Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 3 - Teacher Mr. Spencer

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Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 3 - Teacher Mr. Spencer

- - - - - - -

Mr Randall "Randy" Spencer is a second grade teacher in the elementary program at Johnson Boys Academy. He came to school not as a prior student but as a man with needs, and excelled at teaching.

Randy is twenty-six years old with a body that was lean, smooth, and muscled. Since a teenager he had worked out daily in a gym. His pectorals were massive, and topped with nice man nipples, his torso a perfect "V" shape, shoulders and abs all chiseled and defined. Arms pumped, and hands large and made for gripping. Legs were sculpted and firm each muscle formed in perfection. The adonis lines lead to the ample manhood that he enjoyed using. Soft it laid nicely on his balls at five inches, when aroused and excited it snaked up his torso and kissed his navel, never leaving his body till pulled away. The nine inch throbber was uncut with a massive overhang of skin, leaving his head well protected and sensitive. Randy shaved every bit of hair on his body, only hair he did have was some scruff on his face and a shoulder length of blonde hair.

- - - - - - -

"Good Morning Randy," said our man's wife.

"Good Morning, Love!"

"Honey, last night you were amazing if we don't have a kid soon after that, I don't know what!"

Smiling at her with a wink and a flick of his morning wood, he exited for the restroom. There pissing out the hard-on he continued his morning routine with a shower and shave; leaving the scruff on the face.

Once out, checking to see if his wife was around, he went to his hiding place and pulled out his metal cock ring and penis ring. Checking to see if she was still away, he then put them on. Sliding his balls and flaccid cock into the metal ring, then pulling his foreskin back and placing the ring behind the penis gland; then covering with foreskin again. Randy, quickly puts on his jeans and forgetting the underwear on purpose. The jeans were tight and yet comfy, then followed by a button shirt.

Packing his gym bag with alternate clothes he left the bedroom for the kitchen. There his wife had breakfast prepared, and they talked as they ate. Giving her a kiss, he was out the door.

- - - - - - -

Once in his class room he darted into his gym bag and pulled out a polo shirt, one that was two sizes too small for his build and size. Pulling off the button shirt, he traded. The polo had to be unbuttoned at the neck to allow for his neck, and the arms he had cut the elastic hem so it would fit, and then it only when down to his navel allowing skin to be shown as it hugged his torso.

Getting everything set for the day, he only had forty-five minutes before his Second Grade students would arrive.

The bells chimed and students flooded into the class room.

- - - - - - -

Like any normal class certain curriculum had to be followed and taught. Sadly not all of Mr. Spencer's day was filled with lustful sex. At times some boys would massage and rub their crotches as they worked. Some would pass dirty notes to each other. At times even Randy received a few notes.

Randy liked exciting his students, after all due to his muscles and tight clothes, he was a popular teacher; and not only in the elementary program. Every now and then he would bend over in front of the class showing more of his ass, or lift his shirt to scratch a pec, or rub his abs. He enjoyed the show.

- - - - - - -

Soon it was first recess, and the kids piled out of the class to go play in the playground. A few boys would stay behind to flirt and fawn over Mr. Spencer.

Randy would Kiss them and fondle their eight and seven year old bodies. Arousing them as they would touch and feel his body. Trying to get in his pants, but he was going to save that for later.

- - - - - - -

After recess, it was time to take the boys to P.E. Class. Today it was going to be held outside. Lining the boys up, each giggling and excited. Following Mr. Spencer as they walked to the Johnson Wood Soccer Field.

Mr. North greeted the class to the field, instructed the boys to undress then return to the field for a game of soccer.

"Mr. Spencer, would you be joining with your class today?"

"Sure, I have time, I'll go follow the class and return as well"

Swatting Randy's ass, the instructor winked.

Randy guided the class to the dressing hall. Disrobing with the class in the locker room he files his clothing away until later. Each of his students, have seen him naked before, but they ooo and awe as they see him. Some boys venture a touch to his skin, little hands grabbing his meat, and touching his butt and abs; exciting their teacher to a semi hard state. To further excite the boys he pulls the foreskin back, to reveal his purple head, showing the penis ring.

