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Jimmy the Love-Virus. 


By John T. S. Teller. 


Part nineteen.


Just today, Friday, and then tomorrow we're going home. This has been the most wonderful holiday of my life. I'm amazed at how much has happened since I walked across Rob's lawn, and the speed at which it's happened is as if a whole lifetime has flashed before me. How long is it? Only six weeks? Blimey! In that time, Rob and I have fallen in love and are now lovers living together; we've made new friends in Castleton; mum and Sam's lot are looking for new homes right now; Rob has lost his father; I've met his mum, and she knows Rob and I are an item; I've decided what I want to be in the future; I've got a bank balance and a wardrobe all the kids in the estate would die for; spent almost ten days in Rob's beautiful home in The Algarve; made some more friends, including two film stars and a special little girl who's just like my poor Jade; knocked a bloke out; met a little guy who needs my help; and many new doors to my sex life have opened, thanks to Rob's incredible ability to please me any way I want, including playing sexy games with me. Am I lucky or what? And there's even more to come. I really am looking forward to going to college now, and then there's the trip to Europe with Rob coming up.  Why should this happen to me - Jimmy Turner, a guy off a Social Housing estate, with a murderer for a father? The reason is simple, but complex, and he's lying by the side of me now. God, I didn't realise I could ever love anyone as much as I love him. He's everything to me: my lover; my carer; my friend; my future. If anything were to happen to him, I really would kill myself. I seriously considered it when Chris died, but now, looking back from this moment, my love for Chris pales into insignificance compared with what I feel for Rob; and life without him would be meaningless. Poor Jordan. I hope he finds a love like mine in the future. I haven't told Rob, but my work protecting kids starts now with this cute kid. I'll keep him on the straight and narrow, and out of public toilets where he'll be prey to all sorts of shit guys. I haven't got Rob's strict principles; I'll have a word with Carl, and we can sort him out together.  

I'm lying on my back with my hands under my head, when Rob speaks.


"Are you waiting patiently for sex, little man? (I grin, and ignore him.) Oh dear; it looks as though my beautiful, sexy little pervert is ignoring me. I think I'll go and have a shower, and I'll bet a grand that he won't ignore me there!" Rob gets out of bed, and I hear him singing a silly song in the shower, and when I join him, he ignores me until I get on my knees and beg his forgiveness in a way that I know he can't refuse, and give him his dues; my apologies are returned in kind... and more.


Rob and I have eaten, had a swim in the pool, and are sitting on the patio when Sam gets up. Although I kept awake as long as I could, so we could have a late night/early morning swim together, and a talk about our day, I'd fallen asleep before he got in. Now, as he walks through the patio doors, he's yawning and scratching his tousled hair, and trying to keep the sun out of his eyes. "Hey up, Sam. What time were you shagging `till last night?"


He grins. "Three o' clock."


Rob laughs. "No wonder you look knackered. It was on the news this morning that the police are combing Rocha Brava beach for a strange creature. (Sam gives him a puzzled grin.) Apparently, there are monsters coming ashore, and they're leaving footprints like arse cheeks all over the place, and a strange wailing was heard by the locals. They reckon these invading monsters have been mating, because there are condoms scattered everywhere."


Sam laughs, hitches up his boxers, dives into the pool, swims twenty lengths at speed, and then comes and sits with us. "That's better. Now what was it you were saying about arse cheeks, Rob, apart from the fact that you are one?"


"Touch?, Sam. Would you like a couple of bacon rolls?"


"Yes, please, but make it four... and one of your special coffees. I need to get my strength back up for tonight."


Rob grins, and goes off to make Sam's breakfast.


I throw a rolled up serviette at Sam. "Well, how did it go, Rasputin?"


"Brilliant. I think she loves me, and she wants to see me when we get back."


I giggle. "You'll be alright inviting her to your place. She'll think she's in Iraq when she sees the place and hears old man Saunders next door, fucking and cursing and throwing stuff."


Sam's laughing now. "I know. I've been trying to put her off, but she's got a car, and she says she'll come and stay weekends. I've made it worse, because I said we live in a posh house."


