John, Eddie, and Dee Camp Doc March, 2012

I met John at a youth camp where I served on the staff. He came in to the first aid office complaining about a rash on his tummy. He had just arrived at camp the day before, and had found some poison ivy to play with. I figured he was a gift to me from the Greek gods that I had studied about at college. John was the typical cuter than life boy of thirteen with blond hair and the bluest eyes ever. You have probably already figured out that I was the camp medic. Also a college kid about twenty one, typical build, gay, and always horny.

I had John stay behind while I took care of the few other guys that had minor problems. It was just after lunch. I knew there was an open camp break after lunch to allow the kids a rest time. John and I would be alone to get to know each other. I told him I would need to apply a lotion to the rash to relieve the itching. The rash was mostly covering his tummy just above the waist.

I got him to lay on the treatment table after removing his tee shirt. Once he was on the table, I slid his shorts and briefs down far enough to check his body below the waist line. John looked a little uneasy as I pulled the clothing down far enough to see his three inch slender limp shaft and his dropping ball sac. They were still small, but growing. He had a little peach fuzz just starting to show. I tried to look professional so as to cover my close up examination of the rash and his privates. I even put on some gloves so I wouldn’t get the poison ivy on me. After rubbing the ivy, I moved down below the waist band spreading the rash a little, but avoiding the shaft and balls.

I explained to John that we needed to wash the area good with soap, dry it, and add the lotion. He seemed to be O K with that, and watched as I washed the area with a soapy solution. I spent a little more time than I needed to washing the area around the shaft. John didn’t seem to catch on, but he did turn red as the shaft started to enlarge and rise above the tummy. I assured him it was normal for a boy his age to get a stiff. I explained that I started pumping mine at his age to keep it from constantly getting stiff, he asked if that really worked. He knew about jerking off, and did it every night, but had not heard jerking off would keep it from getting stiff. I suggested he also do it in the shower before school. He couldn’t believe I was suggesting he jerk off. He had been told he shouldn’t do that at all. It was supposed to be wrong.

As we chatted, I kept up my increasingly faster and soapier rhythm on his shaft. I don’t think he even realized I was now openly jerking him off. Either that or he just didn’t want it to stop. At any rate, it didn’t last that long before his hips raised up completely off the table, his shaft started jumping wildly, his legs stretched, his toes curled, and John was making gasping sounds and strange moaning sounds. His eyes were now staring into nowhere. He was totally off in space.

It was a few minutes before he looked at me as if he was trying to figure out what had just happened. Was it my fault or his that he had just had the most intense orgasm of his young life? Should he be angry, or should he admit he wanted to do that again? Finally, he muttered “What was that?” His confusion changed to a smile as he realized he had just “done it”. He had shot a few watery spots onto his chest. Never had he done that. He knew it was going to happen, but had not actually seen it happen. But then he had never done it openly either. Nor had anyone ever done it for him. Getting poison ivy had never been so much fun.

Not wanting John to figure out I had just jerked him off, I explained that teens sometimes shot off whenever they got a stiff. I could tell he wasn’t so sure I wasn’t coming on to him. Fortunately for me, John was not about to ruin a good thing. He was definitely planning to jerk off often, and sinning wasn’t so bad if you had a grownup who wanted to play with you. After all, he hadn’t had to do anything but enjoy. He was all ears as I finished my treatment and explained that if he went swimming we would need to repeat this treatment. John nodded in agreement. I could see his brain at work. Swimming today was a must. The repeat treatment was a must. At thirteen, he knew he could repeat jerking off all day. Camp had never been so much fun.

He was back shortly after supper. He had been swimming and needed another treatment. When I agreed, he quickly undressed and jumped up on the table. This time his dick was hard as a nail. John was well aware that he was going to get the same treatment. After closing the office, I worked him over. This time, I skipped the soap treatment. Instead, I carried John to my room. There, I laid John on my bed and went down on him. After blowing him, I found out he had played a few games with boys in his group and at school. He was amazed that I had shown him how much fun sex was. He got the best blow job he had ever had. He was sold on having fun at camp. Neither of us admitted we were gay. We were just playing games at camp.

I made plans to meet John again the next day. Both of us stripped, and I showed him how to double-dip (69). He had trouble with it at first, but already knew how to give a blow job. I taught him how to deep throat, and to swallow the load. John was sure he was gay, and quick to learn.

