just say Louis and I are really looking forward to the sex ed. Classes and the hands on sections if you know what I mean" he looked at John and then back at me and asked "how old are you Jesse" I said just turned ten yesterday, what does that have to do with any thing" he sat down on the bed and said "come here Jess" I walked over to him he put his hands on my shoulders and said "look your only ten you don't know what you want yet" I looked at John and we smiled at each other then I turned and looked at Jeff right in his eyes and then I planted a big kiss on him he tied to pull away put I grabbed him around his neck and pressed my lips harder I opened my mouth and tried to push my tongue in his, he finally opened his and in it went he fell back on the bed and pulling me with him, John seen this may take a little while so he went and sat down in a chair to watch he knew that only I can convince him in my own way. I kissed him until he started to hug me and rub my back and then he moans, I had him hooked, I reached down and slid my hand in the front of his pants and found his dick it was hard as a rock, I pulled my mouth off his and slid down his body I then undid his jeans and pulled on them he lifted his ass so I can get them off I was pleased to see he wasn't wearing any underwear and he was completely shaved I lend in and started to lick his balls then up his shaft I got to the head of his dick and sank it down my throat, he moans and grabbed hold of my head he moans loader "OH...DAM...KID...WHAT...THE...HELL...ARE...YOU...DOING...

TO...ME...OOOHHH" I pulled off his dick and said "I'm seducing you, how am I doing" I then drove his dick right back down my throat after a few minutes of deep throating him, he started to breath harder I know he was close now, then he screams "OH...SHIT...KID...I'M..GOING...TO...CUM...PULL...OFF...NOW" I just kept going he grabbed my head and pushed it down as far as it can go, I felt his cum shoot straight down my throat I moan as he was cuming down my throat, I pulled back a little to get some of his cum in my mouth so I can taste him. When he was done cuming I struggled to stand up, John ran over to help me, when I got up I smiled at Jeff and wiped my mouth. My back was killing me put it was worth it, Jeff got him self together and sat up then said "dam kid I guess you do know what you want after all so is your friend as good as you are" I smiled and said "no I don't think so all he ever did was play with my dick he never got a chance to go any farther because of the accident."

John and I left Jeff to get saddled in we went to my room to change me of course he had to suck me until I came that's part of my treatment after a few hours John said lets get you dressed how about if you try this pull ups and see how they work he put them on me, and then got dressed, we heard Jeff calling out we found him in the hall he was lost we showed him the intercom and showed him the buttons for my room and Johns room and the kitchens, John told him just don't touch any of the others until you learn what there for I told him I don't even know there the dam things go. John said "hay I told you no searing, kids your age shouldn't sear I don't like it" Jeff said "nether do I that's one of the reasons I wanted out of the school they wouldn't let me discipline them in my own way" I looked at him for a minute then we went to my class room John had set up. I opened the door and went inside it had every thing I would ever need to learn there was even what looked like a changing table and another stack of different types of diapers Jeff looked at them and said "what are those for" John says "oh I forgot to tell you" I sat down at the computer and started it up I was looking around on it as John explained every thing to him he came over to me and sat down in his chair next to me and said "I'm sorry Jesse but any consultation to you I really like young boys especially then there in diapers I think they look so sexy" I looked at him and said "your as weird as John is aren't you" John and I laugh then the phone rang I answered it "hello... Oh hi how are you ... I'm ok it hurts some times put my nurse gives me a shot and it stops not long after ...yea Louis was telling me that he might not pass this year ... Well I helped him a lot last year ... No I'm not going back at all ...yea we hired a tutor his the best we could get ... Yea I think he can help Louis pass this year ...yea he's right here now ... Ok I really hope you let him attend school here with me I really would like the company ... Ok bye" I held out the phone to Jeff and said It's Louis's mom she would like to talk to you about teaching Louis, he held the phone to his ear and said "hello my name is Jeff ... Yea that's right I'm the tutor ... Yea I do think I can help him pass this year ... Well I left the public school system because I didn't like there rules on discipline because of that those kids don't have a chance to learn ... Yes I do have strict rules on behavior and I do carry out strict punishment for bad behavior ...yes I can help you with all that ...ok I'll meet you there bye. He hung up and looked at me and said "his mom said it's ok with her if Louis joins you here for school so I'm going to meet her at the school to do all the paper work, Jesse you have to tell me how to get to your old school, I told him how to get there and he left. John said "lets go have some fun sport we went to my room he undressed me I'm laying on the bed naked he said "lets start training your butt hole" he knelt down and told me to hold my legs up I did as he said he got the ky lube and put some on his finger and my hole then told me to relax

