Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 4 - Teacher Mr. Bogdanovich

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Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 4 - Teacher Mr. Bogdanovich

- - - - - - -

Vladimir Bogdanovich was a Russian man, that taught Russian and Photography in the secondary program at Johnson Boys Academy. He too was not a prior student, but enjoyed the desires of his cock and the school was the ultimate gift.

Vlad was tall, standing six feet, seven inches tall. At forty-five he was greying but kept his hair short, His body muscled and toned with age, his arms and chest were covered in tribal art, his back with a tattoo that continued down and each ass cheek was decorated, and continued onto his thighs to the front. The art encircles his torso and goes down to his dick and even his scrotum. Tattoos were not the only indulgence Vlad enjoyed, for each nipple was pierced, ears, right eyebrow, P.A. in his dick, and a ladder of barbells down his scrotum. Vlad's balls are normal in size; but hanged low, his cock was long and veiny at seven inches and uncut.

- - - - - - -

At 6:30 AM Vladimir's alarm beeped. Stretching and arising from bed he pulls and tugs at his morning erection. Milking motions as he stimulates his cock till its veiny and full. Looking too the floor he finds a pair of underwear that his young lover had left from last night. Smelling them he jacks his cock harder.

The room may be vacant of boys, but the room is messy with clothes, sexual toys, beer bottles, and cum stains. What ever transpired last night was overtly sexual.

Continuing to rub his meat, with long slow strokes, feeling each vein and pulse that his cock makes. Breathing deeply he continues his mornings work, and massaging his balls. Enjoying the masturbation he fondles his nipples and tugs at the rings. Now totally involved in the morning session he lies down on the bed and begins to intently touch and masturbate. Moans and grunts escape his lips as his manly deed is being done.

Tugging on his P.A. he lets out a deep grunt. Placing the used underwear on his face, both hands move into action. One hand playing with his nipples, while the other, rubs his hard erection. Vlad's nipples harden and point to the ceiling, while his hands glide down to massage and tug on his manly balls.

Loud moans and grunts flow out of his mouth. "FUCK!!! he screams in a deep Russian accent.

Once low hanging nuts cling to the side of his erect cock, and the cock is read and flaring its head. With a deep thrust of his cock into his hand, Vlad begins to shoot. Cum dribbles and runs out of his cock; flowing like an endless river to puddle and pool on this abs.

Vladimir may not be a cum shooter, but he gives out a nice amount of cum. Vlad rubs his cum soaked hands on his chest and pubes to get it cleaned in his hair. For each muscle is covered with thick black hairs.

- - - - - - -

Grabbing his towel and slinging over his shoulder, he leaves his room. Vlad was not shy about his body and gladly let the last drops of his cum fall from his cock has he walked to the showers.

Vlad doesn't live with the rest of the faculty, instead he is one of the dormitory advisors for the Secondary boys. Mr. Bogdanovich's room is at the end of the hall, and as he passes each boy on his floor, he knocks on their door to awaken them.

Heading to the showers he stands in the middle and lets the water pour onto his skin and wet his hair. Soon the shower is full of boys getting ready for breakfast and the school day ahead.

"Jayson, I got your panties in my room," Vlad said in a Russian accent.

"Keep 'em, I've got plenty."

"Thanks," Mr. Bogdanovich said, as he slapped the youth's ass.

Watching each youth as they showered, Vlad was in heaven. Slowly his cock inches to a semi-hard erection, the ruby head of his penis peaking ever so little from under the foreskin. Letting his hand wander down and stroke the skin and reveal the exposed cock head to all the boys aroused him to a full erection. His seven inches stood away from his body, as the boys eyed and masturbated their cocks to the site.

Vlad spots a shy lad washing in a far shower. The boy is shyly washing himself, careful not to expose his dick to the world. Captivated by the youths looks, Vlad leaves his shower and walks over. His erection still hard and pointing at the shy boy.

