Camp Medic Meets John And Ralph

We’ll start with me: the camp medic. I was in my early twenties when this insanity began. I was also a med student. To pick up some extra cash during the summer, I had applied for a job as a camp medic. The job meant working at a scout camp during the summer and working some weekends during the school year. My military background as a Marine had made me pretty popular, and I was loving the attention I got from the boys.

Near the end of my first summer, I was laid back relaxing in the camp health lodge where I resided when a scoutmaster came in pretty excited. He had a boy in camp who was suffering from painful stomach cramps. I grabbed my bag and followed him back to his camp site. I found a twelve year old laying on a cot being attended by a young teen about fourteen that claimed to be his friend and his tent mate. Ralph, the younger boy was complaining of severe pains in the stomach area. After checking his temperature, I gave him something for pain, and checked him out. It turned out Ralph had stopped by the camp store after supper, where he had picked up several candy bars. He ate them on the way back to camp.

 Knowing he didn’t want to hear that he was suffering from a combination of heat and candy, I announced he would need a physical to rule out anything serious. The scout leader left him to my care. His friend John was invited to stay to comfort him.

I turned Ralph onto his back, checked his chest, breathing, and pulse. As I chatted with him about camp, I began a slow gentle circular massage of his stomach. He responded beautifully. The crying stopped. He watched quietly as I expanded my massage to include his thighs and his chest. I explained to his friend John that it was Ralph’s first time at summer camp. He needed to understand that too much heat and food could lead to stomach cramps, and that they could be painful. The only clothing Ralph was wearing at the time was a pair of briefs. He hardly even noticed when I pushed them down far enough to check out his genitals. He had a limp three inch bare cut shaft. His ball sac had just started to grow. He was a lot more interested in the stomach massage than in his exposure. He made no attempt to stop me. The massage felt good. No need to interfere.

John, on the other hand, watched closely as I gently ran my hand down to the cute little limp shaft that simply waved back and forth as the back of my hand caused Ralph to rock gently on the cot. A casual glance at John told me he was wishing that was him. He had leaned back on his own cot enough that I could see a considerable rise in the tan shorts he wore. John was a good looking boy with blond hair and blue eyes. His devotion to Ralph and to my treatment led me to believe he was probably more than a close friend to Ralph. His eyes did not leave the massage Ralph was getting. He was watching me as closely as he watched Ralph.

Not wanting to go too far, I told Ralph he was going to be all right. I would be more than happy to see him at the health lodge if he wanted any additional help. I was pretty sure that would be the last I would see of him. Most guys did not show up again.

To my surprise, the next morning Ralph showed up with John complaining that he really needed another stomach massage, and John needed one too. Caught completely by surprise, I stared first at him, then at John. John quickly explained that he just wondered what a stomach massage would feel like. Not believing my good luck that theses two boys actually knew I wanted more than to fool around, I closed the outer door of the lodge, then suggested Ralph should take some mild laxative to flush out his tummy. The massage would help flush out whatever was causing the problem.

No sooner had I given him the meds than he shucked his clothing and climbed up on the padded exam table in my office. He already knew what I was going to do and was quick to lay back waiting for me to begin my circular kneading of his cute little torso. In due time, I was once again working him over. This time, I also moved him to different positions, but basically continued massaging his tummy. I did include his genitals, often feeling up his cute little shaft and his balls. When his shaft stiffened rigidly, it grew to maybe three inches and was very stiff. Ralph loved the feelings that caused. He wasn’t even the least bit embarrassed, but giggled openly that it felt really good. All too soon though, he was also feeling an urgent need to use the toilet. I explained that it might take a while before he was cleaned out, and then moved him to the bathroom and closed the door.

Turning to John. I asked if he really wanted me to examine him as well. He looked more than a little embarrassed, but asked if he could get a stomach massage. I told him he would have to undress and get on the table. He thought it over for a long time. I was sure he had changed his mind, and was explaining it was all right if he felt shy when John slowly started removing his shirt then the rest of his clothes. He stood there completely nude. I was impressed with the medium physique and the four inch semi-hard shaft. It had a smattering of blond hair at the base not much darker than his blond hair on his head. The balls had dropped and were about average size for his age. He was cut, and I was sure he was already jerking off several times a day, and was shooting off.