I tried, he pushed his finger in to the first knuckle I hissed and drown in air then moaned "ooohhh it hurts" he said "its ok just push like you are taking a dump" I did and his finger went all the way in "oh god ooohhh" I said I never felt any thing like it before he didn't move then told me "let me know when it doesn't hurt any more and it starts feeling good ok Jess" I had my eyes shut tight and was breathing hard I just nodded my head yes after a few minutes it didn't hurt any more so I told him ok he started to pull out then in again I grunted when he went in he finger fuck me for ten minutes It was feeling real good by then I was moaning real loud then he said "hold on Jesse this may hurt again he then shoved the secant finger all the way in the pain was searing and went all the way though my body, I pulled my knees up tight against my chest and screamed "OOOAAACCCHHH GOD DAM IT HURTS STOP PLEASE STOP OOOHHH SHIT" he stopped and left them in just held them there then he smacked my butt and said "I said no swearing I'm sorry put this is going to be part of your training" as the tears flowed I just nodded my head yes he started to fuck me with the two fingers I screamed every time he shoved in after a few minutes I was just grunting when he pushed in after a little while it actually started to feel good I was moaning now and my dick was hard he grabbed a hold of it and as soon as he did I came and came hard with a very load scream. When I came down he asked me so did you like that sweaty" I told him "not at first it hurt really bad even worse when you put the secant one in that hurt a lot but after a while it felt good and I came a lot" he said with a smile "yea I know you did I just grabbed your little dick and you came instantly I didn't even get to suck you" I said "sorry put your really good, man am I wiped out" he said "why don't you lay down for a few minutes I have to go get some thing I'll be right back" I moved up and laid my head on my pillows and was out like a light even before he got out of the room. I don't know how long I slept put John shook me and said "Jess wake up you had a accident I jump and sat straight up in bed then looked and my bed was soaked. John said "I'm sorry Jesse I forgot to put your diaper on before you went to sleep and I was gone longer then I thought I would be" I said "its ok I guess I know now I defiantly can't go with out one, its lucky I have a rubber bed sheet on it hah" he laugh and said "yea it is champ, well lets get you and your bed all cleaned up ok" he clean the bed up and put new sheets on it and covers then he said "come here champ I have a surprise for you" I came over and he laid me down on the bed and said "now lets clean you up" when he says that I know what he's going to do he started licking me clean all over then he sucked me until I came. He says "ok time for your surprise" he brought out these butt plugs, four of them all different sizes, starting with a small one about 4 inches long of a inch wide all the way up to a huge one its looks to be a foot long and two inches wide. I looked at him with my mouth open and ask him "what are you going to do with those" "well first we're going to start with this small one and put it up your butt and strap it on so it won't come out until I take it out then over time we're work our way up until you came get this big one in you with no trouble" I said that well never fit in me" he said "sure it well, you'll see in time but first I have to give you a enema to clean you out and I'll be giving you a enema two or three times a week to keep you cleaned out" I looked at him and asked "what's a enema" he told me "it's a rubber bag and I fill it with soapy water it was a tube connected to it and the other end goes in your butt the water goes in you and you hold it as long as you can then when the water does come out it brings every thing else out with it" I shook my head then said "ok, but are we going to do this to Louis to" "oh yes see I bought him a butt plug harness to but we have to start you first so when your do with the first one we can put it in him then you get the secant one" he picked me up and carried me to the tub he then lied me in it then filled the water bag up with soapy water, he lifted my legs up and told me to hold them he lubed the end of the tube up and my butt hole he then pushed it in my butt he said "I'm going to open the valve now I'll feel the water going in just relax I lowered my legs and lied there then I felt the water going in it was a little strange I could see my tummy start to grow then it hit me I told John "I think I'm going to throw up" I was sweating like crazy, he said "ok sweetie just relax I'm going to take it out now you well have to hold it as long as you can ok" I nodded my head. He pulled it out and I crossed my legs to hold it help me to hold it in about ten minutes I couldn't take it any more I screamed "I can't hold it any more here it comes" and then I exploded it just kelp coming out and it felt good to let it out after I was done John showered me off and sat me down on the toilet and told me to try to push more out I did but only a trickle came out he pick me up again a carried me to the bed and lied me down he then lifted my feet up in the air and told me to hold them there I did he lubed me up and the plug real good then started to push I was still a little sour from before he pushed and I jerked a little he pushed more it started to go in a few tears rolled down my cheek and he shoved it in I screamed "oohh god" he put the strap on to hold it in place then he put my diaper on and got me dressed he said " Jeff should be back soon he's been gone for hours it was already 2pm I said "Louis well be getting out of school soon I wonder when his mom well tell him.

