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Jimmy the Love-Virus. 


By John T. S. Teller. 


Part twenty-three.


Jimmy's lying cuddled in my arms, and tickling my nose with his when Debbie comes to do the cleaning at eight o' clock and shouts up the stairs, "Anybody at home?"


Jimmy doesn't move his head. "Bugger off, Mrs R. Make us a coffee, and bring it up here."


Debbie yells back upstairs. "You've got no chance. Get your arse down here, Turner, if it's not too sore, you cheeky young sod!"


I talk in a whisper to Jimmy. "It's a good job she doesn't know how sore it really is."


"It isn't sore; it's just a bit tender. You aren't big enough to make it sore."


I laugh. "Perhaps you should get Donkey Dick to serve you next time, then."


"No thanks. This is a bit like the three bears. Donkey Dick is too big; Coughing Fucker is too small; but you're just right. Is Eccles ok?"


"Not really. I think he's beyond repair. I'm going online today and buy you a dildo. What size do you want?"


"It's about time you bought me one! We'll get Eccles hard, measure him up, take a picture of him, and ask if they can send one just like him. Shall we go down for some coffee? I don't want Mrs M's. She makes crap coffee. I like yours best. I'll have a shower while you're doing it. Don't tell her anything about yesterday. Just say I went out and got drunk with some mates."


"No, I'm not doing that. I don't tell lies. I'll tell her we just fell out, and leave it at that. I don't think it's a good idea to say you got drunk."


"OK. I'll just tell her to mind her own business. Go and make the coffee."


Debs is looking at me when I walk into the kitchen in my dressing gown. "I've just put the kettle on. You two can make your own coffee."


"He says he doesn't like your coffee, anyway, Debs. He says its crap. I've got to make him some in the percolator. Which reminds me. See if any has fallen off the back of that lorry lately. I'm running out."


"Where was he yesterday? Our Sam was having a fit, and Paula wasn't too pleased."


"It doesn't matter now. He's ok, and that's all that matters."


"A lover's tiff, eh?"


"Sort of. I should leave him alone if I was you, or you'll just get a load of verbals. You know what he's like. He can go up like a bottle of pop if the mood takes him."


Debbie laughs. "I can take care of myself with young Turner. Not many can, but I can, and do you know why that is Rob?"


"Of course I do. He loves you to bits, and he knows you love him to bits. Once you've got that between you, you can get away with anything with him. It's those he doesn't think anything of, that need to watch their step."


"It hasn't taken you long to suss him out. How are you two getting on?"


"Like a chip pan on fire. I would have got burned a couple of times if I didn't know how to put out the flames. By the way, I should have an answer today on the offers I've made for your two properties. If I get the call this morning, I'll need to go to the solicitors again afterwards."


"Do you think you'll get them?"


"I really don't know. They rejected the first offer, which I expected them to do. It was ridiculously low. David Wright is doing the bidding. He knows what he's about, and he'll try and meet them somewhere in the middle now. I'll let you know as soon as I know."


Jimmy walks in, in his oversized dressing gown. Debbie looks at him, and grins. "Who gave you a thick lip then, Young Turner?"


Jimmy points at me. "Him. Bully Boy there."


Debbie laughs. "I'm glad somebody can get the better of you. That's a first."


I look at Jimmy, and he grins. I need to put him back on a level par. "It was an accident, Debs. I wouldn't harm a hair on his gorgeous blond head. Besides, only an idiot would pick a fight with him."


Jimmy knows what I'm doing, and repays me in kind. "That makes you an idiot then, Spencer."


Debbie is giggling like a schoolgirl. "Ah, so it was a lover's tiff then. Never mind, all's well that ends well, and I can see that you two are ok now, even if one of you has battle scars. It's a long time ago since I did it, but it's the making up that's the best part. I've had some really great times making up. Our little Tracey came out of the last time I did it."