I’m pretty sure John knew I had developed a really urgent erection just by looking at his long slender young dick pointing more upward than out. His red-faced stare either at his dick or at mine told me he was ready to play. I should also mention that I held sick call in a surgical medical outfit. No underwear. The loose outfit allowed me the freedom to cover up when necessary or to expose my self by accident when I could.

I motioned for John to lay face up on the table as Ralph had done. He looked very uncomfortable there with his dick sticking prominently in the air while his legs hung over the nd of the table. As with Ralph, I started by working over his chest and slowly but tenderly working my way down closer to the gently swaying shaft that had his attention and mine. Once I got down to his lower stomach, I began to work over his belly button (outy) and oiled up my hands to increase the feeling of pleasure as I crept closer to the treasure. I knew I was going to bring John to an orgasm before Ralph was done in the bathroom. As I got closer to my goal, John felt uncomfortable with his legs hanging over the table’s edge. Pulling out the leg supports, I raised his legs up on them with his knees bent and raised. His legs were now spread with his cute little pink hole wide open to my view.

When you’re a horny young man with a weakness for boy holes, there is no way you’re going to pass up a chance to add another cherry to your collection. My dick was hard and aching. And John was in the right position. I was in between his legs massaging his shaft and balls. Moving in closer so he couldn’t see the seven inch ram rod peeking out of the green pajama bottoms with the open fly, I once again reached for the lotion to coat my hands. I also coated the area around his hole, running one hand up and down his crack. John didn’t suspect a thing. He had laid his head back, looking up at the ceiling. He was loving the feelings going through his groin as I rubbed and stroked his shaft. He did glance down as my finger firmly pushed it’s way into the hole and began sliding further in.

Once I had a finger inside him, I began stretching and moving it around inside him. John moaned in pleasure enjoying both the stroking on his dick and the strange pleasure from inside his hole. He did look up at me when the second finger slid inside, but wasn’t about to complain. Not when his balls were starting to tingle. He knew he was going to spurt a load. And it was going to feel great.

He had no idea how great. I continued working his dick, but quickly removed the fingers. Holding him still, I replaced the fingers with a bigger finger. As the head popped inside, John’s eyes opened wide, He let out a groan as his hole was stretched to the limit. He tried to see what had happened down there, but could only see me working his dick. There was a burning feeling as the invading dick slid further inside. John was able to see about half my shaft as he brushed my hand away with tears in his eyes. He stared as I held his hips in place and paused to let him get used to the pain. He grasped a pillow squeezing it tightly as the shaft slid in until my bush was flush with his balls. I leaned forward to kiss his body and encourage him to relax.

After a moment, I moved around inside him trying to find his prostate. Once I found it, he stared in disbelief, his mind totally confused. He was feeling jolts of pleasure, but also stretching pains. He wanted me out, but liked the new feelings of extreme pleasure he had never felt before. Finally accepting the invasion as the pain subsided, his moans of pain changed to sighs of pleasure. John began to relax, and even watched curiously as my dick pulled back and then plunged in again. The feeling of fullness felt like it was drilling all the way to his chest, but was causing strange feelings of new ecstacy deep inside him. He was slowly giving in to being bred like a girl. And he liked the feelings it caused. Curiosity got the best of him. He gave in.

It was only a matter of minutes before John not only had his stiff back, and shortly after that he was shooting watery strings of cum on his chest. I had picked up on my rhythm. I couldn’t hold back for long. I plunged in hard, held on tight, and sprayed my cum deep inside him. I must have repeated that thrust about six times. This was totally new to John, who had fooled around with some younger boys, but never with a grownup. I remained inside him long enough to clean the cum spots off his chest. He stared in disbelief as I finally pulled out, staring at the size of the pole as it slid back inside the pajamas. Exhausted, and still dripping beads of sweat, he relaxed, probably still not believing what had just happened.