When we met secretly that evening at my room, I showered with him. As we soaped down, I finger-fucked him, first with one finger, then with two. When I had him loose, I replaced the fingers with my seven inch thick shaft. He was not all that impressed when I held him against the shower wall and slowly pressed the mushroom shaped dick head against his hole. John tried desperately to relax as the hard shaft slowly pierces him. The muscles gradually gave in allowing me to slip inside. John took in a deep breath, and held it, finally exhaling slowly when I stopped moving it so he could get used to the feeling. After a minute or so, I slid in a little further. John was tense, but determined to do this. Still, he was relieved when he felt my pubes pressed against his buns. I was in. He had successfully taken the whole thing. He was both amazed and thrilled. Holding his body flatly pressed against the wall, I began working around until I found his prostate. His reaction was precious. He loved the electricity that shot through him, but hesitated to move lest the stretching pain at the hole remind him it hurts.

I wasn’t worried. I took my time. The pain slowly went away. John became more relaxed. As he did, I pulled back further and plunged in harder. John had given up his cherry. The longer it lasted, the more I realized he was beginning to love the feel of control he had over me so long as I was coupled with him. Our game became a dance. He could move, causing me to slow down, or he could push back to meet me as I plunged forcefully inside him. But all too soon I felt the need to let go the load rushing toward the tip. Holding John close, I exploded deep inside him, confident that I was breeding him. Even after the load was gone, I refused to back off. Finally, realizing I had nothing left to give, I hugged him close and slowly allowed the shrinking pathetic limp shaft to slide out.

It was over. I turned John around, gave him a passionate French kiss, and told him how good that felt. I knew from the look on his face that this was not going to be the only time. John had liked it. He felt his butt, and admitted it still hurt. He would sit down slowly for a while, but he was smiling. Still, there was the urgent need to take a crap. After that, we cleaned up and after another kiss and hug, we parted. I think both of us went to bed that night wondering how it had gone so far so fast.

The next day, John and I met again, but with his request that we not do anal sex for a couple of days. Despite my attempts to convince him that it would not hurt as much if we practiced it often, John would not budge. I would have to settle for double-dipping, which I think he really liked a lot. John liked getting his dick sucked, and loved proving to me that he could handle whatever I had to offer. He was really good at taking my shaft halfway down his throat, where he had learned to squeeze and make it feel really special. He also never lost a drop of my load. He didn’t mention it, but he was loving our time together. If someone came in for first aid or medicine, John was reluctant to leave. When I explained that I needed him to wait outside while I treated other campers, he pouted and was back as soon as they were gone. Not only was John there all morning, but we went to lunch together. Thank goodness his group leader convinced him to go sailing with their cabin group. They were gone most of the afternoon.

John came back to visit after dinner was over. He wanted to call home on my phone. Long distance calls are not usually allowed on camp phones without being approved. John was not worried. He was calling his uncle. His call was instantly put through. He explained to his uncle that he wanted to stay at camp several more weeks. (This camp is a private camp and is not cheap). Uncle dan wanted to talk to me, and after explaining that he owns the camp, he was very pleased his nephew liked the camp. He would personally let the camp director know I was doing a great job. He would also visit to see John soon. John’s uncle was paying my salary? He was also the camp’s boss.

John smiled broadly during my chat with his uncle. Laughing that I sure looked surprised to find out who his uncle was, he suggested we had time to play before the evening campfire began. Turns out that meant he had plenty of time to slide my dick down his throat one more time just for fun. He also wanted me to go sailing with him and his best buddy tomorrow. I questioned having his buddy along, but he shrugged that off saying his buddy would love it.

John and I met after lunch the next day. With him was a very cute hyper boy with light brown hair and brown eyes. Eddie was lighter and smaller than John, but he made up for that by being more friendly and outgoing than John if that was possible. I had met and given Eddie his camp physical just a few days ago, and he reminded me that he remembered me. We chatted freely as we hiked the distance to the boat dock. Boats could be checked out by campers, but only for two hours at a time. The staff member smiled and allowed that I could stay out longer if I chose. Staff people were given a little slack.

All three of us took off our tee shirts as we headed out. John and Eddie were wearing speedos. I wore a boxer type. John and I both had some sailing skill. We were quickly on our way out on the river, and away from the other boats.