Its ages before our uncontrollable laughter subsides to giggles. "How the fuck are you going to get out of that?"


"I dunno. I'll have to meet her at your place. Ask Rob if I can."


Rob arrives with the bacon rolls and coffee. "What have you got to ask Rob?"


I explain everything. Rob's in stitches and he tells Sam to `Do one, and get out of it yourself, unless you have a m?nage A trois with Jimmy and me tonight'. Sam gives him an erect, middle finger.




It's one o'clock, and Sam and I are on Centianes Beach near Carvoeiro, which is a great place, with fine sand and russet coloured rocks that tower about us. We place our towels on the sand, apply loads of sun cream to each other, and prepare to spend a day here. There's also a small restaurant nearby where we can have something to eat. (We spent the morning in Lagos, getting some presents to take home, and then left Rob at the villa to do some work.) After a quick swim together, I come back and lie on my towel on the warm sand, because Sam goes too far out for me. I can see him now, about two hundred yards out, slowly ploughing his way through the water like a seal. I know I won't see him for about an hour, because he loves being in the water, so I settle back and soak up the sun.


I'm missing Rob. Spoilsport! He's got to work, because he's so behind with everything that's gone on. He says he's almost finished the meat and bones of his new book, though, and then he can edit it at a more leisurely pace when we get home, and then I can get more of him. `More of him'. Yes, I do want more of him. I'm looking forward to going home. But I'm going to miss this place when we do, because I've fallen in love with it; but when we're home, he'll be all mine. I love Sam being with us, but it's not the same as being a proper couple. There've been times when we've been here that I've looked at Rob, and just wanted to go and kiss him, because I love him so much, but I couldn't, because Sam or other people have been around us. It's also been difficult texting and speaking to Rob's mum. I've managed to send a few texts, and spoken to her twice while we've been here. She's lovely, and treats me like I was already one of her own. I told her about the night Rob was upset, and how I managed to help him through it, and she said she was pleased I was doing her job for her, and I told her I've seen him on a number of occasions when he was upset and trying to hide it. We both said we knew where he was - with his dad. I said he was also missing his mum. I've got her a nice present to take back. She's back at her own home now, alone, and I've got to do some scheming so I can go with Rob when he goes to see her when we get back. I'll think of a way. I also want to get home so that I can make love to him whenever I want. I miss our spontaneous lovemaking that happens when we look at each other in a certain way at certain moments. No words: our eyes say what we're thinking. It's wonderful to know that the person I love most in the world is thinking exactly as I am. Our sex is great, because we give to the other that which pleases us most. And it's fun. The sex I had with Chris, and my picture wrestler lovers, was just lust. Ours - mine and Rob's - is different. We can spend much of the time laughing before we fuck, and Rob panders to my perverted thoughts by telling me tales he's discovered from my comments. When he was telling me the tale of the small, poor boy, I wanted to be a lot younger than I am. I wanted to be Jordan in his arms. Phew! That was great! I reckon I wouldn't be jealous if I could watch him making love to Jordan. Jimmy Turner, you are one kinky sod!