"How do you get to be so strong!"

"How do you get a cock like that"

Questioned some of the boys, each of them staring at the growing manhood before their eyes. Sitting on the bench, he starts, "Well boys as you get older your bodies develop and change. Soon muscles and your cock will all grow and become manly, if your still here and old enough for the gym, I'll help you work out."


Randy was getting excited, and the boys continued to touch his smooth man body. His cock was bobbing up and down in frantic enjoyment. From his glistening cock head, Randy began to leak a constant river of pre-cum. Each of the class took a finger full and ate the teachers sap. This only further excited the teacher, his cock rocketed to a fully erect state, leaning in against Mr. Spencer's stomach.

Randy began milking his cock for the boys, biting his lip as he enjoyed his deed. Showing the boys how to please their own dicklets.

"Whats going on in there, are you ready," called Mr. North into the locker room.

The boys and the teacher stayed silent as they watched him masturbate his massive manhood. Each watching the river of pre-cum and the silver head ring that shined in the locker light.

"Leave your Teacher's cock alone, we had fun in here the last two times, we have to have class today, sorry boys, lets move it!"

The boys muttered and moaned in distain, as they exited the locker room. Randy shyly followed with his massive erection. Still leaking pre-cum but the dick head is covered with its over hang of foreskin.

Mr. James North notices, and smiles as he reaches and rubs Randy's smooth round ass.

Today was a soccer game for the class. The Teacher and Coach were to be the captains, and they each chose their team. The game began and each team of youths played, but most eyes were on Mr. Spencer and his swaying cock. For during the choosing of teams, Randy's hard-on had gone limp. At first when he ran, a few drops of pre-cum flung at boys running close to their teacher.

The sun was hot that day, sweat poured over Randy's body, making his skin shine in the sunlight. Randy look like a well oiled god running in the sunlight with naked cherubs running at his heels.

While playing soccer, every now and then a boy would touch and graze their teachers manhood. Only hoping it would become erect and show its purple head. But each time the dick just stayed limp, and swayed. Some boys became mesmerized by the dick and the drops of sweat dripping for the tip.

Mr. Spencer called a time out and ran to the side lines, the boys and Coach watched as he pulled back his foreskin and exposed his gland. Randy as he let loose a yellow stream of piss, moaned in enjoyment. The moment seemed to go in slow motion as everyone watched the buff god, piss.

Randy let the steady stream loose till his bladder was fully done. Then milking and shaking the last drops out, he took his semi-hard dick to the soccer game.

While the game was paused some of the students got together and started a plan. They all bet Steve; a class clown, to try and bite the dick, but first they had to tackle Mr. Spencer. Steve was eager and loved to suck the dick of his teacher.

The game started again, each boy tried and tried to trip or tackle Randy; but the athletic skill of their teacher was excellent.

Had Randy known what the boys were up to, he would have fallen on purpose just to let the class have its fun. Just like the boys he was horny and ready to perform at a moments notice. Instead he remained the ever fun player and helped his team achieve goals and ultimately the goal was to win.

Jude one of the tallest boys in class, fakes and injury and falls in front of the running Mr. Spencer. Randy tried to avoid and jump over the boy but to avoid hurting his student, he hops and somersaults to the ground.

Lying on the ground Randy begins to rise, but the entire class pounces on him making him stay on the grass. Each boy holding him down as Steve crawls in and sucks in a lot of the limp sweaty penis, but it quickly grows and chokes him.

While Steve worked on the dick head, and piss slit, two other boys, licked the nine inch shaft. While other boys groped Randy's body and kissed the naked skin of the teacher.

Randy moans as his body is toyed with, the little hands sending an erotic sensation throughout his body. Two boys begins to kiss and rub their hard peckers against the teachers chest. Mr. Spencer reels as the boys masturbate and caress his muscled body, all he can do is moan.

Reeling, gasping, and moaning as the boys lick his nipples, rub his pecs, and abs. You can hear the boys moan as they see their teacher in heaven. Jude reaches in and fingers the teachers anus as Steve and other slurp and lick the massive boner.

