Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 5 - Disciplinarian Mr. Masters

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Johnson Boys Academy

Chapter 5 - Disciplinarian Mr. Masters

- - - - - - -

Some would say that Mr. Masters was a mean sadistic son of a bitch, others call him their master and lover. David was a graduate of the school, and was the schools psychologist, till the disciplinarian position was open. Here is where Mr. Masters found his true desire. He loves to train, and make the boys repent of their wrong deeds.

David Masters, was a man that loved to care for his body. Like many of the teachers daily gym visits were a normal, and he loved to parade around for the boys to see. His gym sculpted body is covered with the typical man hair, pubes, pits, legs, arms, and chest. With a nice firm buttocks in back and in front is a thick beer can dick. It was nine and a half inches long and circumcised, over furry low hanging man nuts. Although he was thirty-nine, most guess his age in the late twenties. His light brown hair is all there, with brown eyes and smile that could lure the innocence out of anyone.

- - - - - - -

"Mmmmmm," moaned David. He was awakened by a mouth sucking his cock. "Take it all Dog"

With that Jared gagged and choked down more of the meaty member. No matter the pain or sacrifice, Jared was ready to do all that his lover asked. He enjoyed his Master's cock and did all that he was told.

Jared Flycher the nineteen year old slave of David was all that a master could ever want. He had gone to the school last year, but after graduating he stayed behind to continue his devotion. Jared was a lean boy, with a toned athletic body. He was shaved from head to toe, this only made his green eyes stand out more. His cock is a nice man size of seven inches, but that was often stifled by his cock cuff or chastity device. Like most slaves he had his collar and barcode tattooed onto his neck.

This morning was no different, as Jared sucked his masters cock, his manhood was caged. His hard dick trying to escape the cock cage, and his balls tied and stretched away from his body. Despite the pain he felt in his genitals, he sucked on David's thick dick. He had years of experience and sucked it with ease.

David wanting to feel his mouth more forces Jared had down and holds it so his face is squished into his pubes. Even though Jared began to gag and choke, David held his slave down. Only until the dog, hurls his stomach did the man let loose his face.

Jared continues to suck and wet the nine and half inches of manhood. Gulping and slurping ever inch, and letting it glide down his gullet.

"Good boy," David says, as he pats Jared shaved head.

Without a word, he just sucks and wets his masters staff.

"Show me your pussy slut!"

Jared gets off his masters dick, and turns his ass to his lover. While sitting on all fours, the moist dick is slid into the cunt.

David pulls his manhood out and lays back down on the bed.

"Dog, you fuck yourself on my dick, NOW!"

Jared follows his order, and slowly lowers his prize deep inside his pussy. Once fully inside the slave leans in and kisses his lover. Slowly the dog begins to fuck himself on the fuck-stick.


Jared moans as he impales his guts, making sure the master knows his lust for the organ. Picking up speed and depth, the cock fucks farther into his male vagina.

"OH FUCK MASTER, I need your Juice, PLEASE CUM in me," Jared cried!

David could see that Jared was in heat, for his cock was hard begging to be released from the cage. A steady stream of pre-cum dripped from his piss slit, as Jared fucked himself.

Slapping Jared in the face and knocking him off his cock, David kneels on the bed. Jared lay on the bed with his knees bent rubbing his face. David reached and grabbed Jared's hips and thrust his ass on the throbbing manhood.

"Shut up BITCH, and just take the cock," hissed David.

The bed creaked and moaned as the thrusts got harder and faster.

Jared moans each time the cock is taken in to its full length. His cock painfully red in the cage, and yet still he is at the brink of cumming. David seeing his slave reel in pleasure, knows that it is not time to cum and slaps his stretched balls. Still Jared his heading to a cumshot. Again the master slaps the nuts and this time pinches them till Jared begins to cry.

David continues to fuck Jared with quick cock punches into the eager slut. Making sure to thrust in at angles and pushing and pulling the hips with ease.

Pulling his dick out and rolling Jared onto his side, David takes control again and fucks him with more speed. Reaching around he pulls on Jared's nuts as he fucks. Pushing his dick in with great speed and force, so much that Jared winces in pain.