These thoughts are giving me a hard on, and I need to hide it. Besides, the sun is burning my front now, so I need to turn over. As I do, I notice a guy about age twenty-two, lying on his front, on a towel, about five yards away. He's unashamedly watching me, and instinct tells me that he'd like to fuck me. I'll bet he's got a hard on, too. He's half decent looking, sort of Mediterranean, with a large nose, good muscular body, and a great tan. I think about turning my head away, but decide against it. Instead, I lie on my front, head facing him, and almost close my eyes. I'm going to play a game with him, because I'm sure he fancies me, so I open my mouth more than slightly, and lick my lips in long circular motions.  Sure enough, he looks around (there's a family about ten yards behind him, and because I'm lying by a rock formation, I know there's no one behind me), and then he turns onto his side. Jeezus, I don't know what he's got inside those shorts, but it's not a pencil he's fondling openly, and now he's got his mouth open, and his tongue is flicking in and out, an unmistakable imitation of licking Willie, or he's putting it up my arse, and then, brazenly, he puts his hands in his shorts and pulls it out. Blimey, he's got the biggest dick I've ever seen; like a donkey, and one I most certainly don't want inside me, unless I was prepared to go for surgery after he'd fucked me, and now, he's slowly running his hand up and down it's full length. Although my eyes are almost closed, I'm certain he knows I'm watching him; a bit like the Uncle Pete scenario. I need to give him a bit of encouragement, so I open my legs wide and make muscular movements that lift my arse off the towel ever so slightly, in unison with him stroking his dick. He soon gets the idea, and, together, we fuck until he shoots his load in long spurts into the sand in front of him. If I could have stuck a finger up my arse, I would have, too. After he's stopped panting, and his erection subsides, he slips Donkey Dick back into his shorts, throws sand over his cum, grins, winks, gets up, and walks away, just as Sam arrives and lies down beside me. Oh my God; I'm going to have great sex with Rob tonight when I tell him this.


"What are you grinning at? (I tell Sam what's just happened.) You dirty pair of bastards! Come on. Let's go and get something to eat."


At that moment, I could happily leave him to his own devices and run all the way back to the villa and take Rob to bed, but we go to the restaurant, which is up some steps on the beach, and Donkey Dick is sitting at the table immediately behind Sam. He smiles, and I smile back. I don't tell Sam what I'm doing as I make myself as young and good looking and sexy as I can be, and then talk loudly about going home to England tomorrow, and slip in my first name, and say how I can't wait to be alone with my Robert, and what great fun it was to meet him when I was his paperboy. Sam is a bit puzzled at my attitude and enthusiastic openness about Rob and me, but he probably thinks I'm talking out loud because I'm excited at the prospect of going back to live with Rob... and everything that's to come in the future. He certainly doesn't know that I'm telling Donkey Dick all about myself, and by the time we've finished our meal, there isn't much left to tell. Donkey Dick asks for something, and a waiter brings him some notepaper and an envelope. I watch him writing for quite a while, and when he's finished, he seals the note in the envelope, gives it to the waiter when he pays his bill, looks me straight in the eyes, smiles and winks. Only when we ask for the bill do I discover what he's been up to, when the waiter tells us the bill has already been paid, and that the envelope is for me. I open it, and read what's in it.


Jimmy, I not speak good English. It good fun today. You are beautiful. You be in my sleep for a long years. I not forget you. Have good life with Robert. He lucky male. My name Didier. I live Bordeaux. Tel: 003355652XXXX. You ever want friend, you telephone. If you not, have good life.


Au revoir et bonne chance.


I loved you.




Sam is puzzled as I read the note. "Who's paid that bill, and what are you laughing at Turner?"


I ignore Sam, call the waiter, ask for a pen (which he brings), tear off the lower half of the notepaper that's not written on, and begin to write. My French is not too bad.


Dear Didier. Merci.  Il a ?t? amusant. Votre penis tuer moi. Haha. Ayez une bonne vie. Au revoir et bonne chance. Jimmy. XXX


(Dear Didier. Thank you. It was fun. Your penis would kill me. Haha. Have a good life. Farewell and good luck. Jimmy. XXX)


Then I get up and demand that Sam lead the way out past Didier's table, and, as I pass, I slip the note to him. For a short moment, he catches my fingers, looks into my eyes, and then releases them. I return the look, and leave with Sam. As we're walking away, I turn around, and I can see Didier laughing.


Sam's puzzled, and furious. "What the fuck was that all about, Turner?"


"Donkey Dick was sitting behind you, and he's paid the bill and gave me this." I hand the note to him, and carry on walking. Sam's behind me now, giggling away like a mad man.


"Fucking Hell, Turner; you attract gays like you're a jar of honey. What did you put in the note you wrote?"


"I told him his dick was too big, and that it would kill me."


"You didn't say that?"


"I did."


