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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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I praise the city planners that design city parks in various places throughout the town. I am diabetic with an enlarged prostate so I have to pee, often. And when I have to go it is with such urgency that immediate attention is required. Such was the case one evening in December.

It was late Friday afternoon. It had turned cold and wet with the promise of a miserably cold evening. I was headed back to my car from the facilities when a cute, freckle faced boy approached me. "I'll give you a blow job for enough money to buy me something to eat." My heart stopped. The police are well known in this town for entrapment. I turned and looked at the boy. He was wet. His little lips were blue and he didn't have a stitch of dry clothing on him. I thought if the police were using him I would bring them up on charges. I told him to get in my car and we would go someplace. Reluctantly he decided to get in. I could tell that he was fighting a battle but cold and hunger won out over common sense.

I drove out of the parking lot, watching for other vehicles that might follow. I headed out of the area and drove about three miles, keeping my eyes ever watchful in the rear view mirrors. "What would you do for a full belly and a warm, dry bed for the night?" He looked at me strangely. "You said a blow job for a meal. I'm offering a bed also. I'll even make it a steak dinner."

"Anything you want mister. I am so cold and hungry. For a steak and a bed...every orifice in my body is yours."

I pulled into the parking lot of a national all you can eat chain. There was a handicap spot open right by the door where we wouldn't have to get wet going in. As we entered I told him that this wasn't the steak house I had in mind but they have a decent steak here. As well as chicken, roast beef, ham, turkey, fish, some casseroles and yes even pizza. I told him that I really didn't like their steaks because they were grilled and extra greasy but he had his choice of any and everything. I told him that we weren't leaving this place until he was at least four pounds heavier.

He got a coke and we headed to a table. He grabbed a plate and went to the food line. He was back in a few minutes with a bowl of chicken broth off of the chicken noodle soup, and a thick hot yeast roll slathered in butter. "I haven't had much to eat for a while. I better let my stomach know that food is on the way or I'll get a cramp." Smart kid. I liked him already. I had him take off his wet coat so that he could warm up faster in the hot air of the restaurant. He drank his broth and headed back to the line.

I'm used to watching teenage boys eat but it still amazes me. "Was I ever like that?" I wondered.

He made four trips to the line, each time returning with a plate piled to the overflow point. Between mouthfuls of food I learned that he was fourteen and that his name was Jimmy. His father walked in on him last Saturday afternoon. He was sitting at his computer with his pants open taking things in hand while looking at gay videos on-line. His father hit him so hard he landed on the floor across the room His dad kicked him, just barely missing his nuts. He continued to pummel the boy as he struggled to regain his feet. His father was calling him a degenerate homo. He threw around the word fag and queer and a string of expletives that made sense to him but not to young Jimmy. He told the boy to get out of his house before he killed him and to never come back. Jimmy was able to grab a light weight jacket as he ducked blows and kicks from his father and ran out of the door.

He had no place to go. He was sure none of his school friends would take him in so he wandered. He had twenty dollars and some change in his pocket. Being fourteen he didn't think about making the money stretch. He bought food and soda and by Tuesday he was broke. He bummed a few quarters at the supermarket parking lot until security ran him off. He tried the mall and a few other places. He only got a couple of dollars before security would see him. Then today it had started to drizzle rain. He had gone to the park to take a shit and get dry but he didn't want to hang out in the john. He was standing under a ramada trying to think where to go when he saw me. He decided the worst I could do was kill him for being a faggot. "That wouldn't be so bad, he reasoned, "at least he wouldn't be hungry or cold." I was having a hard time controlling my tears as I listened and watched his face.

His appetite sated we headed to my house. Here of course I did what any self respecting pedophilic boy lover would do, I told him to take a shower while I washed and dried his clothes. He had never been around an old queer so he obeyed. I stood and leered as he stripped off to reveal a, not to skinny kid. He stood about five foot five and tipped in at about one hundred and twenty pounds or so. His hair was auburn and his eyes were blue. He had a nice array of freckles across his nose and high on each cheek. He had a winning smile with a mouth full of straight white teeth. Someone had spent a little money on that smile and I got the benefit. He told me the braces came off just before Thanksgiving. He raised his arms to rid himself of his soaked pull over shirt and revealed white armpits with just the beginning of dark color hair. My mouth began to water. His shoes had been removed by the door and placed on the drying rack next to mine. The belt was the logical place for his hands to go and then the clasp and zipper of his pants. As they fell away a hefty package was unveiled being held in place by some overly damp tighty whities. I wiggled my finger at him and pointed to the small piece of cloth still on his body. He blushed and lowered them, well more like rolled them down as most boys do. I took them and unrolled them and brought them to my face for a good long sniff. He elicited the most beautiful sound created on earth, a boy giggle.

I pointed him to the shower and swatted that perfect ass. I lay out a clean towel and I headed to the washer with my load. With the clothes in the machine I went back to my bedroom and removed my clothes. I put on a set of sweats and pulled on some heavy white socks. I opened the bottom drawer of my dresser and pulled out a set of small men's sweats that had been there for several years. I always wondered why I kept them. I kicked up the heater a notch.

