Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 1 - The Campus

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Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 1 - The Campus

- - - - - - -

"Welcome to Johnson Boys Academy, a boarding school for boys to become men. I am Principal Roger Myers, I have been the principal of this fine school for the past three years. From this school almost 100% will go on to an ivy league schools, due to grades and scholarships. Since 1769 this school has taught the nations finest boys and brought them to manhood."

The Principal continued his speech and excited and eased the parents into choosing the school for their sons. When the speech was over, the parents clapped as the Speaker bowed and then began again.

"Parents if you would like we can go on a short tour, and then convene in the Cafeteria for paperwork and lunch. Our Senior Class President, Ethan Daniels will take the youths on a full tour, and join us for lunch."

Ethan stood at the corner of the stage dressed in the school colors. His white shirt neatly tucked into his white pants, held up with an orange belt. Over the shirt was a blue blazer with orange accents and the school logo on the lapel. Although he was covered you could tell he cared for his body, and his toned neck and chiseled face shined. His deep brown hair was cut short, and his eyebrows only enhanced his green eyes.

Ethan stood there like a soldier till he was needed. Separating the crowd, Ethan took the youths out of the Meeting Hall and down the main corridor.

"Hey Gang, my name is Ethan , I am a senior here at the school, and I will be your guide, come with me. This is the main hall, where the library and administrative staff work."

With that the tour began, and Ethan took a crowd of boys from the Main Hall and out the back. Each boy in the tour stood tall and was dressed nicely, most of them came from wealthy families, while others had scholarships or grants to attend the school. Since the school handled ages from Kindergarten to High School the tour was full of different ages.

The grounds of the school were nice, a high wall surrounded the school, and thick trees covered most of the grounds, leaving it in a cool shade for the day. There were statues of prior successful athletes and teachers, all carved in a romanesque style, dotting the landscape.

"Here we are at the Primary Education Hall, this is were Kindergarten through Sixth Grade are taught. Its more like a college each subject has its own teacher, except for the Kindergarten through Second grades, you remain with your one teacher."

Entering the building the tour continued down the main hall, to stairs leading to the second floor. You could tell that, this was a school, but not a student or sound was heard. Each of the class room doors were closed, and there were no windows allowing the tour to peer in. The second floor was the same as the first. Ethan directed the group into one of the classroom.

It looked like one of a hundred school rooms across the nation. Desks and chairs, with walls covered in art projects and learning materials. At the front of the room was a teacher sitting at his desk, looking at papers.

"Boys this is Mr. Reid, he teaches science for the primary grades. He's a great teacher, and I had him as my teacher when I was in this very building. Mr. Reid will tell you about the primary program."

Mr. Reid was tall and had brown short hair. He had a square jaw with a masculine facial scruff, that only made his piercing blue eyes stand out. He was toned and wore a polo shirt tucked into khaki pants, and spoke using his hands.

Standing and resting on the front of his desk, he looked over all the boys and began to speak. "Hi boys, I personally love teaching at this school, and I know that each of you will enjoy the classes or class you attend. Each of us are trained to handle any questions and needs that may arise in your development. Here you will learn the normal things like math, english, science, but with a focus on skills and personal traits to form and build you into men."

As he began to speak, some boys in the tour noticed that Mr. Reid's trousers were beginning to fill and bulge out in the crotch as he spoke. He even grazed and adjusted his junk very unshamefully in front of the boys. When his speech ended, some boys had tenting bulges of their own while other never noticed the underline tone of the speech.

"Follow me we will continue to the Secondary Building," stated Ethan

Walking out of the Primary Hall, you could see a group of boys in the primary program playing kick ball in a near by field. On closer inspection some boys noticed that everyone was only wearing a pair of skimpy blue shorts. The tanned skins glistened in the sun as they played.

Walking down a short path they found themselves in front of a big ornate hall, with gilding and scrollwork. The building was imposing and very grand, it seemed like the building had been there for a millennia.

"This is the Secondary Education Building, it is where Seventh through Twelfth Grades will have their core classes. It is one of the oldest building on the campus, and was built in 1769, by our founder; Peter S. Johnson."

Climbing the stairs the tour enters the building, unlike the prior building they don't continue down the hall, instead they enter into the first office.

"Looks like Mr. Rossi is not here, so lets wait a moment and see if he returns," chimed Ethan.