James was not about to be left out; grabbing one of the outlying boys as his, he begins his forceful fuck of the youth. Ramming his dick deep into the youth. The boy howls as the horny coach rams his rod again and again into his tender chute. The cries only excite him further and send him into a trance fuck, were only his cock rules his body. Fucking him like a toy, James manages to deposit three loads of semen inside the frantic boy.

Randy could feel his nuts churn and burn, his breathing becomes erratic and his moans louder. Randy was in heat, his body so moved with boy hands, he could not contain the seed. His body jerks and reels with each stroke, lick, and touch of his skin and cock.

Each boy knew that soon an eruption of semen was approaching. Gathering in around his cock and stroking it faster and more ardent. Steve stopped kissing the head and the pulsing cock let loose its prize.

Mr. Spencer was a shooter, the boys watched as ropes of jizz shot into the air. Again and again the cock shot forth its goo, overtime the dick launched a glob, the student would try to catch it in their mouths. Eruption, after eruption left Randy tired, until a steady stream of semen, poured out of the cock head like a volcano. Student and teacher were covered in the fatherly seed.

Laying on the ground, Randy just took in the moment and smiled at his eager class. Each of them smiling back and kissing their mans lips.

- - - - - - -

Leaving the field they headed for the locker room to shower and dress.

The boys were all a chatter about the session with their teacher. Talking about the many eruptions of sperm and the smell and taste. Each of them wanting to have more and talking about when they can shoot juice like Mr. Spencer. Each boy was hard, and rubbing their dicks as they walked and ogled Randy from behind.

Randy couldn't answer all the questions, but did his best as the boys huddled around him in the shower. The eager eyes of the boys stalked every inch of Randy and only excited him with another erection. Knowing that he has plans for his cock later in class, he quietly lets some boys touch but never allowing them to edge him towards an orgasm.

Helping each boy wash, and then wash himself, Randall was delighted with his students. Once done each boy left the showers to dress, leaving only Randy and Steve, the eager sucker of his cock head.

Steve was a beautiful boy of eight. He had black hair, with green eyes and olive skin. His lips full and round, and skin smooth like a baby. Steve didn't want to leave his teacher alone, and wanted more of his manhood. Steve was an anal virgin, but wanted to feel his teachers demon inside.

Randy could tell the youth was excited, his boy boner stuck strait out. Randy reached down and yanked on the boys privates. The boy almost had a dry orgasm in seconds.

"Fuck me," Steve whispers.

Randy knowing he was a virgin, replied, "Wait after school is over, lets make this special"

Swatting the boys ass, he left and dressed.

- - - - - - -

The boys then headed to the cafeteria for lunch. While the boys ate, Mr. Spencer took the time to also eat, and plan out the rest of his day in the class room. While the boys ate and then played, he milked his manhood and just toyed with his scenses as the time passed. Rolling the penis ring in his hand as his cock hardened and dripped.

- - - - - - -

The rest of the day carried on as normal, covering math, and vocabulary; till the second break. When the boys returned from recess, they found there hunky teacher without his shirt. His tight muscles just staring them in the eye. His torso tapered into some low rise jeans that gave the class a look every time he bent over.

"Okay, Boys, time for a test. I know you hate them, but we have been working on math all week and I need to see what you retained."

The boys booed but gladly sat down ready for the test. Passing out the test, each boy wrote their name down.

"Now the first boy done, with all the correct answers will get a prize."

"What is the prize?" chimed in a student.

Unbuttoning his fly he fished out his limp dong and swayed it in the air. "You get to suck my dick, and drink its juice."

The boys eyes lit up and started to race through the test.

"Remember its not first done, but first done with all the answers being right!"

About five minutes into the test, Grant came to the front and turned in his test. Mr. Spencer graded the test and returned it to him with six errors. Grant returned to his desk to correct the math, broken hearted but hopeful he could correct the issues before someone else got everything right.