Changing position again this time so that Jared can cry into the pillow as his master rapes his pussy from behind. The fuck strokes pick up strength, Jared can only cry from the shear force.

Hearing Jared cry, David is aroused even more, his cock hardens to a ridged rock that rips at the anal flesh. Fucking with all his energy, he with a final thrust to almost break the very bones of his slave. Unloading his man-seed deep inside the pussy, rope after rope coats Jared's fuck chute.

Upon feeling his masters cum, his own straining cock lets loose its precious seed into the sheets to mix with the sweat.

Once the dick is pulled out, David fingers and fists the leaking cum back into the gapping hole. Making sure to lock the juices inside with an anal plug. Turning his slave over he finds his straining cock still oozing a few drops of cum from its cage.

Reaching over to the nightstand, he finds a key and unleashes the semi-hard cock of Jared.

Jared lets out a sigh as his cock limps and looses its red marks.

"Very good, you didn't ask to remove the cage, now you can go without for the shower!"

- - - - - - -

Walking to the shower, Jared carried his and David's towels. Joining the teachers, Jared didn't speak only washed his masters body as he talked and showered. Only once finished with his chore did he was himself.

There were plenty of hard men eager to have Jared's mouth ease there sexual desires, but not once did he whimper, beg, or take what was not his.

Once back in the room, David goes to his dresser and pulls out a cock cuff with internal spikes. The cuff was fitted and bolted to Jared's flaccid cock. The spikes held it in place, but if he became aroused, the spikes will dig and tear into the boner.

"No sex, today, not till tonight, Got it?" demanded David.

Jared nods his head and replies, "Yes Sir."

- - - - - - -

Jared pulled out the clothes for his master. Helping him dress from head to toe, only then does he dress him self in some grey looses sweatpants and a black harness top.

David was a leather man. Leather zipper front jock, tight leather pants with his groin cut out, and a harness on the chest. Last was his leather boots that laced almost to his knees.

"Boy, go and get me and you breakfast; oh, and some food for those that stayed the night in dungeon."

With that Jared left the dormitory, and headed off on his errand.

- - - - - - - -

As for David, he walked to the administration building. Finding an obscure back door, versus the regular staff entrance. Following the stairs down two stories, he is carried into the Discipline Office, or better known to some as the dungeon.

In the office there is a regular looking room to great you. Where his receptions took calls and prepared the naughty boys for their appointment. From this room there are two doors, one to the office of Mr. Masters, and the other going to the dungeon.

This was not a dungeon like a medieval castle, but one of a sexual nature. Sling hang from the ceiling and ageist the walls are places to tie and torture, along with selves of sexual devices to bring both pleasure and pain. The room was darkly lit, only each station had a their own lights to keep the rest still in the dark. The unlit areas would hide everyone that wanted to watch the master at work, but to the youth they could only see what was in the light.

Now discipline is a very precise, if there into pain sexually then one must be deprived of sex through chastity devices. If the boy is strait, anal sex is the preferred torture. Mr. Masters has to know each student and their weakness and then exploit it and control the youth. Making sure there is no desire to return to the dungeon. For if they like real dungeon sex, Mr. Trent Dixon handles all that in his sex education classes.

This is where David's Masters Degree in Psychology would come in handy.

- - - - - - -

Two students stayed over the night in the dungeon, the first was Kenneth Whitmore. Yes, the very same boy that Vladimir had raped in class, still acted up in his next class, so he ends up here. Kenneth was tied to a vertical rack with each limb tied and stretched. The cold metal was the only sensation he felt over night. The second student was an elementary boy that bit the cocks he was gonna suck. Since he liked to bite with his teeth into a hard dick, Mr Master had him with an oral opener and fucked his mouth for times that day.

David checked on each of the youths, giving each water he now awaited the return of his slave.

Jared came in with breakfast, delivering the tray to his master, he proceed to feed and then release the primary youth, and then Kenneth, but he remained tied to his rack.