The room was filled with books and pictures. The desk was covered with photos of students, and face shots of each of the new kids entering the secondary program. One boy gets closer to the desk and moves a couple of photos and finds pictures of naked boys under. Just when he's was about to talk, Mr. Rossi enters the room. His shirt is disheveled and untucked, and unbuttoned from the mid chest up. While entering the room he is tucking and buttoning his shirt as he walks. But the boys have already seen his chiseled hairy chest.

"Hi, Boys, I'm Mr. Rossi the program director for the Secondary classes, and I also teach Advanced classes. Sorry I am late, but I was tutoring one of my students."

The boys were in awe, staring and listening to the man before them. Each of them noticed that the teachers fly was open and he had not a stitch of underwear on. All through his speech Mr. Rossi's cock would go from semi to soft; pushing at the opening to release. The naked flesh pushes on the zipper edge only to show the uncut head of his manhood. When relaxed the boner would disappear into the darkness, leaving the long strands of black pubic hair to reach out.

Each boy in the tour was visibly moved by the speech, every boy had a boner and was avidly daring to let out some frustration, that Mr. Rossi has issued.

Leaving the office each boy in the tour tried to forget the site of the man dick they witnessed. Some of the boys tugged and played pocket pool; none wanting to stop, but this was a public event and you don't just masturbate in public, so each boy slowly let their wanton cock rest.

Walking down the hall and showing the boys many of the classrooms, pointing out areas of interest and fun facts about the school. Continuing on the tour outside.

As they passed the Basketball court, Ethan spake, "I personally love this school and it will be hard to leave the school at the end of my year. Once we leave the area we will be in the part of the campus that the parents have already seen, so please be polite and wave to your parents as they pass."

Sure enough as they turned, the parents with the Principal passed as they continued on their own tour. Each of the boys waved but quickly passed and shyly covered their excitement from the Rossi debacle.

"Over there are our some of our practice fields, but mostly we use the indoor fields for our practices, right now we are headed to the Gymnasium. It is where our pool, sports courts, and gym is located," stated Ethan.

Before they get to the Gymnasium, Ethan points out the Teacher and Staff dormitory.

The Gymnasium was a large new building that covered acres of land, to have all the sports in one building. Once inside the colossus building the tour was directed to the pool.

"This is our state of the art pool, here we have a swimming pool, jacuzzi's, and a diving pool. This is where I spend my time on the swimming team and relaxing after school."

Soon the tour was all a chatter, some of the boys noticed that the swim team was practicing and each of them were shaved smooth and naked. Then one boy shouted that he noticed that the coach was also naked, and sprouted a massive wood. This prompted on of the older boys to ask why, they were all naked.

"Well, this is as good a time to talk about dress code; come with me and we will meet with Coach Steele, he will cover that and then we can continue the tour."

With that there were out of the pool area and into an office. Soon a man followed by boys dressed in various uniforms entered the room. Coach Steele was tall with grey hair that was pulled back in a small ponytail, his face strong with a scruff covering his face. The body was muscled, and not a stitch of hair was noticed by any of the boys on the exposed flesh. Mr. Steele only wore red running shorts with his tank tucked into the back waist band. You could clearly notice his white jock through the mesh of the shorts.

"Hello, I am Coach Steele, I am the Director of Sports, here at the academy; but Ethan tells me that before we get to my position we need go over the dress code. When its parents day or we have visitors the standard uniform is to be worn."

Walking over to the first boy and pointing out his attire, he continues.

"The blue polo shirt with logo, is to be tucked into your white trousers and worn with the orange belt. You can choose to wear sneakers or dress shoes."

Approaching the next boy in uniform he continues," You can also wear our white shirts during this time, but the T-shirt is only for Fridays and Weekends if we have visitors. Same goes for the white and orange shorts."

"During the normal school week, you will have three options to choose from. Kenneth here is wearing our relaxed blue shirt, with white pants, notice the orange belt and shoes," Coach Steele pointed out.

The tour was in awe, for the boys shirt was of a blue mesh and you could easily see his entire muscled physic. Only part of the shirt that was not sheer was the collar and the hem. The Pants were white, but very thin and almost a gauzy material that left nothing to the imagination. Each boy could see clearly that Kenneth was not wearing underwear and that he was uncircumcised. The pants were cut baggy and only held up by the orange belt. His shoes were just simple sandals.