Jimmy snarls at her. "Don't be so disgusting, Mrs M. Are them coffees ready, Rob?"


I place the tray on the table, put his cup of coffee in front of him, add two sugars and some cream, and stir it. And then I do the same for Debbie (less the sugar), who is now sitting by the side of Jimmy. She thanks me, puts an arm around Jimmy, and he snuggles easily, without protest, into her, and then asks Debs how Sam is.


"I think he's coming round here today, if you don't come round ours."


"I'll go yours, if it's ok with Rob. I want to see mum as well. Will that be ok, Rob? We haven't got anything special to do today, have we?"


"No. That's fine with me. I've got to go to the solicitors again, and I've got to go and see David at the bank. I'll give him your best regards. He's quite fond of you."


Jimmy, knowing Debbie can't see him, glares at me. "I think I'll make an appointment to see him myself. I need some advice about my credit card."


I keep a straight face. "I'm sure he'll help you. Just give him a ring. He'll probably arrange to meet you somewhere. He loves to sneak off from the bank on the pretence that he needs to speak personally to someone. You might be lucky and get a free lunch, except that there's no such thing as a free lunch. He'll want something in return. I know how he works. That's why he has the villa for a couple of weeks every year. That doesn't mean he isn't a nice guy. You two will get on well." With an amused scowl on his face, Jimmy gives up. He might be a bruiser, but he knows when it comes to banter, I always deliver the coup de grâce.


"Right, you two; get out of my kitchen. I've got work to do."


I boot up the PC before taking a shower, while Jimmy dresses. When I come out of the bathroom, he lies on the bed and watches me dress, and then I sit beside him and follow the contours of his face with my finger as I look down at him, and he's passive as my hands and eyes explore every inch of him that's available to me. "Text me every hour. Ok?"


"Stop worrying about me; I'm ok now."


"I know you are. We both are now. I need a text from you to know you're thinking about me, because I need to keep reassuring myself how lucky I am to have you. Oh, and when you're at your mum's, root me out some pictures of you when you were little."


"What do you want those for?"


"You'll be at college next week; so while you're away, I'm going to make love to the little you in secret. I'm going to be a real pervert."


Jimmy's eyes are gleaming. "I've got a special one for you then."


"What is it?"


"Never you mind! I'll show you when we go to bed. Right, bugger off, because Willie's getting excited again."


"So is Eccles."


"Order that Dildo."


"I will. Come on, let's go. I'll give you a kiss by the door."


Jimmy has been gone just over an hour, and I've had three texts.


1) I luv u. XXX


2) Dont forget the dildo. XXX


3) Got the foto. U will luv this, peedo. XXX


The third one came in on silent as I was doing a radio interview sales pitch on the phone about my latest book, and I nearly started laughing as I read it.




When I walk out of David's office, I can't wait to tell the girls that my offer for the two houses has been accepted, but I will wait. This is a time for celebration, and I've got to speak to someone, so I ring Jimmy.


He answers the phone. "Hi Rob. Are you ok? Where are you?"


"Yes, I'm fine. I'm in the car outside the Bank. Missing you like mad, of course. I've got some good news, but I want to keep it between us. Nobody else can hear us, can they? Where are you?"


"I'm at mum's, with Sam. We're online, looking at some dildos."


I laugh. "Have you seen any you like?"


"About twenty. It's ok, you can talk."


"Right. The offers for the two houses have been accepted. We need to celebrate. Do you fancy an Italian tomorrow night with all the gang?


"Yes, that will be great. Do you want me to sort it with everybody? What time will it be? Can I tell Sam?"


"Yes, you can tell Sam, but tell him to say nothing. We don't want to leave it too late because of little Tracey. Do you think seven will be ok?"


"I'll have a word with mum and Mrs M, and then get back to you."


"OK. By the way, I've had an offer off David to have a night out with him. Do you want me to take him up on his offer?"


Jimmy answers matter of fact. "Yes, but include me. We'll have ménage à trois. Now that would be good, don't you think?"