By the time Ralph had returned John was sitting up on the edge of the table. Ralph had showered and was getting dressed by the time John used the bathroom. I was praying John was O K with what had happened to him. Ralph thought John had just got a massage like he did, and asked John if he liked it. I didn’t say anything. John thought the massage was more than he could have imagined. He was sure he would want to do it again. We all agreed that the massage was something just between us.

There must have been another agreement between John and Ralph though. Ralph’s next visit to see me was a solo visit the next day. After a brief massage, I lifted his legs over my shoulders and proceeded to give him a dick tongue massage that ended with him having an orgasm. One that he thoroughly enjoyed. I wasn’t surprised to hear it was not his first. John had seen to that. John had also taught him to return the favor. I was amazed at how good he was even though he claimed he had never sucked an adult. Not only was he really good at sucking, he loved playing with it, and loved watching me shoot my load. This kid knew how to please. And wanted to do it.

As for John, he didn’t show up again until the last day his group was going to be at camp. Walking in on me shyly, John explained that he wasn’t sure he wanted to be like a girl. Getting screwed was a game he hadn’t planned on, and wasn’t prepared for. He hadn’t told Ralph (and didn’t know Ralph had been back to see me). Just as I tried to apologize for going crazy over his hole, John stopped me. He had decided he wanted to blow me, and admitted he was sure he was gay. He had had sex with several other boys (including Ralph), and loved boy sex. He returned that night after dark. I wound up screwing him again not once but twice. And this time he initiated the fun. John was tickled that I loved his body, and despite his feelings about being the girl, he couldn’t resist presenting his butt for my pleasure (as well as his). We did agree my fun with him would be our secret.

I remained at camp a couple of weeks after the boys left, and figured I would not hear from them again even though we had agreed to keep in touch. In fact, I was doing pretty good with other boys and staff. Horny teens would stop by the health lodge to shower because my lodge was off the main path, and we could play in private. At times, staff teens would catch each other dressing or still in the shower. Although I’m sure they knew something was going on, not one ever mentioned it. Not even when one was leaving as another giggled that he had stopped by to grab a shower. I was always ready to offer my assistance. Most of the boys were more than willing to play. They complained that weeks at camp left them horny and in need of relief. Young teens seldom ever complained when I used them for breeding. And it was understood I was going to try.

The summer camp had been closed for more than two weeks. I had returned to med school. My life was a busy one. John and Ralph were just memories of a summer affair. I hadn’t forgotten them, but rather thought they had forgotten me, and had moved on.

That changed one evening when I was doing my studies in my apartment. The phone rang. Ralph needed to see me urgently. He was hiding out at a friend’s home. Not sure what I was getting into, I agreed to pick him up. We were on the way back to my apartment when Ralph explained that he had been with John the day before. He had skipped school. His mom was furious because Ralph had not come home. Now he was afraid to go home because she would ground him for at least a month. She had been calling every one who might know where Ralph was. Even John didn’t know.

We didn’t go to my place. I explained to Ralph I couldn’t and wouldn’t protect him from being punished after he told me his parents were divorced. His mother was working as a waitress to support him and two siblings. She was worried sick wondering where he was. She could lose all her kids if the welfare people knew she couldn’t take care of them. Ralph was stunned and angry. That slowly turned to tears when I told him I was going to call her, then take him home. The anger turned to tears when I demanded he grow up a little. His mother needed his support. He needed to explain that he was not going to stay out all night without calling her to let her know where he was at. And I would have no part of his attitude. I told him I was very disappointed that a frirnd of minw would treat his mother like dirt. A tearful twelve year old boy hugged me and quietly sobbed as he gave me his address.

A short time later we pulled up at his home. A tearful son and a tearful mother were reunited. The mother was grateful to me. I explained who I was, and how I happened to be with her son. She invited me to join them for dinner, and asked what I thought was a fair punishment. We sat down with Ralph. I agreed to visit and help the kids with their homework, but only if they obeyed the rules at home. Since mom worked most evenings, there would be no more sneaking out at night and no more disrespectful conduct. The reward would be to go bowling, a movie, or a night out - providing school grades were at least average.