"Boy, why you shy?"

The boy just stares.

"You got a dick, I got a dick, whats your...(searching for the word) Trouble?"

"N... Nothing Sir."

"Then come and shower over here with me," grabbing his arms he directs him to the middle of the shower. Vlad shares the water with the small teen, and helps him wash his hair. All the time his dick stands at attention ready for action.

The youth quickly finishes and leaves.

"Which one of you scared the boy, was it you Tyson," chuckled Vlad. Now Tyson was a boy of exceeding endowment. He was sixteen and had a thirteen inch hard-on. Everyone just called it a python.

Vlad finished his shower in his usual grand fashion. He would flex and pose for the boys, and then return to his room to dress and leave for breakfast. But this time, instead of going to his room, he headed to the lad, that had left him in the shower.

Without knocking he swung the door open. "Boy, do you know who I am!"

"YES," he replied in a scared and almost crying voice.

"Boy whats your name?"


"Ben, I don't like it when I'm left in the shower alone."

"There were other boys there, you were..."

"BEN, DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY! I invited you to join me, and instead you left. And I want you to have your prize, willingly or not, you're going to get your prize."

Ben sensing the danger, tries to run out of the room. But Vlad is to big and picks up the panicked youth.

Vlad carries the youth to his room, all the while Ben, begs and pleads to be released. But Vlad didn't care, his cock wanted him and now that the boy shied away, he was going to take it by force. This only made Vlad more horny and more aroused, his cock dripped pre-cum with each plead and cry.

- - - - - - -

Not all latin boys were horny, and Ben was like that. At thirteen he never thought about sex, only hoping to get through the school year unbullied and un-noticed.

Not that he didn't want it, just that in other schools he was bullied and shy. Now he was being carried away to a room of a muscled man, and he didn't even know what was going to happen.

Ben's tan skin was moist with sweat as he was carried, and his brown eyes shined with fear. His black hair hung in front of his face, as Vlad toyed with this hairless body. Still not a stitch of hair on the body, but his balls were hanging low and beginning to make its boy juice.

- - - - - - -

Slamming the boy onto the bed, Ben bounces three times till he rests on the sheets. Vlad was erect and Ben knew enough to know that his virginity was about to change.

Turning over and crawling to the head board, Ben races away. But Vladimir is faster and grabs the boy's foot and pullshim back. Ben lets out a plead to not fuck him, and begs the teacher to stop.

Turning the youth and picking him up in a bear hug, he squeezes. Ben trying to escape and pushing away from his captor. With all his strength he pushes on Vlad's shoulders and tries to wiggle himself out of the man's tight hug.

"Boy, you're not escaping, Your gonna enjoy my penis deep inside your vagina."

Ben struggles some more and squirmed his way up so where Vlad only had his legs in the hug. But this also exposed the boys precious jewels to the wanton teacher.

"My, my boy, you protest, but your cock sticks up like the towers of Saint Basil's."

Indeed the boys pecker was hard and sticking strait out, the boy wanted his five inches to calm down, but he was aroused by the husky Russian.

Gulping in the boys organ and balls, Vlad sucked and licked the boy with his masterful tongue. Ben struggled to free himself, but it was all in vain. Soon the youth was enjoying his genitals being seduced and just rested his body into the strong teacher.

Ben was moaning and smiling as Vlad titillated his penis, and soon he could feel finger caress and puncture into his rectum. There was a slight discomfort from the fingering, for the tall teacher had huge hands to match his height.

Pinning the youth ageist the wall, Vlad fully impales the boys onto his hand.

Gasping Ben, reels in the joys of loosing his virginity.

Playing with Ben's little dick was easy for Vlad. He sucked and rolled the penis with ease in his mouth. His fingers probe and open the tight fuck hole. Each deep reach the boy winces and whines.

Vlad was done pleasing the boy, now it was time for the boy to take his prize. Dropping him onto the bed and rolling the boy over to his belly, he grabs the boys hips and pulls the horny youth close to his cock.