It was another hour before he came home and Louis was with him, we were in the class room they came in Jeff said "it looks like we need just another computer for Louis" John said "I already ordered it, it well be here tomorrow and we start class Monday morning at 9 sharp and Jesse you well have your rehab after school" Louis came running up to me and hugged me and said "thank you so very much" I said "you very welcome, after all you're my friend and I'm glad to have the company" then I called John over and whispered in his ear "Louis made a agreement with me so I think he needs his diaper put on him" John smiled then said Louis did you make a agreement with Jesse that you well wear diapers as long as you're here" he looked at John then at me and I was smiling at him he said "yea so wear can I change at" John laugh and said "oh no you have to be changed just like Jesse dose come over here to the changing table" he looked shocked then said "but I all ways change my self, it's been 7 years since any one changed and dressed me" John just smiled at him and put his hand on Louis's shoulder and guided him over to the table and sat him down Louis laid down and John unsnapped and unzipped he hooked his fingers in the waistband of his shorts and his unties then told him to lift his butt Louis did and John pulled them both down and off of him there he lay for all to see John knelt down and started to lick his balls Louis almost jump out of his skin and John looked at him and said "oh I'm sorry Louis, I thought you would like the same treatment I give Jesse every time I change him" He looked at John then at me and back at John then said "you do that every time to him?" John smiled and said "that and more so do you want me to continue with your treatment or not" Louis looked back at me with a big grin on his face and said "dude you didn't tell me he did that to you, your so lucky" I laugh and told him "dude its not only me any more its you too" we started to laugh and Louis then put his feet up on the table and spread his legs wide apart and said "oh yea I want the hole treatment" John continued licking then started to suck his dick in a few minutes Louis was moaning John went faster and faster Louis was breathing hard and moaning even more, "oh ... oh...god ...oh ...god ...ooohhhh god I'm coming" he arched his back and screamed' he came down in a few minutes but he was still breathing hard' that was the first time I saw any one get a blow job it was amazing the look on his face was awesome. He looked at John and smiled John said "so I'm guessing you like your treatment hah Louis?" he looked at John and just said "dude" John laugh and said to Jeff "we're going to have a lot of fun with these two aren't we" Jeff said "oh yea we sure are" John got a diaper out and put it on Louis and got him dressed again then told him "as long as you're here baby you well be in a diaper" Louis shook his head and then said "yea ok that's what I agreed to and I don't have a problem with it to be honest with you I like wearing diapers but do you really have to call me baby" John laugh and said "no I don't have to sweaty" Louis looked at him and said "well that's not really any better put I guess I can live with that" Jeff and I were laughing at him when John looked at me and told me it my turn to be changed I lied down and he undressed me, Louis saw the harness and butt plug and ask what it was John told him all about it and that he has one for him to and that we're put it on him later then John looked at Jeff and said "do you want to clean him up this time" he smiles and said "I sure do" he knelt down and I spread my legs to give him better access he went to work, he cleaned every thing I think he did better then John does he took my dick and balls in his mouth and started to suck hard I moaned "ooohhh ...ooohhh god" he suck me hard until I came arching my back and screaming. My dick was pulsing with my speeding hart beat, he stood up and smiled at me then said "that was great sport now lets get you dressed" John diapered and dressed me then Jeff said "now I know its Friday and your out of school put we need to set the ground rules for school" I asked him "yea I what to know about this discipline and punishment rules of yours" He looked at my and said "well in school the first rule is to never interrupted me ever and never talk back, sear, disrespect any adult, all your work was to be done, you do every ting I tell you to do, well get to the other rules as we go you follow these rules and you won't be punished" We shook our heads then asked "what's the punishment for braking the rules" he said "you well be striped then spanked on your bear ass it well depend on how bad the offence on to what I well use on you I well use my hand, a belt, a paddle all the way up to what they call a cane do you two under stand me" we looked at him with your mouths open then Louis said "you can't do that isn't it against the law to do that kind of

Stuff ?" Jeff said "in a way yes put this here is a contract signed by your mother giving me permission to punish you in exactly that manner, she must have thought you needed that kind of discipline" poor Louis was so shocked he couldn't say any thing he just stared at him with his mouth open, I said "I don't think my dad would sign any thing like that for me" Jeff said "no I don't ether that's why your going to sign one because if you don't then I'm not going to tutor ether one of you its your choice" I looked at Louis and he had a panicked look on he's face then said "Jess I can't go back to that school I'll fell" I studied him for a few minutes he lipped please, I looked at Jeff and said "well ok for Louis I'll sign it" Jeff said "good boy but if you tell your dad, if you get punished I'll be gone and you well not find me, John well leave too do you under stand" I shook my head and said "yea I do" he went to his briefcase and brought out these paper for me to sign and he had Louis cosign the one his mom signed he smiled at John and said "ok then we're all set" Louis said he was aloud to stay the weekend his mom was going out of town, I do have to go home Monday after school it was getting near dinner time so we cleaned up and went to the dinning room were we found my dad waiting there, we had a dinner that was just as good as any five star restaurant, after dinner we sat there and talked with dad for some time John outlined my rehab and care Jeff outlined your schooling dad was very satisfied with every thing they said then dad looked at me and said "Jesse I have to go out of town I may be gone for a few weeks, are you ok with that" I nodded, then he said "great son, I know you well be safe with John and Jeff they know what there doing I trust them ok then its saddle all of you have my cell phone number incase you need any thing here's a credit card its in your name so you can get any of your supplies that you need the bills are atomically paid ok I love you son and behave." I said "ok dad I love you too I'll miss you" Dad left for his trip, Louis and I went to my room to play video games John and Jeff went to John's room we know what there doing, it was getting late John and Jeff came in and said "its bed time so lets get changed and cleaned up" we grinned at each other we know what that means we both laid down, Jeff came over to Louis and John to me.

Jeff took off Louis's clothing and his diapers then started to clean him with his tongue I heard him hiss in air when he took his dick in his mouth and sucked him then I heard Louis say "oohh god yes" I looked and Jeff was tongue fucking him Louis was going crazy, John undressed me and took my diaper off then said "I think its time for this to come out so Louis can start using it" he took the harness off then pulled the butt plug out I moaned "ooohhh" and it popped out, he then wiped my butt with a towel and started to clean the rest of me with his tongue he sucked me and then tongue fuck me. Louis came first then I was right behind him John said "ok sport lets put the next size in ok" glazed eyed I just shook my head yes and he lubed it up and shoved it in, that brought me back to reality I arched my back and screamed, these one was a of a inch bigger around and 6 inches long god

did it hurt, he strapped it in again and diapered me, then put on this shirt that he called a diaper shirt it went around under my crouch and snapped, he said "since your dads gone you two can go around in just these and your diapers the butler already said he well never say a word its not his place to." He then took Louis in the bathroom to give him a enema too, as he was doing that Jeff came over to me and shoved his dick in my mouth and down my throat and fucked my face until he came, about the time he was done John and Louis came out of the bath and John looked at me and smiled "what's that on your chin sport" I wiped it off and looked then turned red when I saw it was cum on it. Louis came over and laid down next to me and asked what now I told him to hang on to something John came over and lifted his