I had just adopted a family. Mom and the kids acted as if Santa Claus had just added their names to his “good kids list”. It wasn’t a done thing though. I also had a talk with John, who wasn’t all that happy about backing off with Ralph. I agreed the three of us would still get together, but since John didn’t live that close to Ralph, he would not see Ralph that much, and not secretly since that would raise questions. John did not agree with me, but he didn’t want to get Ralph in trouble. He would back off till Ralph was older.

Ralph and I would go out some times to get burgers or a pizza for dinner. He was not only tickled to get to be with me, he would lay down in the front seat, open my fly, and vigorously attack his own personal treat. This amazed me. At times, it worried me. Ralph ignored my warnings that people could see through the windows. He insisted that they couldn’t tell in the dark (although he didn’t always wait until it was dark). We also pleased each other after the younger sister and brother went sent to bed.

There were a few problems though. He had a sister eleven, who liked to be affectionate. Ralph was not happy when she did her homework sitting in my lap. She was always wiggling, causing her short dress to draw up enough that we could see clearly her white cotton panties. This had not been a problem till I came. And she insisted it was all right now. She had not started developing, so the only real problem as far as I was concerned was that her wiggling caused my dick to quickly respond. I was worried she would feel the bulge under her butt and wonder what that was. She would also take her bath before going to bed, and return to watch TV in her white cotton panties. This seemed to bother Ralph more than me, but he stopped complaining when I put him on my lap and teased his stiff while she lay on the carpet in front of us. He would glare at me pretending to be angry, but knowing full well I was not the one that was getting aroused. His protests were never spoken, and his little erection betrayed his false objection.

The other problem was his ten year old brother, Bobby, who was no where near puberty, and was not the least bit shy. His big brother and his sister had seen him nude since he was a baby. Bobby would take his bath, then walk back into the den carrying a towel so I could dry him off and carry him to bed to tuck him in. No sex involved. He just loved the affection of having an adult put him to bed. He would giggle when I dried his little thingie and cause it to feel good. Sis thought he was just showing off, and ignored him. Ralph would complain that little boys should dry off and just go to bed. I had the feeling that Ralph would get jealous of both Sis and Bobby.

Sex games were our very secret thing, not to be shared. I was pretty sure he didn’t even want John included. He would not initiate any sex games when John was around, even though he knew I was aware that John had taught him most of what he knew about sex games. I guess I knew early on that Ralph had a serious crush on me. I didn’t understand it. I don’t think Ralph really understood it.

Ralph did so well that first week that his mom allowed him to stay at my place overnight. We went out to dinner and a movie at a drive-in. Once the movie had started, Ralph made himself at home by laying across the front seat of the car. I made it easier for him by dropping my pants and underwear so he could lay in my lap while he easily took in my seven inch shaft and smiled up at me while he gave me a tongue bath. I pulled a light cover over him mostly for my sake. Ralph was not worried about it. People passing the car could still tell someone was giving me head, but could not see who (or what sex). No. I don’t remember the name of the movie. And I’m not sure how many loads Ralph swallowed. I’m pretty sure I was drained by the time the movie ended. There would be a lot more movies that winter.

We went back to my place where Ralph was repaid for his efforts. Not only did I strip him completely to worship his beautiful hairless body, but I kissed and licked every part of it. At some point, I worked him up and introduced his butt to my dick. I’m sure it hurt that first time, but Ralph knew it was going to happen. I’m sure John had already trained him, so it was just a bigger one than he had had before. I went in as slowly and gently as I could. And I kept it in much of the night to get him used to handling it. Ralph not only accepted it as his duty to please me, but I think he felt it was his duty to learn to enjoy pleasing me. Not once did he ever complain. Instead, he tried every position I could teach him. He loved hugging and kissing, and often impaled himself on my shaft while facing me sitting on my lap. Ralph was small and light, so he loved it when I carried him impaled around the place. We were both truly sad when the time came to take him home.