Ryan followed a few minutes later to turn in his test, but he also had errors to correct. Three more boys and each were met with errors, poor Mr. Spencer's balls were aching for release, would a boy finally get all the answers right?

Thirty minutes into the testing, and Liam approached the desk with his test. Randy took his time to grade the test and found no errors. Scooting his chair back he let the boy see his hard cock. Marking the test with a "100%!!!" and giving Liam his test back.

Liam was eager and slid he shorts off and kneeled down to receive his prize. Liam wore the orange tank, that was more like a singlet that exposed the ass and genitals.

Randy removed his gland ring and let the boy have he hard man dick.

At first Liam just sucked and wet a few inches of the massive manhood. Trying to get more and more of the tool into his young mouth, he would gag and struggle to please his hot teacher.

Randy laid back in his chair and enjoyed the mouth on his horny dick. Hearing Liam slop and slobber, was music to his ears. Liam had sucked his dick many times and even taken the inches anally. Today the lad was sucking the cock like a dream. Focused on the head, and then rolling his tongue he would play with the foreskin. Liam's hands would stroke the shaft and squeeze the veiny pole for its nectar.

From time to time, Randy would let out a deep guttural sigh as his cock was pleasured. To let Liam know his appreciation, Mr. Spencer bent over and started to reach in and finger the smooth anus.

The fingering excited the boy, making him devour more of the huge dick. Stroking the meat faster and licking the purple head like candy. Randy just laid back in his chair again and slid his jeans down to his ankles giving Liam more access to his goods.

Boys came up and turned in their test, all eyeing the scene that they had wished was theirs. The class was full of lust and many of the boys began to beat there little boy parts to a raw and red state.

Randy just moaned and tossed his head and hair as the eager boy sucked the fuck-stick. His breathing becomes erratic, and his body spasms as the cock is devoured.

"OH FUCK, Liam ... OH FUCK," gasped Randall.

Liam got excited and new that soon he was to receive his teachers love. Without a thought Liam swallowed and gulped the seed, so much so that some dribbled out; but he was quick to catch it, and savor it in his hand.

Flicking a few drops off his cock into Liam's mouth, Randy returned his penis ring to under the head of his gland. Sliding off his jeans, Randy continued to teach in the nude.

Liam leaving his shorts with the teacher returned to his desk.

Mr. Spencer passed a note to Liam reading:

Liam I need help after school,

with Steve.

Stay after Class

Mr. Spencer


Liam nodded yes and the class continued.

- - - - - - -

The school bell soon chimed and Liam and Steve stayed behind. The room was empty and the boys were eager to play or fuck, each sprouting a nice wood. Watching their teacher naked and teach was exciting. Randy's cock would sway and this ass was like two perfect rock mounds.

Not it was time for Randy to teach Steve about sex.

- - - - - - -

"Steve, I asked Liam to stay, I hope you don't mind."

Steve nodded no.

Liam grabbed Steve by the hand and they walked to the front of the class where Randy was waiting. Randy's limp tool, oozed a sticky sap from the tip of his uncut dick.

"Steve loosing your virginity is a big step, and I am honored to be the one. I brought Liam here, because he has experienced anal sex with me. He can help you and let you know more how it will feel."

Liam whispers into Steve's ear, telling him how it will be with pain and pleasure. Letting him know how much he loved Mr. Spencer's dick and other horny boy thoughts.

Randy watched the boys talk, as each began to sprout a hard cocklet. There little boners sticking out from their lean hairless bodies. Steve's olive skin was in contrast to Liam's porcelain white. Liam's red shaggy curls and he stood an inch taller than his virgin friend. Both boys were so different in looks, but each of their boy bodies made Randy's cock stand to attention.

The young boys held on to each others hands and looked to their teacher for direction.

"Liam I want you to kiss Steve."

Liam leaned in and kissed Steve's full lips, and then let go.

"Liam, show him how me and you kiss."

Liam again goes in to kiss, first starting awkwardly as Steve adjusts and opens his mouth. Slobberly, they kiss and Liam continues and gets lost in a seductive boy kiss. Hugging and pulling at each other, they almost fall to the ground. Each of the eager horny lads moans and gropes at the flesh before them.

