Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 2 - Principal Myers

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Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 2 - Principal Myers

- - - - - - -

Mr. Roger Myers is the Principal of Johnson Boys Academy. He was a student; graduated, and then became the Principal three years ago. He loves his job, and the company perks keep him very satisfied.

For thirty-eight, Roger was quite a catch. He has started to grey, but most of his hair is still brown. He was a man that kept his body fit, he preferred running and had a runner build. His body hair was like that of a normal man, arms, legs, ass, pubes, pits, and a patch between his pecks. His cock was not of gargantuan size but a nice six and a half inches with a nice seven inch girth and two meaty balls that he shaved smooth for when he had them sucked.

- - - - - - -

This like all other morning began in the usual fashion. At 5:30AM his alarm clocks chimes. Turning off the alarm he rolls over to awake his last nights company perk.

"Kyle, good morning, time to wake up," he says nudging the boy.

Swatting the nude boys butt, the boy begins to move and moan from his restful repose. The boy is from the primary program, and is still learning the ropes at the school. His nude body, smooth and hairless as he stretches himself awake. His little flaccid cock points to his navel while his little nuts tuck tightly to his body.

"Hows your butt this morning, stud, you feeling better?"

"I'm okay sir"

"In time, it will get better, but you performed like a man! You are quite a stud!" said Roger.

Mr. Myers rolled over closer to the boy, and rubbed his hands over the boys soft chest. Cupping his face, the Principal plants a kiss on the small plump lips. Asking, "Did you like how I made you feel last night?"

Kyle nods his head yes, as the mans hands massage and caress his body.

Mr. Myers glides his hands down the boys perineum and finds his ass still moist from the nights fuck, his cum still dripping out of the tight orifice. Feeling his lust boil in his cock, he pushes a finger into the tiny pucker. Only to have the finger graze the boys prostate. The boys cocklet soon hardens and pokes strait out from his smooth body. Kyle lays motionless, only his hands move to grab onto the sheets.

On his back with his legs spread and knees up, Kyle allows the Principal to arouse his body. Quiet moans escape his lips as Roger goes down on the boys cock, sucking both his nuts in with his hard prick. This only makes the boy gasp and breathe heavily. Kyle starts to wiggle and whine and pant as an unfamiliar emotion over comes his tiny frame.

Roger knows that the boy will have his second ever orgasm. Kyle's body is bucking and spasming as his eyes roll back and his body. Experiences an orgasm of epic boy proportions. Kyle is stuck in euphoria as his body is toyed with by a masterful mouth and hand.

Principal Myers dick is twitching and oozing pre-cum as the boys body continues into rapturous orgasm. Roger again wants to fuck the tender youth and bring him again to the brink of life.

While Kyle smiles and is reeling from his dry orgasm, the man lift his hips and slides the used boy cunt onto his hard dick. Tears fill the youth eyes as he is filled with the manhood.

Roger fucks his length in and pushes deep into the tired youth. Finding there a flood of his seed making the youth gasp as his pussy is opened. Kyle feels the master cock graze his prostate, keeping his pecker hard and ready.

Knowing the boy must soon go, Roger fucks faster pleasing his cock to the edge, bringing him closer to his own orgasm. Fucking deeper, and using the tiny pussy he finally ejects his own seed inside the youth. Waisting no time, he leans in and sucks Kyle's cock as his own cock floods the inside.

Once again the youth is brought back to the orgasm, this time his body is bucking wildly as his anus and penis are molested. For five minutes the boy drifts in and out of ecstasy. The shear joy on Kyle's face make Roger shoot his seed again into the warm fuck chute.

- - - - - - -

The boy dresses and leaves Mr. Myers alone.

Pulling on a pair of onion skin running shorts with no lining, he then places on his running shoes. Roger was a man that didn't care for underwear, in fact he didn't even own a pair. Since he ran on the campus, he didn't have to worry about his cock if it slipped out, or bounced around has he had his morning run.

Leaving his room in the Teachers Hall, he began his run on the grounds. The cool of the morning felt good on his chest and the breeze would blow and cool his swaying cock. Passing by some of the school boy doing their morning exercises, he would wave or say hi. His morning run was time to himself to think run and prepare for the day.

Once done with the run he heads to the cafeteria all sweaty and shirtless; in sweaty shorts the clung to his skin, letting the boys see that he shaved his balls and had no lining in his shorts.