Ralph’s mother was amazed at his improved school grades and his calmer attitude. I’m not sure what I did that changed him. I did praise his school work. His English skills were good. He discovered that he could easily do the work, and liked the praise he got from teachers. The younger two siblings looked up to Ralph, and their grades got better because he helped them. That winter was a happy one for all of us. Ralph’s mom didn’t dare ask why. It was enough that Ralph and I were like brothers, and that she had found some one who liked helping her out with the kids. All of us went bowling as a family, and had a lot of fun. The time went fast.

But good times don’t last forever. Fall turned to winter. Winter turned to Spring. And Summer was back again. I took a job at camp again, along with a promotion, but at a different camp. It would be further away. Ralph would be going to a different camp, with John. When the time came, there were a lot of tears even though I promised it was just for the summer. Ralph’s whole family was in tears the day I said I had to go.

When I got back home, Ralph was waiting at my door. His mom had agreed to letting him visit overnight.

After a dinner out, Ralph and I stripped down to get acquainted all over again. He had just turned thirteen, and couldn’t wait to show me the “new hair” around the base of his now four inch shaft. Not only did we quickly get around to a sixty nine party, but I worked him up and slid inside him where I held him to me as I jerked him off. I guess the combined excitement of being screwed and jerked off at the same time brought his balls alive because he shot a few small shots of watery cum into the air during a very intense dance that caused my own dick to respond in kind. We both got even more excited when Ralph insisted he had just had his first real ejaculation. Wow!

Ralph and I continued our hot and wild romance. His antics were even more intense now that he knew I loved sharing his cum. He was jerking off several times a day. I thought he was even sexier than ever if that was possible.

But Ralph wasn’t the only one getting older. Sis was beginning to show certain changes too. She had always enjoyed flirting. She now wore more sexy nightwear. She loved those see-through gowns. Her boobs were starting to grow, and she was wearing training bras to school. She didb’t bother at night, so when I was there she would wear somthing that let me see that they were different. When that didn’t get me aroused, she would still sit on my lap and somehow manage to rub her chest against my shoulders and face. She knew this was working because now she was very much aware of the erection that swelled under her buns. She had also learned to wait until Ralph was gone to make her move.

One night when Ralph was at school with Bobby for some activity, we were alone at home. I had always tried to avoid this moment because I am bisexual. And Sis was infatuated. Not long after the boys were gone, Sis decided to shower and change into her nighty. She had not bothered to wear panties that night. She just wore a black see-through short gown. No bra. Even more so than Ralph, Sis was a small petite sex demon. She knew she didn’t have that long to seduce me, and she didn’t mind letting me know she wanted to play.

Somehow we wound up sitting in the recliner watching TV. Sis sat on my lap, and had her hand around my neck. Her hand managed to move under her butt to move my shaft so that it would fit more comfortably between her buns. Of course, she also managed to get a good feel of my balls as well. And the smile on her face was that of a lover, not an innocent girl. Her nightie was wide open. I was looking directly down at two cute little nubs with enlarged aurioles. They were just inches from my face and getting closer. Two gorgeous tiny mounds daring me to play. Never dare me. I could never pass up a dare.

“You know there is only one first time.” I warned her.” Once you go there, you can’t take it back.”

She responded with a long passionate kiss. It wasn’t all that experienced. More of a pleading kiss. One intended to get your full interest. She had both arms around my neck as I moved her to the sofa. There we could lay side by side. More important she could watch as I undressed. Suddenly I was afraid she might back out once she saw what she was getting. I undressed slowly, actually wanting to look sexy as I did. I knew things had changed. I was now the one who wanted to have sex. I was looking at an innocent girl with a beautiful untouched body, and not a hair in sight. As I undressed, Sis slipped out of the night gown. She was nude. I was quickly the same.