Randy undresses his horny students, as they kiss and make out. To slide the shoes off, they trip and fall to the floor. Liam begins to dry hump Steve's body. Their boy boners touching and caressing, as they roll on the floor. Steve's eyes are a blaze as his body is flooded with new emotions and excitement.

Rolling on the carpeted floor, Steve pins, Liam down and savagely kisses and gropes Liam in a lustful heat. Liam moans and gives way to his friends touch and allows his body to be explored.

Mr. Spencer's cock dribbles a steady stream of pre-cum down his cock and drips to the floor as he watches the lustful youths. Pulling his cock away from he stomach he aims the cock head over Steve's rosy pucker. Copious amounts of pre-cum coats the horny pussy, while the youths reel and hump on the floor. With the puddle of ooze, Randy begins to finger the sap deep inside the virgin hole.

The sudden push made Steve stop his aggressive fondle; and looks to see what was happening.

Randy picks Steve off the floor and lays him on the desk with his ass a little off the edge. He instructs Liam, to lube his friends pucker for a fuck. Randy from behind lifts the virgins legs and spreads them to Liam to gain full access to the young hole. Randy watches as the boys experience fun. Steve licks the dick head of Mr. Spencer while Liam fingers his tight chute.

Liam's little boy fingers push and pry into Steve. You could tell Liam liked to finger his buddy, for his cock remained hard, and his smile on his face.

Steve would grunt and wince as Liam, fingered his tiny pussy. Randy watched at stroked his cock as the two boys played. After awhile, Randy moved Liam and began to use his man fingers into the boy. Reaching in, he found the prostate and rubbed the spot. Soon the virgin relaxed and was reeling in ecstasy. Liam not wanting to be left out kneels and sucks his teacher's dong.

Getting one finger in, then two, then three, the boy was a fast learner and eager to take the nine inch cock. Steve's body was on fire with lust, all he could do is moan. Randy seeing the heated writhing youth, he whispers in the ear, and warns Steve of the coming pain.

Liam knew what was coming and rushed to his friends side and held his hand as they kissed. With one thrust Randy shoved his cock into the youth, not stoping till the smooth ass of Steve was felt on his skin.

Steve cried, and screamed as his v-card was ripped away. Randy preferred the method of pain, then allow the youth to relax. Like a tearing off a band-aid, you can go slow and have the pain last longer, or go fast and the pain is over sooner. He chose the last route.

Tears flow from Steve's eyes as the pain from a massive cock fill his body. For a good three minutes Steve cries as Liam and Mr. Spencer ease him. Soon Steve could feel no pain, just a little discomfort as a mammoth erection fills his gut.

Slowly Randy begins to fuck the swollen hole, inching is cock in and out, allowing the youth to feel and relax to the motion the cock makes inside. Soon Steve was not in pain and began to enjoy the cock rubbing his innards. Moans fill the room.

Randy wanting to make this enjoyable for the new fuck, slowly uses his cock to open and massage his anal chute. This motion only makes Steve react with more lust. His body twitches and reels as the master fucks his boy cunt.

If Steve could pre-cum he would be covered in it, due to his lustful body.

Watching Liam kiss Steve was a highlight for Randy, but he could also tell that Liam wanted more, as he eager jacks his boy dick.

"Liam, get on my chair and let Steve suck your dick."

Liam practically jumped onto the chair and shoved his boy boner into his friend. Reaching over, Randy would kiss Liam as they used Steve's body.

Liam fucks Steve's face, while Mr. Spencer, introduces him to man sex. Liam eagerly and hastily fucks his dick till his body shudders. Unable to hold himself up, he collapse onto of his friend. His body ridged as he dry orgasms.

Randy picks up Liam and has him straddle Steve, making it so that two asses are ready to fuck before his raging boner. The boys begin to kiss as Randy pulls out of Steve and begins to fuck Liam. Trading off, each boy feels the teachers massive dong inside.