Pulling the lads legs apart, exposing the red pucker. Taking aim, Vlad thrust his cock in the unprepared virgin. Not stoping till his full member was in the boy.

The amount of pain, causing Ben to cry and plead again for the madness to stop. Vlad had no care, the youth had lost his rights since he slinked away.

Vladimir begins fucking his cock in and out of the teen, making sure that every inch of his dick is felt. Probing his cock in at different angles, making the boy squirm and beg.

Ben again pleads and cries for his raper to stop. The cock only hurts has his unlubed hole is ripped and fucked. Vlad only spits occasionally to assist his cock from snagging and hurting him. Pain for the boy is no concern, the hollow cries only make him fuck harder.

Holding the boy on his dick the fucking continued with great speed and gusto. Vlad would grunt and moan, hissing only to tell Ben that he had brought this pain on himself. Pulling all his cock and ramming it back in, the youth quickly learned his place.

"OH GOD!!!!, PLEASE SIR... S... S ... STOP!!!" begged Ben.

Ben was in great pain as his innards are being violated, with the Russian cock. Every now and then Mr. Bogdanovich's dick would graze a part of him that would shoot Ben to the moon. The boy didn't want the cock inside him, but the sensation was to good, to have him stop. He could feel each of the Russians cock piercings in his tight chute.

The fucking was rough, Ben's body shook and quivered in pain. His body was all shocked full of emotion. As the deep jabs of the cock continued to open the virgin youth, the pain slowly changed to pleasure.

All Ben could feel was the cock rubbing his g-spot. Making him whimper and moan, and reel as his body was ravaged. Loud moans of teen bliss filled the room.

Vlad hearing the joyful youth, pulled the hair of Ben and made out with the youth. Holding the youth close to his chest as they fucked kneeling on the bed, kissing and caressing.

Both began to moan as the fucking sped up. Deep fucks where the penis rips in the anal flesh, with a loud slap of skin. The hunky Russian grabs at the ass, pulling the cheeks apart, allowing his cock further in. Slapping the ass of the lad, Ben would wince in pain.

Vlad fucked the pussy harder and deeper, making the boy scream and yell as the fuck continues. The friction on his penis is perfect, for the tender pucker is red and swollen.

With a deep thrust of his manhood, Vlad lets loose his stream of cum; filling the lads womb with his spunk.

Ben felt each pulse and twitch of the cock, and the flooding of his cunt only added to his enjoyment. Once Vlad pushed his cumming cock in further, the boy received his own rapturous orgasm. Shooting is tiny load of teen seed onto the bed.

- - - - - - -

Vlad only cared about the fuck, if the youth was in pain or enjoyed it, it mattered not. His focus was making sure his cock was enjoying the fuck and the longer he fucked the better he felt.

Leaving the boy to fend for himself, he cleaned himself off. Then dressing for the day in black suit pants and shoes, with a dark grey tank top. Leaving the room for this class room he applies his dark sunglasses.

- - - - - - -

Vlad's first class was Advanced Russian. The students were his favorite, and they excelled at his native tongue. Mr. Bogdanovich took teaching very seriously. His focus was on the lesson not sex. The students were to do the same, after school or between classes was the time for sexual activities, but not during his lesson time.

The school does let the teachers discipline to some point, but then it must be turned over to Mr. Masters the disciplinarian of the school. Mr. Bogdanovich didn't follow that rule and did his own punishment.

His first class, was a breeze, each student eagerly listening and learning. And even flirted with a few of the boys after class in Russian.

In his second hour, Beginners Russian, one boy (Kenneth) kept talking with his neighbor about the fuck he had versus the lesson. Vlad was not impressed and gave him several warnings. Once three was reached the boy was his.

"Kenneth, get your ass up here!"

