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Jimmy the Love-Virus. 


By John T. S. Teller. 


Part seven. 


A smile has not left Jimmy's face since we began the drive. I know where I'm heading... out of town, to another town about twenty miles away. I don't need chatting tongues putting two and two together and coming up with the right answer on my own doorstep. We reach the edge of our town, and the road changes into a dual-carriageway by a set of traffic lights. Over the lights is a continuation of the dual-carriageway for about six miles. I know it well. No speed cameras. But I have a problem... one I'm used to. We're in a Ferrari, and by the side of us is a BMW 5 series. I know exactly what will happen if I want it to. I don't look directly at the driver: I can see him in my peripheral vision. He's about my age, and he has his girlfriend with him in the passenger seat. Perfect. "Jimmy. We got ourselves a race. Are you up for it?"


"It's a Beamer! Can we beat him?"


"Oh yes. Shall we?"


Jimmy giggles, and sinks into his seat. "Go on then."


The lights change: red and amber: green for go. In four seconds, I'm doing sixty, and he's almost fifty yards behind me. After a few more seconds, I lift the throttle and our speed drops from 120 mph to just seventy. BMW shoots past us, and the driver gives me the two fingers.


Jimmy gives me a puzzled look. "Why have you slowed down?"


I laugh. "The cops might be on this road, and if they are, they'll be about halfway along it. They have their own lay-bye set up high on the left. You can't see them until it's too late. Let's see, shall we." Sure enough, as we approach the end of the dual carriageway, there's Schumacher in his BMW parked up in a lay-bye, and a cop car with its lights flashing, parked behind him. Gotcha! Jimmy's beaming. I grin at him. "How many Brownie points do I get for that then?"


Jimmy laughs. "Ten."


I laugh. "Do Brownie points make prizes?"




We're flashing each other flirting glances, as I drive carefully towards town. "What's my prize?"


"You might find out later. Shut up now"




"Cus you're giving me a hard-on, that's why." Jimmy turns away and looks through his side-window. "We've just passed a McDonald's."


"Yes, I know we have."


Jimmy throws a puzzled look at me. "Why?"


"Because I'm enjoying this drive with you so much that I don't want it to end. Do you mind?"


"No. I don't want it to end either."


"Shall we just drive then, and then get a drive-through, and go back home? I have to be back by seven."


"Yes. Why do you have to be back by seven?"


"Mum and Dad are in Monaco, and I promised I'd ring them at seven."


"What are they like . . .  your Mum and Dad?"


"They're great, but I don't want to talk about them. I want to talk about us."


Jimmy shrugs his shoulders. "Ok. Can I ask you a question?"


I look at him. He's serious again now. "Anything."


His eyes meet mine full on. "Have you ever been with somebody as young as me before?"


I look away. "No. I've had a couple of relationships, but they weren't as young as you."


"Did you love them?"




"Have you been seeing anybody recently, apart from that bird?"


"A male you mean? (He nods.) No. In fact I haven't had a same-sex relationship since I left Uni four years ago."


"Is sex with me different than having it with a girl?"


"Yes. But not for the reasons you think."


"What then?"


"Because I don't just want sex with you. In fact, when I was on my way back from London, all I wanted to do was to kiss you and hold you. It was only after I'd done that, that I wanted sex with you. How about you? Have you had sex with another male before?"




It's a short and sweet `yes', and Jimmy drops his head as he says it, so I ask gently, "Don't you want to talk about it? You don't have to if you don't want."


"Not now, Rob. This is our special time, and I don't want to think about anything else. I promise I will tell you one day... but not now, please."


I squeeze his knee as acceptance that I won't pursue the matter. "No probs. Shall we get a drive through now?" He smiles, and nods. I'm puzzled. The ambience of the drive has changed because of my questions. "What are you having?"


"Big Mac and fries, please, and a Coke."


I wink at him. "I'll have the same. Then we have some unfinished business."


Jimmy gives me a rolley eyes. "What unfinished business?"


"You did it twice to my once, after Debs left. I need to even it up."


"That's because you're an old perv, and I'm a young and virile one."


We began to giggle again. The dark moment is gone... well, at least it's pushed to the back of our minds, and we can start to enjoy our day together again. I make a mental note not to question Jimmy again about his previous experiences. I'll let him volunteer it when he's ready. We get back home, go into the lounge, and sit together on the sofa.


Jimmy links my arm. "What's it like to be a writer? Are you any good at it? What do you write about?"


A triple whammy of questions. "It's ok at times. Sometimes I get fed up of it, and other times I just love it. Yes, I am good at it. I've written and sold a lot of books. I write about different things." I point at one of my bookcases. "There's some there. Go and have a look."