Grabbing a banana, toast and a coffee he sat with some of his fellow staffers. On his way some of the students notice his cock, either pointing or flashing their cocks at the eager Principal.

"Hey John, hows the morning," Roger asked one of the secondary teachers.

"Its good, just tired after a night of rough housing," said John.

"Thats a good excuse, so how about you Adam?"

"Ethan and I spent the evening under the stars, making out all evening, it was heaven," said Mr Rossi.

"Always the romantic" chimed in John.

"Is that not the truth," agreed Principal Myers.

"Excuse me guys, I see Coach Grady, I need to speak with him," said Roger as he excused himself from the table.

Coach Grady or better known to the boys as Coach Steele, was talking to the senior football team, at the their table. "Well Boys, tomorrow is our big game, make sure you get some bonding time, and no sexual frustration so fuck it out. Then lets go pound those..."

"Coach Steele, I need to speak with you," Principal Myers interrupted.

"Be right back boys."

"Sorry Grady, I just need your input on a new boy. I also was hoping to enlist your help."

"Roger, shut up and tell me who and what my dick needs to do."

"You know Malcolm Withers, the new rich kid from Boston?"

"Oh yah, the one that told Marc that he didn't know science, since his father was a biophysicist or something like that."

"Bioengineer is what Mr. Withers does, but Malcolm isn't fitting in here. He has no friends, and no after school activities, and not even participating in Sex-Ed with Trent."

"Fucking pussy!"

"I have a meeting with him today in the morning, can you please meet with him and pair him with a sport. Check out his skills and see where he will fit, if it's not a sports I'll pass him on to Pat."

"No problem, looks like dick is going to have to wait to fuck, but we can definitely get him placed and fitted in."

"Great, I will call you once my interview is done."

With that, Roger went on to talk to Patrick the Art Department Director about the troubled youth. Once done he left the cafeteria and headed to the teachers dorm.

- - - - - - -

Heading to the shower he finds himself alone in the room. None of the other have returned from breakfast. Starting the water he washes and cleans his body and finds some extra time to focus on his soapy cock, not letting himself cum, he enjoys the manly massage. Moaning a bit, he feels the warm water stream over his body.

Two lips touch his shoulder, followed by arms folding around his torso. Roger knows the touch and leans back, finding a hard cock pressed into his ass cheeks.

"Nathan Ried, you horny fucker."

"Mmmm, my fucking hot Principal," hissed Nathan. "God I need to cum, my fuck last night only left me with a cold shower, his pussy was to tight and he cried like a sissy. Please let me fuck you!"

"You fucking looser, rape that ass, you are far to nice to those kindergarteners. As for fucking me, nope, I have to many appointments this morning that I want my juice ready for."

Leaving the shower he dresses in his room. Today it is a blue button up shirt and dress slacks, the shirt is mostly left open, but he carries a tie incase visitors may arrive.

- - - - - - -

Once in his office he plans his day and calls his assistant. "Mason, when is my appointment with Malcolm Withers?"

"He is schedule to arrive at schools start."

"Thanks, Mason!"

As soon as the school bell chimed at 8:30 AM, five minutes later, in walked Malcolm Wither to Principal Myers' office.

"Sit down Malcolm"

"Am I in trouble?" questions the shy boy.

Malcolm is thirteen with a deep auburn red hair. Lean and scrawny and dressed in parents day attire versus the normal informal clothing. He wore glasses with a smile that melted Mr. Myers. Malcolm sat on the sofa in front of the Principals desk, prompting Roger to talk.

"No, you're not, Even though you should not have told Mr. Thompson that he didn't know science. I am more concerned with you and fitting into school here. You have no friends, no mentor, and you seem to distain every teacher and student. What is so frustrating to you here?"

"Nothing, I just don't like school."

"Really?! Your Dad, and file say otherwise, you use to excel and love school. We are one week into the school year and you're abrasive and distant. What is the issue, you're not participating in Sex-Ed, and you won't masturbate, I know your father, and he is okay with sex, hell he use to fuck me all the time during school! I'm guessing you and your dad fuck."


"So whats the matter, lets get you un-frustrated, and get you loved again."

In one movement Roger was at the boys side with his hand slid up inside his Polo shirt. Quickly Malcolm pulled back and thrust Roger hand away from him.