I offered to show Eddie how to hoist sail, and had him pressed up against the mast as I showed him how to spread the mainsail to catch the wind. John took the rudder. After setting the sail, I placed both hands on Eddie’s chest, one up high gently rubbing his chest, the other a little lower, rubbing his tummy. Eddie looked up at me smiling, but saying nothing and making no effort to move away. He did moan a little as I moved lower to feel his semi- stiff shaft. At the same time, I pressed closer, sliding my enlarging shaft in between his tight buns. I moved up and down to let him feel the shaft getting to know him. Eddie had some well padded buns and I knew he could feel me searching for some naughty fun. As I slid up and down, I allowed my hand to push his swin suit down until I had the front exposing his rigid four inch shaft. There were just a few hairs at the base. I spent a few minutes playing with the hairs and the shaft.

Eddie was ready and willing. It didn’t take long. He pushed the swim suit down until it dropped to his ankles. Then he stepped out of them. He was nude. He smiled up at me again, maybe a little nervous as to what I was going to do. By this time, I was groping his dick and his tight little ball sac giving him some very pleasant feelings to cope with. It was my turn to undress. I snapped the front open and let the suit drop. Stepping out of them, I once again slid my shaft in between his buns. This time, I bent him slightly forward so my shaft was sandwiched between those tight smooth warm buns and slowly began swaying back and forth causing a humping motion that was turning me on. When I felt the load rising, I lowered the head so that it sprayed all over his crack covering the hole with a thick coating of cum.

Backing away, I gave Eddie his first look at the shaft he had been feeling at his back door. To my surprise, he was not shy. His hands wasted no time wrapping around it milking the last few drops of cum out of it. He even wiped off the drops, but wasn’t sure what he should do with it. I took the fingers and licked them for him. As long as I was licking, I moved onto my knees and took Eddie’s hard slender shaft and his balls into my mouth. Smiling at John, who was still watching us, Eddie allowed me to tenderly soak and suck on his genitals. It wasn’t long before he was humping my mouth. He knew he was going to pop his load, and was loving the thrill of it. He didn’t have that much to give, but he sure had a great time giving it. Then as quickly as he gave it, he pulled back and slowly slid down to the deck, mumbling sounds of pleasure and contentment.

Knowing the cum in his crack would probably dry quickly in the gentle breeze on the lake, I leaned forward and rolled Eddie over on his tummy. He tried to look up at me wondering if I was serious. I told him it would only hurt at first. He told me John had already done it to him, but he was not as big or as long. John just smiled at me. I was hard again, and took the time to get the K-Y out of the pack and coat my dick, then work some into Eddie’s hole as I stretched it.

I was surprised at how easy it popped inside. Eddie claimed that John had got him ready for this. He was relaxed in no time. It was still tight, but Eddie didn’t seem to be in that much pain. He complained that it sure felt big, and at first he tightened up trying to stop me from going in to fast, but even that slacked off as I bottomed out feeling my pubes pressed against his buns. I was in. Eddie knew it. He pushed back then relaxed. I began my slow short strokes and also moved around inside him to find his fun spot. I found it. Eddie moaned and wanted more of that. He got it. We were out of sight of the other boaters, so I knew I had plenty of time to play. Eddie felt at ease with me and with John. He knew he was here to have fun doing stuff with me and John. I think he had made up his mind to do just that. I would hump him, then stop and move my dick around inside him causing him to squirm when I hit his love spot. Finally, I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I sped up and plunged in with vigor. You could hear my balls slap loudly against Eddie’s buns as I tried to bury every inch inside his body. I held up as I emptied each load deep inside this boy. John sat next to Eddie holding his hand as I finished. Eddie wasn’t minding this at all. He liked knowing that he was causing me to moan and praise the feelings he was giving me. Like John, I knew Eddie was ready for more of this. John had trained him well. Eddie actually seemed disappointed that I was done. He wasn’t done yet though. John took my place. Eddie handled him with ease.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Reluctantly, we headed the boat back towards the boat dock. The three of us were still getting our swim gear on as we passed a couple of other boats on the water. Eddie made it clear to us that he liked being our friend. He and John headed for the swim pool. I had to get back to the health lodge.

That night, I went to a camp fire with John and Eddie. While a hundred boys sang and enjoyed watching skits in the dark, Eddie enjoyed kneeling next to a tree stump where I fed him my seven inch lollipop as John kept watch for us. Then we changed places. John got his turn. Eddie was ready for more. I also took care of him.