I heard the shower turn off so I took the clothes to the bathroom. He was drying off as I laid the suit on the lavatory. I took the towel and dried his back for him and then wrapped it back around his shoulders and headed for the kitchen. I made us each a cup of coco and took it to the living room just as he entered. He looked and smelled all fresh. I handed hm a cup and started in with the questions.

"Have you ever..." No, he hadn't. He had a lot of fantasies. He had a best friend and they had watched each other jack off, once, but that was the extent of his firsthand knowledge. He had found that he liked to read stories that he found on line and he was learning a world of new things that he couldn't wait to try. I talked hard and long about our age difference. I wanted him to be absolutely sure before he did anything he would regret for the rest of his life. He seemed confident that an older teacher was better. He wanted to know the right way and he was afraid of his peer group.

It was seven o'clock. I suggested that we call his folks and tell them he was safe. His mother had run off with her girlfriend five years ago. It was just him and his homophobic dad. He finally relented and let me make the call. I dialed *67 then the number. I didn't want my number coming up on the caller ID. A man answered the phone. I asked if this was Jimmy's dad. He came back with so much venom in his voice that I was sure FCC was going to severe our connection. It used to be a federal crime to use that kind of language on the telephone.

His father told me that his faggot little bastard was better off dead and if I was helping him then I should rot in hell. He wanted nothing to do with the boy, ever again. I suggested that Jimmy would need his birth certificate and shot records so he could get in school He told me, in no uncertain terms, that an education would be wasted on a queer. This is no place that a faggot like him could ever work except to shovel pig shit. And a birth certificate was not necessary because faggots are not born. The creature that had spawned the faggot was in fact a faggot herself. "Or, would that be faggotess." he queried. Pleased with his own humor he had several suggestions as to what I could do with his son and made it abundantly clear that no one need ever contact him again concerning any such person. He told me he was moving as we spoke and that his phone would be disconnected. True to his word his house was empty and the phone was off when we drove by the next day.

Jimmy stayed with me over the holidays. The boy took to male sex like a seasoned pro. There was nothing he didn't want to learn. He wanted to start off with a blow job so of course I accommodated him. However, I did have to show him how it was done several times. He was insatiable. The boy had such an ECB that he gave me eight loads, the first night, before his cum level petered off. By morning he had built up a respectable amount of cum again and of course I was the eager teacher and I began to drain the excess buildup. By mid-afternoon he had developed a terrible itch in his rectum that only a long, thick object could satisfy. The only thing I had available was my cock. He thought that that was the thing to use. It seemed to fix the itch as well as drain his excess cum buildup. ECBs are hard on anyone but a young boy can actually develop a stooped over back from carrying around balls too full of cum. I did all I could to alleviate that problem for him. Of course he had to keep up his own protein intake and I was always there with my cream filled meat tube for him to nurse on. He was quite good and taking the entire nine inches. Many boys have had trouble with the thickness and it seemed to hang in their throats at first but Jimmy had no problem the first time. I guess there is something to reading instructions on the internet. We had a very white Christmas. In fact the entire four weeks that Jimmy was there we had white drops all over both of our bodies constantly.

When school began again I took him to the office. He was already enrolled so he could just go on quietly but I had my fears. We went to the principal and laid out the whole sordid story. The school had been informed that Jimmy was dead. Nothing had officially been done as yet. They let Jimmy back into class but the police were called. Jimmy told them he was staying with friends but would not reveal who. The police talked to his dad and arranged for him to return home. Jimmy's battered and beaten body was found in the street the next morning. He was placed in intensive care for several weeks. He will have to undergo intensive therapy to learn reuse his limbs again, but he is alive. I did that. I could have let him go to class quietly.

I followed his dad's case with interest. I wanted to see this SOB fry. He was found guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault, and child abuse. He was given life without the chance of parole. Many of the boys that I have known over the years have gone into law enforcement and one particularly sweet kid is now a high ranking prison official in charge of Jimmy's father. My young friend and I thought it appropriate that the man learn a trade while incarcerated. Cock sucking was a skill with a promise for a person such as he. The proper word to a few people that have problems with child beaters was all that was needed.

I get regular updates as to the training being given. I am assured that constipation is no problem. The man has a hard time holding his shit. It seems his ass hole has greatly enlarged. I am also told that he is never at a loss for lack of protein. He receives massive amounts several times a day and he has learned that he really didn't need those teeth that he had been known to bite his donors with. They say he is one of the best watched after prisoners on the yard. He never lacks for companionship with five or six men around him constantly, awaiting their turn. His cell mate is especially proud of the way he has learned to make the nights so much better. Education and rehabilitation can be a good thing.

I get to see Jimmy every few days. He is coming along nicely. He has no relatives that he knows of and asked if he can live with me when he finishes his therapy. I am not real comfortable with that since the courts would be involved. I don't like big brother looking over my shoulder and they would have a magnifying glass on me if Jimmy were here. However the boy deserves a home where he can grow and just be himself. I wouldn't mind having him around. He'll never be the same loving, trusting boy that he was. His father saw to that. Jimmy has lost his innocence.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

Hangin' hard, dude.

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