- - - - - - -

After all were fed, and ready, Mr. Masters called his slave over, and began to pull of his sweats. Taking his slaves cock into his mouth he began to make the cock hard and ridged. The spikes from the cuff dug into the shaft.

Jared feeling the pain, began to cry, as his master fondled and aroused his member.

Then letting it go, David said, "Good boy, nice and hard, Now remember this, cause if you get hard again, I'll make sure those spikes rip that shaft apart and you will be dickless!"

- - - - - - -

David unzipped his leather pants, and snapped them off his muscled legs and ass. Handing them to Jared, to put away in the office. There the dungeon master was ready.

Mr. Masters was now going to give his attention to Kenneth and getting him to act right in class.

Kenneth's limbs were sore from being stretched and tied for a long period of time, he begs to be let go. "Sir, please let me go, I'll do anything, please stop, PLEASE!!!"

Little did he know that begging excites Mr. Masters. Taking the boys flaccid cock in hand and begins to stroke. Slowly the cock arouses and begins to grow to its full six inch erection. david continues to milk the youths penis till the first drops of pre-cum start to drip from its tip.

"Jared, tie his balls"

Quickly Jared takes a leather strip and ties the nuts tight and stretched till they are a deep purple color.

"Kenneth, why do you disobey your teachers, do you like visiting me. I do like seeing you here naked?"

Kenneth turns his head away from the man and closes his eyes.

"Jared, do it!"

With a wooden paddle, Jared smacked the boys nuts, causing Kenneth to wince and start to cry. Kenneth did try to bend over and protect and ease his testicles, but being tied he was unable to move.

"Now Kenneth, I'm beginning to think you like this, every turn you get you seem to rebel and not answer. Again I ask, why do you disobey your teachers."

"Cause your all fags!"

Jared smacks the boys nuts again, the cock is flaccid again.

"Jared get the sounding tools and the anal probes."

A massive tool chest is wheeled into the light next to Kenneth. Reaching in to the chest, David pulls out an anal plug. Jared reaches in and pulls out the sounding sticks and nipple clamps. Some boys would love the event about to overcome their body, but Kenneth didn't want this. He pleaded to be let go.

"Boy, its too late, this 'fag' has to teach you a lesson."

Jared clamps the nipple clips onto the boys chest, making Kenneth wince. Then David rams the anal plug into the youth. Taking the sounding tool he begins to insert into the boys piss slit.

Kenneth's cock again grows hard and likes the masturbation of his cock from inside. Shoving the sound fully in; David then pulls it out and does so repeatedly. Then switching for a bigger gage, he opens the urethra more. With force the sounds are jammed into the teenage cock. The boy moves and struggles in pain as his ass, nipples, and dick is invaded.

Shoving the tool fully in, David instructs Jared to masturbate Kenneth.

Eagerly and with lustful eyes, Jared strokes the prisoner. The cock is red and veiny from the leather tied at its base. The sound sliding out ever so little, that Jared shoves it back in with his thumb. With great speed the slave masturbates the youth.

Kenneth tries not to moan as he is aroused.

"So boy, I'm a fag, what does this make you. Your cock is so hard it's dripping from Jared's handy work. You like a hand on your dick, what if he swallows it?"

Kenneth's eyes grow large as Jared pulls the sound out and sucks the boys penis, all into his mouth. Kenneth bites his lip to avoid moaning. Jared's masterful tongue licks and caress his mushroom top. Causing Kenneth to gasp and moan in pleasure.

"You're a little gay boy, you like it when boys suck your dick. I bet you like it up the shitter too. I bet you will come with no hands on your dick as I fuck your little gay pussy, " David taunts.

Unzipping his jock front, David pulls out his dick. Jared without a word knows what he must do and quickly sucks his master dick to a hard state. Jared also pulls out the anal plug in Kenneth's pussy. With his hard wet dick, Mr. Master thrusts into the youth. Making sure his cock pushes and rubs the tender prostate.

Soon the boy was moaning and groaning like a puppy. His cock dripping and bouncing as each fuck aroused his senses.