The three of us became familiar with boating and swimming. The camp had a heated pool with a store room built underground at the deep end of the pool. There was a window there allowing you to see under the water. With the lights off, we could watch boys swimming without being seen by the boys doing the swimming. That was really neat. With Eddie laid over a cushioned seat, we could enjoy his hole while watching boys playing in the pool.

The pool’s lifeguard, Teddy, wound up taking John to the storeroom for some private fun. After they came out, Ted announced that John would be a Lifeguard at the pool. That meant that John would have to be at the pool much of the day. It also meant that Eddie and I would be free to play during the day. And boy, did we ever.

On one occasion, Eddie and I checked out some fishing gear and went to a secluded point on the river bank. It was hot, so we only wore our swim suit and a tee shirt. Eddie had met two young teens that seemed to be new at fishing, but anxious to spend some time alone with each other. They had no idea where the best fishing spots were (and probably didn’t care), but Eddie was wearing his tight swim suit that showed his goodies to advantage. He offered to show the teens where to fish. I watched with some disappointment because the boys were going with us, but should not have been concerned. Both boys seemed to understand Eddie was fishing even before getting to the fishing hole. I think they would have followed him anywhere.

Not long after we reached the point, Eddie had decided it would be fun to go skinny-dipping. Without making a big deal out of it, he shed his bikini and tee shirt. His little bare shaft stood stiff and pointed high as he headed off to wade in the water. When I decided to join him, and undressed to swim, the teens had their excuse to get acquainted. They hesitated at first, not believing that a staff guy was walking nude into the water. Then both dropped their swim suits and quickly dove in. After swimming and wrestling awhile, we were comfortable groping each other under water.

Both boys were well into puberty. Both had nice bodies. Both had five inch stiffs, were cut, had nice sized balls, and both had brown hair pubes. It did not bother Eddie that he was younger or smaller. He knew teens were horny, and he knew what they wanted. By the time we were starting to tire, both Eddie and I were groping and playing with two new dicks. Theirs. Both teens had expected to be playing sex games. Both returned the favor, playing with us and each other.

It was almost natural as we checked each other out, then retreated to the grassy beach to lay back slowly stroking one, then the other. Eddie wasted no time picking a teen to suck on. He easily engulfed the boy’s dick and was bobbing up and down as a surprised, but happy boy held his head and began raising his hips to meet Eddie’s downward stroke.

I knew from experience that The teen wouldn’t last long, so I made my move. With the other teen looking a little confused not knowing what he was supposed to do, I moved down and leaned over to take his stiff entirely in. When I looked up at him, he just smiled. He was loving the feelings. Eddie and I took the lead. Neither of us knew how far the teens would go, but we knew we had their attention. Both were more than willing to follow our lead. We each tried to give them the best blow job they had ever had. I think we did. Teens don’t last long. They don’t know how to hold back. A few minutes later, two new friends were bucking wildly in the grass as Eddie and I easily swallowed their sweet teen load.

Both teens shyly admitted they were cabin mates who had hoped To fool around with each other, but didn’t know how to let the other know. After all, it was gay stuff. I explained it was just summer camp fun. Gay stuff didn’t have to be permanent. Instead of blowing us, we dared them to blow each other. They had already been stroking each other, so after admitting it felt great, they turned head to toe and went down on each other. Eddie and I took advantage of this to go down on each other. Once he took my load, I rolled him over and after greasing up, I eased inside him for another romp in the grass. Eddie made himself comfortable and watched as I used him. He had come to expect it, and loved to tease me by moving around to slow me down or by forcing me to change my rhythm.

The teens did need some coaching as they were not experienced in blow jobs. Eddie and I advised them to cover their teeth with their lips to keep from scraping the shaft. They picked up on that pretty quickly, and pause briefly to watch as Eddie and I enjoyed doing each other.

It was not until after the teens had blown their load that they parted to chat. Both looked a bit surprised to see that Eddie and I had changed positions. Eddie was pinned underneath me. He was resting his head on his elbows, with his legs spread. I lay between his legs, my dick planted firmly inside Eddie’s hole. He rocked gently back and forth as I slowly humped him. He smiled as the teens stared. They had heard of corn holing, but neither had ever seen it done. Both watched Eddie’s relaxed expression, apparently not believing he could handle the size much less take a dick up his hole. And the two of us were chatting while doing this.