"NO! I can't!"

"Why can't you?"

"I won't cheat on my dad; we... we're...wa... we're lovers!"

"So you feel masturbating and having sex with another person is cheating on your dad?"

Malcolm nods yes.

"Is your dad cheating on your mom, when he fucks you, and not her pussy?"

He sits and thinks and then nods no.

"It's the same here, this is not cheating, your dad knows about here, he also knows you share a special bond. Just like him, you have needs, and men need to have those needs met, denying yourself will only make things worse. It's sex, not cheating. Breaking the bond of love or replacing him is cheating. Your dad loves you and your mom, you both help him with his needs."

Roger again came close and put his hand on the boys chest. Feeling it chest rise and fall with each deep breath. Moving in he kisses the boy on the lips, soon the boy lets out a sigh.

Pulling his teen body close, the Principal begins to lift the shirt of the boy. His hands explore the young flesh, and caress his nipples. Leaning in and licking a tit, the horny youth laughs. Roger then glides up and begins to suck and kiss the lads neck. The kiss makes Malcolm melt in the hands of the older man.

Malcolm struggles to fondle and touch his man, but is to over come with pleasure to make any action. Roger migrates his hand down the boys shorts, lifting his pants waist and sliding into his boxers.

"NO, Please!"


"I'm... I'm small"


"Dad says I'm too small."

"I'm betting you're a late bloomer, you probably still got a baby cock and balls. If I remember your dad from school, he didn't start puberty till he was fifteen and he turned out fine. Hell small is not bad, you will find a cock of every size here from thirteen inches, to a one inch. Size doesn't matter, its how you use it. As for me I love small cocks."

Reaching in down inside the underwear, Roger feel the boys hard little cock. Feeling his hard little inch, and pea nuts, he indeed guessed right about the boys size.

"You ever masturbate your cock to an orgasm."

"No, dad says I don't have enough of a cock for an orgasm."

"Well boy, lets get naked and show your dad wrong!"

Mr. Myers steps away and pulls off his shirt, letting the youth look and devour his skin. Opening his trousers and letting them drop, his six and a half inch hard-on sticks strait out from his body.

Roger then walked over to his fine youth, and helped him unbuckle his belt, and then his pants. Letting the fabric fall, the boys hero boxers were easily slid down. Indeed the boys smooth frame and hairless body was made Malcolm a flutter. His baby cock was small on his five foot frame. But this only made Roger more horny, and want his body.

Both exposing their naked bodies to each other, Malcolm is in awe that the Principal was wanting his body. And to show his appreciation Roger quickly started to rub and play with the little boy pecker before him. Kneeling before the youth he rolled the cock in his fingers, and kissed the boys chest as his hands aroused the child.

A warm sensation overcame Malcolm, he sank and relaxed into the couch as Mr. Myers masturbated his tiny cock. Malcolm grabbed Rogers cock and they began to stroke each other off. Feeling the length of the shaft and the moist tip, where good dripped from the piss slit. Then taking the sap and rubbing it down the man's hard penis. He liked the feel of a ma'ns dick, and missed seeing his fathers hard member in excitement to fuck.

Roger wanting to give the boy the ultimate pleasure, leaned into the boys lap, and in one gulp swallowed the boys genitals. Wetting and tonguing his moist smooth skin, the boy became totally aroused.

Malcolm began to thrash on the sofa, his body twitching and reeling from the experience. He was moaning and yet trying to speak.

"W ... wh ... WAIT, I'm ... m ... OH! ... gotta pee ...OH ... OH ... OH"

"Oh" after "Oh" escaped the aroused youth mouth as the master kissed and sucked the boys tiny cock.

Malcolm was loosing control of his body he was scared as this raw emotion flooded his body. Feeling like he had to piss, he pushed and tried to escape from the Principals lusty mouth.

Roger held tight to the fighting youth, he knew it was an orgasm, and knew that he would enjoy if he would just wait.

Malcolm's body goes ridged, his legs start to shake, his hands tightly grab the seat cushion. Moans stop, and his eyes close as an overwhelming emotion comes over him. Almost like he was having a seizure, his body quakes and shakes with the ebb tide of emotion

Roger continues to suck and lick the genitals as the dry orgasm consumes the boy. Once complete the youth is sensitive to the touch and reels with each lick and suck of the man. Roger only then releases the youth.