"Next option may help in the winter, but you can wear it like Jason here. This is our blazer, and he is wearing our orange pants and sneakers"

The blazer was the only normal piece of clothing the boy had on, the blue blazer was a suit coat with orange detailing and the school logo. But he had no shirt underneath and Jason was built like the first, muscled. The open jacket exposed all his form to the tour and the treasure trail that ended in the orange pants. They were more like tights, that hugged the skin like glove, once again leaving nothing to the imagination that Jason was massively hung.

"You can also get those pants in shorts, Now here is Nico, he is wearing our tank with shorts, and you can also go barefoot like him if you like."

To call the chest covering a tank was by far not even close. It was more of a singlet, that went strait down leaving his sides and some of his front exposed, Then under the shorts you could see that the singlet had straps that went around the groin, but no fabric covering the genitals and a strap that went around the lower waist. The orange tank only shined through the mesh sheer shorts, that belonged in some 1970's show by the cut and style. Nico's furry bush of pubes poked through the mesh holes and made several boys start to leak pre-cum in their pants.

"For sports we will practice naked and only for games with the public, do we have the typical uniforms."

"Now as I stated at the beginning I am the sports director, and we encourage all the boys here to pick a sport to play, and participate in. The gymnasium is always open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If I am not here you can always visit me at my apartment. All the teachers if we are not dorm fathers, we live in the teachers hall. Once you leave my office you will be fully exposed to the school and how we will teach you to become men. Please don't be shy. Along with that normal school academics we will help you learn about your sexuality and become a master of sex, so you can seduce and fuck like a porn star. You will all leave this school with the gifts that all men need to know to succeed and conquer the world."

Ethan escorts the tour back to the pool. Seeing the dive team now practice, the boys naked bodies and cocks for all to see. Ethan shows them the courts: tennis, basketball, racquetball, even an indoor soccer/football field. In each of the courts is a game of nakedness before the tour, the boys eagerly watching as the other play naked. Their naked bodies sweaty with balls and cocks bouncing as they run.

From there the tour led to the gym, sauna, and locker room. Before everyones eyes, are boys and men in every sort of undress to naked, boners and limp penis parade around; some even masturbating their cocks in a heated frenzy. Each tour boy struggles to keep their lust in check, even the strait boys feel the urge to let their dicks out and whack it!

Passing the open showers they see two boys in passionate lovemaking. A boy has pinned his lover against the wall as his cock shoved up his ass, the lovers legs wrapped around the waist as the water bathes them both. Moans and groans echo in the room from the fuck. Several boys from the tour cannot contain their lust and pull there dicks out as they walk on the tour. Moaning in unison with the lusty shower couple.

Leaving the locker room, they exit the building.

"Boys I know you are anxious, and hard from the lust. Please contain yourselves, for we must meet with your parents one more time before we disrobe. Remember that each of your belongings have been taken to your room, and we will soon go to the dormitory, but please wait till then to disrobe. It can be hard, but when parents are here we must," Ethan urged.

The anxious lustful boys followed Ethan to the cafeteria, there they joined the parents for lunch. Each of the boys quickly said good-bye as the parents left the boarding school.

Once all had departed, Ethan gathered the boys again and escorted them out. Walking across the lawn you can see the dormitories at the other end of the school.

As they approached the buildings the group was separated into Primary boys, and Secondary. Ethan took the Secondary boys to their dormitory.

Once in the building Ethan began to speak, "If you wish to get naked, you can, please carry your clothes with you. I will add something that Coach didn't mention, this school is not about making you gay, but fore-filling your sexual needs, if your strait and all you have are guys around whats wrong with pleasing another guy that likes it up the ass, or have him suck your dick. We men have needs and we need to learn to have them satisfied. So don't worry if your strait you will stay strait, if gay, then be gay, bi the same, all is good!"

Ethan undressed revealing is perfectly sport sculpted body, and indeed he was on the swim team, not a single hair was upon his body. Between his legs rested a soft five inch cut cock, with a nice size low hanging balls.

The dormitory was huge, a game room, kitchen, study hall, a massive library of "extra curricular" items, and a TV room. The bathroom was like one giant room all open showers to stalls and lockers to benches, nothing was hidden.