Kenneth looked up and walked slowly to the front. Whipping his shaggy hair off his eyes, he looks at his teacher for direction.


The boy was puzzled and starts remove his t-shirt slowly.

The lad is not moving fast enough to Mr. Bogdanovich's liking. Vlad quickly leans in and rips the shirt off the lazy boy. Stating again, "STRIP!"

Kenneth quickly obeyed; now racing he soon stands naked before his teacher. For being fourteen, his body was still at the beginning stages of getting hair. A little patch just above is genitals and then again in each arm pit was the sole covering of body hair. His athletic body was perfect for a boy his age, and his six inch boner was ready for what ever his teacher needs.

Once he was stripped of all his clothing, Vlad was in control. Vlad took the youth and led him to a place behind his desk, then pushed him down till his torso was flat lying on the desk. Taking some rope he tied the boys legs to each of the desk legs, letting the limbs spread and expose his pussy. Following with each wrist and then tying them to the front legs of the desk. Kenneth was spread out, tied and unable to really move or resist, the pose left his anus to the teachers using.

"Class," slapping a ruler on to the desk; "I want you to pay attention this, this is what will happen if you are not obeying in my class. Learning is important, do not play in my class."

With that Vlad walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a huge dildo, not one cock shaped, but almost looking like a mace. It was twelve inches long with a slender rubber handle, and the tip was a five inch ball with rubber spikes. Before leaving the cabinet, he grabbed a dog cock dildo and some lube.

Only putting a little amount of lube so that pain would still be great, Vlad shoves in the dog dick to the hilt in one massive push. Kenneth's eyes all but bulge out of his face, as his molester smiles.

Kenneth trying to be a man struggled not to cry as the pain flooded his body. But Mr. Bogdanovich continues to ram and push the dildo deep inside his pussy. Kenneth could no longer hold all the tears back, and drops began to fall form his watery eyes.

Rolling and punching the dog knot into the pucker, till its reached its limits in the innards. Vlad pulls out the dildo and shows the mace dildo to the students.

Kenneth seeing the huge monster toy screams, "Mr Bogdanovich please don't, PLEASE!!! I'LL LISTEN, I WON'T TALK!!! PL..."

Vlad slaps the insolent youth, "Shut up, Bitch!"

The boys pucker is clearly not used to such objects and a twelve inch mace dildo was definitely going to ruin the pussy. Vlad relished the thought and rammed the dildo into the begging youth.

You would think that Kenneth would scream, but the full length on the dildo took his breath away. Regaining his air, he began to cry, not like a man, but as a little boy in great pain would.

Vlad's evil smile filled his face, and fucked the dildo around in the boys pussy. The class watching the onslaught gasped and squirmed as they witnessed the punishment.

Continuing his lesson as he was torturing the boys anus. Not stopping a moment, he abuses the pussy, to a messy swollen hole.

Kenneth each time that painful dildo was thrust in, he would all but faint from the pain. His body sweating and his breathing erratic due to the fuck. Feeling a deep punch from the horned dildo, he lets out a massive scream!

Feeling the dildo exit his tired ass, Kenneth sighs and feels relieved that his anal onslaught is over. Resting his head on the desk, his whimpers calm down.

Vlad is not finished and slowly lets loose his erection from his pants. Once fully ready, he shoves his length into the youth. Fucking the penis deep in the gaping ass, making well use of he hole. Vladimir didn't mind teaching with his pants at his ankles, and fucked the rude youth as the class continued to learn. Using force, so that his desk moved forward each push.

Kenneth began to plead and interrupt the lesson. "Please stop, I promise, I will be good!"

Pulling on the shaggy hear of Kenneth's head, Vlad leans in and hisses, "SHUT THE FUCK UP! Your punishment is not over, if you would like more, continue to talk and I will give you so much more, your ass will never shut!"