"I reckon so. Better than inviting Coughing Fucker."


Jimmy laughs. "I should have stuck one on you last night."


"In your dreams, Hard Boy. You'll never be big enough. What time will I see you?"


"Why, are you missing me?"


"Not really. I'm dying to see that photo."


"I'm going to have tea with mum before she goes to work, so I'll be home about eight. Can Sam stop at our place tonight?"


"No! Not tonight! Maybe tomorrow night."




"Because I want to do something special tonight, and I've got a hard on just thinking about it."


I hear Jimmy giggling. "What are you up to?"


"Never you mind!"


"Sounds good. I'll be home alone then. I can come now if you want."


"No, don't do that. The best things are worth waiting for. Try and sort things ASAP for tomorrow night, and then get back to me so I can book a table."


"Ok. I'll ring you after I've spoken to mum and Mrs M. Hey, Big Fella, I love you more than anything in the world."


"Same here. Spike your hair up for me before you come home."




"Because it makes you look dead cute. Right, I'll see you later. Love you."


"Love you, too."


I ring off, and start the engine of the car, and I'm grinning when I think what I'm going to do next.




I've never been in a sex shop before, and I'm amazed at the lack of subtlety of the young lady who serves me, when she asks if I'm straight or gay; and when I say I'm gay, she asks if I have anything particular in mind.


"I'm looking for a dildo."


"Right, come with me." She takes me into another room, and the walls are filled with every shape, size, and colour imaginable. "Does anything take your fancy?"


Some do, and when I've left the sex shop, I call at a stationers and buy some gift wrap and tags, and then I drive home. It's only just turned one, so that means I've got another seven hours before Jimmy gets back, unless he gets curious and comes home early. I've just settled down with a coke and a ham sandwich, when... Beep. Beep. Diddly dah do dah.


VIRUS: Sorted. 7 ok 4 italian. Wot u up 2? LOL. XXX


Me: Ok. Will book table. Nothing. *smiley face*. XXX


VIRUS: U r. I no u. Tell me. *smiley face* XXX


Me: Surprise. U will like it. U dun your hair? LOL. XXX


VIRUS: Goin hairdrssrs saftnoon an av a no 2. *evil smiley face* XXX




VIRUS: Haha. LOL. LOL. Wot it worth not 2? *evil smiley face* XXX


Me: Im on my nees. *sad face* XXX


VIRUS: LOL. I cum home now. LOL. XXX


Me: LOL. Go away. Got sum work 2 do. Speak laters. Luv u. XXX


VIRUS: Luv u 2. Mor than u ever no. Txt u ltr. Luv u. XXX


Strangely, I'm at a part of my latest book, near the end, where I can use the sex shop scenario, and I'm giggling as I write the plot. In between, I do another radio interview, speak to mum, answer a mail from my agent, Clive, and receive a number of texts from Jimmy. He's inquisitive, and I spend the day text fencing with him. I can sense from his texts that we are almost back to normal; even better than it was before his rendezvous with Coughing Fucker, and his almost disastrous end on the railway line. During the night of our fight, and making up afterwards, he told me everything he'd done during the day, and why he'd done it. I nearly crushed him to death when I realised how near I had been to losing him, and I was really angry with myself for the way I'd treated him before I stormed off to bed. But, perversely, it had been the right thing to do, because it made him angry, too, and we were able to reconcile our anger with our passions. Even after his initial, lustful revenge, he spent the next hour mauling and biting me, culminating in him biting Eccles so hard that I've needed pain killers since, and I've even begun a course of antibiotics, which I keep in for injuries that I'm pretty sure will require them. The injury to Eccles brought him to his senses, and he spent the next hour weeping as he tried his best to make up for his outburst. Of course, it didn't stop me taking great pleasure in pleasuring him, but with Eccles out of action, he lost some of his fun. I tried my best to make up for it, and during the rest of our lovemaking, I pleasured him until even Jimmy was drained... and that was a first. During our lovemaking, I was astonished at Jimmy's ability to achieve multiple climaxes without a break. They were dry, of course, but even the slightest of my caresses to his erogenous zones resulted in him achieving shuddering, sexual pleasures. There were also many moments when sex was non-existent, and the deep love we have for one another shut everything out. It had been a difficult night, but one that was necessary if we are to spend the rest of our lives together. Learning can be both painful, and pleasurable.