"What was that, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" yelled Malcolm!

"In all your thirteen years, your dad never gave you an orgasm?"

"Nope, he said, I was too small."

"Showed him wrong, you did well boy, glad you like blow jobs. Now its time for you to help me with my needs, I want your pussy on my cock!"

Eagerly Malcolm nodded yes and spread his legs to expose his pink pucker.

Grabbing the boys legs, Roger pulls Malcolm's ass to the end of the sofa, and spreading his ass cheeks. Mr. Myers begins to wet and lick the very part he is going to fuck! Rogers tongue deeply licks the boy into a heated pleasure. His body is in joy as he is fucked with a man's long tongue.

Roger darts his tongue in and out of the tiny orifice. Once dripping wet, he begins to probe the boy with his finger and reach deep inside the cunt. Malcolm moans as his anus is explored and discovered.

Roger lubes up his cock, and warns the boy, "Now brace your self, I'm a little rough, but you are a young man and should be able to handle this."

Gripping the child's thighs Mr. Myers pulls the anus onto his cock. Not a single pause as he forces his cock deep into the shy boy!

Malcolm gasps as the cock fills his innards.

Quick jabbing fucks, Mr. Myers penetrates the tender youth. With the quick fucks the boy struggles to breathe as he is mercilessly fucked. Whining and reeling the boy struggles more to move.

Once a rhythm is achieved and the boy relaxes as the man fucks his cunt. Feeling the man's cock graze and massage his innards, his boy pecker stays hard. Moaning and begging for more he gives full access of his body. Spreading the legs more apart, even gripping his ass cheeks and pulling them apart.

Leaning in Principal Myers kisses the youth, and fucked his tool deep into the boy. Principal Myers only had one thought and that was to satisfy his cock deep in the boy. Fucking forcefully and fast he picks up his rhythm.

Malcolm began to sweat and whimper as the fuck continued. His naked body glistens as the sunlight streaming through the window.

"Principal Myers, GOD.... I ... I'm ... you're so ... BIG," struggled Malcolm.

Not wanting to cum, Roger carried the horny youth to the desk and continues his brutal onslaught on boy's twat. Pulling his whole length out and then again thrusting the shaft fully in.

Malcolm gasp and yells with each forceful thrust. Gabbing the edge of the desk, he tries to hold on for life, as the Principal enjoys his fuck. Begging and pleading for the juice the boys body is tired, and almost limp from the fierce fucks of his Principal.

Mr. Myers fucks his cock in at angles to arouse and please the shy youth more. Finding the prostate he fucks around it like a toy. Massaging the boys g-spot, his boy cock is hard again.

Once again Malcolm feels the rush of emotion, and the body tightens and then his orgasm takes over and rules his body. Once the first flood of pleasure Malcolm's body is so sensitive that the next fuck to his g-spot starts his third dry orgasm of the day. With the last spasm of his body, the youth is left weak and panting for air.

Fucking Malcolm with all his manhood, Roger makes a final attempt to push farther into the slut. Taking aim Roger thrusts his penis deep into the boys tight fuck chute. The boy's eyes practically bulge out as the cock is felt in all its length. With that final thrust his Mr. Myers' nuts unload their boy making seed.

Volley after volley semen fills the innards of the weak Malcolm. Leaving him panting and dazed as his body lays abused on the desk.

Mr. Myers waits till his cock is limp to unplug the ass of his tired boy. Carrying the boy to the couch, he lets him rest in the sunlight. Watching is cum drip form the gapping asshole, the Principal rubs his member as he works are the morning in his office.

- - - - - - -

Around lunch, Malcolm awoke from the sofa and stretched is naked body. Now that he was awake, Mr. Myers walked with the naked boy to the school store. Letting the youth choose a more appropriate attire.

Malcolm when for a blue tank and orange shorts. Malcolm thanks the Principal and leaves his lover, smelling of cum and wearing a smile.

"Well Grant ain't going to like this call, no Malcolm for him, he's mine!" chuckled Roger.

The rest of the day passed with no sex, although during calls or meetings with students his cock would find some hand milking the juice from its source.

- - - - - - -

School ended at 4:00 PM giving two hours for any clubs or recreation time till dinner started at 6:00 PM. Having fucked twice and masturbated his cock to several ejaculations, Mr. Myers opted for a nap.