"See you fucking gay bitch, you like my cock inside you. Your cock even leaks more as my fuck-stick, rubs your clit."

Kenneth could not resist, he indeed was a gay slut and wanted that cock deep inside him. His cock was bouncing and ready to cum; all he needed was one more rub on his prostate and he would cum.

But David had the ultimate lesson for Kenneth. This after all was discipline not a fuck fest. Pulling out of the greedy youth, David called into the darkness. David needs to learn his place in the world, find who he really is to fully enjoy life and school.

Slowly coming into the light was a naked man, Kenneth was unsure who it was, but then as the man got closer he could tell.


His dad looked at him like a dirty slut.

"Don't look at me, I'm a fag," Kenneth pleaded.

"Ken, I saw you liking that man fucking you like a bitch. If you wanna be a bitch lets make it complete!" said Ken's father in a disgusted voice.

With that David threw in a lace teddy and hose. Jared took his cue and unties the boys nuts, and the rest of his limbs. Kenneth is crying as he is carried away into the darkness.

Kenneth was a macho boy, and looked up to his dad, now he was disgraced and wanted to die.

Ten minutes later Kenneth came back into the light dressed by Jared. Kenneth was a muscled jock now in a black teddy corseted with red ties in the back to give him a girlish waist. Fishnet stockings came to his middle thigh and strapped to his corset. Black lace panties covered his privates, but Kenneth's cock has been tied between his legs with a testicle on each side, making a faux vulva. Red stiletto heels he wore, and his shaggy hair curled and bowed to top the look off.

Kenneth stood there struggling to hold onto his manhood. He tried not to cry but tears were falling from his red eyes. Looking at his father in horror afraid of what else the men would do; he was broken.

Kenneth could tell that his father was getting erect from looking at his boy in the girly getup, as his cock was slowly rising up.

"Ken, you look so fucking hot, you make me so hard, watching you dressed like this," hissed Ken's father, as he stroked his meat.

Kenneth slowly walked towards his father, but unsure of what was going to happen.

"Ken, you're a fucking hot bitch!" hissed the dad again. "I want to make love to you son, I want to fill your cunt with my cream."

Kenneth's dick hardened as his dad spoke dirty to him, His cock could not untie from its binds but it was hard and making his balls tighten. His dad reached down and rubbed his faux vulva through the panties. Reaching under he even rubbed the hard cock as it rested between the legs.

David guides the struck lovers over to a bed.

Soon the two are kissing and making out like old lovers that had been separated for an eternity. Pushing his son onto the bed, the father rips the panties off his son. The penis stays in the faux vulva as it is tied to his body. With a quick shove the father makes love to his son.

"DAD I Love you," whimpers Kenneth.

Leaning in they to kiss and caress as they roll and fuck on the bed.

"FUCK BITCH, you're so FUCKIN' HOT!" moaned the father.

Each dirty word excited Kenneth, making his boy boner hard and straining in its binds. Kenneth's nuts retire to the inside of his body as his arousal comes complete. His cock aimed at his pucker shoots his teen seed.

The dad feeling his son lube his dick in the fuck making his pussy even more wet and more fuckable, picks up his speed and force. Soon his breathing is erratic and his skin flushed. With a final deep push the father breeds his sons womb.

Kenneth had been humiliated, but now he found his fathers love and lust. He was still macho but for his dad, he was a whore that did dirty things to please his dad. Mr. Masters knew that Kenneth was no longer going to be a problem at school.

- - - - - - -

The day passed by quickly, each student sent to the dungeon was disciplined in the manor to sway them to behave. About an hour before school was let out, Dustin was sent to Mr. Masters.

Dustin was a jock, he was the star quarterback on the football team, and was the envy of the school. He could have any girl and any boy he wanted on the campus. He had most of the boys, and fucked them all with great pride. But every now and then Dustin would feel the need to be dominated. Only David could do it right, so he would act up in class and be sent to the dungeon in hopes that Mr. Masters would fuck him good!