The bedrooms were for dual occupants, each boy shared their space with a fellow student. Each boy was showed to his room were his roommate greeted and helped them become acquainted.

- - - - - - -

Ethan was glad to be done, he could go to his room and wait for his reward. Laying down on his bed, he stroked his cock to a semi, thinking of his prize.

Ethan is a hot seventeen year old stud, heavy into sports, with a body that would make many a girls wet at the site. But for Ethan he preferred the men and he had his lover, and wanted him in his ass as soon as he could.

About twenty minutes later in walked Mr. Rossi. Mr. Rossi was of Italian origin, his olive skin and black curly hair and deep brown eyes. His face was shaved this morning but already had a coarse sandpaper effect. His body was chiseled and lean, his ass dimpled and furry, Mr. Rossi was a very hairy man. But Ethan's favorite part of his lovers body was his eleven inch uncut dick. Now you can see why the boys had issues with his zipper being open.

"So you couldn't wait for me, could you," laughed Adam Rossi.

While Adam stripped, Ethan spoke, "I waited, you know I can get much harder, and ooze sap enough to wet the desert. So shut the fuck up and kiss me!"

Soon Mr. Rossi was naked and laying on top of his young lover, Spooning and kissing in the bed. Rubbing there bodies together as they moaned and kissed in the moment. Ethan was whining in heat and ready. His cock was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum coating there bodies has they rocked the bed.

Kissing and exploring each others mouths as Adams hairy body grinds against his young lovers shaved skin. When his eleven inch dick grazes his loves, Ethan gasps as his pleasure rises.

Ethan moans out, "Adam, fuck me."

With that Adam spreads his young lovers legs and plunges his face into the boys pucker. Licking and slurping form his sweaty hole. Quickly flipping the boy over to reveal more of his pink sphincter, the Teachers rims the child's ass.

Ethan moans into the sheets as his ass is pleased by his lovers tongue. Soon the orifice is dripping wet. Licking his fingers, Adam begins to finger fuck. Beginning with two fingers, then three, four. Adam is almost fisting his whining lover. Using only spit for lube, he fucks him with more speed.

The bed shakes, and slams into the wall as the thrust gain speed and power.


Flipping Ethan over again, revealing the boys hard erection as Adams finger plays with his prostate. His boy cock leaks goo from its piss slit and all Ethan can do is hold on to the bed as his anus is used.

Ethan began to beg and plead for his teachers staff to fill his boy hole.

Adam's dick pulses and rages in a red erection has his figures probe and fuck his lover. Feeling ready to fuck, he pulls his hand out and spits into the hole and does the same for his cock. Once fully wet, he begins to shove his fuck stick inside.

Ethan lets out a sigh of relief as Adam pushes into his ass. Using his ass muscles, he flexes and grabs his lovers meat. Once fully in, the two are entwined, fucking and moving in a heated passion. Forcefully and lovingly Adam thrusts his ridged tool into the young flesh.

"I love you Ethan, when you finish this year, you're moving in with me!" Adam moans.

Ethan's legs spread around the waist, his head reeling back as Adam fucks and kisses his neck. The only move he makes is to grab hold of the sheets as the thrust gain speed. You can hear the slapping of the skin as the fucks continue.

Ethan knows his lovers body, and knows have to get the milk he so needs. Using his hands and hips his positions his anus to allow Adam greater access, and spreads his soft teen ass apart.

Adam now fucks with more force and gusto. Pushing his dick farther into the young frame. Ethan reeling and moaning holding the bed for life as he is penetrated to the brink of extinction. His body is not his but one with Adam.

They move in exquisite passion as the bodies meld and fuck. Soon in a massive push Adam Rossi, Secondary Class Director, spills his daddy juice into his boy. Causing Ethan to have a mind-shattering orgasm.

Adams seed pours into the ass, filling Ethan's innards. While his seed spills into the young lover, ropes and ropes of teen cum eject into the air coating them and the bed in spunk. For three minutes each cum again and again, the slightest movement makes them orgasm again.

Pulling out, Adam lets the youths anus release the seed. Pulling in his lover, they kiss and cuddle, in the ecstasy of the moment. Once the panting and sweating is done, they drift into a nap.

This is the way Adam likes his fucks, deep and hard, with a cuddle and hickey on his lovers neck.

- - - - - - -

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