Taking his shirt off, and walking across campus to the Teachers Hall, Roger found his room, and disrobed. Laying on the bed he dozes off.

At 5:55PM the dinner bell chimes to gather the staff and students to the meal. Grabbing a t-shirt and shorts, Mr. Myers heads out the door for his walk to the Dining Hall.

Getting his food, he sits down at his designated table and begins to eat his dinner. Sharing and hearing stories, of the days sexual conquests from his fellow staffers. Not a single male staff was flaccid, each one was hard, and at times rubbing there cocks as they talked about the boys and sex.

Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Roger turns around. There before him stands a primary student. Greydon was his name, and he was very cute. Greydon was eight, with brown hair and brown eyes, his face freckled and tan. He still had some baby fat, but was cute and beamed as he smiled. His body (as all boys his age), was hairless and smooth. His cock was a nice four inches and it stuck out strait from his body. One could tell for all he had one was the orange tank that left his genitals and ass exposed.

Greydon had come to him many times before for a fuck.

Finishing his plate, Roger leads the eager youth to his room for a passionate fuck.

- - - - - - -

Not being able to wait, Roger finds a shaded grass knoll and lies down on the ground. Removing his shorts he spreads his legs. Eagerly the youth kneels and begins his lust slurp of the Principals tool. Rogers tool thickens and hardens as the penis is sucked.

Greydon was a well trained lad, with older brothers, and a horny father, he was always ready to please. He sucked the Principals penis till it was pulsing and wet with his saliva. Standing up, Grey slowly lowered his tight pucker onto the wet erection. Smiling as the tool impaled his pussy, he guided every inch till he sat firmly on the groin of his man.

Slowly moving his hips and bouncing, Grey fucked himself on Rogers rod. Roger moaned as the boy worked his cock to a terrific slippery hard-on. The pace goes faster as the eager youth fucks himself and Roger begins to move his hips and impale the lad harder.

Roger's dick massages Grey's g-spot perfectly as he whines in heat. The boy could not cum, but you could tell he was close to an orgasm. His face was full of a euphoric glow as Roger fucks him.

As Grey's orgasm approaches, his body becomes ridged, and his eyes roll into the back of his head, and then like in shock, his body quivers and shakes.

Roger continues to fuck the lad as his orgasm consumes him. His tight sphincter, chokes his manhood. Making each fuck forceful and deep. Bringing Mr. Myers closer to his on ejaculation. The boy whimpered as the fuck got hotter.

"Don't stop sir! PLEASE!!!"

Each word the boy spoke begged and pleaded for sex. Fucking his tender chute the boy quivered. Rogers cock glided inside the depths and opened the boy. Principal Myers grunted and moaned as his cock was embraced in the fuck hole.

Fucking his member with force so that the boyshudders. With a final push, the seed was planted deep in the bowels. Letting out a deep guttural moan and grunt, the Principals load shoots into the slutty youth. The boy smiled as he felt the man's gift.

Neither were done, rolling Greydon onto the ground, Mr. Myers continued to fuck the used chute. This only worked his prick to a hardened state sooner, allowing him to fuck the slut again.

Grey's body was sensitive and felt like his skin was on fire as the Principal fucked him. His body was reeling and all he could do was moan and beg for the end as his man fucks.

Hearing the loud moans a grouped of boys had gathered around the Principal as they watched him fuck Grey with demonic speed and gusto. Each of them milking their cocks as the scene played before their eyes. They moan and encourage Roger in his fucking.

Roger was primed and ready and not about to come shortly, the thrashing boy whimpers and begs as his used hole becomes red and swollen. One of the jacking boys kneels on the ground and forces his dick into Grey's moaning mouth.

Poor Grey's body gets onslaughted from both ends.

Roger picks of speed again, everyone can hear the loud slaps of skin as the fuck ramps up.

The lusty boy who's cock Grey is sucking soon spills his teen spunk into the tired youth. Gagging and choking he swallows the seed given, only to pass out and go limp as the Principal continues to fuck.

Only when he is done and ready to cum does the lusty man let loose a second load into the body of the fainted youth.

- - - - - - -

Covered with cum from the boys, Mr. Myers carries the tired Grey to his room . Leaving him to rest, Mr. Myers finds comfort with another boy and fucks him in the privacy of his own Teachers Hall room.

- - - - - - -

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