I didn’t expect I would be so lucky as to get either of the teens to let me screw them. I was right. They did watch me cum deep inside Eddie’s hole, but insisted they weren’t ready to go that far. I was sure they would though. I could tell by the way they watched fascinated as Eddie climaxed and I pumped my load. The look on my face showed my pleasure. They were still amazed that two guys could screw, but the seed was planted. Could it really feel good? That look of curiosity on their face gave them away. They liked each other enough to follow me and Eddie off into the woods to be alone. Who could blame them for wanting to give up their cherry to each other?

The four of us returned to camp like old friends. We had no fish to cook, but it had been a fun fishing trip. As we parted, we planned to meet again the next day to hike out to the point. This time, we knew why we wanted to be alone.

Eddie went back to his cabin to meet John. I’m sure he told John about his new friends. I’m also sure John couldn’t believe Eddie had lured two teens off into the woods only to watch them lose their cherry. On the other hand, who else would get away with that?

The next day, the teens confessed to me and Eddie. They had sneaked off alone after dark. When all was over and done, they had successfully screwed each other. It had been painful even though they had used a lotion and stretched each other before trying it as I had told them. They had agreed they would do it again. We once again exchanged blow jobs, and Eddie gave them advice on screwing - as they used him to learn how. The teens returned home after that week much closer than when they left for summer camp.

Eddie returned home a week later. Summer camp was a lot less exciting without him. He had a way of luring other boys into fun games that wound up naked fun games. It did not matter that a grownup was in on the fun. In fact, Eddie made it look like it was planned that way.

As for John, he ended a hot passionate love affair with Ted to return home at the end of the camp season.

 We continued to meet since we were from the same town. I met John’s family. He had a brother twelve who was a doll. Dee was a younger version of John with brown hair. One who was just as friendly too.

But John knew me to well. He made it clear that if I wanted to keep seeing him, I would not make a play for his brother. Reluctantly, I agreed. John and I were slipping off to my place for some fun from time to time. I didn’t want to lose that.

Things went pretty well for several months. I became a regular visitor at John’s house. I also picked up a job at the community rec center, working at the pool. Part of my job was to coach boys on the swim team at the pool. One of the boys on the junior team was Dee. We were friends, but I kept my distance. Dee suspected my time with his brother was more than friendship. I think he understood that I would be in trouble with John if we became any friendlier.

That assumed and compromised trust came to an end by accident one afternoon when one of Dee’s buddies called me aside to inform me that he had seen Dee slip off to a secluded stream with an older teen. (The informer and I had previously played a few sex games. He also confided in me that he had previously had sex with Dee, and was concerned that they might get caught since the area they were using was also used by teens fooling around with girls. I would later find out that Dee had a hiding place there where he had been screwed by several boys.)

When I arrived at the area described, all I saw was an open spot with tall grass rising from a bend in the stream. No sign of Dee. Knowing he was there somewhere, I found a higher spot overlooking the grass. That did it. In the middle of the grass was a steady rustling sound and a soft moaning coming from both boys. I approached as quietly as I could until I was looking down on a husky teen butt much more involved with Dee than he was with being quiet. His moans and his pleasure were very obvious. There were moans coming from Dee as well. Both of them were having a great time. Neither was watching for anyone, and neither expected any interference.

Both were completely nude. Their clothes were laying close by at their feet. They didn’t notice as I picked up their shorts and underwear and moved them out of reach. It was clear Dee’s lover was not only humping him hard, but was very close to pumping his load.

It just didn’t seem fair to stop them now, so I let them finish. I watched in full sight of them as Dee’s lover whispered loudly “AARGH! Take my load dude! You were great!”

It was a warm day, so both boys were soaked with sweat as the top boy eased himself fully on top of Dee to rest as he returned to earth. After a minute or two, he backed off Dee and turned over on his back. He looked up in horror at me. I was standing at their feet. I smiled down at him. He nudged Dee, who was still resting.

“You guys know you’re in trouble - right!” I tried to sound both calm and in authority.

Neither boy was able to speak. They just stared up at me. Both were also looking at the spot where their clothes used to be. Both almost automatically attempted to cover their genitals with their hands as well. Tears were swelling in their eyes. Both sat up still sitting on the ground. Both were trying really hard to compose themselves. Not easy to do when you’re facing an adult who obviously just watched what you were doing.

“I think the proper thing for me to do is to call your parents and have them meet us at the park office. I’ll keep the police out of this for their sake. Why don’t we walk back now. You can talk to your parents. You don’t need to explain anything to me. I saw enough to see who was screwing who.”