During the day, because I want to know more about sexual libido, I trawl the internet for information, and I'm amazed that Jimmy is amongst many who can achieve what he does. During the night, jokingly, he had referred to himself as a `freak'. Of course, I admonished him for it, but I thought he was not far from the truth. Now, reading detailed analyses of multiple sexual climaxes, I'm beginning to think Jimmy is right when he refers to me as a `Wuss'. Jimmy has his own folder in my `favourites', so I create a sub-folder within it, and save all the relevant web pages in it for him to look at later.


Jimmy arrives home at ten past eight - breathless. He's run home, he says, because he can't wait to see what his surprise is.


"Hmmm... that's nice. I thought you might have run home because you love me."


He grins, comes to me, pulls my head down, and kisses me fiercely, pulls away, still holding my head in his hands, and looks directly into my eyes. "Rob, do you know what I'm thinking now? (I shake my head.)  Just the same thing I think a thousand times a day. I just love you, and I don't want to live without you."


I smile, and kiss him a thank you, and then I lead him to the PC, and open his folder. "Open the sub-folder and read what I found for you; for us." And I leave him reading through the web pages I discovered during the day, and go and make coffee for us both.


After a while, he comes into the dining room, and grins. "I said you were a Wuss."


"You're right, and you're not a freak either. Have your coffee, and then go and get a shower... and then you can spike your hair up afterward. It's a good job you didn't have a number two, or I'd throw you out. Oh, and where's that photo you said you'd got?"


"I've got two. I'll get them out of my coat pocket, and I'll give them to you when I get my surprise."


"Then you'll be waiting a long time."


We go to the bedroom, and Jimmy is surprised that I don't join him in the shower. When I show him the state of Eccles, he's full of remorse. "Christ, Rob, is he ok?!"


"He'll be ok, but he's out of action for a while."


"Why are we going to bed then?"


I wink at him. "That's the surprise. Now go and get your shower, and then you can show me the photos."


Jimmy points to the two envelopes on the dressing table, and tells me not to touch them... or else. After his shower, he walks out of the bathroom, naked, sits at the dressing table, and blow-dries his hair. And then he applies gel, spikes it up, and turns to me. "Is that cute enough for you?"


"Eccles thinks so. Now show me the photos." He hands one to me, and I open it, and start laughing. Who took this?"


"Mum. I was only four at the time, and I was a stroppy little sod if I was poorly. She tried all ways to take my temperature, but I was having none of it, so she waited until I was asleep on the sofa, and then stuck the thermometer up my bum. I reckon that was the defining moment when I became a homo."


We're laughing as we study the photo together. At that age, Jimmy was sheer perfection. Jimmy asks if I like it. "I love it. Can I keep it?"


"Of course you can. Do you want to fantasize about it?"


"Don't be silly. This little beauty is beyond sex. I love him because he's so innocent. I'll treasure this all my life. Do you mind if I give him a perfectly platonic kiss on his beautiful, peachy bum?" Jimmy nods his acceptance, and I kiss the bum of the baby boy who is now my lover, and then I get off the bed.


"Where are you going?"


"I'm taking Cute Boy downstairs, and I'm going to put him in my desk drawer, and then take him out and kiss his bum a dozen times a day. But he doesn't belong in our bedroom. Do you mind?" Jimmy shakes his head. When I get back, Jimmy's propped up on his pillows, and the other envelope is on mine. So I lie on my front beside him, open the envelope, and study the photo. It's Jimmy at a much older age, dressed in footy top and shorts, and he's sitting on the grass, his hands behind him, propping him up, and his legs are open wide. "How old were you then?"