Furious, Vlad begins to fuck the youth with great speed. Angling his cock so that the youth would feel the pain. Making sure to give the fuck that Kenneth would never want again. But yet making sure his cock was well pleased. Hearing the cries of the punished teen, was enough for his dick. Giving his cock the most friction and using the ass so that his cock was rubbed so well.

With deep grunts Vlad stopped teaching and focused all his lust on the rape of Kenneth. Fucking his pierced cock in and out, and angling the shaft so the head rubbed the canal. With a loud roar, Mr. Bogdanovich shoots his seed into the tired youth.

Pulling his cock out, the anus of the lad doesn't shut, instead the hole drips its precious gift. Slapping the ass cheek, Vlad grabs a permanent marker and writes on Kenneth's right ass mound.

Bitch of Vlad

feel free to fuck

my gapping cunt

Kenneth was humiliated, and sent back to his chair.

- - - - - - -

Photography class was working on erotic nudes, in teams of two. Watching the youth pose and fuck, was exciting to the teacher as he taught them about the erotic arts. The rest of the day was filled with Russian classes and each concluded without a hitch. When the bell rang at 4:00 PM Vlad was ready to go.

Walking across campus to the gym, he heads to the locker room. Vlad undresses and leaves his clothes in a locker. Going to the gym he began to stretch his body out on the mats.

Focusing on his workout, he lifts weights and other routines to perfect and sculpt his body. He doesn't notice the boys ogling and swooning over his body. Only working out for an hour he leaves the gym naked and walks to his dormitory room.

He plops on the couch and starts watching TV. Vlad strokes his cock to semi-hard state as he watches the programs. As he runs his hands through his chest hair, there is a knock at the door.

Opening ther door, he finds a slender youth eager to ask a question. "Mr. Bogdanovich, I wanted to know if we can fuck tonight."

"I'm game Jayson, but tonight I want you and two of your buddies. If you cant find two buddies, to join you and me, don't bother coming."

Shutting the door he returns to his TV.

- - - - - - - -

At 6:00 PM he grabbed some mesh shorts and ventured to the dinning hall for dinner. Sitting at the teachers table he socialized with Coach Steele and the other sport coaches. After dinner he returned to his dorm room and again found himself before the TV.

His naked body was hard for his hands not to wander and touch. Arousing his body and cock to a full erection. Rubbing his erection till the red cock-head his throbbing and pulsing in his grip. His tattooed body reels in the couch as he masturbates his cock.

Looking that the clock he sees that its 9:15 PM and Jayson has not returned to have a fuck. Deciding to let his cock rest and go to bed, he crawls under his sheets and lets his cock rub a bit on the bedding.

Then at 9:30 PM there was a knock on the door.

Rising from his bed; boner bobbing and leaking, he answers the door.

There was Jayson with two others teens.

"Mr. Bogdanovich, this is Jerome, my brother, and Mark, my friend."

Vlad smiled, and said, "Works for me, come on in."

- - - - - - -

Jayson was a bottom whore, and let anyone fuck him. He was not virtuous and didn't care who or even what fucked his boy snatch. He was a power bottom that loved to be used and filled with man spunk. His dark blonde hair hung down to his mid back. Soft white skin, and a lean teenage fourteen year old body. Body still smooth but shaved and waxed into looking younger. His dick was small with only a four inch boner.

Now Jerome, was Jayson's older brother and at sixteen he had finished puberty. His body hair was light and trimmed short to his body, the small pubic curls of blonde. Jerome worked out and had an adonis physic. His cock was a man's, the average size, but thick and a nice mushroom head. Unlike his brother he was vers and could take and give a fucking. He was a teen that loved action and paraded his sexual conquests.

Mark is an African American, with his chocolate skin and black hair; he was an ebony adonis. He was only thirteen and still developing hair was sprouting in his pits and pubes, and his balls hanged lower, with a seven inch teen boner. Mark was a virgin before coming to the school this year, but being friends with a gay bottom gave him ample time to fuck.