After a long pause, I was surprised that Dee was doing the talking. His older (by a couple of years) lover just stared in total disbelief. I suspect his throat was to swollen for any words to get through. I know he was having trouble seeing me clearly. A few tears had already ran down his cheeks. They left a glistening trail from his eyes to his chin, and tear drops just seemed to hang there. He made no attempt to change that. It’s a pretty good bet his brain was busy trying to think of something to say to his parents. Or to the ex-friends who would call him a fag.

Dee hoped our friendship would allow him to get out of this mess. He stood up and removed his hands from his crotch. No point in trying to hide his little limp three inch bald shaft. He had just started puberty. His balls were still small, and the sac had barely had time to drop. He looked around again for his clothes. Why were they missing?

“We need to get dressed. There are a lot of people in the park. You know where the clothes are?” Dee looked at me pleading. “Can I call John instead of dad?”

I paused long enough to gawk at Dee’s gorgeous little body. He had sandy blond hair like his big brother, John, and I had always wanted a chance to ravage that butt. I knew there wasn’t going to be a better chance than this.

“Are you and your friend willing to make a deal?” I replied. “Getting out of this is going to cost both of you. Explain to him the alternative is to walk nude to my office to make the calls. But if you guys are really good, I can just return your clothes and depend on you both to help me get off when I’m horny.”

Dee was suddenly all smiles. He had read me right. I was more than willing to deal. His lover now started to relax a little too. He was still reluctant and a little nervous about what kind of stuff he would be expected to do, but it couldn’t be worse than getting killed by his dad for being gay.

Even before Dee could ask, he cracked a slight smile and stated in a squeeky voice that he didn’t do any real gay stuff like sucking dick or getting screwed. He would jerk me off and I could screw Dee. I think he knew even before I spoke that I wasn’t going to let him off that easy. He told me his name was Bobby. He also explained that Dee liked to be screwed.

Dee just smiled at him, and waited to hear my reply. From the look on his face, I knew Dee was simply waiting for me to let Bobby know he was not in control, and would have to offer more than a jerk off.

Instead, I suggested he might want to help me get undressed since I would have to get back to the rec center soon.

Dee wasted no time. He and bobby helped by removing my clothes. Dee couldn’t wait to see what I had. He knew he wanted it. Bobby was curious, but wasn’t sure how far he had to go, or for that matter, how far he was willing to go. He was wading into new territory. He had planned to boast that he had screwed Dee to a few friends. Now he was in way over his head, and was struggling to save pride.

As I stepped out of my pants and boxer shorts, I had gently urged Bobby to his knees in the grass. I turned to him and suggested he show me just how good he was at jerking me off.

“You better be really good if that’s all you’re willing to do.” I told him.

Wrapping his hand around my seven inch shaft, Bobby started by getting the feel of it. He knew I wanted him to remain on his knees, and didn’t attempt to stand up. After a few minutes, he looked up at me as I kept gently pushing the shaft closer to his lips, sometimes brushing the tip against them. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he licked his lips, then quietly tasted briefly the mushroom head that brushed against his tongue. Pulling back, he seemed to ignore both of his observers long enough to consider what my dick tasted like. Then he moved forward again just far enough to open his lips and taste the shaft again, this time a little longer. It was new to him. I knew he was thinking it don’t taste great, but not bad either. He had allowed the head to enter just enough to get the feel of having it inside his mouth. I had to teach him to cover his lips so it wouldn’t scrape. He knew about that because Dee had done that when he did Bobby. As if he was almost proud of his progress, Bobby took a little more of my shaft inside. He began to soak the head with his saliva and to lick and suck on it. Then he took a few more inches inside and to gently begin to hump it. He must have been really concentrating because he never paused to look up. My moans of pleasure might have encouraged him. That and my gentle push until I felt the head of my dick pushing against the back of Bobby’s throat. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing his head, but he was already gagging when I felt his throat holding me back. I would give him time to get used to his new game. I knew he would try it again.

Pulling away, I motioned for Dee to take it. Dee dropped to his knees and quickly took Bobby’s place. Without any prompting, Dee took the length inside, and then opened up when the shaft pushed into his throat. He did gag a little at the size, but he had done this before. He knew how to make it feel great, and was anxious to prove it. His cute little face was soon sliding back and forth. I held his head for balance and eased the head half way down until it was completely engulfed. Both he and I knew I wouldn’t last long. Bobby watched amazed as Dee worked his magic. I could feel the balls pulling up to pump their contents down Dee’s throat. I couldn’t stop now if I wanted too. And Dee was anxious to take his reward. It exploded. Several shots filled Dee’s mouth and throat as he swallowed rapidly to get it all. Even as I eased up on him, Dee held on to clean me out. Only when I pulled back did he let it go.