David liked Dustin and almost preferred him over Jared. Dustin was sixteen, full of cum and built like a god. Strong muscles, a firm round dimpled ass, and legs sculpted out of a rock. His cock was also a nice site, seven inches uncut with a set of low hanging egg sized nuts. Every inch of his body was naturally smooth, he had a rare decease called alopecia, but it only effected him from the neck down, leaving him completely, naturally, hairless. He took pride in what little hair he did have and made sure his brown hair was cut trendy and short.

Dustin came slyly in and like a puppy. Smiling he hands the receptions his detention slip. Calling David, he is allowed back into the dungeon. Mr. Masters knew what to do with the boy, and took him to his private chamber, leaving Jared to care for himself and the others that will need discipline.

- - - - - - -

The private chamber was not as dark as the rest of the dungeon. Pictures of lewd sexual acts on boys littered the walls. Photographs from the present all the way back to the dawn of the camera. It was a smaller room, one sling, but with tie points all over the walls, ceiling, and floor.

Dustin strips himself of his school uniform, exposing his nakedness to his Disciplinarian. His hard boner sticking up to his navel and leaking a glob of pre-cum.

David says nothing, but smiles and swats the youths ass. Taking the horny boys hands, he ties them together in front. Then with another rope stretches him to the ceiling from his hands. Raising the boy so that only the very end of his toes touch the floor.

Dustin's chiseled pecs bulge and his "V" shape back looks perfect as his shoulders look like wings about to fly.

Mr. Masters didn't admire the body of the hunky youth for long. Taking each leg, stretching him out, and tying it to a hook in the floor. Next was the boys nuts, stretching them from each other and from the body, only then tying them to a hook on the floor. Taking Dustin's ridged, hard cock he masturbates him for a moment, and then ties a rope around the shaft and dick head. Once complete he ties this line to the wall, stretching the teen dick.

Dustin started to breathe heavy and his excited cock let loose copious amounts of pre-cum flooding out of his piss slit.

David liked the youth, and spanked his ass hard.

"You're a fucking dirty whore, bitch."

"I know sir, I know."

Slapping Dustin in the face, he continued, "Shut up whore, You have not been invited to speak!" David then tweaks each teen nipple and pulls on them. Spanking the youth's ass, he leaves a red hand mark on the white skin.

Walking to a cabinet, David lubes his fingers. Dustin is unaware of what his lover is doing and anxiously awaits. Returning to the young flesh, David quickly rams two fingers deep into the boys hollow.

Dustin's body flexes and tightens as his first ejaculation coats the floor. Rope after rope of semen spills from his teenage boner. He moans and swears as his anus is probed in an orgasmic delight.

"You like that don't you bitch?"

Dustin nods yes and whimpers a bit, as Mr. Masters now has four fingers deep inside his hole.

Pulling out his fingers, David, rams his fingers into the youth again, Dustin gasps. Finger thrusts over and over again, each time the boy tightens up, and pain floods his body.

Grabbing a dildo he lubes it graciously and begins to fuck it into the boy. Fucking the dildo in at angles and with deep thrusts he smiles and slaps the tied teen. Thirty minutes pass, as David abuses the fuck hole of Dustin, only when he is weak and ready to cum again is the dildo finished. To keep the anus nice and gapping, a butt plug is shoved into the pussy.

Walking around the boy, to the front he sees the boys purple nuts stretched out from the body. Giving them a slap the boy winces and screams. Giving them another slap the boy begins to cry.

"You fucking whore, your cock leaks more jizz when your balls are hit!"

With each slap David offers, a stream of pre-cum pours out of the strangled dick.

Untying they cock and balls from the wall and floor the flesh is no more stretched but still bound in a knot of rope. Taking some time he unleashes each ankle and then lowers the lad to a kneeling position, but his hands still tied above his head.

Dustin is extremely aroused by the site, watching David undress and expose his naked body before his eyes. The stream of pre-cum spills faster, making a puddle on the cement floor.

"I got a nice steak here for you to eat!" Taking Dustin's head, David, shoves his nine and half inch boner deep down his throat.