Randy then focus on Steve's ass, as his orgasm approaches. That tight, hot, fuck chute, was heaven on his dick. The reeling and squirming of the youth only added to his joy!

Fucking fully in, Randy hears Steve whimper. Pushing tight and pushing his legs apart, so that his cock is deep inside the horny boy. Then with a final push Randy's cock twitches and sends rockets of semen up the boys pussy.

Steve feels is canal filling with the sperm, so much that is leaks out of his red pucker. Feeling the semen and Mr. Spencer's nine inches massage is innards, the boy is sent into a dry orgasm. His body reeling in ecstasy. This only milks the last few drops of seed out of his teachers cock.

Randy not wanting Liam to feel left out, fingers into his pussy, and rubs his g-spot. There massaging his boy cunt, the little Liam is sent into his own orgasm.

Both boys tired, lay on top of each other kiss, and panting as they catch their breath . Randy rubs his semen from Steve's ass, into Liam's; as they nap on the desk.

Leaving them, he gathers his bag and exits the class room.

- - - - - - -

Randy grabs his bag and leaves the Primary hall and heads to the Gymnasium. His naked body on display for all the students and staff to see. His cock sways with each step and his balls bounce and sway with his legs. Boys whistle and yell as the hunky man passes them by on his travel.

The cock ring catching the light of the sun from time to time as he walks across campus. Inside the Gymnasium he heads to the locker room. Putting up his bag of clothes in a locker, he heads to the gym.

Seeing boys fuck and make out, brings Mr. Spencer's purple cock head out from under the foreskin. The moans and sighs only further excite him, but sadly he has a duty to fore fill and must continue on.

- - - - - - -

"Hey gang, sorry I'm late, a student needed my help."

Coach Steele just smiled and winked as the naked teacher joined the club of boys. It was weightlifting time and time for Randall to get in some of his daily exercise.

The club was made up of Secondary boys, who all had a love for weights. Each boy worked hard to stay fit, and sculpt their bodies to an adonis perfection.

Starting off with some cardio, Randy ran on the treadmill with some of the boys that had not completed their running yet. His dick again swaying with the pace of his run. Each boy watching his penis sway as their young teen cocks harden and ooze. Randy just focuses on his work out and encourages he boys to push through and work. Not that Randy was not interested in sex, but he also knew the importance of exercise.

Then going to weight training and working on his body, at times he would spot for a student. His dick would dangle in the face of the boy as they did reps. Some would venture a lick and arouse the cock to a semi-hard or to a full erection.

Never letting himself masturbate his boner, Randy stayed focused on the work. This was relaxing for Randall and he enjoyed the time he had with each of the boys. Seeing them develop over the year was his highlight.

After the club hour of reps and weight changes the class was finished; the boys are excused to go locker room and clean up for dinner.

Randy was going to join, but Coach Grant stopped him.

"Hey stud, I was wondering if you could help me with moving some equipment around, so we have a larger area for cardio?"


They moved some items around and once complete Grant thanks Randy and they separate, Grant to his office and Randy to the showers.

- - - - - - -

Going to the showers was all empty but for a few lingering boys form the club. In the far corner Nico and Tyson ending their showers. Taking the closest shower; turning on the shower.

Randy let the water run over his head and warm his body. Picking up his soap and lathering his body, just rubbing and massaging every muscle he touched. Randy let the hot water melt his body and steam was quickly filling the room.

"You can always tell when Mr. Spencer is in the shower," said Tyson as he exited the showers.

Randy saluted him as he passed and continued to wash and massage his body. Randy's hand slowly lowered and found his semi-hard cock. Moving the skin back and rubbing his hand on the sensitive gland. He continued his rub, biting his lip.


Hearing the voice he looks around and sees know one. Stepping out of the shower he looks into the locker room and then back in the shower. Nothing, but then again he heres the voice, this time moaning. Emerging from the steam is Nico; the boy Tyson was showering with.

"Sorry for the noise, but I've been waiting for you," Nico said as he jacks his hard teenage cock.