Bobby had sit on the ground watching Dee finish me off. He knew that Dee could do it, and would enjoy it. I know he was not surprised when Dee took my load. He watched quietly as I moaned in pleasure. He watched as I came back down after it was over.

Bobby had enjoyed Dee’s talents, but was now curious. Sucking a dick had not tasted all that bad. What did cum taste like? Dee seemed to like it. Bobby couldn’t believe he was curious, or that he had just put a man’s dick in his mouth. He had said he wouldn’t do that, then gave it a try anyway. Now, he was thinking about doing it again. He looked at me then at Dee finally asking us not to tell any one what he had done. He knew that we would not call his dad now, but did this make him gay? I explained that some guys go both ways. Sex is a fun thing, gay or straight. Bobby was a lot more relaxed knowing that he could still have regular sex.

I made arrangements to keep Bobby and Dee with me after closing the pool. We took our shower alone. After sucking Bobby’s dick, I did Dee. By now, both boys were pretty much at ease with me. Bobby watched as I soaped up Dee and laid him on his back on a shower bench. After sliding my dick inside him, Bobby watched as I pounded him until I shot my load. Once I was finished, I pulled out and let Bobby take another turn.

As Bobby entered Dee, I moved around behind him. When Bobby’s shaft was fully inside Dee, I made my move. I moved in behind Bobby and placed the head of my shaft against his hole. Bobby quickly realized what I was doing. He half-heartedly flexed his buns trying to keep me out, and muttered that he didn’t do that. But he had a problem. He wanted to finish screwing Dee. He didn’t want to back out. On the other hand, trying to push his butt back at me caused my dick to push harder into his soapy hole. After a few minutes, he relaxed just for a moment. His hole opened up just long enough for my big mushroom head to pop inside the sphincter ring that protected his entrance. I felt it open him up. He felt it too, and clamped down hard as he gasped at the pain. By this time, I had my hands tightly grasping his thighs, holding him in place. He strained to look back, but couldn’t see the monster that now slowly slid further inside. Plowing hard into Dee’s butt, Bobby held on whining that I was splitting him in two. He could feel me moving further inside him.

Suddenly he let out another moan. This time, it sounded more like a soft moan. I had found his prostate. It had sent strange but pleasant electric feelings from his butt all the way up his spine causing him to push back. He opened up again allowing the telephone pole in his butt to slide all the way in. Another gasp erupted as I pressed my pubes against his buns. Bobby couldn’t believe it. Despite his efforts to stop me, he now had the whole thing pressed inside him. His cherry butt was now mine. His feelings were now mixed. He was being screwed, but it was causing feelings he had never felt before - pleasant feelings he liked. He was no longer trying to get free. He was giving in.

Dee was well aware that Bobby was also being screwed. He made it tougher for him to fight it by moving around so Bobby was distracted by the pleasant feelings in his dick caused by Dee’s butt. Bobby relaxed, allowing me to move around inside him. It didn’t hurt any more. He liked having those strange feeling, and laid his weight on Dee as I began to pick up my rhythm. Pretty soon, his dick was throbbing wildly pumping a load into Dee as I pounded away until I had pumped my own load deep inside him. Both of us were making moans of pleasure.

As I pulled back to let Bobby finish off Dee, I told him he now knew why Dee didn’t mind getting screwed. He pulled out as well, then nodded that he felt totally different about being screwed. It had hurt, but it had also felt really weird. Dee explained that it didn’t hurt once you got used to it.

 Bobby still wasn’t sure he wanted to get used to it, but would agree to do it again, mostly because he liked screwing Dee, and Dee liked meeting with me. We had a secret triangle affair for months after that. Dee had learned to be good at sex after his big brother, John, had taught him to satisfy. Bobby would soon find a girl who loved the sex they had. I doubt that Bobby ever told her he learned all he knew from two gay guys, but we remained friends long after Bobby changed his ways.

As far as I know, it was me that confided in John years later that I had been seeing his little brother, Dee. As always, John just took it in stride. We remained friends. My affair with Dee was short. I returned to summer camp that next summer as a camp director. There were many new adventures ahead.

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