We paused long enough to look each other over. Then I knelt beside her to lick her tiny little boobs, her belly button, and finally her slit. She was already hot and moist. She moaned in pleasure as I worked her up. She had no doubt I knew what I was doing. Nor did she show any doubt. We had been playing with each other. Now it was time for the real thing. My excuse was that I knew Sis wasn’t going to wait. She was dying to find out what sex was like. Once the infatuation wore off, she would move on to other boys, other dicks. In the mean time, we could rack up some passionate memories.

Easing next to her on the sofa, I gently eased her into position. I would loved to have played with her all night, but time was short. I opened her up so I could see and remember her like she was. It wouldn’t be long before her groin would be covered with hair. She was on the verge of change. My dick was oozing plenty of precum, and she was already producing her own juices. The head of my dick stretched her to the limit. She closed her eyes and gasped as the mushroom opened her up and slid slowly inside. I paused briefly when my dick reached her cherry, then I pushed through it. She gasped again as it gave way, then relaxed and pushed up toward me speeding me up as I felt my shaft filling up her vagina for the first time. I didn’t go all the way in that first time. I stopped when she felt uncomfortable. I wanted this to be fun for her. It sure felt great to me. I let her get the feel of it, and left it up to her if she wanted to stop. She opened her eyes and smiled. No way did she want to stop. She held her hands around my waist as I started gently moving around inside her. Slow small thrusts soon turned to long rapid ones. She orgasmed more than once. I didn’t last long. I held her tight as I pumped a pretty good load inside her. Both of us moaned that it was good. After laying there for a few minutes, I backed out. I was still hard, and would have gone for more, but we couldn’t get caught.

We probably both felt pretty guilty. You always do after you realize you shouldn’t have. We both agreed to keep this our secret, but agreed we wanted to do it again. Sis did not seem to regret giving up her cherry to me. It was something she wanted to do. We would repeat this act several more times before she would casually announce one day that she had dated a high school boy who couldn’t get enough. We would still remain friends. Ralph at times would warn her not to be so sexy. Sis and I teased him that we were born to be sexy. I doubt that Ralph ever knew for sure if we had ever done it. Maybe he didn’t really want to know.

About a year went by. Ralph and I had to be more careful about what we did around the house. Sis was also bringing home friends. She was more self-conscious about nudity, and had good reason to be. She had started developing a really hot body. It really turned me on to see her teasing her young boy friends, but thats a whole nuther story.

Bobby started playing youth football when he had just turned thirteen. He was a little more shy about nudity as well. No more showing off in front of Sis. I missed drying him off and putting him to bed. Then something strange happened. Bobby was getting tired and sick especially after football practice. One day, he broke a leg in two places. His entire leg was placed in a plaster cast. While he was in a hospital, I asked his doctor to run some tests on bone structure. His doctor was impressed that I suspected a bone deficiency. We both had come up with the same fear. The tests were ordered. The doctor asked if I would assist by helping with Bobby’s care and therapy.

I went see Bobby and explained I would be working with him and his doctor. I gave him a physical while I was there. Bobby was relieved that I was helping. He was a little shy when I pulled up the sheet to check his upper leg and thigh, but I reminded him he still had the same equipment he had when I dried him off earlier. Actually, his dick had grown to about three inches limp; his balls were now twice as big; and he had just a few light blond hairs growing at the base of his shaft. I made a big deal about how much he had changed.

When Bobby went home, I came by the first day to wrap the cast and show him how to wash up until he could shower again. He was laying in his bedroom watching TV. He had accepted his plight, and was not surprised that I pulled the sheet off him showing his nudity, and began washing his privates. His broken leg was raised and in a pulley to keep it straight while healing. He couldn’t easily reach the groin, and only tried when he had to pee (in a plastic bottle). When I massaged his shaft, he quickly sprang a boner. He didn’t say anything, but his face turned red. I reminded him that I had seen him with a boner before. That didn’t seem to help much though.