Now we're both laughing as we head off to Carvoeiro, and laughing even more when we're selecting some condoms for Sam from a large range of many colours and shapes. We choose black ones with warts on, as well as some ordinary ones, and we can't stop giggling as the girl shop assistant goes red-faced when Sam asks her what the warts are for. Today has been fun, and late afternoon, still giggling, we arrive back at the villa.


Rob is typing away at his laptop, and looks tired, but he smiles when he sees us giggling. "What have you two been up to?"


I give him a sexy look. "Nothing... really. I've had a French bloke wanking off in front of me and sending me love letters, and Sam has bought some black condoms with warts on. I'll tell you about it in the shower, while Sam's having a dip in the pool. You look tired, and I think you need refreshing. Sod off, Sam!"


Sam chuckles, and goes for a swim, because I've already told him that's what he's got to do when we get back.


Rob laughs, and shakes his head. "I'll just finish this chapter, and then I'll join you."


I walk up to him, lift his chin, rub his nose with mine, and give him a full kiss. "No you won't. I need you now! Desperately!"


The shower is good, and while the water is still running, I make Rob put Eccles in me to his full depth, and we fuck for ages. Climax after climax shudders through me, and even Rob is extra sexy as he almost crushes me as he thrusts into me ferociously while I tell him everything about Didier Donkey Dick, and, afterwards, on the sofa, I give him the note, and snuggle into his arms as he reads it. When he's read it, I look up into his eyes. He looks into mine, kisses me, tells me that he loves me more than anything in the world, and that Didier has good taste. I give him a smug grin, and tell him that I know he does.




I'm sort of sad as we arrive at Antonio's. This is our last night before we jet back to England. Despite it being a working one, this holiday has been great, and everything that has made it so wonderful is my Jimmy, who, on this occasion, has chosen to sit beside me, and, with his hand under the table, is stroking the top of my thigh.  Bridie is on the other side of him. To my left is an empty seat. R's husband, Brian, has an upset tummy, because of something he's eaten, and declined to join us. We order couvert: small pieces of hard bread, served with a selection of olives, cheeses, ham and sardine paste; and drinks: house white and red, and beers for the boys, and chilled Coke for the youngsters. I'm getting some special loving from Jimmy tonight, because, as soon as he's sorted his food onto his side plate, his hand keeps returning to my thigh, and he even lays his head on my shoulder as a display of affection. He doesn't usually do this, and I take the opportunity, when we look at each other, to quietly ask him why the special loving.


He whispers in my ear. "Because Didier Donkey Dick is sitting on his own, two tables away from the bar over there, and I want to tell him that I'm with the only man in my life, and he's got no chance."


I'm quite moved by Jimmy's words, and look across, and spot the lone diner. Didier isn't too bad. He's quite handsome in a rugged sort of way. "He's not bad... for a bit of rough. He looks lonely. Shall I invite him over? I can move up, and you can sit next to him, and play with Donkey all evening."


Jimmy giggles. "Don't you dare! Besides, I can feast my eyes on him from here."


"I know. And that's why I'm going to ask him to join us." I ignore Jimmy's frantic, mumbled protests, excuse myself from the table, and go across to Jimmy's `loverboy'. In fluent French, I introduce myself. "Hello Didier. I'm Jimmy's lover. Would you care to join us? There's a spare seat at our table, but you'll have to forgive me if I seat you next to me, and not Jimmy."


Didier is slightly taken aback, but soon recovers. He laughs. "He's told you about today?"


"Oh yes. Jimmy and I have no secrets."


"And you're not angry with me?"


"No. Jimmy's very beautiful, and I suspect you're not the only one who will fall for the sexy little creature. Besides, I know what a flirt he can be. Just so long as it's flirting, I don't have any problems with it. As a matter of fact, it's part of the reason why I love him."


"He loves you very much. You're a lucky man."


"Yes he does, and I know I am. What's your second name?"




"Well, Didier Rouvere, would you like to join us, and I'll introduce you as an acquaintance of mine who works in the publishing business? I'm a writer, and the company we're with won't question you about it, because they're in the TV business, and know nothing of the publishing and writing world. If you join us, you'll be doing us both a favour. I can punish him for his indiscretions, and you can get to know my Jimmy better, which will give you something to think about when you go to bed in the long years ahead of you."