legs up like he did my and told him to hold them and don't let go of them Louis held them behind the knees his butt now pulled up in the air John lubed his butt hole up and the small butt plug then said "ok sweaty here it goes" he started to push it in I was watching Louis's face I can see he was in pain I told him it well only hurt for a few minutes hold on he did the same thing as I did he pulled his knees tight up against his chest and was starting to breath hard then he screamed "oouucchh ...oh ...god ...hurts ...stop it" I told him its ok its almost all the way in and with that John shoved it in the rest of the way Louis arched his back and screamed "oohh shit god dam you" I look and saw Louis was hard as a rock again then I looked at John and Jeff they didn't look happy then I told Louis "oh man Louis you swore, that's braking a rule" he had this worried look on his face he know what was to come next, John put the harness on and strapped the plug in then stood him up and Jeff sat down and looked at him then said "Louis you just swore and that's against the rules isn't it ?" Louis said "yes sir put I couldn't help it" Jeff said "I know you couldn't put a rule is a rule isn't it" he shook his head and laid across Jeff's knees I watched very close I never saw anyone get spank before Jeff told him he well get the smallest punishment because he couldn't help it and he under stood that, he said "your be getting ten smacks with his hand you ready sweaty" Louis nodded his head yes and held on to Jeff's leg tight. Jeff brought his hand up and brought it down hard it left a red hand print on his right butt cheek then on

his left one Jeff hit him ten times five on each cheek his butt was fire red, poor Louis was crying so hard he couldn't catch his breath Jeff was rubbing his butt trying to ease the pain, Louis stood up rubbing his butt and crying I hugged him and held him trying to calm him down he did start to calm down after a few minutes, John can over and hugged him then said "Louis you really have to watch your mouth you don't want to go throw that again and I don't want to see it again now lets get you diapered and ready for bed ok sweaty" he sniffled and shook his head yes after he was ready he asked "were am I sleeping" I laugh and said "with me silly were else would you sleep" we climbed in bed and snuggled up with each other we fell asleep even before John and Jeff left the room.

In the mourning Louis and I awoke and found that we were soaked and so was the bed, we both licked we laid there for a little while then started kissing I showed him how to French kiss he learned fast we was kissing passionately when John can in the room, he watched us for some time before saying "ok you two that's enough of that lets get you two out of those wet things" he stripped us both down naked then said "ok you two can go at each other laying in your own piss" we started kissing again then I slid down to his nipples and sucked them for a few, I went down lower to his belly button then lower I licked the inside of his thigh I didn't touch his dick yet I lifted his legs over my shoulder then suck both his balls in my mouth Louis moaned and arched his back I licked around the butt plug he screamed "oh god please suck it now" I looked at his beautiful 3 inch dick and said "no not yet I sat up and turned around I put a knee on each side of his head and lowered my dick down in to his mouth and face fuck him after a few minutes my back started to hurt I told Louis, so he rolled us over, now he was on top we sucked each other in the 69 position until we both came in each others mouth. Some time during all this Jeff came in and was watching us, Louis rolled off of me and we laid there catching our breath for a few minutes John came over to us and said "well that was a fantastic show you two just put on for us, now you hungry" we shook are heads yes John unsnapped my butt plug and pulled it out slowly Jeff did the same thing to Louis. John handed the one that was in me to Jeff and he slowly put it in Louis he didn't even clean it off first Louis was gritting his teeth as it went in, I felt totally empty. John got the next size for me this one was even bigger it was 1 inches around and 9 inches long John started to push it in slowly I started breathing hard then I moaned "oohhh god it hurts ooohhh god" he pushed it in more he was about of the way in "aawww ...aawww hurry please hurry I can't stand it any more" with that John shoved it in I can feel it go in my small intestines as it did I arched my back and screamed "oohh ...oohh ... Oohh I can`t breath" John snapped it in and diapered me then put on the diaper shirt only, Louis was dressed the same way. We went in for breakfast just like that, it was a little weird to be like that in front of Charles put John said we had to, it was very hard to set down with that butt plug in me, Louis was having the same problem put we managed to. After we ate we went back to my room were Louis and I sucked John and Jeff we lick there balls then they had us lick there butt holes we did as they told us to do we even got our tongues to go in and fuck them, we had a sex orgy for hours until they couldn't take it any longer Jeff shove his dick down my throat the first shot went straight down my throat then he pulled back and the second one went in my mouth then he pulled out all the way four more hit my face, I looked over at Louis and his face was covered with cum and he was licking his lips and smiling.

That night John said its time to change the butt plug, this is the one I feared, when he came to me I started to shake he asked me "what's wrong sport" I told him "I'm scared of this one" he smiles and then said "oh sweaty I would never do any thing that would damage you, I'm not saying its not going to hurt because it is and its probably going to hurt a lot put I'll go as slow as you want me to go, its up to you now if you want to do it or not, because I could probably fuck you now if you want to try it." I thought about it for about five minutes, Louis said "dude, I'll do it if you do" John asked me "well sport what do you say" "go for it dude" Louis said I looked at him then at John and said " ok ...lets do it" John smiled at me and said "good boy lets go" we went to the bed he undressed me then slowly pulled out the butt plug, I was already starting to breath hard he was going