The particular bookcase I point to pretty much contains all my books: multiple complimentary copies of each print, which I give away to friends or family, if they ask for one. Jimmy is quite a while looking at them, and it gives me an opportunity to make my phone call to mum and dad, and, at the same time, feast my eyes on him without being disturbed. Yes, I was right in the assumption that he was about five-feet-six-inches tall, but he's not thin, and neither is he chubby. His head's well shaped, and he has good shoulders, and nice firm buttocks that fill his jeans without stretching them. Just as I finish my phone call, Jimmy turns with a book in his hand, and he holds it up, cover towards me.


"What's this about? I like the cover. Did you design it?"


"B** S******. Yes, I did design that cover, and that's the one book I wouldn't have allowed to be published without using a cover I had designed. Normally, we writers have little say in the matter."


"Why's that?"


"Because I write books, and booksellers sell books. They don't tell me how to write, and I don't tell them how to sell."


Jimmy walks over and sits beside me. "It could be you and me."


I take the book from him, and stare at it. He's right. The cover is a man of about twenty-two, holding a boy of about fourteen. Both are leaning against a blank studio background, and both are wearing jeans, and are naked from the waist up. The man has his arms clasped tightly around the boy's upper body, hugging him as if he's protecting him. The boy is relaxed, knowing that he's in safe hands. The book Jimmy has picked out is the one that deals with the older man/young man relationship. "That cover cost me twelve-hundred quid."


Jimmy whistles. "Wow! That's a lot of money. But it's worth it. It's beautiful. What's the book about?"


"Take it home and read it. I'll sign it for you if you want." He nods enthusiastically. I go to my desk and he follows, and then I write: For Jimmy, with my best wishes for a long and happy life. May all your wishes come true. Keep off my bloody lawn or I'll ki.. your ass!  Love, Rob.


Jimmy laughs. "Is that a promise?"


"Is what a promise?"


"That if I go on your lawn, you'll kiss my ass?"


I laugh.  "I need a pee."


Jimmy looks up and grins. "Do you want me to come and hold it for you?"


I shake my head in feigned disgust, but I'm pleased that we're now close enough to use sexual innuendo without embarrassment. I go for a pee, and when I return, he's flipping through the pages. "What are you looking for?"


"The sexy bits."


I laugh. "There are some in there, but nothing you don't already know. What time shall we get you home?"


"Mum won't be home until about half-past-eleven. If I text her, she won't mind what time I get in, if I tell her I'm with you."


"How long has she known you're gay?"


"I don't keep anything from Mum. She knows how I feel about you. Me and Mum know everything about each other. I told her I was gay when I was twelve. I needn't have bothered. She already knew."


"She's amazing. I think my mum and dad would have a fit if they knew I was."


Jimmy gives me a serious look. "They'll have to find out one day when we're living together."


"I suppose they will. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Shall we go to bed for an hour before I take you back?"


"No. Let's do it here. Can we pretend we're sitting in a cinema, and don't know each other?"


"Kinky! Go and put the lights off, and I'll put the TV on, so it's sort of real. I'll get us a towel."


We sit side by side and close together on the sofa. Very slowly, I move my hand from the top of my own thigh, and my fingers wander onto the top of Jimmy's thigh. He jerks his leg slightly, to acknowledge that he knows what I'm doing, so I slip my whole hand onto his thigh. Both of us are staring directly at the TV as if nothing is happening. I feel Jimmy's hand come onto the top of mine, and he begins to exert pressure to move it towards his crotch. My fingers are tickling the inside of his thighs, and when I'm by his balls, I begin to fondle them. He opens his legs to give me better access. I continue to stroke his thighs, and then I lift my hand to the top of his jeans and undo the button and slide the zip down. Jimmy slides down the sofa a short way so that I can get to him easier, and I slip my hand into his jeans, and begin to stroke his erection through his underpants. It doesn't take long before he does one of his cumming noises, and I feel the throbs as his semen spurts out.


When he's recovered, he looks at me with a silly smirk on his face. "We should go to the pictures more often."


"I don't think so."


He looks puzzled. "Why not?"


Now, I return his silly smirk. "Because I couldn't do in the pictures what I'm going to do now."


Another puzzled look. "And that is?"


I don't answer him. Instead, I kneel on the carpet between his legs, and pull his jeans and underpants off. He's giggling, as I push his legs wide and lick his balls, and the semi-flaccid cock grows back to its `proper' size. He grabs my hair with one hand, and his stiff cock with the other, and shoves it into my mouth. His breathing is short, and his hips are heaving, as I suck him to another climax, and when it happens, I eagerly swallow the residue of his love juices, and then lick him clean.


I'm still sucking the end of his cock when he looks at me and grins and says, "What did you bring a towel for?"


I lick my tongue out at him, and then clean him properly with the towel, take his underpants into the kitchen and wash them in the sink, and put them in the dryer.


When I return to the lounge, he's fondling his semi-flaccid cock, and he nods his head towards it. "Again?"


I laugh. "I'll take you home when your underpants are dry."


He grins. "I was thinking that you might want to keep them and take them to bed with you tonight."


I shake my head. "I'm not into dirty knickers. Just go and have a shower."