Didier laughs. "I like you, Robert, and I know why Jimmy loves you now. You both have a mischievous sense of humour. I will join you, for both reasons. Thank you. Can I sit by him?"


I laugh now. "No, you cannot! I'll keep you to my left, where I know he's safe from that enormous appendage of yours."


Didier is still laughing at my last comment as he joins us at our table. I introduce him, and I'm pleased at Jimmy's red face, and it gets better when he's shy as he shakes hands with our new guest. This punishment is going to be fun. Sam, sitting with his own lover across the table, knows what's going on, and he's having difficulty keeping a straight face. For a while, Jimmy ignores us, and concentrates on Bridie, but his natural inquisitiveness gets the better of him when we're on the main course. He's also on his second beer, and that helps, as he peers around me, and asks Didier how old he is.


"Twenty-four. Yes?"


"Vingt et quatre?"


"Oui. How old you, Jimmy?"


"Sixteen. Seize."


And the ice is broken, but as the evening progresses, Jimmy becomes less interested in Didier, and concentrates on Bridie and Jordan, who is seated furthest away from us on the other side of the table. I suspect the seating arrangements are not an accident, and he's been put there for `his own good'. The meal is over, and we leave. Antonio comes with us, and gives us a good send off. Didier, who is going the opposite way to us, shakes hands with me, and I turn away. Only Jimmy is left, and I walk away and leave them. In only a very short time, he's by my side, and holding my arm. Sam and Jessica are off with a `we'll see you later', no doubt to make arse prints in the sand. At our parting point, we all say our goodbyes, and Bridie has a long, special hug from Jimmy, and they both promise to keep in touch. Jordan gives me a good smile, and a warm handshake, and then breaks away from the group with Jimmy, and they chat for a while, just out of earshot. When they shake hands, I notice Jordan put something in his pocket, and I know that James Turner, The Social Worker, is present.


We're on our own now; Jimmy and I, as we walk very slowly back to the villa. He's linking my arm, and resting his head against my shoulder. "It didn't take you long to say goodbye to Didier. I thought you might have slipped away and given him one."


"He asked me for a last kiss, so I just walked away from him."


"You didn't shake hands?"


"No. I'm sorry, Rob."


"What are you sorry about?"


"For flirting with him. I need to learn not to do it."


"Yes you do, or one day it will get you into trouble. Jimmy, this world is made up of all sorts of bastards, and you need to understand that. For all we know, he could be following us now, and we don't know what could happen. (Jimmy turns round and looks back down the street.) No, he isn't. I've checked a few times. I don't trust anyone where you're concerned, so I want you to promise me not to do anything so daft again."


Jimmy stops, and hugs me. "I'm sorry, Rob. I promise you faithfully, I won't. It was daft. Now will you promise me something? Will you promise that you'll never be unfaithful to me?"


"Of course I will, as long as you promise me the same, while we're together. We don't use condoms, and we won't need them as long as we're not promiscuous."


"But you can catch it off girls, too, can't you?"


"Yes, but as long as I've got you, there won't be any girls. When I say I'll be faithful to you, it means I won't have sex with anyone, including the ladies." We begin walking again.


"And I won't tease donkey dicks again. I'll settle for your little one."


"You cheeky sod! You'll have to get on your knees to make up for that insult!"


Jimmy gurgles with laughter. "I know... that's why I said it."


Our talk has done us both good, and there's no amusement as we make love in bed, nor any room for fantasies on this, our last night in Portugal: just Jimmy and I, and all we are, and we lie in each other's arms and kiss and fondle and stroke each other, and make love, even long after we hear Sam get in. Reluctantly, I set the alarm for eight, because we have to catch the twelve-thirty flight back home, and we haven't packed yet.


It's back to reality tomorrow, and then what problems will life bring to us? I know there will be some. Life is never all honey and cream.


To be continued...



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