very slow I moaned "ooohhhhhh" he was out, I felt empty. He said "sport some poop came out so we're going to have to do a little cleaning" I know what that meant he said "now since your anus is open a little we have to use a different kind of tube in you this one goes up in the entrance of your lower intestines then I pump this up to hold it in place, ok sport" I just shock my head yes so we went in to the bathroom and used the changing table in there Louis asked if he can come and watch I said "sure" I laid on the table, John told me to lay on my left side I did he pushed my knee up and spread my cheeks apart and started to push in the tube I can feel it going in deeper then all of a sudden I got a cramp he said "its ok sport its going in the intestines entrance "ooohhhhh" then I heard him start to pump it up I felt it expand in side me kind of felt weird. Then John said "ok its in you can turn on your back now" I rolled over and watched him hook the hose up to the tubs faucet then he turned the cold water on put, I didn't feel it going in he said "ok sport I'm going to open the clamp now you ready" I shook my head yes he opened it I felt the water start to gush in then a cramp hit me I yield "oohh cramp" John told Louis to hold my hands above my head every time I got a cramp I squeezed his hands hard, I watched as my tummy started to grow. I told John "I don't feel to good I think I'm going to throw up" he said "ok, ok he closed the clamp and picked me up then laid me in the tub he opened the clamp again then let the air out of the balloon and every thing came rushing out, my tummy went down as the water can out put he left the water run and it kept coming out he let it run for five minutes then pulled the tube out he told me to push it all out I did. Then he rinsed me off and washed me then sat me on the toilet and told me to try to push more out I did as much as I could when I was done he said "ok love your all done lets go" we came out and Jeff was setting there reading and looked up and asked "all done sport" I said yea almost, I laid on the bed and brought up my legs my anus was gapping open, John had the butt plug put it was more like a dildo it was a soft rubber and it looked like a huge black dick even down to the balls, he squirted lube in my butt and he put some more on the dildo this thing was huge 2 inches wide and 12 inches long, this time Jeff climbed on the bed and knelt down over my head his balls was in my face I lick them Jeff grabbed my legs and told me to hold on here we go. Then John started to push it in I tried to jump back put Jeff had me pined down John pushed more in I screamed "aaawww ...ooohhh god your tearing me apart" John said "no I'm not, its ok sport" he pushed more in I can feel it going in the next entrance I cramped and screamed again "oh my god, ...oh my god" it was only half way in, I was crying the tiers was pouring out, then John asked me "do you want me to stop and pull it out baby I well if you want me to you don't have to do this." I screamed "NO DON'T STOP GET IT ALL IN NOW PLEASE" he pushed it in. It took ten minutes to get it all in put I did it John strapped it in and then Louis took my very rock hard dick in his mouth and I came instantly and so hard I passed out. Whale I was out John diapered me and got the next size into Louis and got him diapered and ready for bed I didn't wake up until morning and we soaked the bed again,

John came in and saw that then said it looks like were going to have to order some rubber paints for you two if you keep this up, we got change then got up for breakfast I tried to stand and couldn't all the way I walked around for ten minutes before I could walk straight up we sat at the table, I sat very gingerly, after we all went to the room and John said "well sport lets get that out of you so we can fuck you properly I lied down and John unsnapped the dildo and started to pull it out I said "oohhh man it feels like I was taking the biggest dump of my life" he got it out and looked then said "oh yea looks real nice, ok sport you ready for the fuck of your young life" I smiled at him and said "yes" they moved me to this table they brought out it was just long enough that my butt was at one edge and my head hang over the other end John shoved his dick in my butt and I grunted then Jeff came around and shoved his down my throat as John fuck in he pushed me in to Jeff's dick and he went down farther. They started to hammer me harder John went in Jeff went in John pulled out Jeff pulled out then what took me over the top was that Louis came in and took my dick in his mouth and sucked me I tried to scream put couldn't John came first I could feel him pumping it in me then Jeff came and shot it all down my throat then I came and I passed out, whale I was out Louis had every thing that they did to me on Saturday they did to him today now he has the biggest one in him. Since it was Sunday we just played video games most of the day and we sucked plenty of dick all throw the day Louis had that dildo in all day by the evening he was ready to get it out.

John and Jeff came in my room and asked Louis if his ready to get his fucking of his life, he was defiantly ready he was on the bed in a flash with his legs pulled up a waiting, we all started to laugh at him he just turned red. John went over to him and unsnapped it and started to pull it out, put instead of pulling it out fast, he thought he'd tease him some by pulling it out very slow, he polled it out about 3 inches then pushed it back in and twisted it he screamed "OOOHHH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" I though to my self oh no Louis what did you say, Jeff got on the bed and grabbed his legs then looked him in the eyes and said "boy your in trouble now", Louis started crying when he realized what he just said he was hollering "oh god please I didn't mean it please don't punish me" Jeff smiled at him then said "sorry Louis its to late son you said it, put right now I think you better watch your tongue until were done with you and your really in for it now" Jeff pinned Louis's arms under his legs and just about sat on his face and John started to pull the dido out half way and pushing it back in, I heard muffled moans coming from Louis I tried to jump in there and suck on his dick put John told me "no not yet sport" so I turned my head and started to suck on Jeff's instead, John was pulling the dido out almost all the way out then pushed it all the way back in, Louis was going crazy trying to pull away put Jeff had him pinned down. John was really hammering him with that huge thing by now Louis was making all kinds of noises he was screaming, moaning, grunting, and crying put he wasn't swearing any more at lest not yet, put there not done yet. John told me "ok sport take him now" I turned my head back to Louis's dick and took him in my mouth right when I did John shoved it in hard Louis tried to arch his back and screamed so loud I thought Charles would hear him on the other side of the house "aaaawwww god dam don`t stop please fuck me harder oooohhhh god please" he came instantly, his dick jumped in me mouth several times John pulled it all the way out of him and Jeff got off the bed Louis moaned "ooohhhh god that was awesome" he was panting trying to catch his breath. They moved him to the special table and tied him down to it with his head hanging off the edge of it John came over to his head and lifted it up and held it in his hands, Jeff went over to his legs and lifted them up and placed his feet on his shoulders lend over and started kissing him Louis was just about bent in half his hard dick was pocking Jeff in his stomach, as they were kissing I went over behind Jeff and started to lick his balls. Jeff put his knees on the edge of the table I was looking at Louis's butt his hole was wide open I could see right inside of him, Jeff started to kiss him again the way he was kneeling over him made his own butt cheeks spread apart I got the hind and dove in, I put my tongue over his hole and licked like crazy then I tongue fucked him trying to get in as far as possible.