- - - - - - -

Entering the room, each boy slides off there clothes and expose there naked aroused body to the teacher. Each waiting and wanting to fuck with the hunky muscles of the Russian.

Vlad was tall at six foot seven inches, and each of the teenagers ranged from five feet to fiver feet, nine inches tall, leaving a vast gap in height. This difference was a great excitement to him and was eager to fuck each of the boys pussy's.

Vladimir set the room up, being a photographer he was not about to miss this opportunity to get some sexy nude pics.

"Jerome, take your slut brother to the bed, and make out with him."

Jerome grabs his brothers hand and guides him to the mattress. There the kneel and begin to kiss and hug at each other. Soom the kissing turns real, as Jerome's boner begins to leak its pre-cum onto his brothers body. Jerome slowly lowers his bother to the bed. Jayson proving his slut value, instinctively spreads his legs for his brothers penetration. With great ease Jerome slides his wet member deep into his brothers cunt.

The two brothers are lost in the lust, and don't hear the camera, nor see the photographer moving closer for raunchy sex pics.

Jayson moans, "Jerome, I... I Love you, FUCK me!"

Jerome, just kisses his bothers as they become one and fuck on sheets of the Russian.

The Russian was feeling the need for some fun, but also didn't want to stop shooting the horny brothers. "Mark, fucking suck my dick!"

Mark kneeled down and sucked in the seven inches with ease down his throat. Sucking his teacher was fun and took his mind off the action he was missing.

Jerome fucks faster as his nuts churn. Fucking like a bunny in high speed, Jayson reels in his bothers fucks. Rolling on the sheets, Jerome punches deep into the slut brother and releases his seed. The globs of semen send his brother into his own orgasm as he shoots his tiny load onto his fuckers face.

Jayson arches his back and slowly lays down with his brothers dick still inside his twat.

"Mark, Join them, and boys look like he's surprised you."

Acting like in an amateur porn video the boys act caught. Mark quickly seizes his prize and fucks the used Jayson. Sliding his teen cock deeper than his brother, making Jayson gasp and moan.

Awkwardly Jerome kisses and touches Mark as he fucks. Jerome all but fades from the scene.

"Jerome, you're a fucking pussy, get in there and fuck, either fuck Mark or get your bitch of a brother to suck your dick!"

Taking Marks hips, Jerome fucks his cum covered dick inside. Mark was surprised and gasps as the dick enters his anus. Jerome lets Mark do the work, as he fucks out of Jayson, he allows more of Jerome in, and visa versa.

Marks chocolate skin was in deep contrast to his white fuck buds. His cock was buried deep into the slut, and his own ass was being used. With a deep lust, his fucking gains speed. He can feel Jerome's lips on his neck as they kiss and arouse the flesh.

Mark is not skilled in sex and ejaculates his load prematurely. The small seed is deposited deep inside his friend. His face almost looks like he is in great pain from the orgasm.

Jerome however, is not done and continues to fuck the ass of Mark. Pushing his cock in and out and fucking his ass with gusto and glee. Jayson was still horny and turned around to suck Marks soft cock back into an erection.

Vlad's cock is rock hard and oozing its sap. Putting the camera down he orders, "Jerome lay down with Marc, I'm coming in!"

With that he jumps into the bed and wrestles his dick inside Mark. Marks whimpers as two seven inch dick probe and stretch his pussy. Jerome feeling the teachers cock lets them rub and stimulate each other.

Its a new sensation to Jerome and he violently lets loose his second orgasm filling the Nubian prince with seed. Jerome's body twitches and heaves as his semen rockets out of his penis. Rolling the lovers off, he catches his breath and begins to masturbate his brother as they watch the teacher fuck.

The night had only begun and each boy had already had an orgasm, and each new that Mr. Bogdanovich had more energy for sex than they. Tonight each would be fucked to exhaustion. But then, Vlad would have it no other way!

- - - - - - -

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