Dustin gags and hurls a bit as his gag reflex is used. Again and again David makes the youth gag and hurl as the boy is forced to take every inch of his manhood.

"FUCK, your mouth is perfect for my dick," hissed David.

Shoving Dustin's face again down on his member, making sure that every inch is inside.

Dustin struggles.

"Now SUCK IT, YOU were made for my dick!"

Dustin struggles still trying to not hurl as the dick impales his throat. He start sto choke, then his stomach empties onto the impaling member.

"Good boy," Mr. Master says, as he pats the boys face.

Five times Dustin is forced to suck the tool of the master, making him gag and hurl. David only congratulates him when he hurls, and treats him like a pussy.

David feeling the need to piss, forces again his cock down the gullet of Dustin. Choking the cock unleashes a hot stream of piss.

Gagging Dustin struggles to swallow the amount of piss flowing down his throat. With a hurl, David pulls out and begins to coat his body with warm yellow piss. As the streams flows over his body, Dustin reels and writhes as his cock lets forth its second orgasm. His spunk mixing with the piss on the floor.

Delirious and exhausted, Dustin hangs from his binds.

David turns on the water, and hoses the lad clean. Removing the plug, he shoves the hose in the anus. Filling his gut with a torrent of hot water. Two times he cleans out the anus of his abused boy. Removing his binds from his hands, cock and balls, he carries the weak lad to a sling.

David takes the youths limp cock and strokes it back to attention. Making it bob and pulse from the affection. Pulling it away from his navel he slowly shoves a beaded chain into the tired teen. Once the four feet of chain is in, quickly he pulls it out, letting Dustin gasp in ecstasy. Three times he commits this act stretching the teenage urethra and making him squirm. The final time he leaves the chain deep inside the boys bladder, only a few beads hang out of the hard dick.

Moving on from his weary boy's cock, he begins to finger the pussy that he so loves. The pussy already gapping from the dildo and plug, David continues his onslaught. Three, then four fingers, till his hand enters the youth.

Dustin moans and begs for more, as David begins to punch fuck and then rub and roll his hand inside the fuck-hole. Fucking and reaching into the youth as he moans only makes Mr. Masters harder.

Suddenly, Dustin begins to plead, "OH GOD STOP, STOP!" Screaming and moaning as his anus is abused and stretched. "I... I... I FUCK!! Mr.... mmhmnff... GOD, HOLY FUCKIN' CHRIST!"

With that the beaded chain erupts from the urethra as Dustin's cock began to shoot copious amounts of seed into the air. Again and again like a geyser, the semen rockets and falls onto the teenage stomach, chest, and face. All the time he's swearing as is balls unload every drop of teen spunk inside.

David continues his fisting of the slutty youth and plows his innards more, from seeing the rapturous orgasm.

Dustin weak and struggling to catch his breath, tries to speak. "Dad... Dav.. I... mmmm... shit... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." with that his body goes limp and he passes out, his cock begins to unleash its piss in a steady stream onto his body.

David pulls his fist out of the limp youth and moves around to his face. Taking aim he thrusts is cock down the tight throat of the passed out teen. Fucking his cock in and out without the worry of gagging and choking he forcefully uses the skull. Fucking his length in and out making sure that the friction and rubbing are pleasurable. There is where he unleashes his seed, down the throat.

Unable to swallow the jizz, the semen drools out of the sleeping youth.

- - - - - - -

Leaving the room, David orders Jared to clean Dustin up and return him to his quarters. Jared quickly obeys.

David notices the time and that its 7:00 pm, dinner will soon be over. Telling Jared to pick up some food, David walks to his dorm room naked. His flaccid dick still dripping cum from its orifice.

Returning to his room he lays on the bed content and happy.

- - - - - - -

Forty-five minutes later Jared returns with food, for the both of them. Jared is eager to please his master, but David is content and happy since Dustin was his toy.

As a reward for his good service for the day Jared's cock cuff is removed and he is allowed to masturbate.

Jared is happy but worried that one day Dustin will replace him.

- - - - - - - -

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