John let go of Louis's head and said "ok Jess it time to give it to him again, Jeff got off him and lined his dick up with Louis's ass hole and shoved it in all the way to his balls then Louis screamed John shoved his dick down Louis's throat they fucked him hard both ways after ten minutes of hammering him John said now Jesse I took Louis's dick in my mouth and sucked hard, all three came at the same time John pulled back and filled his mouth Louis swallowed as fast as he could put some of his cum still ran out of the corners of his mouth, Jeff filled him up in his ass and Louis came hard and dry in my mouth and passed out cold. Jeff pulled out of him the cum came running out Jeff said "hurry up Jess get in there and clean him out" I knelt down and suck every thing out of his insides and when he was cleaned out I went down and cleaned up what ran out of him, when I was all done and got up John picked him up and laid him down on the bed and got him diapered and ready for bed. Then he changed me and dressed for bed, we both slept all night soundly.

Monday morning can bright and early John came in at 6:30 to wake us up he said "its going to take you two longer to get ready for school in the mornings then others, Jeff came in and smiled and said good morning children they both got us undressed and cleaned up, then gave us our treatments after witch they put your diapers on and shirts then went for breakfast. After breakfast it was getting close to 9 o'clock Jeff said "time for school boys we went in the class room and sat down at the computers then Jeff said "first I have to take care of some business from last night" he was looking at Louis then said "Louis you swore three times last night so that means you get swatted three times with a paddle on your bare ass" Louis just look at him and me with a shocked look on his face, tiers was starting to well up in his eyes and then roll down his cheeks. He said "no please don't , I didn't mean it please" Jeff smiled and said "sorry Louis you can't brake the rules that I set down, so lets get those diapers off of you" he did and was told to bend over and hold on to the sit of the chair Louis did as he was told and bent over, Jeff brought out this big ass paddle with holes in it. He came up behind him, Louis look back and saw it then he started shacking and crying he squeezed his eyes shut and held on tight to the chair waiting for what's to come next. Jeff put his hand on Louis's back and brought his other one back and all the way up then swung it down as hard as he could Louis screamed as loud as I ever heard him scream, he stood straight up and grabbed his butt screaming "oooowwww ...god ... that ...hurts" Jeff pushed him back down and said "Louis if you stand up again you well get another one for every time you stand up, do you under stand me boy" Louis was crying hard and then said "yes ...sir ...I" "ok two more son" Jeff hit him again then again, Louis stood up and danced around rubbing his butt screaming and crying when he calmed down I hugged him and said "Louis I'm sorry put you really have to stop swearing" I looked at his butt it was beet red I reached down and put my hands on his butt cheeks he hissed in air and stiffened up I started to rub lightly trying to soothe them some after a few minutes he lied his head down

on my shoulder he sobbed a little then settled down some more he straightened up and looked at me then said "I'm ok now Jess, put man did that hurt a hole lot" I smiled at him and said "yea it looked like it did your butt is really red dude put look at your dick its hard as a rock" he looked down and then looked at my and got a evil grin on his face, he leans in and whispers in my ear "it may have hurt like hell put I kind of enjoyed it I laugh and went down on my knees and sucked him. After Jeff diapered him then said "ok boys lets get started with your lessons" we sat down and started. After we were done for the day Louis had to go home today I was hart broken, I call for the car to take him home John gave him a pack of diapers to take home so he can stay in them all the time, as he lift I hugged John and cried he rubbed my back to console me. That night John and Jeff both fucked me.