After he's had his shower, Jimmy's still bottom-half naked. He snuggles up to me on the sofa and strokes my face, and then asks, "Have you enjoyed today?"


I think for a moment, while I'm fondling his soft buttocks, and then nod. "I can't recall a day in my life when I've been so happy, laughed so much, been so frightened, felt so passionate, and, most important of all, I've never felt so much love for anyone as I do for you. Your underpants will be dry by now, so sod off and get them on so I can take you home."


Jimmy laughs, picks up his jeans, goes into the kitchen, and his eyes twinkle with mischief when he returns with his jeans on. "Not before we do one more thing."


"What's that?"


"I'll show you. Stand up. (I hesitate.) Stand up! I won't bite you! (I stand up, and he takes his shirt off.) Now take your shirt off."


I don't argue; I just take it off and sling it on the sofa. He takes my hand, walks to the desk, picks up the book I'd signed for him, and leads me to the bedroom. I know exactly what he's going to do. He pushes me back against the wall so that my reflection is full length in the long mirror of the wardrobe on the opposite wall, and then he backs into me. I put my arms around him, and he alters our stance until we're exactly like the two people on the cover of the book. It's an uncanny resemblance. We both look at each other through the mirror, and I tighten my hold on him. He relaxes, and we stay like that for a couple of minutes, saying nothing. Then Jimmy turns his head up to me, and looks into my eyes. "I know why you paid so much money for the cover now. I've never felt so safe in my life as I do now. So, whenever I look at the cover of the book again, I won't be seeing the man and boy who are on it; I'll be seeing you and me."


I kiss him on the lips. "I could have saved myself twelve-hundred quid. I never thought I'd better that cover. Just shows how wrong I can be. Right, come on, Romeo, I need to get you home."


I follow Jimmy's directions, and pull onto his Social-Housing estate (he'd asked me to take a long road round so we would miss the local yobbos who congregate by the Late-Shop), and he makes me stop about a hundred yards from his home. I feel the brush of his hand on my leg as he opens the door. "Text me in an hour, Jimmy." And he's gone. I watch him walk to the end of the street where I'm parked, and then gently move the car forward until I can see where he's going. He's across the other side of the road now, and heading towards a monstrous block of flats with a communal door. I'm sickened that my Jimmy has to live in a place like this, and I determine there and then that I'll get him out of there. A car comes from my left, speeding along the narrow road. As it flashes past, my headlights picked out a car full of youngsters. The poor kids. Yes, they're enjoying themselves, but I know full well that their future is bleak... if they live to have a future. That isn't going to happen to my Jimmy. I look at the entrance to his block of flats again. He's gone. Again I stare at them, and then I gun the engine and drive home.


I get out of the car and go into the house. I'd left the lights on. My first port of call is the wine rack. I need a large glass of wine to swill away the taste of that God forsaken place that my Jimmy has to live in. Thankfully, before I reach the wine rack, I'm shaken out of my anger and melancholy. There, neatly laid out on the worktop are Jimmy's boxers. I pick them up and look at the label: Tesco. That makes me laugh. Jimmy's mum has probably brought them home through the back door. I can tell they're new; they're stain free. I'm not into knicker-sniffing, but I put that pair of underpants to my face and love them dearly.


Midnight, I'm well away. Two thirds of a bottle of Italian red has gone, and I fully intend not going to bed until it's all drunk. I'm sat on the sofa, and Jimmy's underpants are in my lap. Beep. Beep. Diddly dah do dah


VIRUS: R u ok? XXX


Me: No. Half drunk. XXX




Me: Missing u. Luv u. XXX


VIRUS: Me 2. Luv u 2. XXX


Me: Kissing your underpants. Mmmm. Haha. XXX


VIRUS: Haha. Wish I was in em. *smiley face* XXX


Me: Me 2. *smiley face* XXX


VIRUS: Coming over. Order taxi. haha. XXX


Me: Want me 2 cum 4 u. *smiley face* XXX


VIRUS: Haha. Haha. Yes pleese. Haha. XXX


Me: Oops. Come. Haha. XXX


VIRUS: R u ok? Reely. XXX


Me: Mixt up. Want u here but got 2 do it rite. XXX


VIRUS: I no. Lots things to sort out and then ill cum *smiley face* liv wif u. XXX


Me: Yes. U go sleep now and c u after skool. Luv u. XXX


VIRUS: I love you Rob. XXXXXXX


Me: I love you Jimmy. It hurts. XXXXXXXX


VIRUS: I know. Feel same. Want u alla time. Sleep tight. Luv u. XXX


Me: U 2. Luv u. XXX


That's it. Our day is done. I drink the last of the bottle of red, undress, slump into my bed, and mull over what's happened during the last two days. It's been wonderful, well beyond anything I could have dreamed about.


Being madly in love for the first time is new to me. I never want it to stop, but at the back of my mind I know that my Jimmy's had some awful experiences in the past that sooner, rather than later, we are going to have to talk about. I also know that after we talk, things are never going to be the same.


To be continued...



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