I can see your Tesco underpants at the top of those beautiful inner thighs."


"I know. Sexy isn't it?"


"Dead right it is."


"Would you?"


I study it for a while longer. "Let's put it this way; if I was thirteen or fourteen at the time, I'd be camping on your doorstep."


"Yes, but would you now?"


I take my time before answering. "Yes, but only if I knew exactly what I know about you now. Are you disappointed that I wouldn't with Cute Boy?"


"No. If you had wanted him, I'd lose a lot of respect for you. But I knew you wouldn't. It's the difference between you and them."


"You and them? Uncle Pete and Chris, you mean?"


"Yes. They would have done it to little Cute Boy."


"I think you're right. Anyway, time for your surprise. Are you ready?"


Jimmy is grinning now, and his eyes are bright. "What are you going to do to me?"


I give him a devilish look. "Nothing. But I've got some friends who are. They're in the other bedroom waiting for you. Shall I introduce you to them?"


Jimmy's face turns from a grin to a serious expression. "You're kidding me, aren't you?"


"No. Wait here and I'll go get them." I get off the bed, leave the room, and return with a gift-wrapped shoebox, and I can see the relief on his face as I give it to him. Here you are; our new friends."


He's grinning broadly when he unwraps the box, and he bursts out laughing when he sees the contents. "Where did you get these from?" While he's fiddling with them and examining the four dildos, I tell him about my escapade in the sex shop, and he throws a staccato of questions at me about my experience. Finally, he gives me a disgruntled glare. "You forgot the bloody batteries."


"No I didn't. I need a kiss before you get them." Almost before I've finished speaking, he's straddled on top of me, planting kiss after kiss on me, until I'm almost breathless. "Gerroff! They're in the top drawer of the dressing table, together with a new stock of KY."


He gets them, and sits straddled on my tummy while he fits the batteries, and then he starts playing with each in turn. "We'll have to name them. What shall we call them?"


I fondle an erect Willie, and grin at Jimmy. "I dunno. It's up to you. They're your toys. Willie's excited. You'd better ask him."


Jimmy looks down, and watches me playing with him, and grins. "You'd better be careful doing that, or you'll need the towel." Now he's in a really mischievous mood, and he selects a dildo, weighs it in his hand, turns it round and round, and then kisses it. "This one is definitely Spencer. (I laugh.) And this small one is Jordan. (I pull an admonishing face, call him a paedo, and he giggles.) Now let me see. This one is the bloke who was giving me the eye all night when we were in The Crown, but I don't know his name."


"Call him Mr X then."


Jimmy winks at me. "Good idea. Mr X it is then. Now what about this one? I think I know who he is."




Jimmy smirks. "You've got one guess."


"I reckon you've got a crush on David."


"Dead right I have. He's gorgeous. I get a hard on every time I look at him."


"I reckon you two are made for each other. Let me know when you've had enough of me, and you two can fuck off: lock, stock, and four smoking dildos."


When Jimmy has stopped laughing, he kisses me, and grins. "I love it when you're jealous."


"I'm not jealous."


"Yes you are, and it's nice. Shall we put David to work?"


"You can piss off. It's Spencer first, or nobody, now!"


"Spencer it is then. Right, gerroff your backside, and let battle commence."


"No chance. I'm going to make us a coffee first."


"No you're not. I've got something better than coffee for you. It'll put more hairs on your chest. Open your mouth, because Willie needs some loving while Spencer's doing his job."


After three wonderful hours of fun and sex and multiple orgasms by Jimmy, I finally get to make the coffee.


Life with Jimmy is getting better each passing day. Yes, we've had our battles, but will it continue to stay like this? With all my heart and soul, I hope so...


To be continued...



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