Louis came for school every morning, and when we were done every day we all sucked and fucked each other until Louis had to go home this went on for weeks until my dad came home, we had to scale your playing back a little put we always did every thing we wanted to do. John went and talked with my dad about Louis, he told him that Louis goes home every day to a empty house because his moms out drinking or in some ones bed and doesn't even come home some times, he told him how it tiers me up every day to watch him go home and that I cry every time, so John asked him "do you think there is any way to get Louis's mom to agree to let Louis stay here every night basically to let him live the with Jesse" My dad looked at him for a long time before saying "I'm sure I can work something out with her finically speaking that so put I need you to answer a few questions for me ok" John looked at him, he know were this was going "ok sir any thing you want" my dad started "are they gay" "yes" John said "are they having sex with each other" "yes" "are you and Jeff gay" "yes" "and are you two having sex" "yes" "are you two having sex with my son and his friend" John looked at him for a few minutes then said "yes we are" "how long" "every since when he was in the hospital" my dad said "then tell me why I shouldn't send you and Jeff to prison for having sex with two ten year olds" John said "because Jeff and I love them and we would not do any thing to hurt them, and you won't find any body else that cares more for them then us." Dad looked at him for a long time studying him, then John said "sir I love your son and I'd give my own life to save his and Louis's, Jeff feels the same way as I do, If you want you can talk to Jesse about all of this and you can see for your self how he feels you may be surprised, and if you don't mined me asking how did you find out about all of this?" dad said "did you think that I'd leave for two weeks leaving him alone with two men that I just meet and hired as a nurse and a tutor for my son and not take percussions to protect him" John smiled then said "I thought it was a little strange with all the money you have, it's the butler that's the spy isn't it" dad said "well in a way put not exactly, he is a proper butler what he see stays with him until he dies but I have cameras installed in every room except yours and Jeff's room I give you my word on that, It was how ever his job to make sure the right camera was on for every room that the boys were in" he then pushed a button on his desk and a screen came up he turned it around so John could see it , a video came on, it was showing some of our sex games we were doing. Dad told him "I'm going to let you two continue with them." John asked "why" "because I love my son and I also have a weakness, I like watching porn between boys and men I have computer equipment that can never be traced I get and post movies and I'm going to post you two and my son and his friend on the internet your not going to say a word to them ever do you under stand me" John looked at him in shock then said "and if I refuse to go along with these" "then you and your friend well go to prison for the rest of your lives then you can get all the dick you could ever want excepted it wont be with little boys well it"

John smiled then said "I do believe you have a deal sir" "I told you, Jim not sir and I well make the deal with Louis's mom I don't think she well refuse it. When you go out send Jesse in and I well tell him what I have planed for Louis they stood and looked at each other and shock hands John left the office and told me my dad wanted to talk to me, I went in and sat on his lap and said "hi daddy what you want to talk about" he told me what he was going to do for me and Louis I squealed and wrapped my hands around his neck and hugged him tight he laughed and said "Jesse, Jesse your chocking me" I let go and said "thank you so much daddy oh I love you so much" "ok Jess now I'll talk to her put that doesn't mean she'll say yes" "I know you can do it daddy you're the best" I ran out to tell John and Jeff dad could here my squiring,

It was the mid week so Louis was home already, when my dad called for his mom Louis told him that she wasn't here and he didn't think she would be home at all tonight dad asked who's was there with him Louis told him he was there by him self dad said "ok son I'm going to came and pick you up and bring you here" Louis said "no I can't mom well be so mad she'll wipe me bad" dad said "no she won't I'll fix every thing don't worry"

Dad made several phone calls then can out and said he was going to go and get Louis, I started to jump around I was so happy I couldn't stand it. Dad left, when he got to Louis's house he found him alone dad took him to the limo and then he got a call it was his lawyer he found Louis's mom at a bar across town dad told him to meet him there. They got there and the lawyer went in and came out with her and put her in his car they went to a hotel to get her sobered up that took two hours dad and Louis waited in the limo Louis cuddled up to dad, and dad brought his hand down and put it on his shoulders and hugged him Louis hugged him back, not thinking about what he was doing Louis slid he hand down and put it on dads dick and started rubbing, dad was surprised put spread his legs to give him better access Louis put his hand inside dads trousers and grabbed his dick and started to jack him off dad moaned then said "son you shouldn't be doing this" Louis looked up at him and said "its ok sir I like to do this and even more stuff to" dad was getting really hard he moaned again then Louis unbuttoned and unzipped dads pants then tried to push them down dad raised his butt off the seat that's when Louis was able to get then all the way down to his ankles then his underwear, there dad sat naked from the waist down Louis sat down next to him and leaned over and took dads dick in his mouth dad moaned "oh god son" Louis went down further, dads dick went down his throat, dad couldn't help himself he pushed Louis's head down all the way he bobbed his head up and down dads dick he moaned louder Louis know what he wanted. He wanted to be fuck by my dad he sat up and looked at my dad and smiled then took off his own pants then his very wet diaper and climbed on dads lap facing him, Louis squatted over dads dick and lined it up with his ass hole and started to lower himself down, dads dick went though Louis's entrance and down he went Louis throw his head back and yelled "oohh yes" Louis started riding up and down on dads dick, he went faster and faster dad held on to Louis's waist when he raised up dad pushed him down hard dad moaned and said "oohh god dame kid your good" in a few minutes they were both sweating then dad came and filled Louis's ass with his cum he laid his head on dad shoulder and fell asleep dad dick shrunk down to normal and slid out of Louis's ass dad looked around, with the dark windows and the divider up he was sure no one could see any thing.