Nico Gianopoulos was a Greek teen, and spoke with a heavy accent. He is short, but very muscular for a boy of sixteen. His deep brown eyes, and his black curly hair, now wet clung to his head. His body was smooth, the only hair he had is his pubes and pits. Nico had a dick that was average, but that was not his care, Nico was a bottom, and a total slut for a huge cock.

"My pussy missed you," Nico whined.

"I missed your cunt too," Randy said as he reached over and pulled the teen closer. Then taking his soapy finger and shoved it deep into the twat.

Nico moans and leans in for a kiss. The kissing quickly turns rough as Randy shoves Nico against the tile wall and makes out with the teen. Nico moans and likes the teachers rough style, and begs him to fuck him.

Randy guides the boys hand to some soap, and then places his hard member in the other hand. The horny teen takes his queue and begins to lather the cock to a foamy, bubbly mess. Randy lets out some moans as his cock is massaged and pumped to a veiny rock hard state.

Copious amounts of pre-cum pour from his uncut dick making Nico moan and purr as he milks and soaps the cock that will soon fuck his cunt. Randy leans in and bites the boys ear, and then down to his neck.

Nico is startled and drops the soap. Randy lifts the boys legs as he is pinned to the wall. Leaving the teenage slut pucker ready for the tool to slide in. Easily the soapy cock thrusts into the horny body, making the lad scream in ecstasy!

Holding onto the shower head, Nico begins to fuck himself on the dick.

Randy grunts and hisses, "You fucking dirty whore, ride this dick."

Nico moans as more of the manhood fills his pussy.

"Take it bitch, take this dick, I know you want it, you want it all inside your pussy!"

Nico only nods and moans as he fucks himself, and Randy gyrates his hips in time.

"Your mine girl, all mine, don't ever let anyone fuck this pussy but me," Randy commands as he reaches a finger in and opens the pussy more.

Each word only excites the youth as he feels the huge penis inside. Nico clenches his ass, working Randy's dick with pride.

Pulling on the lads nipples, Nico lets out a scream. Randy continues to fuck the boys chute has he's pinned against the tiles. Nico leans in and kisses the man that fucks him so good.

Nico's cock oozes and bounces as each fuck forced him to hold back his own orgasm. The words and moves the master has, make his body tremble. Nico is about to cum, and moans out loud.

Randy seeing he boys enjoyment, slaps his balls.

"You don't cum till I say so! WHORE!"

Not wanting to cum, Randy pulls out, and orders Nico to lie on the floor.

"Nico, NO!!, I want that ass up in the air and your face licking that tile!" he orders.

Watching the naked youth, Randy walks around the room, turning on each head, till they are covered in hot steamy water. Then coming over to his horny Nico, he thrusts in again. This time harder so the Nico cries in pain.

Slapping the teen, Randy yells, "Shut up Bitch, you wanted this dick, now you are going to have it!" The fuck continues.

Each thrust opens the boys tight pussy.

"Sir, please you're so big, stop," Nico pleads.

This only excites Randy and he fucks him with more speed!

Pulling on the boys hair, the teacher leans in and says, "Boy your pussy is so sweet, so fucking hot, you're going to die when I'm finished with your cunt!"

Randy fucks harder and his thrust gain more speed and energy.

Nico struggles to breathe as he is fucked, his nuts tighten and soon he will shoot. One more ram of the cock inside, it grazes Nico's g-spot and he lets loose his cum onto the shower floor.

The violent fucks only add to Nico's sexual release causing him to let loose three orgasms of his teen seed.

Randy takes his time, thrusting his dick deep and hard making sure that each inch is felt. Then taking aim one last time he fucks in hard, so hard that the youth almost breaks his pelvis.

Nico's eyes fill with tears, and lets out a deep sad moan. But then filling the precious seed spilling inside it changes to a purr of lust.

Rope after rope fills the lads ass.

Collapsing on the teen they gather their breath and smile.

Standing up and washing off in the water, the two talk.

"Fuck Mr. Spencer, I still got cum in my pussy, you shot in there a nice load!"

"Well, you're a great fuck!"

Kissing they depart, and Randy heads home to eat dinner and fuck his wife.

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