Knowing what the problem was, I slowly began stroking it for him. Confused, he watched curiously. I asked how long he had been jerking off. With a smirk, he asked how I knew he had been doing that. As his shaft now swelled to about four inches of hard flesh, I let him know that all guys got hard ons, and shot off. Some did it several times a day. I sped up my rhythm. He looked uneasy, but didn’t want to stop. He had not been able to jerk off for days. His need was desperate. He couldn’t stop the moans of pleasure as his balls drew up to do their duty. A long high stream of watery cum shot into the air, landing on his stomach. Bobby was all smiles. His hips lifted as much as they could. There was a little pain, but he didn’t care. Another shot landed on his tummy. And another.

This routine became a regular thing for a few days. Bobby accepted it, and was not all that much surprised when I was stroking it for him one day and bent over to engulf the whole thing in my mouth. As usual, it shot it’s load and I swallowed it. After I was done, I asked if he was upset. He smiled and shook his head “no”. He had known I wanted to do that for him, and it was his first blow job. He loved it, and we agreed to continue this new therapy. He was in the cast for some eight weeks.

Some where along the line, my hunch had proved to be true. Bobby was informed by the doctor that he had a bone deficiency. His body was not producing enough calcium to make strong bones. He would be receiving calcium shots to boost his diet, but his dreams of becoming a football player were dashed. He recovered well. We agreed to keep our secret about my blow jobs, but he gradually avoided them as he grew interested in girls. Again Ralph never asked. And I never brought it up.

The year I had spent at camp the year before had not only made me a much desired staff member, but the camp director (a school teacher) had written a book about the camp. The book was a big hit. It described a camp medic who spent his time teasing an inexperienced camp director to the amusement of the campers. Although he did not name names, word got out that I was the culprit who turned a camp into a summer show the kids were bragging about. Someone wanted to do a movie about it. My new camp director put me in charge of the camp program. My insistence that a lot of the pranks were not true fell on deaf ears. It was going to be a very busy summer.


I had to put Ralph and John out of my mind during that time. So much happened that summer it would take another book to tell it all. I did very well. My reputation definitely made me very popular. I was sent to a national training school for camp directors, and was getting offers from different types of summer camps. More importantly, I knew I would not have time to keep up with Ralph.


To make things worse, I would start my internship at a local hospital when summer ended. It was a big opportunity. There would be a position for me as a resident once I finished as an intern.


When I returned from camp, I called Ralph. He was ecstatic. The first night home I was sitting at the table with his family having a welcome home dinner. I explained the intern program. Everyone understood I would be training at the hospital.


A few days later, I found Ralph waiting for me at the intern’s quarters at the hospital. I let him stay the night, but explained we couldn’t do that again. I wasn’t happy and Ralph knew it. I know that hurt his feelings, and I know now that he wanted to stay with me. The damage was done. As time went on, Ralph saw less and less of me. He still thought I was great. And he kept up his school grades. In fact, he had decided he wanted to be a doctor. He continued to see John often, but we drifted apart.


We still remained the best of friends, but Ralph made other friends. He asked me to join him for dinner one night while he was in high school. When I got there, he introduced me to his fiancé. They later would marry. John and I were at the wedding. We were both there when Ralph became a clinical psychologist. We visited when Ralph became a daddy with three kids.


Over the years, we heard from Ralph a lot less, but we were very proud of him. He became a well known doctor, but his marriage fell apart. Two other marriages also failed. Two years ago, Ralph was found dead at home. I hadn’t heard from him in years. I was there to say goodbye. So was John.


John had came out openly as gay, but he never got over Ralph. He hooked up with a man that treated him well. They lived together for years. I never got along that well with them, but we kept in touch. Last month, I got a message that John had trouble with his liver. Cancer took him before I got to see him again. His lover told me that John made little attempt to fight the cancer. Did the news of Ralph’s death have anything to do with it?


“Two loves Have I” was the name of a love song I remember when I think of Ralph. The words to the song go on: “And they tear me apart. Two loves have I. Both are in my heart.” Love songs sometimes come true. And the one I play most often now: “Are you lonesome Tonight?”


I can’t believe I outlived both of them. I did very well on my own, and plan to stick around a few more years, but my loving days are over. It’s pretty much just me now. There were a lot of love affairs after Ralph and John, but all those are just memories. Still, “Once upon a time, there was Ralph”........