After a hour dad woke Louis up enough to get him dressed but he didn't have a new diaper to put on him he was hopeing he doesn't pee his pants before they get home just after he got Louis dressed the lawyer called and told dad that every thing was done he'll be right out with the papers. Once he got them they drove home on the way dad talk to Louis and told him what was going on he then showed him the papers and told him "these are adoption papers your mom signed them if you want my lawyer why file them and you well become my son and Jesse's adopted brother and live with us" Louis looked at him and asked "what about my mom" "I'm going to pay her a very good yearly salary and you can see her any time you like" Louis looked a little sad so dad asked him "what's wrong son" he said "I love Jesse if I'm his brother then I can't be his lover any more" dad smiled at him and said "that's not ture you two can love each other any way you like, including being lovers" Louis smiled and said "ok I'll love to be your new son daddy" "that's great son lets go home then" they came in the front door when Louis saw me he ran into me so hard we fell on the floor and hugged and kissed I said to him "Louis stop dads right there watching" Louis laugh and said "no its ok he knows that were lovers" I looked at him and asked "how did he find out about us" he said "why, I told him" I looked at my dad in shook and he said " its ok Jess I don't mind if your gay so you and Louis can be a couple if you want" I jumped up in his arms and hugged him and said I love you so much daddy, he said "then your going to like this even more, Louis is now your bother because I'm adopting him" I screamed and hugged him even harder jumped down and hugged Louis again and I kissed him long and hard dad broke us up and said "alright you two its getting late off to bed you two have school tomorrow morning" Louis and I kissed him good night and went do my room" John seen the big wet spot on the sit of Louis's pants were he leaked dads cum out, then he looked at dad put didn't say any thing. John started to leave to help us when dad said "John can I ask you why Louis has to wear diapers to" John smiled a him and said "he don't have, to he want's to it's a deal he made with Jesse, he said he well wear them as long as Jesse had to wear them" "does he know Jesse well be wearing them the rest of his life" "yes he does that's how much he loves him and he did wear them at night any way for a bedwetting problem he has" dad looked down the hall "towards my room then said "oh, ok I'll see you guys in the morning then" John came in the room to change us and give us our treatment I went first then Louis when he was laying on the bed licking his balls he lifted his legs up and licked his ass hole where he got a little cum out, he looked at Louis and said "looks like you had some fun tonight didn't you" Louis looked at him and turned red and said "I can't tell you I promised" John smiled he know for sure now that my dad fuck him John finished sucking him then got him ready for bed. We fell a sleep very fast cuddled up with each other John left and instead of going to his room he went to the kitchen where he found my dad he sat across from him and asked him "so Jim how did you like him" dad looked at him and said "like who" "why Louis of course" "I don't know what your talking about" John then asked "ok then tell me this if you always liked little boys why didn't you have sex with your son" he looked at John and said "because he's my son I can't do it with him as much as I want to I can't bring my self to" "and now Louis why him" " didn't do it he did I just didn't stop him and it was before the papers were signed he wasn't my son then" "and now" dad looked at him sad then said "now he's my son it well not happen again" John said to him "you really should do it with them they can't get enough of being fucked they love it" "no I can't I'll just watch the videos" "ok sir put you don't know what your missing" he said "oh yes I do now, he was fantastic you trained him well, you should be proud" John stood up and shook his hand and said "thank you sir" then he went to bed where Jeff was waiting for him.

The next morning at the breakfast table dad said "Louis were going to have to set up a room for you today don't we" Louis looked at me then over to dad and said "but why can't I share Jesse's bedroom with him" "well I guess you can I just thought you would like your own room so you can have your private space to your self that's all" Louis looked at him then said "no I don't need that I have nothing to hide from any of you" dad smiled at him then said "well then I think that's saddled, now off to school you two" and off we went. Its been a few months since Louis was adopted, every day and night the four of us had orgies we fucked , sucked, we tried bondage, golden showers, punishments, toys, we even tried electricity, you name it we tried it. My back did get a lot better I'm able to walk a great deal longer and with out help it still gets sore once and awhile put I can live with it. Louis's mom saw him about once a week for the first month put never see's him at all any more, Louis doesn't miss her much any more ether, Louis and I are very happy together.

Then one night Louis got up late and snuck out of the room I didn't think too much of it I just fell back to sleep put he did it three time that week on the third time I fallowed him he went to my dad's door then looked around then he went in and closed the door I went to the door and put my ear to it and listened, after a few secants I heard my dad say "Louis, what are you doing the its late you should be in bed" then I heard Louis say "but I want you to fuck me like you did that first night" I thought to my self, what dad fucked Louis how can that be. I heard dad say "Louis I can't do that any more" "put why dad" "that's why I'm your dad now I just can't do that with my son I just can't" "then you just lay there and I'll do it all to you" "oh god Louis stop" then I heard dad moan load and heard Louis sucking his dick dad was to far gone to stop now. Then I heard Louis say "daddy please fuck me now I need it now please" dad said "ok baby bend over that's it here it comes" Louis screamed "oh yea, oh god oh ...oh ...oh ...oh ...oh ...harder daddy harder" I can here Louis's butt hit every time daddy thrust in him and Louis squealed every time he did then dad said "I'm cumming baby here it comes" them Louis screamed "oh yea I can feel it going in oh god yes" I can here them both breathing hard then dad said "we better get these diapers back on you and get you back to bed" "oh daddy I love you so much" "I love you to baby" I then realized that I actually came in my diaper standing there listening to them I must have been rubbing my dick and didn't even realized I was doing it. This went on from then on when he was in town that is he took a lot of trips for long stretches I don't know there he goes he never said. Well we did all kinds of thing with each other, over the years Louis and I graduated high school early and by 19 we graduated collage thanks to Jeff we both got degrees in early child education go figure that was the year dad died of cancer it hit us hard put it hit Louis especially hard him and dad had a special bound it was more then a father and son bound. I was cleaning out his office when I found a secret cabinet and in it had hundreds of DVD I watched a few of them the first one was of the four of us in my room he recorded all of them, then I watched one of him and a young darker skinned boy looks to be about 9 or 10 as I looked at more of them I figured out that what his trips was for, to have sex with other young boys I wish I know sooner. The four of us lived there the rest of our lives together we had all the money we got ever want or need we gave a lot to children's charities of all kinds. Over the years we took in and helped a lot of street kid to get them off the streets some of them did have sex with us, the ones that wanted to any way we never forced any of them and we helped all of them no matter what they did or didn't do with us. We got them to finish school and some of them even went to collage witch we gave to them with no strings attached and free and clear. THE END


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